Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 21, 1966 · Page 16
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 21, 1966
Page 16
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•ft feted ADVANCI Seen at the ALGONA •y T. H. €, fftw ih • rifte-wlrtl'pick* she outied 'a sign tihat said: "This coUhtry is tfaftiifig with Nu&stsA" t can't truthfully say the fai* hior in the picture rocked me in my seat but t will say that Elke is quite an eyeful and i was constantly being disturbed by the thought that the nottoo- large towel would slip and re- Veal too milch of Bike! Like Bridget Bardot, for . instance. Oh, Bob Hope is also in the cast in case you're interested. I'd be interested in the local erafly muttied to &***. If you are easily shocked it profanity and obscenity, don't attend this of*. But if you can forget the u«« of four and five letter words concentrate on the plot »nd you'll be rewarded by performances by Taylor and Burton. Too bad that they have to work with such a revolting theme. At the Cooper Cinerama, you'll find Khartown (pronounced to rhyme with cartoon) a truly fine motion picture starring Heston and Lawrence reaction to Darling,. which Will <>Uvier_but supported by a not* these are hot, humid, scorch- Ing days to be resuming a movie column! As you may have guess- _ „.. „_ ., .. „ ... .. . . «d, I've been "On vacation*' for be shown here this week be- *We cast. Based on an historical several weeks now. Perhaps it's'ginning Sunday, July 24th. This «vent, the plot and action is * good time to begin with Boy, i stars JuHe Christie, who won an reminiscent of Lawrence of Ara< Did I Get A Wrong NUttiber, Oscar for her performance. My btt, With the trackless desert certainly a^hot Weather dish if own reaction to Darling was very ,*^Y ln « •' * »«« n g background ever I saw dne. One ^writer has negative and I thought her rote There were many youngsters m this to say about it "Went to see in Dr. Zhivago was far superior., the audience, the night 1 saw the Boy, Did I Get A Wrong Num- Darling is strictly adult enter* movie, so here's a family pic- bfer that has Elke Sonmters in taitiment and my advice is ture everyone may^ enjoy. See it All the funniest scenes. My face "leave the kiddies home''. at the luxurious Cooper just a •MB WBB^ *»•.••* Mi. WKrv */^^/B«.»*W» * Tm ^ m.*ifw , &v«* T ** «u»w »d.u.ujiw *»iv«»»v ^» fc ••« j was sor^the next day,from 1 Speaking of, adult enterteinr short way — Wayzata-way — laughing so hard without squint- ment, I saw the notorious Vir- from the Minneapolis loop, ingb. It seems like sex is becom- giniia Woolf movie at the Oring. It seems like sex is becom-, pheum theatre in Minneapolis •••••••••••••>•••••»•••• I think I'm on the side of the last week and I'll agree with teeny-weeny grandmama 1 once the famed "Code" has been lit- SUN. Thru tUES. STARLITE DRIVEIN SEVEN TIMlMlNUTTIM FAMILY JEWELS Swea Mrs. Kenneth Branca "OIT" II (DIAL FAMILY INtlRTAINMlNT NOW AT TMI ALOONA-THIATRI *fid At- roll Mil % tafrodttdng and telling ftote gu**to their own middle nun*, tending w*r* MM Dwrel er faintly, Mn. Kenneth tettif ger, Mw Id* Dreycr, Mn. firvin Lucdtke and daughter, Mrt. Her- uchel Hartrmn and daughter, to*. Leslie Baxtct, Mrs, Arlo Unney, Mr*. Lena LuedUte, Mrs. Bd Meyer, Mrs. fid Bruhn, sted for a picnic Sunday, WED..tin SAT. i >* , i JULY 20 - 21 - 22 - 23 STARLITE DRIVER SECOND FEATURE -- A Steve Parker-J. Ue Thompson Production Co starring JIM BACKUS-SCOTT FRED ClARK- WILFRID HVOE-KWITE HARRY MORGAN •*** t» SMI ««e» RECEPTION HELD . Mr. and Mrs. Alan Mather were guests at a reception in their,honor, July 7, at the Fel lowship hall of the Methodist church, Swea City. Mrs. Mike Grabianowski regis tered the guests, and Virginia Grabianowski, Walace Kracht and Ellen Mather had charge o the'gift table, which was center ed with ',a huge umbrella, and bordered with pink roses. The buffet table was decorate* in the bride's colors of pink am white, and centered with pint roses and pink candles: Mrs. Art Kracht and Mrs. Wil liam Mather, Jr., aunts of th groom, served punch, and Mrs William Mather, Sr., grandmoth cr of the groom, and Miss Paulette Kracht, a cousin, presided at 'the coffee service. Hostesses included Mmes. William Mather, Jr., Claude Wagg, Andrew Brones, Truman Johnson,, Mervin Johnson, Harold Krantz, Warren Brones, Frank Smouse, Mike Grabianowski, Dean Swanson, Lawrence Hanson, Arthur Kracht, Mancil Hurl- buyt and Ronald Johnson. REHEARSAL DINNER Mr. and Mrs. Truman Johnson were hosts to a rehearsal dinner Saturday at the Colonial room, Ringsted, for the wedding of their son, Terry and Miss Judy Hanson, daughter of Mr. ami Mrs. William Hanson, Ringsted. Guests included Terry and Miss Hanson, Cathy Hanson, Mr and Mrs. William Hanson, Mr and Mrs. Michael Stewart, Kansas City, Kan., Ronald Reid, Ringsted, Mr. and Mrs.. Alan Mather, Miss Vicke Wiley, Ringsted, and Mr. and Mrs. Mervin Johnson and Kandis. . Miss Sharon Magnusen and a gir) friend, Minneapolis, came Thursday to the Walter Magnu- sens to visit before going to Los Angeles, Calif., where the girls plan to seek employment. Mrs, Ncls Godfredson, Mrs, Ben Wibben and girls, Algona, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Godfredson, and sons, spent the weekend near Stanley, Wis., where they attended the 50th wedding anniversary of the elder Mrs. Godfredson's brother and sister-in- law, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Isenberger. The Isenbergers are former Burt area residents. Dr. and Mrs. Earl DeZeeuw an<J family of Orien, III, came Saturday for the wedding of her brother, Terry, and Miss Judy Hanson, Ringsted, which was Sunday, The DeZeeuws are house guests of her parents, the Truman Johnsons. To join them Sunday for dinner, were Mrs. Johnson's brothers, Sherman Bromley and Marcia, Lakeview, and Mr. and Mrs, Glen Bromley, Clinton. Mr, and Mrs. Art Peterson and grandson, Minneapolis, were July 4th weekend guests at the Walter Magnusen home. Friday evening visitors at the Walter Goraczkowski home were his brother and sister4n-law, the Paul Goraczkowskis of Rome, N. V. They had been house guests at ttte hwie of his mother, Mrs. Victoria' Gorac*kowski, Arm- Anxiously awaiting their turn in the Kennel Gub's "Annual Field Trials" are Heather North, Jack Chaplain and Seldom-Seen Sioux, the co-stars of Joseph E. Levine's dramatic story of a runaway boy and a renegade dog, "Git!." which opens in Technicolor and wide- screen tonight at the Algona Theatre through Embassy Pictures release. - © —Thursday, and Friday Git" 7:00 -1Q: 14 Kid Rodello" 8:40 —Saturday i "Git" 1:33-7:00- 10:14. "Kid Rodello" 3:10 - 8:40 — Sunday "Darling" 1:30 • 3:59 - 6:28 8:57 , —Monday thru Wednesday , "Darling" 7:00 - 9:29 and family, and the Peter Ko- eneks of Feniton joined the Lyle Hansons at their home at Ring his mother,, Mrs. Gene Newlin all of Harlan, were July 4th weekend guests, at the home of Mrs.-Fred Newlin. Mr. and Mrs: Walter Magnusen were at the Richard Magnusen at (Bin Friday *t *" ftShn'«. Vkki \i' in from fhwmattc ftVif,,. , Mark LAKdtkt, »fi ot the fioV win Lu«dtk«, Lorn- ^»J*g* , several days Iwt week the Melvtn Thtesenn. . . Mrs. fred Morteiwen had a coffee li«t Vi^ek t at .Ntt ttltit 4 day. Present were Mrs. Brvin TMtBKF* • ru •***» J wm • •*•»»» «n> «VK ^H—»-j w**j • • « •»— v-~v .T —• — —- — Mrs, Aft Priebe, Mrs/W, U«ge, Oremmels, Mrs. Curtia Lura and Mrs. Floyd Duncan, Lori Dun- KrlMle, Mrs. Clarence Thilges, can, Mrs. Norman Bolllnger and Mrs. Albert Merger, Mrs. Orn^r gifte, MM, Hans Baago, Mrs. El mer Krause and family, Lizzie Meyer, Mrs. Laurnetta Miller, Mrs. Homer Matthiesen, Mm, Emil Blerstedt. Lenning, Mrs Rodney Priebe, i ,t las and ESTHBRVILLE TEACHER Georgia Anne.; Voigt has returned after attending summer school at the university of Minnesota, > Minneapolis. August 1 she will begin teaching at firth- erville junior college where she will have the office education on-the-job training program. Ma* ry Hays, Dallas Center, also aU tended the summer school with Mrs. Voigt. Miss Hays, a former Algona teacher; will teach physical education in Cedar Rapids high schools this fall. The past two years she has been in the Peace Corps in Pakistan. RECITAL IS GIVEN Elsie Meyer recently had her piano students in a recital at St. John's Lutheran church. Participating were Linda Berkland, Vicki Dreyer, Debbie Eimers, Mr*. Victor Fitch ittf«i<i visited dl and k*tt Sciarefl(* Thursday. Dr, Herbert J*ckman and eii^ vlMied in Phelps home. Mrs, Kd M Myr UMiU«f Mtt Elmo Barker and Duane Barker »nd ; sons of Mr. and Mrs. Mike Arend, Rose and Christine Arend came up Sunday evening to help Mrs. Paul Arend celebrate her birthday which was Wednesday. the following The Paul Arend family attended the funeral o£ Paul's cousin, Miss Ruth Arend at St. Benedict Saturday morning. - Mr. and Mrs. Harold Drab and children, of Long Beach, Calif., Mr. and Mrs. Jack Trunkhill and Scott,, Mr. and Mrs. Dick Trunk- hill and family; Mr. and Mrs Mennet Trunkhill, all of Burt, anid Kathy Jandl of Hutchison were Wednesday evening supper guests in the Tony Jandl home. t ture tnere was and, Mortensen, Jean that crops are badly in need of p ompe> ch «£yi and Rodney Uth- JTllOlSllu C. • •• ' '' The names Sunday evening 'at the Ole' Peterson home at Feniton were a family of four generations. The ' Petersons 'have two daughters, who with their children and families were present,- Tjhej guests numbered about 50 per- of Mrs. Walter Magnusen, and Mrs. Leo Guerdet were inadvertently omitted as hostesses for the shower of Miss Pat Fox at St. Mary's church, Armstrong; ; Mr. and Mrs. Richard Harrison and. Barbara of • Chelsford, Mass., were Friday afternoon to Wednesday, guests of her parents,,; the Walter* Goraczkowski. They had spent some time with his parents, the Homer Harrisons at Lake Vermillion, Minn, and were going to Marshalltown to/visit relatives'. sons, -which included the entire number of descendants of the Ole Petersons. They come from Wisconsin, Oregon; Orange City, Emmetsberg, Ringsted and Armstrong. Mr. arid Mrs. Merle Lockwood and family were there from this area. Mr. and Mrs. Mantil Hurlburt attended the $100.00 a plate dinner for' the President, in Moines recently. Dennis Newlin and family and Fenton Jean Bellinger CLUB HAS PICNIC The Fentori Friendly Neighbors club met at the park in Swea City Thursday for an an nual picnic. Members answera of. home. Rev. Weishaupt is a cousin of Mrs. Schwietert. The Allen Bollingers and the Kenneth Bollingers were Sunday guests of the Ckir Bollingers, at jone Rock. ' Debra and Kristine Bollinger visited their great-grandmother, Mrs. C. C. Gushing, Sunday. The James Meyers returned Friday from a trip east where they visited the Max Flaigs. Mrs. Flaig is the former Marilyn Meyer, James' -sister. The; Kenneth Johnsons and Jack Gerharts returned Wednesday from a trip to Albany, N. Y., where they visited with Mrs. Johnson's and Mrs. Gerhardt's aunt and uncle, the Harold Schmidts. They also visited in Washington, D. C. The Gary Jasmans, of Spirit Lake] were guests of the Lyndon Kerbers Sunday. Steven Bruhn was an overnight .guest Friday at David Berkland's for Jeff Berkland's birthday. Paula Berkland and Mrs. Nor . . Mrs. Ned Hardgrove and daughter Kay Jorgensbn of Algona were Tuesday evening visitors in'second ,t 0 twelfth grades have the E. C-Schwietert home. Mr.! OV er 250 students, and Mrs. Emil Eimers of Fairmont were Wednesday afternoon visitors. Mrs. Tony Jandl and Mr. and ner guests hi the Ips hdttie. they Mr of Mrs. Phelps. ; Mr. and MW . of Ames were Friday afl visitors at the Tony Jandl home. Mrs. Bernard Phelps and her mother^ Mr« Minnie Sperring went to Rolfe Friday afternoon, where they visited Mrs. Frank Walton, a sister and daughter of Mrs. Phelps and Mrs. Sperring. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jandl and family of Hutchison, 1 TliniiL, were weekend visitors in the Tony Jahdl home. Mr. arid Mrs. Harold Drab arid family left for their home in California Sunday. Mike Brock of Woden is doing some painting at the Jandl residence. •-' ' "•''. '•' , •-' ' : "' ; • Mr. and Mrsi E. C T Schwietert attended the funeral of v a cousin, Mrs. Sam Steinberg, in the Methodist church at Blue Earth. Mr. and Mrs. Allen Hahn and Teresa, >of Davenport, were Saturday afternoon and Sunday visitors in the Stanley Ruse home. The girls are sisters. "The nicest thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time." ' SUMMER LEARNING— The program in Iowa Falls ,• for en: richment in reading and arithmetic is so popular this summer that one 10-year old student pedals 10 miles each day to his classes. The classes from the Need Printing? , AT THE ADVANCE SUN. Thii WED. JULY 24'. 25-26-27 Winner of Academy ALGOHA JULIE CHRISTIE THWR5PAY |§ SUCK NIGHT A WHOLE CARLOAD FOR $1.00 Spatial MMidtM Show Saturday, July 23 PAUL RUTH ROMAN STORE HOURS — Friday 9 to 9 Mon., Toei., W«d., Thurs. and Sat. — 9 to 5 p.m. ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY FOR WOMEN Skirls Jamaica Sots Reg. 3.98 & 4.98 Reg, 5.98 now 2.99 Short Sots BOW 2 - M Short Sots FOR GIRLS Reg. 2.98 Swim Suits R ? 698 Maw 6.00 Slack Sots Straw Purses up Reg. 8.98 4.99 now 4.99 now 2,00 Odd Lot Sleepwaar .. now 1.99 Knit Tops ToddlirPJ't Sun Snila 1.00 R«g. 1,98 R«g, 1.50 R«91,00 now 1.33 now now now Sunday at the Walter Goracz- kowski home were Mrs. Christine Swanson, Mr. and Mrs. El- vjn Swansoft, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Swanson and family, Mrs. Otto Larson, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey 0. karspn, James an4 Julie, Sylvester Goracgkowski, Mrs. Victoria Goraczkowski, of Armstrong, and Mr. and Mrs. David Gora«kowski and family. 8fT. and Mys. Everett lUppen- trop and fajiiiJy attended a Sieper family reunion at Buffalo Center rt^nWy, 'instead of the Tapper reunion as was stated. relattves of Mr. Rip- Pavi4 Qetergaard, of Arm- eiit Syn<Uy afteraooii at the August Robispn Mr. ao4 "ftjfrs. "A MOVIE THAT YOU SHOULD 11ICCI» -JUDITH CRIST t mlOO! -onjNBC-tyjTODAY" show EVERYTHING YOU HOPE FOR BUT RARELY FIND IN AFILMI"-^^* fwwMtt! Toouceo sa josepH oanni • oirecrep BU JOHO scHiesineei 1 Iscreenptay THURS. Thn SAT. 22-23 FOR BOYS FOR MEN Swim Trunks Light Jackets Blast Jackets Walk. Shorts Reg, 1,98 Rig; 3.98 Reg. 5.95 Reg, 3.98 now 1.99 A * now 3.99 now 1.60 Ponn Prosl Skirls. .now 1,99 SHOE CLEARANCE OM Lot A Siwnlr ww ^mrv ^ irmp^pwi All SMrli . , Ml Shirt* , , Straw Hall S|MWI Halt Cool Pajamai Swin Triiki Drtit Slacki Nail Rtg. 3.98 Reg, 2.98 Reg, 2.98 Reg. !•?• Reg. ?,9| Rig, 498 FINr Miss Drapes Air Conditioned for your shopping Comfort! feat- ttt litat.,,eowc Onf A RUN AWAY BOY AND A RENEGADE HOUNOi ...and the girl who loved them both! now 1.60 now 1.33 now 3.99 WITH* MAN UKE

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