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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 1

Pampa, Texas
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Wednesday, February 25, 1959
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f» have ffwrfofn I* SflT? to ntf* Wat which I« Absolutely necessar-jr fo m to he what «* mifhl to be, ftntf l« » might «6 Jtempa laihj WCATHE* top »' fHXAS .*» Pitftty etowty High M, tew **. Serving the top o' tsxas SI Yfan VOL, 56—NO. 274 Certified by ABC Audit PAMPA, TEXAS, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 1959 (14 PAGES TODAY) Suntidyi I Be Talks Continue After Red Leader s Reject * * * * * * * * HOPES CHILLED FOR MISSION'S SUCCESS A. P. I. (Kicks Off Membership Drive By WALTKR 1/XU.V United Press isible Communist blockade of Ber-,day. President Elsenhower WHS llin took on a new sense of urgen-' holding a press conference and Icy but. American officials hoped (President Charles de Gaulle • Premier Nikita Khrushchev's Khrushchev's statements would j called a cabinet session to discuss abrupt rejection of Western plans \^ e f 0 ]] OW ed by a "reasoned re-jlhe mounting crisis, .for an East-West foreign minis-j p , y ., lo their "request for a Big| j n Moscow the British were sters' conference chimed hopes to-| Four n , ee ting to settle the Oer-j making no official statements, but 'day for success of the Macmillan „.,.„ n ,. 0 blern. it wn* ripnr th* JOimshohpv ;man problem. \i mission to Moscow and may havej Addresses PnllHcal Knlly 'speech had cast doubt on the sue- .brought a major Berlin crisis a;. Khn]9hcnev spo i <e to a political'cess of Macmillan's mission just .step nearer. .rally of his constituents in the when the British believed the mis- rally British Prime Minister Harold Grand Palace of the Kremlin. His sion was successful beyond their Macmiliari was meeting- Khrush-1statements were made while Mac- greatest expectations. -1 chev again today at Khrushchev's, m in an was visiting a nuclear cen- Wants Summit Conference | A'illa 60 miles from Moscow but' ler flo m n cs nwa y, and political The crisis centered on Khrush- :| the previous atmosphere of cordi- 80U rces in Parts called his action ; 0 hev's Nov. 27 proposal that the | ality turned to one of shocked unprecedented In East-West rela- j Western Allies withdraw from'*! surprise, on the part of the Brit-j Iion9i ; West Ber] in and that it be turned | Ish. I Further American and French :j n t o a "free city" with the Com- § . Allied planning to meet a pos- \ reaction was expected later to- rmmist East German government ifi — • " ~ '""" controlling Its approaches. He *H COLD WAR, BRRRR! The 1959 membership drive for the Panhandle Chapter of the American Petroleum Institute has been kicked off with membership cards and dance tickets being distributed in the tri-city area of Pampa, Amarlllo and Borger. This year the Panhandle Chapter headed by Frank Storm. Jr.. is host to the Mid • Continent District A.P.T. Spring Meeting in Amarillo on April 22-24. At this meeting, oil men from Kansas, Oklahoma. So. Illinois and the Panhandle of Texas will convene and discuss new developments in the oil industry. The local chapter membership drive will end March 13 with a dance at the Top 0' Texas Sportsman's Club, Music for the dance will be furnished by the Collegians, a 14 piece orchestra from West Texas Slate College. Officers of the local chapter for 1959 are Frank Storm, Jr., Independent, Amartllo, Chairman; M. G. P^ogers, Pan American PP- troieum Corp., Pampa, 1st Vice Chairman; Max Bolick, Cities Service Oil Co., Pampa. 2nd Vice Chairman; and Joe Kenworthy. Ke- wnnec Oil Co., Pampa, 3rd Vice Chairman. In the past the local chapter has enjoyed * membership of some 600 persons Interested in the oil business and this year even a larger membership Is expected due to the fact that ths Spring Meeting Is being held in Amarillo. Membership and dance tickets are available from any of the above officers or in the Pampa area they may be obtained from R. A. Barton or Paul Wiley, Texas Company, Max Bolick or Ed McGttire with Cities Service. George Crumrine or John Moore with Sinclair, Henry Frazer with VVelex, John Fri.tby with Atlas Ta.nk Co., A. E. Hickman with Petroleum Specialty. C. A. Htisted, Dr. Joe Donaldson, Walter Lenamon with Magnolia, Jack Miller with the. Railroad Commission, E. N. Moreland or O. A. Ingerton with Halliburton. Walter Stein with Cabot or Martin Ltideman. Situation Tense Following Talk' By HENRY SHArmO t : nlt«d Pre* International MOSCOW (UPI) — Prime Minister Harold MacMillan of Britain and Soviet Premier Nikita S. Khrushchev talked for four hours today. In a situation made tense by the Soviet leader's blunt, cold war speech of Tuesday, the two resumed their little summit conference at the villa outside Moscow where Macmillan is staying. Khrushchev arrived for lunch and then they held a business meeting. A British spokesman said little business \v a s , discussed at lunch but in talks afterward Macmillan sounded out Khrushchev about the Soviet leader's speech in which i he turned down a foreign min-;" isters meeting as proposed by ,1 the West. "Since Mr. Khrushchev did I make ft speech like that, It is Ike Ices Summit Conference gave the Allies six months to take it or leave it. , The West asked for a foreign i ministers' conference to discuss I the German problem. Khrushchev, The Allies had hoped a foreign ministers conference would be in , Raps Wheat Dulles Has 71st Birthday In Hospital K,better for him to have made it f* whila the prime, minister Is here *f'than after he left, as it gives the 1 1prime minister an opportunity to j, (question him on the issues he. * w 'raised, 1 ' the British spokesman j said. The* B r i t i * h spokesman said iKhmshchev and Macmillan would i have another conference Thursday Jtary of State John Foster Dulles .at the Kremlin before going toitoday observes his 71st birthday Kiev for a visit. | a t Walter Reed Army He said Khrushchev definitely , jwould he taking the trip and prob- fly in WASHINGTON fUPI) Secve- *< :pnc<> without the By STKW'AKT HKX'SI.KV United Pres* International -- Presl- chcv's obvious nnd palpably in- meant the ' Cl . [si3 wmlk , explorte O n 'transition! altiln ie lowers hopes ^h^i^ie ifor any really successful negotia-.' Thc Soviet move wag seen !n „ u ... . av , hnt tinn ' <l on Berlin nnfl Germany. ; Washington as a move .to split the.'" 1 "; ""'» dent Eisenhower saidtoday that: ^ presjdent fl]( , o thrw cold ' A|lie . a \ R , jme wnen M «cmHlan' lHte What • Soviet Premier Nikita Khrush ,. CANYON'. Tex. M'PIi J. Evetts farm where it is grown. Haley attorneys would probably «.<»k for. Khrushchev's speech rejecting a But there is no doubt that the manded^ by the West^ appamitly Hn]py ft pl . on ,i nen t Texn.i ranch- contended he used the wheat fora review, but he had little hope foreign ministers' conference" on I secretary is keeping his hand In flr-polittrifin, bitterly assailed a livestock feed, and none of it wa.« for favorable action. Germanv had cast doubt on the WASHINGTON He said there is "no longer any success of his Moscow mission, able extent, that Congress has power to regu-; The government appealed the frpef)om {or a . mmff mftn who Khrushchev on Nov. 27 proposed 1 H « has conferred with President ... . . t U <• ( \X'Ant D a t-1 i M V. • 1111**-. ft ft l«t A Court forty-Five Are Listed For Petit Jury Duty Here Supreme Court decision Tuesday put on the market. The farmers grow forruling, and the Supreme ^,,.,, Wflnt , to their own use. ;Tuesday reversed Judge Davidson water on Khrushchev s suggestion, was in Moscow and Secretary or for a Kummlt conference. He saidistate John Foster Dullea was in a I Haley has A such a meeting would do moreihospltal. |tne rase - II international affairs to a consider- harm than good unless it was pre pared In such a way a* to prom Statement Infuriate* French The French appeared particu- Interest in in a brif!f "rder, citing a 1942 de- his son J. cision °' its own as a precedent. ' Evetls Haley Jr., who grew farming lnal West Berlin be turned Into a demilitarized "free city." that the Western Allies withdraw and "Likewise, there Is no chance that ,,(,,,„,, ^ Berlin be turned Little Hop* for survival unles* he accepts th«; over to the Eagt German acres of wheat without an allot- ! m . n , nn ,. , „.,..., rnnrh i n unsuccessful campaign for gover- that goes with th« program lae some hope of accomplishingji H rly infuriated by the Khrush- ment on . h jf 1 ; 600 "' re ranc " ' , n or of Texas in 3956 said their.added, something. jchev statement. Newspapers jSequoyah County, Okla. —_ •• __• _ "I apparently made the mistake i who made an filthy subsidy of the government; rnunl , t government. H« set a »tx- '*,month time limit on carrying this lout. He, told a news conference that [greeted the speech grimly and Khrushchev's rejection of the|ralled for strengthening of the! of rearing my boy to expect noth-i West's proposal for a Big Four western alliance with West Germing from his government but pro- Forty-five persons arfe listed tor-foreign minister's conference on'many. Guests at a de Gaulle re-'lection of his rights under the con-' petit jury duty in District Court-Berlin and Germany was not inception Tuesday night expressed stitution," Haley said. | for the week starting March a.-hopeful development, particularly!d ce p official concern. Newspapers! "Now the government has de- Tng., ftre: 'since It came at a time when> al i er i Khrushchev's speech "In-; stroyed them. It's perfectly H R Miller, Leymond O. HallJ Britlsn Prime Minister Harold so lent." 'obvious that nobody except the John T House,' J. T. Cornutt, Carl; Macmillan is in Moscow trying to : United Nations Secretary Gener-,Negro or the Communist can ex-1 15 Axelson, Neville Back, Mc-;create s good atmosphere for ne- „] D S? Hammarskjold also was'! pert anything from the present; Lean' J Wade Duncan Mrs. Earle '{foliations. believed concerned at the threat'supreme Court." j Atkinson Lefors; Lonnie Dny. Me- Khrushchev's rejection came In of „ new Berlin crisis and in- Refuse* lo Pay I^an; P. B. Cumberledge, Lcfors; i * Kremlin speech Tue.sdny. ; firmed sources said, he would x-isit AjrrlculUire Department D. F, Holt. D. L. Hale, O. F. Eisenhower in one of his to,, K b- Moscou . ln hopei , his own .. qi ,, P , «« ; T . vea ,.. old H alev must' Rhewmaker, Holly Gray. Al Baer. "I ^'n'" 1 " j"..^r;" 1 .^"'K ; ! " >I0v . 1 T nCy COUW ^^ P»v a penally of jmil/He re- H. H Hahn, Malcolm Hinkle, W. about the Soviet le.ulei. sa d he trouble. . , Gerald D. ™ti!d " ot . ln (act . sec niuch use TJ,,, Western powers are draw- s in trying to hold East-West con- linp , lp nj > w p | ans to n1l » et (h^ court, Cancer Crusade Chiefs Are Named Here This Morning "i Depvity Premier Anastas Mikoy- lan recently *aid that if East-West ,talks were held Ru.saia might post- I pon* iti decision. Khrushchev's 'speech Tuesday appeared to have ;upset this Idea. WILKS, PARSLEY FILE HERE nve rnment went to C. Breining, Lefors; SI And John F Campbell. Samuel ferences of any kind if the Allies lh «,,t'of « Berlin blockade should Federal Judge T\ Wh.tfielrl ua- A Havnes AlcLean OtinNace D.'K«« * negative answer before ne- . RlIM , a act BRalnM t h« Western vidson ruled ,n Dallas last Oc- B^*er W B Herr Emn Ur- gotiation, even begin. !warnings that a hlo.-kade could tobev that Congress' power to re- 'hWcivk'W'L 'Heskew Rav Bos- The United States and its Allies. mo(m wnr A mPe , inK w .i« expect- «'«'« " does not ex well Howard E. Johnson, Bill <»« President said, are not goim* Ofl , n P , lHs hv Mnr , n , , o 8tu dyi»« nd lo wheat ( ' o » ! " lnied on _^ Stockstill Kay Fancher. lo K ive one S1 »fi le lnrl1 '" I"' e - ; ihe aspects of a blockade. Also Mrs. W. G. Crowson. Drew seeing their rights and responsi- O|1P possibility of mooting the (jfQSS FifC Word, AlanrfPd; J. W. aiisholm. bilitles In Berlin. ^ 'threat of war was partial mobili Mrs. R. K. Parsley, Charles M. nrs rv n.. r a ,»,c>, «,.,« He added thal there rnn b(s no Cation of Western armed forces' Pampa firemen Tuesday rushed Gatl'liT Motoeetie- "Noble F 5 s h, abandonment by the of this bu( , npre WRS stin no hint of this, t" * lot on Price Road where Alanreed; Mrs. Corinne Trimble, principle of its rights and respon- , n \ Va( . 0 T(?>c Maj Gf . n w . r. -burning trash had caused a small " ~ (Sen SUMMIT, PHRP S) | Westmoreland, commander of tha grass fire. 101st Airborne Division, said his The fire started from a McLean;~Henry J. Gindorf, W. B. Murphy, Carl B. Anderson, L. P. Fort, Mrs. Johnnie Lee, Buck Wil ba rrel. Johnson resi-, . _ - If It comes from a Hardware;paratroopers could be ready to behind the T. W. Hams, McLean; Sam Malona and store, we have It, Lewis Hardwarejmov* anywhere in the world Intern:* m the 100 block. The call Lorene O. Locke. | (Adv)'two hours or less. • was received at 1 p.m. Chairmen for an April Cancer Crusade were named at an early morning meeting today of the Gray County Cancer Society. Cameron Marsh, president, named Bob Hudson Crusade Chairman, Mrs. Berton Doncette House to House Chairman, Roy Bourland Advance Gifts Chairman, Mrs N. G. Kadingo Radiothon Chairman and Jack Skelly Industrial Gifts Chairman. Dick Stowers, education chairman, asked Mrs R. R. Mi-Kernan to meet with th« Council of Clubs April 2 Hudson said the radiothon, » radio marathon, will be held April 12, Cancer Control Day. A house • to - house campaign will take place April U. In laying th« groundwork for the CriiMde. Marsh reminded the Board that t h « American Medical Society offers a tested and effective method of attacking Cancer on three fronts: Research, Education and Sf-rvii-e. "Since we are gaining headway in the war against C a n- cer, this is no time to slacken our pace but rather a time to bring up all available reserves to win th« war," Marsh declared. THE NAKED TRUTH HURTS! BILSTON, England a'PI* Truck driver John Dussai, S3, came clean in court Tuesday and admitted he stole .i; bathtubs H« denied them was a bathtub ring. He was fined $280. Eisenhower four times sinca his Feb. 13 hernia operation when doctors discovered a recurrence of the malignancy for which h« underwent surgery In November 1956. Dulles confers daily by telephone with his aides at the Stat» Department, inchxling acting secretary Christian Herter. He also has held long talk.i at ths hospital with Vice President Richard M. Nixon and with his brother, Allen W. Dullex. director of the Central Intelligence Agency. Officials have made it plain Hershel WHUv Pampn plantlthat these talks are not in ths manager for th« Celanese Cor-'™*" 1 '* °' idl * «'fKroom chit-chat. poration, announced this morn-j The secretary talks about Berlin Ing hi- candidacy for rlt.v mm-!'"'' Middle East, nuclear disarms. mlsMoner from Ward I. Wllks ment and other top problems of presently U In Corpus ChrUtl on'the diplomatic agenda. business nnd plans to Hie for, the P°st on his return the. latter ••> » c ST\f A f f\ A /*• LJ part of this week. jTASCOSA COACH R. K. Parsley. Ward s Com- Dec , riuc TAD AY mKulone-r, hns HIM for re-eleo- KtiUjlXi I UUA T tton. ll« will b* opposed by H. C. Hall. John M. Tniby, IWM X. Wells, AMARIULO Bill Ellinpton, who coached the Tasc-osa Rebels of already HIM for Ward 1 Amarillo lo fl .urpriringly fine 8-i ' in th(1 sf ' hools first V " H1 nf Fd M.vatl. pornnilstloner of Ward 1. has filed for the office football last full, announced lii-i resignation a* head football coach of mayor. The Irvumbenl may- j fll a P - m .today. or, Lynn Boyd, U not seeking! Ellington, who recently signed & reelection, ' '< new 3-year contract for $8.MX) per Filing will rlo** March 1 for j year, has accepted a job as s^sia- the April 1 election, according to , tant varsity coach at the University Ed Vlcarn, City •et-retary. | of Texa«. JAYCEES HEAR RIORDAN Youth Center $500 Richer By RHK Dally N>vik Managing Killlur proposed Yo\itn a n <1 Community Cenler wag Jftnct hi •(>• IT Tuesday a* the local .lunioi Chamber of Commerce paid th« s.-cun.t installnifiit of a>ii lo l-'i«'il Nt-shifjf , \-icf )n»siilent i>f the building f u n «l n» njf . mnp.iisn. at a s |i e •• i * I \\ivrs liny' 1 Iiincii'-i'ii in Ui* I'alni :.Kirn i>f the City ti.e H:»l! he. k to e *• Jayee JAYCEES GIVE $500 Fred left, Gage Neslage. a director of the proposed Youth and Community Center, receives a $500 check from Lyle treasurer of the Pampa Junior of Commerce. This is the sec- ond installment on Ihe Jaycees S2.( pledge to the Center Building Fund. The presentation occurred at the weekly Jaycee meeting on Tuesday. (Daily News Photo) be able to ilc>- $1 nun ,,f tht-ir he iu-\t two yeais The Juycees' d«matj'in hiuught to $560i)() the I'ssn alu-.-my lo 1 . for tlie biiiliiing (\;nd Another $17,500 iionaled by the Voutn and Community Center's "fan-\ g<xlmi»thci.'' Mrs. Inez Carter, ;« being u»ed »s »n operating fund Mrs. Carter ha* pledged J126,- OOi) *s tne worthy project's operat ing fund. A building fund goal of J300.0QO ha* been set up, wuh. $150 000 Already pledged by Pain- pa. ciu/ens to that dn\*. Co! lections thii month for t h e fund h»v« amounted to jiven Mrs. C^iUr had ;J10.!X>0 for a ten-ai-re plot on Ho- barl Street for the building's site [jr Jots Oonal Ison is presulent of the project's board of directors Guest speaker during tn* Ja.\ cet-s "Wives I>ay ' luncheon was Joe Riordsn. division infoimation supervisor of tlie Southwestern Ucl! Telephone Co fiom LuiilxK-k. Kionlan. in » hiiiuoious ski-teti ii( "sho'A'-iii/." !:'«• i iL>fd ses- era! of liis past expel ien< ea. v\ork ing- in iu<l,o and tele vision. Kit>i dan. a. furmer talent svout foi Hoioi e Heidi, told his listener;-, "a g'eat t uincdian nnist have u gr»-at He s got to b< t h r type guv who < an grt out in froni of pi'uple <ind luve enough » « 1 t poise lo si->ure their unitivided at tention "A gieat romedian i* the tvp* g-uv vv!i-> ran make a big i-i-owd either laugh or civ ' Riordan, who is something- of a *elf-»tyled comic himself stated. In de»( nbmg show business the public relations man said "lt'§ * gieaV big Merry <'•<> Rmmd. Thei« are s. lot of peof>]» riding and trying; lo S''ab hold of a bras* nng They think if thev c-an only grssp that brass '-ing. they'll b« ab!e to stay on. hiij all i: * ever g'<vl (01 VUi'Ttt, !'»;• i) JOE THE JOKESTER Joe Rinrdan, righl. division information manager for Southwestern Bell Telephone Co. from Lubhock, puts over ihe puncli lira of one of his funny stories to Clyde Dickerson, Pampa telephonf ager and the Young Man of 1958 hert «| a Jaj'cees' "Wive$ Day" Luncheon Tuesday.

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