The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 10, 1923 · Page 14
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 14

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 10, 1923
Page 14
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FOURTEEN. THE HUTCHINSON NEW3 TUESDAY, JULY 10, 1923 1 minion 4 Ini'.-rtluna 4 to HJ lns*rt!onii . 10 tnsf-i tionn US to ib tnt-ertior.*' innorlioii* . .,..le ptir word 3o p(?r word ...•Sic PIT word i»er l.^nua . . ('(•;• word ,7-lOc firr word per latum ..Ho word per i»«ue Minimum tihaijre JtOa PI'KCIAl, It ATE for itdvertt-i'-r* ufllliK t or more inches por day for -. . _ month, an be obuUnod l?v cnUlni Th» running tin 1 ^amn every day or BuV.jecl ID 1 N«w» '.".kfelU'ii IH-pm l.ronn. Ada IIMIT rf-ptiUr clnxslflcalUm mu^t be tr-nitred T withdrawn ti('fnr« 12 o'clnok noon. I -rnm 1T-IK) till 3:0d p. nv. M* 1 * HO under "Too Ijiin to Clft«ftlfy." Phuu« ordt-ift M -pu'ii fin yf'ur r .unv6iiteui :c, to l,o Mikl upon prvatnlailon of hill. A NSW i-.Ktf TO AOS • n-cf.-i K K K-r.S 1 r-i;:>--K i:-(is V-R :.- i X -*M J CS 1 •\V Iv 1 POSITIor^WANTKO— MALE (Cont'd! General Sheet Metal \Vork and I-'uni.tces llii Nor ill Walnut, iliib hlli.^jn, t'.annas. Mt*-ii .m ennHii -cr ;!i: yiv/s' cxpi-rii? "hih'.i.v. <.'.»il on yjs Mouth Plum. FOR RENT—HE SI OUNCES (Cont'd) Wh movo you anywiwro, .on* oi #»urt hauls niakft no differenoo; all work guaranteed. Cod v Ti ausfar Company, phone ?1V nr 8J8. iL'3-12& HatfL Shonnaa. 7 i'3 -a »i iK UK NT C ij; dt-mom, ur. furnish t?d • •Un«: isuniK.-j; 2Ul SV'vRt ThlrltM-'Hth. Phune l'silJ. Inquire 1U West Tltlrt^nth. : |Vin ,SAhH at a hnj'ffaln If taken at j !,n<'>< VIvi luv-.tii house, modem i-xo-pt > fin i i»cc . wn.i'i In .a.-*" ami h'aj (i-^s- ! f.-.t fronl. loeaU-d 622 Kant KlElilll - 7 *"" 1| . j V i tfii;i*, - orne 15 Hioiiv i Ul.NT I .'iiti-jii. iii-'d itly infirm, pis -r*>*">iii V ;viid Kuril. Ijc varaiU ii.a. 7 b-lT Off Hu &it <sir®sft ft© ffl®i5E© Bffliy®irg A wnll nrrangod ami iloiililo constructed Inmgfllow on Hast 12U» stroet. Six rooms. Rtrlctly inodnrn, oak floors and flniali la two rooms. I^tirsd basement. Priced at ?D,000.00. HoiHor. J) room eottHK>\ r-x.( L-pl furnace J-till KtfNT- liungtiiuw, ( IMomn ^^17. KOI'. I.I'ASlv rnrnjjsln-d I N I'V.'K. I.-riLNlSIJKH pood 1 .<{ flvc-rcoir.. SMIJTJ '.y modern, to HUMUS. 1 l-2i.t lorn, uinht-piom liiiusr, iivonium. \V.«!i ( rave 7 7 --i>t rotll trt Ui od'ff uiv.'ty. • first I'Jion*! . 7 7 - It 1 Pi iK ui:NT or s.iW'--l-' , our-r(iimi, mod-.-rn bijugi'low, fip.tiiitllil t.-iuis; 211 Knst H. I'liofti' yGlft. * 7 iSi-. Ii ia v <dt HKNT— Klvv iind Hls-muin, mutloiii ,1' liOU.'l,'^, II'.'w Olllt flUULH. I'J J"' 1 - Fnw® M @@Mg B SllirScftDy M@d!©irffii Txii'.itml on Fiftwnlh lCust. one nnc-lmlf bloclts from rar lino. H(LS Mil basr-mi'iit. oal; floui-s, wlilto cniLiiul finish, Banige and front drlvo. This hi>ij*i> was luiilt for a homi an,l la wi-ll l.nlll thruughout. It you nro looking- fii:- ii. rtal ln'm,. at ;ui lum^j+t vnluts. i:ul! ::j"4 for sjiowliijj ai)pt>linmt'nt. Price j:>.L'bi); Komo U'lins. No. 4 Bast Serm»» Established lRJiS HKALTOMS "STAR BRAND SHOES ARE BETTER" Shoe* for Boys and Girls, Shoes for Men and Women, Shoet for Infants, Shoes for Children. PART. PAYMENT DOWN, BALANCE 50c A WEEK. CLOTHING FOR MEN, WOMEN, BOYS AND GIRLS, Part Payment Down, Balance $1.00 a Week. COMER COMMERCE CO. SdSJtf 'Star Brand Stint* Ara Ovfler'* ' i'.'y ui k, and iffn^rai Ediwaral CaSaa a ;::r.i .r, -> ypvia:ly. •il. I 'll .1.1- 2113.1. Kill! is: Iiplila 1»\V. ;N'T- Siivn-ronin IIIMJSP , Kat utirt 117 r .as; l'itlTTT u'lulta. 1'huni- 7 all tt S 21- lTHMMIil"U h. l-'liU K 1 1 S TIII'7 NliV;9 AKTBll * ... i i, l-.VKNINU. 10r STAKJ.-i 1' AI'll.V Tn Mil. GKAHO. Nfc.'Vl* ,,,,•].. 19 riiiN i UV Sl'I.I.i Sail ilili I'. S.ill I' Kan. II-' Ii: ii-'-.l ui : r : u i. in '.' :.x t.i :'• JI in. ii- Tli.-aii!nK, ov,rliaulint;, i:'l .1. V. Ilanman, ;ihona I ^ I iir i-t'iit, iih im.'^orii no i.-liliaren. t'hotic UiiTSW, 1 7 ] l-"iv.-iiKirn. mnuern, fur- i .•• . Ill Norm Witlnut. 7 10-St •'11 K HUNT -Nini' • in* i rn liiiuai.'. 32^5 ICaM A. I':!: I'll W.-st l'oiirth. -, w-ist .Hi cal-p^iilf-r. pIlO 'K' J a in. ami 4 \i m :iii'l Ij.tvii your h.njSf i >ali.- lav-liun KUaianu- \VANTl-:n law n and yard worlc. 1." mm, lh,ii..- 12 I'aU l .-i I Ml'.XT i-t A. 1'! I:I-:XT- it A. c fm-nishfd homr, trtti 13.1. 7 10-11 2.1 West i Sa-.Oi c--rooni huimo. 7"! 7 3-11)1 WAHID! TO SKL1, TWO HUMES SUITABLE FOR B1!S1N1«S AND FU'IASUKR l.OCATKD SII.1K J1V KACH WITHIN" l'i BLOCKS OF COURTHOUSE. House No. 1. Is it Villi two slory STRICTLY modern with FlllKi'L.AGH and four bed rooms. Wnll arranged for ROOMBKiS nud llOARDKRS. Mtnu.o No. 2. ll;is ;iy many rmima and ia veil arranitod for boarders and und lias a MAMMOTH GARAGK or WAREHOUSK, 00 tt. by 30 ft. In roar for a busy iuan '3 business. 9 Easi Shermau lsi©ims©s ®na Six room htniBc, Is not new but Is a (tood houao, wc4I located In enuth part or lotvn; boxi-rt and aidcil. I'rlcg Jl.bfrO; <10o down, balancp nuyabls at »Ui por month and lnlt-rfMt, Five rnom hr.iisp cn I^ist H, S7 foot (rnntaKo. Prlco H .700; I4O0 cash, lialnnco |2fi pt?r month, lnchiillnfe' Inlcrest. * Five room IIOIIHC on North Monroo with east front. Trlco 12,200; »60O down, balance $*0 per immtli and Interest. 8lx room. lUI-moclrrn north end homo, finlahod In oak with all hulU-ln con. vrnli-ni'i-s, mil bnsrmpnt. (riirnsv, otc. win' niak» reasonable terms. I.lime m proimi ty\ on East Sixth, eight rooms, rood location, lot almost worth piloc, nt the property, J2,6(lO: J500 down, balance can bo paid out at Hi per month and interest. H«#n«r. WE HAVia SOME LOTS PRICED TO SELL. 104 FlrsT N»U. Blag. Phoiifi 2271. MM EEALTTY CO. Phono 42 SiM -IIKilIl, minli 1 !'!! ,'.•-! Hi. , thru ! yin. ui .. • 111 I ; i" i ••' LAWN IUKI ciini h-Jltf I St'.t 'I HiAIL. WANTiOU- Any vorVt. Call 22S4.J. 7L*i carpo-i'iterind. n-i'isiiii wui'h, phfjiiu I(i7o. o _ti--.= t sTi;i>— Km mtiiro »t niihuiiifi. I'fiil i-^air, r<?finlntii 6 27-301 LtflfiT »-(OU56.Kfc-EPIfVQ ROOMS *» Work euar^iitt pi orni.lly .l^rt-e 1C 1 . Kam T-iuh, PA I NTiM.i ui:tl uilurlor mg, hath; t: s r IT i" nl. Mali oi'dtrs answ«rt>il ilriiV 'iry .Mrs. Mend^ll, lfiS3W. 6 27-Wl HUNT - Twu plo:isant np:j;airs, for- 1 ho:.isi Kt -I'piiiu roiiuiM iiilj-iinl i't! ;irn!^-: if (l''.->iru(.l. (">1 i Kusl Kuurth. SVANTKh • All kluds of tresh hau>!ii|c. I * 13-2' SAWS flUtl it. uliop; &29 W»\»t Ftrut. POSITION WAN rEr>--FEMJkL£ • i'.;y .vii'b ii.itnit-r, 7 «UD Ni .-rthj Kifih. K'»n Til- N" w\; fi-tnit nnn'iJ nou-ly pajiiir./d for lii'ht liouyi-'ki.-i-ipitiB; I 'iUli | lou:'. It p«r \vi)L-k. ^-it l-Iiist | • l.ntTo rooms rnrnlshfil f-n' :;. l -'or ai>pomUn»nt., WI'JJ . l>uniap, phuiie Si'l. S 7>25t A o j room cnttngo close to business center.. Nowly papcrod and irainted. Has iriis, electric lights odd toilet (Uath can bo connected). Riglu, party can buy this cozy horno wiLh ouly $250 down. Payment oat balance- like rout. ^' Flioiic *;r,;' Ask to bo. yhown. SaU-snii'li: 1 1. !•*. O, HeaUor.t "I Inid. lluialera" , Albeit Thomson, J-7. (,'. Asiic, Krrol Mi'Penned. 1 i'.NI.SHl-'l i llijhL hiilisnki-i-liilig roums. ii'.- ii(i-.\ Hi,; an s His., i. 111* utK-ilairrt. 410 | S:,-i ii,:;;!. rhiiii..- 1 'Hi 'U.-. ,1 (-51 \v.ii \l.s i ills • |„nt» ii 1 I !•• — I in j w s --i- I — !'il: i K> lllCNT -Two n is Tin- li^til li-ai LVU l-.'as! Tiill-d In HUNT'.- I 'i • :.II!:I.'rllit; i l-'i ill KI'.NT IJHIS . a. fur:: SALESMEN -.II.- II' ami in lMIUIlll. lll'j i -'iir. uhN'r • Fr IINISVI;.-. izi •pinu - lliiWllStll li-rn, riiriii. , --hi. , d .•-•opiiiK. %i pur S 13 - !l'l fiirnishi'il linht • hihiicn. l'iinni- li li-lt .shi-d mums for t:.-v.iith. s 11). U s and S :'i-u -II! rooms; Air© Y r m 'i'Ol. ti I'.'i-.ii |i«\\'o ,,i four i-ij-jn aim.nmt.nt. • I 4-hc-iui. 3t>u Wwl S 2-2H V/A.jJilNG an.l Iruninjf, Cili 320 I:«IBI . K'.«;!r.ii or piionu ZA'ti. G * - J & r i — 'A.-.TKl • IllT I.\ h A \ A.-' V i •'[ lh L't.pljr. 1 !, ironinii id \\ ijrk tiy ih") hour hy l'" FOR RtN T—TURN 1SH £D ROOMS « KOK KI'N 'r, v...uo:iahlc- I^MIKC , cool. t.i-.'1'liin r-.ums ' IIJ-'SC in; .::ir Una. Or. 13.irlaud, j; ,f ; l^uBt A, phuno -066\V or lit. it iS- 1 (iftlh Easil A first class reasonable priced home. Fin' iiin»\ moms MII .] ecmrtleto -liathmiiu in very good cnniliUou; 43- CfniL { oriiii- lot. Tlio 'j\vri«-r is a nnn-ri-.,;iflf'tii r.tnl neods sorun rash. If yon wi .T .i.l (l'.vn fi m-ivi home worth the moticy, be sure to sco this before mukiug your select um. Five room lionse, narnfte. condition tine, 15talB0 Teat of ground, two chlelicn houses, 100 White Leuhorn chickens, taxes loss than S10. A.U can ba'bought Mr •3.1100: $1,700 cnsli and rest «l f30.i'g a month. Tlilo la located on street car Hue. T'lin income of the chirln ns b> from Jirto $12 a weak in i>(*s sold. Bond carden, roaatitiK ears are rl|ie. Reason for selling, poor hsnllh. MUlht take a small houaa In iraiio it loiateti right. m is No. Forty-nine Vear« (n HuJcalnsoti. IS Sharmnn East, Ground rioor Olflce Talophnna »"RANK PILE. Wanueor Real Estata. Phone 121 After I r. M 3101 The man who sings Home, Sweet Home in a rented flat is kidding- himself and serenading- his landlord. We have money to lend 3 *011 to buy your own home with. Room No. SIS Rornbaujth-Wlley DWg. Phono 21G7 Snlfsmen: Lloyd llnnvn, .1 •112 Nor'-h Main R. Sanders, D. C. V^andovccr. Phono 972 I 'l i t MA Nil- M 'TI S'fS., KANSAS 'T( \VA..TKb--\Y..rk hy hour. WA ;iTl-;]>- - V/AHIULI ;^. i 'iiono j Pi.pv KIJNT-- f -..SMt :a!iie. j \Y. 1 »r. I ory -I.Hi-si-, •oxhi ni. droom with .si'; j-oijm 14 EiihL •ool EkH 'pmt; cu'in. \J:II^ pou'ii, lix'.h. l 'ho:i« Safo and av is iiHv:iyj, ty -In oa.-fe ;.< lSankhiK i io ;it iill tiito- til l>y ii f * 'i your LIOHJI *. Ml'. lit. r% intfnst pah) on tlnii* riTlif:<';v !* , s. Your iM":-U;:'B« on well lot'ntoil /Inti.-hiii.stip. propi: i.* uYiLiirLhlQ io you. We upcmio uiwlcr the TTDn-a :.'57W. ti 7- i WANTED— Vaalilw. Phone 2415. ! Mi.i!iI!UN bi-ili tiiin-. Willi sii-r piiiK pio-ii, lavalm-y in ini'lu. H Lasi .S:\lli. I'lioiu- iir._i! •) ••>...i g>.|.n T\Vt) niiiiy fuinislunl, ni-jili-rr.. riu-i-iniiii rnvinis. 11:1 East Firsit. i'lioiu; aSjJW. a fi -'.it laBil City MmMn®i t L©SEI Sa^Sfia^s ^ss'na. Muia Lloyd UiOW-ii, Heo'y. l'lnine H7i! ,l.,y. hs- .n'. jiriipu- U, Uli'-'i- Ct.'IlTAJN ouccloil.t, WA NTK1>- Waslilnga. 1'hone 33 Phiae a5S4W. tl ..i-lil w :;Ti ;n- N'nr.i ti- G '.::-','.io SeivlUff Piions into. 6 2-i!&t -FEBAtE HELP Hi- ph.- nvaiis Ap ell iil.l.. Ii, al I'tnl V..a i 1 ti.ii l-i all ii'i'in-ss al >lll i all >. :i. lilllnllS ii :iu flu -is K mn ., 'U-•• .. !«!<•! » "I II"' a''!''' in us-' In niiii'j lint'" FOR REi-iT—HESIOfiNCrS J THE WOULD MOVES AND SO DO WE Ladiled vniiH „nd auio trucks. Vooled OHir of lui'isnru hi Kuod.u ami automobPed ah if; pel in llalifnrlila anil olher points. We (it'll anything anywhere, C55y TTu 'smnziEeir AND liTLiRAltK ClOMPANY Phone No, 9 19 Wen li-lrat, Hutchinson, Kanaas, l>i-!t : -.: , -'--"-i Kill - . Ill'lN'!'- -Xli-e larK" l.iiims, Oil ;vurth Main. sou tb l'hono .ieeplmi rMfiii. :• 7-ri l.Miiii-: wiml.i M'.H'li'.UN Slii eleeping Phone 2i> -I: 1:J!.NT— liurnlsln-'d louins. !' .1 t SiXUl. Sl.l.'f.l'ING Knsl B. • Z pur -?.ei 'A. 313 » !-2at iol slefpini; ruoms. I'M : UN IS 11 l-'Lt" 1 'uumav" nil Laa: 11. rhoue Mi 1 1H! I IN, A. 1:27 Wist !l - -1UI FOR RENT—APARTMENTS 11 IlUi trees, large lawn, flowers. The de- elrab'e. Pintul.i Avarliniints. Gnu vacant donn^lnirs soulli o-\posine. Phone ircjo. 11 31-251 1'.KALT1I''!'!., new klti'henelte ajiart- nii'iit; built-in fearurea; ffrotinii tlof.r, liiiviile inn alif', bOi Last .Slieiinait. Pl.iiie E-I3.M. J1 12-2.'it FOR RENT—APARTMEN TS iConfdl" Thrtir-i o"in, runiishod ;ip;u uii':nt, ntod- CMU thr^i.rfhotii, ]irivui.'j. L'huaa 2liS, &-S I-;,tut first. U -0 JL »t St-iTjiih and M-in. Nici-Iy rurniahed ripartmonti and ule-^plnu rooms. Piiune l-'t"iR ltIi..ST--lMi[.i-r(i'ifM, furriiRh^fi upart- rin-nt. Hl *.'iJiiJfi(,' i 'j.'H 'ii aJid ;';>.'.{''; w.itor, lights u-'iiT (jus furntsht.-']; monUi. I'hoiKi 2l4*i 11. 11 )'UH )U,y'V— Strictiy morti-rn, fiimtah'-Mi luiii^alow uparuii'-wi iu Uuiix^low Oumi ila Ens: First, l'hono or ;.oow. u 3-iii IIKM'TIK'L'Ii jit-'v I<nfl)<*»t-tro apartment. Bt'oumi floor, piivalf wjitruncr, n ' 11 10-10t KOIt TIKNT—ApurlnnMil; Me'ht. ckaii fi"d cnf>l in modern homo, nicely fiiMii ^h-d. lMmr.o' uitor r, p.m. 11 iti-4t ! i.n ,-ij-t .Aiiai -J jni.'jiia for rent. • 11 4-141 NU'KJ-V furnished, t »'0 -rofm, j;iouml- fh.or iipartrntfiit, privat* .:ntiani» it ml hsith, rid Wost First. 11 7-6t iiM -U'HNlSirED threo-room aparUnt-iU. 'Vail 217»U. 11 l '*i')K ItKNT—Tlirrte-room, inortiMii, unfur- m»h^a apiitUTient. McCurdy Insurance f^^?J^Tr^?A^Ty.S_NTS (Cont'd* i.L-i.pilii' le only. 11 Z'Zbl Fun UEKT—Vurniti'iwr} huu.s apartments for rPSiJt.-'.'labh! wu l'j'ji Kust Fii'ttt. l'hono l,s,\,. FOK HUNT—iatricny modern, rurniBht-d, throii-room apaiimei.ia, and }4i) Phone :if,oo. U 6 ; 2 5t FOR KENT ' Sua S@rflb\vy®sft ESanas3iS Lanadl No. 1—42S nrres well improved, two mttwi of Dodge City, Kansas. Wilt consider exrhnntic nt ?4S.t>0 an H<ri*. S'o *^ ?4i> :,,-rr» Ju iJiiiiH County, prlc** f]O.0O p«r aero, e««y leriiu*. Xn *t—We havo two i-MontH wKtitlnif td tvado l»nd for euhurban property. Xo. 4---] UWo ;i .solid )-t'tly, Colomdo. NOHT good murltet. »Piico JS.OO per ncrr, fs'ooil tentiK. So r. - i'holea IPVCI nimrlp«r m Haskotl OHinly. J1800.0O. Good tm iiw. No. f.- I'iifdce Iwi'l ipiarter tn Morton County, SUW-00. easy terms. No, A\'M nutkc f.irni and ranch tnuhs In ev*ry county In tho siata of Kansas. L. L. TAYLOR & COMPANY I'odtfe f;jty, K '.vnHft- 1 -'. Hutchlririnn, Kan«a .*i €D®©@ Una No, !iS West Hi'vmith, six room cottaRd. rmnlt-rn In sv^ry way t-xcept heat; KOOII curnev lot; hon;«o IIH S h'.icn vn- pupursd, all tip In i-ood shiil"-. nl«'<" hiwn and tfpod fhadt'. i'ru-e H.^""; «oim* li .'.'-niM, A bi-auiltul strh'tiy iiuv.lnrri tninf?alow lurtiled in northeast part, of Hutuhitison. For <iu\rh sah; at $4,4'.iO. Don't overlook IhiM. c SKE Earl \V. Orcsslur, iiealtor. ^10 St. Eit, nldg. Phono ^055 If It's a Loan Need : on Fa™ ®ir Ofty Seq 1st. Nat'l. Dldg. Hiitolilnuon, Ks. I Farm Mortgago llankms. . UENT-Two e, f.aii-room Hpurl - I > ""r» '''"."",,""'/„„ nt unfurnished.'tJu. 11 :3-l0t I'unt'nri. sallnu, Kan, -OR RENT—MISCELLANEOU8^Cl»rL> h't ill Ri'lNT Slni-ii ii.-ini, modern, llsjillo und fine l.aiii-tn,ill• St Joeallim for a i.elii ymircell- *ri»:pry »tor«; one or more ' leas- tor S'^fi a month. Joseph "•»» .'. 12 3-41. I'OK Itli:N"J'—Two-room, nnuierii fm- nlshed npartmont. ];3 I3osi A. 1] 7-lii WODI.'ltN, unfurnished, five-room apartment. Call 21S3W or 1112. 11 l-25t KOIt RENT---Furnished; or unruniiKltrit aiiartment. plionc 33H8. JI2;-2iu Fl.ll.'li-room, imfurnUln-il apartii|i-nl fall 1872.1, SOS Last Fourth. ll'lu-li. I-'llR HKNT— Modern, furnished apartment; adults. 212 West Seventh 11 30-191 FOR RENT—MISCSLLANEOl.S II UOUINI'ISS KOoSls'KOlTTiKNT See ine about the Art-ade rooms ut Fearl und Son, located at llo Norm Main These are adapted for several lines uiul the loeinlon and convenieuee« eunnot lie e.\eel!eil. Hen V. Laliiborn, realtor, 3 North Main. ]^ m-tl I31jSI\l-:a3 room for root, llo West First ^tillable for automobile business tire or battery or any kind of retail business. Inquire Superior Motors. 12thf«7-12t KOK RUNT Oftiee room lit 24 t'irat, Nelson building. W- Weleh. lOnsl VFHV desliaWe office room«. Curdy Insurance Agency. See Mc- 1! 1-261 vr ,ii -A ('ltl': farm for rent, N'.I„oh Itarrlivare L'o. FUR UKN'T blllldillK. Inuulre a.1 126-12 •Cifflco rooms In ifoCilrdy (1 ARAOIil ror rent -' J Ii?!). Booth Wlm. eail 12tl-4t 111.IOD Raratie for rem. 121 West Fifth. 12 9-11 R.OOM AND BOARD noAIU) served In family etvln, and room at 321 West Flrat. 14 »-o{ 'lijOD tioard, room and Uath. Call lUiiK^v 11 l0-2t 3UC West Seeonib • 14ll-2bt IIOAKU and room. NEXT WEEK! ROBINSON'S SKiVCUPATIRS 6fln*atlonaf Negro Jaiz Band direct from Nivyman'i Theatre, K. C. MIDLAND WANTED TO RENT 13 WANTFD to tvnl— A farm in Kooil nelgh- borliooil. ItefereiutOB e.lelmn ( ;ed. Write W.I... earo ttevn. " WAVTMI* to rent Threo or four fnr- lishid '-room, modern . apartnients. Plume 132. 53 1U " ;it TIME IS MONKS I is a truo saylnK of the tlms you spend reading News want uds. THE NEWS TELEPHONE, 4400 flild I ' • n .7... IV ^ 1,1 ii-- nut He'.'. • ', ..ii.I !i'..7ii. i ".lu 'i ''-'il. I ',' f„: j -J 75, 14 T.i, 17.7:.. i . . . 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Io* anil lu-yi', rii.-yt les, sttws, i i- -s i-i.i\h. nil kiiils loola. Kro'.rn Jin i : In ,-!•') i , ..-iiiin.- -47C. i, 18-25t l '.M'.T lull In: ' ,l,.',h -i il. s I i 1-: . '/. 06, »are TVews. ., drive ml' ilher Wash- III'.MI liriver, t 7 -4t The Doo Dads—Nicholas Goes Fishing. By Arch Dale ' WKVU1M, fMYVW A MMlALO CO

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