Dixon Evening Telegraph from Dixon, Illinois on May 26, 1955 · Page 20
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Dixon Evening Telegraph from Dixon, Illinois · Page 20

Dixon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 26, 1955
Page 20
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WOMAN'S BAY 0NLY / -BROADCAST MEATS- Potted Meat Spread 3 . 25' Spaghetti & Meat r;r 2 -45' Vienna Sausage A,I:: 2- 35* Chili Con Carne Zl 725° Beef Stew J££L T29c Burry Biscuits £ ;,* 49* Dean's Ice Cream ■ I jjjc Ad Detergent '~ ^39* Florient Aerosol Deodorant "tlffi AMHlCVt yptlMOSt »OO0 MTAItM . . . tINCt III* IHI Ml AT ATI ANTIC 4 MCWK TtA O All prices ejfecriw through May 28th STORE HOURS -Monday thru Thursday, 9 am to 6 pm -- Friday, 9 am to 9 pm Saturday, 9 am to 6 pm PA.PEs.flR CHIVE*8 The Dixon Evening Telegraph Thursday, May 26, 1955 Page 20 ■ — & wi-'ir hi WHOLE HAM H BJ' '£M 1 ""^Bfl or BUTT PORTION g 3 Jfflk CH 1 1 IB ■ i ■ ■ m H9 BR? i^aBBBBBK ■■■■■■■i lb. S049 j NO WONDER— Mara Corday. ,. M pi often called the "most photo"I" PI graphed model in the world." H| finally hit "pay dirt." After f|| two years of cheesecake posing, _ Hi she is starring in a movie. "The am m~m im Wan From Bitter Ridge." ik zlMfi 1 — BTV 1 t m in i^ee i County Get 1 State Aid A total of 502 persons in Lee ||1 sistance payments during March, »N according to Garrett W. Keaster, Pjj executive secretary of the Illinois PJj Public Aid Commission. |*j The assistance payments are re? split into five general classifica- assistance payments are split into five general classiii J tions: aid to dependent children, blind assistance, disability assistance, general assistance and old tions: aid to dependent childr blind assistance, disability assistance, general assistance and old age assistance. of aid paid for SS dependent children totaled $2,772; five bund persons received 524J; 13 persons received $1,060.75 for disability: 97 persons received SI. 554. 72 in general assistance; and 304 persons received $19,'5.07 for old age assistance. Neighboring county totals for March are: 707 persons in Bureau County received $29,669: 416 persons in Ogle County received $20,-315.94; and the 916 persons in Whiteside County received $35,-905.83 in assistance payments. BEiErVS BREAD "BAKED FINE SINCE '69" NOTES for BUSINESSMEN: How to Profit from JOB PRINTING BUSINESS CARDS When yon visit s client what does he see first? Your business card, of course! To make that first impression the best it is only natural to use a card that is in good taste. Let us show you our many quality samples. B.F. SHAW Printing Co. Phone 8-1811 — 3-18*1 Report From Kail rrexys ■ By SAM DAWSOX NEW YORK (Jt— Rail stockhold-•s are getting glowing pictures at their annual meetings— if they look back only one year or so for their comparisons. Kew York Central sharenoiuers. meeting today in Albany, are being told by Robert R. Young of the gains over a year ago. Pennsyl vania Railroad s president, James M. Symes, told stockowners this was the best year in the last 10. Reports at annual meetings of better times have come recently from the head men of Illinois Central. Southern Railway, Nickel Plate. St. Louis-San Francisco and Gains over last year for railroads as a whole are terrific-earnings of the 126 top roads up 90 per cent: car loadings up 12 per cent ; and prospects for even better gains ahead. But when railroad men assay their position in the transportation world against the background of what it was 30 years ago they see a different picture. Back in the 20's the railroads ;ed more than three-fourths of all freight between cities. Today they carry barely more than half. In those 'earlier' days they toted most of the passengers. Buses and airplanes have siphoned away much of this business. Railroads complain that what is left is ran at a loss. Competitors have captured many of the new products of our expanding economy and most of the new traffic routes opened up by our geographically shifting population, the National industrial Conference Board points out. The results showed up bitterly for the railroads a year ago. Because so much of their freight business 1a iiuw in balk commodities of low value per ton— such as coal, ore and coke— last year s setback in industrial activity hit the roads hard. This year the gains for the rails sprang in large part from the revival in the heavy industries. To aid the roads, the Presidential Advisory Committee on Transport Policy and Organization recommends broad relaxation of federal controls over interstate transporta- Sauces Add New Delight To Meats and Vegetables By GAIN On MADDOX We use a lot of butter in our cooking. Seems to improve the flavor of"all foods. Steak broiled vnlh dabs of butter gains a natural sauce ar.d rich. •n stirtace color, tomatoes. topped with butter and herbs taste i ShopDins: tip: Flavor is most im portant in butter, and is perishable. Therefore, v.-e buy and keep ;r in the paraffined carton. The carton protects flavor; pre vents pick-up of off-flavors. Butter Sauces for Steak Ze-*ry Butter: One-quarter cup r12 stick) butter, 1 teaspoon minced onion, 1 tablespoon minced pimtn- 1 tablespoon finely chopped parsley. 1 tablespoon lemon juice, teaspoon Tooasco. Cream but- mix in remaining ingredients. Spread over hot. broiled steak. Miihtard Butter: One-quarter cup o stick i butter, 2 tablespoons pre pared mustard. Cream butter: gradually stir in mustard. Spread er hot. broiled, steak. Butter Sauce — Vegetables Herb — for Broiled Tomatoes: lis spreads eight tomato halves. One-quarter cup <i= stick) but ter. 116 ' teaspoon each thyme, marjoram, and rosemary. Lightly sprinkle each tomato half with sugar and sail. Cream butter; add remaining ingredients. Use to dot each tomato half before broiling. Chili Butter: For S ears of corn. One-half cup fl stick butter, J.j teaspoon chili powder, \'s teaspoon Tabasco. COUSINS SHARE HEADACHES - If there were Academ, | awards for black eyes and sore heads, four-year-old Mary Catherine Cailteux. left, of Clyde. Kan., and Ronald Martin, 5. or Salina, Kan., might win the honors. The children, cousins were hit on the head by baseball bats just a day apart at different places, but under the same circumstances. They just ran into bats being swung by playmates. HERE'S AN ODD ONE— If it weren't for this photographic evidence, nobody would believe what happened to Robert Creagh of Memphis, Tenn. He ran into a peahen while driving in Memphis. Creagh wai cut slightly, his windshield broken and ths peahen was temporarily knocked out Since no one knew where tht bird cams from, authorities told Creagh he could claim it, il he wanted to. Get GOOD Help In a Hurry! 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