The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 27, 1975 · Page 29
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 29

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 27, 1975
Page 29
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Take time to give thanks By Abigail Van Buran h * v * . t<H, t A lot „ 0*1 | Vou'r ffcor<l * t • !± "• •*' "^ '* l»o c<x>d » M . ,^,,, |fee p*«»pt* rmitdn't Mow 1 * you» pwkrtboofcf Thin? WrU, mo*l of tlit IMn* world li * to poorer, No p*n.lo»« No wtifir*. No food *ump«, No S»d«| HM-urlty In fnH, nnr-ihlrd of ihr (Metric !a ihe worM will go Jo I*N) hungry tonight Arc you lowly? Tl»f »»y |« hs*r » fHrfld In l« HK one. If rail* you, fall thru, c; o w ,t o f y ou , way lfl jo g ulc* for w»mri>wly ll'» « » ur i> nir* fr» (h* Mat* Att you TOtwrrnrd •bout your eiwalry't fulutc? Honrayt Our *)«!»m ht» !x.«n MVH) by .«rh moerrn. Coorwn for htrnmly IB guvrrnmnit, ttint-rin lut [>**(f «mf ronrrrn for fair pl«y under the U» Your rouniry m*y «m( b* « row Iturftn, but It «lw I. not t {Miic}, O f WM< it Prentow ring*; f^wh ind U«t«i. You «n Mill «or»Mp *t lh* f hurrh of your r|»fji«, tww . »tf,ti b«U»( »od rv*o ffnvcrnnir-nl wlthmit ff»rin(? « fcftixk on th« hrad «r * lintx-li on thf door n( midnight. And If you w«nt to llv* undw « d!ff*f*«t «y*t«n. you att Irtt to go. Th«* nr* »o *»!!» or ttnm nntMnft to ttfff ymi titrt At • fln<) thought, I'll repeal my T1«infc«ft)vlng f'r*yw; O. hwvMily ftHift- Wt thank TW f/>f food und r«n*mb*r lh« hungry W* think Tbw for h*»lth und r«n*mb*r th* *lck. W» lh*nk Th«* for fHmd* and rcmfmb»f th* We ndlf** W* thank Thw for fr»*d<>m «nd rl•m^mb*f the Awn. »»« you . Mny ihntf r>rnfmt>r«nr<"> stir n*. t<i hf 'fh«t Thy tfirtu to u* m»y !»' unni for ' H»v* H wondcrfiil 'l'hnnk»gtvlftx «nd m*y •nd your*. AH BY Kvrryone h*« • prtiWrm W'hut '» y/iurn ' l^-ir » r>»r»/jn«| reply, »ri«c to AHIIY, !>,» No 0{f7f»0, I, A f »lif WXrfi'J. Knflii** <i[«mp«-d. **-lf-addrMm*d envelope, pli-B»> THE gffAZOlPOflT PACT* PREETOBT, T8KM, THURIOAY, Kicking the smoking habit? NEW YORK fAP) - The Arn<rlfan woman hail dotibled her cigarette inioking In the lajit 10 y*ar«, but th« producers '.f fxifollr (cl«vl«{qn'ii "FesliRj; <\ti<*\" fjttivi fwl surt th«( /.he's '.ryirii! to ' kkk th« habit." M'rf than 'iflfM f«)ue*ts for a ' Qtiitler'n Kit" f«r smoker* {j'iur«wl in aft^r th*y were 'A- \t-rt«\ fret on the program that '!<-aIt with the dramatic m- fTca.s« in smoking by women over the p««t decade. The ma- )'/ri(y of the request* came within a few ctey.i of the broad- cart which wfl.i titled "You'ire Come A f/m«5 Way .,, Maybe," ami (fulekly exhausted the limited supply. The kit includes a Mlf'test for smokers, sliMig with various Up* on how to quit. The Children'« TV Workshop, which produced the adult health series for the 250 station* 'A the Public Broadcasting Service, report* that lh« requests, mostly from women, came from every state. SAFEWAY! SAFEWAY OPEN UNTIL MIDNIGHT , 7 DAYS A WEEK! CLOSED THANKSGIVING DAY FINEST FROZEN FOODS! Mellorine «jFish Sticks I "'I*V| »,|l,< Strawberries,r ';29 ( Fried Chicken^;::::;,; S 1.99 Cream Pies^::; '.;, 45 C Orange Juice Meat Pies Gold Medal] Flour (rant On f Wilh '-I M Pu»'.h*vt, ftcludmj Win* »n BAKERY TREATS! Irs. Wright's Buns t Ooj or *(&*" # ' — I t ,r-^'*'- / ';ti) BiC 68 $ *H|^Hol Oo£ oi Hamburg?! JP 8Ct »4 ^ -/ Pk£ ^H m English Muffinsr,^^39* Crushed Wheats ;;;37 C FINEST SAFEWAY QUALITY MEATS! Cake Mixes M.-!. M-fWi Orange Drink Mix::;.,^99* Grapefruit Juice:::r"ri-;39 c Grape Juice^r ^99' >i O* *T W Frosting Mixes",,:" -• 1 59 C Biscuit Mix::.:: *\M Corn Mealir ,; ( 85 l Salad Oil;;:; ..... , $ 1.59 Canned Drinks l Fiur! Shortening Macaroni & Cheddar Ground Beef 75* .. tb. f *j Sale**/ Quality Regular Grind Chub Pack m $ Smoked Sausage r.,,. u'1.59 s»i«-nQM«*r Smok-Y-Links.-v*, : »?; 1 1.09 Sliced Slab Bacon Link Sausage"", •,,, ''.?; s l. 19 Sliced Bacon JfS Pork Links^^.iT' 1 -., 4.69 Smorgas Pac£T* Chuck Roast ChoceBMfBiade ° Ne<k 1.49 Premium Ground Beef .98' u'1.48 ft 1 !.69 Arm Pot Roast XZ'?L. Boneless Roast*--="";';; Top Round Steak cC^t Port Shoulder Roast K? Pork Loin Chops<;~';L, Fryer Parts Pol Ro«! Full Cut Lb. J 1.09 Beef Franks IE;—" 4.59 Beef Wieners,,,,,, S L68 Beef Fun Franks "J^"* S 1.19 Lunch Meat^r;.^;^ 4.38 SlicedliinchMeatrt^ Cut-Up Fryers RejuUr C«t ii. "£•69* "* 7'1.09 in 39 s 51 Soft Drinks Can Drinks 0 » (Wtatii C *•*•!•>.« « < ( 0>*< 1 jr J 20' 14' Salad Dressing Sandwich Spread ; Mayonnaise;;;;;'" Preserves":;,. Peanut Butter;:;, Dill Pickles,:, Ripe Olives i^'T:, Jell Well Gelatins '1.75 -89' 19 FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES! Russe ^ Potatoes Tomatoes US No 1 . 8 75 . Ib. Lettuce Gu«*fumHu4i Walnut Meats ^ BulkWalnutsC Yellow Onions OO jLw ( Bananas (i jw Utlio. fiuil '^,4.19 Potatoes. ...... *» ^59' Orange Juice i. >» 19' Potted Mums Ib 19* V,',50' ^99' ..»2.99 Delicious Apples »«dO«l fil!*f»o(i tb Oranges Mitt) . 16. Alka Seltzer , ic , CQ I'frvm-r! TtWrti &:, *fJF Baby Shampoo;, . 99 C Vitamin "C" ;:;•;; v 79 { Polaroid Film,,,, J4.59 Hair Sprays Aspirin UWt! 100C1 8!! Glade Solid AlRFRfSHNER Fresh Whole Fryers SSI-,. 43 Ready to Cook! Inspected . . . LiSTERINE BEER 99 SARA LEE FROZEN i 107801. J Bull*r SttfustJ ll':0l Ea. 1.43 Mandarin Oranges Pacific fnend Button Mushrooms;^ 3c?, $ l Mush rooms K;^ n 4 DAIRY-DELI FOODS! Hoi M !OP TEN o gift of .Christm- ^'favorites j Green Peas^., Snack Puddings^' Green Beans&tr 4 Beef Stewis:, Canned Chili;::^ l Chunk Tuna^"- '^39* Roll-On Deodorant Party Dips Lucerne, for Chips ERA DETERGENT $ 2.25 Liquid 64 O/ liundiy Detergent 8(1 Siltway 32 0*. law Pnced! Btl. t 1.19 Adolph's Meat Tenderiier Scolloped Potaloescr,^ Jergen's lotioni»< *.in ^ Ci earn Style Corn »*», i WM. Whole Kernel Corn i^*, ,«.»., Libby Fiesh Blackeje Peas Libbi Garden Sweet Peas Cut ureen Beans i.» t . ^ iu, Libby Pumpkin Nestie's Quick Realemon Lemon Juice Realime Lime Juice Chicken Noodle . *<« Biscuit MU *»..»». i»^» Morrison's Com Kits C i s o< 69' »oi 59* i^o, U.S9 u j & 37' >• o. 37* uo. 29' >'<>.• 37* ;» o: 29' uo: 35' ^^S' ;<uj 77' ia.44' i •> Q. 59* Shick Razor Blades i 7Ct. ' Pius Pljtinuro Pii. Folgers Coffee „ , « ' Yogurt Can Biscuits Miv «Jij«h Cw .1 1 JL A Colby Cheeses -,;; s? 1 .39 ^32- s.t'- Margarine Cream Cheese s ,, sat, NOV. 28-29 t o.> 1 9 V Copjughl i960, Siletjj Stofts, *nc

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