The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 19, 1859 · Page 3
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 3

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 19, 1859
Page 3
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b«»"*^ UK E S QW3^<3*$*^.*aO!*i^}uilUX laim(^t«7^mlV { v ttl g n - Jn * a « <l - JaJ •<_.*7n...-1, -„!« ,'.«<>MU>.Ijri.>.K .»«^ NOTES, FLERZHEIM 5 *.wpv •; ~ r -.= U01NO WET. 'f-- 'it ' ttaifRMIne for Darts—freight A Ac«V v l**W Ricln* for Jtelolt^PasseBger, ;... &•': •UOTS, SHOES AN» CAITEHS, ' r*::^B;*^ :; Ay' : -B;k'Ji^V^V?:^ O|> |)os 11c the Walker Hoaae. ''''"' r '""' ''''' _. BOOTS, SHOES AttD QAITEBS, • .., NO. M" SPMira 8J»B^ ^ r • p p« • It e >«• or it: an JDo it •« Bool «fc Shoe »torev 7TO. 48 EAST WATJBIl . XHJFS always on hand good custom made Boot* and ASMndi of tadles' and QtatiaaKPi Boot* and Shoei in the latest ityl* »ca warrantedioglve Hon. ' i , apr*8 JOHN m ss Ki^ WATER ••Just received* full supply o \- :;^ ..... ,£;.«;;*;.'• . UlebrateiUnion works Cylinder Glaw, *annfactnredat Cleveland, Hew, York. Iransporf«ia entirelj by vessel,lteome«b;j>eTfee* order, and enable* nie to wU »t Itrtr rttM,, i;h»ve penn«neiil «r- rangementstosell this brand of (Han hereafter. ...... JOHN KICK. H nVp.e ' ,'r ••qjjre.r * , BOUSE .81811, SHIP, CAHMAOE AND ORNAMENTAL Pointer*, Glaziers <Sc Paper-Hajafrer*, - ' nOTATOBBOr WOOD AND MARBLE, : HO. 3fl ON JEIBA STJBJEEX, jt rSW DOORS KJ.ET Of TWMUSKX1 JTOV8M. JONES & Oenertl land and liuurance Agent* NOTARIES PUBLIC, &C., OntOE,«on>er of Seed and Oregon street*, Keyroie 1 ! ' Will»tte»dto the baying and telling of KeilfcUte, InmcUg Good» and Bnlldlngt In responiitale Oomp»- idea, Attend to -the Collection of Aoobmti, Makloc oat of Deeds, Mortgages, OontracU, Le»»a, *o- All Collection* m«le on account* placedln.oiir hand will be promptly paid orer. a. o. joais., ...... . .iy2S.. . .... SCII N (ECKEL &» OOMMlSSlbiSI MEKOHANTS, fieoZ Ettatt and Monty Broken, NOTAEIE3 PrJBUO, MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN. OFHOB— No. 4 Market Sqnire, oppoiIU the Old Pott- Office. r>. COKSON, ATTORNEY AT LAW. BA8*remoT«l to (Office, No. C, State Bank Building, corner of Bast Water and Michigan street, .Milwaukee, J»0. L.,DORJl» MHO* LOT. DOKA.N <& LKVY, Attorney and -Coansailon t Law, Cffflee—Empire KtK&,yi\ &ut Water M., MILWAPREE, ....Im»y28] ..WIBOOSglN CAPITALISTS W ILL find at my office a Register, open to their ro- jpectlon ol Uondi and Uongages mod otherae- caritlai offered for Bale. Persons visaing to obtain Loan or baring Bond>, Hartgige* or other lecnrltlea for lile, may find it to their latemtto file with ne their appllcaUoni or statement*. O. 80HLEY, ylS OppoaHe Walter Home. ,« HK undesigned will §eU nil Bonn and lot, 1. occnaled w a Tav n by him, iltmted on Mai CrOOO OHLANOlfi. AND LOT TOR SALE CHEAP. _-.. no» Main«t-, Ratine, Wisconsin, near the Steamboat Landng and the R, 4 M. B. K. Depot. The home la located on the best tnnlnen place, and the House as -well a toe sltoa- tkmof Uieijot, voald^nsirer for -any branch of bnsl- nen,e«necbUly for Wholesale Store, which branch t> already now projected at that rcry localtty. Those who like to make a good bargain, are rajnwted to apply at the undersigned. JOHN BARTH. Racine, January 8t, 18B». jang-dtm sLamber Vessels for Sale. Schtoner Paiblon, IMtuns. Schooner D. Newhall, 190 tuns. Scow Schooner Bntby, 168 tons. The above ressels will be sold at very loir ..prices for satisfactory security. Good title. TATtOR A «WBTr, BuSalo, Hew York. Enquire of B. B.Jo«s, Mil «akM,- Wisconsin. fenBS WOOI> AMD HAY 1 AKI», O. EL LAMBEKTON H ABjngt opened, for the benefit of all who maybe- come hts Customers, a Market for WOOD and HAT, at the N. E. Corner of West Water aad Clyboarn Streets, (Office wlth.Mesan. Mabkett A Breed.) His Stock of Wood la large, Dry and Bard, (Cat and Split or oncnt) His ttock of Hay If of the BEST QUALITY, and BALED IN GOODOSDER. Each will be delivered to any part of the Oity on the SHORTEST NOTICE and the LOWEST TE&M8. N. B.—Wood Pedlua, and those who ship large quantities of Hav will always find H to their advantage to buy of ns. We will sell so that dealers may make a handsome pro at by selling on the street. rnayU O. H. LAMBEETON. GENTLEMEN'S FUHNISH'G. NEXT a>OOIi TO A. B. TAN COTT»S. ^ O «« I 1 ] GO, 63 6- as O Q t! 0 fl H. KUSSELJL. FBOKI BOUNDS & E,AN»IM>ff, General Advertisinff Agents, Who are authorized to receive Advertisement* for this a* well a* all of the moat Influential and largest circulating papers throughout the entlw North-West. j D EFAOLT having been.maele In the', condition of a certain promissory note, bearing date December 1st., A. D.M6T, executed by W B. Ulbbard and John 8. Harris, and *jls9 in the ooadltlon of.a certain VMiol jnartgage oTthe game date executed by said Hibbara amd'Harrfs to secure the payment of Jald note. Motlee i*liereby given to all parties interesteil that we«hs«' «rpoae for Bale and sell on Tuesday, the 6th day of JOLT, *.»., 18S», at IBo'closkln the forenoon of thai day, at the Spring street bridge, in the city of ttuwto. kee, the Schooner William H. S.erhens, her mwta, bovspHti, sails, .boat, anrtor, cables, and all oUker neoestaries thereonto appertaining and belonging, to •atiify the amount remaining dne^on said note awJ .. . Brm*»,Brm»ioi A Corrmoi, Attorneys. • ' ''- , Agent.' ' si a H T ^m^^^ maylO Rehback'ir l7ead Pencils -r-->- •_• -.», .v •• • «Jjiiii53ifii. iSi^tS.'?SR?-t*.-,i"!1 fftifft BOOKSELLERS VIJ^D STATIONERS, Rehbaeh, t ., assorted, and eaaigradels-dliUngn. . brand. Particular attention Is caliedrio aw* anilHt9.tJ»e tlon Pencil," (round black -gitt;) Pencil," (round Te4pti)«s»to cD," (liexagon gUt-J. All of. » hi oh will be f ound«uper(. onto any other pencil In ihe market ' -V-"' - ' Alwa>s on hand a«bi»p»«t«us-ortnienk »? blackHtna colored lead pencils of all thejdtsirsble grsdts. .-A ,«is- count allowed to the Trade proportioned- to' Extent of orders. ALDBONE'S . « .... .............. .... . M.B8 00 v • Onlce, under Mitchell's Bank, comer of East Water and • . • •• ' Mlchlsan stteets, .•;'.[ ' ' '•:' ., die ofOu vtnetteittfl Cthturu. CbnJapi- • '= ' ing TJUrty TKoutanA £fdgrafMH ' '•' ; 'Zfterarv . NDEBPENSABLY neeenary to all who Bead, all wno^ Write, all Clergyman,- all JPhjslclansr all Lawyers, 9clentlBc «nd Literary Men, Merchants and" Ftrmers, Mannfsctnrersandaechanlclr?, .«-.!-. -cJ* -».*i . '••.) -• IT IS A HOU3EHOLD COMPANION. ., BOOK & STATIONEItir JtOBBEBS, " [From Theophlns Pawns, L. L. D., Professor of Law in ; HarvardDnlversltyJ .-' ;- . ; ' <CjLk*«ttoi, Jan. B;186». Ds-iaSi*:—I have had the flm volume of y oar Dictionary for «ome days, and have sat afied myself that your p an K excellent, and lhat you have carried it out rith very great industry and with good judgment,— The fullnen and accuracy of its information concerning modern authors and thtslr work*, an Indeed remarkable. To any one who desire the knowledge your book jorporti to give—and .what educated man doe* not?— t mutt be of great interest aid value. Respectfully, Ac., THEOPHILC8 PARKER. g. Austin Allibane, Eiq. tram B. Irencus Prime, D. D., Editor R. ¥. Observer.] V " N*Wlo*i,Feb.S,lS59. Qsaruatai:—The flnt volume of jour great Dictionary of Aatbors, I hare perused with astonishment a-d delight. It fl jut what 1 have long desired'to have, and havo sought for In vain. Thousands of clergymen, students, and all lilerary and tntelBi.ent men,must wish toiave just UH work; and they will have It, when they learn t> at It Is in the world. It deserves the most cordial reception, and I trait that the author and the publisher* will have the largest reward for their enter' pri*e and labor. Tour* truly, • S.l&CtlXVB PRU1E. Chllds A Peterson. Iw. wttD.Jan. Si,t85». Mt DaME Sra:—With better knowledge of four book from repeated- fptsts upon it, I am ashamed to have written you. so-commonplace an acknowledgment of It* first ree ipt. Of all the storehouse of interesting and readable mattfr tke •'Dictionary^T Authors* seen* to me the most captivating. The goad lute, Industry, and skill of arrangement therein manifested could not b. su-p*3ied, »ad it will make ior yoa a reputation very enviable. I shall try to make amende In print for my apparently inappreclatlre first acknowledgment of the acquisition. ; with many sincere thank* for the prize I have In the book, I remain, my dear sir, Tuun, faithfully, N. P. WILLIS. 8. Austin AlHbone, Esq. mayU WEW PUBLISHED BY OARTKKS. A LICE AMT iDOLPHTJh. Aunt Judy's Tales. Parablestrom Nature. Mote* in the Son Beam. Fanny, toe Flown- Girl. Uncle Jack the Fault Killer. For sale by may 1C TCRRTAOLEATER, 167 Cast JWaterst. NEW BOOKS TERRY & CLEAVERS, IN EAST WATER STREET. TJAETH'S Travels in Central Africa, 1 voL, abridged. Livingston'* Travels In Southern Africa, 1 vol. 3p*ergeotu Sermons, fith series. atgher Ckrtstian Life. . naytt SHIPPERS OF /IAN supply themselves with Bills of Lading at \J ' TEKRY ACLBATEE'fl, mayZO 167 East Water street. BOOKS. O DE stock U the largest In the West. We leU even Book »t the Pnhllsner'* price. We can fornlsU to order any book which exists, either In the fagllsh or other language*. We receive new book* u Issnedfrom the Press. janJO gTRIOKAitTDAOO. School Books. W E nave every School Book in demand, and »t them at wholesale or retail. JaniO 5 BTHIOKLAND A CO. BIND UP YOUR MAGAZINES ! \fTK ire prepared in our Bindery to Bind Magaclnes, ff Periodicals or anything-else In the form of a BookVln neat and durable styles, at low rates. JanH) . BIBIOKLAND A 00. Stereoscopic < Views. TXTK have retired a fine lot of Sterocoplo View* VT embracing views of Interesting localities jn SWITZERLAND, SPAIN* G V P T , NUBIA, ITPBRXT, IRELAND, <*a, AC Also a Urge variety of new American Views. Sew and very desirable «ttle* of Stereoscopic Initra- nent*. : 8TRICKX&ND A CO., Booksellers aod Stationers, •prl 134 East Water street. SIXTH VOLCTrXE WISCONSIN Ior%a!e at KEPOBTS STRICKLAND A CO, lMK»«t Water street. PIKE'S I^EAK. SEW MAP r showing Ihe. Route to the Sold Ht- gions in Kansas, jmt received by STRICKLAND A CO, "• : 124 East Water street. JNOTIO& THE isspecTOtt or FISH, a • FPOINZKD by the Common Council of the City of £k. Milwaukee, In pursuance of An Act of the I/eglsla. ture.-approved March IT, 1859, hereby gives notice tbat beta now furnished with the pioper weight*and brands for the due performance of the duties of his offlce. By the said "Act" It J*.made the doty of all person* dealing in Flab, to give notice to the Inspector to have the jame duly Inspected and branded before packing. M-. Smith will be found at the New .Warehouse of Measrs, John Furlong A Son, South Water St., Walker'I -Point, where til notice* are requested tb-oe left: " :-'-;' maylOv ~ j . .'.--'; JO^N SMITH,Inspector. ' M.O. HTOI.....^. Corner Xo*t mayS •••".: : KL^]^^ : ^^:;^A^^ IX INSURANCE COMlPANlr, __, .-i%^-;l--<)hBi^ord/C6SiwUOTV^^ -[(^()api»land8nrrj M ,/..-.,,,,.. v .»4i» < aM.M INSURANCE COMPANY, ' L! T' •- • v-.'.-j.Of Hartford/OonneeacnUi* : '-" '•>->•- Casn Capital and Surplus,..,........'.. ...4S08.M1 18 • jt- ( \J-.;^i . '-i'- '' .* ' ..' ' i - . •- • r : .'-.':. ; . j':.. 'I nollclt business for the above named Companies, en- ilMynpen their own merit* ahd retponalwlity^ on4 .refer*) their prompt and liberal •rttleroent of all Losses heretofore, «*» guarantee for. the future. . Policies li- *twlwi0»outdelay. \-.r,,'-.•'; ,'.'^i -y ••-^-"W "<-.'.•*•• Li r in- '' ! W.BiaJRT.HOLtJUlD,Agent. .< i.- jlom Boixinn, A*9*t. \ Northwettcor. Main and i P. y. MAOTIHII., Surveyor. Vlseoasln <ta^ Milwaukee. . --. A'.'HelfeatUln, Cfiudenon, . Mom Knetland, . B. S. Daggett, '' Baranel Hale, O. D.Donsman,. v H, L. Palmer, • Edwin Townsend, ' " Solomon Adler. I,.: • J. A.HELFENBTEIN,Presldent. ., • Q.D.DOOfiMAN. Vice President. «; ;-:..•. W. T. PALMER, General Agent &.Q. W»8T,Beeretary. m^it ' ' 8.8."DAOarrr, Treasurer. • . .•<H."t.PAUii«, Attorney. - .- ' marlO T~ MILWAUKEE CITY INSURANCE CO.. '' initcfaell Bnildliiff, lUlcblcan. au " W.A.Fainne, CAPITAL, - , |200,000 Cash Paid in, $100.000. DIRECTORS: o. D. DAVIS, 8. 8. CiAovxa, J. HCKTHUT, . J. H. Coma, C, Cousroox, , . ,, U. L. Puma, C. Towmno, I. II. EiLLoao, J. S. EIUUB Csis. GOISMO, JIB. UOXIAI, O*o. Dm. E. TOWNSEND, President. A. L. WALRATH, Secretary. H. L. Pjjjima, Attorney. 'lire and Marine Bilks taken at current rate*.' AND FIRE INStTHANCE. T tHE nndersUmea Is prepared to take Marine Risks ! and Tire Rliki on i-rodnoe In store. In the North Western Insurance Co., of Oswegq, Hew York, at as low rattsssby other reliable Companies. The reputation ot this well-known, long establbihed Company entitles Itto public conndenee. novS , HORATIO HILL, Aren^ at office of O. Mi. t. Bill. Quaker City Insurance Co., or PHILADELPHIA. AUTHORIZED CAPITAL,. ..$300,000. PAID UP CAPITAL AND agSpTTB,. 277,855. OffiC4, Franklin SuOding, JVo. 408 Walnxl ttrtet, T &E subscriber- haj been arnoluted agent forj this ;Company for-Mllwaukee and vicinity. Risk, taken on as favorable Irrms as other rekpbnlble Companies. i JAMES S. WRITE, Agent. Office, forcer of East Water end Huron streets, up stairs, over the Marine BarJt. may2> BY STATE AUTHORITY. WISCONSIN QENEKAL INSURANCE AGENCY CHABXEB UAK. FIKE IKK. c«>.. ; Hartford, Conn. CASH ASSsTTB «8«1^M 98 ITOBTH ABfEBICAN FIBE IN8. CO* : Hartford, Conn. CASH A88ET3 $854,860 Ot WESTERN I«A8m. FIRE INS. CO., •Of PUUBeld, Mass. CASH ASserre $205,c» n FIRE IlfStTBANCE CO., Of Conway, Mass. CASH ASSETS »S«3,«1 47 HARIPDEN FIRE IN8UBANCE CO., ; Springfield, Mass. DASH ASSETS... 1323,000 OIBABD FIBE INS. CO.nPANT, SZS4.TB* JS , Of Philadelphia. CASH ASSETS mkr2» J. W. (/rain. Agent. NO. S, MARTIN BLOCK, UP STAIRS, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. MILLINERY GOODS. IN LIQUIDATION itargains in Dry €*nodi THAI rMMENBE 8TOOK OF | • ; l-AT-9, I%o. 187 £r hf Wafer Street, ' MUST ItE CLOSED OUT ? 03NTOE3! BY THE Grieat Bargaios maj be Dxpicted* - aprll-dtf - JOSEPH CAKY, Assignee. , ITEJ> STATES MAUSItAl,'S SALE. Lycurgus EdgcHon, - V Jn4he United State* t)ls> vs.' itrict Conrt. . District of Winthrop 0. Lord anil (WiscoDsln. ••••-. : • George Lord. ; .Jj InBqttlty. '.' I N pnrsnanoe aod by virtue of • decree made by ths District Court o' the Cniltd Bute* for the District of Wr«eorji!n, on the ninth day of May, 18», In the above entuied came, I shall sell at Public Auction, M the bffice of the Dnitad ttates Mstthal In the City of Mliitaukee, In (his Ulitrlcl, on ffid&y, the fifleenth day of July, 1869, at three o'clock IB the afternoon; the followlog tletorlbed property, »o .'wlf;- ,«0mt lot'B;' number twenty -one (21), In the village ef Waupaccs, In the County of. Waupacca and Bute of Wisconsin; •Isoja sufficient quantity- of Water Power to be. taken out bf the Wanpacea River, at the dam erected acrow a, to . propel three t «U leasoni of the . , .. - -'••'. • -• • • '" Manhal'* Offlce. Milwaukee,- Hay IT, 18S», mayl»-l«w«w M. J. THOMAS, O.g. Marehal. Bam;Blver, IB the Tillage «t Wanpacea, to . propel three run of stones lor flouring purpoie« at - • '• Theilllwaukw * Sopsrtor Rafl- road Company, City Of Milwaukee, JohriStewart, : - : JohannC. A-Allerdlng, Chriwianllakmand Bottfrled Wootsch. UNITED STATES MAUBHAL,'*! SALE" The Farmers Loan A Triut Corn V ' - In the 0. B. Dlt- Vtrlot Conrt for the Dlttrlct ofWIswnila. Iniquity. : • .... suanc* anxlbyTirtae of a ttecnenad*) by the J. District Court of the United States, fort the District o f. Wisconsin, on the nlniteenth day of March.lSW, ijj the above enlliled cause, Ishail.iell at PubHc Auction, on Tttesdsy,*2nd day of August. ISfit, at S o'clock In theafternoon, from theswpsof the Custom Uoose, in the City of: Milwaukee, all and ilngnlar, the mortgageol Bremuai-menUoned In the bill of. comptuntio said ca!i«e7Mdd«eril)eda*r:>»An «w following, nntent and ta future .to be acquired", real and personal proper' ty arid real trtale of the said -defendant, tne Hllwankee and Superior Railroad Company^t'-at 1* to uy. all of Uie firitdlv^on of the Railroad of said Rail road Com_. _, _^rin»ii4 Sfato; : .it-'wuconijn, a v ai»-' »of, one nundred and twenty miles, Ineiadlnrth*; t of way, and land occupied by aald Bnt dlviilon of i;inb)tc«to:tba:rlgl<ti flu«flrcjalm, which the .. _^Baantt; :BI*irar^!;'Allevding/s Hah»., and >*cli,w«l«>erofttiem,m*yh*vehad at thetlme MJ;: PH ALE H , aoihorlied to- manutactnre-th« abvoe " " preWie*VoT ; iogmi talse the amount f be necessar . TheHialen Boot- fir oneof themort unlqaejuul eV gsnl ooverings for the feet that ha*-evir beeainvented. they^ are made of the best of itock and m'oit finished , MuJ, are warraotedito cure ConsvBan. 1 Feet,: Swelled llead/ UwoMtta, Oout, Bootsin thlsiOUy, 1* to b« foand at 72 *ut -,W«fer it, where rl ateo.taay H found a general : asiortmeat of ' ~ ^iil^^^Jlte.Q.^, GAITEBS, -«*>., ;C r Oitleman andiadles that Utere^i li. this market- the supervision oftheianscrl- n»siocitedlM way, and for which no been niadei to ; Wi*m,yiogeta« with * toront6,C.W^now of'f)hlca)ro,ni,»hi ! ;.-( *Jn/ Dated HiarW^Offlce, MTlwa nHtmtTi,! ; PtlBf Att'y." T - Jit »6.«'EandolRBi'asonwr WDearborn street, .> :. -^•m««rlrJe«a!Mc^Jnto»»«re«^Bg^ii;* jonal^Wper^y. Appertaining to sad- nrst division of • "' • -- •--~ r '-~ : '-^* ™™* fl Arctiitect, Eienrsions. _.:flnt class vehlcl«»ooth .treasonaUe torn*. AUn*o£ -r.r .-f; jfrsmtte ab»ve lw»uke«*Mfi*i , -I iJanetvUle, MadUon and Prairie dn i onS at HiWauke*. with road* to the South, Weat SonK-'Vi'••' -H.v-' N "'' :v " >s :'"!.'.~^'::-''.-.•'-' •; •-• -;: " " ~ ~ iertaUndent." G.WeBtekin (Canada) Railway. nnRAINBleave'tiieOreat Central Depot, feet of Lake X street CWcagJ,asfollowi: . ,,, .' .,:. .^,. ..., 1: : 4iOO A. M.-l >ERTOIT ACCOMMODATION,(Bun- r- :-' v '••-.- nays excepted), arrive at Detroit 6.00 . tSOO "A. M.-CINOIN5ATI E3CPRK88. (Buhdiys ,.•.;-.. ezeepted.) Arrive at Indianapolis 4*) *.-}.'•;• H «.: Cincinnati 8^0 r.M. r. ,^. .--.-.' S:OO A; M.-4CIGHTNINO «IPRKi8,'(8undsys ex- tiptedJarrtTesiit leiroltT^W ». **; Brldg* :or.. Buffalo 4:00 A. ' .-.. , 2:OO P. \ " .. Mi.;;Boiionll r. if. f -« .• -)ltILBH AOCOMMODATION, ezeepjt • -" • ^ " BuBdar.:"" -.- • ,:, , ;i . '•'.'•. 8SOO P. Bl.-UKWTOHJt AND BOSTON BIPRESi (except Sawrday.) Arrive tt Detroit •.•,'•,.. 7:15A.-r.; Suspension Bridge or BoffMb .B-OO P. ' . IftOO A. •.: Boston i«K»>. «. F&K8B. (Except Saturday.) Arrive at Cincinnati 9:W A. «.; Lo . TheSKK) A. *. anfl . «.; Loulrvllle .. ». trains coooect at Pari» with th«Bunalo It I Lake 'Huron Railway, for Bofialo and all points erjti at-Toronto with Grand Trunk Railway, to KlngtUn, -Ogdensbnrg, Montreal, Quebec and all point* in Canada East, Northern Vermont, New Hampshire and Milne. etiecstJ through. t* ;foi sale at the principal Railroad office* In the West, and at the general office, corner Lake A Dearborn i^reeM.onposIlo the Tremoht House, Chicago, and at the Depot, Toot of Lake street. H. J, BriLpaa.Oen. Pasi. AirH. : ' 'aprlg Detroit |& mil. Railway. THE Steamer CleTCland will take her place In line of the Detroit t MDwan- ke« HaUwsyTon Monday, the 14th March. Passengers wishing through ilckeU can- be supplied on and after. Monday next, at S30 East Water street, or at the office, on the dock of Ud Detroit A Milwaukee Railway Co.— DM notice of th« time of departure will be given. This will make the shortest, cheapest and qalekest route to all polata KaiL ' • mart SUMMER ARRANG-EMENT. Milwaukee ITlississippi RAIL ROAD. SHORTEST AND B1OST JBXrEDITfOVS UOUTEI ; TO l^aiiMiug;, La Crosse, Winona, Bead's Landing, Bed Wing, PBESCOTT, ST, PAUL AND ST. ANTHONY. Change of Time, Monday, April 4, 1859. 1ST TBAln( LEAVES 11KKO A. M., Arriving at JanesrHie 2:20 P. M. : Jfadlson 3:35 S. M. ; Prairie do Chlen t3.«) P. it. • . • Connecting with U» Prairie du Chlen and . ' BL Paul Packets, which leave Prairie dn Chlen or. the arrival of the fctt) P. M. Train. Sit THAI* LEAVES HtlLWAUKEE S.-06 P. U^ Arrttlnr at Janvtrvllle 855 P. U. ; Hadlson Ift80!l>. M. Par. to aQ points on the Mississippi Klrerju low as anj other Eoute. WILLIAM. JEEV1S, ap!6 ^ Qant Bnpcrlntendmt. CHANGE OF TJMB. O N srid afUr Hondav. April 4ih, trains on the Milwaukee, Watartown A Barsboo Vallejr Eallroad, will arrive to alllwaaiee at 11:35 A. v., and depart at 4.-IO r. •. _ H.B.MHRail.L.gupt. 1859. ND FAVOBITB EOUTE NORTH-WfiST. DETROIT St, MILWAUKEE R. R (How^pened to Lake Michigan.) Suifl Low-frettttre rtnt-Ctaa Steamtri, "City of Cleveland." & "Cleveland," • (Thoronijhly refitftd for thl* route.) O R AND AFTER UOHDAY, June Mb, 1M», Pa*. aenger Trainswfll run a* follows: OO1NQ WEST: Sight txpreu. a. •. 10.-UO r.«. . ».». 'Detroit, depart........... 7:00 1^0 B:00 •Oiwego* amve Bop.firldfe, depart... .„. Mall, r. M. MO t.m. 7.-00 10:58 r. ». St.Johns, arrive.......... 12:10 Grand Rapids, arri 8:10 *ttrand Haven, an; .- ftK)0 A.M. MQwankee, arrive.! 2:M Mixed, a.». • 1:40 A. H. 2:30 Noon. 12.-00 11:80 ». M. lr:30 8.-OS 4.-80 Noon. IfcOO G0INO EAST : Mail Night I xpr's UUed. Expr*s. p. M. Noon. Milwaukee, depart^ 8:00 12:00 1 A. V. A. H. r. It. •Grand Haren.dep... -...-.. SAO dept . .&30 Grand Rapids, arri 4,-tO 5:80 .10:30 •:" ! '. . *- «Bt. Johns, aniTe.4 «:«? »^5 ' :15 Owosso,arrive. ...L- 7^5 11^0 %30 •Detroit, •»»•... i 11:40 6:30 t-3.9 \ T.». A- M. A. SI. 801.Bridge, arrlyg 8:65 4JO 4gO •Refreshmrals—Hold In Depot at Oraod Raven. «oat will leare Mllwaokte on Saturday* at 8 r. *•— for Saturday night's izpress passengers west, but 3 A. •. train will KJ» Itsrton Sundays. Trains leaTe tennlnl dally, Sunday* eictpied. 'THXTXLKORAP&UNK la now open for Ptntuo Be- ! pONNEOTIONS. -'AT DKTHOIT-OEBAr WSSTtBX RAILWAY for all points KMt-MlCHIOAN OKNTBAL and JfflOHIQAN 80CT11KBN EAILKOAD8, and CLEVB. IiAKD Line of Steamers. ., .,•-.--.: • AT GHANIi HAVEJf—*Kb "HnEOH" Steamer for CHIOAOO, Ac., ic. AT MH.WACK.EE—Wlth'the MI88IB3IPPI, tA CE06HB, OHIflAQO, WAtERTOWN and BOBI- OON RAJLEOADS.'for all Important pelnt* West and Nortnweit, and on Mlsjisilppl Blrer, and wllhSteam«rs for Portion Lake Jalchlgin. ' , • Paaengen for Ortst Western Ranway go obthe Ban- way ftntT. 8r«Aila», at D. t H. K. Dock, leaving Dock, at 8:00 A M ,12-00 Noon and 7:80 r. M. : : S1OHT TaAlN«Triave 8LEKPINO OA.R8 HUmhed. The Company's Thne-Tables itjan bf had,** *ny of Ihe Stations. -.-, , ii (-';' • • ' ' • •'" - WBTTHJUI A roa»«s,Tlcket Agent*, j»80 East Water st Wv.attEiH, Freight Agent at Comoany's Dock,' '. ^...,-j.SLQ. Wtaao»,CeneraltTeirttrn Aient. "•, ». * M. B. Om«i, June,18B9 ~.j.,.-._,. :,. Je*v IXTE have ievera\ Brick ;an<T Frame Honrts t« rent ^T on very leasb&aMe! terms. -W« nave aUofo« sale a Vart quantity ot Sreal Restate, co- listing of House*, Lot', improved and ionlmproved Farms, School Lands, *8.1 Wo have Wactes near the.OBr,'witbHoti*ei*aTr», ^forthermallifeBtofllOaDdUxe*. -.--,.-. --, ; ; 'T l .>."':.-SS4.Eairt Water'*twet.--r- STATB Ol 1 WISCONSIN, •cultConrt, Mill »jr*'flhoj«fi'^.- yfrf&te' ' of|' >or»clo»ure aari ~ - .. ,,•.. r .. s Jodgment rendersd In f»tlU*d aeaoBtjAated- ofMay, 1S89. l-fsn»n axposefdr sale and »«a ^Pfiblla Anetlon, at the Poit-Offic*,-In thi iffltrof tolwinlfee, on«««ttraar>;t«>*!il««fc ' i» hour ot ^* Davl* for Eaclne-^rrel(rbt*Act^ ..; »» A. M. (engeri by taking- ihe 7 A. ¥. train on the Lake i»|BaUro*d at Milwaukee, connect at Raclnis with . to navii;-arriving at. Oavls at 8^30 r. *. Stage ^.DavUlor freeportr on arrival of uolo. &SO-A. »lu from Davis* conneeis at Racine with 'afternoon In* on the Lake Shore Railroad NorQi and Booth. - .arT-rrifght forwarded with dispatch; -, -J ~ >«* - , ROBERT UABR1S, BnperlnUndent. tittiburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago ntW and direct Route now open to Hew York, ston, Httsbargh, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Waihlngtcn city, Cleveland', Dunkirk,' Onffaloi Niagara i|all> ( apd all eastern cities, .dndnoati, Colomini, Dsy- ton.'SprlngAeld, Cfbana, ZacesvUle.SteubcnnUe, New- atk and WKetllngv ana all Interior towtu of Ohio, Peha- «fly-snl» 1 .Virginl», Maryland, New Jsrsey, id. • • ' one <Jraud Unbroken R. R.I.luc CSIOiOO AXDTUmAST. • . - JtS.Aa lO.WAJS-AlTY OTDSR KODTX. Those desiring to go. by this'RoaU will be particular and eutpHre for Tkxets via fort Wayni, thereby avoiding the anBoyance' L o{ rech«okio? their Uaggage. ISA VfDKfOT OS VAN BVR&N HI. 8:00 T, M.— Night -Kipress, daily, fiaturdays excepM. «;00 A. X.— itoraing Mall and express, daily, Sundajs I'P"!. ' -efxcepteO. • ' -| i With out one change of cars to PUtsfcnrgh. "r 1 - ! onomura SAOOA«.»»HJU>C«« To Kttabtjrgh, Phllidelphla, Baltimore -and. New Tort, corineeUng directly with trains on tha great Pennsylvania Central Rallro*d, to all eastern cities. Also, with OlevHand A Colombos Ballroad to Oeveland, Dnnkirk, Buffalo.Nlagara FaHs via New York Central anil New Tort 4 Erie Railroad* to New York and Boston. • Persons tfllng east will find this roate by fa* the most desirable, both from the •dvantag* in point of distance, .variety and btanty of the country through which the road* pass, u well as the leu freqaedt changes of can and, the annoyance of re-checking baggage required by other routes. • , ' ?»cniUes f or the transporutkm of : rre1ghl'-and Live Btoek t>7 tali Tonte are tmsnrpatsMd. K>u» aslow as r ther route, and with equal dispatoh. Ticket* for sale at allt he principal ticket offices in the Welt, and at Company's Office, No. 80 Dearborn street, opposite Tremoot House, Chicago, and at the office of the Lake Shore Railroad, Milwaukee, by A. G. Leland. 'f JNO. J. H00STON. General freight Agent, Pittsburgh, Pa. D. W. BOSS, General Western Agent, Chicago. Chicago, Uareh A, 18S9. mar6 <Hilwaakee dc Chicago R. R. 1859. SUMMKB AKRANQEMKNT. Oreoi United Stofet 3fail and Expren Route. fTlHB only reliable and ALL Roors TO THI EAST, SOCTH JL and Noaia-WtST, and the ooly Line making jure connections. Baggage cheeked through to principal points, On aad after HONDA Y, A Pit I L 25th, 1959, TralQi leave Depot, corner of Florida and Barclay »i»., : as followi: 10:3O A. M.—Ezrans PjssiSQut—arrlTlng at Chicago at 2:10 r. M. 3*1 6 P. SI.—Ezraiss Fifsnoia— arriving at Chicago at 6:1& p. M , and close . connections with livening Trains East ; and South West, and with tha Racine • : and Mississippi Sallroa^, at Racine ; . junction, for Bclolt and other stations ; • -on that Une. freight Train leaves at &30 A. M., arrives &:00 r. M. Freight forwarded with despatch, aod si low rates. Patsenger Tralos leave Chicago f..r Milwaukee aod the North West at 9-.OQ A. •., and 8:15 p. *-, arriving here at 1220 r. u. and 12:19 A. ». spr24 JNO. T. MOOD7; Master TvtnsporUtion. or THE i TaAi^roaTATiox CoiirAiv, V 'Milwaukee, April 16, 1S29. ) Rates of Freight Reduced Again by New York & Erie Railroad —AND— Northern Trausportatiou €o,'s EXPRESS U NTIL further notice the prlera from NV« York to Milwaukee, wiu (K »» Yatlowa |.*r ion t,», dtlii«. ed 'at stores : 1st Class. iUl Crasi. 8.t Clau. «5c. 4th L1a». 3 Ac. ^ fVr Ue^chandtoe shrpped by ttta route, <>o Knd th« 14th inst., wHI be charged at lhe»e rates UI.,:.\ST eontfOeled rr not. Ap, IT 1.1 J. U.CRAWrORD, Ak'«nt, New York t Erie UaJlroad. J-Mrtsa, Agent, 117 Broadway. N. T. (3f~ Ship 4aUy Irom Her «, Kut Klvrr, <-r font ol Duane^street, New York. aprl . -.H.'»W)I Railroad. the bndefalgrjed, having be^n appointed af;ent5 for the collection and delivery ol JToisM tor this company, beg to Inform merchants uid otlins that an offlce (No. g Wlsconstn atreet.) openeO »n lir 1st of Aprtl f where orders can be left, auu will receive prompt aucatlea. .t»«r »a tbtjrttr-1 collrclon wni receipt goods U toe warehouses of sblppen. Information rtipvcung Freight tiAMtipoltaUon on this line can D* bo*) hy application at the office of Mr. A. FRa\V, Ancm. IUENDIUE i co. Milwaukee, March 80, 1S59. M ,r! FARE REOUCEO, BT THE NEW YORK & ERiE RAILROAD! T HK Pare between Dunkirk End New Vort by the Sew Vork - - tber igouee. aprlO A Erie RallroAil, wt I ke tl.AU until fur- J. H. OUAWTOBD, A ( enl. NOTICE. OFFICE Or BISHOP A CO., HOKGAUKRS, 1 I> Pbsfiaaioj or HIT- A O«ICAOX> R. R., ;-, April S, 1S59. t Maud after April 9th, 1869, and until further DO\J lice, no persoa Is anthoriied to make porchaacj, or contract fortrjatenals for the Milwaukee and Chlca- ro Ralhroad without a written order from the undersigned.. tUUs will l» ipaid monthly and accounts will not be continued with any concern that neglects to render monthly bills. i U. B. BALL, Gen'l Agt. ilortgageei. aprlO- J.T. MOODY, Blaster Of Transportation. THE i\ORTHEIti\ TRANSPORTATION COMPANY Will, during the present Season, run their well kndwn and popular Line of First Class Screw Steamers, Regularly, between OQ-iDKNaBlJKOH & OSWEQO, AND THK (7PPEB CAKES ! forming a Semi-Weekly line between Ogdeuburgh and Oswego, and Chicago, Milwaukee and Intermediate 1 ort«( connecting 1 at OgdeBshnrgh with Ihe. OQDKSSBmaH A VKRMONT CXSTRAL RAILROAD ROI7TK, • Between Ogdenabtrrgn, Burlington, Concord, Manchester, Nashua, i Lawrence^ Lowell, Worcester and Bostoniand at Oswego with the New Oswego Line of Thirty nrtt Class Canal Boat* on tie fnlarged Canal, between ''" ' ' O«weffo,BTr*y> lAlbany ,& Neir Vork, ' ^Ooonectlng allo at Dunkirk with YORK AND ERIE RAILROAD, And forming a-TPri-Weekly Ralrroad Line between Doolairk. Aiilffaukee & Chicago. |*T Property forwarded by this. Line will o« subject to but One TraninlpmejQt. • Merchandise marked **N. T. CO. EXP«E»18," will be forwarded from New Tork by an JSnpreti freight Train over th* Sea fart A Erie ( ('I jtaUrotutj . And promptly forwarded from Dunkirk^ J. straw, Agent M. T. 0*^117 Broadway, New York.; WAIIU, Agent N. ?. Co., 8 Ccentlea Slip, New fork.!)!. .':.-...- i . '. • .Oua, 8. TATTAK, oorher «th and Ohesnrtt St., Phils. IlovtvACaAwriaD, Oswego N. T. . 8. D.ClLDwati, Agent, Dunkirk, N. T. CHiiBUiai, OsAWrOED A Co, Cleveland, O^ Joior UOOCIIO, Agent N. T. Co., IS State St., Boston. AiOOSBauM, Agent V. 0. Line, 103 State it., Boston. -J, P>C«u»o», A»en<, Rouse's Point, Ni T. . GaOkPAmKia. Agent, OgdensbnrtiuN.Y, l.JiHIGBY,sUlw*uk«e, Wls., office UClosse « M. R. R. Depot^ - -i - ;.- ' --•' lOfflce near, M. A M. R.B. Depot. . N. B.— Shipper! are requssted to see one of the above AgeuM before mikmg contracts, M they are prepared to offetTrery low rates, and their connections with the Ogdenihnrgh and Oswego mutts, and, especially with the New Tork A Erie Railroad give them anmrpataed facilities for aheap «n4 speedy transportation. ^ - FUR NIT U R E ! ••.:- i .'. • KVER OFPCP.KD IN THIS CITY, AT ;.;:'• GREAT SACRIFICES, FOR THE NEXT SIXTY DAYS. THE STOCK IS HEAVY, AND MUST BE HOLD! 218 and 220 Bast Water Street, aprS-dtaHf WIL WAIJKEE. WIS«:O7VM>. DRY GOODS, &C. 18.79. NE U !*.*». U- SPRING AND SUMMER DRY GOODS! MISCELLANEOUS. I»K. H. W. REDHKAU. VETEItlNAKY SVBCEON, VORMKRLT OFCLKVKLAMD, 0, respectfully Informs ihe the citizens of Milwaukee that, having located In thli place, he Intends practicing bis pro. fesaloo. All diseases to the Horse treated In & moat scientific style, and general 9at- factlon warranted. In COD. nectlan with his pr.-u tl<-e he will Prick and Dock Tails In themoitapproved style; anil, to pain the confidence uf the public, ho refers to Che following gentlemen, who have- employed Mr. BedheaJ many times professionally In the conrse often years. We feel justified in saying that his practice la superior to the general run of Veterinary Practiooeers. John C. Brodhesd, Wm. Jamison, Murray, Pryer & Co., ctrvturo. Judge WUion, " Bishop, Kelly Doct. D. A. Ackley, " M. L. Wright, •• M. L. Beirlt, •• Kesner. Jno. Klrkland, w And'«ws,- ._" VIlil«»» KACUIX. CHICAGO. James Kelly, ^m. Oownac. CXXOSBA. DITROfT. N. A. Brown, C. BiaJfurd. James fotey. LITIRT MUM or Cl.E5IH.tI). W. J. Gains, I Qeef i, White A Newel, O. if. Seymour MBHBSBS OF TDS BOOHS BBJtXOBS'i ^OOIBT t 1. K. Curtis, Wm. Patu, BUas Merchant, Wm. K. Adams. ay OOSce, Klrby's Livery Stalile, Main ,trret. aprlK-dAwtf Bail Water M. DETROIT & MILWAUKEE Railway Steamboat Line ! SU.ttMEH PLEASURE 1 d, 7 O N and after '2.1 Stay next, parties rill be carrtrti bj the swift snd elegant fiteamers Ctly nf Clevetnnd and Oleatlandi to Grand Haven, thence by truing to Grand Raplda and back at cheap excursion farm, ami time afforded to rlew tl,e beautiful aod romantic scenery on the Grand River around the Ulty of Ur.nd Rapids, with Its extensive UVP8C3I 1IED8, and other interrsting features. Fares (iQciuiling rooms or berths) for parties of five—to Grand Haven and back •'•' *" for parties of flve to Grand Rapldo and ba<;k Meals can be had an board at flity eenti, «ach. TIMIi. Pairtle* c&a le&ve Milwaalee twice Ja.ilj, svu.i h tlcketi made valid to go and rvturn any Ume vrit one week. Hourv or .Sailing At Train*. Leave Milwaukee J2..10 A. Lemve Grand Uaven ..... S:4fi r Arrive at Grand Rapids li>;30 r Leave G rind Rapids 2:35 A. Leave Grand Haven 5:8<> *. Arrive at Milwaukee 12:15 f There U a new intl comfortable hotel above ami Ur the tUUway I>«pot at Grand liavcn, «h«re ejtcunuon Partlei (deairlng to sp*-nd K few hour* « Grnnd Hav»n, or on the Beach which is quite clu«e to Depot,) ma; have every attention. J-£™ Ptrtlejfrom CoUetfes, Schools and other tOndr»HJ institutions, will be carried on very low terms, wjitoh can be had on application to the subscriber. tdP TickrUs can be bad at Dock Office, or Trim Pursers on board Steamers and -\ W. K. MUIR, W* QltAHAM, Geueral Superinteadent, Dock Offir.-, a • >)-<ilm Detroit. MilwauKfe Itannlny 3:cHJ r. i 4:i 0 A. i i">(> ». i J:<)5 r. I 'J:00 P 1 5:.10 i. I C'oach and Saddlery BARNES BUOTHEKS NO. ALBANY BLOCK. Wi.ald .nv\t<- Dip it ten tl on of ihe trmt.e to their !»ra- and super .or stock of SADDLERY HARDWARE — AND— CAKH1AOE TKIMM1NOS Parent and Knanieled L^iktht-r, En&meled Ctoth.i, alt ^uallliefl, W hips, Borat? Covers, i'ly nets, Ac- Carriage fpnngs, Aztes, Malleable Iron, Ac., bnws, Petto- 9, 3|>oke^, HftAfta, Hubs, 4.- , Of the beit Eajt-ern Umber. QOO, Jusi recrlvrd fton> one *f the largest fcasl^ri m*Qii f*ct*>rte$, the Duality and workrasnahip un-*urp»v!"»^.], u« wbch we would myite i pedal *ttwmion. lEB*" Oof Jti»,-k ihruughnat mil bf f'oun.l ---jmpiet" %n<l offered at thr l"wcst prices, BROTHERS, KAi-L. Oh 1858. DYEK AC 1 30 EAST \VATEU STHEET, UU.WAUSKt, ................... WISCO&SJ3 anufacturer* and WhoU»al&<rnd Retail Dealers in W OULD respectfully announce to their old custom- era, that they rtill continue to keep the largest and best selected Stock of 6oods In their linn to t>« found la the 8t»te, uid. will conduct their business. Ad heretofore, with the Intention of giving rstisf&ctton. — To u many new customers u may reel inclined to give as a call, we would say one of oar arm resides in. New York, and w« have faculties for the purchase and oian- afactnre of goods that can not be excelled. We are at ail times ready ta take adTaotage ot Eastern Harfceta, and taTe been enabled to reduce the price of many kinds of foods, which w* •hall continue to sell at the lowest prices In Western V r It eta. We are constantly receiving additions to oar stock, an*! will keep U so complete as to be able at all time* ta fill order* for any ktad of Saddlers', Carriage Trlm- — • - ' i -~ % Hasten* Stock, and will do 10 to a man«... .. u •. t . -i.4Ct.on In respect to quality and prices We also keep aa assortment of Bent StuU, Poles, dh&fta felloes, Spokes, Hobs. Ac., Ac., and have constantly »n h.M.d.or will ma*e t^ crder, any kind of Ooach, Oar rtagoi, Wagon or Team Harness. Call and se« for yourselves. DO REMOVAL W. F. B A V I, F, V . Has removed to his old stand, flO.I ISO EAST WATER JSTUKET. J. A". BanestetTt Dry Good* Start,) And baring made sach atldltlona to hta^facilltlrA for execatlog K 1 W K IP O K T R A I T H ! As to enab > him to say to the pablla with conflilencr that he'ts now prepared to furnish them with every -le- sirabte style of Picture known to the commanity, *n<i afsacfa Astounding Low Prices as to defy competition ; for«xampte, Daguerrolypes tor 13^ Cts. F110TOKRAPIIS FUM. For only |1,00 the Bnt one, and BOo for the iaEXAIKEOTYFES, AMBBOGRAPHS . Aid ta fact e»etj other style of Picture, at corresponding low prices. IMPERIAL PHOTOGRAPHS, Oolorad !• either Oil or Water Colors, and DnlshinMn the highest style of the AttJ THE STEE1.OTVPE, A new and popular style of Picture, Colored In Oil, wbfeh far excels In Accuracy, Boldness and Beauty of Balfthimny other Picture erer offered to the Public.— These Pictures hare only to be seen to b* admired. AH who are desirous of saTing money-. «r» respectrall; sorlctted t» call and ezamlna Specimens at the -Old lHand* Ko. 186 fatt Wattf tlrttt, XUv>au*tf, Wltaxuin. tnarU-d(m W. r. BAILEY, Aitlst^fc Stoam to Hie Principal Towns in ENQLATTD AND SCOTLAND FOR $30. : ' The pbwerfttt Iron gteanishlps OUT OF BALTIMORE, .CITT Ot WASini«QT01». KANQAROO, Will sail frotn New fork for Cork direct itm] thence -,.%....... i totlyerpwl, - . The CITT OFMANCHS8TIK ana 7IQO will saU from B«tr»BTa«d-00»K to New Tors: one* a Month. - - ,K»te of PaMigs from New York Tat'iJorlr, ll»«rpoot and the principal towns In IREIiAITD, WetAKD A«> SCOTLAND : OablD,....»75 ..... .'...v...-. : .«.,.iiThlra dan.. ..|*>. Or* PassengtM forwarded W Hatre, Antwerp^ Bre- ibanaod HMalmTg/oi »--5 ta 0»Wn, (39 Ihtol Class. IO PAWS (In Sihpan from. Ll»eipoolO Cabin »35; Xhlrl CUsa. S9S. ,i . S'-.- - -."-. • •'•»,•: Pera«nswi*hin« Utiend for their ftlends can ohlaW from CORK or BKLTABT to ' MttwWka*. Uae mold: ft» risk and [ ^ NOW recelTlng one ,>r th- Ur X ot »nj l,.-»i ,„!„,., eft Btooka of Uoorta pvwr hr'>u^lit to itns market i. •hlrt will b« a,l,leil. from l.m^ ',. tiin^. h.rlii,; '-h, The Latest Novelties Our arran O»P»TITI,I», THE LAROEST A.MufNT u O t" 1 DRESS I. »«y full , nd 4lt ra,u -•y "Ua, n.,.,u r ,. Bar •uerM. L.wa.-., Ur Ruhr -j- ^uil ,v... ..... ,„„„,„ „,„ ^KM, !>„»,-„ Ch.H uHndl^. R,,i,, i,.l. Brilliant,., .4, . . i, Whitr IN ol H & LiM*>n Df part/unit Will b,. r.iund |ri, n [;,„..„„ |. „,„ | )vil ,,, k , v, „ , Tal.lo Cloths, Ciaah. l-., v v, .;„„„,,),, IN 1 rl>, CLOTH DEPARTMENT -, ' ..ltnn.,1^'. D.M,"""" ^;, ; ',',,'..''r' '-*,",;, IN ( i I |; U a fuJI meres, V Jt-»n^, ,t v^ h»,, 4 a,,, u,,,,,,,,,,^ , ( rtr . . J llk. St-il.i. p, lr r» D ,-y B,. r ,,, r ,-'»,",,,„„, .,' "" .<hawl.. .;i,,r|, Uust.-r,, !.„,., ,n,j \,. , \| ,,„...'„,''" Ha,, , r,, n u.,,, r , m ,, u ,. y. (.love-.. Hut. i, - HI* IK TS, II04II- OUR JOBBING DEPARTMENT DEY GOODS AND YA-NKEH NOTIONS, Which » e ar- >,Ter UK -.„ Uor^na,,,., CHEAP fo li c A s 1.1 J . I . U 4 V 1 178 Ea»t W,,,r «r M ., „ i"S <'OHl»-:>uilfi. ioi> KAMIUES \o\. ,[\, r { H BCCKMIN.XTKK ,,,ui,i • • Ill«* |.e-.p>e if llil^iujtef. t ^.j ,V Hl'.rm COMr't >l N . This ar'.n-le Till n» foun.l -.,, -,„ .>,- , - ^,, n ,; ina v . ,;.,„,„; - ,, Uy ;l , ,„,,„„ . „,, ,„„ Uhnrnow .."- n 11,,. Mn Prrsa rent. J.jer^.n Hr..-! ' G. SOUTHWELL, JK., Urpeuier, Joiner aud (Juutractor, CORN KB B1DDLK AM, UILW AL'KKK STKKKTS I> ETCR.N8 u,s t-,,,,1,, ,,, r lhl . lmlr ,.,, w ,, Vl , rf _ „, J "' ""I"" 1 "!•"' y«-ir,, Jn ,l »., UJ ,I ,, tom , .ny wl»h, n|f u, rmp t ,,.... ne „,„.„, ,ta,, „ ,h, m ™ l^ lh»l a e la ,m n»n<l t,, »u uO ,l In »l! ,nr* n •„, , , . fuch »» Ihe Hivcliuo jr DWELLING HO USES, WAREHOUSES. &<.-.. . Jobbinn m.l J- A. MANC?AOTCR1N» T T Hats, taps and Straw (,oods, AT WHOLESALE AMU KKTAIL, KTo. 13S3 K A S i' VV A T K li js I' K K t. I . M1LWADKKK, „,,-•„ ,WliH;iiN ATLANTIC CABLE —AMD- FALL STYLES II.*T*» : U NCLK BKN uptu the time,, .HI ,„„. lhl . ^| „„„. Uats of D'0r»»y, U»ry t Co.. »nd ll^n, , J n for lf*oii, on SATURDAY ATCHSl Hfn 3>3" O . 1 Q O East Water K t r e e t . » 0|f14 B. TUROOI- W. B. ^re^ory &. Co., COMMISSION MKKCHANTH. MO. 308 \VtST WATEU STRFI-T. Ptrsonal attention given to DaDBlgnmonM of Floor and all kinds of Produce. J™U K'S l-'ATKNT ^(on-Explosive Was Lamp. T IHE pnbllo In now favored with tho BEST, SAFEST ana must gCONOMJC.U. UOUT over produced, equal If aot guperior LU me best Coal Gaga. It is adapted to Churches, Hotels, Stores, gearing Ruonu, Private Dwellings, Railroad Oars, Ao M Ac. A trial will prove Its aupertorlty over all Portable Lights now ID use. It i* unlike all other Lamp", being easily managed, brilliant, taonomical, free from imoke or imell,ana what I* more, entirely safe from all danger of explosion. Apply at JOUN GOODMAN'S, US Wisconsin itreet, to B. \V. PA11NUM, de«a Agent for tile 3'atu uf Wlncunaln. Jonathan € r o u <• li , UNUKKTAKKK Spring St.^Oppoalto Amurlcan 21 on He MSWCOHBTANTLYon hanil a t»rge aajortmen of Mahogany, Black Walnut and other Wood C,,tSui tn. gether with flak's Metallo JOrlal Caiea. " The offlce of the forest Horn* Cemetery Company Is at my place, where I have the plata of the, groojuls. 1 ai always ready to icccucpany patrons to theCemo- irey to select lot* or places for burial, and can be> round tnmy nl«e»_ of buslnes* day ar Bight Coffin Trim- anjrso/ •Uklndi for sale. . lepSS T 11K oltwe to Ury Srootrie* I* at '' M tKt M«, food arttel*, in itor*. for »js=«««««!!ss?»»26i6SEJSe^^?5®S§S!S39 l '?i^S!3(2!C3^ •'V-'-'v'---^^— .'-•-•- >t-~M,~J'n " t •• •* V ^^^^>yrrtSi7i-;-- ;A -' !g ---^ J i-. ^ - ^ •- tt^n^wyAs^ *rio.

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