Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on April 9, 1898 · Page 2
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 2

Denton, Maryland
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Saturday, April 9, 1898
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M E L V I N , STEELE JOHNSON EDITORS A N D P R O P R I E T O R S . SATURDAY MORNING, APRIL 9, 1898 THE FESTIVAL OF EASTER. Pre-eminent a m o n g the festivals of the Christian churches is the ;ui- niversary of t h e glorious Resin-rec tion morning, when the f a i t h f u l fol lowers of t h e lowly N a x a r i n e saw in the rent tomb a r e a l i z a t i o n of tin- f a i t h that had been dimmed :iml well-nigh destroyed by the tragic events of the few preceding days and recognized it as the t r i u m p h a r r finale of the divine plan of w h i c h the Birth at Bethlehem was the promise and beginning. What but i u s p i r a tiou and s u p e r h u m a n love could h a v e sustained t h e m in the accumulating 1 t r i u m p h s of temporal power, as they followed each other in quick succession? The}' knew o f , t h e agonizing in the G e t h s e m a u o garden, as He prayed t h a t the b i t t e r cup ot death might pass from Him; they saw one of their number, trusted and apparently f a i t h f u l , betray the Master for a paltry price; they heard the demands of the priest-incited people for the release of a notorious malefactor and the crucifixion of the Saviour, tiud saw the velnctant but craven Pilot yield to the d e m a n d ; they followed, afar off, perhaps, as the h o w l i n g populace, the grim Bo- inan soldiery and the V i c t i m march ed slowly up Calvary's hill, and witnessed the tragedy there enacted to the end, and an ignoble end it must have seemed to them. Doubt and despair reached a climax when the h u m a n form of Him whom they hud loved and followed was laid, like common mortals, in the tomb. Bnt it was not the end. It was but the dense darkness which preceded tlie dawn of the glorious Resurrection morning, wherein man's immortality was exemplified iu a risen Christ. The events of the week preceding Easter are symbolized in the church services. The solemn services on Good Friday are most impressive in character, and fittingly represent the pain and death of Him who died upon the cross for man's redemption. But Easter morning comes, and where death was there is life; where lamentations and misereres were heard the joyous anthems r i n g out, and doubt and uncertainty vanish before the unquestionable .certainty of everlasting life for those who will receive it. MR. MESSICK COULD HAVE DONE IT. The Union of this week, iu its comments on the ]-:-nceediugs in the House of Delegates relative to the Treasurer bill, does Mr. Redden an injustice, in shouldering upon him the responsibility for the fail me of the bill. The bill introduced by Senator Messick proposed to reduce the salary of an .officer-elect, who had given bond, as required by law, for the performance of the duties of his office, and to give a thousand dollars each to Mr. Whitby and some ·whom the county commissioners might appoint as their clerk. Mr. Redden amended the Senate bill by making the treasurer's salary thirteen hundred dollars and the salary of the clerk to the eommissioue'rs eight hundred dollars. In these amendments Mr. Messick -had tbe Senate non-concur- Theconference committee on this bill, appointed at theinstauce of Senator Messick,made changes iu the compensation ot" the two officers which were d i s t a s t e f u l to Mr. Redden, and the legislative proceedings show how lie disposed of th« whole matter. Senator Mes- siek's concurrence would have passed the bill and his refusal to concur accomplished its defeat. Mr. Redden is to bo congratulated in that he upheld the verdict of the m a j o r i t y of voters in this county and retained to Mr. Whitby the salary of the office to which they elected him, andr that he had ao much Republican support in opposition to a declared Republican party measure--move Republicans voted w i t h Mr. Redden to kill the bill than voted for the conference report. If the county commissioners wish a clerk oE their own appointment, they can appoint one, as provided by an act of the last General Assembly, at a salary not to exceed eight hundred dollars. WAR IS IMMINENT. Congresshas adjourned u n t i l Monday, and there is a calm at the cap-i tal and t h r o u g h o u t the country which, it is now quite probable, only precedes a storm of momentous import." A telegram from Washington says the Administration regards war - as almost inevitable and to be averted only through concessions by Spain. In Washington 'the opinion is that diplomacy has been exhausted, and that Spain must yield or take the consequences. The President's message will be sent to Congress on Monday practically unchanged, unless there are developments iu the meantime. This mes- 1 sage will ask for immediate armed intervention to put a stop to the Cuban war. Spain will regard this, as has already been stated, as the initiative act of war, aud the roar of a thousand big guns may he held in Cubau waters before another week There is, however, still hope that the Spanish Government may accede to our demands, made in the interest only of the destitute aud perishing thousands still spared from starva- -tio'n. ^Consul-General Lee, it is re- has been ordered by lie authorities to leave Hato-day, by which time all Am- "ef leans so disposed will have had ample opporlnnity'to leave Cuba. HIVE® ,,_ _. BALTIMORE'S TRADE ON THE SHO'. Baltimore is at last r e n l u i u g the vahio of the trade ot' the Eastern Shore. Officers of the retailers' association o£ t h a t city on Thursday had a conference w i t h Mr. Wm. H Bosley, presi dent of the Queen A n n e ' s Railroad, relative to developing trade along that line in the iuterest o Baltimore. President Bosley sail t h a t he was desirous to aid in such a niovetneut, and pointed out the rich territory w h i c h for years before the construction of tho (Jueeu Anno'? Railroad traded iu Philadelphia W h i l e Baltimore is neurcr, and trad iug can be done under tnoro favorable circumstances here, the busi ness continues to go to P h i l a d e l p h i a because, of the absence of nuy work to b r i n g it to Baltimore. Mr. Breu hcimcr said he was much impressed w i t h the o p p o r t u n i t i e s of this fielc to the business men of Baltimore and said vigorous means w o u l d to taken to develop it. He proposes to secure the co-operation of a number ol merchants aud make a persona visit to the various towns, hold conferences with the representative people, or, if necessary, arrange to have public meetings, at which could be set forth what was offered by Baltimore to the consumers of this section. Mr. J. Stiinrt MacDouald, cliairmau of the e n t e r t a i n m e n t comm i t t e e of the Retailers' Association, said that the various theatres had agreed to make reductions in the pi ice of tickets for the benefit of the excursionists w h i c h are coming to I he city nest week. Hotel couces sioushave also been obtained by the committee. Aud not alone in trade interests is the Queen Anne's Railroad bringing the two great divisions of Maryland, the Western aud the Eastern Shore, in closer relations. EDITORIAL NOTESQ. The monthly statemeut from tho Treasury Department shows that the receipts from customs d u r i n g the m o u t h of March were a tviHe over $15,000,000, or $7,000,000 less than the receipts from customs in March of last year. Tho receipts from internal revenue show an increase of $1,000,000 over March of last year. The total receipts for the m o n t h were $32,958,750, aud the expenditures were $31,882,444, an increase of nearly $5,000,000 over March, 1897. The surplus for March, 1898, was about a million and a-quarter of dollars and the surplus in March, 1897, was over nine millions of dollars. The appropriations for the vear averages over $34,000,000 per m o u t h , so t h a t the expenses, inducing those for the national defeuse, provided for by special appropriation, are not up to the average. The total deficit for the nine months of'the present fiscal year, up to the end of March, is above $53,000,000. The Dryden bill, providing that school commissioners should go into otSce in May instead of August was lefeated in the House of Delegates u Jlonday. Mr. Wilkinson explain:d its provisions and said he would uive to oppose it as strenuously is he could aud that he had a u u m - .er of a m e n d m e n t s to offer. He, herefore, moved that f u r t h e r con- ;ideration of tbe bill be postponed u n t i l 12.01 o'clock at night nnd the notion was carried by the aid of lepublioans who objected to bills over which there was contention. This killed the bill, as the House ad- ourned officially at midnight. If war comes Maryland will be ·eady for it. The bill appropriating $200,000 as a war emergency f u n d for the use of the State in equipping uilitia passed the House under suspension of rules aud without opposition on the last day of the legis- aturc. The bill was introduced iu he Senate by President Randall on Saturday Previously the House i;id killed a similar hill introduced ny Mr. B. L. Turner, in the belief t h a t war was not imminent. Howard county papers inform us t h a t Senator Gorman will likely be a candidate for Congress in the F i f t h district next fall, and predicts his election. Should he be chosen, they nlso believe lie will be elected Speaker, if the Democrats succeed in securing a majority in the next House of Representatives. A good many thousand Marylauders would be glail to see Senator Gorman continued in Congress. The next Maryland delegation in Congress will, it is safe to predict, contain several Democrats. The sudden wave which floated the Republican craft has been receding, a n d by another election it will bo left high and dry. The Delaware Legislature has been considering proposed changes in the ballot law there in force. It is said I he present system is so complicated that few understand it when they go to cast their votes. The public mind lias been on the cjiii vive for several days past, expecting a declaration of war or steps equivalent thereto. Mrs. A. Inven. residing at 720 Henry St., Alton, III., suffered with sciatic rheumatism for over eight mouths. She doctored for it nearly the whole of this time, using various remedies recommended by friends, aud was treated by the physicians, but recoiled no relief. She then used one and a half bottles of Chamberlain's Pain Balm, which effected a complete cure. This is published at her request, as she wants others similarly afflicted to know what cured .her. The 25 and 50 cent sizes'for sale by Hugh Duffey, HillsborO; R.'. J. Colston, Ridgely; W. E. Brown, Denlon. Two years ago R. J. W n r r o u , a druggist at Pleasant Brook. X. Y., bought a small supply of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, lie snms up the roMilt as follows: "At t h a t time the goods were u n k n o w n in t h i s section; today Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is a. household word." It is the same in h u n d r e d s of c o m m u u i ties. Wherever the good qualities of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy become k n o w n tho people will have nothing else. For sale by Hugh Duffey, Hillsbovo; R. J. Colston, Ridgely; W. E. B r o w n , Denton. PHILADELPHIA, Monday, ApnU, 1893. The Spring F °R certain it is, that the attendance and selling is well n| g h dou 4 that of C - , - Exhibition any previous occasion. And yet, the elegant Salons are less crowded than is the average drawing room on a reception night. Vast space and greatly enlarged selling force is arrying the business along comfortably to all. Paris Millinery, Wanamaker Millinery -- the choosing is guided alone by individual taste. The harmony of elegance prevails. A new star has flashed upon Paris -- Susanne Blum, who has set the gay capital talking about her splendid millinery productions. Our Paris partner has sent us her very latest hats. Charming for their beauty; interesting for their breath of newness -- fresh as the odor of a summer shower; bright as its rainbow. A dozen other Paris milliners are represented. THE STORE IS WONDERFULLY - INTERESTING. The FURNISHED ROO/MS, on the third floor, are the Mecca of housewives and lovers of the beautiful. Snrine- Women's § G » $7.50, S8.50 and S1 ° do lai '8 e dut y in w r a p b ^ ' y i n ? thiS spring. There is service and more or less jauntiness of style in the garments, too. Just a descriptive word to set you thinking-- $6-- Covert cloth Jackets, fly front-- the newCrede style; notched collar, tailor back, flap pockets; lined with satin rhndame to match the cloth. Sleeves capped. $7.50-- The new Sadler short coat in black cheviot. Waist length ; double breasted; notched collar and revers; front, sleeves and back braided. Lined with satin rhadame. S8.50-- Coats of black diagonal cheviot ; fly front, tailor back; double stitched seams; full lined with black taffeta silk. $10-- Fty front Coats witli welted dart seams. Alade from plain blade diagonal overcoating. Breast and hip pockets. Full lined with black taffeta silk. Women's REALeconom y doesn't . consist in simply get- ltS tj n g a n ar tj c | e f o r ijt. tie money. We have seen women's suits sold at a few dollars each that were wretchedly dear, because in : abric and make they were below the level of real goodness. So, 'ood suits -- in style and fabric -- at $8.50 may be classed as real bargains -something that you are really gainer to have traded your money for. These are the styles -Suits of black or navy serge. Fly front or blazer jacket as you prefer. Jacket lined with satin serge Skirt lined with percaline. Suits of tan covert clotli, fly front jacket lined with changeant satin serge. Skirt percaline lined. The Glove |N a class a11 b y t- For a se '^ -- °^ a s oo(1ness P. ,, not comparable with uoiiar a n y other g]ove at the price, is the Princess May Made of the most elastic of real kidskins. The elegance of finish, the perfection of fit such as the best glove-maker in Grenoble has given them. In two, three and four buttons, and two and three clasps. Colors, tans, red-tans, browns, slates, modes, greens, pearls, butters, black and white -one dollar a pair HnnHkfrchiff; A B E L F A S T , nandKercmeis l r e l a n d j kerchief manufacturer makes his bow to American shoppers. The linen chief introduces him and vouches for him -- rather for his wares. We bought nineteen hundred and twenty-six dozens in this trial order. If he can maintain the values we offer he may have all the American trade he can handle. You'd think, gn the prices, these were samples. Instead, they are bright, fresh laundered goods -- and PURE LINEN, of course. FOR MEN -- the special values are at 12^c and 25c. FOR WOMEN -- the special n u m - bers are at -six for 50c, and six for 75c, and ten cents apiece. All the handkerchiefs are hemstitched. Jo'hn Wanamaker. S TATEMENT OF TIIE NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE CO., OF NEW YORK, N. Y-.'jTO DECEMBEK 31,1897: Total Admitted Assets S201,il0,835.41 Totftl Liubilitios 183,518,335.-U Net Surplus 17,893,490.92 Income in Murylnncl 26fl,78!).81 Losses paid in Maryland... 203,279.17 Wanted, To buy a lot of best "VVliitc Onk Lumber; niusl bo thoroughly scnsoned, in flitch 2| inches thick mid 10 feet long, clear of knots. Address nnd state price. RUDOLPH ANKLA3I, Smithville, Md. A LARGE ASSORTMENT -- OF-SPRING GOODS JUST A AVolt Selected Stock of HATS AND GAPS. All the Li!te-.t Styles in Dcilncs mid Slniw Goods. DRESS OJ-OODS. All-"\Vool Serges, from 32c. to 50c, Aloliairs aud Hi-nrictlns, from S2c. to 70c Novelty Suitings, nil-wool, fi-.-m 2oc. up, A Grent Vnviely in Olnldion's Men's and Women's SHOES. A Good, Solid, Liidu-s' Shoo for.*!. A Lin-go Stock of Men's Youths' and Hoys' CLOTHING at Very Lo\v Pi ices. Furniture, Glass and Oueeusware. In fiict a n y t h i n g tlie public mny need in our lino, at popular prices. a Special Mixture for Potutocs nud Tomii toos, a Rook, 15one and Fish .Mixture for Berries. We nre selling the A D I U A N C K PLATT Pliilform Binders, Mowers, Rnke«, Etc., which ale Gunrnntccd in every respect. Irl. TV. NIJT-FLE I3RO., ANDKRSONTOWN. MD. DRESS GOODS. I have n good line of all-wool Dress Goods, forty different shades nml prices, nud from 20 to 70 cc:its per yard. Cnli- eocs, Percnles, Ginghams in many shades nnd sU les. CLOTHING. I have a nice line of Men's Youth's nnd Boy's Clothing. Men's nil-wool Suits from $3.00 up; Boy's from SI.00 up. LIME. Liine $1.00 per barrel; Farmer's Friend Plows 31.75. LADIES' HATS. A good assortment of Lndies' Trimmed lints, Latest styles and prices. NOTIONS. A full line of ^Notions, Dre-s Trimmings, Braids, i'to. SHIRTS. Men's Fine Shirts, Neekwenr, Collars nnd Culls. JEWELRY. I can please you in n Clock, Jeweliy, or a n y t h i n g of the kind. HATS. ' I have in stock Men's Hats in ninny colors shapes and styles. CARPETS. Ciirpcts, Mattings and Oil Cloth kept iu stock nt nil times. SHOES. Men's, Ladies' and Roys Shoes in all the latest styles, fit prices to suit nil. FURNITURE. If you arc t h i n k i n g of b u \ i n g Furniture, 1 can save you money. Money snved is money iiinde. HARNESS. I cnn plontc you in Carriage Harness, Collar!, Bridles, Halters. Whip Lfip Dusters, etc. TRUNKS. I have trunks in nil nnd nt all prices. If yon nrc thinking of buying n Sewing Machine, a Washing Machine or Wringer, Fence "Wire, Poultry Who, Cultivators, Plows, Lime, Salt, Pine and Conl Tar AT LOWEST PRICES, come to me. I keep everything kept in n General Store. Mo Trouble to Show Goods at Any Tine. I solicit your pntronngo, W, R, BREEDING, WILLISTON, MD. through the store--every de- Spril}g partment crowded with good, StocK nevv anc ^ k est styles for spring wear. Ready-made clothing, latest styles and patterns of leading New York makers of Suits, Spring Overcoats and Trousers of all kinds and in all sizes lor men, boys, young men and little boys. A Custom Department anxious to show you how well we can.please and fit you, and what good work we can give for moderate prices. Furnishings, popular styles, popular prices, big stock and big values. Hats, all kinds, all sizes --men's boys' and little boys'. Agents in this territory for 'Dunlaps,' best in the world, the standard of good dressers. Shoes --men's and boys'--good grades,young men's styles and best makes. Dugan Hudson's Iron Clad Shoes for little boys. One low price plainly marked. Money refunded or goods exchange. We mean to take good care of your trade and influence. JAS, T, MULLIN SON, Sixth and Market, Wilmington. Showing the Condition of the MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE CO OF NEW YORK Value of Keiil Kstntc and Ground llonts owned by the Compnn.v less ciicumbrsiricc tlicrcon Mortgage Loans on Rcal.Estntc Lonns secured by pledge of Bonds, Stocks or other col- latei-iil. per schedule C., Bonds nnd Stocks Absolutely owned by the Company, Ciish in Company's Oilicc and In Banks, Interest clue on Sucks, Uonils nud other securities, Wet nmount ol' uneolleelod and deferred premiums, IDed.-a.ct Tjed-g-er I-ia/foilities : Agent*' Credit Balances, Alt other, S 21,018,451.88 09,423,9:57.31 1-2.SM).W8.00 129,S|ivK) b9 1.1,703.19382 2,105,319.0!) UW4..i2U() : !?13,OIG..M 28,137.9!; ItTot .A-cirrxitteca.. Securities deposited in various States nnd fomigii countries for llio protection of policy-holders in such State-.--market value, Agents' Debit Unlunco, Suspense, Si, 170,83 l.-j( I'J'i.SJGji 280,000 00 2,G4t5,C81 Net Kescv\ o, Net Policy claims. P r e m i u m s paid in tulvancc, Any oilier Liability : Non-forfeiluve clause of policio, Surplus us regards Policy-holders, Total Income, Total Expenditures. 342,042 Policies in force in United States Dec. 31, 1897, 831 Policies written in Murylaml d u r i n g the year 1897, Premiums received on Maryland business in 1897, Losses pnid in Maryland during 1897, Losses incurred in Maryland d u r i n g 1897, S21G,438,87G.OO 1,123.913.83 28) ,1)25 24 413,828.00 $218,278,243.07 3 3,984,011.14 54,102,008.2:5 oli,l24,OliO.!l9 93o,C02,3S1.00 1,491.700.00 398,18:5 13 ·220,032.91 1913,882 G3 S TATE OF MARYLAND, INSURANCE DEPARTMENT. COMMISSIONER'S OFFICE, ANX.U-OLIS, M A R C H 19, 1898. In compliance witli the Code of Public General Laws, [ hereby certify that the iiliovc is n true abstract from the swum statement of the Alumni Life Insurance Com- pariv of New York, to December 31st, 1897, now on file in this Department. F. ALBERT KUKTZ, Commissioner. HERBERT N, FELL, General Agent, WILMINGTON, DEL, T£CSTBB'S SALE OK V A L U A K L E REAL ESTATE, SITUATED IX THE TOWN OK Don-ton, Maryland. U NDER AND BY VIRTUE OP A decree of tlie Circuit Court for Caroline county, silting ;i» a Court of Equity, passed on the 23th dny ot Felmiiiry, 1898, in a cnnsc therein pending wherein George A. DenUyno nnd George AI. Russinn, trustees, were eompluiiiants, and Enoch George, iiifiuit,,iuid others were respond- eut?,"tJic undersigned, as trustees, w i l l soil by public auction in front of the Court Hou.-e door, in the town of Denlon, Md., on SATURDAY, APRIL 9th, 1898, between tho hours of 2 and 6 o'clock, p. . in., the following rcul estate, to w i t : All that Lot. Tract or Parcel of Land, situiite mostly in the town of Denton, Caroline County, and State of Alurylnnd, on 1110 Enst side of the County road and Fifth Street (or Horsey Ave.), leading from Slain street of snid town to Williston, Md., T,ii\ J. "W. Kerr's, and is the siinic tract or pnrcel of land whereon the lute Wm. G. Horsey died, and which he devised lo his daughter, tho late Mrs. Dr. Knocli George, mul which she devised to tlie snid George A. Dcakyne nnd George M. Rupsiim in trust for her sou Enoch George, Jr,, be tlie quantity of hind whnt it may. The nbove tract or parcel of hind will- be sold in building lots, one of which lots is improved by » large two-story dwelling uncl neeessury out-buildings. Scvcp.tocn of these lots front on Fifth Street nnd Horsoy Avc , and haven 1'rotit- jige of 00 feet to encli lot, except two uhicli have a frontage of Cl 1'cct each und one with a frontage of ICO feet; 7 of the above mentioned lots h a v e n depth of 200 fcfit each, and ten hnvc a depth of 150 feet ench. There nre 28 lots fronting on tiitth street extended. Lots on Enst side of this street have A frontngc of 50 tcet and n depth of 190 feet each. Lots on west side sule of Sixth street extended linve n frontage of 50 feet and vary in depth from 100 to '200 feet. There nre 21 lots fronting on Lowe street extended having il ironings of 50 loot each nnd the greater n u m b e r of which have 11 depth of 100 feet. 16 lots front on Se\enlh street CAtendcd nnd have afiontngc of 50 feel and n depth of 190 leet each, 5 lols front on Kigth sticet extended and are the snino size as those fronting on Seventh street. There nrc also two large lois East of Eighth street extended, of sufficient size for trucking nnd pasturing For title to the above real estate, see Item 3 of the lust Will and Testament of Eva M. GeorTMe, Into of Cure- line County deceased, nnd recorded in the Orphan's Court for Caroline County ninong the "Wills Records of said county A pint of the above tract divided into building lotsiu the same will be sold, can be socii ut the ollice of tlie Clerk of the Circuit Court for Caroline County, by culling on George A. Deakyne, one of tlie trustees; snid plot will be exhibited on day of sale nnd ench lot pitrtienlurly di'sig- 1111 ted und numbered thereon, nnd exact dimensions of ench lot given. This pint will afterwards be recorded inn ni^ the land recouls ol' Caroline County for ihu- convenience of the purchasers. TERMSCJF SALE. The terms of snlo us prescribed by the Court »rc: One-third of the pnrchnse money to be pnid in cnsh on day of snlc, nud the residue in two cqunl instalments of 12 iiml 24 months from dny of bale (or nil cnsh ill llio option of tha purchaser); the credit payments to bear interest from day of s:ilc, ant! to be secured by the note or notes of the purclinscis, with sureties thorc- on to bo approved by the said trustees. GEORGE A . D E A K Y N E , GEORGE il RUSSUAI, Trustees, Jbiix "\V. CLARK, Anet. Road Notice. \Vo, the undersigned, taxpayers of the Eighth election d'strict of Caroline eon nty. hereby give notice tlint thirty thvys nfter this diile we intend to petition the County Commissioners to Iny down and open n new public roiid beginning nt or nenr IJcnehainp's Bridge, on the roiid leading from \Villislon to Concord, nnd running through the hinds of Mrs. Elizabeth licncliamp, Win. P. Liden, nnd between the hinds of E, M. Gnrey and W. C. An- clrow until it intersects the county road lending from Two Johns to Jones Corner. WJI. I 1 . LIDEN, A. HOWARD, W. H. WRIGHT, EDWIN M.GAREY, \V. C. A N D R E W . March 10, 1898. Dividend Notice, This !·· to givo notice tlint Iturlou "W. Parker, by a decree of the Orphans' Courl for Caroline county, sitting in Equity, wes appointed trustee to ninkc snlo of the renl ostnte of John Prnttis, deceased; tlint the snid trustee hns inado sale of said real cs- tnte, nnd reported the sniiio to tho snid court, nnd thai the said sale hns lcen duly ratified and continued, nnd the snid court, by its order, is nbout to declare n dividend on tho proceeds nrising therefrom, now in tho Enid trustee's hands. All persons h a v i n g claims nguinst the snid deceased nrc hereby warned to lilc the sinnc, for audit, with the Register of Wills for Caroline county, with the vouchers thereof legally authenticated, on or before the 28th dny of April, 1808, or they may otherwise, by law, be excluded from nil benellt from snid funds. By order of the snid court this 22cl dny of March. 1898. Test:--ROR'T J. JUMP, Register of Wills for Caroline county. mar2t-3t. OP VALUABLE IREAL ESTATE IS THE First Election District of Caroline County, Maryland. By virtue of n power of sale contninec in a mortgage from John 1C. Diddle anc Jlartlw A. Uidcllc. his wife, nnd William Biddlti and Amelia BiddJe, his wife, to Andrew Chirk, hearing date the 12th day of March, 1883, nnd recorded in Liber L H. G., No. 46, folios 379, etc., a hind roc otd book for Caroline county, Alnrylnnd the undersigned, assignee of said mort gngee, will sell nt public sale nt the Coar House door, in Den ton, Caroline county Alary land, on TUESDAY, APRIL 12th, 1898, between the hours of 2 o'clock p. in. nnd i o'clock p . m . of that day, the following property, to w i t : All thoso tracts or parcels of hind situated in the First Election District of Caroline county, Maryland nnd more fully described in n w i l l from James Biddle to John K. Biddlc nnd William Biddle, it being the snmc hind described in mortgage from snid Biddies to Andrew Chirk. Ijot 3STo. 1 contains nbont 35 Acres of Land, more or less, nnd is improved by n Two Storj Dwelling nnd Outbuildings, u small Apple mid Peach Orchard, and n small Tenant House. Xjot 3NTO. 2 contains about 61 Acres of Land, more or less, nnd is improved by n Two-Story Dwelling nnd Outbuildings; nlso an Apple and Peach Orchard, etc., nnd is ndjucent to the town of Alnrydcl, so that it is con- vcnicnl to railroad, stores, school and church. Th"ie lots will first be offered separate!} and then as n whole, and will be sold in the way bringing the most money. TERMS CASH. Title papers nt expense of purchaser. OSCAR CLARK, J. W. CtARK, JR ," Assignee. Auction cor. Order Nisi, T Pliny Fisher, Assignee, vs. George W. Eaton nnd Sydney Eaton, his wife. In the Circuit Court for Caroline County. In Equity. Ordered, this 23d dny of March, 1808, that the sale of the property mentioned in these proceedings, made nnd reported by T. Pliny Fisher, assignee, be ratified nnS confirmed, unless enn=c to the contrary be shown on or before thn 2Gth dny of ilay ne.\t, provided a copy of this order be inserted in somu newspaper printed and published in Caroline county, once in ench of tiiroe successive weeks before the 24th day ul' April next. Thr report stales the n mount of sales to ho $95.00. CHARLES W. HOBBS. Clerk. True copy--Test: CHARLES W. HOBBS, Clerk. Order Nisi.- Jesse A. Wright, Mortgagee, vs. James H. Webb nnd Wife. In tbo Circuit Court for Cnrolinc County. In Equity. OKPEUED, this 18th dny of March, 1898, that tlic bnlc of the property mentioned in these proceedings, made nnd reported by Josso A. Wright, Jlortgngee, be ratified and confirmed, unless cause to the contrary thereof be shown on or before the 21st day of liny, next, provided n copy of this order bo printed in Caroline County, once in each of three successive weeks before the 20th dny of April next. The report states the amount of sales to be ^--JSO.OO. CHAULES W. HOBBS, Clerk. i True copy--Test: CH Alt LES W. HOBBS, Clerk. Notice to Creditors, This is to give notko ihnt the subscriber, of Caroline county, h«s obinincd from the Orphans' Court of Caroline comity, Maryland, letters testamentary on the personal estate of SYLVESTER SMITH, late of Caroline county, dccenscd. All persons having claims ngninst the said de- censed are warned to nxhibit the sume, witli the vouchers thereof legally authenticated, to the subscriber on or before the 25lh dny of October, 1898. or they may otherwise, by Inw, lc excluded from all benefit of the snid cstntn. Givoii under my hand this Gth dny of April, 1898. THOMAS A. SMITH, Exce.ntor of Sylvester Smith, dee'd. Skin Diseases. For the speedy and permanent cure of tetter, salt rheum and eczema, Chamberlain's Eye and Skin Ointment is without an equal. It relieves the itching and smarting almost instantly and its continued nse effects a permanent cure. It also cures itch, barber's itch, scald Lead, sore nipples, itching piles, chapped hands, chronic sore eyes and granulated lids. Dr. Cady's Condition Powders for horses are the best tonic, blood purifier todvermifuge. Price, 25cent*. Sold by At the Sitjn of the Crystal Glole. GETTING ACQUAINTED WITH * * "THE GLOBE," Baltimore's wide-awake and progressive Clothiers, Hatters and Furnishers, wants to make the business acquaintance of every reader of this paper. "Coming 1 events cast their shadows before." A "coming event" that will interest and instruct you is the issue of the spring 1 and summer edition of THE GLOBE'S 1CATALOGUEI which will be published and ready for distribution about the latter part of March (perhaps sooner.) When you've carefully read the catalogue you'll be lots wiser. We think you'll like "THE GLOBE'S" way of transacting business 'cause its a fair, square and honest way, so different from some stores. All we want you to do is to SEND US YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS AND WE WILL MAIL COPY OF OUR CATALOGUE TO YOU AS SOON AS IT'S READY, 8 West Baltimore Street, three doors from Charles, BALTIMORE, MD. Peerless Machine Shops, EASTOIVT, MB, PEERLESS TRACTION ENGINES, PEERLESS EPARATORS, PEERLESS SELF-FEnDEiS, * PEERLESS WEIGHERS AND BAGGERS, PEERLESS SAW MILLS, PEERLESS PORTABLE, DOMESTIC AND STATION RAY ENGINES A ND BOILERS. OUR GUARANTEE: We will guarantee our Peerless Threshing Rigs will do more work and hitter wor. than any other make of machine on the m a r k f . · we wi J on. tliem side and side and take the best f-- - ·· j - ·-, i -v. A ^o Imperial Stackers by the car load. Repairn^ n ali branclms. Bic\cles repaired, re-enameled and nickle-;jlaci.d u R r :asoaabie prices. For particulars call on or addres · for ca.;:iogue. G. M. WXXTGAXU3* Telephone call No. 35. Near P. W. B. R. R. Depot. r ·T ^ ' -'- .· v 5i- ^ CARRIAGES! BUGGIES I RAKES! H AVING just completed a Inrge warehouse, I have on hnnd n complete stock of." Carriages, Spindle Buggies, Dnytons, Speed Cnrts, Pnrm Wagons--oucnnd two. horse. THE^iUEEN OP THE HA11VEST FIELD is the OSBORNE COLUMBIA BINDER nnd bfyoud an doubt stiikds without a peer. The No. 4 llower is the lightest dnift. All-Steel Hny Knkos and Hay Tedders, with bicycle and interchangeable wheels; IXse Harrows; Spring-Tooth Harrows. Tho machines nnd implements nre all in stock now. And don't forget that Osborne Implements succeed where others fail. I am in a position to quote you the very lowest prices on everything I hnndlc. Am iJlEADOlrJARTERS FOR BINDER "TWINE. Give me n call, and let me give you n few points on prices. H. M. THOMPSON, - - HILLSBORO, MD. FOR SIXTY-SEVEN YEARS HA VE BEEN MANUFA CTURED. Year by Year they have been Improved. They are better now than ever before. Indeed, they are as near perfection as a machine can be made. Hence the great demand. Call on the agant, Jonathan Evitts, DSXTTOXT, §,§ leaving' decided to discontinue the t| ® H A\HIipery Busipess r |U| I W1I.I. SUM. ALL MY MILLINERY STOCK, CONSISTING Ol' HATS, ·ft RIUHONS, KTC.,i ft AT COST FOR SPOT CASH! IF YOU WANTBARGAINS H NOW IS YOUR CHANCE! ·H Mrs. Clark will still have charge of the Trimming §§ Department. W. E. BROWN, Denton, Md. For Sale, Money to Loan. Miller Raspberry, line litird plants, at I have money to loan on first mortgage' 2.00 per thousand. Address on real estate, in suins to suit_ borrowers P. L. STAMBAUGH, Ridgely, Md ME wspAPER OSCAK OLABK, Dentou, Md. _. NEWSPAPER!

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