Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 6, 1971 · Page 36
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 36

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 6, 1971
Page 36
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B-20 Alton Evening Telegraph Wednesday, Janunry 6, 1971 FORECAST Shew Uw National picture FBI director reports 1970 was profitable year Jl t' Clear (o pnrlly cloudy skies iiiid cold wenfher will previiil over most of flic iiiilion Wednesday. Southeastern Texas can expect rain and Hie Northrast can c.xpcci SIHMV llun-ics. (AT \Vircpliofo) By MARK KNOWN WASHINGTON (AP) - To FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, 1970 was a very good year. More fugitives were located, more organized-crime figures convicted and more fingerprints checked than in any previous year in the agency's history, the FBI chief said today. And, according to the FBI's arithmetic, it all was done at a profit: ''Fines, savings and recoveries in FBI investigations during the period reached the record figure of over $422 million, a return of $1.60 for every dollar app r o p r i a I e d for FBI operations," Hoover said in his annual report to Ally. Gen. John N. Mitchell. However, Hoover reported a rise in new-left violence, aircraft hijackings and killings of police by black militants, and added: "As long as crime continues to increase and dissident elements continue to strive violently to destroy oilr current way of life, law enforcement cannot afford to look back for long on past accomplishments, but must. look ahead and seek new ways to meet old challenges." In the calendar year 1970, Hoover said, 408 persons involved in organi/ecl crime were convicted as a result of F B I investigations. Convictions in l!)(i!) totaled 319, Ihe FBI said. The FIJI tracked down a record lolal of 1(2,01)0 fugitives wanted for violations of federal or slate laws, including Angela Davis, who d e c 1 a r e d her innocence Tuesday lo murder and kidnap charges in California. Miss Davis was among several of the FBI's Ion most- wanted fugitives to be captured in 197(1. That list itself grew to a record number, totaling 10 before Miss Davis's apprehension in New York. A I t h o u g h what Hoover termed "new-left terrorism" increased during the year, racial troubles in the schools took a turn for the heller. While Kit) racial incidents weroi reported in secondary schools since classes opened this fall, the figure is below the 29!) recorded in the same period in 19(i9, Hoover said. Urban racial disturbances, totaling 140 for the year, were down from Ihe peak of the mid I9(i()s, Hoover said, adding: "The number of incidents of racial disorder thai did occur in our cities and in secondary schools, along with the many unwarranted attacks on police, strongly indicate that we are far from Ihe realization of racial harmony in the nation." Denver suburban growth limited By CARL IIILUAItl) Associated Press Writer DENVER (AP) — Tin- Co I o r a cl o Kiivironmenlal Commission, an advisory agency for the state noveni- ment, wauls to keep the wide open spaces around the four- county Denver metropolitan area wide open. It proposes to do so by limiting the population to million persons. 250,1)00 more than now reside here. The commission approved a plan Tuesday to shin off Denver and suburban ijrowlh by setting up a green bell of parks and agricultural projects 3f) mik-s wide to i'ence out encroaching population from satellite communities. "It's an idealism: concept, yes," said Dr. Ala:: I'eters. commission chairman and dean of the college of Three persons hurt when car overturns CARUNV1LLE - Three persons were injured in a one- car accident early Monday evening when the car in which they were riding overturned on lite. 10S two miles west of Carlinville. Driver of the car, Mary GaiJ Baker, 31; two passengers, Cryttal Baker, lli. and Virginia Keck, 64, all of Carlinville, were taken lo Carlinville Area Hospital following t he 6:35 p.m. accident Police said the Baker car dropped oft the roadway, went out of control and overturned after the driver was blinded by the bright lights of an unidentified v&bJcle which was rounding 9 curve. engineering al I he University of Colorado, "bill il will gel people talking. II's a good bill." The population green bell conre|. eluded in a proposed Colorado Environmental Act of 1071. A section said, "No political subdivisions shall exceed a lolal population i;l million persons." There was nn recommendation on lunv Hie population within Ihe complex would be contained, once Uic maximum was reached. "This will be up In the individual subdivisions," Peters said. "They've goi 'D refuse building permits and wrile legislation saying you cannot build housing. An I if there are violations, and the building continues, simply (ear down Hie houses." Dr. l!ulh Weiii'T. chemistry professor al 'lemple l!nell College :md a member of Ihe . envisioned a icy (H "en- and discour- Arv.ti /f Alton and Vicinity — Sunny and cold today, high around 20. Fair to partly cloudy and cold tonight and Thursday. Low tonight around 5 above. High Thursday in 20s. u tin 11 events uimouiieetl. A tl u I I activities are scheduled as a portion of the K a s I Alton Community Recreation Center program for Ihe new year, according to J e r r y Clapsaddle, recreation director. Registration is in progress for the Tuesday 7 to !) p.m. Men's Sports Night al Ihe gymnasium in Kast Alton Lincoln School, for a period of 10 weeks. The fee set for the event is three dol'ars for residents, four dollars for non- residenls, or 75 cents a night. Jan. 13 has been annnonced as the first session of the 10- weeks Ceramics Class to meet from 7 to 9 p.m. each Wednesday at the center with Mrs. Wilma Chairney as instructor. Fee for Ihe course is $5. Mrs. V. J. Brazier of Kast. Alton has been engaged as instructor of two knitting classes which will start Jan. 1!) and continue eight weeks. Beginners will meet at Ihe center from I to 2 p.m. each Tuesday and are requested to bring a pair of size eight, knitting needles and a four ounce skein of knitting worsted yarn to Ihe first session. Intermediate knitters will convene from 2 to 3 p.m. each Tuesday al Ihe center and may bring a project of their own choice. Registration fee for the 8 weeks cours has been set, al five dollars. e Male should '"sell Colorado' discourage incoming to areas iliiin is commission s c o m m i I I c m i I d e r pi couragciiicnl agemenl." She said II abandon I he concept, and dnstries from whore Ihe already great." Gov. John Love said he believed discussion of the issue would be good and thai he favored dispersal of the state's population. The proposed environmental act on population limit made no specific reference lo Denver, but currently il could apply only to Denver and its ring of suburban counties, Arapahoe, Jefferson and Adams. The population of the area in last year's census was counted at about 1.25 million, and the commission anticipated the 1.5 million figure could be reached within five years. Top view of television Viewers nix 4 stronjr arm' U> (LAKKK \\IU.1AMSON A lari'.o majority of TOP V!K\V voters u'nrs a:, r ;misl the ulna ill' u'lvrTniwiit hurrying o r ••en.uinerriim" racial reforms bv usinu slrnni; arm Utclics such as nM'using U> renew TV station licenses. 58 per ecu! (k-'-idc il is iiol ;i fliicslion D|' majority or minority groups, but whether iiovernnu'iit should have Mich power in the firs! place. And another .'!fi per cent wonder what good il would do, anyway, because they think il is impossible to legislate. lo\c between majority and TV KM, KTVI (ABC) 2, KMOX (CBS) 4. KSII (NBC) 5, KKTC 9. KP1,K II, KI>N! 3fl I).\V i \I;MN<; 6:00—2 -I f, News !l lilack Frontier II Dick Van Dyke 'HI Minister, ()•:!()—2— 'ice Courtship of Kdrlic's Father •1 Sl'KCIAL: Cinderella "> Mv'ii from Shilo !) About Ceramics II Truth or Consequences :i() Flyng Nun J:'it)- 2 Make Room [or (irandaddy !) French Chef Meive (in Johnny (.'arson Gran i Masler Chess Glimpses Kpworlh Chapel choir l)i<-:\ <'a veil. Movie (C) i\c.-, s Stump the Stars News/Devotional Weather News/Sporls/Rcligion Sea Hunt News/Religion News-'Devotional Thursday January 7 II 5ig Valley ::i) Wild Wild West 7:.10— 2 Room 222 4 Governor and .1. J. 9 The Great American Dream Machine 8:00—2 Johnny Cash 4 Medical Center r. Music Hall II Movie (C) 30 Movie (COO—2 Dan August 4 Hawaii Five-0 ) Four in One 9 Film Appreciation 9:30—9 Performance Reviews 10:00—2 4 li News 9 Fwty-Five Years with Fit/.pal rick II SPECIAL: St. Louis Blues Hockey :j(i Movie 10:30—2 Movie (C) 5:45—I Religion/News (i:t)ll—4 Sunrise Semester (i:;il)—2 Thought lor Today <! PS4 5 Focus Your World li:.'if)—2 Farm Report li:40—2 New break (5:45—2 Lone Ranger 7:00-4 CBS News I) Today 7:15-2 Fury 7:45—2 Car'loons S:()0—4 Cnplain Kangaroo II Underdog S:1D—!) Driver Ed. 8:15—2 Romper Room 8:30—11 Cartoons S:<lll 0—Art 9:00—2 Movie (C) 4 Lucy Show 5 Dinah's Place 9:15—!) Literature !l Consonants !)::if)-4 Beverly Hillbillies 5 Oiiicentralion 11 Jack Lalanue ()::!5-!) Family Life Ed. 0:55—!) Science Scholarships available at SlUK KDWAUDSVILKK - Applications for Illinois Slate Scholarship Commission grants for 11)71-72 are now available in the Student Work and Financial Assistance office at Southern Illinois University, a c c o r d i n g to Walter Meld, director of the office. Any college student who is a citi/en and a resident of Illinois may apply for a slate grant. The grants are not re-payable. (Jrant awards are based on financial need and usually cover tuition and fees. Students presently receiving grants should have received a 11171-72 application in the mail. Deadlines for submitting applications and dales for the announcmenet of awards are: Applications received by I'Vb. 1 will be announced April I. Those received by April 1 will be announced June I, and those received by .lime I will be announced July 15. The c o m m i s s i o n has urged students to make early application while funds are still available.' Moose cone lit re set J<ui. 16-17 A delegation of the Wood River Moose Lodge will attend the annual meeting of District 10 of the Southern Illinois Moose, Association, Jan. 10-17 in lielleville where Earl Ilorlon, grand herder, will be featured speaker. Pentland announced the Alton lodge will host the Jan. 31 District meeting. MOVIES WEDNESDAY EVE 8:()|)-:!ll—"Hop Twelve Men" (l!)f)4) (C) (ireer ('.arson, .Robert Ryan JI):()()-:!()-"Beac!i Cass;i- nova" (H)fi-l) (C) Cainicine, Curl Jurgens II)::UI-2—••Asylum for a Spy" (I!)(i7) (C) Felicia Fair, Robert. Slack 12:ll()-4-"Black Horse Canyon" (1054) (C) Mari Blauchard, Joel McCrca THURSDAY 0:00—2—"The Vintage" (li)57) (C) Pier Angeli Mel Fcrcr l;OI)_l1_"My Son, My Son" (l!)40) Louis llayward, Brian Aherne IL'OO—2—"The Big Lift" (1050) Montgomery Clift, Paul Douglas 8:00-4—"Bridge on the River Kwai" (1!)57) (C) Part 1 William llolden, Alec Guiness iiO—"Her Twelve M en'' (1954) (C) (ireer (iarson, Robert Ryan 10:00—HO—"Beach Cass- aiuwa" (1%4) (C) Capucine, Curt. Jurgens 1()::IO—2—"The C.odess" (1958) Kim Stanley, Lloyd Bridges 11 ''Murder lie Says" (1!)45) Helen Walker, Fred MacMurray 12:00-4 — "Bride for Sale" (1949) Claud- efte Colbert, Robert Young Congress blamed for depressing the Ameri can economy LONDON (AT) — Britain's Financial Times has blamed the '.list Congress for many of 1' r e s i d e n I Nixon's problems. A columnist for (he London Kvenini; Standard said Uie Congress caused the ll.S' economy's (roubles. "Kew Americans, and least of all President Nixon, will be sorry lo see Ihe illsl Congress dissolved," Ihe Financial Times said last week. It called Ihe ills! "a muddled, ill-tempered, do- iMitliim 1 , Congress" thai set up a situation in which Nixon will have In "run against Congress" in 11)72. Lord Baloj.;h, economic advisor lo Ihe British Cabinet from 191)4 through 19(17, wrote in (he Kvening Standard that Nixon should change his orthodox economic policies lo avert even higher uuem- p 1 o y m e n t and lower production The radical approach, Lord Balogh wrote, should include agreement with labor and industry on wage and price controls. The Washington correspond- nimoiity groups. Only 4 per criil of the voters believe the FCC should no! renew licenses of TV slid ions that refuse lime In minority groups. (Clip this portion and mail promptly to: TOP VIKW BALLOT 37."), ALTON FA'KNING TKLKGRAPH, .111 fv Broadway. Alton. Illinois fi2002) TV 1JKKI I50X NATIONAL PUOHLI'IMS ON TV: We now have shows dealing wilh racial issues, drugs, campus riois, elc. and I think Iliey arc quite impressive. Why not have a show set in Viet Nam just lo deal wilh Ihe war? Such a program mighl put Ihe necessary pressure on our leaders to end Ihe thing as 'airview, Tenn. "Petticoat .lunclion. r K4TKHTAINMKNT WITH cuitiu;yr .soon as possible.— Mrs. .!as. Mnrry, AMUSK.MKNT: Let's get, back 'lo "Green Acres." etc.—programs just I —Jeff Brown. Charlotte, N. C. AUK TV I'KOGKAiVIS DKAUNCi NATIONAL I'KOISLUMS F,l KF,( Tl\ K ' Circle only one choice: 1. They arc effective. When people have problems brought to mind enough (on TV as well as in newspapers and magazines) they will al last take steps to solve them. 2. Such programs are ineffective. People watch TV for entertainment and to gel away from these social and other troublesome problems. 3. What is an important social issue to one person might mean nothing to another. Therefore, we can determine whether or not such programs (dealing with ciirrenl big problems) are effective only by learning how each show gets rated. 4. Other differing Opinion (specify): Circle your age bracket: Under 2i; 21-4!); 50 or over. UKAUKHS SPICAK MX ON GOVKItWVIF.NT: A lot of people look to government as Ihe answer lo their prayers on just about every ]i r o b 1 e m . Thai's understandable for the unthinking, but when you have men inside government, like Commissioner Johnson in the FCC, using I heir power to force through social reforms, il's lime lo say NIX. — G. Fimler, l,oiu r meadow. Mass. iSIX ON NIXON: It's well I h e 3 networks and educational TV are owned and nperaled mainly by liberals and I hose, eager for progress belweeii races. Al least they can offset, to some degree, Ihe bad influence of Nixon who is Irving to use the TV screen to monkeywrcnch what OPEN 6:30 little progress that, has already been made. — David Weiss, Mineola, N.Y. TURK SHADOWS REPLY: Tl's not fair (he way you rate Ihis. I! is NOT "poor." There's been a mistake. You spent too much lime on new shows and didn't care about old ones, f say rate it again. — Carol French, Colorado Springs, Colo. (For accuracy, TOP VIIOW rates all programs (wice during each season. — l''d.) 11:30-2 4 Secret Storm Another World—Bay cnl of l,c Monde wroU' of iinollicr stii'ky Nixon .ad- niinislralion prohleni. The prisoiit'rs of war lioltl in North Vietnam. ,lae'(|ut's Aiuali'ic saitl Hit' ailiiiinislration was "visibly t'inbarra.ssetl" after Hanoi rclcasi'tl a list of litifi prisoners .intl said it was I'oiiipk'te. "iMiless il claims that North leaders are lyinn and have released an incimi- plele list," Amalric wrote the Paris newspaper, "it will be more difficult in the future for American authorities to accuse Hanoi of inhumanity toward the families of Ihe pilots classified aiming the missing." In another part of the world, Tokyo's Sankei said U.S. policy toward Japan is I) e c o m i n i; contradictory because of the complicated political and economic problems they face together. S a n k e i accused the President of discrimination against Japan by promising durini; his election campaign to seek unilateral Japanese textile export concessions. 10:01)— 4 Family Affair 5 Sale of Ihe Century 11 G"ii;e Game 10:10—!) Social Studies !!):;;()—4 Love of Life 5 Hollywood Squares !) Science 11 That Girl 10:50—!) Performance Review* 11,:l)ll—2 Bewitched 4 Where the Heart Is i) Jeopardy II To Tell tile Truth 11:25—4 News !) Art World Apart Search for Tomorrow 5 Who What Where Game 11 What's My Line ((Geography Noon—2 All My Children 4 My Favorite Martian !) Sesame Street II News ISO Movie 12:30—2 Let's Make a Deal 4 As the World Turns 5 Words and Music 11 Galloping Gourmet 1:00—2 Newly wed Game 4 Love is a Many Splen- dored Thing 5 Days ol Our Lives 9 Science 11 Movie 1:20—!) Readiness 1:30—2 Dating Game 4 Guiding Light 5 The Doctors ;!() Movie .1:35—9 Art Appreciation 1:55—!) Music 2:00—2 General Hospital 4 G City Literature One Life lo Live 4Brighl: Promises i, Movie Game !) Science :!() Lost in Space 2:45—9 Science 4 Movie (C) Gomer Pylc Another World- Somerset History Little Castle -4 Mike Douglas 5 Movie Game !) These Are the Days 11 Flintstones '1:00—5 Virginia Graham !) Sesame Street 11 GilHgan's Island lid Ultraman •1:30—11 Flipper 31) Los' In Space 5:00—2 Daniel Booue 5 News 9 Misler Roger's Neighborhood 11 Leave it to Beaver !>::i()--1 5 News !) What's New 11 1 Love Lucy 30 Batman TUUHSDAY EVENING 0:110-2 4 5 News !) Folk Guitar 11 Dick Van Dyke - 30 Ministers ti:3(l--2 Mall Lincoln •I Family Affair •") Klip Wilson 9 Kfficieiit Heading 11 Truth or Consequences 30 Flying Nun 7:liO—I Jin Nabors 9 Lyrics and Legions 11 Ilii;; Valley 30 Wild Wild West Changing Scene Ircnsides Net Playhouse Barefoot in the Park Movie (C) 11 Wagon Train 30 Movie (C) 8:30-2 Odd Couple 5 Sl'Ut'lAL: Sports '70 9:00—2 The Immortal 5 Dean Martin !) Flick Out II Perry Mason 0:30-!) Joyce Chen Cooks 10:00—2 4 .1 News 9 Course of Our Times 11 AHVcd Hitchcock 30 Movie (C) 10:30—2 Movie 4 M'erv Griffin 5 Johnny Carson S) Making Things Grow 11 Movie 11:00—9 Northwest High Choir 12:00-2 Di-.-k Cavetl 4 Movie 12:25—11 Saa Hunt 12:30—5 Stump the tars 12:55—11 News/Devolional 1:00—5 We.illier .! -3 1 )—2 News/Sporls/Religion 1:40—4 News%Religion IGNITE—ENDS THURS, I SHOWN 7:10, !):1<) IT'S A FUNNY MOVIE! COLOR ^PSJMHI'I IUIIILI The Telegraph cannot always publish last-minute changes made by the television stations. HUGH OOGIE DE ViTO ORCHESTRA Collinsville Park Ballroom SAT., JAN. !) — !l-l A.M. . l'i>r CumplimuiiUiry Tickets OPEN 6:30 (R) -ENDS THUfcS. GRAND & WilDEY STARTS FRIDAY "Trail of The Hsmfers" 2:10-9 2:30-2 4 , 00-2 4 r> GOOD THURS, & FRI, ONLY $ ' s 2 15 I'cs. Delicious Chicken, Tint of Col's Own Gravy, (i Hot liiscuits. KKK. W.'.>~> Value K«tttidci* fried AVAILABLE AT ALL 3 LOCATIONS i MOVIE RATINGS These ratings apply to RELEASED after NOV. I, 1968 THIS lo ads submitted tfle Motion Of Self- SEAL Hie film was tppruvud under Picture Coda ALL AGES ADMITTED General Audience* i RESTRICTED Under 17 require! «ecom. panying Parent or Guardian Vy NO ONfS UNDER 17 ADMITTED GP ALL AGES ADMITTED Parental Guidance Suggested FOREIGN-IMPORT Not Rated By The Motion Picture Coda NOT RATED This picture was released prior to Nov. I, 1968 and thu> was not rated by the Motion Picture Codt of Self-Regulation. I'rlntud ALTON u: a public service by EVENING TELEGRAPH f) 9 8:WI—2 4 MID-AMERICA THEATRES |"THEU.S. * HELD OVER 2ND WEEK/ CUSTOMS BUREAU BARRED IT AS OBSCENE! READERS FOUND IT SHOCKING AND SCANDALOUS! AND NOW, FOR ANYONE OVER 17, IT IS A IWOVSE!" —TlMlMAGAIINt m tr, „•"-, • u •" "• -=>•. :. •>*fi5.%-si&-**i .HENRY MILLER'S (X) RIPTORN OAW'BAUll PHIl BROWN UIU6U8SIYH WWSCAUWIA* LWttttCl UOMttS CAMEO: THEATf?Ey . 1622 WASHI^TQN tolAL 465 ; 7032 ' Daily 6:30 Shown 7 & U p.m. Sun. Opon 1:30—Shown 2, 4. 6, 8 We Serve the Finest BAR*B*QUE nibs—("lii(')soii—Beef—Pork Served Noon lo 10 p.m. Wednesday thru Sunday (Closed Monday-Tuesday) DANCING TONIGHT "D.N.A." No Admission FORKEYVILLE LOUNGE Fostrrlmrg Road Wn Serve the Finest HELD OVEK KTE. Ill, KOXANA GEORGE C. SCOTT As General George S. Pallon Shown at 7:80 "GP" Illlllllllllllllllllllll 3500 COLLEGE AVE, ALTON 162-4921 STARTS FRIDAY i I5o.\ Office Opens at 6:00 Klectrw In Cur Heaters WE DAHE YOU! I, Sit Thru H All-And You Win FOR TO A FUTURE MOVIE! -poN ZWm** . HORRIFYING MOVIE OF MONSTERS ani BEAUTIES TOGETHER/ ••^i mr- • •'•^(\*" J *'':&$* •••i.'.V"%?ik »^^S iO 'REMAIN SEATfcp WHEN MONSTERS/ lYit INVADE YOUR CAR / $g* —^ " J5%3* WHO'll. CHICKEN FIRST -BOYS GIRLS ? Shown lit 6:30 & 8:20 'I'l.US — i 1. DEVIL'S HAND" .Shown at 8:US "G"

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