Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on September 27, 1987 · Page 8
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 8

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 27, 1987
Page 8
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8 -SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 27,1987 -THE UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL Evidence gravity countered by 'fifth force' By LEE SIEGEL U> Sclinc* Writer LOS ANGELES (AP) — Scientists have uncovered new evidence suggesting that gravity is counteracted by a "fifth force" that would make a feather fall ever so slightly faster than an iron ball. "Our results are consistent with the existence of a fifth force. It's good evidence, but not conclusive," Paul Bpynton, a physicist-astronomer at the University of Washington, said Friday during a telephone interview from Seattle. Scientists have identified four fundamental forces they say govern behavior of all matter in the uni/erse. They are gravity, which attracts objects to each other; electromagnetism, which creates light, radio Waves, microwaves and other types of radiation; the strong force, which binds neutrons and protons together in the nucleus; of an atom; and the weak force, which makes some atoms break down in radioactive decay. The study by Bojnton and his colleagues will not settle debate over whether a fifth force exists to counteract gravity, but "certainly makes it somewhat more plausible," said Stanley Brown, an editor of the journal Physical Review Letters, which will publish the study Monday. In an experiment supposedly conducted 400 years ago, Galileo found that when two objects of different weights were dropped from the Leaning Tower of Pisa, both hit the ground at the same time, contrary to the logical notion that heavier objects fall faster than lighter ones. If a fifth force exists, it would slightly counteract gravity so a feather, because of its atomic makeup, actually would hit the ground ever so slightly before an iron ball if wind resistance did not slow the feather, Boynton said. Boynton conducted an experiment with a 3-inch metal ring suspended horizontally at the base of 400-foot granite cliff in the North Cascade mountains near Index, Wash. One half of the ring was made of aluminum, while the other half was made of beryllium. Both halves of the ring had the same mass, which is what gives an object weight when the object is pulled by gravity. Because gravity exerts the same attraction on two objects of the same mass, both halves of the ring should have been pulled slightly toward the cliff if only gravity influenced the ring. Instead, Boynton found the aluminum half Of the ring twisted slightly toward the cliff while the beryllium half rotated away from the cliff. That suggests an unknow force was affecting the two halves of the ring in a different way based on the differing chemical composition of the two halves, so the force counteracted gravity's pull on beryllium more strongly than it counteracted gravity's pull on aluminum. Televangelist Robertson wants us to look beyond his religion CHESAPEAKE, Va. (AP) — Television evangelist Pat Robertson had to crack down on ond of his most valued employees after he refused to go on the air one Saturday night. "I heard the voice of God," Robertson wrote years later. The voice told him, "Don't fire Jim Bakker." The voice of God, Rbbertsonhas said, guided him at many critical moments in his life. But now he wants people! to concentrate on a different side of Marion G. ''Pat" Robertsoh as he campaigns for the 1988 Republican presidential nomination. He offers a resume that describes a career rich in achievement in the business and academic world. At every, appearance he points out that he Was born into a family with an illustrious political history. And no one, least of all his rivals in the GOP race, can any longer question Robertson's skills as a political organizer. He beat Vice President George Bush and Rep. Jack Kemp in Michigan last summer in a test that may assure him a victory when the first delegates are chosen in January for the 1988 Republican National Convention. Two weeks ago, the conservative Robertson stunned his rivals by finishing first in a 'straw ballot at a GOP fund-raiser in Iowa, easily outpolling Senate GOP leader Bob Dole. Bush finished third and Kemp fourth. Robertson will declare his candidacy for the presidency on Thursday with a speech from the steps of the house in the Bedford Stuyvesant district of New York City where he and his wife, Dede, lived briefly 27 years ago. Pat Robertson, founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network. He has conceded on many occasions that for his quest to succeed he must overcome a widespread aversion of American voters to the entry of clergymen into politics. Last month he sounded confident he could overcome that antipathy. Commercials running in South Carolina urge voters to "get the full picture of a man uniquely qualified to be president." Born March 22,1930, in Lexington, Va., Robertson now distributes a five-page resume that points out that his father, A. Willis Robertson, served 20 years in the Senate and that his ancestors also include Presidents Benjamin Harrison and Wil- liam Henry Harrison. Under "Business Achievements," his resume says that with initial capital of $70, Robertson founded a complex of companies that include the Christian Broadcasting Company, "America's fifth largest cable network with 32 million homes connected." Robertson has stepped aside from his role as host of CBN's popular "700 Club." 1 He also lists "Operation Blessing," a private relief agency and broadcast operations and relief centers in 24 nations. Sale! PC-Compatible Tandy 1000 EX $ 20395 69500 INCLUDES CM-5 COLOR MONITOR Reg. 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