Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on May 5, 1993 · Page 7
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 7

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 5, 1993
Page 7
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-THE UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL- WEDNESDAY, MAY 5, 1993 — 7 WEDNESDAY EVENING 6:00 P.M. ) Married... With Children g CD CD N«w> g , ABCWortd News Tonight g CjOMacNell/Lehrer Newshour g (20) Magnum, P.I. } Hunter ) Cheers g ) Roseanne g ) Star Trek: the Next Generation g ~) American Justice ) Movie *** "The Real Glory" rgjsc) Wings (FAM) Life Goes On g (UFE) Movie ** "Getting Up and Going lorne" (2:00) CmcJn What Would You Do? fus/D Denver, the Last Dinosaur g (pisN) Movie *** "Mother Goose Rock N' Rhyme" (1:30) (HBO) Movie ** 1 /2 "The Philadelphia Experiment" (1:42) (SHOW) Martin Mull: Talent Takes a Holiday 6:30 P.M. (T) Murphy Brown g (D Entertainment Tonight g ) Current Affair g I News GO) Cosby Show g G<D_Roseanne g I Spies (NICK) Wild & Crazy Kids CUSA) Dlnosaucers CMAX) Movie *'/2 "Ski Patrol" (1:31) 7:00 P.M. (T) Cheers Sam urges Rebecca to profess her love for Evan before he is transferred overseas, g (T) Unsolved Mysteries The rescue of a woman from a brutal Midwestern cult; a suspected link between a 'terrorist attack on an Army transport plane and the death of a bomb squad detective. (S) g CD How'd They Do That? (S) g m Jeopardyl g CD Wonder Years While on summer vacation, Kevin has a romance with an older girl. (S) g ©Nightly Business Report Cjo) Real Stories of the Highway Patrol Ahomicide suspect is chased for two hours by the Texas Highway Patrol. GJD All in the Family Henry Fonda hosts a compilation of the series' most memorable moments. (Part 2 of 2) Pi?) Roseanne Becky is suspended from school after making a gesture in her class picture. (S) g GjT) Star Trek: The Next Generation Plcard is forced into a dangerous situation with an alien starship captain who can only communicate metaphorically. (S) g (Jo) News CA&E) First Flights The "flying wing," pioneered by Jack Northrup; the many attempts to circumnavigate the world by air. Coisc) Beyond 2000 Robotic sheep- shearing clippers; a solar glider; paint that conducts heat; custom-built bicycles; a "smart" potato. CFAM) Waltons Olivia enrolls in an art class, and gets more than she f ined for. Looney Tunes Quantum Leap Sam is brought to Halloween 1964, as a horror novelist who has his own share of 'scary experiences, including an encounter with the devil. (S) g fwoNpNews.o (SHOW) Movie *** "Npt.Wi>h.out.My< Daughter" (1991, Drama) Sally Field, Alfred Molina. Art Iranian physician tricks his American wife and their daughter into accompanying him to his homeland for a permanent visit. (S) 'PG 13' (1:50) 7:30 P.M. CD Love Connection m Wheel of Fortune g GO Full House The loss of a beloved teddy bear prompts fond recollections of Stephanie's mother, g CD Are You Being Served? Mr. Grainger's temporary elevation to store manager causes drastic changes in his personality. CM) Emergency Call A man with a gunshot wound to the chest; a teenager shot in the head; a stabbing victim; an unconscious man. (R) g CM) Designing Women Mary Jo faces a personal crisis when her ex-husband, ted, re-enters her life. (S) g GO) Cheers Sam dispatches Carla to get revenge on John Allen Hill; on horseback, Cliff suffers from pony distress, g (io) Golden Girls Rose's childhood love reappears and vies with Miles for her attention. (S) g § Baseball Tonight Bullwinkle Movie ***'/2 "From Russia With (1963) Sean Connery, Lotte Lenya. Secret agent James Bond battles the deadly forces of SPECTRE as he searches for a Russian coding machine. (2:30) CbTsN) South by Southeast CW) NBA Basketball Playoffs "Teams to Be Announced" (Live) 7:45 P.M. CD CD (:55) Super Lotto 8:00 P.M. CD CD Beveriy Hills, 90210 Not all goes well at the West Beverly High prom; Brandon is Andrea's last-minute date and they are carried away by the romance of the evening. (S) g (T) Law & Order A Romanian immigrant becomes the victim of a carjacking after discovering his brother was the mastermind behind a massive credit card scam. (S) g CD In the Heat of the Night Gillespie discovers a major New Orleans mob real estate scam is behind the scheme to fbrce his daughter from her home and acquire her land. (S) (Part 2 of 2) CD CD Olsen Twins Mother's Day "Full House" twins Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen host a tribute to their mother. Guests include Tim Allen, Jerry Van Dyke, Joey Lawrence, Kim Alexis and Lea Salonga. (S) g CD First Bom Charles Dance stars as a British scientist whose experiments produce a half-human, half-gorilla baby named Gor. In this opening segment of the series, orders are given that Gor be destroyed. (Part 1 of 3) E Movie "To Catch a Killer" (1992) 1 of 2) Brian Dennehy, Michael . Based on the true story of an Illinois detective's quest to bring convicted serial killer John Wayne Gacy tojustice. (2:00) CM) Movie ** "Iron Eagl£' (1986) Louis Gossett Jr., Jason Gedrick. A retired Air Force colonel and the teenage son of a fighter pilot take drastic action to rescue the boy's father. (2:30) © Tim* Trw Darien travels to Hawaii to stop a white supremacy group led by a familiar 22nd-century fugitive. (S) (jb Star Tr«k: The Nwt G»n«raUon On a secret mission to a troubled planet, Riker questions his mental stability after 0xperienclng a series of confusing vignettes. (S) Q QE) Evtrdni at the Imprey Host; Paul Sorvino Comics: Andy Andrews; Bobby Gaylor; Van Gunter; Mike Rowe; Gary Muledeer. (R) WEDNESDAY EVENING 6:00 BROADCAST CD CD CD CD OD CD CD CD 6D 69 m CD m Married... News News News News News News 6:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 I 8:30 9:00 CHANNELS Murphy Cosby Entertain. C. Affair News News MacNeil/Lehrer Magnum, P.I. Hunter Cheers Roseanne Cosby Roseanne Star Trek Gen. Cheers Night Ct. Love Cheers Unsolved Mysteries How'd-That? Hard Cpy. Jeopardyl Wonder Business H. Patrol All Family Roseanne Entertain. Fortune Full H'se. Served Emer. Call Design. Cheers Star Trek Gen. News | Golden G. Beverly Hills, 90210 Unsolved Mysteries Law & Order Heat of Night How'd-That? Olsen Twins Olsen Twins First Born 9:30 10:00 ••••L^LB Melrose Place Law & Order Quantum Leap 48 Hours Heat of Night Home Home Coach Coach First Born Movie: "To Catch a Killer" (1992) 10:30 11:00 1 ••••^••l News Quantum Leap News | Hard Cpy. News 48 Hours Motherhood Motherhood First Born WKRP Movie: "Iron Eagle" (1986), David Suchet Beverly Hills, 90210 Time Trax Star Trek Gen. Melrose Place Kung Fu: Legend Deep Space 9 News Night Ct. Cheers Newhart Wonder H. Patrol Cheers News Tonight Curves News News News In the Life Untouch. News Married... Arsento Hall News |Paid CABLE CHANNELS A&E DISC ESPN FAM UFE NICK TBS USA WGN Justice Spies Wings First Flights Beyond 2000 Major League Baseball Cont'd |Baseball Life Goes On Waltons Movie: "Getting Up and Going Home" You Do Crazy |Looney Movie: "Dr. No" Cont'd Denver Dino- Movie Cont'd Bullwinkle At the Improv Arabia Sportscenter Young Riders Thirtysomething Get Smart | Van Dyke Our Century Wings American Muscle Father Dowling Unsolved Mysteries Dragnet Movie: "From Russia With Love" (1963) Quantum Leap News Murder, She Wrote Lucy Justice Spies Beyond 2000 Dream [Water Ski 700 Club Mysteries M. Moore Paid M. Moore Flights Human PGA Tour Scare- Paid Hitchcock Movie: "Clash of the Titans" Movie: "Wheels of Terror" (1990) jMacGyver Night Ct. [Renegade Movie: "Nasty Habits" (1976) PREMIUM CHANNELS DISN HBO MAX SHOW "Mother Goose Rock-Rhyme" (Southeast Movie: "The Philadelphia Experiment" Movie Movie: "Ski Patrol" (1990) Martin Mull Holiday "Mother's Day on Walton's Mountain" Movie: "Hot Shots!" (1991) Hot Movie: "Toy Soldiers" (1991) Movie: "Not Without My Daughter" Elvis '56 Crypt |T. Turner Dream On "White Movie: "Falling From Grace" "Bloodfist III Boxing "Sexual cm. an UTTtRf AmUATMN CD CD CD CD CD CD OD OB Of) KTVU RJK ONtUVO * nan NBC Euneu WON NBC SWFMNCMCO 41 Km C8» MNFTUNCIKO O KVK9 C88 EURBA KOO ABC MNPRANCIKO « KFWU ABC FTORAOO KOtO PB8 SANFfUNCIICO « KC«0 UM UOOESTO 17 KOfY HO SANFTUNCIKO 47 K1CU ND tANJOOf «7 KTXL FOX (ACnWCNTD KBHK ND tAMFWNCHCO SI KFTV ND SANTA ROSA t\ ARTS i ByrERTAMMENT AMtfllCAN MOVIE CLASSICS CONSUMER NEWS AND BUSNESS CHANNEL CABLE NEWS NETWORK OOVERNMENT CH««e. THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL THE DISNEY CHANNEL CNTI PORTS PRDOUUMia NFIW • • •torn.BraagaMindMnovHwtnonlr HUMP* MTOVMHT MMOA1KM (W)Mwn»«« •«•« Ml THE FAMILY CHANNEL (C8N) HOMEBoxomce <ZD CB) flj) <JH) <BB (1BT) HOME SHOPPERS NETWORK UPCTIMI CNEMAX MUSIC TCLEVBiaN MCKELODEON PUBLIC EDUCATIONAL OOVBVMNT HOMESHOPPM3 SHOWTWE SHOPPMO NETWORK WTBS ND ATLANTA THELEAflNNOCHANNa THE NASMVLLE NETWORK TURNER NETWORK TELEVISION THE WEATHER CHANNEL UNMSON (SPANISH) USANETWORK vnEOHTTSONE WON ND CHICAGO CCMMUNTTY BULLETN BOARD CD CD • for Ft. Bragg & Mendocino viewers only. I CAMC) Movie **** "Dodsworth" (1936, Drama) Walter Huston, Ruth Chatterton. A retired industrialist and his adventure-hungry wife find new values and relationships on a European voyage. (1:41) (pise) Arabia: Sand, Sea and Sky The Rub' al Khali, the largest continuous sand desert in the world. (R) (Part 3 of 3) t ESPN ) Sportscenter (F^M) Young Riders As the Civil War approaches, conflicting loyalties separate the riders; Cody enlists as a Union scout; Hickok and the Kid agree to set aside their differences for the sake of Lou and the Kid's wedding. (S) (Part 1 of 2) g CUJFE) Thirtysomething Ellyn and her boyfriend's weekend is ruined when they are forced to baby-sit. CNJCK) Get Smart Max' search for the murderer of a CONTROL agent makes everyone on board suspect. (Part 2 of 2) (USA) Murder, She Wrote Jessica is accused of espionage while attending a writers' conference in Moscow, g Cw5N) Night Court Christine's detective boyfriend breaks dates to go under cover; the bailiff talent show looms over Bull. Coism Movie ** "Mother's Day on Walton's Mountain" (1982) Michael Learned, Ralph Waite. Mary Ellen is involved in a car accident, Ben and Cindy face financial setbacks, and Elizabeth is attracted to her first beau. (2:00) CHBO) Movie *** "Hot Shots!" (1991, Comedy) Charlie Sheen, Valeria Golino. Romantic and professional rivalries g row between a maverick flyer and a itter comrade in this military spoof. (S) •PG-13'g(1:25) CMAD Movie ** 1 /2 "Toy Soldiers" (T591, Drama) Sean Astin, Wil Wheaton. Rebellious students fight back when Colombian terrorists try to use them as bargaining chips for the release of an imprisoned drug lord. (S) 'R'g(1:52) 8:30 P.M. CNJCK) Dick Van Dyke Rob learns that a song he helped write is about to become a hit. CV^CJN) Renegade Reno tries to stop a crooked prosecutor from ruining the legitimate enterprise of a group of ex- cons. 8:45 P.M. © (:53) First Born Gor's protector watches over him while concealing the creature's identity. (Part 2 of 3) 9:00 P.M. CD dp Melrose Place Billy and Alison spenS a romantic evening together despite postponed plans and Amanda's efforts to keep them apart. (S) g © Quantum Leap (Series Finale) Sam leaps into himself in the middle of a tavern in a coal-mining town filled with familiar faces; Sam gets an opportunity to change Al's life. (S) g © 48 Hours "End of Innocence" The case of Kelly Michaels, whose conviction for sexually assaulting and abusing young children was overturned by the state of New Jersey and is on appeal. (S) g CD (T) Home Improvement Tim and the boys retreat to the garage to construct a Mother's Day present for Jill. (S) g (44) Kung Fu: The Legend Continues Kwai Chang and Peter go after the stalker who attacked Capt. Blaisdell's blind wife. (S) g (ID Star Trek: Deep Space Nine cTBrien plays a pivotal role in the survival of a Bajoran village; a 15-year- old faction leader gets advice from Nog on settling a dispute. (S) g (AJE) Our Century "The Germans in World War II" Hitler hopes drastic measures will foil the onslaught of Allied troops about to overrun Germany. (R) f5T§c~) Wings The multifunctional tockneed C-130 turbo-jet is used for assault transport, troop" evacuation and Atlantic experiments. (R) fES^N) American Muscle CFAM) Father Dowling Mysteries Father Dowling and Sister Steve hang 10 in Mallbu in their search for the killer of a rock star's boyfriend. (S) g Cum Unsolved Mysteries CNJCK) Dragnet An evangelist-type woman lures "prospectors" into her illegal money-making scheme. CofS) Movie *'/2 "Wheels of Terror" (T990) Joanna Cassidy, Marcle Leeds. A mother takes chase when the ominous automobile that has been terrorizing the neighborhood kidnaps her daughter and speeds off into the mountains of Arizona. (Sj g (2:00) (SHOW) Movie *'/2 "Bloodfist III: Forced to Fight" (1991, Adventure) Don "The Dragon" Wilson, Richard Roundtree. A champion kickboxer is forced into a real life-and-death struggle after he is framed and sent to prison. (S) 'R' (1:32) 9:30 P.M. CD GD Coach Hayden tries to convince Christine that she does not need a face lift to improve her chances in a job Lucy Show , - Ethel Merman gets a find lesson from Lucy. )Movie *V2 "Nasty Habits" (1976) uipuda Jackson, Melina Mercouri. Several nuns in a Philadelphia convent become enmeshed in a scandal as a new mother superior is about to be appointed. (2:00) . . (HBO) Hot Shots! Part Deux: First Look OnTne set of the sequel to the • for TIA only. successful screwball comedy. (S) 9:45 P.M. (D (:46) First Bom Gor begins to deal with the hidden truths of his identity. (Part 3 of 3) 10:00 P.M. CD CD CD News g m m Celebration of Motherhood g (Jo) WKRP in Cincinnati (Jo) News ! Night Court I Cheers g ..._f) American Justice CAMCH Movie *** "The Real Glory" [pJlic) Beyond 2000 (ESPN) Dream League ICIub ) Unsolved Mysteries CNJOQ Mary Tyler Moore g rfBsTMovie **'/2 "Clash of the Titans" Elvis '56 i Tales From the Crypt g Movie **'/2 "Falling From Jrace" (1:40) CTNT) Inside the NBA 10:30 P.M. GD Hard Copy g (20) Bob Newhart rsa) Wonder Years g I Real Stories of the Highway Patrol I Arsenio Hall g I Headline News Spies ~ Water Skiing Paid Program Mary Tyler Moore g Dream On g ! Championship Boxing Report Aovie *** "Nightbreaker" (2:00) 11:00 P.M. ) Cheers g I Tonight Show g i Dangerous Curves iNews g Cae) News In the Life I Untouchables (jo) Married... With Children g Cso") CLIFE) Paid Program CAli") First Flights Human Animal j Inside the PGA Tour i Scarecrow and Mrs. King j Alfred Hitchcock Presents I MacGyver g j (:05) Tina Turner. Going Home g I Movie ** 1 /2 "White Sands" (1:41) I Movie ** "Sexual Response" 11:30 P.M. ) Murphy Brown g ~) (:35) Nightline g larile Rose ) CUFE) Paid Program ar Trek: The Next Generation g Montel Williams Sportscenter I Superman ! Sports Almanac 11:45 P.M. Movie *** "Black Robe" (1:41) 12:00 A.M. I M*A*S*H I Late Night With David Letterman I Inside Edition g (12:05) Hunter (12:05) Whoopi Goldberg M) (DISC) fure) Paid Program ovie ** Taargoyles" (2:00) (&D Evening at the Improv CAMC) Movie *** "The House of even Gables" (1:29) ) Up Close Bonanza: The Lost Episodes F-Troop Hitchhiker 12:15 A.M. (:20) Movie *** "Alan & Naomi" 12:30 A.M. ) Best of Love Connection ) Studs (:35) Arsenio Hall g Let the Good Times Roll Cjo) Cat) (DISCI fuFE) fwoNi Paid Program W) Perfect Strangers g CS) ALF g (ESPN) Boxing Til) Movie **'/2 "Death Race 2000" CM) Ray Bradbury Theater CSHOW) Comedy Club Network Movie ** "Shaft: Cop Killer" ' 12:45 A.M. ) Movie ***'/2 "The Grifters" ' 1:00 A.M. )Taxi ) Entertainment Tonight g ) That's Amore ) (:05) News g ) Dynasty ) Infatuation ,~) Psychic Answer OS Movie **'/« "Top Secret!" (1:45) MJE) Movie ** "Assault on the vayne"(1j30) f5isc)CLlFE) Paid Program FAM) Rifleman j Patty Duke ) Equalizer ) Movie ** "Hangar 16" (2:00) ) Movie **** "Coming Home" 1:30 A.M. ) Jeffersons g GJD Coisc) (FAM) CLW) Paid Program Designing Women g IT) (:35) Movie ** "Nightflyers" (2:00) ) Movie ** "Here We Go Again" I ) Donna Reed CMAX) Movie *** "Outland" (1:49) 2:00 A.M. CD Newhart g (t) Later With Bob Costas GO Rush Llmbaugh ©Instructional Programming (20) Nightowl Theatre CM) Racket Squad (to) Movie *** "The Mllagro Beanfield War" (2:00) § (TjFin [NICK] Paid Program Equalizer Movie *** "Mother Goose 'N 1 Rhyme" (1:20) CTNT) My Favorite Martian 2:15 A.M. (Us) Three Stooges THURSDAY MORNING 6:00 A.M. CD CJD Headline News GD CEfCD News g CD ABCWorid News This Morning g QD To Life! Yoga With Priscilla Patrick (Wi Captain N and the Video Gamemasters (36) CUSA) Paid Program UP) 700 Club ® Kenneth Copeland I Movie *** "Santa Fe Trail" raise) Assignment: Discovery (ESPN) Body by Jake CFAMTToday With Marilyn I Thirtysomething ) Mr. Wizard's World (:05) Little House on the Prairie j Mousercise j Movie *** "Indiana Jones and Temple of Doom" (1:58) (TNT) Adventure Quest 6:15 A.M. CD A.M. Weather 6:30 A.M. CD Headline News CD News g i News i Sit and Be Fit Cjo) Camp Candy g (3§) Paid Program i Adventures of T-Rex (jo) AgDay (ESPN) Bodyshaping (FAM) James Robison [NICK] Lassie (USA) First Business [WON] Three Stooges i Music Box QNjjfJonny Quest 6:45 A.M. (T) ABC World News This Morning g 7:00 A.M. i Mornings on Two )Today g ) This Morning g i CD Good Morning America g CD Sesame Street g CM) Woody Woodpecker CfD 700 Club ) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles g ) DuckTales g ) Robert TIHon _j Movie *** "Rose of Washington auare" (1:26) rbisc) Best of Europe (ESPN) Sportscenter (FAJJTAugle Doggie & Friends > ^ Movie ** "Elvis and Me" (2:00) J Yogi Bear CUD (:05) Little House on the Prairie j Cartoon Express I Perry Mason foisN) Adventures of the Gumml Bears I Movie ***'/2 "I Want to Live!" 5w) OWL/TV g ffCHIPs 7:30 A.M. ) Jetsons ) Beetlejulce g ) Stunt Dawgs —) Great Chefs of New Orleans j Sportscenter ) Flintstone Kids ) Looney Tunes ) Adventures in Wonderland g ~) We All Have Tales g 8:00 A.M. ) Mister Rogers g C35) Flintstones ) Paid Program ) Alvin and the Chipmunks g ) James Bond Jr. g ) This Morning's Business ^Fugitive 1 Low Cholesterol Gourmet j Fitness Pros ) Inspector Gadget ) White Seal ) Joan Rivers 3 Fraggle Rock g IBabar ) Bunch of Munsch g CTNT) Charlie's Angels 8:30 A.M. ) Sesame Street g do) Leave It to Beaver ) Paid Program ) Lean and Free ) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles g ) Headline News ) Movie ** "Love on a Bet" (1:15) ) Graham Kerr J Getting Fit cig Cricket in Times Square ) (:35) Andy Griffith j Welcome to Pooh Comer g ) Plnocchlo g hFlsherma_n and His Wife ) Family Feud' ) Live -- Regie * Kathle Lee QDVickll SaHy Jessy Raphael ) Little House on the Prairie ) CM) Paid Program Love Lucy I Widget fA&f) Mrs. Columbo (Disci Easy Does It (ESPN) Bodies in Motion CFAM) Waltons ) Moonlighting j Eureeka's Castle ) (:05) Perry Mason ') Geraldo ) Under the Umbrella Tree I Movie *** "Judgment" (1:30) CMAX) Movie * 1 /2 "Mannequin: On the flove" (1:35) CTNT) Movie *** 1 /z "King Solomon's Mines" (2:05) 9:30 A.M. CJ) Whoopi Goldberg CD Barney & Friends g CM) CM) Paid Program ) Who's the Boss? g C«4) Brady Bunch [DISCI Homeworks [ESPN) Bodyshaping [DISN] Dumbo's Circus (SHOW) Movie ** 1 /2 "The Cutting Edge" (T74T) 10:00 A.M. Op Joan Rivers GJ Jenny Jones (T) Price Is Right CD CD Home reading Rainbow g i Bonanza ) Simon & Simon ! Mama's Family I Richard Bey ! Paid Program ~) Rockford Files g CAMC) Movie *** "The Paleface" (1:31) CDISC) Pasquale's Kitchen Express (ESPN) Inside the PGA Tour (Wf700 Club CUF?) Supermarket Sweep Cfts) (:05) Movie ** 1 /2 "Catlow" (2:00) ^"1 Murder, She Wrote g (WON) News g (DisNi Mouse Tracks g 10:30 A.M. (9j Instructional Programming GO) 227 g (so) Headline News gjjs<5) Great Chefs: The New Garde (ESPN) Thoroughbred Digest CUFE) Shop 'Til You Drop [DISN] Jump, Rattle and Roll (H§O) Movie ** "All I Want for Christmas" (1:32) CMAX) Movie **»* "Hair" (2:01) 11:00 A.M. ) CUBA) Divorce Court ) Classic Concentration I Young and the Restless g I Loving g I Newhart g ) Cagney & Lacey ) Bewitched I Leave It to Beaver ! Monte! Williams iPaid Program [Atl) Movie ** "Grand Jury" (2:00) (Disci Low Cholesterol Gourmet (ESPN) Tennis (FAM) Flashback j Movie **'/2 "Adam: His Song Continues" (2:00) •NICK) Sharon, Lois & Bram's Elephant Show (WON) Perry Mason J Adventures of the Gummi Bears _l (:05) Movie **V2 "Moonfleet" 55) 11:30 A.M. ) People's Court g ) (T) News g CD Loving g CM) Bewitched CM) Leave It to Beaver _j Paid Program Movie ***'/2 "The Four Feathers" (1:55) CDISC) Graham Kerr (USA) The Judge g (DISN) Lunch Box (SHOW) Movie *'/2 "Vibes" (1:39) 12:00 P.M. CD CD News g (T) Scrabble J) All My Children g Charlie Rose Perry Mason Family Feud Andy Griffith Movie *** "Sunset Boulevard" ^Who's the Boss? g Easy Does It Paid Program Fred Penner's Place '(:05) Tom & Jerry's Funhouse The Judge g Designing Women g Walt Disney Presents Mel Gibson: Lethal Weapon 3 -- ieb Diary 2 12:30 P.M. People's Court Scattergories Bpjdjmd the Beautiful g Paid Program Griffith Mr. Belvedere g Homeworks "NICK) Puss 'n Boots 31f) (:35) Flintstones Superior Court ) Adventures of the Little lermald CHBO) Movie **'/z "The Buddy System" (1:51) (MAX) Movie **** "The Bridge on the River Kwai" (2:41) 1:00 P.M. ) Jerry Springer ) Another World i As the World Turns GO One Life to Live g _ Adventure & Discovery: Eldorado, a Distant Dream Cjo) © Streets of San Francisco (je) Movie **'/2 "Little House on the Prairie" (2:00) ~ Movie ** "Like Father, Like Son" 0) ) Fugitive 1 World Away J Wrestling I Bonanza: The Lost Episodes ) Anything but Love nci<) Muppet Babies "1 Jetsons (USA) Hollywood Squares Hogan J Movie *** "Pollyanna" (2:30) ) Movie ** "The Wild North" ) Anything but Love j World of David the Gnome (TBsT(:35) Brady Bunch ^) Sale of the Century (WON) Flintstones i Movie *** "Executive Suite" 2:00 P.M. Beetlejuice g Days of Our Lives g Guiding Light (T) General Hospital Are You Being Served? Cannon Hooked on Phonics Perfect Strangers g City of Angels Movie *** "Lydia" (1:44) pise) Beyond 2000 ESPN) Up Close FAM) Zorro g UFE) Jane Pratt WICK] Dennis the Menace TBS) (:05) Saved by the Bell g Joker's Wild WON) Captain N and the Video amemasters 2:30 P.M. Inspector Gadget (j) Wild America g (to) Popeye I Dennis the Menace i Inside the Senior PGA Tour t Three Sons j Flipper i (:35) Three's Company I New Tic Tac Dough j Saved by the Bell g CHBO) Movie *+Vi "1941" (1:58) 3:00 P.M. (jo) Merrie Melodies g (so) Geraldo Jane Whitney i Donahue g I Who's the Boss? g i MacNeil/Lehrer Newshour g ~l Magnum, P.I. (36) Highway to Heaven g Qt) Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers g (ME) Rockford Files g Coisg) Mother Nature (ESPN) Cycling Supermarket Sweep ._, Yogi Bear ) (:05) Happy Days ) Press Your Luck , Saved by the Bell g Bugs Bunny & Pals * 3:15 P.M. (SHOW) (:25) Movie ** "Perry Mason: The Case of the Silenced Singer" (1:36) 3:30 P.M. m GO) Tom and Jerry Kids g Jrowing Pains i Tale Spin g ~^) Wildlife Chronicles i Super Mario Brothers 3 Shop Tit You Drop ) Looney Tunes (:35) Andy Griffith Scrabble Partridge Family , Adventures in Wonderland g Movie ***'/2 "The Day the Earth Jtood Still" (1:32) CTNT) Captain Planet and the Planeteers 4:00 P.M. ,,~j Tiny Toon Adventures g G) Maury Povich g (D Golden Girts g ,_j Oprah Winfrey g CD CwSiD Designing Women g Cf) Barney & Friends g ~ In the Heat of the Night g Matlock g Darkwing Duck g i Joan Rivers In Search Of... fAMC) Movie *** "Beau James" (1:45) [DISC] Human Animal (ESPN) Sportscenter (FAM) Popeye Unsolved Mysteries ) Underdog COS) Beveriy Hillbillies g $25,000 Pyramid ) Care Bears g 4:30 P.M. CD Qo) Batman g (?) Inside Edition g ) Golden Girls g ) Sesame Street g fit) Goof Troop g ~T) Stanley Cup Play CFAM) Inspector Gadge CNICK) Muppet Babies HIT) (:35) Sanford and Son ) $100,000 Pyramid (WSN) Jeffersons g (UN) Quack Attack g .._.) Movie **'/2 "An American Summer" (1:39) (TNT) Bugs Bunny* Pals 5:00 P.M. (D Saved by the Bell g CD (T) CD News g — r Je's Court g ) Charlie's Angels )News ) Star Trek: The Next Generation g ) Full House g ) M'A'S'H ) Real West Coisc) Safari i Tin Tin K-9 Cop g ) L.A. Law j Hey Dude ) (:05) CHIPS ) American Gladiators ) Major League Baseball ) Kids Incorporated g j^) Movie **'/5 "Bon Voyage Charlie Brown (And Don't Come Back) (1:15) f§H5w)'Movie *** "Crimes and Misdemeanors" (1:44) (TNT) NBA Basketball Playoffs 5:30 P.M. ) Mama's Family ) NBC Nightly News g ) CBS Evening News g ) ABC World News Tonight g )News j Where in the World Is Carmen andiego? g ~) Wonder Years g ) Growing Pains )Cheers g j Zorro g 1 Fifteen ) Mickey Mouse Club g 1:30 P.M. I Frugal Gourmet m This Is Your Life

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