The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 19, 1859 · Page 4
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 4

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 19, 1859
Page 4
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BUSINESS CAKDti MSTDICINES. MEDICAJb. & HICKCOX, vn^ales 1,000 bush-whit. In holce white JCentacky at l,»0c, 1 sales 1,006 btub prime *t; Market 'elosl og a ull jrllh i&n^aiito^^'vvVX dun: saks T.OOO bush western on ,om;«6e,v;:-,_•'_;'>',..' "- •".*_.:: .,-:•',.:- over jBTJB—Bmr; sal OAI8—plen private iarma, "vent •talk bid nKghtly (ouket Vaa dnll. »*^^ b *^^?ti»?* ."•Sy-.^i; fa.v-.?» -'f f **: -"ft* •.'*:••£ •^^%lttiout v ~'"'' "'' IpcJrrtlontoeJvsmce,tetrather^rWerse,' The no- So. i-Ut Albany AGKKK apl ...:.. Xbt _____ _____ __ nevaJtom the «e*f rtf WM Agwrtbttfle to which lot. of 35,000 kmedwd aft) material concessions Would har «a'es"df any imnortancs,— '' ' '" " ••-'•• ••-- •-• The Preach lose J». onflonr,SO«ttr6nghloNew Tlw Qofwn'atpeeohivasrlellvewdiayarlia- iDent on th« Tit It oontainii nothing of to- j^ IDOtiOO "WBB'^I^T^Jfritf'**^' •i-*nfaftt'-«>f-- ninwtfL. fence in the aiinislrjr. A desperate ^ Hie 4th otJnrie, between u«> .. UBUMU iv, "under Emperor Napoleon, and the Austrian artny, under Gen. Bess, In whioh nnlfmited . growers of prodase do not take Jialnt ,'enoogh with their n™dn(^ Li fresangihem from- dirt, and foreign «eek ni'ilie ttafon. "-jre have - 'iihO*ri ibmelver^ flna iample« of . woolj 'wfc^b onght to Emperor .Napoleon, in hi» despatches to the Empress at the -Tnllleriea,; claims a <teoisira , «a/ing that hi* army took 7,000 pri. •oners; disabled 12,080, and raptured three cannon, and two standards. v '•<'*"' ; ;>> : fie estimates the loss of his own army at 3,000, bat it was rumored fa Paris that the French loss was between 9,000 and 12,000. . It is reported that there, were from 160,000 to 180,000 Anstrians, and 180,000 French engaged in the battle. The Austrian aoooante diflar widely from those of the French ; their bulletins epe*k of .several battlta being fought with varying success on both sides. It was •till nadecided on the bight of the 6th as to : who gained the victory. Great losses on both •ides are reported..- . . General Jispinassi!, of the second corps d' armie, was killed, and Marshal Canrobert, commander of the third corpi, was mortally wounded. General Manripe McMahon, opmmanding •eeond corps d' armie, had been created Marshal and ifufce de Mazenta, as a reward for his bravery on tbe battle-field. Later TBmors detract from the French the victory at Mazenta. It was believed that proposals of peace would follow the entrance of the French army into Milan. J : - .;.-~ "..-, ; J ' • The city of Paris bad been illuminated in honor of .th? victory of the French armies at Masenta. GRKAI BB.ITAJH—The Quean delivered her opening speech to Parliament. She laments outbreaks of war; says she did all she conld to prevent it; and proclaims her stri.-t and Impartial neutrality; she says the ntvy has been Increased beyond the authority granted by Parliament, and asks for its sanction; she recommended re-openingof diplomatic intercourse with Naples; she iexpresses hope that the reform question will be fettled at this or the next session in the House of Commons. The liberals had moved an amendment to address the Throne in reply to the Royal •peech, declaring that Her Majesty's ministers do not possess the confidence of Parliament, and debate thereon was pending. : FRAJTOI.—The Paris Bourse was active and prices higher. Bents closing at 6Sa30c. P*jtoco« Jluucti.—The floormtrkeUiM been »»thcr •<l«Vrt, »»d .Ui^Voimira'-jtenfenc" »t the . The details of the latest news by the Europa, reportimg the Austrians in retreat across the Ticino, is rally confirmed. <• The French crosaed the Tloino at Bnffalora and Crbeza. Tbece was considerable fiehtinir at both plac«-s Fireof theFrurr^ Marshals and Generals were wounded. iUrihal Count Bnraqnay d'Hielliers.his been supported in his command of the first corpse'd armie by Gt-n. Forey. Four TUtrian (Jen'Js. and five etaff officers were mounted at theTattle. There had been a general revolt at Milan and people had declared in favor of the Einc •f Sardinia. The A* trians 'elired fromMiUn bat the city had not ;et been occupied, IJIBIA,—The Bombay mail of the 20th of May had arrived, tnt the news was not of much importance. A great monetary panic prevailed. close. Common country branoV of iprtng extra, selling «the opening for «,88ia«^0,and at the cJose for 6,00® 0,80, win. light receipts »ni transactions during the week. Wheat has been more active 'and stol rably steady, bat closes dull at a decline. [ No. 1 at the open. Ing bringing 1,16 in More, and at the close not being abl* to command more than. 1,10. Ine transactions In eitra qualities for milling have been pretty liberal, and »t prices varying from l#a®iflt for extra No.l. and l,30<ai,3TX for extra, and closing with extra No.; u l£0, and .xtra at 1,30@1J5. Transaction ID Rioter wheat have' been limited a* l,H>ai,«). ' r Oatl and Corn have beenUnll, bat looking op somewhat at'the close. Bar ey quite Inactive and but little arriving. Potatoes are high—common red selling at 86®90, and Neihanocks at 95. The rt ceipto not being luge. Butter and Eggs have been lo demand and bring faeu ter price* at the close; especially eggs which readily command ll@12. We subjoin eaeh days transael'ons of flour and vbeat, they are ae follows: MospiT, Jane 18. FLOTJB—more active and firm. Receipts 471 bbls; shlpnvnts 4,416 bbls. Balei $00 bbU City'Mills 6,50; 2M do Portage City Ullli at 6,25; 110 do Portage City; Winter *t 7,00. WHEAT—2a8c better. Receipts 1,280 bus; shipments 250 bus. Bales 800 bus No. S at l,0b; ISO do.un- inspected at 1,10; 600 do No. 1 on track at 1,12)4; 880 do No. I f. o. b., 1,13; BSD do do at 1,15; 680 do In store at 1,14. 80S do do,ln store at 1,16; 2,000 do No. on p. t. SOO do extra mining at 1,80; 60 do white winter at 1,60. ! TCUBIT, June U. 7LODB—steady. Receipts 411 bbls; shipments 1,000 bbls. 8ale» 100 bbls mixed brand* country spring extra at 6^3; Sf bbls do do at 6.00; 25 bbls steam mills 8t6,7o. WHEAT—better and more active. Receipts S.S28 1 m; ablpmenta none. Sale* 800 bos No. tfat 1,08; 700 Ao o&laipeoted at 1.12X; IjWB do So. 1 at 1,16; 1,080 Jo No. 1f. o. b, at 1,17; S.OOO do Ho. 1 at MS; IfiOdo extra No. 1 for milling at 1,25; 800 do good mining at 1,36; 2TB do No. 1 winter at 1,52. Total 6,630 bos. / WnsmiAT, June 1ft. FLOUB—droeping. Receipts 4S7 bhls; 92 sacks; shipment) 4 bbls. Sale* 200 bbls Stone Mills (city) at 7,00; «2 do Belleville at tflXi 80 d« EaUroad Mills f , , .for the tagloda of dirt and rfung attached. Our fields a^e^eomparatlvely frt« frora the b«r bearlnit'pianis are neb a pert In some .places; and .care on the parti of gro'jren, in propirly hourtng and Cleaning -wouliJ present Wlrcouln wool as the best "In ' lh«' market. TRi>rta«nee and ' tte'ah ep ".' Ho their pan,". Men snrtly ought to jdo theirs. We append the sales of the ' '' •• • ' ''• ' -L|ghV tales 800 Ibs at 86 cenU, and 100 Its at 30 cents. 'f .''" ' : - "• ~ : • • "•'• Tu^nnTl4tH-nnst«adv. Rece-pls light, -8iies6CO Ihi good common at 80. WrosaDiT 15rB-Su»pl.- tght. Sales 2QO Ibs X to X blood at 30c. TBDUOAT, 1CTB -More acilve and a shade better.— "ftlcr, 100 Ibs common at 20cr 100 Ibi Jf blood at Sir; 998 Ibs X bloadst SO*; 185 bosh at 35c-, 8,451 Ibi X Dloo4al32X;47 Ibs X Mtod at 84; 38 Ibs Jf blood at 88; 269 Ibs common at SCguS; 401's do uowas ed at 20; 55 Ibs csmmoD at 26; 73 Ibs do at 26. Total sales 5.850!lhi. FB£Div,17ra— Steady; light receipts, 20®3fi; tales 80 Ibi course at 26; 100. Ibs X blood at SOu; «5J ihlX blood at 27; 175 Ibs native washed at 2c. ; Uuilrotktl Kocelptk. KaomrTB «T Li CROOIJ A UtLWAtuui Aanjiruii.— Jone 18.— "81 bus wheat; 607 do oats; 42 do barley; 133 do potatoes; 122 bb's flou ; 24 cords wood; 8,340 ft IdmbJr; 850 Ibs hides; 11,647 do sandrles. KEOnro BT aIn,wirKics t Boaicos KIILCOID— June 15lh, 16tli »nd 17th Inclusive.— 266 bus wheat; 7-8 do oaU; 820 do potatoes; 60 do rye; 2,950 Its sundries; 1,010 do wool; 897 i<o hides. Kaonm BT MawAOUi a Uognwri RArLaoin.— June IB,— 29 bbls flour; 2^04 bns wheat; 670 Ibs bldei; 2 bb;»eggs; 20,000 Ibs stone; 15,858 do sundries; 1 ox. Rccxirra BT MIL. a BiaiBX) TALLXT EiiLxoiu. — For tie w«ek.— 110 bbls floor; 2.656 bus wheat; 181 do corn; 1,98946 oat«; 192 do potatoes; I,t90 Ibs hides; 1,679 do batten 13,749 do sundries, 4 oars lumber. Raotun BT Onoioo A MiLWiCisa Rtoaoxo.— All wee<c. — 652 bns wheat; 81 do barley. TheT«celpts«f Breadstuff* and produce daring the week were as follows : - Robing doing bertiil retail loU, including red Indl apaatl.w - "••'\.\'-- •.;.•';'....•: >-,• .-. ••• v flft» K _^ 'JlmttM .aemiid; laies ia,OW bus Illlnoli iii)mlBallt!ati«a47';" : "'-'" v -'''! '"' ;r/; '• '''^' " BreadsluOs dull, bat at t ady . ' •. . •«IOB-heavyi-,i ; f- ' ' "' V B4W,I!y-matalkjn»d.-. ; tOHOONMONEVMARKtr. . American, securities are slow or a»!e, but there It no change in the quotations. > ' . , MAUKKT. I The breadltnBs-niirket was generally dnll and price fcad slightly (feolinMi.;,Rlcuardson * Co.'s Circular re ports Soar very din arid unsaleable and nominally quoted Amerlcinnt lisa W«9d °"' er - Western red 8« 18i®Us6d. al.o»dicnnlnittjnd-i:cy)holders uress 011 ** luropean. Mixed at ; yellow AM0SEMENTS. YOU ft**'* II A L L DR, KANL'S ARCTIC VOYAGES J?'OK OStii WKKK MOKE. .;"."" ' 4cOMMENCUIG— 1'hni^day Evi-'y, June 16, A FTER » -nomoecoBful tour through Europe, ia i 1 ., tro '- ll «l ky UcrMajtsfy, Queen F|. lor a, Uu Rnv •1 Uighncss the Prlnte Consort, the Prince>s Hoyal, Prmc.- of Wales, arjdl-ady Krantlln, at the Gallery „ Illustration. 14 Hegcnt s reeS Lonjr.n. and un'.vgrsaily procontcedbv American and European crmc5,ihe most »hli. le creation ev,-r ex Hew York Matter*. NEW Yoait, Jane IS. The mate and crew of the supposed slave barque Orion were discharged to-day, the proof not being sufficiently strong to hold the accused. Paul Horphy will proceed next week to the Atheneum Glob; after which lie will start for New Orleans, via Cincinnati, St Louis, and other cities. Mr. Korphy visited the rooms of the Brooklyn Chess Club a night or two since, and played two games with H H. Knott, giving the odds of the Queen's Knight, and was the vie- tor.. , The ship Calton, of Bath, Me., bound to St. John, was wrecked on the 17th, near Macbfn*. Fifteen persons were drowned, inoVuding tlm Captain and bis daughter. In the race which coma off yesterday p. m, on the Fashion Course,, between Tar River and Bin Cheltham, the former won the match for $5,006, in two straight heats of S miles eaeh; time 6 12 1-3—6 17 1-2. Capt McAllond.and Mr. W«e, engineer, with six or seven subordinates, and all the necessary materials for repairs, &o., went oat yesterday to Key West, to take the steamer Scottish Chief to Nicaragua. €he is intended for navigating the Eiver San Joan. .-.--• On'the 10th fast, by the SbrthStar,* joiner, captain, and an engineer went oat to take charge of the lake steamer Cass-Trfcsari, and put her in order for service. ,. It U said that Mr, Johus»n has arranged with a large steamship owner for tbe service between New York and San ; Juan; and alio with a southern steamship owner for tbe service between New Orleans 'end Key West. Wetland Can*. Break, Si. CAIBKRIJTW, C. W., Jane 18. The embankment between looks Nos. 22,23 and 24, on the Wetland Canal, has bean washed away by the force of the water from the break at lock Mo. 25. It is feared that fifteen or twenty day* will be required to -repair the damage to the Canal. Twenty vessels are detained in the Canal. . ...,-.<• b., 5,95; 100 do Spring gxtra ateA). Total M2 bbls. WHEAT—declining 'and doll. Receipts 2,«6 bus; shipments 44^48 baa. Pales 600 tnu No. fat 1,18; 400 do choice Bo. 1 at 1,16; 180 do do at 1,17; 800 do onm- inspected at U2X; 600 do No. 1 at 1,13; S42 do extra No. 1 at 1,2£. Tout 2,022 .bus. - TBCKSDIT, Juno 14. nX)D&—Inactive and drooping. Receipts 811 bbls shipments 18S bbli. No sales. Spring extras 6,00@6,2ft —nominal. " WHEAT—extra qaalitln better, bn No. 1 drooping. Receipts 1,6<5 feu ; shipments 1,880 bo». Sales—1^80 bra No. 2 on private terms; I^i6o_ bus good No. 2 at 1,00; ISO bus No. 1 at 1,12; 350 bus Ho. 1 at 1,12 X; 800 bns choice So. 1 at 1,1^ 100 fens extra No. 1 it 1,23: 450 tna do at 1,80; {60 bus do at 1,80; 800 bns do at 1^1; 850 bns do to store at 1,33; 850 bus extra at Iff, 600 bus double extra at 1,85; 806 bus do at l.STJf; 800 bns •xtra at 1,83; 100 bus white winter at 1,40, Kit bu do at \JMX; 85 bus do at 1,60; 160 bus do at 1 68. Total iil.s S.7S5 bus. FBfoiT, June IT. FLOUB—market clued sinking. Receipts 824 bbls shipments MO bob. gala 11] bbls "Markesan" at 6,28; 490 do '-Oeno*" at^ 6,C8 f. o. b., 200 bbli Stone Uitts f. o. b , at t,00. 'WHEiT—lower asd lew activt; Ho. 1 S)tc lower.— &ec«lpts 2,749 bus; shipments 806,66 las. falea 1,000 bus No. 1 at 1,10; 1^00 do uninspected at 1,06; 800 do Mo. 8 at l.OJ; 440 do choice No. 1 at 1,20; COS do extra Ho. 1 at 1,81; 200 do do at MO 10 do extra at 1,84; ISO-do do at 1,85; 850 do do at 1,37X; 80 do while winter at 1,60; 265 «o do 1.66; 300 do do 1,51; 75 do *o 1,56. Total sales 6,i2B bos. -wran feee Wbolevale market. Floor, bMs ..... RyeiFlonr 4 --Wheat, bus --Rye, bus Oats, bus ...... Corn, bus ...... Barley, but — Potatoes, bai. . . 2,271 . 100 18,879 7T . 7,802 . 648 132 2,179 T. P. ;F AILING 'S Orijrinnl lllostration of Dr. Knue'« World Renowned ARCTIC VOYAGES, Together with Kngllsh and Danish Starches for fir John rrxntlin in the Frigid Zone, e»ec«ed by ihr creat American artiti, Ocornc Htlgle. K«i n frnm originsl drawings taken on iHetpot. Several interesting relics of f.e Arctic Expedition will be exhibited, among which are Dr. Kane's Kaj ac, Arctic Dreatrt, celebrated dog '• Whitney," (the oniy sorviror of Dr. lUot'i Esquimaux Uogi'nird dnrinKhls journey) the beautiful K-qaimax dog "Wolf," presented by Lady franklin to Or. Kane's companion, Mr. Thoa. Hlckey, 4c_ ic. Ef Doors open at I ; Exhibition at B o'clock; anl rridar afternoon »t 4 o'clock; gstnrday asiernoon at 3 o clock and Wednesday aftercoou at 4 o'clork- Vf Ticket* V> cents. Ctiildrrn 15 cents. t3T" The Intrmtlng Kirratlre of Dr. Kane's lait ArcUo Exhibition, by K»nr-< compsmlcn, Sir. Thos. Hlckey, for sale at the hall. Price 10 cents JeS-dSw EAGLE STEAM FOUNDRY, i;L«niiusM»R, AT LAW, Bulging, 173 Xatt Voter it., Mitiraattt. Q. K. PCCEUW, formerly j ATTOKNEYS A- ly 1 i, J. t ' Newtotk. • P. iBLOOMOoo i*' U.'B.<;ouTt mlufoner for sereral statet. tt,^.- ami i:,.m- nnv l9-.!6ra . »..J03H«i ET1BI. '"''I .PAl MKU & STAIIK, AUpineys & Counsellors at Law. Haok UuiUing, cor- «, ts, Milwaukee. r of , No. 3, Mitcfcrtl's K.x.1 U aU) . D. TAS MTSH8 QilB*«T L. rue _ IMIili A VAft U.S .£S, Attorneys and Cdunsellon at Law. . i BT&rgA'S flit A 7. ... W/JO'A.«..'/!, Will practice In the various Courts nf ihr >rv^ittli Ja.i!- (iatClrcttit of U"u-onsiu, an.I et'ii r^'!,',.i: V mm.I to £ll'.bniiness IntrusiFrt u. m>, remitun. . s pro mr tiT mate. Land Warrautj locitt-d -n st-leci^.1 ; v rvu i;.r Puint. IIOTBSt» t ?ciUTr««. Hankers, St J. It. F0«BP3Tti5, Kq., '.iilnnul I.ITTKLS. A lUjkica, M ilwaoker. HALSIIIIA BOOTH. " MjlTTOCKB tt UARROI4, Ohiri^o. lion. J - OITOH, Otuva, III. JN<>. A. SAVAUi-;, ,ji Attoraev and Coumollor at ; NOS. 9 t ]«, PHOENIX Bt> I LI IN , M1LWAUKKK, ................. mflmjastpner for :^. 1., I'L-nu., utu Law jefi t Xlillt-* lild Otr^uit t vurt OLIS'J'AV Vi >N 1M-.I l.SfH ATTOKNKV \S!i S-M.I.HK \T LAW, plrc Bk.ik. 1-2] KA<I ««lt/. « V. Pi. a i TO, & Counsellor at Law. j. v Attorney lukef, Office in .M,i.-i ril 1 ' HOOKKU rft tyin .t J//H-1 jxrtfi*. Opposite trie Se« lull l(o & »l-'AN»»KNJjl- < .ill!;-*-!! .f> ,1! 3.J- 4. Li. , ., /-..':..., ..•uji; K(j Milwa-M . .,. «p (JAK\ A PKAil, It tonic )• and ( ouutrl lor» n l I u \« , Office lu Voung'i Block, Coruxr Mmo iw. l Wisconsin street, MlLlVArjKEK, feb'JO-<iaro WirCONMN .A.J. DTIUSI ». .iBiBili I I'M.t.»3 \ tilt \ II i TI, ttO" neys at Law »nd rf...pciL.-rs m (."r.anr^.y, No. 1 &f(pasiu stTfpt, MilwAQfcr^. . snrriKEffis. Flour, bbis.... Wheat, .bus — Corn, bns ...... Potatoes, bn. . 3,»SO S4.690 440 &M Imports at Lumber, taf, ,ic, by Lake 4nrtng tbs week: Lnmbn-.fwt l.TO',000 fhinglea, -— — PleketsY.'.V.V.'.V.'.'.'.'.' *.'..".'."."'" RqaarellBiMff, ft Spll-S ; CedurPosti SbloK t bolts, oords, Vood, cor's Coal, toni... ''• dc, tons Bandit.*, pkgi , Hign»1n««, bbb '.'.'. .' 24,iXW 180 8,240 49 4J5 1795 ' ., Proprietors. 8»B, 208, 30O, 30rf and 3O4 WEST VVATBK HTRKKT Two blocks below the La Orosis R. B. 8TEAU INOINsM, SBIST * SAW MILLS, ' MILL GKAK1NG, HOBSK POWUUT PILk DBIVIKO MAOOINECL . _*. ~ BRIDOI, aAiiBO Ud arfcAHBOATOASTISGB, for Buildmifs, and erery Tariety of JorWort, in m, best Biannci, aa'l «c the mo*tllber»J tenns. The attenUon of MKl-ownen and owners «f Waten. Power, Is particularly called lo the ^^ •TUTTLK WATKK WHKK1. f i.- tbe most i>o»erfnl, durable and ecc- el ^vtr tirrentad— not Ualile la gel oat cl </ha^r i. Hr;idJey. t AND K \< , 1>KA il .8 U KNT W A I Kit M It f MII.WADKCE, («pr2«l w DE. HOOFLAND'S GERMAN BITTERS, A. Ja " } DR. HOOFlfiUFlVS BALSAMIC CORDIAL, Tke great standard medicines of th* present age, have acquired their great popularity only through yean of trial. Unbounded tatisfae- tion u rendertd by them in all eata; and the peoplt have pronounced them worthy. Liv«r Complaint, Dyspepsia, Jaundice, Debility of the NerToas System, Diseases of tbe Kidneys, and all diseases atismg from a disordered liver or weakness of the itomaeh and digestifs oraant, are tpetdily and permanently cured by the GERMAN BITTERS. The Balaamte Cordial hat acquired a reputation surpassing that of any similar pre- .poration extant. It vHH cure, WITHOUT PAIL, the most inert and long-ilanding Cough, Cold, or Hoarseness, Bronchitis, Influenza, Cronp, Pneumonia, Incipient Consumption, and has performed the matt astonishing ryr-M tver knoTcn of Confirmed Consumption. A few doses will also <j< once check and cure the most severe Diarrhcaa proceeding from COID IS THE BOWELS. These medicines are prepared by Dr C M JACXJOS & Co., AV 418 Ar<-/\ Street. PHdii- drlphta, PH., and are told by druggists <m<i dealers in medicines rvcrywh-frt, at 76 crn'i per bottts. The signature oft'. M. J.At:K-»'i.N iciU be on tht outside wrapper of tafk 'fit','' fn the Almanac publixkfd </nr.u<i//y V/ ' l >s proprietors, failed EVEBYBODT'< AI.MIVH. you will find testimony <inti ,-r>mrn"t>j<i!»r<i notices from all ptir's nf the <:<)unfr>f. T «?"> Almanacs are given incai/ by <iU w /'/"i/* ' . It* ii« INI.T" >> ,ii I H, HO.tWl. THE GBrATESi DISCOVEEY OF THE AGE Agents T ' * *i-rman B I'er •. rui- • i VFH I N V I G ( > K A T ( > K CompouD I S O now ONK ^f tnr b-st iw b*-frtre Hi.- pu Thesr tr'tmji r-mnvt II mnrtnh or l,n,] matter Knfirely Purir»L-» -. fr»ni lil MS. S-althy 'U'-.tTVf nnin^ well, heAltt) 1 food to t /i f ' \n<! , and, . WILLUM3 Auction asd L.VNB AUKM1-S ANti A: Kodwav, Commission Merchants, MONf T l.KOKfcB.t, h y ' h <f rvr . •• rh- Li?-r On, e-t. ou W 19" \vis<:o\sj i we lLL(Jlre parocaUr lo it,- (inly in iirht, l — . ."«*- \.»k^n «t CatUBf *r the Ariel. - NEW YORK, June 18. , Tbe steamship Ariel sailed for Southampton and Havre, took out 160 passengers and nearlv oae million in specie. The City of Washing, ton take* out 350 passengers and balf aiUion in specie. 81. Lotus, JcHB.18 The new Mexican mail, vita' dates from Santa fe to the 13th alt., reached Indepen denoe this morning. ' Hews animportant. Three companies of troops were -met at Cot- tiawM route, to establish a post at the crossing of the Arkansas. Evonto, Jnae IB. FBEIQHT4—schooner May Qaeen takes wheat to Buffalo at 4c; whcat-to OnregD or Kingston 6c; floor to Boffalo 30e; to New Tork COo. ffLODB—shade low« and leas active. Receipts 2M bbla; shipments 871 bbls. Bales 144 bbls "Hortcon" at CflO; SO do "Korth Star" 6 W, 800 do Stone Mills 7,90. : RTE FLOim—In light snpply at 6#&&tfO. WHEAT—drooping with fewer sales—So. 1 unchanged; winter 1,40©1,5«. Receipts 8*883 bns; shipments 11^94 bn§. Sales 890 bos extra No. 1 at 1,88; 800 do extra at 1,29; 800 do do 1,80; 860 do choice extra 1^6; md« uninspected 1,08; (KX) do No. 1 at 140 T.teJ •ales 3,140 bus. BTE-ecarce. Bales 40 bus at tfft. OOBN-^n better request and .steady/ Bceelpts 181 bus. Wa7S for siellcd; 10 for-ear. : • - OATS—r«celpu.S,8T« boa; no shipment*, galsi 600 bos §ood *4. BAEUY—nominal 46(^60. POTAJTOM—firm. BeeeipW 613 btu; shipments 108 boa. Bales 100 bns common at 85; T» bus choice Hes- hanoo<jks at 85. , > 'HI^HWOrKS—steady. Sales 60 bbls at 2S. BDRER-ln filr supply and steady at lf>@l» for Brain and 12^14 for fair to choice fresh roll. EQGS-^Jn good request loail- BBANB-T5®80j eho-ce 80®«0. . • HIDB8-onsteady; tenilo* upward; fair demand^— TBiOaon—As we snrmlaed, tb* frost tia» by BO m*an» dor,e tbe Injury which was fearej at the first. From all parts of tbe country our exchanges bring accounts of tire recovery of corn and wheat from th. deathly pallor which the cMllinjr visitant cast over them, and the promise Is still that ire will hare an abundant hirvest. Udeed, since th» frost, we have board little or no complaints of the appearance of any devastating Insect, rhich complaints were becom'ng somewhat rife before. Tftnj tbe frost, tntsea'd of pror- Ing a devastating seonrge, may h»r» been a bfafsrng Instead, by freezing thj Insects and their larvse. Djabt- lts«. It Is best to trnit Provld«ne« for what eur own handi cannot help; at any rate tt sccnres a contented mind, and jo« abon| as mneh com. 1 he new wheat crop has been harvested In Texas, and proves an abundant yield, and th* flpnr made from It Is of a superior quality. chandlxe, at thrfr « .1. r ra wr orCoonty. §=y Liberal a .aoces uo ro • rttnrni m*Jt. N. B.— Bonds, Noies uu'l '•! .I'. - JanW u- umi>t 5»: ;> tiosbii In • crea . to ( .n To i S. s ir. I \n • • i in( FOUK 1IIK.LAKU TABI,l..-» FOK 8 A L K CHKAP G, MIl.WAUKKr-. 1JAX.AA1C DELORME& OUENTIN MARINE RECORD. 1859. je.0-<l*wtt T.BLaTC, On, Brewery. The best aasonment of the finest WatchcB, silver Ware, Jcire'lrr a»d KANOY QOODS a ° u MKST UOOB TO MKSSKii.JtRADKURlj BA..'- ucroarxaM ASL ocAi.EKt. is »aney Goods, Toys, Willow Ware anil Vaoe-c .-io Also,KmeraldeTy Oooda and Zephyr Woretwl. Only PB. Tor.. ^ m^uiA with th* Uier. tint DOLlUX PSB , Proprietor, N«. - ' '/ •t|S H, I'll N t: W TKK ATM K N J l*ori of ITIUtraukee Jane 16. ARRIVED. Prop OntonaKoo, Wilklna, Ohicaio, 10 bbls hlihwines 3 bozea candy. Prop Evergreen City, Chamberlta, OoDlngwooa, US dot tabs, bushels and palls, 18 pkgs . sundries 4 Stmr IJave', • . Sweeney, Chicago, 200 bus wheat, 148 .,_ £"***. * ! ' Mr l>»rr»ls, 141 pkjo nndries. 28 pass. Stmr ?J te " e - Batlln - T »° Wveri, fe bales rags, iVbf bbls bsrlev, 1 pkg» aundrlet echr.Tol^do t Si f eland, Moskegon, 68 M Ituaber, 8 U sninglei. . 2? r 5 e ? Mll * OB ' Bouton ' Bay, MOM shinties. „„ ,. B » 1 } ea W®81fc Dry Hint 16»17; fry §alt 13^15; Greed OaltlO; Dry do 18. WOOIr-bnyen llask; no sales to-day. Tie rae^e l»asaS5 foi; common to X blood. VfciLT-in good «Bpplyr l^oai^S delivered. : ; -ITJgH-rWhlt* fish fi,00®1^23; front *,60®4,I6 per hf bbl. I LEaTfflBK-Hpaaten Sole S8O80; Sanghter fole 2T® ^ Harness M®<8; Dpper » fool 18^200; Kepe I » MftTS; ttalf do 80a»0i French Calf and Kip S>0< 12^ or*** A ?'X! C »' 0h »P' n » n . OhioaVo, |tmr eieye and, Doagal, Orttnd Haren. Btmr City of OleV tad. Pqaler, Grand Haven. I°K « ^ £. 8tron »^i 0«o, llanlstee, 90 H mmber; Schr Ool Shepard, Wells, Chicago, 85 U lumber. , ; CI.EABED, Star Traveler,Sweeney, Chicago, 4 tons mdz, 108 bsa potitoem, L978 slaves, 19 bags beans, 110 pars sundries, IIS bbls do. ~ ^ rB Prop Oatonajon, WlUios, Oolllnywood. Prop Erergreen City, Cbambsriln, Chlcaeo. Schr Tplepo, Saveland, Muikegon.8 bbls beer. Prop Yoqng America, Chapman, Ogdecsbnrg, 228 bbls flottr, 128 bags hops, 18 bales hsmp, 10,000 brick. 8chr James Cnrlstle.JoJs, Chicago, 100 tons^lg Iron, . 1,000 empty barrels. • ^ •' ™ ' 8lmr Oafclle, Batlln, Two Blverf.S ton* mdi, 1T« bus wheat. flehr WmlB OBden, Johnson, Oiw«go, 115bWs fiour, 16,418 bn. wheat. Schr J ft A"Btron»ch, Otto, ilaiUitee. Bchr FreejSIasDn, Bbtrton, Oreen Bay, 12 bbls pork, 1 Bear Jnnlaua Patton,,8nlnk« 4 Hah Creek. , , In Ohaacwy New York Itema. NEW r«BK, Jane w. extensive skirt cage in the U. S, KS,rlw .i^L & '^* & «* tct^ S.^??T e BUrU ' "^«»th* validity thereL if the decision iras made by JaBge inwrsoU theSapreme Oooit, fewlay, denied ihlar peal for a new trial of defendant in a libel Lemons 6,<X>®f» ; O6,TSj fljs unchanged. ' COAL- lower; stock largely Increased. *>rtogttieweacl,7i5toni. Oraugea ths last will and testament of Hexekiah B. Reed, deceased. Darld P. Hnll. Marian Alton Hall, Edwin Palmer Trustee, Joshut HaUisway, Byron W. Oiark, Charles 8. Clark, Robert B. Beit, The Fanner's a- Miller's B'k Henry L. Palmer, Hermann Sehwartlng, and Augustus OreuUch, Assignees of the People's Bank of Haertel, Greenleaf t Company, Edward G, tyler, Jabcx KL Foster, Horace H. Hnnn aad : Jasper E.-Qoodrith. TN purroancc and by vlrtnt of a decree taade by the i District Court of the Bnl ed Stales for (he District of Wisconsin, on the twelfth day of Uareh, a. D 166» in the ab >re entitled caaie, -I shall sell at Public Auction, at the United States iSrtbal's Office, In the City of Milwaukee, on Monday, the ninth day ef May, 183». at 11 o'clock A. M., " The following real eaUto beioVand f"2 * h . e ° oflnt J' of Milwaukee and State of Wtacon- sin, and known and described as the roatb east quarter of tbe north west'quarter >of section' number ten (10), to township number seven IT), north of range number twenty-two (2i) east; leu the south -east quarter beW -ten 110) acres of the above described tract of land which Is eice^ted and reserved." i Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, March 28,1369. M.JJ. THOMAS, tf.8. Marshal. , Oomplt's Solicitor marSt-Uwtt B sale 1s hereby adjonmed to Uonday of July,' 1889, i;t the|eame hour and Mar»hal's*0fflc«, Kilwankee, Hay 9,1669. maylO-lawtt MJJ. THOMAS, 0.S.ltarahal. Paper Hangings, Window Shades, &c, Ct-mpclent vcrkmtD tvnl to nl! \,*m • ( ih t - i ^tj . : C ootry for lH»?or.uiog > »a br»ocJirj t iU Wolit warraatt• I l/i W PAPER WAREHOUSE.' Hanrord,B1ackmarral- Co., (L\TB nitaaisOM, nAxroKD ti f>o ) Ooomecte-l with aVYABOGA FALL&, ,,„,., H AVE opened ato Albany Block, SIlchiBii, ,t. cet *• polite Newhall Boose, a large itock of ' ' Cater, Colored aud Knrelope Pupm-i either faptn, flat <.fcp«, f,£i<, fMt, Letter and Xatt Papers, Which wilf be sold very low. Constant idditlona ,, beDMetpithe«fa>e* to meei the «aou of tht t r »de 13^ Printers and other* arcinritad to c»l! » n d , x amlne «ur4tnek hiri prlnri. »prK, AND CooGdeutial Medical A T the Buffslo PriTale Hojpiul lofi SON, Baffml Aiin«-v cure of **yphi)iH. Semln^J lofinnme. of Youth and tablinheil for :!>e ^s in.) th^ S-.-r-t Maturity, by Dr OJOP A Office, r.,rnrr ,if Main in I Qyaj < mat rt f, Domestic Exchange .and Specif, rpflE hlfftest rates paid for all kinds of Oold and «il- J. ver Coin and Bullion. Exchange! eanstantiy for sal« at the lowest prices As I rank* dealing in Specie an J Exchange m> enure and exelnsive business, I aJn able to K i T e my coato- mersan advantage orer current Bgures. Lin oj prices will be furolrted i>t my office, . v WO.JSS WaSCOWSI* STItEET, . Unde» the Baptist Chnrch, nearly opposite ths Custom »«"«"• ! ' raarlM-dSro Aaaivt* it Bimia 16i«.-Propeller free fiute from Bnlfalo; 800 bbls BoBr." . Propell*| Plymoutt, DIekssn, Chicago, fromiMllwau. kee; 2,000 Vbls aour, 16 caili wine, »<U ashea,Ihlf bbls fish, 1 box cigars, 6 do d> u;s. Vuu*a>:HafBenuA, Itri-Prepeller PiOaburgh, Beokwitb, Chicago. ' 8chooae4Thr«e Belli, Thompeea, Milwaukee, 10) toat coal. . EtcHpti •oqr 7,50®8^)0- r Ballneville 6,00; Brookfleld nal Ooal«,OQ; Newea««. , ijfjttj beef common ^$10; extra pork »l8ai8rM; extra heavy tnewtlO; prime atees l«,eoaiT,00; (sugarettrefl bams ll®12; snoulders . T. HeraM. The TBrdiot agalDBt the defendant in the fJto^etoflaataaSautonWi wifeT'and ?Sf^f 9 4U ?? Vi8 ^ in . •? tt W elf «tonnber of WOOD*-rieelpts|rJuHn| the week «6S ^orasi mlMd e following v«s«els paased DetroR on the - , - NQTIOB. Contract Department, ^ B ^JMolnMonofthe Cdmrnoa Council of Jaaetih „ iBWia'eptlDg the' recommendation of the Street S^"!* n ^? of , lhe K W' th WW(I ' «° B»ve Walker ffre«* and <Uewalks-, fraia SWh Avenue to the west toeof Wattert addlUoh! graded and to repair the north sidewalk between first and Sixth Avenues;and plank the north sidewalks of said street, Ifrom first f f w » 1tar '* :p '' tot »»<«Uoo, It . «Wewanu be graded to tne dewalk, between, First and Birth Avenues repaired, ana the north sidewalk, from «rel iAvenneto Uu wert^lne of Walker's PomtaWI. Uon bt> planked la accordance with tie estlm ate of the' Bordered • "*"' ANGUS SMITH & Storage, Forwarding A Commission ' I . Proprietors of the LARGE I EJLEVATOH . At. thetertolBUS of the Uilwankee A MiasUsippi and tteMilwankee, Watertown A Baraboo Valjey Railroartj. "w*T "***' Wvance* made on property to store, or ., for shipment to &»tero Marketa. ocH3-dtf M KNT. *5O n JBonthandall lixpcnses Paid. M. T sirtNiu, (^op >oin. A MOST SCIESTIFTC INVENTION _ An Instrument tor tlie cure of G*o.itAl Debility, or >'octurn«,! Kmmlonj, mure properly kr.ow-T) i« -<-mm«l w e.-iknes5, Ac. —CAD be p-rmanenlfy '-ur^.l n 'r. (u flft<cn days to l«.i m»n:hJ l>y the osr >.l this nr^^rumea^ wh*n useo conjoicuj wiUi medicines. TOC.NG SJfcN TAKE PART10L:LAB NOTICK. Dr. ASIOd * !Hi^ i»*r plea^ur^ m aanro Ihrj A\ .• -nv^oii.l a aio«t inntr thf urc of 0,= at»vr ,iia»«jies. It has b^en «ih K cUd P»n», PhiUdel|.Ma »:i,l .N t w York", 'it has "been .V^'i'sr-d tS«only useful insirumfoi ever inve: led for u.e cui- of Seminal Wc:ik n ,MW, or any disuse of th<> ?en"»l nr- «an«, caused by tbe secret r.nbit of jomh. Prire i^ D dollan by ma.l or express. A cro£ HAHRANTED. Dr. AMOS * BOS have devour their nt-nti, ClmiTely to Ihu peculJar claja ,i« maladies, a relief ihey have eon-eqaentiy been ,n H hle.l tn their wiow creatures, is fully i"tmed »nd «*«,„.., acki . sledged by conTalescent p-.t^nti and Mh-r' daily arriving m lo»n from all ,,»r.s of the country f.,r tfte eipren paryo.e only of couamtatioa, while iheir elertion. have been crowni*! r-.«h the moit »lirnal ».|- Tanta,r- y.-t fr. «bi: a. . i lil>r »iper!enr qalrintr .u.,, Ui- t .a. t -» .( i,,,,,,. , u f«tmus c.n (from 1',-irmost itrnpl,- condition t,, U iat ,,f danger .... »nd Invctente,) they (rave »|w, v , , taaned ,. ; ...hlllr, n f , hl ., r ,, rr , t . ntlnn ,„,, f and bae» „ .. , ,,,,,.,, ,„„.,., „,„ ,„,. mos , ,,_„ and mall(rrtai.t imiu.ui uiwMesoul.l »in, 0 ,i ,„»», be traced to one of the roKowinn cause. , K n,,r neglect, or the ill .ffecta of unskillful « Q ,l treatn«nt; therefore, Un. A»os * 3os hive in discovorlng, In the jelectlon of ihelr remedies > safe, effecto41 ami cautious coarse; amltti-A ui r.'.m blnatiao. of remedies which fear an equlvo.-i ch/ir^c- ter, as well as those wno«e premature or Injudicious ai^ plication might b u prodoctive o( baj cun.eouenr,-, „ the hands of prirati- mdlvUlaals. In jhon 7l>e lauda bleondof their remedies Is the le«»fnlM K ' u i i great mas« of human misery by ihe alleviation, relief %O 'I prevention of those grievous afflictions that nr, i- reility tlte Secret fncs of life, ami »hch, wlfl lt! Lhey «" cxtenslvelj simr.iand ns, r»ll sAnuil far ou, ,kni .,, 0 Interference m lliclr Mteminntion UOCNTRY INVALlDl?. , bj liiitir> or I et- d tli- nd^r ,, n .„. pi.-Unf. ' r M •. M' L it ,n,,,r., er J r to *° »Dd county In tte.Cn^edStates to tn(rsg» in a respectable and easy baiiow, by which the abore pruflis may be cer- tajnly reallted. for farther part culars, addre-s D«. t. HtsxrWAnn, eorner 12th Street and Broadway. C " r> enclosing-one Postage Stamp. ^tr^lS^^i^V*^ 10 '^"^- .trlSa^T* <!ON - COrD " M *'",^. Q ,?^ PttKVKN l-t IV- I'll" i KM'S i I .1 ' > • » .-..V T? I I - l-ilr i • NT- IV- 1 it." *. ii.- . »l. iu> VII f. -. .'UuM Kit- M «!.!• r .it...u IIV .<()l.l> BV Stll.ll I>V .•<(>I,L) H V KS NEW BOO JUST RECEIVBU BY STR1CKLAJKD.VCO., 138 KAST WATKK ST. W ALL STKIirr M Cashmere. A journal of five 'y**" 10 *»'». *frlca und Europo ; wnh 100 illm- " 1 '• M m * de on "^ «J»"»7 John B. Ire- interested In the above notified- W make the tWBnty.oneday.frn Comiuslen. —THE— LATEST SYLES — OJl— .the Uth, says :^ On Wednesday tventejj lite tag Jofco Owen, which hubeten at wotk tJithawchooner Convoy, and'fcaverea J «P<>wi4«« fcrtnta* tjef«i i |»lanJl, returned to loeclfr. i 9 cord 2,60; m« pie and beach SOcadVtoee. , HAT-WrOOror«. charget and take her awayj OBTq«dayjah«ira»mDV«d about trehre feet fan and ] aft, tat at tiat time tbe watrr commenced lowering so e» effeetuall/ lo retard ike raccassful prpsecatioa of -I J. *Br.«.KIBBr, JJv«tyBUMe.Malnitreet. raccassful prpsecatioa of Xnoavtao 4^45; Kew Orleans 4C®48; Ne" the wort Jestcrday the (ug T«tnrne4, together with Torkflympe 60®«^0bleag» golden fEQBO; Chicago ^ the tne B. JBC. Blllof, and H >« beileved that the tw, wll. be able to get her ofl to a short time." 4 - • - **;[• - - j. O.QRNET BAND! Of latest Btylea,« '"' , r . tow»A«a«.— The'steambojl rare by tb* steamers Western Mttrejwlls and City or«uff,'. 0< between Oleve- .U with their tboatg ** by ftiuton^ hInueU,>lH> with wife. Canton ke B06AEB— lower; «flned.A ! 8X;^oX)0»; do The dlsiaoce^ 190miles. __ ri _ ' -, , 1 . J0T* Ii * 3 uffalo £e*ritr'tt.jfi ~% >>Ii hat been ascer- ialaedttat ihedlrtotori ,1 ih« Svw Tork Ameriesn Comet BaaA, or at Store, 171, Bast Water s*. >Je* Styles aind OOLOrjlT OODKT, 1 Wteaakw County, Via, f t^ r^ bushel 4rOO<So,00;.ereeB Currants S^S. * Peai {per tmsh Boots,'*|;c)oisapplr«t low prrce». yorsjteby ' -14*1' ' ' fMRiae A ObSAYKK, ^"~ , "••"; .—"•*• *a»m»*liif vatin aonilMr JMJf8»an*ltairan»«*S,jlro»a,«ae resigned. - ^-i J •---->'--- r V « ni .^. Jfltt taoremtati acknowY tt»Am4rleaa labile,. , attd; avoid the a*.n. Jactrnes, 1 00. Bpttrgeon'i Sermons, rolnrne fire, I OS. a»themostsapet)orby T6BV8B MTHBBB-tt* trid* be* beta. »«flu X&*%e«eW ar. giren^tteftaW.! »au of Wiaoonsin, lo J*»b Haff: T£ts£!(:rRAPH. «.!, '- .ea History of theBomlnloa o the Arabs in SP»|D, 3 15 * fco»eylra* North* being »otw of a residence In Euisla, by tfeorge Augnstm Sala, I 00. lamont's Medical Adv ser ana Marriage Gu Me wilh »ea»lr 109 engraving.. ^Price 1 25. 1 *« euu " re - *' m J>»airjr an! 10 eento lower SS^SfK L«S*».**»M6; -for sapernne- 8g^^W"1 ? MiwS i,," ng "' »o«neflT«il 89. e's fiteUonary ct Authors, S W. ' L'feof KitCirson.S 00. . 8TRIOKHNDAOO., lMJastWat.1. .twet ... Llfeind Times of Carey, Uarshmaa ami Ward. Embracing the history of the derampore Miadnn ; by John C. Marshman." Price 6 00. Marsh's Sciericejof Double-Entry Book-keeping, 1 50. lecture on Metaphysics and Logic, by sir William Hamilton, S 00. The Empire of Austria ; It* use and present power, bv John S. C. Abbott, 1 W. -. * ' Wyoming ; Us h'story, stirring Incidents and romantic adventures, by George Beck, O. D., 1 50. The Harp 9t a Thousand Strings ; or the q\iinteasence of human wmwsggery and wisdom, 1 25. Arm» tin? on' the Pacific. A Journal of the Kipedl- tton aAlnst tie .Northern Indians. Uw tribes of the etoorfi-Alenes, gpokan.and Pelouies, inthr.umm;r _oMSoSi by tawrenca Kip, of. the u. 8. Arw. race Bint, for the Pnlpit,the ll »««lo- Price 1 00. 25c. oor Young Man, l 00 Mmntt » l >: comprising the Iti'M »: L , t.- tx.^*l \,.L .'I- il... inn 1.1,1. A i L Itu. <;i, i; > I I. DKfuiil: l: L "III ','tl- AND BY O I M JlARXKT ST . JT !.» MAUKfrT ST., ST. Ill UAKSKT ST , ST. IU HARHS-J 1 ST The Hestnrnuv ASH BV A.MI UV ' i.oi i." I.OL1S. Lot I.-. ST. LOUIS. A.NO .IrJ II ,*.\0 JfJ v V, IV. ) for :wo 'I .-.-lit not .-eru. cur- j botlle. il. J. V.'OUU * tl> , I' Vnri, ftn tht- irr^ai ^ anil 114 M ir'.i..i\t., 3t. Potii >iy 'J. HaSiilN in t>r.ip.,rrion. . Hlau towards Physical Perfection, or the PhUosophy ' la acquire and r«J Tl *° r » wr" '<> n K ties and dcforaiues of age. bjr ' ' TO ItKN l. W Khav-,evcrai Bncit and Kram,- ii,, 13( . nxrre.llDirly cheip. We havs for ».. quantity nf Seal p:>wt c . ,:onsistm«, f lloutea fl Improved and Cn.m,,r..v ei t », lr tns of ereV, ',„ pu. chasers, 8cho.u !..»• d» ^nrefuUy seiVct-i » rly d.-.y. Time *<l! ,, e ^ve,. l,. r part .... in,, pur money, rlesr titles anil iT-irrnntep .|reit». , , (iUMiOIlY t On t vast i,. mit STA'FKM TiAUttl 11. Janvs Buchanan, } vs. The Propeller Or Steamboat Seneca, liar engines, machine f hi ry, boats, tnckle, appare and I 'urnltnry. j T>T vlrluo of a trrlt of. venilhlonl A.liniraiirr s^ponas tura, is .ho now lies in th, County i " - dtmned and furnj- ' ' '" « J.t'tlOMAS, " - U. , K. 8, 1S49. Marshi onhaadf

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