The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 27, 1975 · Page 30
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 30

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 27, 1975
Page 30
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THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS t, TEXAS. . NOV8MBER ». 1*7$ n Western State The Television Picture Thursday CDN.wi, 11:0] Harold Ounn Movte-Vatlery — "MoU Min« taught" (1949) (*) Roy BoJger. Jock Haley, Joan D<mv a coB*ction of tongt, tklh and mutJc from name bondi . . . ovjovobt* QD Perry Mown (R) 1 p.m. Q!) Mevle — "TS« Snow Qv«»n" I )960i jR> Ar«mo.f»d »««ion of tt*t cM- dr«n i clou* wirh »t>» roket of SomVa D«». Pat'y MtCormock ood tommy K.»V 1:30 p.m. GDDeokw'iOwke J p.m. t" n Oondttond QOCortoon Carnival (R) 2:30 p.m. CD Football - Bulfote B* o» Si. loun Cartfnah.- fytentptt progromming to 5 QDFom9y AHafc (R) GDTenneuee Tu«edo(R) QD Cartoon Time(R) 3 p.m. CD Mr. Roger't Neighborhood QDWnahl Qy BvHwinltle (R) Carteont QD Popeye and Friends (R) Cartoon* 3:30 p.m. CD S*tom« Street QTlArWe - "GigT ()°J8) |R) View- rke Che^Ser. l«Se Caron, town Jour- dor,, a tomboy it a/oom*d for h«r pkxi »n locM 1 */ bvt ih« goes alter tK* man »>>e ioiret . . - OKOT winner (JO Underdog iS' Cortoont QQTHe Flinlttonet (R) Cariooni 4 p.m. QjQThe Utll* Rauttti (R) QDGit&o.on'i blond (R) 4:30 p m. CD The Etectrk Campony GDF«m»y AHoir(R) Q£) The Mkkey Mouse Ovb (R) QD Ua»e H lo Beavet ;R) 5 p.m. [II Grandttand CD the Brady Bunch (R) 6 3U p m GD FeUy't Thanktgiving Day Parade — Delayed <o«>toge ol lh« onnw- n) hofiday tvent QD To UK th« Truth QD Hettywood Squotet QJlHogon'i Heroet (R) QD Adorn- 11 (R> 7 p.m. CDNBC Mevle - "li»!no Fr««" (1972) (R) Nlgil Davenport. Sutan Hornpjhirej a Mqu*t to "ton Free" In which lhr»« ion tvbt mu»t taorn to Ire In the wilder nett after becoming domev tfeated pett In on antono! compound ODThe Woh«n» (R) Special rw«-h<x» program in which the family tnoXir** a er*t through which »h«y «Ka>w» a deep- «r f*oS lotion of *• iMoning of IKortkigntog: on acodtfil b*.-«l Jota-Soy't n- i<«o ond Si obifi'r to 'ol« on tiam for a ic>>oiorih.p, SKM Sorboro Al«i jv*«l I'orl QD Barney MiB«r — An .<xil»,i rowv Dorm, a (»o*y roof with rt»t« f*t! of »ol«r on il and rtv« (tor of a cow ir hot th« orecifxt in an uproo/ GffJMwkOty Special C2)Th« FBI (R) 7:30 p.m. fTTlOn Ihi Reck* — Fuentti and S«i Iriench »»kom« a n«w roonwwit, |K« Honorobte Jvdge ArnoW Oavti. who Nod »»nt fuenivi bock to Alomew for a r»- Kjrfl •ngooef^ent LiO M»vie — ' fir-* | 1944) (R.! Clifford tMurily it ollert la pretext and Mix* r»<ip.»oti, Ford Rowan it the cofi* tpondent, preernplt Medkal Stety QD S'eve and lydtei "Our lo»« it Here to May" ttort itete lawrence ond £y<*e Corfne performing the trunk and V*' of George and Ira CertJvwm with gueti ttar Gene Keley CffiFrethwater FfcWng. Ton Style «:30 p.m. QDNoMDoiwerWboi 10pm. )Ne«t i and Yeu ACROSS I W*«l«m St,l\e S lake City '* '*» CSP'tal t the Ju»o *t tvfi of .It 'n«t* IJ - ftv.l t .1 H'fry^Hj ;j'u. rj p H ill 4u<it«t it Sho»« <•> t'n; £r" "J 'fl Co.'<*j*' >iir>«)'ifa'* »Q trtt^ifft t 'l V*r.'t.. (••>(,,., (M'.K *'«1 »' i »rt,<«..,it, > , r?(!« .'I tKi»J»,,-.,,» .' ' *l*i^VtW(i Ki t M OM .1.' <)(>» Ol •!! "!:>.„.• -HI H w.tri l* ',....»,* .v, .V' ',.,.,* f ,-!.•, .18 *>tVI>flrt ftmp«»O' .H H<)rtliny 41 l'iu»» 4.' V'A<*'*<( H »»;( ^:fOl"' 4* U'»' i tM'"«. 4« OM «>Mi«! 14 I if. l'« Si S-.'" i.'' '.'.-(•) i !!•(,' i *;4 V.V 1'!«« «.K «.,»» ill) i V Ov.«i .-,.;.«.« 1* eXiii ".y >i u i-e, "ij»c- «* l"t,"',,,U!l'.,l SI >",)••-Jjl'4 DOWN ' i,-s; V ,'•• Sr€-,T Jii('«"J.i Jp I t Li.»"-*i j f,J-i-!« ^^ l e «;*,/« .' W.rrjiie /5 »*.-:' J^-,i •1 ^He'ViM'-' '•) <l«l-u-l ,„•) It'J«- « » " 'iu,,\tt 'S Il9r>«<] .'V' *<««•! .' ,' { '.^"'t. f ••' '* » :< fl.^r-.(« .-• Wj",?w .'« t'ft^l.^-1** »'•* Ilf<lp4, t> ?',*r»M,» t i' -"'* Jl *''.., •,\,..,i.| M Stf i't n « Heai'i-' t'i At A t j n*i«> « <"J W-'J'^J"t '(.'iili t,' O'«a< i 18 A («..«..»> i-',^ '..-?« 5 1 'iV ("«'»i 1.' A-J.*^»-, 3>,; n <*;» 1 J , Viv.M..^ Jtfl <J ; . J 4^ •4! * e. Amerkon Sryfe (R) A p*nol. «rtt*r artfmpti a bi-f- otary ond IWi hH »khm H n bro*t at heii 10- 30pm. CD^S* Tenight Sh»w - Mclian $!»v»mon it hod/ owtiti k» be on- CD*e«Jt 8*at - "lift Cott to tht Mo^rt ' by David Shermon QDCW Movie - "Show loot '(193 1) (Rl Kolhryn Grayion, A»o Oordnef, Koword Kwli o Mmmlppf Riv«r iKow boot H Ihi tefitrg for o mwikaf km I'wy . . . j«rom* Iwn ond Otcar HOT*. meVtton tl effort CH)The Stan SJafen Jh»», 10,33 *rW»te - "Al IS, W (R) Rob»ft P»nhiMi. Jtan IWWHMW* famh; ».« undw o ckivd of *ov*ay, 17.30 M»»» ; II )) WIN AT BRIDGE Prof grabs heart lead ol <V', of o( P«noiytyar.o: B 53 N««f • p m. CD OaitK TKcafw — " Iht WtJh" by S-r AflK» rt>« COVTM ol frue kr>» f» w-»c?oth for o you-oo octrm mor>y into r»g>> locufy: ki**> Aid»rion, Elaint Taylor, lady Bow»»i. G"&arr> Gowdtn. Roland Cufrtf o«J !on 0>5>lvy Jior QDFeafbal — G*waio »» (2)700 CJvb - AutfCT 5,tiw M«, B^mjrJ .1 the g^«if 1 1 p m CD Open {Jn^ntv'l - CsAJw., II:30 S*^» OK Stwtll : * J i \ » vVt I A K W' -•'.' •' .' • * w ' ) A '«. :•}) v; I ¥ h J * ) » w ; J * ;»•)'.•} « ; ,• ! v i 4i * I ! A \ ; I vit ni 'iii j * V « I [ • ^ < ' » t >. < ; i AM; II 13pm QD The Big Vaaey I Hw*. tlh a t( Me "on i t-jt^w, l i"ori Midnight QDTHe Partridge fom*y (R) L*nl love lv«y jR) 5:30 p.m. S NftCN.wi CSS Newt QDABCNewi TO Stor Tr»4iiR) QDThe Dick Van Dyke Shaw ;R) 6pm. Newt Cof'oHoltndol QD Newt "Af»w iht Fo«- {IWo! (X) Ptltr S«J*rt. Briir (Uand. V<>or Moluri, on ttoton cr>rvno( pout 01 o mo»i» cVector to fujt off a U roctwry 9pm ( JD NBC M»wi hoiii 1 Sign Off GD Manna 11 II p am ODl»««i«r»e« (») Barry H> I SI £ 1C A FIND Kind* of K«rmin* It M H K H r T 1, I: (* 1 H O t. " H Y K Y EH A II H Y 1) It r t. t M M (i r H s <; A N H M S I 1 H 1) ~K I N f) S O r s Y M t H K M H X UUHI H 1 M K K 1 ( K K A •4 1 0 P ft K _____ 0 M » I, A N C 1 K M Y K N \ A r s »• R K K M T T it f 7 T A t 1 A 1 N 1) V 1 ^ K N 1 r» u T U 1 f V 1 II 0 1' 1 1 H A I) \ y r K c r. !> 1 \ I) i r (' «i H <• f r ( «. <; A H M 1 H l' f I A r c; A N »' l» 0 H H \ K t Y M r. K K F T t H l> l> A r v n t A K N T ( M H I t I S t l. H 1 A A H A M « f. t N 1 H H 0 C H I I) * > V II T K 1 T I > <> ( „ S II (, 1 S s II s 1 f. S 1 t \ f 1 1. H N 1 1. ft S 1, 1 \ M H H II \ r f *4 H K 1 H K M »' » I' H f, •.!, V,» 1 «••*• 'Ai'j-.-r jj'.n '.Vr-,-. ''*'] "/r',"''' '"'' ' " Ji.VlJ !,*!.'«•!• ttf iff, (fi,-'n '•>•!•1 ..r<T!'. i n n* tt»t<»us«. MYOROPoHlf* 1MA«|.'t Kill-flu . 1 Fer Tmee tlhe 1,03 S-3n Off 1 e m. QDBananta ;». 7 }<gn Off JO am C33 Newt. 1,33 H.» 33 'j.jn Off jj"i jp tr-r ruitvr Born Loser I! I ",?..'•••• '.-.'-I r,.-.!•.,•.,> ; /THAI IW\ TM65£ BUNNIES jf Beetle Bailey LCXX ' TM.47 «7TATC>=» SsTS OfF , ASP T-JE INAVVT: A } - Bugs Bunny Snuffy Smith &U3S iS FAK.ING THAT SLEEPWALKING WOUTIME TO WA1D WV WEFWIGEVWTOR AGAIN... HMM/ Captain Easy i Qor ME- A WILD BOAH TU-> TOOAV. M . / GLORY BE !! / I '.Wi Of.NO'-VCVitt- \ \ TV:fj W SKX'.*T»:-V)0 / DO T SEAKCH MB, WE TRACK AN \BUT WE BETTER e&CApe-p CIRCUS JFINP OUT.QUICIC, ELEPHANT THKOU6H / WHERE SHE SWAMP? ^ COMES our... Blond if -OK WE It HAVE THE FABWE25 A80UHO THAr$ V WHAfS T I THOI/6HT I •Tf - , t N£EC> k i, Jusr r A xe ./ I ' , . if' * I.O.NSS WAiX ) ,-^jk V - V ^ Franfc and Erne*t MOM uer INDIAN, j,

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