Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on February 5, 1964 · Page 1
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 1

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 5, 1964
Page 1
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Cleveland Schools To Integrate CLEVELAND (AP) — Pressured by civil rights demon- slratnrs, (ho Cleveland School Board has aerccd to integrate Immediately 800 Negro pupils Into schools with predominantly white enrollments. The Negro pupils are transported daily to three East Side schools from an overcrowded Negro area. Up to now they have been kept In separate classes. The board also proposed Tuesday night that as a matter of policy, transportation of classes be stopped as soon as possible. Roberts ... laglo Scout Lorry Roberts Is Eagle Scout Larry Roberts, grandson and nephew of two Garden Citlans, recently was awarded the Eagle Scout award at a court of honor of Troop 159 at Hanston. The 15-year-old Roberts is the son of the Rev. and Mrs. J. Donald Roberts and grandson of Mrs. Bertha Roberts, 1116 N. 5th. Kar- cl Roberts, 1018 Center, is his uncle. Roberts has been In scout- Ing since 1959and has earned 22 merit badges. He has been active in all camp activities and served 1V4 years as den chief. "Doc" White was his scoutmaster. The Roberts recently mov» fd from Hanston to Denver, markets M M M .11 M .11 .N LOCAL PRODUCI Ins Extra Large A'» ffjs A's Large Eggs A's Medium Eggs A'» Small •«• C's 1st Grade Cream Heavy Hens Lift* Htm i LOCAL WAGON PRICES Wheat $!.»$ up I Mile S1.M unehg. Rtfe $1.05 unchg Bejrloy 41 bu. unchf i (KANSAS CITY LIVESTOCK JCANSAS CITY (AP) - Hogs 3,500; moderately active; ( steady to,25 higher; barrows and gilts 1-3 190-240 Ib 15.00-25; 1-3 240-265 lb« 14 50-15.00; sows 1-3 280 - 400 U>; 12.75-13.50. Sheep 700; steady; lambs choice and prime 18.75 • 19.50; choice low prime shorn 18.00-50; cull to good slaughter ewes 5.507.1*. Cattle 2,000; calves 100; active, steady; choice steers 21.5022|50; good and choice 20.7521.50; choice heifers 20.75-21.50; gopd and choice 19.50-20.75; utility and commercial cows 13.00 Officials of the United Freedom Movement, a civil rights confederation, said the group would suspend all demonstrations pending a meeting tonight at which it will consider the board's plan. If the school board formally adopts the proposal, it would be at its meeting Monday. The crisis over transported pupils was the cause of demonstrations and violence the past week. Demonstrators who blocked some doorways and corridors in the downtown school board headquarters were dragged from the building. Paddy wagons hauled 20 demonstrators to Central Police station, where three were charged with obstructing an officer and tvo with assault and battery. All were later released. Although most demonstrators went limp when hauled off to jail, there was some scuffling, and four policemen were treated for cuts and bruises. The proposal w«* fashioned by the board, UFM representatives, Mayor Ralph S. Locher, members of the Community Relations Board, leaders of the Hazoldcll Parents Association and the Collinwood Improve- mert Association. Hazcdcll is the overcrowded school from which the 800 pupils have been transported to the three East Side schools In primarily white neighborhoods for the last two years. The Colllngwood group Is made up of persons from the neighborhoods where the three receiving schools are located. The elementary schools are Brett, Memorial and Murray Hill. Automation For 4 Stations GOODLAND, Kan. (AP) — Four Federal Aviation Agency stations in Kansas and two in Nebraska will be automated In the next two years, an FAA official announced Tuesday. Albert Drakenbe.rg, ( assistant chief of operations in the FAA regional office at Kansas City, said the stations are at Goodland, Russell, Manhattan and Dodge City in Kanfas; Scottsbluff and Imperial in Nebraska. About six jobs will be eliminated at each station, with a saving of $30,000 to $40,000 annually per station, he said.. The change is being made with the cooperation of Weather Bureau stations, each of which will add one or two employes. Drakenburg said the step already has been taken at 60 other locations across the nation, and the Kansas and Nebraska stations are among 42 presently Reign at Leoti Basketball royalty at Wichita County Community High School, Leoti, reigned at l«$t Friday night's game with Hugoton. From left to right, by couples, are Bernice Buck and J. Lee Carlisle, Patsy Fletcher and Bill Templer, Lois Wilion and Randy Case, Jeanne Hamilton and Vic Case, scheduled. Maintenance sections of four or flv* men will be retained at the stations. Pilot Information will be avail able by remote control from FAA stations in Garden City and Sallna. France Rejects Peace Force •PARIS (AP)—France refused • today to join an International p^ace • keeping force on Cyprus, at proposed by Britain. French Cabinet spokes- Voluntary' Is Key ." *. - !- r •„-.• .;•.-•,•,..• f , . : . .• ••: To Wheat* Freeman Soys Jackie Moody and Jim Green. Child attendants, from left, are Mitch Lane, Donna Titus, Ja Lou Woodbury, and Paul Homan. Below are the king and queen, selected by the basketball players, Lois Wilson and Randy Case. Train Touches Off Gas Blast •^MlMHiMHMMMHAMVMBMMMMaMIIIMMMHMMBIMM today... Hoipltals ADMISSIONS At St. Catherine Mrs. William Shafer, Scott City Mrs. Nick Rome, 608 M. llth Mrs. John Patterson, Ingalls Mrs. Edith Smilanich, 209V4 N. Main Michael Thornburg, 306 Center Thomas Miller, Holcomb Eugene Wright, 607 Hazel Luther Rose, Burnside Drive Mrs. Roy Stufgeon, 311 N. 4th Preston Burtls III, N. Center Carrie Clark, 1105 Pershing Mrs. Arthur Nbrrington, 304V4 Hudson Roger Buerskens, 908 N. 8th Mrs. Donald Harris, Rt. 1 Mrs. Donald Owen, 903 N. 9th Mrs. Norman Unruh, 920 N. 9th Fellcitas Goetz, Rt. 1 At Leopold Oliver Shriver, Deerfield DISMISSALS At St. Catherine Kenneth Jackson, 1810 W. Kansas Jana Heistneyer, 921 N. 10th William Russell, 611 N. 6th Doris Augilera, 903 Inge Walter McMaines, Montezuma Mrs. Wilbur Thresher, Rt. 1 Mrs. Verlin Shay, Healy Larry Earnest, Holcomb BIRTHS At St. Catherine A daughter to Mr. and Mrs. BOSWORTH Mo. (AP) - A 100 car freight train rumbled Into a cloud of gas fumes drifting across the tracks and a moment later the cloud exploded in a towering mass of flames Tuesday night. The Santa Fe train, Its five dleaet units knocked out of service by loss of power, rattled to a halt. Beside the tracks, about 100 yards away, flames roared 200 to 400 feet high from a pit marking a break in a propane gas pipeline. Hours later the fire flickered out after workmen of the Mid- KANSAS CITY (AP) - Tfief fact that it would be voluntary indicates to him that ,the ppq- posed, certificate plan for' wheat will be approved. Secretary of Agriculture Orville L. Freeman said Tuesday. Freeman was here to address' the 18th convention of the National Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts. He said most of the opposition to the wheat program rejectee" by farmers in a referendum last summer hinged on the fact that it was compulsory. The program now before Congress, with the endorsement of President Johnson, is similar' to Smoking Cure The Hard Way INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - Jess E. Wright, 43, lighted a cigarette and almost drowned. j Driving along Fall Creek! Parkway Tuesday. Wright took I a deep drag, choked and fainted His car ran over a curb, rolled down a bank and went into the creek. "The next thing I knew, my hand was dangling in water," Wright said. He waded ashore, unhurt and vowed: "I'm giving up smoking." Former Garden Citian Ark City Superintendent .. . , A former Garden City Junior man announced this following a j college teacher in 1958 and 1957 Cabinet session with President • ' ' Df Gaulle. foreign' Minister Maurice Cbuve de Murvllle reported on d velopments on the eastern Mediterranean island, and on tlte British proposal for a North Atlantic Alliance force of about ld.000 men to maintain peace bftwueii Cyprus' Greek and Turkish populations. Information Minister Alalu Ffcyrefitte, the Cabinet spokes- nfan, said the legal basis for a peace-keening force would be Up 1959 Statute of Zurich con- cfrning Cyprus. Peyrefitte was referring to the!;<HI^;defeated, but the man-] datory features' have been removed'. The program calls for a price support loan of about $1.30 a bushel.. A.farmer who held to allotments would get two certificates, ' one representing his' share of domestic consumption at 70 cents a bushel and the other his share pf exports at 25 cent*. ,, Thus, assuming a market value at the loan price, $1.30, a participating farmer would get f2 a bushel on part of his crop and $1.55 on the other part. A non - participating farmer would have to take what he could get on the open market- Freeman' was asked; If the market value went above the loan level, say to $1.50 a bushel, would a farmer still get a 70- cent certificate, giving him a total of $2.20 a bushel? The secretary said he assumed that he would, but that this was one of several details remaining to be worked out. Freeman also was asked whether this would not lead to an increase in the price of bread, but replied that a final analysis had not been made on this possibility: deaths Cloud* C. Whitehunt Claude C. Whitehurst, former Garden City and Deerfield resident, died Monday at Winton, Calif. Two sots, Aubrey and Lynn Whitehurst of Garden City, left today for Pasadena, Calif., where they will meet two sisters, Mrs. Leonard Hahn and Mrs. Mildred Clampitt. They will drive to Winton for the funeral. LAKIN — Charles Clifford Phelps, 82, died Tuesday at Rear- ny County Hospital after a heart attack. He was bom at Erie Oct. 21, 1881, and came to Grant County in 1923, and to Lakin in 1944. He married Etta Miller Dec. 16, 1909 in Eureka. Mr. Phelps was a retired farmer and a member of the Methodist Church. Survivors include the widow; two sons, Edgar, Lakin, and Jefferson, Ulysses; ters, Mrs. Dorothy two daugh- Howard, American Pipeline Co. closed valves on both sides of the break. Three of the five train crewmen suffered slight burns and were treated at the scene by Missouri Highway Patrolmen. The diesels and some of the freight cars were scorched but didn't catch fire. Another locomotive was sent out from Kansas City, about 80 miles away, to take the train on into the city. The pipeline carries propane from Tulsa, Okla., to Janesville, Wis. Propane is a heavy gas which becomes liquid under pressure. Firemen said they thought the line started leaking and a spark from the train ignited the fumes, resulting in an explosion that broke the pipe and blasted a hole 30 feet across. No buildings are near the scene, about a mile east of Bosworth, and no other daamge was done. Kenneth Macoubrie, who lives a quarter mile from the spot, said the blast shook his house. "The whole sky lighted red," said his 15-year-old daughter, Jane. "It really shook us up." "The engineer told me he saw the gas fumes drifting about four feet above the ground just before the explosion ocurred, and that he thought it was fog," Macoubrie _ said. The injured trainmen were Rex Robertson, engineer, > and H. A. Wright, fireman, both of Marceline, Mo., and V. C. Griffen, head brakeman, of Bucklin, Mo. William Eastin, conductor, and A. E. Henry, rear brakeman, both of Marceline, were uninjured in the caboose. The towering flames were seen at Chillicothe, 30 miles to the northwest. Other Santa Fe trains were rerouted until the fire burned out. 35 Witnesses In 4-Day Period JACKSON. Miss. (AP) - The defense calls new witnesses to day in a drive to rip up the state's case against Byron De La Beckwith, charged with murder. Hardy Lott of Greenwood, chief defense lawyer, said he hoped to wind up the 10-day-old (Surrieti rit? W«dAiteteft M», I, 1144 William Shafef, Scot,t City, Feb. 4 at 10:33 a.m., 6 pounds, 10 ounces. A daughter to Mr. and Mrs. John Patterson, Ingalls, Feb. 4 at 5 p.m., 6 pounds, 6 ounces. A son to Mr. and Mrs. Donald Harris, Rt. 1, Feb. 4 at 10:49 p.m., 9 pounds, 12 ounces. A daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Donald Owen, 903 N. 9th, Feb. S at 12:36 a.m., 8 pounds, 9 ounces. Legals Quitclaim Deed — Laraine A. Austin, et vir, to Darrell D. Michel, et ux, Belle Alre Addition located in the NBXi of 17-24-32. ^ Warranty Deeds — Ruth Fin^ et vir, to Dale R Dickenson, th«* SV4 of the SWVi of 10-23-30. Gertrude G. Coen to PatriclJt,., June Woods Harrison, lot 22 to- block 14 of Haskell's subdivision^ Gertrude G. Coen to Robert F.. Coen, lot 6, block 34 in Holmes Addition. Gertrude G. Coen to Donald D,; Coen, the east 50 feet of the north 40 feet of lot 11 and the east 50 feet of lot 12 in block 12 of Holmes Third Addition. Gertrude G. Coen to Euarda D. Patrick, lot 38, block 16 in Jones Addition. Gertrude G. Coen to Louise Anders, lot 1 and north 11 feet of lot 2, block 7 tor Teitelbaum's Addition. * Gertrude G. Coen to Dalles Coen, the west 39 feet of lot all of lot 6. block 13 and lot ,«T and the east 5V4 feet of lot 5 tjr; block 13 all in Selby-Cole antP Hurst's Addition. V T: J. H. Keller, et ux, to Marjorle L. Smith, et vir, the north 40 feet of lot R and all of lot 9, block 5 of Boyd's Second Addldtion. Urban Gerber. et ux. to Charles trial by Thursday. I Milhon, et ux, the NEy 4 of 9-23- The prosecution rested its f33 case Tuesday. In nearly four days of testimony, Dist. Atty. William L. Waller called 35 witnesses in an effort to prove Beckwith, 43, ambushed Medgar Evers. Even, 37, was state field secretary for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. He was killed by a sniper when he stepped from his car at his home here last June 12. Waller's final witness, Dr. F.G. Bratley of Jackson, testified that a new pink scar arched over Beckwith's right eye could have been due to a blow from a telescopic sight jolted backward by a rifle's recoil. Evers was killed by a bullet from a 30.06 Enfield. A rifle of that make, equipped with a telescopic sight, was found carefully hidden about 150 feet from the sniper's nest where the killer lay in wait. No witnesses said they actually saw the killer. Kansas Traffic Log TOPEKA (AP)—Kansas traffic death log: 24 hours to 9 a. m. Wednesday —1 For February—5 For 1964-56 Comparable 1963 period—31 Courts COUNTY Fined — Oscar R. Cortinas, Ulysses, no drivers license, $10 and $5 costs. • POLICE Bonds Posted — Marilyn Lou- • ise Ewing, 2210 N. Main, improper 'U" turn, $5. Dennis Ray Peitz, 2315 N. 8th, driving on susoended license. $50. •. Gerald D. Fornshell, 1211 N. 10th, improper driving, $10. Jav Eugene Barnett, 1204 N. 7th, leaving scene of an accident, $25. Roger Mearl Brunson, 80S Pearl, Imoroper driving, $10. ... Arrested — Dewey Franklin Glenn. 2409 N. Main, drunk and.', assault and battery Gabriel Richard Rayas, 81« Garden City Ave.. drunk. Traffic City Accident — Tuesday at 1:45 p.m., 1600 block Jones Ave. Car drvien by Gerald D. Fornshell, 1211 N. 10th (extensive) ,.. and mail box owned by Gene Asher Austin, 1027 N- 2nd (slight). candidate has been named new superintendent of schools at Arkansas City. He is Lloyd Leonard Shank, superintendent of schools at Scott City the past seven years. Shank will replace Dr. J. J. Vineyard at Ark City when the latter retires August l. Shank is a graduate of Fort Hays State College and has one more sum-1 torney and member of the city Hays Attorney New Candidate HAYS, Kan. .(AP) ~- Tom Boone, 37 - year - old Hays at I See... by Hit Ttltqrom Listed on the fall semester honor roll at. the University of Kansas are Peggy Smith, freshman',, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Guilford. Smith, Garden City; Mary Jean Curtis, junior, daughter if M/. and Mrs. Herbert H. Cutrl^, Leoti; Ivan Davis Conover, freshman, son of MV. and Mrs, ; C. J. Conover, Satanta; and Ronnie Dale Thomas, junior, son pj Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Thomas, Ulysses. mer's work to complete his doc torate at Colorado State College in Greeley. tfe conference at Zurich in 1959 bitweii the Greek and Turkish pfemiers which ended fighting b»t\vc«n the Hluniues. two Cypriot com- Koyo McGillivroy Quits LIBERAL - Kayo McGUUvery. head football and track coach at Liberal High for five seasons, has resigned. He did not list his plans for thu future. McGillivray formerly was •Hie minister said France bad, star athlete at Ulysses High and participated iu drafting the ' Fort Hai's State College. He cam* ' ich agreement, aod hence here from thje head coach's job at not feel bewelf involved. 'Syracuse High. commission, has announced tils candidacy for the Republican nomination for attorney general. Boone, a former mayor, Is U. §, commissioner and „ workmen's compensation,' examiner for northwest Kfosas,- He was city attorney of "victoria, Kan., in 1957 and 1958! He was> graduated from the '^ashhurn University law school 'in 1958. A native of Sharon Springs, Kan., he 1$ married and has two children. He is a veteran ol World War II, a Methodist and I Masoa. Assistance day* during February at the Internal Revenue office here on E. Kansas Plaza will be Feb. 7, 12 and 14. Both telephone and office assistance will be available. Chambtr of C»mmerc« members are invited to a coffee session at Great Plains Wholesale, on west Highway 50, tomorrow I morning at 10. This is one of the ; regular Chamber coffee sessions at various businesses in Garden City and vicinity. -Whether buying or telling, uie Telegram Want Ads! Cheraw, Colo., Mrs. Phyllis Hodson, BurwelT, Neb.; two sisters, Mrs. Sylvia Ware and Mrs. Leona Hemmey, both of Altona; a half-sister, Mrs. E. H. Miller, Cleveland, Okla.; three half-bro fliers, Clarence Phelps,' Lakin, Paul Phelps, Oklahoma and Carl Phelps, Odessa, Tex.; 13 grandchildren and 15 great-grandclul dren. Funeral will be Thursday at 10 a.m. in the Lakin Methodist Church with the Rev. Paul Brooks officiating. Burial will be in Lakin Cemetery with Davis Funeral Home in charge. Michael D. Mclnnu Michael D. Mclnnis, five- month-old son of Mrs. Helen Mclnnis, Rt. 1, died Tuesday morning In St. Catherine Hospital. Death was attributed to a disease of the pancreas. Surviving besides the mother are a sister, Dorothy Rose and grandmother, Mrs. Alice Mclnnis, 1406 W. Kansas Ave. Graveside services will be Wednesday in Valley View Cemetery at 3:30 p.m. with the Rev. J. Merion Kadyk officiating. Garnand Funeral Home is in change. SHven Jomei Lovell month-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Lovell, El Rancho Trailer Courts, was found ,, dead this morning in his crib. The attending physician said death was caused by an acute bronchial infection which caused the child's throat to close. The child was born here Nov. 22, 1963. Surviving besides the parents are two sisters, Penny and Brenda and a brother, Michael, all of the home; paternal grand- mot her, Mrs. Lottie Lovell, Menett; maternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Gates, Monett; and paternal great-grandmother, Mrs. Minnie Spangler, Honolulu, Hawaii. Funeral and burial will be in Monett Garuand Funeral Home Columbia Pictures presents SPieGEL DAVID LEAN Production 0» is in charge of local arrangements. NOW SHOWING CURTAIN TIMII •wtfffict OpfM 7;00 fh9w SMrtt 7:40 Star* I)M LO1BEM1 OFAR4BI4 „«.. ALEC GUINNESS ANTHONY QUNN JACK HAWKINS JOSE FERRER ANTHONY QUAYLE OAUOC RAINS • ARTHUR KENNEDY .,. OMAR SHARIF,-Air «,««««. PETER O'TOOLE-TAWRENCE- « MOA/Oft AC'uw « «M0r<M«4A«0 * SUPSR wants/on '0* NO PASSM THIS INftAtlMINT MATINffS PIIQAY ANP SAT. 1:00

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