The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland on September 6, 1939 · Page 5
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The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 5

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 6, 1939
Page 5
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[•Special Program By W. C.T.U. Tuesday The Hagerstown W. C. T. U. ob| served the Loyal Temperance Legion Day at the regular monthly meeting held yesterday afternoon | at the City Park. The subjects, "How We Are Carrying Out the Objects for the Education o£ Children as Presented by Frances E. | Willard" and "Social Environments They Effect Children Such as Gambling, Liquor Traffic and So- [cial Drinking" -was discussed. The discussion was led by Mrs. Wil- [liam Clopper. Further plans were made regard- ling the placing of a marker at the cedar tree planted a year ago at (the City Park in memory of Miss I Willard. The marker will be bronze. 0 by 6 of natural stone. Besides the name of Miss Willard the •stone will bear the dates 133S-39. The dedication Avill be held some- jtime this month. Pending acceptance of proposed I proposition, the W. C. T. U. will I plant a bed of peonies at the I Washington County Orphans Home |a't San Mar in memory of Miss Willlard. It is planned to render a I program on the occasion having I the children of the orphanage to (participate. This will be done I some Saturday in October. In anticipation of the coining jHagerstown Fair, the union voted jto send a letter to the Fair Board I asking to bar obscene shows, etc. from the grounds. ' Mrs. Frank Rohrer, president of Jthe local union and Mrs. Mertie B. (Thomas, Keedysville, will attend Jthe National W. C. T. U. convention (at Rochester, N. Y., September 27 [through October 3. The annual State Convention will be held at [Better-ton, Md., October IS, 19 land 20. A letter was read stating that on (Sunday evening, September 24, the (Young People of Salem U. B. Ichurch, near Chambersburg, will [present a play, "What Doeth It |Profit" n the Emmanuel U. B. I Church, this city. The group has (staged this play 26 times including Jin the chapel of the Lebanon Valley (College. THE DAILY MAIL, HAGERSTOWN, MD., WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 1939. 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Dear "Waiting": You are a sensible youngster with the right ideas of what a child of COME TO EYERLY'S AIR RAID SHELTERS BEING DISMANTLED ROME, Sept. 6 (£>).—Premier Mussolini gave a new indication that he was not thinking of going to war at present as workmen Tuesday began taking down air raid shelters which had been erected hastily a week ago. The government continued, however, to requisition trucks for taking supplies to the 1,700,000 men under arms. The Italian liner Rex, which is scheduled to leave Naples for New York Saturday, has been booked to capacity by returning Americans. Rates for the voyage have been set considerably higher than normally. The higher tariffs are believed to be due to increased insurance rates and the fact that the vessel is expected to carry only a few passengers on the return trip. Only dollars are being accepted in payment and the sailing will give Italy well over $500,000 of needed foreign currency. POSTMASTERS TO MEET ANNAPOLIS, Md., Sept. 6.—William A. Stronm, president of the Maryland chapter, National Association of Postmasters Tuesday said many Postoffiee Department officials and Congressmen would attend the annual meeting of the ihapter to be held at the Atlantic- Hotel, Ocean City, on Friday. Gorgeous Lace Curtains! Beautiful Ruffled Curtains! Tricky Cottage Sets! Streamlined Tailored Curtains! New Curtains Daily! Visit our Curtain Dep't. and see how moderately priced they are. THIRD FLOOR EYERLY'S your age should do and how you should conduct yourself. It is perfectly proper for you, under the circumstances, to write to this boy. It also is all right for you to go to a party escorted by a boy if your mother approves of the boy and if the hostess approves of him and asks you to bring him. i am taking for granted that the party s not at night. If it is, you should have some older woman go with and the boy and call for you vhen the party is over. I doubt that you will have any :rouble making- and holding friends. You are young in actual years but .--on are old for your age. Perhaps •ou are learning before your time hat some friends, or people we considered friends, do not wear well. Human nature being what it s, we are bound to be disappointed n many of the people we meet in his world. Don't let this worry *ou. Make up your mind to this act and profit by your experience. You don't want "to like every- e," neither do you "want every- ne to like" you. Som e people are lot worth liking. Learn to dis- riminate between those worth cul- ivating and those who are not. f a person conforms to your standards and ideals you are less apt o be disappointed in her or him. Sincerity, kindliness, sympathy ,nd goodness are traits that win .nd hold friends. An interesting conversationalist, one who is witty >r is animated, who is well-inform- 'd and who is a good listener as ie or she is an entertainer, is 'Ound to be popular. Store your nind with information a nd then im>art that information in a sparkling lanner. Have you ever had a school jacher who bored you with the •ay she tried to teach you, where- s another teacher handled the ame subject in an interesting way? Both teachers probably were equal- v-informed but the way they put eir subjects across is what af- Jcts their students. The dry-as- nst pedagogue is unpopular with his or her students. BETTY BRA1NERD. ' Dear "A Friend": You neglected to give me your real name and address and "also B's real name and address. I wrote you a note asking for these and upon hearing from you I am printing your letter hoping that you will see my second appeal to you. What kind of a doctor has B that he cannot make arrangements for him to be taken care of! You ask about the health department in Washington but B's case is a local one and should be taken care of in his community. \V e h ave char- Jty wards in hospitals to tak e care of destitute cases, i suggest you SO right to the city hospital and see what you can do for him since his doctor seems to be helpless. Any good doctor knows where to send a patient who cannot afford to pay anything if that doctor does not take charity cases himself. If B worked, write to the social security headquarters in his city and he will receive compensation from them. Or. if possible, go yourself and talk for him. I do not publish real names or addresses but 1 ask for them, as well as pen names which I use for publication, in every letter but some of you ignore my simple requests Why? i BRTTY BRAIXERD. Do Our Dances Mean War By The AP Feature Service N OW we know: It's the prewar jitters that make the jitterbugs that way; And if they don't cut out the rug- cutting, it means war, just as it did 25 years ago. A couple of fellows told us so. One is Arthur Murray, headliner in ballroom dance instruction. Listen to what Murray says about it: "The present outburst of dance crazes is exactly parallel to a rash of jitterbugging that occurred in America in 1913 and 1914 That was the period when the Castles won prominence and America was doing the Turkey Trot. Durirg my entire career. I've never witnessed such a tremendous desire on the part of the American people to get rid of nervous tension and frayed nerves by capering on the dance floor as Im witnessing today." Then there's Frank Veloz, of the top-ranking hardwood' team, Veloz and Yolanda. Frank once wrote a whole essay to demonstrate that popular dancing is simply the expression of a people's national temperament. And so, My Pet, you see where dances like these are leadin us. THE BOOMPS-A-DAISY THE GLAMOUR GLIDE THE SUGARFOOT Canada Busy With War Preparations Due to the war in Europe and preparations underway throughout Canada, H. E. McFaddin, local sportsman, wife and two children, and a friend, Ray Pflaum of Norfolk, Va., were forced to leave the country earlier than erpected, arriving back in Hagerstown early yesterday morning. Mr. McFaddin said that everywhere in Canada preparations are being made for the country's possible active participation in the war. He said strangers are being stopped and questioned. All bridges and railroads are carefully guarded to prevent sabatoge, including the Welland Canal bridges and the canal itself. He said papers announced over 100,000 had already enlisted from eastern Canada. Canada is getting ready to send an expeditionary force to Europe. The McFaddins left here on Aug. 1G. They intended to spend some time in Northern Ontario. Canada, canoeing and fishing. They were 400 miles north of Toronto on the Spanish river and caught a number of lake trout and pike but - hen. England declared war they thought it best to return to the United States as soon as possible. McFaddin said that hundreds of tourists are leaving the country and that sportsmen are delaying, their intended trips to Canada, although the hunting season is about to open. UP To Crt^CUiO ALLOWANCE SEE YOUR DEALER or Hagerstown Gas Co. Telephone 1010 Rodeo Queen. 17. Leads Old Hands As Cattle Dealer CANADIAN, Tex.. Sept. G. (/P).— Synda Yokley, 17, is showing old- time waddies a few tricks about raising cattle^for profit. When she was an infant, her father. Jess Yokley of Canadian, gave her two calves. That was the foundation for her present string of 53 Herefords. When she was 13, Syclua took a mortgage on her stock and bought 7S yearling steers. Some months later, she sold at a profit of $1,200. after paying off the mortgage and giving her father 50 a head a month for grazing fees. Sydna has been participating in rodeos live years. While ruling as queen of the Anvil Park rodeo here July 4 she took time off to rope and tie a Brahma calf in 30 4-5 seconds, considering there were 20 i op-notch cowhands entered. The Horoscope (Copyright, 1939, by tht McClure Newspaper Syndicate) CAN SHIP TO CANADA j WASHINGTON. Sept. 6 (fl>).—Be- I cause Canada is still technically a neutral nation, the Neutrality Act proclaimed last night does not cut off the shipment of American arms and munitions to hnr for her own use. However, an official said, it does prohibit the shipment, of siu-h arms to Canada if they are to re-shipped i from there to beligerent nations. VIRGO (August 23 to September 22)—Constellation of Virgo has Mercury as the ruling planet. The subjects of this sign are usually materially successful all through life, for they have good judgment, unfailing tact and personal magnetism. Lawyers and research workers belong to Virgo. Many have exceedingly dexterous hands. Wednesday, September 6 Astrologers read this as an uncertain day in planetary direction. Pluto, planet of dictators, is in a place of power and Uranus seems to presage spread of evil propaganda as well as secret activity hostile to democracies. There is a sign of promise for merchants. Lawyers should find this sway auspicious for conferences but not for appearances in court. HEART AND HOME: Women may find this a disappointing day and they should avoid asking favors. It is not a lucky day for asking husbands to increase the family budget. Romance is likely to be lacking for girls who meet new acquaintances. BUSINESS AFFAIRS: Merchants and manufacturers may push their commercial interests confidently today. There will be much wholesale buying in seaports. This is a date when success depends on oneself. Aid in financial matters or political influences will not be forthcoming. NATIONAL ISSUES: Women in politics may look forward to several months in which their efforts will meet with opposition. A<> j party leaders prepare for a national campaign they will accept the assistance of the women of the nation, but no rewards need be ex- j peeled. A candidate who brings a boom from the Orient is to gain influence. INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS: Difficulties with Mexico will be allayed by fair promises relating to | money. Pluto and Mars are in as| pects believed to loose forces that , tend toward violence. Italy comes under a sway that seems to presage j surprises. The Pope is to face new | problems and the next three years may test his diplomacy to its fullest extent. Persons whose birthdate it is have the augury of a year of even fortunes and average serenity. The young will be happy in love affairs. Increase in the family is indicated for many. Children born on this' day probably will be artistic and easy-going. Many of these subjects of Virgo need inspiration to reach their best development. The Amazon river has a drainage area of 2,722.000 square miles. SALE Women's SHOES EARLES Dept. Store "4 West Washington 8tr*«t $| The House of Blue White Diamonds 66 W. TVaAhinvton St. "LUNCH ROOMS & TAVERNS'- Get our Prices on "BUTTERED POPCORN" By the Can (IT TASTES DIFFERENT) CAUFFMAN'S Cut Rate STORE 10 Washington Street ,, SNEEZES OP HAY FEVER 1 Send pen name and real name in every letter. All communications ' arc confidential. Betty Braincrd GSO Madison Ave.. New York City' THE BON TON Shop in Comfort SEE the Largest Selections of High Grade FURNITURE in Hagerstown MEYERS & BERKSON 41 - 43 Wfst rr^TiMJn Str«>** SCHOOL BEGINS THIS MONTH AND ALL WISE PARENTS WILL BE SURE THEK CHILDREN'S EYES ARE EXAMINED. Act Now DON'T WAIT n,. i «"' KQV JCUIEIRV tO TO V.'***! 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