The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 10, 1923 · Page 12
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 12

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 10, 1923
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE. THE HUTCHINSON NEWSi TUESDAY, JULY 10, 1923 ociety Call Telephone No. •MOO and ask for Society. A wedding that roirms as a complete surprise to tlm many frlonda or (I F; youttK couple l.i Dial of Miss I.taliWln Claire l'nltersnn mill Dr. Forrest F. Ixjsan, which took place Monday, July 9. at Halinu, Rev. I... P. Aroml madias tho ring eerniiiniiy of llio Muthoilltit church. Mr«. Lo^an is a daughter or Mr. and Mrs. ltnlior-t I". l 'littersc-n or 310 North Maple Blrpet, am] 1ft woll known in tills i-lt\. Sii,- in a elmrniliiK IMUIIK woman and a blonde. Dr. Lo^an is tho SOU irf Mr. anil Mrn. L. H. IxiKalt ot Arllnqtnn and him for nevoral yearn had a thriving practice In this city. He Ifl aBPorlated with the? Gago-Hall clinic of )]|tt.i'lilii.'ir,n I luring (ha war he ivnn ft captain in lli•• dental corps of the 40th field Art ill.TV. Siitli lllvislon. He lorvei' ovi-xi- .1-' i" tin' Ht. Mlhlel ufri'ti- sh'e aii'l !!"• A; my of Occupation. Dr. and Mr.t. In left lmmcidinlely follewinc. liio enr,-ninny on a Wcli'i' i ;M .!:,r fctir to Yeliowtit'inc National Pari; They will ;,to|i enroiito to visit Mr. Y "Mi in l f .,KHH at. Sheridan, Wyo. trip to Rochester, Minn., whero Dr. Williamson will attend tho •Mayo Ilr'others- clinic. * * <•• Mrs. It. C. Getter and Mina raullne (letter will loavo evening- for Colorado Springs, Colo,, whore thoy will upend tho remainder of the summer. * •> * Dr. anil Mrs. I'. K. Tedrlck of this and Dr. and Mrs. 0. 1). Price of Lyons spent Sunday In Ureal, llend vlsttlUK friends. <*• 4> •• Mrs. Fred French has returned from Lancaster, Mo., where lias been visiting her mother. TOMORROW EVENTO. %— [ s> The* men clul, mi'! JrieasaM (he lioni.' " crlitu.i. w«.« Tncnt Mr. n: ami i-on, it: A social I mcnts v-,:-' Mr nml Mr O. W. .Mi • Duwnlc. V. 211(111. Mi- i; find Mr*. I P.'-;- erlntid, Mi- Mr. and Mr. Martin K.u Miirrs. Mr. Mr. and M Mrs. rVr.i V Jllnfric Mr dBBRlil'T. daUf.:liT»- Ten, Mr-' Wins Hon Whitehead and lioiit"^ f tin Merry Matrons' li.-nilirt enjoyed a vi 'ninn Sattirdny at ;n-d Mrn. (!. V. Slilll- .- I lieri'l 10 co:u|iU- i Diaries Willlanlt on nl SI. liOiil.--, M.i, i:-- spent, mid n-fri'sli- •I'I at. a 'ate h >'ir to V. /."ill. Mr. and Mrs. !;• and Mrs. Ariinir Mlii. .Imepli fhri-i- i Tom l.awren, -. Mr. ac',;. Mr. and Mrs 1. and Mrs. liny Sul.ii Mr i W. II. Stafford., le, Mr. and -Mrs and Mrs John Will Thompson, itrown, Mr and • and Mrs Frank .1. C. l'riirln.* "ami FOUR MORE DIVORCE DECREES ARE GRANTED of years betoro coming.lo Oof fey villo twenty years ago. THE DAILY RECORD K .lid. Mr u! Mr*, li. V.' -a! .11 Mr \: tliin- Trnssell and tain 1' and child. \'.'\ \U! and children, Miller, Mr. lieorr.i! !li--- oonor ^netda, host ' 1 11 11 As a t Tna Audi O. I. l .aa ,-wltli a d.-ii North Mai fipent tiie •was sen i At a tat."Were ser-, Miss Iv.l'n Kat.her li Mills Am Jlolland, Pauline to!, ail Ooort '.i-- M 'i .1 mil Sproli -i Charle. Younr, Matiieu-s. horair cm Mr -i-,' to her sister. Miss if Hoi-m, Idaho, Mis. •-riaimd la.'it evenim; arl y at her home., 705 >t T he younn people -,ir d.inciiij.;, tuid imneii olU-'iiout l.ljO evellini;. . daintv refreshment r, I tie I'oHtvwins i:u(-iils p t ,.f r .eil.-plalae, V.isii .Mis-. Hetty Hettinger, until. Miss tii-l.-tlude ' hirloMc Day. Mais u 'l-. l'aiil ('ramni, Mr. -, Jr., Mr. iiriuii void Horr, Mi- Mr. John Wrav . V.-ell-.i, Mr. John Itascoia and lie; lla Mrs. H. V. -XVoGrath will preside as honiesB at a oral o'clock Jnnehoon at the Kora-haugh-Wlley Tea Room, for tin.' members of lier hrldge cluti, and hrid^c at hor home, -K'.'J lC.isi Sherman street. The membnra of the I'ythlan Slstera dub will /father at the home of Mrs. Mary Smith, 'H'2 Fourth avenue east- The regular iii'-etliu: of t.lie Past Presidents ot tha W. H. (;. will he held at ihu homo of Mrs, \V. A, ,l<infs, Slh A v.-ii no El east with Mrs. Kil Ktayton. and Mm. William Miles assictlug. Tiie inenvber.i of-tlie W. I. A. will i :;,ioj a social meetiuc with Mrs. H. Jt. Wlieeier at her home, 017 Seventh avi uue woat. Mrs, Tom I*awrence will entertain Ihe members of the Merry Matrons cluli at her home north of the city. Miss Joyce Pemiinsion w ili enter lain Ihe members, of tho Trlplo K cluii at her homo -west of the city. The regular evening nieleing of the It. D. 9. club will be held Willi Miss Olive Foreo and -Miss Trcssie Vaughn ns hostesses at tho former's home, SOU Avenue A oast. Mrs. Harry Thomas will preside as ho .itesB to the members of the Prls- i-illn club at her home, lliijli Fourth uienuo east. Mrs. 1>. B. Frazee will preside as hostess to tho members e." her bridge club at luncheon at the •Rora-bangh- \ l .'i !ey Tea Kooni and bridge at her home. 548 East Sherman street. -!>—fy— <J>—- <Ji—*—;;. CHURCH NEWS. « Woman's Hume Missionary of the First Methodist ehurcii •et Tliursdny afternnon at 2:30 at the home o,' Mrs. 10. N. Ml -East Sherman street. A Ian;,Spent ihe «iit> \vii-: fc'Olf. T! -Wltil Sin c rplayers i.: OOIl v.-'.-.l'.i ' Slid speu- tlHose wl, Clumil"! ii 13. Kelly . Unwind V Viidill'-.s Of Mill I.',:eon, i'ia.'--' the iiit-'iii J.-a. iy of Iliitc'iln?ion polf" I'.I: Sunday in ASTchila, i:!.i i o;j,!!,-y club. jiaJyi; ill \. : a:i'l:i vras well filb 'a'o.s i\ la,' clime l<i see :-.:!-. A niinibol- or UnU-hi e: an .uijaiuled the lioif- la day al Ihe chili. Ain 'j: , i ...'.la' were Mi'... t;:a Mill M"-v. A. K Kirk, Mrs. \ Mis. W. li. Ilainlltou. Mi adil'es and Mlsa Marsar aii W'.ilidiea, w'iio is n iv.aaen colli-rs of Hlltolli i u:':i .Mrs Tom KlcoeU Ponding divorce stills are occupying considerable of llio attention Df JiidKO W. t>. Fulrehlld. who is clearing up the April docket this week, preparatory to leaving on his vacation. Four more decrees wore gratitc-d by .ludgo Fairehlkl this morning. They wore in the following eases; -Feather Rlc against Frank F. Illeo. -Maiden name and divorce to plaintiff. Martha .Weaver against M. Weavor, Divorce and cusiociy of children to plaintiff. Anna I... Hridires againat John. U Briilgos. Illvorce to plaintiff. Charley Crow against Mliinlo Crow. Divorce to plaintiff. POLICE INTENDTO KEEP MUFFLERS ON Tho city pfillco aro puttiTifi out a drag npt out for Ihe poopUs who ;>er- al»t, in driving their avvtnjnob-iiea with •mufflers wMu open. Chl«f of Police W, 10. Loup j-tatfi» that c.oirvplahits hnve.canio in from pnoplo who aro un- ahto to sl(*t<)> after \i o'clotlt at. nlfirht and ntlo.r K o'rlnck In tho morning be- cauau of the lnolork-tta with thyir cutouts open. .lack Rurker of 505 -Fourth t>as( ^*as tha offrnilor to bo rtrrestt'd lor •driving with hi.s murfJyr rn>on. Othfir arreota will b« nmd^ SOOTI, if automo- biliat3 do not taltii warning. BIG SYSTEM OF ROADS. j Federal Government Has Approved tho Ones Agreed Upon In This State., WushlnRtoii. July 10.—Definite do-1 Blffr .atlou-a of roads to <:omiM>se the; foiioral highway systtMii have been nifldo In thirfy-four statcw by the do -i pnrtinwit <>t aKrioulture. TheHo roada and estimates in thti fourtnea stutDS whorp tho roailH havo not yet been approved abrogate * 187.40C miles, uonnotitlng uyarly every city in the country, having a population of 5,000 or morn. Indications aro that ni^ro than nino per cpnt of th*> nation's population will livu within ten niilos of a ffldfral aid highwuy. In some Ktatos It will bo fl-a liiRh as 9S per cent, according 1 to department offinials, and In uouo will it ,drop below G5 por cent. Mileage by sta-tos. whoro dosiirnfl.- U OIIH htivf' bi .vpn mado liududea: Kan»as, G,42o; Missouri, 7.040. Dteda. McNflffhten- Inv. Co. to T). IX. Shlnn, lf>t 1, i>lk. V), Wtwt Park add., Untchln- fton Albert Harmon to A. It, Stnhly, lot 11. hlk. 1 3, Crnar«n t Purk 3rd add., Hutchlnaun. l'Z. K. Tryo to Wm. O. Jaooba, lota S and 4, Wit. .12, Hutcliliwon Inv. Co. 9th add., ffun-hliwon. I J. U. Halj to Nettto J. Oolllnfl, "s 40, being to MAKING A SUCCESS IN ADVERTISING WORK Hiirrr Stewart, former advertising nianagor of the Pegucs-Wrlght ntoro WAR hero last evening on business and Tisltirig old friends. Mr. Stewart la now- a directing member of the PqttK-Turrrbilll Advortlslnf I agency aynd htis matio a great succ6s« ! of his work. Ilia lnteat achievement land tho business of the " : J?n. 2 ami " 18 "' lot '' «•*"»"'Nick- j American Tobacco company, a .big con- l.yiila I,. Bauman to Oliver Y. au-' tract I" tho' advertising world. Mr. mure, ct al. of soH <!rover it. MM tan to Ciielle Watt, oW of ni'ii 3;,-2 ;.-4. 1 . Hallan to drover B. Hattan, neii 36-2C-4. Wm. P. Hattan to Hfancho Brawlcy, »•* off nc% .-15 -26 -4. KrnpRt. Kloyil Tliompaon, et al, to OeO. A. Thurni .stm, nw -14 13-24-S. tied. A. Thompson to Fourth Stttto Bank, same. I.lly M. Welerbeo to Alleo Carhlenor, lol» 3 and 4. l)]lt. 1. Irving Place add., llut'-lilnsen. Stmvart Jianillen the advertising Tor a number of Hutchinson manufacturing tlrnia. RAILROAD NOTES add., MutchUiaoa, Ciiarlcy 51. HambauKh to fdUlo ,1T. Robpit, iels 4 iind 6, blk. 2, Woodard'a 2nd ,-iit,l., Hut,.'lilllAr,n. J. h. Mccracken, one of the Santa .. , , „, „ „ , Fo officials, arrived today from Well- Kali, h W. Handlaa to McXatrhten Inv. incton Kansas Co.. r.\l, u ,t 2S. nil 26, blk. 11, Orchard 1 lnu " m Kansas. " "' ' '' On account of a freight wreck at Win-slow Arizona. Santa Fe train No. 8, due In at 11:25 last night did not reach here until S A. M. todny. The westbound freight from Wichita went through a-bridge near Kingman yesterday afternoon a.nil tied up traffic. The bridge was washed out by the. floods in .lime but had been re-lmllt. No one was hurt. S. IV King, traveling car clerk of the Santa Fe was In the city on -business. The Santa Fo yards at Pratt are congealed with empty cars and orders First In England. I/ondon: To Great Ilrltain Is due tho credit of having the first organlrjition which bore the name Young Women's Christina Association, being first foiimioi! in ISS-i. $100,000 to Loan. On residences or business buildings Newlln-.Matinliig Co., 11V4 North Main. . 8-4t ^yJWP '"oceived ,to store some of wiHn n nN H HUa>ai'lii» Waists at Half.Priced grain shipments, •Mr. U-H. tlodktns pfKiOBas City,! Mo., traveling freight* strent of the Great Northern Railway Co. Is In tho ciiy today on business. i Miss Minnie Williams, stenographer • in the Santa Fo car department, spent Sunday visiting in McPhorson. Clark Davis, Santa Fo division freight agent wont to St. John today on business. 1 J. R. Van Ordstrand and wife, spent Sunday with M T . Van Ordstrantl's par- onts at Haven. iMr. Van Ordstrund la •In the car repair department of tho . Sauta Fe. j F, C. Teak of the Santa To car re-! pair department, -who has been 111 the ' past couple of weeks returned to work . yesterday. } 1 John H. IMggs has gone to Colorado,' for a visit. He was granted a sixty days' leave of absence from Ills -work ' In tho Santa Fo car ropalr department. Mr. J. A. Cllllea of Dodge City, assistant division superintendent of the Santa Fa, is in the city today on , business. - i Wi our offer tomorrow entire atock of new white voile wmi»U regularly $3.98 to ffi ! i THE BOYS AND GIRLS. The cir-tv tlot weather la hard on tires. Kquip your car with l,e.„ l'uuriiire Proof llres. and forget them for the year. We se.i! 'oni. Phone 59. Ilat;iand- K!ii:;sley Motor Co. . 10-.U o.itur.iay eveniuR: dam-" Stevens ponds ffl-tr MANNISH CUT TO NKWGOLKSWKATER' A pi-.r'v o; of Mr. an-l Fifth nvoiiu. siu-iirlsed Ill •wetldlm; am liin.K ivus -wore scr 1 . i d Hub)- t.'.iki.o- Miss <;r:o, cu *ruts llii lie Nluhehi. Mi- Mr. am) I'll (Mr. and .Mi... Friosen, lie- tosses. '.'ii' nils went to the home .Mrs. .). It. Adklson. IC't i ust last evening and in mi their iwnnty-fll'th inrsury, Auoclal eve- 1 ' it! and refresh in ent .'i :il a lite hour by Miss n. Miss IJthol Boes and \>'ol t'i -TKliti .i-fii>r. The 1 ,1 Mr. and Airs. D. 11. iiinl .Mrs. J. Hlanskey, '. M. V. WoHnrsliorgor, J II. Fluids, Mr. lienor i ;u,,sts and hoa- Mn. J. \^'. llolierts will have as her dinner BIHI-M lids evening, at her Iionie. 2»1 T.i -i 'llth avenue east. Dr. toad Mrs. YY. 11. Williamson ot Ku- j>hur, Olila i..i-iner residents of this olty. Win liK -m '.-is of the class <rf tlie l ;, n. i Ai-i-inii! llai'tist. church, taught h> In I'srioll .Smith, went •to I.lii.c -rioi ; . t.oiluy to siiond three day«. 4 PEI1CONALS ,OF 8OCIETY. * 4—4>-. -.i.- — ii -i —?—'i.—^.-.-cl*—^,—^ Mr. «nil Mi-| M 1', Mliter, Miss Mar- feoline Miller and Mr. t'ornollUH Mann ftvlll lean- liiiirsduy on au extensive motor trio. They will atop In Colorado ^prir..:,-., t 'oiii., and other points Ju Oilorado I'.oint; on to Yellowstone ff^nthmal l':i:-l, inun there for a woek't; etay. Froi.-i ile-re they will go to •JUifereiit poinlM of lnlnnist In Washington and tiref.on and motorlne down Aba const ti. lyes Aiigvlos, Calif. Thoy r be con,: a'suit two rnonths, * * •!- Orlr. and Mrs, K. 'Ilex Smith und ^fla'u&htru-, Houmna motored to Wich, tta, yesterday to spend a snort time JWillh -Mr. Smith's Bh'tor, Mrs. A. J. Jcrey. Mrs J.. 15. Me-yerdJng will leave this evonins In Join them In Wichita. BProni there Ihey will motor to Haxter ISprlniis where l.hoy will Bixjnd eoina ijjnc visiiln;; I'riendH. * •» Mrs. O. A. f'liickerliig nnd daiig'htor, ISllzubeth arc spending sovoral weeks vlBlllhli relatives In tho oast. Thoy left Muroiivllle. Pa., yesterday whore thoy have been visiting Mrs. Oitckcr- inrs imreniu, and wottt on to Westfield, N. Y, * • Ttr. and Mrs. Williamson of .Sulphur, OkJa, who have been spending a few days ,'jere visiting, will leave tomorrow iioou to continue on their motor They Are Playing Junior Tennis Doubles at Indianapolis Today. Indianapolis, .July 10.—Play in the boys' and j.-,irls' junior doubles tennis championship Marled hero today on •the courts nf the Woodstock Country club. ..The r .iatiouai clay courts tennis championship mutches .started yesterday. A. I,. "Sandy" Wiener and .Donald S'.rue.hiin. of C,erm:inl.own, Pa., pro .tefto of William Tihlen, are hero to participate In the matches. Oeorgo Lott, of Chicago, list year's winner in -the junior tournament., is hero to defend his title. HOUSEHOLD HINTS By MK9, MORTON Ford makes cheap cars. Perhaps ho would ho the eamo kind of a president.— AtchUon Globe. Melon*, ropuvcrii. MENU HINT Breakfast. Corn Flakes. Currant Jelly. Coffca. Luncheon. Rplnaeh with Hard UoUod KSE*- ttnin K O U B. Butter. Uerrloa. Cookies. MUk. Dinner. Beefsteak. Buked Potatoes, t'reiunod <li-oen Beiuis. tlreflu (niiuiij) and IjOttuoo. ^Jour Aiiplo-Cuatard Pie. Too. Coffeyville Man Dead. CoiTGyvllle, K;\i\.. July 10— -John Wesley Harly, HO years old, rt roLlred merchant ot CofiVyvilla U dead hf^re. He lived at Sedalia, Mo., tor a nuuihor TODAY'S RECIPES. Popovera—sSlfL a generous "pint ot flour sf3ve !>al times •with a teuspoonfvil of baking- powder, add ono-half tea- epoonful of salt, a pint of milk, and two eggs, beatou very light. Beat all for five minutes, then turn immediately iuto heated and greased gem or deep muffin pans, and bako at once in a hot oven. Molasses Cookies—One cup brown sugar, one cup shortening, one cup molasses, one egg. one tablespoon ginger, or one -half cup water or sour milk, one maspoou soda, flour to roll out Bote. Hake iu moderate oven. Sour Apple-Custard Pie -Pare, quarter and cure four medium .sized apples- Blew in a little water. When done rub through a sieve and stir In a tablespoon..butter and a little nutmeg or cinnamon, as preferred. Beat yelks of t'wo Kge.a a little, add to apple mix lure. Add thrne-fourths of a cup of sugar, beat well and put lu uncooked pio cniBi. Hake. Make meringue oC whiles of eggs and confectioner's sugar and put on lop of plo aud brown. SUGGESTIONS The Children's Room—A well-known physician has said that white walls m a nursery are bad for the cluidren'a nerves. They refloct too much light. Any soft tint la preferable, but blue la probably brat, and instead of paper it Is much better to have Ihe -walla painted so that tucy may be washed. It is better to have little, It any, decorations In a child's room. A good plan to covor tho floor with linoleum aw a (safeguard against drafts before putting down the rug. When a Raincoat Leaks—Tlaiucoats have a way of letting the dampness through iu certain places, but it Is quite easy to set the matter right in the following manner: Seaure a emiaU 'lump of beeswax and apread the rain ] coat on a flat surface,.wrong aide up-] ward. Now rub the material with the j wax until tho surface appears to have 1 taken on a i;my tint. When the area 1 has been treated In this manner, hold a sheet of brown paper over the spot, and then press with a hot iron. This molts the beoadax and makea it pass into every fiber of the cloth. Tho raincoat will then be weatherproof. Stocking Hint — "When mending otoc.kiuga, darn 0:1 both sidcy lightly and your darning will lust double the length of -»imo. Picnic Coffee — To one quart of •coffee, poured off tho grounds, add ouo cup cream, two e ^£5, beaten thoroughly. Sweeten to taste. Chill well. Put in the thermos buttle. Make cof* •foo at breakfast time and chill, then add the cream aud egg?, using a wire beater. Then return to refrigerator until wanted. CeaiitusGuaxdJ No fear ot sunVmrn, frottklcs or vdna-tfliaiiiH-fl face n.nd liands. . Protean, U'AHilfles; SOc and 00c iho lar. 2L#£frrrnkk*s Cream $8.75 for exactly half former prices, $1.99 to £ $4.38. Plenty of extra jjj large as well as regu- B lar sizes in the assort- j}j merits. In addition to Su the above, we. offer 50 n* white voile and organdie waists that arc slightly mussed, in sizes 34 to 44, former- _JJ Iy $6.95 , to $8.75, [ J 1 O. F. SAWYER & CO. f* 3 choice for $2.95. 1 NEXT WEEKI H0R1NSUVS SYMOPATflBS Sensational Negro Jazz Band direct from Newman's Theatre, K. C MIDLAND THE NEWS TELEPHONE, 4400 MUI.TIGRAPHINQ Mailing, Folding, Addressing. PHONE 670 Wa write advertising campaign.. All { kinds of Mallln,] Llcts. EUGENE HANDLES ADV. CO. Eugene Randlrs—W. Raymond Allen j 3 WEST SHERMAN Properly Fitted Glasses show that the frame is becoming: to your face. That the "pupil distance" is perfect. That they fit your nose perfectly. And if "riding: bow" glasses, that the pieces which go back of the ears are properly adjusted. H. S. ZINN, Optometrist The Zinn- Jewelry & Optical Co. Henry Zlnn Jno. Birchfiold Tho golf swuattir plirLurnil is a Httlft iliftt'roul from tlio gtmurul run and will bo popular villi many wlio like a more or loas niauiiilBh tom-li to their sports clothe*. H fltn llm flpurn closu -j ly nml buttonB straight down thoi front. It Is Jaet tho kind to wi'iir for •warmth and would lie u vory practical; all-tho-yosr-round Karmtmt, It would • lio Idiml for wear unilnr a top coat lu cool weather and would bo aa prac-1 Ural for skating aud hiking us for wi-ar on tho links. As shown horo tho body of tho •sweater Is tn a color I'omliluutloii wlillo tho aleoven aro pur..' white with rufl'M of tho color. It Is nnule of Hoar linind nuiKlo floso.(ind in lail-tted. In a aliuplH, purling stitch. A particularly smart sporta hat of whlto foil with u fiudiiR of colur Is particularly ttvproprlatu worn with the HWCd -tor. Some of tho nowo-it nlooroleeB nwi'itU-rn are mm tie in u vory Btrlklng and bocomtng shndo of I uniuoiBO. Wldo Btripos ar» uaod or Hinal! checks on a whlto ground. Anothor Innovation ns pretty as It la pruoUcal Is aporti) scarfs of thmnol frlnt 'od at the ends. They coma la plain colon, itrlpw and plaid*. arns Your Socks? " • Men— I Here's a Tip that will save your time, temper and money. Our Bundle Work Service includes darning of socks, sewing on buttons and other repairing on request. Your pleasure in opening a finely finished Model laundered package will be heightened by this extra service. Our better service costs no more than ordinary service. Be sure and phone the right number, 44, . , - / J •' DRY CLEAKER8 27-29-VWft Second Walter Boehm, Mfcn PHONE 44 RARE DISTINCTION —tho home with Imaiititul flowers always ln^ evidence. And this extra touch nuiy expense these days. had at so litUo We're showing fine, fresh-cut—• CJladiolas and $2.50 per doz. Snapdragons 50c per doz. Marigolds 75c per dor- Hardy Peas ...,.50c por bunch Zinnias.'. ^ 50c per doz. •Shasta Dalslos 50c and 75c doz. Perithoum SOc buucli Phono 3S00- IS North Main St F0LTZ PHARMACIES -3 STORES- AT YOUR SERVICE. A. D. S. MILK OF MAGNESIA A perfected hydrated Magnesia; ussful as a mild laxative and for acidity of the mouth and stomach. .It Is valuable In come cases of gum trouble. ,. , ,- Nothing I* so effective as A. D.'S. Milk of Magnesia for neutralizing Infant's milk. 25c and 50c the Bottle SI 2— 6r MAIN i y WD'SA 4 ~•& MAIN MW&fa 13— & MAIN ^

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