The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on June 6, 1894 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 6, 1894
Page 8
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YOU CAN BUY THE COUNTY BUDGET, Wrapper Like This, For XtP -J™ * What the Best Bread is Unless you have tried . Goodness As a Baker. Found only at the Opera House Grocery, j. ST. Wheeler, GefManl&'s live m-e'fchftntj came down to aeeolnf&nfr his wife and Child home last T~hut sday. A. 0. tiarr and family attended the picnic at Butt Saturday and remained visiting friends over night. Gertrude Wheeler spent several days In Algona last week. Mrs. j. B. Hofius is oti the sick list. Mrs D. £>. Rlnyon is improving from he* recent Indisposition, The genial face of Frank Daii is seen at home occasionally^ Miss Minnie Rice was obliged to gtVe up her school two weeks before the expiration of the term on account of sickness; she is better now. Miss Ada Adams, of Wesley, spent Suit' day In Union. Mrs. Dodd and isister spent Suttday at their brothers', C. D. Ward. Mrs. Bodds attending the S. S. convention In Algona as a delegate. As reported last week a S. S. was organized at the Schenck school house With C. B. Hoflus Superintendent, Mrs. C, D. Ward Assistant Superintendent, Florence Sarchett Secretary, Jennie Thompson Treasurer, Lizzie Billsborough Chorister, with the following as teachers: Mrs. G. L. Carroll, Mrs. C. D. Ward, W. F. Je.nkin- son, Mrs. W. F. Jenkinson, and Mrs, F. L. Wilson. Mrs. Fletcher Hoflus, Mrs. T. W. Sarchett and Mrs. Gco. Beovers as committee to arrange for preaching every two weeks. WHITTEMORE. Groneman's new drug store Is being pushed hard and at the present rate, will be ready for business In a short time. Goeders & Cullen moved their stock Into the new blue front, the 29th. At present no one would suspnct they had so recently passed through such an ordeal as moving. John Esser and wife were called upon to lose their little girl Decoration Day. She was sick a long time with moningetls, having had a relapse trom typhoid fever. They have the sympathy of all in their bereavement. - . The Uncle Tom's ' Cabin show had a pretty good house, or rather tent, and presented some new features to .'relieve the monotony of thi^ old play. . Messrs. Boyle, McGovcrn and Paul were at Wesley, Thursday last. Mrs. Peter Brasch, near West Bend.,died Thursday evening after a protracted illness. Editor Albin went Thursday to join his I/. Ayeli the mttet pat t ef Ifitst week J. fi. Dtittofi, acebttpanied bt 1ilS sort Wesley, left f uesd&y fotscmthefh&ebtas- ka, to visit his fefothef and otfaef feiatlveS; Mfs. f. M. MtilHca and datightet. Mfs, Leon fiitsh. t>f Algofia, visited attheholSte of Mt. and Mrs. Bush, last Thursday. Miss Cota Campbell and Mfs. ttate tiamsey Visited at the.lf sister's, Mrs. S. Worden, near Whittefliore, last week. Di\ Will So Wen, of Rodman, spent Sunday at home. A crowd of about 35 young people gath* ered at the home of Oscar Dutton last Ffi* day evening In honor of his Sist birthday. He received some very nice presents and it Is needless to say all enjoyed themselves. Jno. J, Bollinger entertained a party of friends Sunday last. Mrs. Wffl. Dehnert and Mrs. W. J. Weis^ brod took In the picnic near Burt lastSat- urday. S. M, Ferris was transacting business In these parts last week. Children's Day will be appropriately observed at the German M. E. church June 10th. Program begins at 2:30 p. m. The family of Jacob Welsbrod, Jr., are having a siege of the measles, We noticed that Rev, G. E. Klenle drove a new horse last Sunday. Johnson & Co. are laying the foundation for Ed, Marlowe's new house In Burt twp. The young people of this vicinity will "trip the light fantastic too" at F. C. Kluss's new barn next Friday eve. A couple of Fenton dudes whoso mustaches stubbornly refuse to be anything but white, produced a slight change In the color by applying buggy paint. Mr. Lindsay's horse made up his mind not to go to the picnic and leaving his master to follow his own Inclination he slipped oft his bridle, while tied in Burt, and made a bee lino for home. Rev. Green preached a very able and interesting sermon on the subject of "Repentance," last Sunday at the Webster school house. Service every Sunday at 3:30 p. m. Everybody cordially invited to attend. •'•'••' " ; - • PROFESSIONAL ft BDSIKESS DIRECTORY. This is a kicking machine, and it Was got up to kick. The engraving is made from a composite photograph of old soldiers who voted for Cleveland, Al, Adams, -whose application for a pension was recently rejected by lloke Smith, was left out to save the picture. _ • _• •_ ..,.,,,,, l , t ,,,, 1 , a ..,, M ,,.,.. r ... r - - LOCAL TOPICS, Jake Freeh, our Bancroft News collector, was in Algona Monday aftei>. noon. He took the evening train tor Cedar Eapids, where he went to attend as a delegate the Iowa Grand Lodge of Masons, which was to convene in that city yesterday morning. Owing to the absence of Mr. Freeh the Bancroft News department is necessarily dropped from the REPUBLICAN this week. Mr. Freeh has performed a service for his town, as well as for this paper, during the past three years, which is worthy of special recognition. He has been about as regular in his contribution of news as has been the issuance of the paper, and that is in itself a fact worthy of notice and deserving praise . M or e 1 abor i s i nvolved in such a service as Mr. Freeh has rendered than people ordinarily take account of. Tbe newspaper man knows what it means. ' OEO. E. CLABKE, CITAS. A. OOHKNOITB. CLAKKE & COHENOUE, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, ALGONA .:---- IOWA, W. B QUARTON. ATTORNEY AT LAW, Office over Kossuth Co. Bank. Algona, lowai R. M. Richmond, Pros. B. F. RmJtii, Vice Frcs. A. B. Richmond, Casl/ier. C. J. Lenander, Ass't, Cash. Farmers' & Traders' Savings Bank , -d. N. E. Sheridan, A. B. niobmeua. B. F. Bmttl.. Samuel Mayne.C. K. Maltory, J. N. Sheridan. ' wife and babies at West Branch Iowai : for FIO3STHSER, Land, Loan, and Insurance Agency, -j ». . . »V. . T. ..~ Established 1881. A large list of wild lands for sale. Improved farms and village property for sale or rent. Farm loans on long time and low rates ot interest. Offices at Bancroft and Swea City, Iowa. R. M. RICHMOND. GALL AT THE OFFICE OF THE SWEA CITY BANK, LAND AND TOWN LOT CO. Money to Joan. iigonu, Insurance and Fan Loans R. M. RICHMOND. f If you find yourself in need of New Carpets,' Curtains, Portieres, and Draperies; Rugs, Mats, Carpet Sweepers, Curtain Poles, Etc, •!• "«s "U 1 'JJ' 1 ' 1 '-" J'iB'J>/ 'OA-'"^' r-"'- -A ' — " - T- i the Grange Store a visit with them and to attend to some business. •• -..••• A. H. Hotelling had the misfor^Btto I'ostnfllce B)OOK. have a horse throw his foot at him in jjjffch an awkward manner that he* was .unable to get hold of it with his hands and received it on the leg. He, (A. H.) linip? a little—so does the horse, we believe. .., As >l a word to .the wise is sufficient*"'we beg to be excused for taking the liberty to say that If you have any squash vines, .or cucumber or. other sweet and.;succulent vines in your garden, that they are.;just what the squash bugs are after, andthat gay and festive insect has, unlike thedem- ocrats, banded together, and have tho ; peculiar faculty this year of coming, appropriating and leaving their cards in the shape of leafless stalks, in so short a time that you are ready to believe you never had any vines. Cover them with mosquito bar stretched over sticks, the edges buried in the dirt. The squash-bug sat by a tender vine .. With wrinkled brow and thoughtsmalign While ever anon fall tears of brine;— "They're onto us, and its a sign That otf this plant I cannot dine;"-—... And the wind blow through his whiskers. "The thing I see looks just as green As the plant its over, and it would seem A trick to fool us; ain't it mean? I bit it once but wasn't seen; . I'm glad of that, you know, for e'en t The wind would then blow through my whiskers. The golden days have gilded by; "'• The Dems have hung the country ; hlgh, And hard times make me heave a sigh, Tbe banks they've busted, e'n they try Their greens to hide from such as I, But the wind Avill blow through their whiskers. Johnny Peters is on the sick list. Miss Sadie Taylor, of Burt, was visiting frsends hero Saturday. BUFFALO FORK.. Miss Emma Brower, of Garner, is visit- iug friends in this vicinity, . Willie Rlngsdorf is quite sick with in- flamatory rheumatism, A, E, Griddinga of Wesley, visited b|ssis- ter in Portland, one day this week. '•' Dell Barslou, and sister Erraa, of Bancroft, visited frien<js in this vicinity last Sunday. . Herbert Ringsdorf of Wisconsin, is, vis* iting relatives in Portland. Soine of rto people of South Portland and Plum Creek are are haying a siege of the measles. Prof, Barslou and wife, of Wesley, visited Mrs. B's, mother last Sunday. Charlie Stuart was quite seriously hwt by barbed wire while returning frojn the picnic Saturday evening, Mrs. MeKiustry and d&vif bter, 111,, and Mrs. Clayton, of Sterling have been visiting ftt Geo, Stone some time, Children's day will be observed E. church, next Sunday. i. j), J, Pavjdsou has tow quite now better. A large delega,ti9A. -f rom Algona Bancroft attended th.e B$n(|,P4eni<» t» >'sgfflye last Saturday. , was a djace}» $rs, Q'JJara's *$w SULLIVAN & MoMAHON, ATTORNEYS-AT ± LAW. ALGONA, IOWA. DANSON & BUTLER. LAW, LOANS AND LAND, Collections a Specialty. . , Office In ( Oowles newhuilding. Algona. "••'• • "'•-• - - 'Iowa. E.V.S WETTING, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Algona, Iowa, B. S. SESSIONS. ATTORNEY AT LAW, Insurance. Special attention given to collections of all kinds. Office over (Jhrischllles 1 store, Algona, Iowa. FSSTTSXCI-AJSTS. L. K. GARFIELD, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Office on State street, Algona, Iowa. There was an interesting meeting of the Outlook Thursday afternoon in the Congregational Church, at which Miss Clara Zablten read a paper on "Modern Italy." Mrs. L. C. Smith gave a paper on "The New South, with personal Beminiscences of War Days in Washington," where she was during the war, and where she saw Lincoln and Ihe marching of the armies. Mrs. Putsch reviewed an article in the Cbau- tauquan, on "Beggars'in Paris." " The meeting opened, as usual, with quotations by the members. Art will be the subject about winch'-, at the next meeting, these literary, gems clustered: Some time was given, as-usual, to the discussion of the news of the day, which, as we understand, is the nearest approach to gossip.that is countenanced in the meetings of, the Outlook. Court adjourned Saturday night. About the only important" case tiied the latter part 'of the week was the Wesley street case, of Ann'.McPherson vs the Mayor and Couhcil'bf Wesley. in which the court was asked to set aside the action of the defendant in vacating a street lying between the lots of plaintiff and Mrs. Gr. W. Eddy. There was an error in locating the line, arid Mrs. Eddy's residence was built on ground which a resurvey proved was part of the street. Mrs. McPherson's lot bad a street on two sides of it- aside from this one, and. so the town vacatec it, Mrs. Eddy agreeing to pay for par of the street should one be laid in the future. The trial was to the court, and the judgement was for the defendant. authorized the use made of his name. It lias been suggested to the RKPtrttLi- OAK that the fact should bo made public, as a sufficient explatition of bis absence from the session in which be was announced to take a part. The convention baipg held on Sunday, conflicted with bis own regularly appointed services, and Mr. Gorrell did the right thing under tbe circumstances in going on with tbe latter. There was a band picnic, base ball tournament and dance, all rolled into one, up at Blake's grove, a mile or two easfof Burt, Saturday afternoon and night. A large crowd was out. Tbe bands participa'tine were ttiose of Burt and Algona, and tbe ball nines were tbose of Algona and Bancroft. In the ball game Bancroft won on.a score of 21 to 7. Tbe report comes, that members of the Algona band disgraced themselves and then- 'town by hard drinking, and unhappily no denial has been made. As a consequence a bitter quarrel has broked t out in the band which threatens its dissolution. •Chas. Stewart, o£ Burt, was one of those who took in. the festivities Saturday night, and at a late hour he set out for home, but he bad not gone many- rods when bis pony bolted and carried' him at full speed against Ernest Bacon's barbed wire fence, 'His outcries rougbt assistance and' he was taken nto Mr. Bacon's house, where it was ound that his leg near, the knee had een laid open to the bone. Dr. Beane was called, but Stewart, was taken to Jurt before bis wound was dressed. He doing well, Sunday morning the M. J. KENEF10K, M. D. Olttce over Taylor's store. 'ence was found to be 'decorated"with / jlood and-plecea of flesh for 16 feet. Fruit cuUure'is more profitable to the 'armer now tbap his other crops. Brown Jros. Co., the" most extensive nursery house in Uie^TL- S., have a vacancy in this section,-. Write them at Chicago, 111., 'oriheir terms. ' "28-39 '•'"' Are you buying any extracts? The jest assortment is at the Opera Honse Grocery. . MONEY! On Real Estate. HOXIE & BRUNSON. E. G.BOWYER, Iowa. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Algona, Iowa. J..M. PRIDE, M. D. Oflace over Goeder's Olotfling Store, Mgona, - Iowa, l PR. L, A, SHEETZ, VRUGfGUMT AND STATIONER, ProRnrlptlons flUed, peals In paints, oils, books, perfumeries, etc, . Oor. state $n<] Tnoriogton 0ts, Aleopa. As foreshadowed by an item ,'in tb REPUBLICAN last week, the Blakesle & Stearns' show failed to reach Algo na on Friday as advertised. It seems to have stranded up in Minnesota. Fortunately for this paper, it learned the situation through the Minneapolis dailies in time to throw out the show's ad and fill up the space with interesting reading matter, while both the other papers ran the ad and are out that much. Gr. W. Hunter has a big bill against the show for livery hire, the bill board men had another, and there was disgust all around. Happily, the. BEPUBLIOAN'S announcement came in time to warn the people of the county, and there was no more stir- in towp Friday than on any other week day, The name of ftev, GorreH, Rec'tor of the Epjscopal'church, appeared in ^he program as one of the participants Jn the Sunday School Convention, but jt is learned that be was not consulted nor even approached on the Abject 91 the convention, -and Q£ cowse never IN C, B, PAUL, M, D,, WHITTEMQRB - - "- IOWA, Regular Office hows s to i? a, m,, a to § p. m. Over WieWer's Furniture store. Besiaence n0?|H of traqfe CLOCKS AND JEWELRY, AJl kinds of Silverware. ' " ; • Bepairing a specialty. ,,, IOWA, i' P. L. SLAG-LE, :/•::&, * -if- r§"i 'Manufacturer o? and dealer In t ' fV>r?l Harness and Harness Goods, -*-m T^.M E. s; GUASIER, D. ^,'8,'V-' ^f$l DENTAL Roaip S| stfoeBMftK •.;,>• v;/f " jrb 8AYJN0 r .>-,// 1 " ' - ''V^&J •*MP best of po, n ' anaesthetics to roa^e all ppera$ion,r»? painleef J»s, F ™,-.r«v.3 -SU1« ..',.'• .' ". 6'"'l«i-ji' •-.('.<*'",/( ' '1-1. , jwg ^* cl Y t ' t yv -« , ^ J ' *«• v - '-. J ^*' , t J /' '", ,-' •" M ',^iS agnS«S^^^g^2^> '' - :• ,'<., '<, -, i«.% :..'^U^ T, J, FILLING M, - the Sabbath her parents Jo Algeaa. " U & Smith visits hi? el§te Mrs, Myi'ft Ohjpftmu, l^'.ltU!|>">-"MM'W<^'-"4 li > i * fe\ f^\j^j^u^^t%^^^^^^'^-^^y w"^yyT f j "'J^fi'MfYfm W ,*r A T,T^T3V, i>, ^r\ ll'-^l^ '%'iit£-.%.J*;f i A^fy ^r^-^r^ < : ^M« t, '"* ••. .'- r ii''' ^^aj'^.i'j-^ *_ w ' «1 'f.'f.iA't'jSff. .' JWrlftlfe

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