Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 16, 1930 · Page 7
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 7

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 16, 1930
Page 7
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DEDATUR HERALD THURSDAY EVENING, OCTOBER I6 ( 1930, OECATUR HERALD 1VO Eft IHSSKT5 fat tpEP MCNU ER WOTH£R LES, J ' HAS 6HH- LD MAIL BAG 'insurance sed ot The Herald lice '.on ocilirli Informn with Mutual in Why not ineludi SiiflcHoM us well 1 illlm(n' fuiU'inol Innur- i, m w h u l i Ihn h«»d foKrd itiuny thou* |iljfij out of (hf xork'llo. ·Irt,- p t u t t l i n l l y tht Fich ittfi* They would the a tic i tin en l« en tht i u n l l l they vi eii' f m c wl loodnipn T jntni'tt tti» ifti I n n \ 1W! lit I 37 ipfii* ( took ftir li [ f . H f f ·.^Inr- fjfi0f, pmihlfi I |t,il .isM^iment nnrl Incol * p t o n i p t l v fmm .lanusry, I 1U30, on which lntt | ,1 n»t i( v fi otii tho heart utnriti sttttlnK .thecnih TJ UOO tftUtlcate w»» ; I send In my old cor ( U K July 31, 19KO, but I f l i ji my [ld [lulitv my M* ukl In' $10»fi|iL( rnuntil JM\ camp dues, knit', it'iild nut think of ill tinieu-untibh- uml unjilit [ti *;!-"/ ]ti month to I ln i.ilio tuts not j;on- Tin .MiiinK ini'rnh*ri in when Uicy j[fl old n tlif ftpci lenre *f i in all f i a t e i n n l !· tiiiiny I h n y i d n d of old If tlic Modern f have had tho Mmt LSCHM ACHT EN HsaWKR. ( t i:. »uld Not ! Sue Herald? |l:iut of The .... u few w o i d i In r«i(«' fail tn i nl nrtU'lf* n M" 1 Ihm \ o u tniiv linciw til*' suable cltl/cn wilt 111 I IIAVO prHClNcd *ii n e l l i i - iirnotl"! 1 , nllhoiiRh ot »B* held many other ti'*t'° n ' [tumu imit H ycm* T. 1» V » b 7. 1 in (lie mutuigrment ot * -.otUiU.n iiml for the f«*' I htiv* been prcnldcnt * "* PHIHitl as-^K-lallon and n«^ 't h *ited lr* the |iOlh a* Kunmii'i*-' ^ he ttbovr flated Um« *J lOfliitlon^ hs* I"'!'' , more thHti *«!-«» »** f flfwl |{J uruT'nvi+»» " 'inlicti All I" 1 """ 1 " n evi-jil tlio«c of 'he C" Hi One conle«t il r '** f ' 1»oei(illlin* CllUld p5* v "'^ '«· m n n v IndlvldM-il* ti'^ likewise' jjj. intere*tf c*f nur ff.OPO ni y ho uM not th^t-; » hrc«u»* «' ilatenwnl* In le, tn J C WBRTERVEI'I 1 ' lie, Oct. 11. . ... ·Velved a wile from l - (l11f " r .; (he probable lomr of lh» '";» Lr The car wai «-"·"" » fl ' llft^^ n (*w of nr the ke tutnkor [the lost gem. Editor Hears About Disappearance of Bride On Road hnil |MV« W«*t young nful Iwww Bride's House, farmhouse with n slnstcr ral piovloun t h f i * niyj-terl- ly awl (i hi'W* 1 *"" t" sn Pd it I* ntlpulnwd In the that tint new fctinnt txnlt no u«!iUoiu -I' 111 " I1«t»n'«l, own. , O f » New Yolk n«w»p»[i«i'. In Intlitcnl thttt Ann (*(«·«'». It'-r stftWn Otto. H mtirdorett. Then the deputy who l» put on K«i«d ,, the twin* 1 1" * hM tn (l(! " Ul A KtrnnK' 1 '', w ' 10 "iw tiuun rkl- )n C one of Ann'« horned at night. (··cue* her (tow ft moi«*iwlwin the wcltH nlil it the htnite ot Q CtftO-mn, w vunlotlnaty who twsi ooi'n utslnK Icavi «ho i»lft('» Alvn muntiKlnS (·tlltot cl '^ p»P*«, eomcji up to to lolvo the my*teiy of HIP double iMmiler. Ho l«nrn« of a niyrtwlow* "nftttuftltot." whn Ann to . Th rttitnKcr who luul the soad from the direction of Branchvllle, It was evident he was howling for tho Ark, so tttn Ark's proprietor hustled back behind the rountar and put on a fresh licit apron. "Motnlnfti Partner," ho said when tho HUT CM door had opened and closed. "What'll It bo7" ffuni ami enK»," nitld Ciopsey "And it cuit of black and white" "Oli-ktty!" Two cjftfn *"l fiom theit shcllM to a waiting pnn. "A newHjjiipw gent, ben't you?" "Woll et -- " lieUgnl Ihe managing ridden Dinctilit hired to tah. tli.. i the -itubK' hnv Ho name ni to b* well ftnil of Otto It ABniuwft In IntercKtod In him. Ms and Annaiin find the enc to ft Itmiicl. Dfti'UI re- to cxplirn It window gavd on the villa** ^ Crowing 1n three t!irac-| m(ln( t'?'i eidltot of Now York's foremost t«ip*tr, "not oxnctly." 1 No nuud to be afraid of me." waa tho on ecu rag In^ reply. "I uln't agin publicity " itV tht "I HiipitosM vcni'vi- foimod a theory an to who coaimtUorl tho munler')?' "Me, ftnl everybody ela« In the CrOMdinp, thinks that the Runnels ghftftt IN up to Its old trlcka." ' I don't bfllovo In nudi rubbish (lit you?" wan his wny fC landing In thn thick ot iho !ltu(itloii. Nuiih net a cup of coTfca on the countni' anil ]niahcd su^ur nd pltC'hfl' of ciwini nftir It. "Soth Toby's g«(n the hn'nl," )tc stlld «va- slvcly. ' Hfi'a toltt me so " Itiinwt Of Toby "Who It Heth 'I'ohy'" 1 "Our oliltt of pollro" With pride "Out u nil wt taker. Hc'y n selectman too " Nonli watched Cropuey. At la»t edfclnff dosen "aoth'n our most up-nnd-comlng cltlitnn, Unlas* you count Mr, Dla inond oi ona ot iw," you »ee much of Mr. [ion* Here', rxttached to thn titunn Itmt btftti onottKh to he op»r- ,t«it from a wing ubnlr, wa» «n Kftmuphoifi -a foUUnif K»t" ihi^h ioiiltt he cxtpnded or nt wilt ittUl which iilvotod from ilKht to left At th» Sf thlK nrm wtt» atrnppedl a T(«r « nM (Inld KlimtiM by whoiio ftlrt the InriiiWllvo N(«h had frrerUly In- ·fcnird W» fttea of vision. By eleven n'clock on Tti*pwli»y t' 1 rtt-maiMt for -wheat --'··· mil rp(f(*» WIIB about over, nnd the (·II for hnmhuifjor 1 Wllli i)t)l»mn min wt yitt (·ninmimet'rt. A hrtlf lioiif o( bflckonett. Mr. Piabotl to nmkn tho mn»t of It. Mount! Alwttvft (amrui'rt With hl» eye (tilled to the fluid (iM-nw he ("tw a cloned wwen leave flelh Tohv'it »»lftMlflhment-n nlgn the body black editor nakft thu cpiostlon Icily nioie ns a moan: of kucjiliiB t!ic convei nation K n ^l thiin bt'canao hu really wanted to Re x lino on hH ctout's atandlng 1 In Hi community "Oh, xlnco thli heie muvtlcilng bualnesifi stixttod," mumlsled Noah "lic'H ntounrt town a good deal" "But surely you don't count you wefilthy nclRlihor among the villain of the wurlcl. ilo vou*" Nofth Peabody was not In a humor otiH mood "If you wnnt the lowilown on Job Diamond," he Hiild darltly, "you'v rtimo to tlic wrnne pluce IKillH Olil NOBh His vliiltor adopted other tactics. "I'm point; to hu (jutnk wllli yni Mr. Pcnbndy " lio *ald. "I'm a, rtc teotlve. Oh, no " (is the other show Hd imiplnni* of tlroppinff In track 1 *, "not (i police detective. Prl «f ths Jtiurdnrod deputy win at Iftnt to bo removed f i o m lnklu' 1 " I!"""" 1 vale lavoMtlKatlon is my line--deduc tlvc rea-Kinlnj: ' \x\n% the bull o te bo removed f i o m liildu'-i I!o"«p fUutt-iy, "A man or your admittm H* ftltn otiierved Ourllim. "in «iu1v Intclllgcncoi will of coursie appreoiati ~ -- wtina kxlge Uetper of Berkshlie Towcm iiiHOtl down tho toad, achy his dog Bee tin. Over ·nt *hotiMer Onrlfng cnrrtc.l n fwh- InS icut which wan as good u nri «nnnun«mnnr that Mr. Diamond tmd geat to Ihe «ltjr for the day. It WM no murnt In the Ol 1 ii"iiln(t that tht hound en the hilt was novcr left f'" 1 a lOOTimat when the win at home, a condition the tlio d l f f n t o n c o botwacn the two. S now, If you've nnythlnff to say, yoi know who you run Buy It to ivltt perfect Impunity," Tho Jtidlcloui Intioductlcn of a chi-t'k )onk ntnl fountain pen atemmnd the flow of argumeti Tlii^rx Nklit or Murder "Mr niniiioml,' Noah mumbled loultlnit ncivdiitlv over hla ahotildcr "v/to down to Bildo's House Sumln nlj!lil nf (iffulM which hnfl tnw-iitildlaK cld/ftiis of t h n t town wnv klllc. b»Toril nil »nprp'i"lon The vlrtimim Mr, Peaboily »fl- Jiwtert th* Klii4W4 fot one ln«t pot-|) nl»,'ht when tho deputy ,te l lush faded to a blotchy white, 1 Hldln K m Back Sort "Oh, no. Not roe " Hurriedly, "I waa on my way home from a oufth meeting, You know--"wink- ng na hu Ocult a round of cards in dumb ahow--"big builnesa. When what should I lee come aatoalln' up out of tho Wood road but the Imoualno from Barkahlre Tower, Jr. Diamond was In black, all huddled down. And Garllng waa In the chauffeur's seat, dliving." "What time was that?" "About quarter-)aat twelve," In whlspei, "the deputy was killed on the hour--or HO Miss Weit says." Cropsey had never lifted the lodge tceper of Borkshiiu Towers. There wan the jail taint about the fellow. loyalty to his master smacked ,00 much of the beast held In check a leash You're BUIO It was Mr, Diamond i saw''" Sure " Only HIHUIC on Boad 'All you know for certain then a that the Diamond limousine came up out ot the Wood road, Anl even that doesn't prove It was at the house when the deputy was j shot. Might have palled by before or after the shooting occurred, now mightn't It.'" Me Peabody gave hia guest an odd look. "Tho Wood inad'H only four miles long," ho said. "Thcie ain't no oth nr house but Brlde'a. House on It, Unless you count Doc Crnneon's shack. And that ain't on it neither, being as how it's In tho svvnmp back of the Runnel a pasture, right whoie the loiui ends" Again Cropsev started "Oh, so tho Wood toad ends at Bildu's House?" Wurn strnnRors Aw»y 'About a mile beyond, to be * Ind hiirH»lty wlprd them with lh" wicl of hit nfoktle A utranne mitn wim cninlnf; Juwn How do ;ou know?" ; uren him, *e*n Win w i t h my own I'yes" "Trm WCIP t h e i e yourself then' 1 ' The Tare njrwlfd .1 UUlc, Its 1030- Today's Cross Word Puzzle «'"(»r1i(1u, ISIU, 'Mif [tell 1vn1liiKi-, (in 1 - l t ( t l t l / O S I M, .1.-- \ H l i l u . i" - I'tnirn ilrnin, t i , i,,. 1 hl.H. ( I n * InK - nP ~ -.l!nl[(t,. nl lite. l i -- i M --Turn* \1 l I l t l l ' H 1 L C I l l ^ ^ l f , | ] l l l l t f ( l " . i\ III i. l i l t . . UUDU HOE nnciEi nr T5TMBlOaESEl an 0E3BQ nnnEE UlJfJ OQQB DFJUt UUUU QCIHQ BO" IJtlU GdUH Ct »ct. Peters out like a brook In mid'' ·ummer. Many 1 * the tourist aa hns en fooled Into taking that turn from the ntnto highway, thinking to get a ehoit cut to Danbury," WJth an owl-llko blink of the eyea, "Since that young Mis' Prentice and her husband lost themselves there last December, tho authorities have put up a sign warning folks away." Ctopsey began to feel that his fifty dollais had been a good Investment, Mrs, Ptcntico wui the bride who disappeared?" "Yes, sir, A pirctty little thing with yallo? hair an' big blue eyes." "You knew her then?" Stopped In Ark The Ark proprietor turned out the light under the percolator before he answered. "They stopped here on thn very-y night. It wt»9 snowin' to beat Sarity Claun; and I'd Junt nrnde up my mind to close up shop, when the door opens and in they come A boy and a gill--too young to be gct- tln' married." Hero Mr. Pealwdy paused to maltG a few renmrlts anent the younger gonoration and Us precoclousnetis; but thtt Impatient Ciopsey promptly switched him back to the story of the rnisslnp btldc, "The git I had been oryln'," Htild Noah, "Her face was all toar-slalnDd, While they was drlnkin' their coffee sho whlapeied stjmcthinK to the boy and 1 hccrd him sny, 'If I thought it wait true, I'd kill you; and him loo' yes, air, kill, that's the word ho used, It almost hung him. Would have If they eoulda found her body" Ciopfley fumlited for hi a pipe and, not finding It, asked far a package of cIsnictH. At that moment the door of tho lunch room opened anil a crowd ot toporteis, detectives nnd camoia men swatmed over the silt, demanding lunch, The managing editor of The Free Press, unreiiognlxed even by tho representative of hla own paper, found himself ghoved Into a corner where he was permitted to alt and listen to half a dozen solution* of tho (nur- ders, none of which took Into consideration the slnliter eventi leading up to them. It was not until he had left the Ark far behind him and wait almoat within sight of the Apple Blossom Tea Room that a disturbing offlcloumeM In the manner of Mr. Noah Peabody Intruded itself among the recollections of his recent visit, Why had the Jovial proprietor of the luneh wagon tried to cast suspicion upon John Diamond? Why had he seemed so disappointed at not being able to testify against the unfortunate Willie Prentice? Was It a morbid desire to dec hit; name In print? Or had he made a gold attempt to shield nome one by Implicating others? And if tip, whom? (To B* Continued) (Copyright, 1930, by Tho Hell Syndicate, Inc.) Four From Windsor Visit In Charleston WINDSOB--Mr. and Mts. W. E Hamilton and Mi. and Mrs, C H, Sixson vlflltad Cecil Hamilton and wife In Chaikston Sunday Ailcen Andes Is visit In g(Kor giand- parohts In Strobburg. Mr. and Mrs. Luther Benee have moved to the new house Just cam. plelotl, belonging to Homor Goddnld, Mis. Gregory la visiting relatives In Indhinajwlis Mrs Fred Edwuidt was hostess to Ihp BrltlRo club Wednesday, C. L Bcrtce, mauler of Windier Musonlo lodge, Is attending the * Blona of grand lodge in chice^Tft, WINDSOR LARK1N CLUB HAS MEETING WINDSOR -- Mr». aimer Bailey and Mcp. James Taylor were boat- eiBOtt to member* ot the Larkln club In the home ot Mrs. Bailey Tueiday «vonlnf. Mr, anu Mrn, George Way and family of Chicago visited hU parents, Mr, and Mm, H, C. May here Sunday. Mr, and Mri. W, D. Hsrron and daughter are home from Chicago, where they were called by the 1)1- nww of their aon Paul. Mrs, John D. Barnhart la visiting her daughter Mrs Paul Rerron In Chicago. Mr, and Mm, W. M, Sexoon of McAllister, Oklahoma were guesU f,t Mr, and Mrs, Fred Edwards, Sunday. Mies Grace Turner, Mm, Charles Eankn. Mrs. Fred Edwards and dnughler Belly Ann, Mis, Oscar Turner and BOM Eldon Glenn, -were uurptlse sup]«r gueifla ot Mina Sa* lah Turner of Muttoon on Monday evening. The occasion wn» MiM Turner's birthday, Taylorvifle Man Hurt When Train Hits Car TAYLORVILLE -- Fred Klnney Buffered painful cuts and bruises Tuesday evening when his car, a Bulclt coupe, collided with « coal wagon, which had bean left In the road near the CALM, tracks on the two-mil*) lane, weal of thli city. Mr. Klnney was unable to be at his of floe Wedneiday, but he In ropoilid an doing nicely ut his home The ear woe conulderably damaged, Th* regular meeting ot th* Lion*' chib wa* held Tuesday avegfng a_t the Melhodlit church with William Lenilng, receiver for th« Hrat National bank, and Howard Afar* prtt- «nt u gueita ot the ctub from Toy- lorvlllo. Other #UMl» prwent from Ihe Springfield Lion* 'club ware C. F. Anderaon, E, T, Rchaffer, William Henry, Roy Hamey, C, E, VXePew, A1e Roberts and Judge Wm, B, Chlttenden, Tony Podeficht of thn Tuylorvtllft Wholewle Grocery Co., wo* Admitted aa a. new member and C, L. Well* wa* re-lnitaled to membership, he having been a member previous to bin removal to Nebraska, The feature of th* evening'* enter- lalnment wan a titlk on "The Significance of Columbu* Day" delivered by F. ID. Bryant, history Instructor ot the Taylor villa High whoo). Roger DeHai't Of thli city, who announced the evpnin at the Society horse nhow at the Chrlitlan County fulr the paat two yearn, )i announcing tbli week at Ihe National itock nhow being held In fit, Louli. Miscellaneous Shower Given Macon Bride*To-Be MACOK--Mi«* Elliaboth Whlto en. tertulned In her home Friday evening lit honor of Him Anna Louli* Merlin who IK twion to marry A. J, Mount of Springfield, It wa» a rnl«- cellnncou* ithower and about 26 In- tlmate frJcndi of Mlw Merrta* were prcient. Born--To Mr. and Mm, Bruce Pugh. Sunday, Oct. 12, a daughter'. Mm. Clarence Wantlnnd wai brought home from St Mary'n hot- pltdl Sunday much improved, James Murna and family were guimin of Mm Morna's brother* In Molfne over the weekend. Jeiie Griffith of Gary, Ind,, I* visiting his mother and »l»feri^icgi fr ft the flro. LOVINGTON MEETING IS CALLED TO PLAN ARMISTICE PROGRAM LOVINOTON-- Th« AratriMtt L** gkm boyi h«r* will inert Mxt TUMM day evtntnir In Oi«tr h*H to lay plan* for Armliltw D«y, and *lw to phn for thin y*tf* mwnbmhtp drive, Six woroim from Loving ton aiunl- «d lh» rordgn MMiluury tod«ty meeting of th« Doeatur dtitrict, «on ducted ifl Dnaatur to th* Flrnt lltthodUt oMirch. Thou* wh« attended from Xxivlngton wer» Mm. Byron Ctwcvor, MM, M, M..Stair, Mn, W. B. Shiny, MM, M. W, Munch. Mr*. J ft BMtn'M and MM 3. A. Mitchell, COUNTRY'HOME NEAR LOVINGTON IS RAZED LOVmOTON -- The lX»v1n|U»i Tint department wa» called to UM country home 'of Otl* Kewney, flv* mile* nnrthwMt of here Tuttd*?. Although th« an fireman fought tlw Wai* d«i]»nt*ly, It WM Impowlblt for them to iav« th* tiouge, Tbty navcd roMt »t the fumlihlnf* on thn first and neennd floor*. Two hundred jam of canntd fruit were bnrn«id up tit the tMMDMOt, Tho h'nioc caught flrft from ft 4* f to live flue, The family moved their Mtowr- tag* Into Lovlnuton and art cwtd- Ing In the Sherman B»nJy hotut 1ft th" wi»*t part ff town ' Mr. the lime of the In' Lovhigton W rir», ^nd Mm. Kearney, who 1* retching M Hog Koot school, WM not at home. Only a Strl wnrklnff for them and thtl* llltle Man wit* at bom* M th* tin* New Discovery Revolutionizes Washing of Fine Fabrics Ethel Barrymore, Anne Morgan, Mrs. Kellogg Fairbank on distinguished Committee of 17 which sees new bead soap out-perform chips and flakes A TINY bead ot soap no larger than ^ * pinhead, yet il holds the secret of longer wear for silk stockings I Science proved this recently, at a meeting at the Ritz Hotel, New York, to the entire satisfaction of the Committee of 17, a group of distinguished women who were asked to give "the woman's viewpoint" on tliis revolutionary new soap. Famous Women Watch Tests Social leaders, home economics consultants, the wife of a distinguished cabinet member, eminent university authorities--women representative of every type of American femininity-- the committee watched authorities test the flake and chip soaps used by women for washing silks. They heard chemists tell how modern washbowl laundering of silks demands a soap that dissolves instantly ... works in water as cool as 85 degrees F. and rinses away completely. Could the ideal soap for silks be made? Science said "yes," and before the skeptical eyes oi 17 women tested a revolutionary new soap that performed miracles never witnessed before, tt dissolved 30 times faster than flakes, cleansed in water 20 degrees cooler than i e- quired by any existing soap, and rinsed away like magic in one swift rinse. Committee Approves New Soap So revolutionary was the new soap ... so perfectly did it fulfill requirements no soap has ever been able to meet before ... that the Committee of 17 went on record as "unanimously "approving the new soap as ideal for washing silks and fine fabrics," The name of the new soap is."Palmolive Beads," It is the first "bead" soap for silks ever made. The only fine fabric soap made of olive and palm oils. Yet it costs no more than ordinary soaps. Order from your dealer. (AMve) Ttaf* iliiliialtlwjl emftilttte intnktn »rrht M th* ww HeuL for th* ·ai» nyttllnjMlwt »i« niilery, Tbfy we Mn.OHvtr Hitrlnun.Ma. FnnltllH Xt n. Jtmtt J, Divfe wrtt tt» of Liboc CM thtlnwn tt IN ContHluW «t !J. Mtmttri of tht Conunllttt of If wished with intttnt 4inolv!ni IhOM wailitdwilh slow dinolvini flmktt, microBcopc rcvcilit Out tlow «o«pti often lilt to rim* »wiT compltitl/, turane 101 p ilknujrt. Mr», Jimtt J. Divli (it mkroBcoit), Mm Frttidlin Roowvtlt, EttiSttn* tnd Mitt Pollird. AHNB MORGAN FimiHtt dnifhttr tt e fiitww fiihtr, *nd mcmbtr ot th* Cotwnitt** oi IT. Mini Hortin It tratetidly rimimbem tor twr rthtWllti- ti«i work in Fnnct, Famous Silk Manufacturer! Unit* with Committet of17 in endorsing Palm*ltot Btadt Ch«n«r Kay«w St«hll Cortkelll Luxlto Vanity Ftlr Holeproof Phoeols Van Ra*lt« The ibove nuattfMturera tcMrd P«lni- oliv« Bud* In their own Uboratorie* and r*comnMnd them lor »«/* of tUki. PALMOLIVE BEADS Who'sWhoonthe Committee of 17 These famous women--leaders representing every phase of feminine activity, from all over the United States-approved and sponsor Palmolivc Beads. MRS, J A H B S I. DAVIS, Clulnun. Wtft nftlx mf«» «f Liter, MISS ETHEL BARRYMOK, MARY ROBERTS RINE HART. Amtrfa'i mta ttitwt tee»tati jttttett tvnffr, MRS, FRANKLIN ROOiE- VELT. MISS ELSIB OE NELLIE TAVLOE ROM. ANTOINETTE DONNELLY. Oimft TntuHt trout? fTttrt, MISS LILLIAN EDOEHTON. lltad if ttittHt labtrateryjar toe- din, _ MRS, KELLOGG FAIRBANK. M'ulflf tftMm Gi UfttHeitt Itottr tfwrf ivntfr, MRS, OLIVER HAMX1MAN. Soot! tmtrr if fftit J'tri, MISS ANNE MORGAN. MISS CAY », WALTON. MMB. SCHUMANN .HUNK. AtHtritft mat ·***· **** ··* tat Iml t*mt Awn*, MRS. CBCIL ft. DE MtLLB. n^ttii tt*miin*t futttf ftf OR, ELLEN B. HcCOWAN. MM. HANCOCK IANNINO. (j»»wl*»C«imt»«wwWi, · U Z A N K B FOULARD. (141 For washing fine fabrics ... Large Box lOc

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