The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 10, 1923 · Page 10
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 10

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 10, 1923
Page 10
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PAGE TEN. THE HU T C H IN SON .N.E.WS.... TUESDAY,. JULY 10', • ••' jfl. - Stands the slmcks— Always sure fire O .1. F*Sr Luml-cr Co. At''.!.', KMI AriinuU';n "icl-phone Co,, I'I .Ail.; internn M> I-.:. t>ipii;nlt:nt Co., IS • IT K,UI:'.»M U.•:;:•• •, lv..' i^.-i ns, Cl "* e ?• v ii:v/ f jr.iya D. M, Smith, i hp. Ft. P. Hr.tth Lumber Co M ri.isi K;i: r-.-s 0 ;,-:k U'(,s.. KIIMIV • K-r.-.m Muff in..'-. H.n (iw.-ir r Co., ]•:,) -:-A .. i ;:irr ,.ii O.M r.ciri Auio C-J.. Germ .in Va liny TI> I»phone Co., 1 R -ST. KJIT ; «;.S Hu ; lv..n t-kinl.v.ire Co., • ' • K Stem- Motor Co., li.:- Hi-: Ll.-ctrlo, K." Th" U. J. I air, (smith r- ulu Supply Co., Sr. J.•!».». k .i? .-..a St. John Autu Tliff Cr;iy' H:i,-,c. A. Imp. Co., Welch ,S Pope HnnU'iim Co., Eir H.ird'.vjre Co., M'IVICB Station . K MIII.T A Greer, T rue D. imnth, The D. J. r.ilr Lumber Cc, H. H. Al-rah.i .T-,3, Chas. WnLUir HtSw. CO., * 1 *• *:i, ; n HJ'.v. Co., 1:. ::...M. K ;i t..-ua W. A. Cr.Tiy A. Co., r • -'''ti, li.,n:.:n The T.iylur «S. Sons Lbr. Co., A: I'he D. K .1. Knlr _ tjr. Co., M. ,1, Bcnui-.t on, V."; h-.V -in. k ,\ .:-,\a Bulprn Scrvife Station, Farm ci i ?jsc .tiat(on \V !JL '"l-!!l K.l!!S;-« Htcinson Inn:. Co., Ut»i. U:-..!. Ka.'isiiS Forti S;ik's iS. S^'vlco, i ,1! I • '• !;;•..•[', I-. i.nniis Taylor tt Sofip L. br. Co., Mi!.) t .'il, K Yotjntj Twenter Motor Co., 1.-, ' I."-. Kr- :•> J. W. U, i i y, l .lurrlnn, K,tii *ma H. t l;n ris Co., jcrvvi'-n, IC-.iiias ij F. S. Haydtn, St"'•'• !<'ii, K .. ii^:ia W. C. Hiiiklc Hdw, CO., Internjitiotial imp. Co., -.JIB H. H. Piti'dy Co., 1.:.:. li, K:iii :t.ta "The Putter M::rc. Co., T't: \\:,u>«i.i W.-uIr Sprout, SEES SUCCESS FOR WATERWAY Webb Waldren Believes Middle Western Pep WU1 Win Out Over Eastern Opposition. Kurmorn, shippers and manufacturers m iho Middle- Wost will t><» highiy UoliK^tod with a dlwusiilon nf the vrntjiistM St. Lnwroino "Waltjrway which Wfihb Waldron has wriltcn f»r thn AuKinit lfl.-iua of The Centui'y Mag- Mr. Wnklron do^cri'lwa tlio drunia- tio opi'.usUloii 'Ixjtwoon New York SLatt- nrul New Rngland, and *tlm Mid- rtlt.« WuHt ovor this project to connect tht! tin.-ut l-akna -with the soa. He con;iid 'T ,-i all thn arK'imeuts thnt wrru biuiitiht for and riKiunMt it in the ronirtt: vt i'. trip ho niiido over t.ho Jn- tt >rt -;i '.'.Mi s'N'tiDii.s, Then he concludes that tin) Middle* Wust not. unly is fit- tlliud tt< woterwriy, hut that it very probably will gut It. Mlddie-Westerner Can Win. Spc-tiking of tho Middlo-W.-stomnr, Mr. Wahiron says, "as tar an 'hia water v.-ay in vrom^rned. ho uinitifHtiou- ahly il! that dm; if hf maintains his unthn .-MaKhi and tinti -rmltnuion and an a ;;rt'iMn ^nt can bp made with <':in- ada. 'I he MiddkvWtfMorncr i:;m over- wlipim New York and No.v Knjriunii at Washington. .Ntnv York kno*-va that. • There iii iiion 1 t!ian ofo*i>>mic behind t!u.' Viiddhj \\ r f;:itrrn muvcniciit thu wrltnr Spl lev ,.\s. "Tlmr*; 1H amld- lion. (Mir etc-rnal Amt -ricnn ani'httloii • tu In .'oiiin Kr -'at-.:!* than wo are— •tho ambition 1 Mti nt:ii to arrow bit; us Mliwiinlii.'o, of Mii-wnnkee to out- .sti'ip Detroit, or Detroit -to ii£» a see- oijt! <'hl-*"t:;o, by some rnacrc vt wntur ifam ^Mirt, of 'i'ree-doni to tho markets of tie- -v -ii -!d.-' M" si Overcome Ra plds. The pirip Wiit-T over whieh th" two <i*<:iir,tis U'..TL' fcii;nd in he^r--:.;iy Jiromn'd i> tho 1^0 mii'^ hetv .-en Lai -.e t.;;,tario and Monueal. it its a imceesMon of ion^ niirro^-s lake^, i .-on- nettv'd by strotf Ue.i of rivi .T in which rapids p r» w! o tn in a ft Ail a :'. : -o "!a t ion <»f wu-i fonn-'d in SIM'.' to wurk toward having 11 1i ^ link du^ >>ni su oct -an K-uiu- vtjs.seih can tltroitfih it, and through the UVlhuid v'-.ina! ho- tw.'.-n JiiHtrf Kri>' and (oit;irio, t 'lil -'j e.jittt), rh 'vi -laud, UnMitlj ami nther I iir.jat IH- I. K C .1 ports. Ti-.e ^tate* that formed thrj ussociation WI.MV 'Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Wirt, on .-iin, IHinuis and )o\\ n. .Siovnn oi her stai t*s Is a ve Blnce Juitiod thorn. Mr. Walton clt-s tlie iirn^t.ico of large Kisippera, who are much near-T tho Afhu-.Lii: oonjit than Mm Pacific, of shipping goods to ilio l»acifir and brin';. ; n-; tlioin t lirotmh the fan am a C'uruil to tho Atlantic e -.-nst. They find 1; cheaper and ijuie'.ter, than utll- iziiu; ihft overcrou ded railruady toward th" enat. ito p red let 9 incalculable dovi'lop- ment and •proaperity in tho Middit: We.u when oce.iii carrier^ ran v'onu.: to the i-ike I'orts for t .iie .lr rarsoen. He ib,en not nn ; ;-je-t the ari;iunen:;; nf the "piMTients of the w.-derway, but in conclusion he n!;Ue* the opinion thnt iht-je will not. avail asainat tho proje< t. LOOKING BACKWARD Token i-'Ti;m the Piles of Tho N'ewau Hi-. r.:..;a Walter Prcligo, 1-raM, K:.::.-.-:IB O. S. Kr.ox, li>-- TM , Kne.-i.n Put'iarn ISros., Ti .e.t.h'it., iCaiisas ' ' E. L. WftMs, Uui'h!.':.';.')), iij.-'ifiis M oust on 2. lemitr in;) n Moi 'O. Co>«, llu!r'h:n.-M:i, Kansas Grabyr Tire Co., ll'ii- liitis. HI, Kiinaaa Hotik ins St, Y oung Hull '•iin^i-n. K :i!is4iH Houston & Zimmerman, Unit hiiei"ii, tvutiHtin Morrlt. tlardware Co., ll.ii'-hite'iiii ivaiidflH ^agl;tiul - Kln^sley Motor Co^ J [. i:. titnuuii, K iinnan Brlttnn Motor Co., Enrfi Motor Co., H.irQncllne & 3on», Yuuny'a Onr*g« 1Cin::-'...y, K curias Klmmet Garage &. Machine Shop Kiaatuy, Kar.san Davison Motor Co., I.cvslB, Kansan Rouso Hariiwar* X Imp. Go** I,''wis, K :*njna The Lewis Garajjo, Lewis, ICHU»aa E. [•. Ti.,bl«i I-yuun. I'Cu.nsaa Metcalt Qaraga, MlleB Motor Co., Lamb A Mendanhall MaeloivtlU), Karmas Loncioon Oroa., Nuvrvrrr, Kantta-i Jarnei Hurd, NifU**rB«m, ICn Bu*H Motor Co., Nickfiiaun, Weber Hdw. Co., Nb-kuvitm, JCai_ J»m»a Hair, Nlilt er »»n, KaiiH &s SfrQrleat Oararjo, l'artrid (?i, ICjtnaaJ Otbaon Firm Supply Co., Kartium, K*r' Thonipaofi t 3ont Oarage, ILiidlum, lOinha.u toward Auto Company, Howard. KM farmers PcaducU <a\ Supply Co., Pe8*lma Auto Supply, Stwrfrnd, Allan Hardware Co., Stnffon.t, Ki H*rlno Motor Co., Stafford, fCfcnaaa " Liberty Oarafje, 8Inffmd, ICnnwu* Lufikmardt Brothers, Stafford, KtRiu •tafford Hardware A )mpJem*nt Co., y I ;> f("(int. ICaiiHfto That fttofford Auto Co., Stafford,. H JJII** Tiie Graham Eiactrlc Shop, St.-illiifc', ICiinsas Charlco Diienier, .Sterling, ICanaaj D. J. Fair Lumber Co., Ahhyvlllo, Kani Pretty Prafrfo Motor Co. V'rc.tty r 'riilrlo, KaORAil Ornber Motor Co., l'rotty Pralrio, A. D. ftayl Motor Co., t'rotty rrah-Let, ICaiiftaa Llndae Lumbar Co., Castluton Kiinsu Qoo. $lcgr!it, Ptu*tridge, IlAaaaJ FORTY YEA.RS AGO IN 1913. /dniiuwrmaii Brothers had a jcyvelry A Mrs, Post or delivered a torn per­ mit'e Jnciure ixi HiHchin.-ou. ThoniipsoQ lirowu. w*ta In ironi Neilierluuti, llono county. I>r. S. K. ShUingor mado a busiuess trip Lu Atcliiwon. A. \\\ V&h i£mau waa hi from Bell township. J. I>. Hustoii of Pennsylvania bought a farm in the county. TWENTY YEARS AGO IN 1903. Rev. II. T. Kurr and Claud Duval era rinhiug out at Turner's lak*j near Sylvia. •Pharloy M A pea uiado a hiialneSs trip to lilHuood. J*>at»o Sickman wont to Kanaae City on business. Glen Wey was news ngout on a •Santa train. Thu liioroinomotcr registered 100 tu tho fthade. W. A. J JOO had hooked more than 80 shows lor Homo theatro for tho coining Season. TEN YEARS AGO IN 1913. Thu thnnrnomot'er registered 11*1 degrees in tho aha do at tho gas office. Paul Williams wont to the Christian Kndeavor convention at L<os Au ^elofl. John Hooper was desk aergoant at tU« police at at Ion. Hingllng BTotuora ehow was beatlod tlrts wfry. 'Many p^Ttplo on North .Main stroot •wore oppobed to sprinkling tiuit tboroughfa r->. It wa» 'iiot and dry In the southern paurt at tlw county. Iliore IS no p substitute for BE CAREFUL, MADAM You who use Palmolive Soap have a serious purpose. You quit common soaps because you wanted fine complexions, youthful skin. Now common soaps are made to imitate Palmolive, so that buyers will think that they get it r Be careful. If you want Palmolive, look out for deceptions. Palmolive has become, by its clear results, the leading toilet soap -of the world. • One user told another—the others told others, millions of beauty lovers came to adopt this soap. Not merely because of olive oil or palm oil. But because our experts gave those oils efficiency they never had before. Now very cheap soaps are colored green and made in Palmolive shape. They are given like-sounding names. Thus, careless people think they get Palmolive when they don't. Then complexions suffer. The desired results are lacking. And folks blame Palmolive for it. Thus Palmolive is based on an ideal blend of palm and olive oils. It has been perfected by many years of scientific study. The skin effects are unique. They have never been attained from an / oils before. It is a quality soap—a 25-cent quality, production enables a 10-cent price. But enormous If you want those virtues—and you do—the only way to get them is in real Palmolive Soap. The way to get it is to watch the name and wrapper. Otherwise, you may get a soap which brings no like results. THE PALMOLIVE COMPANY MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN Palm and Olive Oi/s- nothing else- give nature's green color to Palmolive Soap The man with tha hoso that liiily Wlilskora bud bulled was told !>y Ike polfbeman to turn th» water off. Bui tlie man was «> angry that ho did not listen to what the policeman said, for he Insisted on telllnK his talo of woe at the same time th« old woman was todlllni h«r story. As he kept jumping eljoat and aprlnkllnK thorn all ugaln and afalii, the policemen RM agreed with tho woman that he wax crazy, and laid on him to put 111 in in tho patrol wagon. He ldcked and fought and •waved tho hose around until thoy woro all .soaking vol. 'hul at last on.; of the 1'nlkemon got It awuy from him, With Blight Ceremony, tho policemen Pli'lied him up bodily and put him In tho patrol, though all the time Uo wua trying to convince thum that tho fuss was nil duo to an old Hilly «xat that he was trying lo turn tli« stream on. ami that it was only nn accident that tho old woman got wot. 'I'lin police looked In evory diro.tloii, hut not wooing any Koats, thoy did not liollcvo him and thought ho was -crazy. So they drove off, tp hurry him to thu police station. Rut what they thought wan changed In tho twinkling of an cyo when thoy turned a corner and their prisoner nearly Jumped out of the wagon In his oxclteinout at aeeine , Billy and Nannie "quietly walking I down the street. "Thora lie Is! There ho is 1 Th» old Ijruto that "butted mo and caused all this fuss!" he exclaimed, and Insisted fiat thoy capture Billy and tie hlni to the 'back of the patrol before he killed anybody. When tho police saw the goat, and also noticed that his coat was dripping wet, thoy boliovod the man for the first time. They stopped tho wagon and ibegan to hunt under the seat for a rope with which to tlo Hilly to tho hack of tho patrol. Not 'finding it there, they glanced ahout for something else. One of them spied a •woman in a back yard hanging up clothes, and he said, "I'll go borrow a pioce of hor clothes line." (Tomorrow you will see what Billy planned to do when they tried to catch him.) * • <8> ALOEN. <S> <s> <;. /i, ^s> ,s, ^ ^ A, ^ Mrs. 11. C. Caywood, from Medora, has beon spending a few days with Mrs. B. C. Cuywood. Mrs. Zlmmorman and three of hor nioce3 are visiting at her mother's, Mrs. Nathan Drossier, Most of the. farmers in the com­ munity expect 'to comploto their harvest this week. WQlard Bennett led Kpworth league Sunday night after which Ruby Bennett gave a talk on the work done at Wlnflald. Rov. and Mrs. Hall •from Hutchinson spent a tow days with Reimors last week. Rer. Hall is a retired Methodist minister. Cliff .Martin, from Long Beach. Calif., a nephew of Cal Werner's, Is visiting in this community. Mrs. Coldwater, who has charge of a girls' dormitory at Southwestern College, VVInfiald, visited with Mrs. Abbott, Sunday. Mrs. Coldwater and Mrs. S. ,1. Stelnmetz were school girls together. The W. F. M. S. will meet with Mrs. ttrosdidier at the parsonage Tuesday afternoon. Miss McCrory, a returned missionary from Egypt, will be present and will tell of 4ior work there. Rov. II. O. Orosdidler left Monday noon for Winfleld, where he will attend tho preachers' summer school for ten days. THE NEWS TELEPHONE, 4400 j 0 ^ Drink Budweiser it's thoroughly w-' ^ aged "not green || m~ or unfinished $ - ? V*;v--AnhGU^<?r-Bu|ch.; .St.Louis, ^ THE HUTCHINSON NEWS Delivered by Carrier, 10c Week

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