Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on February 5, 1964 · Page 3
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 3

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 5, 1964
Page 3
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MARMADUKE f "Come inl You're just in time for lunch!' Anderson Points To Cooperation TOI'RKA CAP) _ Gov. John Anderson Monday called for constitutional amendments to give the slate, counties and cities more authority for cooperation with other government agencies. He said he will seek support for his proposals in conferences with legislative leaders. This legislature, can approve j two more constitutional amend- j mcnls to be voted upon in Nov- j ember. One was offered by the last legislature and the state has a limit of three on the ballot at any one election. Anderson in effect passed over a number of proposals already introduced in the House and Senate although he commented that several had merit. One of his proposals would give county, township and municipal governments the authority to carry out some functions cooperatively which now have to be duplicated. He mentioned court recovda and tax collcc- HEALTH CAPSULES l.\ Micharl A. Petti, M.I). IP VOU HAVE A TENPENCV TO. HAVE ATTACKS OF GOUT. IS THERE ANV WAV OF PREVENTING THEM "\ COLCHICINE PILLS, WHEN TAKEN PAILY UNPER YOUR POCTOR'S SUPERVISION, WILL OFT6N KEEP YOU FROM GETTING FURTHER ATTACKS. MOMMY: SHOT*. HMMi Capwbi give* htlplul infniMtiMv • dufmitk iutur» lions as two possible areas. The olher would allow the slate to make cooperative agreements with adjoining or regional states. Anderson pointed out that within the past year [ilnns to join Missouri in a women's prison and for interchange of patients with Nebraska have been blocked by constitutional restrictions. \ Anderson described his plans' as a "different approach" to the ] theory of consolidation of government. "It would be a consolidation of functional services," he said. Under Anderson's local government proposal, one or more j counties could vote to abolish j county offices and join with i other counties to carry *out the j work. The -same could be done on the municipal level. Such a plan would be more economical and efficient, he said. Senator* havt Introduced 10 proposed constitutional amendments and House members five. On some of them, Anderson commented. Abolishing the elective office of state printer would be all right, he said. HP also said he favors elim-. inating the two-term limit on county sheriff* and treasurers. He opposed amendments to abolish the budget session of the legislature, saying it has saved the state money in previous years. Anderson has no authority to introduce, sign or veto constitutional amendment proposals. Normally the decision on whether amendments will be submitted are made in party caucuses. Todoy in History Onrdon Clt* Wednesday, teb. S, W4 Barry Rejects Republican Plea MINNEAPOLIS fAP) — Sen. Barry Goldwatir has rejected! the plea of a group of Minne- • sola Republicans who asked him—in the name of party unity . —to endorse former Hep. Wall- i er H. Judd as a favorite son! candidate for the Republican | presidential nomination. i "I'm looking for delegates." I Goldwviter said ss he sought pro- si<!ential barking in Minneapolis and St. I'aul. "I can't stop people who wart to support me. "There's plenlv of party unity and a campaign properlv run will not disunite the party," the Arizona senator said in sprun- ing the proposal of the Judd- for-President Volunteer Committee. Goldwatcr drew crowd s., cheers and optimistic forecasts from his supporters during a ; six-hour campaign swing in Minneapolis and St. "Paul. Minnesota will have 2fi votes at the convention, and Gnldwa- ter's strategists said thev figured at least 10 of them are already in the senator's column. Goldwater told newsmen he figures he had 450-500 delegates' votes lined up now. Floor Traders, Stock Specialists Praised §r SAM DAWSON AP Butinett N«wt Analyst NEW YORK (AP) _ ' Floor traders and stock specialists- subject to criticism by sohie federal regulators — grft warm support Tuesday from the president of the New York Stock Exchange. G. Keith Funslon lold the Simulated Moon Trek Is Planned PASADENA, Calif. CAP) — Plans to send a duplicate Ranger moon vehicle on a simulated voyage in space were under way today in an effort to find what went wrong with the probe's television eyes. The duplicate vehicle would, under lahiratouv conditions, follow as closely as possible Ranger S's flight, perhaps pinpointing the reason for failure of the ve- hicle's' photographic system. Jet* Propulsion Laboratory spokesmen said that unless the problem is located, the flight of Ranger 7, scheduled for later this month, might have to be postponed. Despite the failure of the camera system, experts; insisted Monday that Ranger 6 impacted in the moon's Sea of Tranquility. House Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee that they behaved admirably, on the whole, in the frenzied 27-mimjte span between the news of Presi dent John F. Kennedy's assassination and the closing of the market He said much of the buying support came from specialists and floor traders while individual customers of brokerage houses provided most of the selling pressure that tumbled prices. WHat are the roles of these men and. the meaning of other terms peculiar to stock trading? Floor (r«der — member of a stock exchange who trades on the floor in securities for his own account. Floor broker—member of an exchange who executes on the floor orders to buy or sell any listed stock as received by phone from his brokerage, firm. $2 broker—exchange membrr who executes orders on tho floor for other brokers busy with other orders or, for firms whose member broker isn't on hand. Formerly the fee was $2 ner 100 scares; now varies with nrice of stock. Specialist—exchange member charged with maintaining a reasonably orderlv market In one or more stocks in one industry. To do so he must be ready to buy or sell for his own account. He also acts as a broker for other members who leave orders and then go on to other trading posts. Sp«ti«| offering — block of stock so large as to require special handling. Ticker tape an- lounces offer for sale at fixed •jrice, usually based on last transaction in regular auction market. Other member firms may buy from the seller's broker during trading hours. Secondary .distribution — redistribution of a block, usually large, some time after stock has been sold by issuing company. Handled off the floor of exchange by securities firm or group of firms, and offered at fixed price. Often a block is involved in settlement of an estate. Treasury stock—shares issued by company but later .reacquired; may be held in company's treasury indefinitely, reissued to public, used for em- ploye stock option or retired: while hold by company receives no dividends and has no vote'. In-and-outer—trader who buys and sells same stock within short period; more interested in day-to-day price -changes than dividends or long-term growth. Brokers usually cut commissions for quick round-trip transaction. Example: stock sold on news of shooting of President Kennedy might nave been re- bought soon afterwards t<5 take advantage of steep price drop. Arbitrage—buying and selling the same or equivalent securities at the same time in different markets Example: buying a share for $90 in New York and selling' for $95 in San Francisco or London, if such a price differential exists at time: or buying a convertible bond and selling the stock into which it is convertible. Investor—buys stock for regular dividend income, safety of investment, aqd capital appreciation over a long term. Speculator—accepts large risk in hope of quick gain on rising stock price, with little interest in dividend income; or ma;/ buy into unknown company which he doesn't expect to be profitable for years. Professional—one who makes a living buying and selling securities; or a student of the market. Boiler room — high-pressure peddling over the ohone of stocks of dubious value, often from a room with little in it bat phones. Bucket shop—illegal operation in which operator accepted client's money without ever actually buying or selling stock but gambling that the customer was Wong. If too many customers were right, the bucket shop' closed to reopen in new location. Corner—buying stock or commodity in such volume as to gain control over price, forcing would-be buyer, such as one who has sold short, to pay arbitrarily high price. DO YOU WANT SOFT WATER? Sate*—Rtntab—Soft JOHN TATRO •ft444M BEST SPAGHETTI DISHES BEGIN IN THE FIELD ...with amber durum wheat ... a special wheat... grown only in a special 19- county area in North Dakota . . . milled in a special way.... for Skinner. Skinner uses only the finest 100% amber durum wheat ... the wheat that makes the finest and best tasting spaghetti. SKINNER SPAGHETTI RECIPES ON EVERY PACKAGE f Record Spring Enrollment At University of Konsos , LAWRENCE (AP) — A record spring semester enrollment of 11,415, nine per cent larger than the start of the second semester last year, is reported at the University of Kansas. James K. Hitt, registrar and director of admissions, said late enrollments are expected to swell the final total td 11,700 ' This semester's enrollment in- | eludes 10,380 on the Lawrence j campus and 1,035 at Kansas I City. 502 ot Sterling STERLING. Kan. (AP) - A second semester enrollment of 502 at Sterling College is reported by Mrs. Ada Lou Shields, registrar. The figure is ,an in- i crease of 14 over the second semester last year and an eight ; per cent decrease from the hifih , point of this year's first semesr i tor. —Whether buying or selling, use '1 -am Want Ads! Why "Good-Time Charlie" Suffers Uneasy Bladder Unwise eating or drinking may I* a •outer of milil, but annoying bladder Irritations— making you feel rostltiw, teu»e, •ud uucoiuf ortable. And if rettletui nig-hu, < with nagging backache, headache or ntiu- cuUr achea anil paint due to over-exertion, atrtin or emotional UIMH;!, are addins to i your mUery-don't wait—try Uo»n'» I'llU. ' Doao'i* Fill* act S waya for gpevdy relief. 1 — They h«v« a" toothing effect on bladder irritations. 2 — A fa»t paiu-reliev- inu action on nutting backache, heud- acnev, tuuicular ach«« and palm. 3 — A wonderfully mild diureti: action tbru th» ' kiduvya, tending to iuor«aae th« output of the 15 railea ot kidney tuixu. So, g«t th« wine happy relief mlllioua licve enjoyed for over 60 ycera. For convenience, buj tb« large *iie. Get {loan's yiU* Battle Hymn Is Published By THE ASSOCIATfO MISS Today is Wednesday, Feb. 5, 1964. There are 330 days left in the year. Today's highlight in history: On this date in 1862, Americans began singing "The Battle Hymn of the Republic," composed by Julia Ward Howe. The selection was published as a poem in the Atlantic Monthly for February of that year. On this date: In 1631, the founder of'Rhode Island, Roger Williams, arrived in Boston from England with a party of settlers. In 1790, the first lawyers were admitted to practice before th« U.S. Sjipreme Court. In 1917, Mexico became a federated republic of 28 states. In 1937, President Franklin D. Roosevelt touched off a controversy by proposing the addition of six new associate justices to the U.S. Supreme Court. In 1945, Gen. Douglas MacArthur formally announced the fall of Manila to U.S. forces in World War II. Ten years ago—Israel asked the U.K. Security Council to impose controls on Egvpt unless that nation lifted emba'v restrictions on snipping bound for Israel. Five yttri *«• — The U.S. State Department released tape recordings of voices purportedly those of Soviet fighter pilots transcribed while they were shooting down an unarmed American military transport in which 17 servicemen were killed, killed. One year ago—The Canadian Parliament voted "no confidence" in the government of Prime Minister John Diefenbi- ker, who asked that new elections be held. vtrfcwiln. C . fctkt I<t*(r t WiMtrbiM. lifN'S RfMaV. Oil «*»•*, CfNTfl AlifN'S 5A«TV •INTflNATIONAl Witfc A WrittM GWUM'** to •< U"« w V«* Owe Hw 114 N. Ilk , tw AIM** tWM H 4-Mil SPECIAL TRUCKLOAD FILL YOUR FREEZER Featuring BEEF SIDES and QUARTERS! CUT and WRAPPED for your Locker At NO EXTRA CHARGE!! SALE ENDS SATURDAY NIGHT, FEBRUARY 15tb U.S. "CHOICE ff AGED MATURE BEEF "SIDES" (225TO2SO LB. AVERAGE! LB, • I FRONT" QUARTER (I IS TO 125 LB. AVERAGE) LB. 39* "HIND" QUARTER 1115 TO 125 LB. AVERAGE) LB. HI-VALUE TENDER BEEF "SIDES" 1200 TO 250 LB. AVERAGE) LB, "FRONT" QUARTER (100 TO 125 LB. AVERAGE) "HIND" QUARTER (100 TO 125 LB. AVERAGE) LB, LB, I fe ROY OF MOUN LDe DUA WIAPPIO HUVALUE BEEF BOX CONSISTS OF % taw* lock Of •MM4 $tt«k, Slriob tr t, MiKtjtt ftwk AM Nr Only 10 few* Iwb Off Cbwk MM*, Start life* 27 95 25-lb. PORK BUNDLE Frozen and Wrapped BUNDLE CONSISTS OF: I UN, Ctmtr Cut P«rk Clwfc* 4 Us. «•«• lit* % U», Nrfc $bf«Mf r « Lkt W^wl Alto 12 95 at^^-'EASY PAY PLAN!

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