The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 27, 1956 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 27, 1956
Page 10
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2-A!0«no (la.) Del M«in«t Tuwday, Nov*mber 17, 1956 Tidbits From Evelyn Helen Johnston sure hit the jnck pot Monday night when she and . her husband Bob attended the Legion "feather party." She played Bingo with "looted dice," I'd say. ar perhaps she had a rabbit's foot nt ht: purse. At any rate she can;o off with top honors, winning a turkey. 3 ducks, 3 chickens and a hrtm. "Enough" she says to "Tide me over Thanksgiving, Christmas. New Years ;md Bob's birthday. January 6." Can you imagine a nicer place '.o be right no\v than San Juan. Porto RicoV That's where a card was sent me from Betty and Raymond Henry of Moline, 111., who are vacationing there. She says "We are staying at the Caribc Hilton Motel, a really super place. We went deep sea fishing yesterday (Nov. 15). Swimming is wonderful and we are getting a nice tan. no burns." The Henrys are former residents here and Raymond was employed with the John Deere Company with whom he is still associated. I hate to »e* Old Man Winter approaching and Mrs Cliff Johnson feels the game, especiaJly when she sees her petunias peeping up through the snow, still bravely blooming and gasping for just a little more air and sunshine. Her "mum?" too were being overcome by the storm, and it seetns a pity they have to give way to winter. Winter is an old "mebny" I've had a grudge against these many years. Jacqueline and Heru-ietla Cook. Jacqueline Keith and Joyce Opheim were lucky girls, having xvon a contest conducted by the Baptist Sunday school officials. They were given a trip to Iowa City ancl tickets for the Iowa-Ohio State game. They were taken there by Mr and Mrs Clyde Priebe whose daughter Patty went along. What a fine prize, or reward I thirik I'd better call it. I have always Wondered what influenced Claude Samson to drop the letter "P" from his name while his brothers continue to be Sampson, the same with the Willey family. They added a "y" to the original -Wille which the late. Paul 'kept in spite of his brothers. request that he join them, with the additional letter. Algonans w;ill remember Jeuncttc Goeders whp' married; Harold Falkenhainer. I .was amazed when I Jeartjt'd a, few years ago that their daughter Linda is Linda Falkeiv—the -name having been made legal and th0 Hamerhaving been dropped. Well-, there a,re many long names. .: ; Recently when Mjrs Granzow mentioned Elyriaj Ohio, where her son and daughter-in- law had gone, I' 'told her that name always made me, think of my' first -wheel chair. That is where it. came from, and a fine chair it was. It would have found favor in my grandmother .Cady's eyes. She, u native Oh|oan, never was as fond of Iowa ns she was of her own state, and any thine from Ohio was perfection. is * V « Ms and Mr* Russell Hardgrove and children Vjcki, Ann und Russie were at Dubuque a few weeks ago to visit their daughter Mary who is in Mount Loretta convent. Mary likes her work very much. The family enjoyed the trip and •were especially interested , in the "Father of Waters," the Mississippi, and they enjoyed driving pver the huge bridge to East Dubuque, over on the Illinois side. When I went to Ohio a few years ago, we stopped at a" very good cafe just across the river. And it is a beautiful drive as one corrjes in from the west to the city. High rocky cliffs, beautiful meadows — so lovely it's hard to describe. » * • Mrs Bessie Jones brought me the autograph album which be-longed to her lalo mother. Mrs Cora Stiipleton and 1 had a lot of fun reuding the verses and remembering the people who wrote the stilted, mid-Victorian contributions. Most of the handwriting wafc beautiful, showing the Spen- wvian influence. Of course there were a few not so elegant, but for the most part, they showed excelk-nt penmanship. The yours varied, mostly 1882-1885. 'Hero arc some which interested me because of more intimate knowledge of them. Bertha Gary — It seems to me she lived in my neighborhood years ago ;md 1 have a vague impression she once owned the double house on College street back of me where Mrs Bilsborough and Ila live. The house now owned by Rhoda Bonar. Eva Cady —.Aug. 1, 1882 — She was my aunt and married Bert Goddard. Hattie Jones—Aug. 22. 1882. This was a beautiful page, the fine writing done along evenly penciled, barely perceptible lines. I think she is the Hatlie Jones who married James Stewart. She was an aunt of Thelma Johnson. Helen Norton. I wonder if this was Mrs A. L. Peterson's mother. The date of her contribution was Feb. 15. 1887— Of course Jennie Peltibone is still well-remembered. And her twin sister Josie. Jennie taught school and Josie was an art teacher in the schools. They were close friends of my aunt Eva. Kate Keith I am sure was a teacher in the Normal school. In some writings I did on old times .1 had a picture of her. Helen Ingham, ;md a couple of professors._K a t i c Blackford is a very familiar name. The Blackford home was west on Nebraska street I believe, though there was another Blackford home, Eugene's I believe, on west McGregor. Emma Henderson is another familiar name, and it should be for there were two of them—one was my mother's aunt and one was her cousin. This Emma I am inclined to believe wus her aunt and she too was a great friend of my aunt Eva. She married a Mr Plum—J. S. Hofius is the first man's name. Mar. 4, 18(17. I wonder if it was Joe? Effie Hawkins and Jessie Any us are just names to me. Nannie Setchell, Jan. 7, 1882. She will be 'remembered by so rnany who bought hats of her. She was grandmother of Kay. mother of Carl, and for years conducted a millinery shop on State street. W. C. Danson I recall very well. A tall, angular man with rather a large mustache-. Father ot Florence, Mae (Mrs L. W. Fox, doceased),'Ncil, deceased, Dorothy Albeit decenstxlp Bob and Paul. ThoiY stood where the stone is marking the site of the Asa Call residence on Thorinylon street. Lora Goddard. I nm sure she is uncle Bert Goddard's sister whom I always called "Aunt Lo." She married Charles Morehnuso ;md for many years they lived ;it Bancroft where he was in a bank. It was through him uncle Bert iirul aunt Eva Goddard moved to Bancroft where undo Bert was employed in the bank too. I never heard of Florence Mattice but she wrote the most beautiful hand you ever saw, 'She could have? earned money by writing names on calling cards, a la old limes—Roy Wilbur, Apr. 18, 1887. He was a brother of my aunt Eslelle Wilbur Henderson. (Mrs Wall Henderson whose name was also in Ihe book—Nell Salisbury and Doll McCall are mere names I've heard, Mary Paine I am sure was an aunt of Don Smith. W. E. Starks, I have an idea he was father of an old school friend whom I know back in first and second grades, Jessie Starks. Ex-Algona Man To New Position Dnrl E. Snyder, above, who was raised near Algona, has been appointed as eastern district manager of Diamond Black Leaf Company of Cleveland, Ohio, the company announced lust week. Snyder is a native of Iowa, born at Humeslon, ;md raised near Algona. He went to the Diamond Black Lent Co. from Standard Oil where he had supervised technical sales ;md service work. He is a 1947 graduate from Iowa State College. William Barton Rites Nov. 16 At LuVerne the Lawson residents recently to ask Wava Woodward for'news items. A girl answered the ph'one and I asked to speak to Wava. I had not identified inyself so I figured Coleen was a "smart cookie" when she called, "Evelyn Cady wants to talk to you." I'm sure sho has nut heard, my voice often, in fact I don't remember when she could have heard me, but she KNEW and I don't seu how. » » * Mr and Mrs Jack Limfcaugh drove to Tarna last week to become acquainted with their new nephew David, who was born Oct. 11 to Mrs Llmbaugh's brother and sist^r-jin-law, Mr and Mrs Bob Qaier. This is the first grandson fof either pairs of grandpar- c.-pts, amid a little flock of girls (jhe Llmbaughs have four) so David will be quite the "kingpin." * * * At the fcmbytcmn church there i$ a Wednesday night Youth Club \yhich stlects & ''Mother of the Month," Mrs Irwin Malut-g was the latest selection and on Sunday, Nov. 18 had a corsage pinned on her by hfcr daughter Djunc who was baptized in the church just eleven years ago that day. This club has a craft department and Mrs Maluug is assisted by other ladies in the church. * * t Why Jhty ait called "slumber )>4rtics" no one knows, for very HttJc of that is achieved. Bui tlvpre in a lot of fun to be had at|d last Friday night Bub Martin h«jd us overnight guests David A|ena, Steve- Hardy and Bruce MeCullough. Part af the fun was the lidt: Ua Jtee sctvjol bus to the M,irti# hojHft *outhW£St vf town. Amrthw gre&t shajrc of the fun V '-J* tuMUjf allowed ta »'t I'D 10 MV TV.'., ' Nc-hl i'vjv • Emma Carlon was an aunt of Dot Carlon Smith. She married a Mr Dodge and Buena Reec married her son, Carl Dodge Louisa Crose wus a person I kne\\ well. She was it sister of B. F Crose, father of my very deai friend lucille. She was a fine woman—Mary Smith, daughter ol Mr and Mrs L. M. B. Smith married Dr. A. L. Rist. Helen Weaver, 1 never met her but I've hoard moUiLT speak of her. She was a sister of Mart Weaver-• Cora Raney. 1 can't figure out who she was. Frank Slagle I remember well—Dora Weber nuir- ried a Mr Ureh. I knew her very well. Norman Cotton is u name to me. I first heard if when I worked in the Kossuth County recorder's office under my uncle Frank Henderson, later with Agnes Laidley. Last, S. II. Me- Nutt, whom I knew too. He married Louisa Crose, us I mentioned previously. So many fine people gone to thc'ir great reward, some jiumy years ago. Nostalgia .sweeps, over one when these old timers are brought to mind. » f 0 This is sort of a postscript. uing through the book again. though theie are still quite u tew i haven't mentioned, I can't finish without the name- ol Carrie Wilbur, .sister of my aunt by marriage. E.nella Wilbur Henderson, who married Be: t Lewis, and wno now lives in Orange. Calif. And last but by no means least. Nellie Gray who married E. G. Bowycr. What a strong personality .-'he had. Remember iK-r children Edith Bowy.-r Whilfen, tin. 1 iK'Complishrd conceit pianist. Ambrose who was vci y .-IKTI--.S- ful 111 Chicago, Gwendolyn who married Claude Nu.rse. M.inorie who iiieJ in Cineagu st-vrral yi'urs <jgu what was in-, name, Bur- rdl? And Gent-vitve why live* in London. Ol the famil> -only she and her niece Muriel Nui rir. i- Y-' I'.)-.', LuVerne — Funeral service? for William Barton, 85, were held at 2 p.m. Friday, Nov. 1G, in the LuVerne Methodist Church with Rev. Worthie Usher officiating. Music was furnished by Mrs Harold Wolf and Mrs Bertie C. Ramus. accompanied by Mrs Irvin Jergensen. Attendants w c: r e Alvin Harclcopf, Robert Ilardcopf. Edward Hof, Harold Trausjer. Albert Hefti and Irvin Chapman. Burial took phu-i.- in the LuVerne Cemetery with McCullough Funeral Home of Algona in charge of I'lTiinuements. William Henry Burton born June 4, l«7l to Mr and Mrs Leander Barton, in LuVerne, passed away on November 14, l!J3(i in Chariton, Iowa, at the age of 8." years, 5 months and 10 days. In 1890, Mr Barton was'united in marriage to Alice Birkofer in LuVerne and to this union four sons and one daughter were born. However sadness came into the home in 1914 with the loss of the mother and again in 1947 with the Joss of a son. Kenneth. In 1917, Mr Barton married Mrs Lou Claugh. He was a farmer all of his ife, farming for many years near LuVerne, and .since I921i in the southern part of the i state. The last 15 years have been spent living with his .son. Hush and family in Melrose. la. Mr Barton joined the Methodist church ill 1889. Surviving are three sons. Al!red of Genesio, III., Hugh of Melrose, Ervin of LuVerne; nne daughter, Mrs Geneva I hit field of Cambridge. Also two step-sons Clyde .and William Cloimh and one step-daughter, Sylvia Halterman of Des Moines, and cuv.- .sister, Mrs Clara McCormick of Lo..; Angelt-.'j, Calit. Out of town relative:; attending the rervices were: Hugh Barton, Alfred Barton families, Mrs llatlield, Jim and Sherry Bf.rton, Davenport, children (it Kenneth Barton, Mrs Sylvia Haltenvuin, Des Moincs, Mr' and Mrs Tom Hat field, Ames, Mr and Mrs Billy Barton and Miss Alice- Ann Baiton of Fori Dodge. Family Dinner Visitors Wednesday to Monday in the Fred Kruse ;ind Ralph T. Davidson homes were Mrs Anise Davidson, daughter Lola, son, Mr and Mrs Charles Davidson of Newton, 111. They are mother, sister and brother of Mrs Fred Kruse and Ralph T. Davidson. A family dinner in UK- home Sunday in honor ol the relatives visiting here were Mr and Mrs Vernon Eggleston and daughters of Marathon, Mr and Mr.-, Gordon Davidson, Sexton, Mr t.nd Mrs John Bohan, Grand Junction, Mr and Mrs Clarence Clark and son Wayne of Eagle Grove, Mr and Mrs Ralph T, Davidson, Mr and Mrs Vervon Davidson. Mr and Mrs Donald Kruse of LuVerne. A/-C Robert Marty and three army fn...nds from Oiiitt Air Base near Omaha. Neb were weekend YibiUns in the parental, Mr and Mrs Edwir, .Marty home. They i.ame in enjoy some pheasan' hunt in:;. St/Sgt Elmur niui Mrs Per- L'ande. daughters, Sheryl and Theresa of Sail Antonio, Texas .11 rived .Sunday lor a week's fur- nu^li. He came to visit his moth- •r. Mrs far! Pcrgaiido a surgiea) latirnt in Lutheran hospital, Ft. >»Jf!e. and io .-.pend Thanksgiving with their families. Mr;- Robert Hlumcr. Sr., ac- •omp:miod her snn-m-law and .laughter. Mr and Mrs Richard '•Vik'ii.x f! Eayie Grove to Kirks- villc. .Mi»,uun where- they vi.-:t- ••d Saturday ;,n i Sunday' in the hoiii< ¥ n| the); -mi and brother. ;Mr ;.n.I Mi., James Mlumt-r and Thfiesa Kay Tnerf.'-ia Kuy, six old. h.-u bren ill aii-i ;:•'.- - are reelccted president, Mrs Andrew Marty; vice president, Mrs J. Haul Stevens; secretary and treasurer, Jean Hefti. They packed boxes for service men which was (ollowed by pot-luck refreshments. Mr and Mrs Henry Kubly. Mr and Mrs Edwin Marty and Janice. 1 . Mr and Mrs E. Marty and JoAhn wore quests in the Jiulian Weltha home in Randall. They attended tin* baptism of Paula Jo Weltha in the Bethel Elim Lutheran church Sunday mornins. Mr and Mrs Eldoii Marty. Walt ham, .Minn., wcve the sponsors-. Also at the mortiim: service" Mrs Judean Weltha joined the church there.. The Missionary Guild were nue.-its Thmsday in the home of Mrs Christina Nielsen. Mrs Walter Kii.<u>l presiderl. Devotions Jtnd lesson were given by Miss Emma Krause. • At the business tht-y voted to adopt two needy families in this communitv, also S10 for the tree of 'lights, Des Moines. $5 for Christian Home in Council Bluffs and $5 for the Iowa Children's Home Society in Des Moines. A gift cx- chr.nge is planned for the next meeting. Mrs J..oren Appenzeller and baby of Williams were guests. A pre-ThanksRiving dinner was held Sunday in the home of Mi and Mrs Lloyd Stevenson ;md Mary in Hardy Sunday. 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