The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 19, 1859 · Page 2
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 2

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 19, 1859
Page 2
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be — AT— ANY OTHER HOCSE L\ THE WEST ' SATS AND Fall Seed Wheat, HAT*, CAPS —AND— STRAW GOODS, TEN t»EH CENT. I.OWEK OlLOfctTro YlBMinJGB AKD UTIR PIUS. wit from sVance, tod will restive ' e * »ngnl»r combination, but rery elTeetual.M the following will show i , 1982. l^/S^^lfe^ji^i^i'^ -.Branch Wirthomo.rTaHert Point. Knowing, from nperieoce, the Talwule qualities Or. H'Lanft Termifugt and liter PiUt, prefsrwl kj .» lemlng fco». Pltuborgh, I hare for sometlrae b«ci otmldered»Biy doty; and nade It my bnilnew, make thoie articles known wherever I want «mons my frleodi. , A short time «jo I became teqaalnted with *'fa-&*B**-I+ai. tatioa. fcg Mi* -world pnw. fi the ea>e'of a young girl, who itemed to be troubled with warms and Hrer complaint at the sin • time, and A. P. PB10B J.P.HARBI WJt.M.KIMBA own bottom. t We like tubs j more tlua^erof 'them for a few weekg tw^: had been (offering for some two months. Through my periauloa the purchased one bottle of Dr Lant't :®mm^mu* the Clifford Snriititi aince there bits been *> much talk About eulj that she will T»I«t any applicstlot, of her has- i&a3&*^io«!*ts. ^^mt^sf-?^ ^g^y^ : 't-v;^if^a---'-y^--:::g%^^^ -.**. ~,.--.!:-- •, j.^-t--,— i.,:-/.,- ..;!•... •- ,j-.. .-ir,^.»;>-*a •• i^Ai- . .•; ooo»;.«H»oa-K Boajh*B.. The Frenob: aw almost nniversally •-'-• •--•' 'and J»t# oonVentioiis, Bfioni, and anll-dog-day conven. s, and -ill that. went to 1* thatan early~«onventton wffl hart the candidate, ornate convention him, or that flowthing uHl b^ donej U> aome naeiplalnable manner., w)iiott f^l not terid.te attiattbe pnKlc jpWted'gehliemen who are ^ratting the ipportnnttj to throw themselves, Hke other ourtii, into 'the galf «f public 'offlee; We want, and must have, men OB the ticket thi* fell, with tab qualifications. Whether tbe State committee meet eVerybody'B Tiewa or not, in regard to the time of the convention; let OB, when the tim» oomes, bare. . name which will stand the racket and rubbing just M well, whether put tbew in » 'Jnl/ thnader- atorta, in * soltry Afrrest dij, orin the rather cooler weather of September. It i* not the da/ hit the ne». ' They mn* be round like « tob, to be honest, aone.of yonr three cornered chaps, who can twist and wriggle and look three' wayi at once, and tort themselves' like an Indian Juggler— trat men whose antecedents bare led them to-aoom.- fortable rotundity. We don't want men like a jng—all one side. We don't want men like a barrel—dark inside, so tight that none can see into then or their actions, either wbun in office or rwlled out. We wairt a tub, a ronnd tub, a tub from fine clear stuff, witb just a haisdle on each aide—one that can etaud all the hot water that can be pouted into it, daring-a campaign, without warping.,. The men we! want on the ticket ought to to fce nnoorered and open; none of yoar sneaking wiry fellows, who wear their bati down over their eyas and trust to faieae wbat they lack In other things. And they ought to be men of individual strength and character—men who are able U> make their way through a campaign in spite of having been called into it at one time or another. In.faot,?*/' we can have some good solid tab men this fall—men who stand on ttieir own bottoms and not on iKbs? oT tbe State Committee—we shall be apt lu whip tbe opposition ont of sight. A tab will stand .a good many "rubs," and tubs we want on oar ticket. We want a big tab on ahead—an open tub—a tub that will stand firm, in which we can cleanse and purify the black political winding sheet of the State. Then we want other tubs, just like the big oue ahead, to be nsed to rinso out Wisconsin, till it shall emerge tree from the .stains-of bribery—of fraud—of corruption and dishonesty. "Have we a tab among ns ?" WliltS2?t^lSllPi« ^>^h'r«Wit^'--»W.iW*-3>i^^^'j2.^^J.-''K^-*-y : *.^---.••:• :.* urns revi ill bloom, '!•* Wsaliri sC' .Djr^vfOOKj pepnlatrngi yonr cook, , . . ... your waiter, are nineteen ttees bnt of ^renliy snr*;t^ fare some latiop on hand on thalBonrst I myself wit^.^., ,.-. ... .~_. ,.„--,.>, ..,. -. ^^fehoB^^iheBi' M*P«i^;whW;tte;rBm£insofc2,r is in the_ possession^ the disable BonaiJ —-«— t _ _ _ "attecllon of-children to-' wh'gofr&B-! I the coat of one of the , ^~ vi —^--tthrongh j :vi*i'.*v. .*i ; -- w certificate of their small snb4orIptJon, stopping to thestnallbrokerswho stood abont; —j—r.-—-.-7^T--»-*-^-:-rT----f *hi&.'Jtdclc^'.b?t|^to Sell theecrip, and in the spirit of gambHn, would Baorifloe an entirt day in thff 'Af'^llo'lAINliVrji +**A **hA nauua *X ; r—*"*;. «n disturbing those Iresjntheir own peculiar •tnnate, that a'nninber were apt; No arrests'were made np •»•>' _. •«:•.:_-.»' _ * ' r" *« •' . ..«auu3 g. corn*. ndent, theirsnp no " ors be- ?rench assistants, ion, bat to find his w- Great Warrior was a oomplisb. -\ more than a match tor "two" „„ JThe corpse restwUiMtde* which m turn was enclosed in Jtal -ohapel in»irthVbnUd^andtohir*i i f foriilBiseifana W» ttureVIt? fit c^'ailejr> cents, often not more ban. a franb, vhioh they realized- on their fji would pass in »nd butjof m; house, used ^Somrtiniai i ppslHon In the lin%ln which rNenbMHI^wera arranged was offi)re4 for •#Pi;>*W ; ?*y r|ao *i»thelong Una"it was not ttnch mare 4han » «nt «r two j near the head tb« rnto got no to f6nr, and aometlaie.) erefa ents j remember, it took a fall day, alto reach Up to tbe head of the file 'and . . Attorneys and Counsellor*, t, and one box of titer PlUx, which she -took accord ng to dlrectlot s. The r.sult was, she pa*red * large (jnantlty of worms, and t inks f-st one box more ofjlh* PIIUw'U restore her tr>p rf t h alth. Her name and residence cant a learned by M ERCHANTS who ,le,ir 0 «, .nv,. „,„,„ „,„.,„„ c' a»e of goods, are respectfully .n*it,.,i to -xnmm my stock before buying, us I ,im ntlnnVd n? nrlm will cnnvinre them that i»m lelline it icnst TK^PSR CENT. lower than »ny oilier My goods ivure purchaard much below rfo «et value, anil I am willing tn ^iv MSortmem ' 'hi' km.I <n 'he vo my lPnw ™' "'- " , A STBAW GOODS I] Jarif*. ,.,,rtal. mil v-(l j-.t.rt,-,! e.ii.o« on > ( Rn'per snd FBOgnx BUILDING, r . on tut w«ur mmt,) Lost or Stolen. farther • • • -. 5°%V- ^ S. 1 *"!. outside of all, ^^^^ffl^^r^ " loan was offered (» 87 stock) at 607—the inter- eatthejenpon was equivalent to fire per cent., and when reimbursed (U that Is ever to be done) one hundred francs will' he received for every sjjrty paid;; The great result is that the %^8^***:*»»< i»ttU» the month of Jtay,.jBold SOO.tMWjOOO or.its ownS78tockat about 68,000,000ii>f jfrancs leas than the average market value of a similar stock in-D'ecom- '" ' '~ ' a. Located la Buffalo, Stateofnewiork. ;; r; ';.- •;..-. r ' ' " I.CAKTaL, '.'.,"' . •*• 1*« aotont of authorl«d , «ap»al.[, ... ,5. The amonnt paid uti, aeoo,ooo . after dat and Maria Ch. i__''.,i --.- ... 18 !- *S3S- I warn everybody not t» not ; * paid to_any on/exeep. BABBABA DIED. B. L. Thetll, Dmrglst, corner itreeia. Purcauen will ha careful lo ask for DB. CBLKORATgD TEBVIFCOK. manufnrtnr- ed i-y rtgM-NO BROS, of Pittjibnn.h, P, .411 ,,ther N«Tt .lo..r I n BACOV, * East Wm,. r iir-,.t i Cnmli-i-, Ri'.hli. J i. NOTICE. . |T:Ara6 Parehued of U.bter A to., the r .toe* to JJL trade, conHtttagof Olqtht, Clothrngand Gents Fur* 1 " 1 lnt€rtw lna "> ">»Sei'st «h« 'tore, . ater «ir the Clotting ba«Uefi n> Mn»auke», May 80, 18S». t«re J loteod r. '•• 0. R.MABLIT. 1»,000 bron*e plates, magntficeniJy sdorned with gold decoraUonsi Atthe doubled doors of preserved to the French to «• - ' nmty and.time were reqtdsite keepers of the dooi kejajrithbut eicittig licion.theiead j.eeker.fter-^blch 1,. Fankee, and Uboring nnder disadvantages T»°. »"Bths wiled way-three. fourTfire «« followed, and yettha wheSnlT oruS fe.ys remajned imknown. It wasprincipaUy because the pensteners all ttbught TtWknl in higher cii^eathan.they,ware7and<UsmJs»S the Bnbject, • .• • to it to be wondered that a speculating stock were ready in large nombers to take adrantagB^of > Wc b an^flBr? , It may be thafcthere is great w^UhtoTran^ I'dofnoT know enough to qaestJoh,:jnnoh less deny it; bat I am v«rj; T »ure: that the. crowds rushing toaubsonbe to^the Jate7loan,aad the larce flRurt at which they hayefooUd np their sub- sonptioD,: do not prove the fact.' {Prom the K. T^totlJ Some QUUUah ideas of Thlnsra, The way to Hewwesi. Tbe Detroit /^rw J>«s» says that one of the Baptist chnrciie- ni Zanesrille. Ohio, has just expelled from its communion Mr. E. J. Cor. Mr Cox's offience is that he bolds the office of Deputy United States Marshal for the conn- ty in wblob Zanesvilte is situated. No other allegation was brought against him It was not alleged that be had enn;r«d in the execution of any process for the arrest of any fugitive skive, it wa& enough .that he had accept ed office under a chief wbo, it is understood! will do his duty underjUe law. No doubt Mr. Cox was resolred to faitbfnlly flo whatever duties were required of his office under the law. This did not please the church. The Fay in which Mr. Cox conld best please the Baptist church SJ" ZanesvJlle was to ercite a mob and lead it to the rescue of any negro who should have been arresred under the fugitive: law Had be performed on exploit of that sort be would have been voted worthy of a place in heaven. This proceedings of the Zauesville church is about equal with that of a Baptist church down on the lower Grand Blrer in this State shortly after the Presidential election of 1856. A member— and a deacon/ if we -rightly • remember — bad ventured toTptefor Mr. Buchanan. Complaint was -entered against him for the offence ;be was called upon by'tfae church to answer; be confessed the fact ; and was expellad! No other aocueation was bronght against him. fie was avowedly eicommuni- cated for having voted for Mr. Buchanan; and the plea of the recusant that lie did no violence to his religion in having so voted availed not for a moment to av«-t tbe sentence that fell upon his head. Two or three of the derlbminations haro proclaimed no communion with .slaveholders. Following the example of these Baptist churches, they will probably n«t proclaim no communion withflemocrats. In thatevent the democracy v«n,be:ln-a:bad way.; Oa ihe supposiUon that these denominations hold the keys of heaven,: SkveholderB In4!demoorats might as well abandon all /bones of rest hereafter. Cut off from communion withtbesaints here below, they *re already consigned 40 the habitations of .the gpats of the world to 4 «ome The command is, ^^^;r*peii^joiii ; the black pailioans— or beYorevetiiiamned. iDemocTais, it maybe well to think o/tMngs. ourselveg nnder£afce to say jthat the irne ; way to heaven Is ''' > ' except nioba lawa, and attempt to produce bloody colHsiori between State and Federal -aBthorfties?- That <aay be the narrow; path ^fhUss;! Some of IhedendmJhattons aa^it^ Stilly we ijannot *utfeelx5omfortin the reflecUonvthat aoinei Wiitten : "tei , wlfh trT nn « y ?T«:«"«««i»rf*n the Bnbject, with th^e notion that any less sacred place than under tonis;Kapoleoh's pillow, was* rofarta- pillow, was* profarta- tion not worthy of thought Barntrm began to ha iti earnest; his:«xpen. ses were growing heavy; his pride was toich ed ; and, heiUl : determined to know what, if ankee «"Jd not do. So ro » the saarch, made his pon v woman was instructing her Mltte nephew in serious thing*, and showed him a picture in Fox's Book of Martyr's, where Christians were being torn to pieces by ilions in the amphitheatre. .Thechild looked »n for some time in nilenca^and evident sympathy, when all of a sudden be exclaimed • " See that poor little Bonj he can't'get ., jHonralk 'a Clev*.',bonds.. 4,000 8. N. L &B. bonds,. 8,000 4. Stocks:; i : - ; ~. .0. A 6»i 10,000 worth..;, 1 ;.,..... !o,487 60 ' • •c.avti; SJDOO. :• . worth .U • B.H.Tork6l«,(,00 doM6sl3,«00 -h...|,......... 5. Debts due to' ifni Co. secured by mortgage on un: eneranbcted real estate, :- worth double the amount of mottftge "per ache• dale" bearing T per cent. ,laterest,i ^ 6. Debts otherwise secured ' by stocks, mortgages and lesurancs scrip of Ibis and oth« eompanlei, and i ' ' e, ._ M In <«• bMlne»i,No 19» «ut W»ter i». We recommend film to our cnitomen «od the nubile generally. - • i IKIwaakre, May 80, 1SB9. maj«-d2w MADLKV a CO. J. , , nvalidnulform, and commenced * watch u nnVK^ f^ Helud obserFedthe dl on the sill of the ste«l doors brushed off by their being op,med, and thos knew the tomb to be tbe place of occasional t esort His watch; was a close and «Ter* siege bu< uceessf a suceessfoUna _Uot » iron, wood, , eediflee, and not aaonlding or or- uament upon the walls, or columns, ranged low enough for aeeat. tturlncklew ahow on Onrincklew ;g 0n or sleep, neither of which "ia « aroid as to , n. He got so he knew by heart every one of the war banners bung to the roof fC 0 .™',-!?* 5 ? pnt of * he titlffl »hicb covered that glittering pavement, and erery ft , ; but if h» ever felt like giving bard teak, a j thought of Connecticut made him stone, and renewed him for its noyanoes. an»<T t! \n i, 7 ° WMOn ar «wto a close, after hastfly aJspatchteg a dinner of crackers and water, hejwas gratified to see tbe steel doors at lengUi swung open. He found an nppei steward of the Hospital wiping off the dim moisture which remained ;en the marble inside The task was soon done, and oar tired watcher felt snre his woold soon follow. The steward had Barnnm'a assistant after him be^A e .r« o «^?M.^i«t , t on the.ktreet. The streets never seemeono him so cheerful, the sky quite 80-blBe,4tor the sunshine quite^o leasant . her little girl: " Playing school", was the reply. Bnt it is Sunday to day.''' «• I know it," said tbe child; '.> so I am playing Sunday School." • * A mother was instructing her daughter in the doty of prayer and thi sun answers giren to beUerers; and proceeded to repeat the Lord's Prayer. When she came to the clause u Give us this day onr daily! bread," the little one broke out with, " 06, mother, say cake, say cake. A yonng woman na examining a chus lo Sunday school } bowing to a lad of lar/je size, she put the question, • Who made yon?" H*» conld not ten. She then asked a little lad who replied, " God made me." She proceeded to repro?e U»e overgrown boy for his ina- Irtliu t.. answer a question which was so readily done by one. not half his site, when b» braced hlmsrlf np pompously and said " 1 should think he might know. »T«int but a little while since be was' made." A lady asked a little two year old, " Who gives you yonr daily bread f" "Oodt" re- lilied tbe child, " bat uncle Peter puts the sugar on." In a school in Baltimore, the boys were reading from their class books, a story of returning good for evil. Philip ha4 accidental, ly dropped his cane, a present from his father, upon Eobert's pitcher filled with water, and Bobert,,refnsbg to bear his apology, broke the cane in pieces. Some time afterward. Phillip found Robert lying beneath a log of wood which had fallen 'on him. He ver* kindly lifted H off, and assisted him home\ tans returning good for aril, or as Solomon his it '• heaping coals of fire on his head." " Now see, boys," said the teacher, " wbat a: noble httje fellow Philip pxnst have been — How, what woold yon hare done, Johnny if ypnr cane should be brokan by another little boy 7 • , T. Dtbuforiiremlami, con- •Utlog of bHU r«el»able, 89.8M 18 8. All other icenltiei §na • cldmt dot the Co^ tahra- o ^' re ^?"'* e - M.6M81 9. Penonat broperty awoed by the Co, BMam lot, rtunp«.*t 20,<30 Tl TotalAiiet) 494.686 6>. Knee. llona< i»D UT1IL OUL«* Oentlemeii'f, Miwet' ftChiidren •HOES, SILIPPEBSae BPBBEBS. JFIfrE BOOTS MADE TO ORDSB. No. 225 East Water Mreet •' ' (Oppoilts Walfcn- House,) !•• MILWAOKKK, ....... [maygl). ...... W13OON."ra. •v K. A. CLIFFORD'S) CHEAT .CEHTKAA. D.lfilJEJt IIEA!« AND AUT GALLERY, 171 Bait Wattr Stnef. ;f|-*VINO (ecared the aulitancti of the oliiut and |U moit ezperluweil operator In the Wat. M. Hawkens, (who.e iklll In his department la well known to pany of the rltlieu of Mllwtnkee,)! »m now prepared to offer to the pobllc erery dealrmole ttjle of Plcturei known to toe community it lowtr ratu »nd ezectited Si.*.*!!"™ m » now , th » n « n b « done to «ny oiher e*- t»hlljtuDtBt In the West. ' OLIFfORD'8 DAeUBBRfeif! OALLKfir 111 Eut vi.ur itrr. i, formerly known u SeelM-p genuine Vermifuge, also his celebrated Uv^r fMis, can now be had at all respectable drag jt,,rej. fo»« 9&inine vit&mt £Ae tiff nature o/ [*l JeH-dtwlm »LZ\1INO BROS. NRKTOI'M Dl-iril.l I V. This is a complaint very common, espermlly imong females. ffoofla*d'» German Sitters never fails to core this disease The jyatem, under In rse. In restored to Its original strength and ».gor ; the appetite becomes good, the spirits become ch« ful, an.I .n bo.iy and mind you feel f e full reiio allon nf >„ ilrh Kir I sal* by druggists ami ilralen in medicine) .rerywhere, ' at75 cents per n«trle. ilt»i m c> '• filK <*i{t;\T EXfcLUiH RMIHJY. SIR JAMES CLARKE'S f^cli-braifd Female l*i119. Prtptirtd from a /*resrn^/t«/7i ^/ ,s»r / t V.i*" • ^™- -a^-. f*hystctu?' Jtxtraordinarjf tu rl, f C>rtfen Thl» iQT»rt»b.e if an/.-nlmfr In the cure of all (Dili: r'.'t^ • nibject. It mo-Jeritej Mid ftjmOV. * *') ..''-fr-.-tt.-^^ , r i , « r b« r«lle<l on. 10 .11AUUIKII I 11 1^ peculi»r!y jattetl. It »,n, r, , themoothlj p«r1o<] wiih rp-.-yi^rMy BONNKK I.KJJOKK HAT • '10NNKK I.KlHiKK H \ I BONNKK I, K Of UK It H A 1 BONNKK l.KlMJsK.K ,, A , BONNKK I.KLKiKR )| V I BONNKK BONNKK Just receive.! \l ii pr3ll H I.H.LMIKK HA | w D H,, ,,„•„ PA u i: H V MERCHANTS KRllM FHK try ;ire mv t^( [n .•i^miti*. fiT'K. K <;ip, A '"' A'urr., /J,,,-r,f,,. .. A 1 W U ( . |, K s \ | . it,- VKRY iiKST .-Till ]< • RETAIL GOODS, r, u ^ht -.,, M, , M Hrk .., <,, r ,,,,,. ,. Mr H. T H K ( > ( • I Unlcr FURNITURE WAKE-Kuo.v; Stamp al Ore»t |lrit»: ' ABlHK'l M A N I h ttlCH ,v, M.MI: i , - ;„, f " F£EO THE HUNGRY," 5. The amonet of due ti bicktand other credftaxa. i None, excepting what & contained IB • So. 10. , S. tone* adjusted and doe. T. do do and not due. S. tosses antdjosted. Sap- poled, to be at Ibe extent abont....i ...., ». Loars in eospense. Stag H Mo. S. 10. All Other claims agalna the company, Individual balaBco. unclaimed dlrl^ denrts, aai redemption of Scrip onealled for Total LIlhllhMes i JV- HHS47T8 11. The greaiut amount Insured In one rilk. 15.000 of fire r skJ I, the usual limit; but In tome eases of veat«Ii and eargoei .. limit, Indoding both. unoant of prtmlnms received In State of Ca " eDl 7«ar, ending Ptbruary 13 The marM value of 'ts itoct The Company !»• no stoe>h«lden, lhe Krlp lifued on the Mutniil plan by its charier consulates lu capital and the ralne of aorlp varies aeec/rding ro lu priority o( -laine. ^ JJ- DlTldend, f per een» on Itt oaUUndlni scrip. IB. The charter or act of loeorportlon of said Ooinna. nv. Sent herewith. ^_ JAMBS C. «VA*S, Preildeot. A. A. FoUTiTBiovB. fecrrtarj. STATE Of WISCONSIN, nncUon, ajTlee In iti origin and obligatory --««» doty upon nl all, ta now bring T ed 10 t*o fnlloit extent by HU.\^ & CROMSY, 343 EAS r i' WATER NTKKET .MILWAUKEE, ..................... WISCONStM ' Who ant J'i«t "n receipt of ihe cheaprat, hcjt «jso, t«l and mo<t complete nock of • Family tiroe. rit H Kvef exhibited In this city, tia ,*rae »,i a> been boarfu reccnily In the New Vor« ami Bo,u,n mirt,u F o ii CASH. At iu-h prices is enable u» to nnderjeil all compet t., M tal the trade, and Hill tfrrd u» a h«nd.o«e llTini progt. Ua> pngramme embr.cef c-r«ry artlclt in the trad* feolh ' no-mil* .,/ /v art (rare tu brtttj .m J/i*. ,ir i t,jr t Unit ftey itrt ttyt. Uie tu.k «nj UuiU, r.u,;ue M s ;,j Utl»ti oftl.eUrvt, lfj>Wrr<c>, acj Will r«~. t , rare «' ,-r. nM,er me.ns ,1are fulled, aad alt)-.<-iiff. i puw-rfBI r^ J,, not contain r.,o, ,-aln mel, .ntlmonj.or »ny t>,inn"r.urtful !.. u.e coiuliiutlon *"uil .J.r^-ij...i^ tu Lite i'Amv»rtlet woan.l ^».-h pa.-kaj wli.c:. -h^bi.1 |. T carefully j^rrser/ed. Sole Agent for toe Dnited State, and CaujMlu. JOB M03E3, [Late I C. luidw.o t Uo. ., Bocheit«r. N. T. P>. U-— ,1^») and 6 postage itamps enclr.ied i 0 MY »u- thoriaetl Agent, will Insure a Uettle, containmif over 50 pills, by return mall. for sale !>• a»«BN*BCTTON C. £ «org-<iaw I NVITE* .(,.. t.i..,,,.,,,, .. l»ri(Mi ,„., h,-,, „. ..... ,..,, „.' th«ePIII, I * V " ' V * ''-«'* H K KN tntrse KM1B l cau ijw^yq .i nij s seat jhAiri n '.;.,• Japan, a.n.1 looicinu s, PHO VISIONS AC: C tirap u i i < .- *BoN8, J. JL ALCOTT HATHAWAY & BELDEN, BA.NKINO, Laud and Collection »j HI.OCK. r I -I »•» i mh!9 HOTELS, >1 i L A' 4, L K K K t LA I 1; A A CtlMi '-••"• ^a. ,., * . f Both ai Sn^arj, (a'l kjnd. » n d it the very We.1 b« benght el»ewhere for » ihitlinuj, or >m Vlv'a v° Z*» pound for nothing) Coffew, (Mocha, Ol.l Oorrrnment, JtTa, La«u)ra and Jlio,) W»',m anrt Mu.-roon Oat' sops, all kinds of Saucei, .uch as»oho. W u rce«t« «eadlngandfnltan», (t-e l«uer br\vs a r*fre.M pleasing stimulant to the .ppetlte, c..s, P .,.v, pxlly of Turkish condirai-ttj combmr<t w th cni'nary prorluctlona of ihe K:iat It I, an ex'iau~ke rrfUh with Fuh, Mean, Po.Utry »„„ (, ame, »nd lorn,, a valuable .audition to Soap., Mlnr.-,, Hishtj, .« ewi highly dellcloax Bavor to Fle»ki »n<J Chops,) Barton ng and •rioel- T' P," , «ill Pickles o; ,, CTJ Owcrtptlon.-s IMekled , Fran Salmon, Bmrdlne., Little Nee* Clams Core Uyiten, Corn Starch, Tapioca, 8»«o, Rice dour' ' Cooper i Shred l.inj Macc-,ronl, Termaceili' ' wo « eftl «««« pleasant rpr |T5M became now the order of tbe day. The irench assistant* .had speedily b steward toa country Tis^^'hi servant saw no harm fo lending the the ta love 80 , •" ^eerfully, and * l^Lhr • £? ?— ^ •" ^eerfu treated Jier to bon-bons so liberally hr. Il w " n »^ nn «>n«non for her master's friends SsTJSf*^ *"?¥*** .enclosed Napoleon, and^ why not her'aJ The-keWwera duplicated, the coffins examined lB jbya hospttal^arbed enlhgg of tbemanViids . i 47febt;Wneooffln,i was carried to the Chapel and ' »eat, and A 1 ,« , , doubled his fists, while bis eyes flashed as he said : ' stand. I *ould lam him so bad that he eonld not Jhe Bishop and tbe Monber «r CoaaetL Tbe Bishop of Sydney stands six feet two In *ia Etooklii(?s, and sits his cob better than any other mat. in Sydney. He was riding out onV evening in the neighborhood of Botany, when h^ saw a low-looking fellow sltUng^Vhorse- trongh onlsi U a ,pnbUo house, and swearing most colonially at a potman who bad brooght him. something to a jag. Now thla low.look- Jng fellow sitting swearing pn the horee-trcmKh wasiione oth. * than a F«ry .rich member of council—one of .those illiterate affluen Hay n iss9.~* f Satisfactorrerldenee harlsg been (nra'saed 10 n» that the mntnal Insurance Company of Buffalo, being an Inemrrnce lueorporated by the State of New York, hiring compiled with the requirement of section one or an Act entitled"An act Urefnlatelnrormnce Companies not tacof ported by tat etate of Wlscotun" ao- prond March IT. 1859, and-har.nt also paid into lhe State Treasury the »nm ol three per cent, on tbe tro»« am«nnt of premiums received In the Bute of Riscon- sin for the yeir 1896, «s per report of nld Company.— now, therefore,-ln poraoance of the act aforesaid, 1 David w. Jones, Becretary of Bute ofthe-Etate of Wisconsin, do hereby certify Utat W. t. Bard, of Illlwaa |ee,rfbeb«duUatiUiorU«d by slid Company, mar take ticks, receive premium, and transact Umbd.lness of an Insurance Agent for said Compimjr tn this State from this date, until the fir* day *f January, M60 ^ W ' U "S7 h i r S. f i I .v b " eh " eUB . to .«« t »» "»»'» ngs, RaUlna, Citron, *c , *e.' We are also Sole agrn't,' In nlseonsln for Macombcra Salad Cream a very popular article whlrh should be In every e.i- cures family. W, have also ' , r 8000 ftCCAR CIIURD IIATIS, The best «rer rffered In this cUy. also <fl BBLS. MESS POBR Pnt up expreasly for onr trade. FRKSH OKOUNL* t\LOUK " from the Empire and Seir To k Mill, LOUIS HOUSE BV TlOUtil* LOl IN, ; "" H DBOS, near East Water itreet. The Louja Unojt I" II | - f i' was established In 1848, and has heen continued bj the same proprietor, who take, this occMlon in return ( ) . ' r "' ' his acknowled ( pnent to hli rrtenda and ihr public :-< their patronage for 10 many years past, and wuclt. i , ''•',' "~" " rt "• continuance of tl.tir kind ravors Tha Lou.j Hjo.-- ''"' contains many rooms, well suited (or famtlln. new: v fornahed with novel and evtrrj cooveniencc to com- t . ,. rort. There are some four or d\e rich rooms ID U.- ,V V bouse oow vacan^ that can he obt«ine.l. ,r ,ppl,,.l Tor " " h t-,, v30 ALBANY RESTAURANT j —AND— HII,LIAKJJ> iiOOM. Albany B!*ct,canur of Main ,lnd JH<Mg<n, 11, ' , , Oppomtt XeuitaU Dcn^f, •>|) \ i- ! ' T . . • tar L«<<|« >_nlr«nce ternrd loor no Main itreet. dec4-dly 7 T H O U HE. T IHIS gPLENDH) HOTEL ha> recently changed pro. prtetors—General UcManman rctirtng, and the Measri. FLOYD succeeding him In Its management.— The Mesws. t. m both well known throu'hon, the western country as gentlemen of experience m Uot«t keeping, and no other assurance Is necessary that th* Hyatt House will hereafter be conducted IB • style Jo- erring the patronage of the public. ' Mr-oj \ .-I n K .Mir- "T J\ * [ \ I > < «. I 1 • II Kr-.< t-.l A. < 1. l-.l O JJ \ and TO CUT A LONV STOXY .s n-s.] JeU-dla May. 1S5» ea« seal of the State, at •adinn, tnls 3l»t day of J. D. BCGOLES, Aislstant 8ecntary of State. . LANDS AND WATER POWERS. . , Choice 490 ,OOO ' OP Thebettstocli of Groceries from wH ch tn «l«t fron in t»wn and at Ue lewot raten AS WE KE1.L FOR CASH. ^nd make no bad debts, w< can sfford lo undersell Or ncifhbors who do a lime tra le. and of courj, ,ose mor. or less of their profits in that w»y. Cafl and Examine Our »lo-li, whether you want to buy or not, ami ,„ W1U freely show 7 ou onr (roodi and prices whicli we kxow canpit fail to plrase you. and Pine Lands. con was oornpelled ito keep »», rf -.-j a* •• -—->^— Je . l . he emharkation to the Omted States reqnired the best of charib. ^l^*!^!??*'^ ¥. »W quite . t ,-fcm.«etoh|«i.,»»- _ mm higher than :ever .was cool and caloolatine * kl "~ - J - :f - ; ibly; <hd was - _„ pi Trnfilland Paris, andSl Eue "in hts bands oon tents" uh* •'Asia; on her . : ; — — «•-—•« ^M.*«*yuv v UIKa* rtans so' often met with In a new country • toen^i^rthy, as rongh, and *srich«sj>ng. gets. The Bishop,,startled by-the violent language, pnltetop, J|ke a good diocesan.iand aaid, " My dear man, yon shouldn't swear like that. Here is a tract. : , Go home and read it " \ *•Taste this! bad ' bishop/ old chap," answered the sinner, handing him some mulled sniped claret, ''and tell me; if. yon wouldn't swear. Here, try it, the-atoff Isn't fit' for a b&g." •'-' ;. .- • ..... .".;•. ..:,,,;,,..,.. • . ?Kp,,thank ypo,?' said hU lordship, smil- iiig, and rode on. _ , .,,..,;,:..;-,.,. .*.'• _•.,-.' j "l)o yon know who that tall slab is V , .. —,.... I should think I ; dldil tlje^tohblptof%dney 1'? - ^^; ;..-,',: '"»-- anerjhim, my boy.; tell him .., swearing, and that U Mil come h — r stand » bottle of port." : '.x^-, -.;.' -••.vr.u.v^ v Do yon know who that rongh-lookineffel- : IN WISCONSIN, S ELfiCTaD • reart ap> from tbe then lands In that State, are now offered ..yjjMOJtt SA^E, _ . _.i »T TM Fox and WiaoonMn Improvemrat Co *' I f.™' l ^L??, y^ T 5 nM . < " °«oi«. «d «n THE FARMING LANDS ' - owned ileres are situated rich', unites the These along aide -the —" thi - OT there liaopp^rj^nt^.iflotb th* powers they that resist, shall receive lo themselves ^•mtiitipn. •'< for TOlei* are ,mj£ & te^n-lo *ood 4o evn*> tu,., Ac. So,n»r irlwte in Uxe Oooi Book It is thus arrlttcn;? tot, yet, the fiooa 1 Book mf te tte*l»tter-da7f««miwaUon8 ttgbt. w*y, after all, majr b* the trn« way to BtfteUnee Jo Jaw may be the gate to adlae, andliie Baptist Church of may liave nnintenttooaUjr openea St. Pet«rV doora, and : Jet Mrl Cox rater therein, even »«aiBstthe%i8hesortbfl ZanesrUliajBous Bapi' - > -• ' bu>>A«H«c*r.—7he Missouri Senate ^^^Z'V^ 1 ™^*?^* tag Judge Albert Jaeltson, of the fifteenth jn i The reaction j. las* , Council." &^»re &'. »^|owa?dir the new Cathedral."-^. V^J^iMfei-.! ff-ff^^f-'-l. «» a^^.'l^islsSrlIii^to^ie^,ii:; r e SdlSdrS,?"^" *" tn "* ifor • «?»>«|»aars Uon, enquire of BOBI£T • Land Depart "WAif. Oompanj'i Agent, 1* Wssconsin Bt^ Ml£,Wi TT- j ^T.'^r-r- ' ".'."^; "ty™*?- .*!?*" ; T".^?' -^ j-,~^. . f^-'ifc 1 ' Th« German Tamers celebrated Whifeantlde ^SS'S**?*.**.**^*- r,'tne;J _ Tb« Franklin fbpmical Works, KO. 331 KOBTH FRA.MtLI.V STREET, CfflCAOO, . . ILLLYOfS W E beg leave tn annonnre to onr custom*™, an.l to 1 .the In genera), that during ihli leasnn nn travel ng sgent wll. be dispatched from our vork> — We Inrne our old customers and otheri 10 lavor us by letter with their orders for Essences ol' Liquors, wMen, ts always, will be exeented to ,helr entlt* satisfaction. Thousands appreciate the pUn upon which our Kisencei are made which presents the following advantages and facilities never < fferKl hy other» 1, The Essence, from theae worts are actually tHoed by *UMjatlon, the «fo:e Healthy «n.l Pure— iQn)e> hing that others cannot or dare oot clam for Ihdrs. 3. The Costs are much less than oihert; because thejM Pltnces re pnl np In package., each containing eniagh for ttrty gallons, and romprslng Hot only ill tho required Ingre-tlents, bvt alt) the Addiess letters to CARL ERLKB, Hauairer. >ranilin Chemical WorkSi Chicago, 111, r. O. Bor, :ia« je4-d(m LOOK HERE, YE WEART TRAVELERS C 0 .*!,,* 11 ",,"';^^'."",",' 1 :..';':;' DININQ SALOONI L OOATKD near the Milwaukee « Mlssisilppl Depot Is just the place to procure warm and «ubitantlal meals, for the small sum of 85 cents ; and the tables will be supplied with the choicest viands of the leaaon OYSTERS A!V1> GA.TIE Serred np In every style, on short notice. The Bar t> siways supplied wish the choicest Wines, Liquors »n,l Cifrara. Trarelers upon the Milwaukee t Mississippi ttoad willed nd It a neat and convenient place to procure their Warm Lunch from 10 lo 9 o'clock evrr Jav 8 0. CrjJUCUrGH.lJI, rVoprtetar J. H, CORUES& CO Wholesale G-rocei meeJ »*p« r» TiiEru v n >< \\ i> - r v \ Dli. H. KNAP P. K ecently of N. T., may be consulted at his room No.S, Kewhall House, Milwaukee, «w flnt of ever] month, eoouDOKlnj Morembtr 1st, In regard to all dls- eases, whJci he treat* with unprecedented Mccesi. U< eansr chronic cases of disuses, which hare been pro. nounced laearabU by the medical fkeulty t ene»»Ily, such as Nerrotu and Nenralglo ATecUons, Otaeasn ol WomiB, aUrorau of Scrofula, Drsptpsla, Consiipatlon- BWn Dtfeases, Cancerous and TabCTorlous iffectionj. laeloalns; Pulmonary OaDiumptloo, KhennuUsm, fur. \( * rt-ani u. i- AJf, ,,ii«,ul, 1, Vlv. r.l AN it uiink., l A K , •JyjC*,: XpiJepaT, Remittent and Intermittent Ferers, the diseases of Children, Ac. Aub U>« perils aid moit of fheiinffulDfl of chrfd-bJrth are removed by early eoaMtatlon. Keiaenber, that the Doctor does not promise to cure all stales of Diseases. While all diseases ate curable, U taken In season, all stages an not. Four ease nay be curable ttls week, not next— to-day, not to-aormw. Hence ih« danger of delay. lepttS < ff> Dr. Knapp will he at nil Booms, Me* hall Home Iron Ineaday noon, July llth, tQl Thnnday nnnn. h. Obnnltation ran. *raadciargei paldpviitddy '- .'-- ---'- •-" '- "• ' Jfortt. Mo mark. :0mca or Tn Mn. * Mnr»isoii R. R. Co.,» \ ' Milwaukee, Jn=e«, I85». ( "iajOTtOIrsh«.reby fiven, that the deed of orjraniia- JJl Uon of this Company, Is In the offlee of the Secretary of this Compiny, in toe City of Milwaukee,ready to bo ieiecuted by holders of bonds secured by the mort^tge* of the LaCrosse It Mihraukee; Kallrpad Co., onder forecloiure of which this Company Is organized; afid pervons holding lach bond < who hare aot tlnady eieco/ed .he same.are notified to ilo so In person or by Attorney duly authorised. • Nolloe Ii also gtren, thit the Seeretary of this Oom- Mny wtl hnne certificates of the alock of this Company let the holders of inch bonds upon anrmndet thete- er, In pursuance of the provisions of the deed of or- gsnUition. • ...'••-' VoUo»lesJt» given; th«t the Board of Directors of <aJefOon)r)nnr has made an asseisment on the stock'at V<« r*fo prone per cent, for the i nrpose of piylng the eipensM of forecloilng the said mortgage-and •• or- gantonf. this Company, payable on or before the first dajjof July neart,toibe Treasorer of this Company, at htooniiliitheOliyofllliwankee. vwai«uy,w ;w u .»W»eHTW.KKTI8,«eer»tM>. 10 L 11 r - 'll»r. Uil K.,.1, .» t A«w:.> < II V N l>0\ P . O A D Y JOBBER IN Yaakeo AND- STOCK ALWAYS FULL. An requested to call anil examine GOODS AND PRICKS. B. P. CAOV, Quentln's Block, II K. Water ,1. je2 d»i NEW BOOKS. T ILS NEW AND THE OU) ; Or California and l IB romantic aspeeta, hy O. W. Palmer, M. D. Mosaics, by the author of S.lad tor the Solitary. a Bachelor". Story, by Ojlrer Dunce. Life of Seneral Barelock, by J T. Tie Convalescent, by N. P. Wnils. U It I I. 1. I V |J I, l.VO I a, i \Xnu- r N tTV „ u,,,,« ^r-,.«-., es or Suppers, ^i^i^istmu a VAUl U. Lunch PICKLED nan. sloalcai Entertainment ovory .Satur.tav miutanoe fra*. l.AYfcK RAISIN? 1 •• nuartrr, n^lvra 111.1 w,.,if I,,. X ^H, , JL rocc'v-.i »i Jult.N * l.n.' Vt IIKIM! i. \rvHI* i'»«c.>>il> b the Country, Jut Beceived. for ul« by Tsafur * cLKAVga, 167 East Water 3t. J«12 ri HARP WARE, BOL£ FBOFBinOB * MANDJACTtTREH OP PDRt OHIO CATAWBA BRANDY, FI1HJ8 Brandy hai been mannnictnnid for aeverU JL yean from the pun Jnice of tha Oatawba Bran« thua affording additional CTidencVol P ' E s O : lV ! -; • •- (RED KETTLE I '''-^ : \.' : ~ J : Hardware,. ' ^Th« Ohio Catawba Brandy not only eqoala bat eicsls ftiheit Imported Brandies, In nuVl " ' ?«>" nnt Oottfined it* Mai.. , induced the OTUidew to leave tb ; iheir tural;' dlafd in; wait to attaokiEeni aiteringparty,;whocame : Batc ^^ •1Ut.mtrM.TTe tor SHJFSS-feii^ >~S - u . 1 . Matthey have opened a Btbre at >i h: t: K s c ti A u vi M ANLrAOTUBED.xpr^siiyinr it suprrlur article iurj»lel>y leftlU Brocnr and Wine,.r, Idl r i r - i-. M siiyinr th« ^un> nii»iui<. juiit rtreiv.i » w N k.VVA _ «e», C1DKK, Chnmn.iune better than lialr .,i uie ,a ID per ilocqn. fob 19 k" received- febl» N. V , x.x I TALl.tN MACCA80N1, restlved at t8 . Brandy has long been felt in this joantry, and the introduction of an article of such qusOi- tyaitosoperscedethesale and me of thou jile com- pflunds hitherto sold ander the nam* o/ Braadrtcan only Warded a gnat pofelltf good, -tin CittwnaBrandir all the good, qualities claimed for the best K SMOKKO \v,u-r ,t i, |.i;,rt n,.t l Cli»iiif>*icr.* i.,;i,Y HID, frvtt\ lot just I.K..V AKU'S luii I'tt* .Mor.- La'DY VliD'S O NB'Caau of vresh dmokod Uoljbui, received by K press to-day. (feblSI HI.NN '* OUONIIV VKN1SON HAMS. choice. Venison llama at m«r3I UUNN ji CBOSUV -B. alDebUity.'Ac. FAMILY'. SHOULD BE WiTflOTJT IT. KetaU Price, »i,8fi Per Bfottle. , . r Beeammended by >h« phyilclans and drnnists of th« Uniled Btales. • ^^ * ,~'" '-'!.'•"' '" '"'~ ~irf"™*""^^™-w»^s» f»- o. IULKIT) HO* til Kast Water itreet, sole agents for the State of Wisconsin, where dealers and customers wtB please forward their urderj. , .• - -V •.-.. ', BycaWnf ontheage»ts,th«pubU<iwlUr»oelTe»sami. plegratoioiuly,., -,. -: :.. ,- ..,-.',,. •.'.;. :.- . •••• C HOICC Smoked Salmon at mart? SALMON. UUNN A UllOSilVsl. GAIAON3 Maple Syrup, dioic,- wheat Cake., >it in: N > taarSl . for Buca- . NEW »•. a. |>KCsllVU> by nr« boat from Buffalo, at J.I. aprT HUNN* aaoaBT"3. JDOOKHTS. ttnstsTk W. W. JAVA O 't superior quality, **** IB best In the HUNN * CKOBBT-8. •!••• FAMILY FL.OUK. ^i*" '[°J[ kM111 » 1<">», constantly on ha^d, at A3 »Ujrs7 HU«tt A CK08B CKOSBY^.

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