Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 25, 1959 · Page 3
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 3

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 25, 1959
Page 3
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Legal Publication %-v 9 Tfof Cltr 6f Pftmpft, **««*, fltVS Bttil-,timir 9:00 o'clock A.M. OH M«Wfi 10, 1059. for titilf-pose of Sal- lifting fnAter-lftl dumped m the dump *rouna« of Pftnma, taxaa, including fh* opiSratloh ins mftnftfcemeftt. of said dflnifl (jrovitids. ftccofdlnft to the IM-m* of a • proposed contract now on fie «Htn me otty Sacretftry, City HAH, •Te*ft« ; A fc6n>'o| aftta.contrftet .SMeW way. B%7omai*i«d. from SUMMIT Vftim Pftg* if taken utidef wartifire. and postwar fifteettieft'Ui to which the i President said th« United States and its major ; Allies have Affaway Riles Held Today Mainly About People fit* Af««fU*tftf t^h?l^ JJt J»W fha $t AttaMy were held Wday IH-&W knows, the President Mid, the eh- FuftgM , Q^,.. . MMf . A ltawty was found dead !n hef. home at-8 j tire KA?o alliance., stands • firm With them In Insisting art the aft- VTeaM,!, t;uy secre- ao i u t e necessity to' b;e firm. tie declined to disclose details Sd ta JBWn. S... VleaM,' qu'y Sec Wry. PftWpS, ' f e**s. ''iniT .pin I marked on th* outside^thereof: •• foS- UW6r*tlon of Dump, qrounds," The Cltsr ftsSrvWHtr*- rlfcM •!»feject «hy a| .all b»{I* subJnHted. , '•'-. /</fi(i*ln S. Vlcft.f» . ,2 . .. City secretary Sjftf'ch 4 *•* * '*'»»»• *• *•' NCW2238 "MSTAfK OF* rtlS. DECRASRI). IN THB COUNTY. COURT NtY, of military planning but repeated that so, fat- as the United states Is" concerned, any act of actual war would have to be started by someone ___ Sctjut Pack lift;»M have its filUS aftd Oo!d Banquet on Thfflfs- dly i§Vrenln| ftt f :30 Ifl 9t6pheri r F. Auslln cafeteria. Pariftts,' friends invited tb Farm Film To Be Shown iEvery livestock in a man be in- held u,e Idib^c liuoiiiiauoi) on Uie control b| t^ptospito«* which ft a j been causing a great deal of concern ift some cattle raising areas. these informative meetings are Sponsored jointly through t li 6 American Cyanamid Co. and Amarillo Oil Mill Co., and Are brought to you through the cooperation and aist 'HIE* PAiVit'A i;, >„ , ;19S§ ; she failed to-ahswer the teie,*; phone, she had been dead fdr lev- era! houfs. fiJIder T. J. .ftiltmatt of spearman conducted the, services, Me was assisted 'by Rev. J. ft. Byars of the Shamrock Flfsl §at»tm Church. Burial was in • shamrtcck . OF GRAY COtTNtY, TEXAS • NOT ICK TO CHRDITOKS <SF THK : ESTATE OF OAHVIN HEN* R " 'givtm'' thai orlgln- «t Letter* Testamentary upon the estate of flarvlt Henry Hnrr!«, cio- «*«»*d, were pranted me, the up- what he described • as else. Elsenhower said the United States must always, be willing to Mrg AUftway ^ 8 ^ m (ft Huftt County on April 27, 187t. She came to Wheeler County In 1909 from eastern Oklahoma. She married W. R. Attaway 6n March f, 1897 In Wolfe City. She was a member of the Primitive Baptist Church, Shamrock. that the formal Soviet reply to the 1rhree sons and her hudbaftd pre negotiate if there appears to be any reasonable hope for accom- Ipllshment. But he said, if there ! la a negative answer from the ' Russians before an attempt Is 'made to negotiate, he simply can- : not see much use In conferences. American officials still hopedi .. i estate rite; ftsfefty required to present the sanie 1C me withm th* tJma prwcrtbM by law. My residence •net Post Office Address Is «!> N-. Russell Street, Pntupa, Gray Countj-, 8TATHA MAimiS. Independent Executrix of the estate of Onrvln Henry Harris, deceased. ( NOTICE T Sealtd bids addrflfised to (he Mayor »nd City Commission of the City of Pampa. Texas will .be received at the Office of the.Clty £«crotnry, City Hall, Parana. T«x«», uivtU J0:00 a.m., 'Tuesday March 17. 1989, and then publicly Opened and read, for furnishing: all Plant, Labor, Material and Kqulpmont and Performing all work, required for the •fcleatvltiR' atrt pttlnltmr of ONI-. GROUND •STORAGE WATBtl TANK for the City 6f Pamfta. T.exas. A11 proposals shall be accompanied by a. Cashier's or Certified Check upon a National or State. Bank -In the amount of five per c*ht (5%) of the total maximum bid price payable without recourse to the City of Pampa or a bid bond In the same amount from a reliable surety company, as a guarantee that bidder will enter Into a contract and execute ft performance bond within fifteen (la) days after Notice of A*ard of Contract to him. The' notice of award of contract shalt>e gl"*en, by the Owner within ten flOV days; foll&wInK the opening of of bid*. The bid security must be Inclosed in the same envelope with the bid. Bids without rheck •or bid bond will not be considered, will not be considered. All hid securities will be returned to the respective bidders within ten (Hi) days after,the bids are opened, except those which -the owner elects to .hold until the successful bidder has executed th* contract. The successful bidder must furnish performance .bond- upon the form »hlch Is attached hereto In the amount of 100% .at- the contract price from »n approved surety company holdinc a permit frdm thfc State of Texan to act as surety, or other surety or sureties acceptable to the Owner. ' Th«. right "-Is".'reserved, n.» the liv terest of the-'OViier mav roqtiiri*. to reject any arid al) b((i« and to waive any Informality in bids rn'Mvod. ' Plans. Specifications and Uiildlns' Documents rnav be »ecurpd from the office of the City Knitlneer, City of Of Pampa, Texas. > '. City, nf Pampa fOwner) Bv Kdwln S. Vicars City Secretary Feb.'-IS March 4 ceded her In death. She Is survived bv three daughters, Mrs. Pauline Reeves of Shamrock, Mrs. Willie Whitte.n 61 Winters and. of Tulera, Calif., ten grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren. ] Western proposal, when it comes, Would not slam the door on negotiations On Berlin and German unification, ihe complr: remarks at a Moscow political rally Tuesday. They acknowledged that the 'Russian premier's tough position mad^e it more ^necessary than ever £o anticipate-a-possible Commu> nist effort to cut- Berlin off from •West Berlin. "•' Khiaishchev -temieA the Allied proposal for a Big Four"^ foreign ministers' meeting "unacceptable." He tailed instead for a broad w as"chosen"by'the Pampa Toast "summit" conference, presumably masters Club to represent the club on his old terms of no agenda andL t an area speech contest, to be no preparatory meetings.,; ;h c ]d | n Pampa March H. Tl;e allies are in agreement on| Toastmaster of the evening was the "'basic., principle" .lhat they| Jlm Johnston. Other speakers dur will not give in to any blockade | ing ^g evening were Joe Pafford if the Russians go through with R lch ard Cook, and Chuck Mas their threat to' turn Eftst Berlin ! sey visitors at the meeting We arid the access corridors to West| John Conway, Jack Hankla, and Berlin .over to the. German Reds g ftm Anderson. Ellison Elected Toastmaster Rep. Tuesday night, Paul Ellison Sfefttoi 1 OHaens of the cwmmiinlty wll! navl llieif Wlft^My W6« fhursday afternoon at 2:30 In Lovett Memorial Library, it has b'fen reported by Jay Flanagan, Al,- trusa Club senior Center chairman. : • • Pot the best Steaks Ifi town, VISit youf 10A Food Liner, 808 S,. Cuyler.* Marvbi Olscn» N"e\v« feportfer and photographer, underwent surgery Wednesday morning in Highland General Hospital. He is rd- ported to be convalescing nicely and is in . room 309. • PampA Wry Cleaner* Assn. will entertain their wives and the dry cleaners association members and their wives from Amarillo and Borger at a dinner Monday night at Johnson's Cafe at 7:30. All local members should contact Jim Powell here at Master Cleaners and inform him how many In their respective parties can be expected. meeting Ming tdday at 7:SO p.m. at the Parrtpft help of your local vocational agri High School. Subject of this meet- culture teacher, Bob Skaggs. By- :int will be "Cattle Nutrition and efyone interested In the latest .Disease Control" and will feature findings on these important sub- la showing of an excellent film on;jecta is invited to attend; i these subjects, as compiled bv AffljSfleaft Cyanamid Corp!", manufacturers of Aureomyctn. Also featured on the program j will be talks and a question and j answer forum conducted by Don 1 Wtnifrey and Marshall Morgan, j Sduthwestern representatives -of .American Cyanamid. YOUTH ;jm faf* Engineers Week Meeting Slated Panhandle Chapter of the Texas Society of Professional En- One particular Hem of interest gineers will hold its February to atock'men "will be"dlscussion ~of| meeting in Amarillo Friday. An j engineer of the year will be named and an award given. The speaker will be Dam M. Krausse, vic6 president of the Cosden Petroleum Corporation. The group will meet in the Am- arillft Club fdr dinner at 7 p.m. A Wounded Man Is Recovering get acquainted period will begin SHAMROCK fSpl) — W. E. Burden is recovering from a r I f 1 e' at 6:3o" range accident that resulted In aj The presentation of the engineer bullet wound in his leg. Burden entered Shamrock Engineers Rotes Reduced J. Harold Dunn, President 6f The Shamrock Oil and Gas Corporation, has announced that effective Tuesday Shamrock reduced Its posted price, for crude oil. purchased by it in Moore and Hut- jchinson, Counties, Texas. The re- (duction is 7 cents per barrel to $2.95 per barrel for 40 degree gravity and- above with a 3 cent differential downward for each degree of gravity below 40. Smith Rites Set In Silverton by May 27. ; However, Western officials ac- At next, week'-s meeting, W. L. Loving of the Cabot Carbon Com knowledged that actual tactics to pa ny will be the principal speaker, deal with such a blockade of lanclj and air routes to Berlin still re main to be worked out. Braly Will Talk To Bieakfasters Tom Braly, a local attorney, will speak at a breakfast meeting of Veale Returns From Austin W, L. Veale, manager of the Pampa Retail Merchants' Associa-jthe Credit Grantors Club Thursday tion, has returned from Austinjin Johnson's Cafe. His subject will Wliei'e .he took.a week's course in j be-an anti-shopliftlnj: bill Introcluc credit,management'. Jed in the Texas Legislature. The course was sponsored by. All Pampa merchants are invit the Associated Credit Bureaus of ed to the 7:30 a.mrrjneeting. The America and the University of.Bill provides stiffer.penalties for Texas. The main emphasis, according to Veale, was running an efficient and accurate credit bureau. shoplifters. The Credit Grantors Club is sponsored by the Retail M e r- I chants Association. 5FflR5\Shield of Value Jl*ift»\J '•/. tf _.,_r^.^xii'.•-•'•.'..'• ... :.'.*'.. .; •-:> < '...,., RO£ BUCK AND £O. \ ' f' '"/ Your Sigp ^p.f Savings} Exceptionally: low prices op. many best sellers! Shop" fb>.these iexfroVva(u'eV'wh(<n you sfee "th'is'^eors Shield of Value! 46 80 »l5xl8-ff. room regularly 2»*49,'i«»w _././• , ,,^, . - - . Wti of &££«r?r;^^ mi-- «™#«^^^^~^ : ;^'"' f "'**<;. '••^<»*>wr:>"^ s yTj _ •«• • • .broaaloom carpet-so right with modern! l3WW *s : . • -. .-i.;: itoi.- . ^...' . . ' . :'.;.•,.-...'•.• • . • **V i iThU All Woof CarpWl rf ;l*jQ wonderful • IXTRA HEAVY CRUS! 1 RESISTANT PHI Every step soflvned . . . yarn} bounce back, hicij icuffi, footprint*. • FINEST IMPORTED WOOL YARNS USED Over 8 2,000 tuft j lightly woven into each iq, yd, Guaranteed fint quality, . • DURABLY MOTHPROOF80 FOR LIFI OF CARPET All the beauty of wool rninuj fear of moth dam* cat f«r woll-lo-wall vie, • TIGHTLY WOVEN BACK 10€K TUFTS FIRMLY Sturdy jute and cotton platticized lattx coated bock locki tufti in pla;f. * COLORS KEEP THEIR GLOWING BICHNESS Harmony Haul* Smoke 0roy, Qri«n, geige, Nutria, Brown. Oy<B|' a Million Square Yards Sold Nationally at our Regular Low Price «q, yd. ,12,15-ft, widths Rtgularly 8.J5 »q, yd,-Now <av« 1.S4 M|. yd. 97 Y MT90J9 Width 9 H. (I »q. yrf.) ) Ibl. n 94. , , , iv« ft- $«»» 97 r MT903? Width 1) ft. (1-1/9 I* vd,.) ihlps. wi. * Ibi.. Rvn ft. «>.)! 37 Y MT90J5 Width IS ft. (!•}/! 14. jdi.) Wt. » Ib*. ? 01. . Run h. |U.«I tut pnd bound to any room «Ut ill. «*12-ft. ««1S-H, UstJ-<t. 12*lt-U. IS *!§-». u«n-H. I*f . PrUt 102.69 12I.3J 171,00 20S.20 2M.JO Jl J4* Self *ltt (l.ll 104.IS 119.10 167.76 209.70 2J4.JJ »•»• 11.72 21.40 11.20 lf.44 46.10 J7.l» 10 DOWN (grpttf ygyr tntirt hprnt «A ft 0ri |gf? Fpymf nt Wsn CATALOG SMIi OFFICI MO , award will highlight Gen-jvVeek, now in progress, jeral Hospital at 1:15 p.m. Mondayj j after accidentally wounding him-] jself while doing some practice' shooting on the rifle range. j The 22 short from his rifle entered his leg above the knee and went clean through. Burden drove.| gm[th of si i verlon , to a doctor's office for tren' m ont! mothcr Qf Vardeman 8mttht 2216 and was hospitalized. ! chestnut, will be buried Thursday "" •. «• " i in Silverton cemetery. F un e ral Rllfe SstS Talk j services will be held at 2 p.m. Gray County Sheriff Rufe Jor-;Thursday in Silverton Church of dan will speak at a meeting ofiChrist. the Central Texas Law Enforce-) Surviving Mrs. Smith are Varde- ment Association Thursday in!man and three other sons. Doyle Colorado City, Texas. His topic 1 of Fort Worth; Bert of O r e g o n, will be "Cooperative Law Enforce-'and Victor of El Dorado, Ark. ment." Jordan will be back in,Two sisters also survive Mrs. Pampa Friday. I Smith. is another free, ride." Riordan, who once worked A pair of benefit Show* with Jimmy fcurante and is a, close personal friend of film star, Jeffery Uunter, told hi* audience of sitting With Steve Allen in his dressing room in 1950. "Steve was a, disc jockey then and one of the most talented guys t'd ever met, but going no where fast. He said that night in 1950, he didn't think he'd make it, didn't think he'd ever get anywhere near the top and was on the verge of quitting show business," Riordan said, quickly adding, "now I watch I his Sunday night teevee. show and just smile at myself and say . . . there's a guy who had the guts to stick it out and came out on tcp." Riordan also praised the J a y- cees as a "tremendous civic organization." He told the Jaycees' wives not to fret about their husbands community service. "Their work Is only the rent you pay for the community you live in, 1 ' Riordan said. Auditor Wins Over THE HORSE LAUGH H1DESHEIM. Germany fUPIi— Officers and men of the British First Royal Horse Artillery Regiment here were up in arms today over their "100-year-old" cannon. SAN DlfcOO, fex, ltf£I)--<3btifl» ty Atidltbf bonato Seffia-, grtnn'nf at his one-rn«ri victory dvcf potill* cal boss Geofg* l»a*rr, planned t* pas* rsut the first fift,v«heeki ef the year to ftuv*l oeunly ern- ployes today. Serna hftd refuse* to :*jfl th§ paychecks because he- claimed fh* Parr-directed county admlnlslra* tion had raised th« budget id much the county would run out ftf funds within two months. Parr forces took tn» audltof t8 court but Dist. Judfe C. Woodr6W Laughlin upheld Sertia" and ordered the county to cut the budget back $1S3.000. Serna, one of the last members of his party to remain in offie* when Parr forces swept back Iritft power Jan. 1, said the budget wal still $57,522 too high, but he wsJ satisfied. Serna's party Set the county budget at $566,825. When Parr'* camp took over, they promptly lacked the budget Up to $817,541, That's when Serna balked. | Someone discovered an Inscription on it, saying: "Made In Es- jsen, Germany, 1958." For 1'our Insurance Xeeds CONTACT Buzzard Agency 1812 N. Nelson Automonile • Fire • Casualty IViARK BUZZARD — MO 5-4391 If you have a COUGH due to a cold, get relief vith ANTIHISTAMINE COUGH SYRUP.,. For soothing relief for children, get BABY COUGH SYRUP! difference ...with the first full tank/ 7 That's what users say of Golden Esso Extra gasoline , , . and truer words were never spoken! Golden Esso Extra will improve the performance of any car in any price class. It is a modern gasoline of highest octane rating and exceptional purity, formulated with special chemicals from Mumble's great Baytown refinery. It gives superior anti-knock performance; it burns cleaner than any other gasoline; it eliminates "bucking" when you start and "rumble" as you run; and it adds the power and response that make driving safer and~-yes, more fun! As one Humble customer puts it, "Golden Esso Extra wakes up your car!" The cost is only pennies more than the cost of gasoline in the middle-price range (about a nickel i day on the average), and you get a dividend of improved performance on every mile you travel. Any car in any price class. See for yourself--fill up with Golden Esso ExtTI under your neighbor's Humble sign. Every time/ HUMBll Oil. * RgPININQ COMPANY " For "Premium fsso fitre Gasoline , 1 in Texss "Regular" Humble Motor Nil HUMBLE

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