The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 19, 1859 · Page 1
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 1

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 19, 1859
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l^' : 'flls^^^^^ k^^f^mimmjii ^r€^^'"s^^*^^/^^^-;.$^ ^^^Hf^fii^-'^y^'»•' vVji 1 - ;/- ; iMIS^^^y^- ^*3jji* E W S. K o n u ds, ccist Papers of ttie IN TOWJff AlTS OUT jD» MARK M. POMfiROT, Editor. *lctcnro.I4jijca.i. Hccwrfl, for June J7,'» • cpt l>y C H, 0ARDI>.FR A CO., DrufRiitt. J9Spring Street. •nmnmam. Si.K. - 8r.«. Sr.H. fi6 = » . >. ei^B 67"* and Commercial mattert tee Fourth Pagt. The-Light Guard will return Tuesday noon. i and »hik tbe aywilwls of t' s name will b« in every Son's heart,' -, „•« , 1 * t ^f*j'i*S*, wMo ^ 0 L l , - ,. who wax ^rjro'f^lV'Cuba, jT-haodioms'house and lot in Buffalo, wln-ru she at prcs.jit re- sid«?s Loptz was at the tithed V R Fj in dirty Bocks on. STKKSOTH"—F«wt :with;l Coiling up on the boat (he other evenl ing, a yonrtg man came to us, and asked ns if w« were not a notary pubtio, as IV wished to get jnarried On being told "Yes," he led the ay to • blushing girl ol about eighteen sun. I for; the fon of tt, tbi>y Were rjy ira united in ibe holy band* of wedlock. Soon after,iireretired to our gtattiroom, and tbtfught no inor»- of ihariiiatter, till yesterday the ^ra^iD^x«il^.4i^-.wid.-.we.w«e'.-wrtMig4n as he had learned from /»n'astiotoe, aud kflpt it up in good, sljle until Jjast ith«:iioott:of^^^nllVi,''•»li^-jBii^rf ; tliii'^o)B^ pany retfreti:4o take iut a brief repose, for at abont.'rhntf*"pasit * 2 o'clock, >. jji^.wftt-.jirj^r. aroused ici take the splendid jears of tbe C?om- wmy nt jQrand 'fturor,, fnj-i Grand Rapids, r • * : -• ^.. • -,.. ^ -• .» •:?-:*' .-.•-- *:'-.;• where,/'we arrtveJ ni about ;bftlf past four 0 clock; and proceeded, n pnrt ib the Rathbuu > ouse.and a part to tbe National Hole!, where •JM attempted again to snatch a few hoars slwp- before breakfast, but, wehadposo/)DSr'tlirowTj oijr.allMrp, and fairly wrapped in sweet slum- btjr, than we were again, awakenad, by noisy , "iYoung America" speaking ont In'thunder jtcincs to inform the good people «f Grand Eiipids that there was a formidable and strange in town. CSTWe should object to shoveling earth all .. rin-iaWjtbat-a notary public -hadno' power to '-. niarrv ftnii ^kttf t^~ ••Yi«u9 Ann* L.^. M. n j-^«i day, on the ground that dothes. ' it would toil our 8pe notice of-boarders wanted. The chance to get a tip top boarding place is seldom, if ever, better. |y The Arctic Panorama will be exhibited Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, at Young's Hall. W We learn that Mr. T A. Lynde, and Mr. Montgomery,bare leased Young's Hall,and will open a theatre there on Saturday tbeS5th. iy The Rev. Mr. Helmer, of Hartford, Conn., will preach at thf Plymouth Church this morning nnd evening. Sernces to commence at the usual hour. Bnya^tc Ifax for July at the new News Depot, corner of Main and Wisconsin streets—it will make yon laugh. Try it. WK. E.TUNIS & CO. |&»Hrjsic FOB THE MILLION. — The Campbells ar« ooming, and will give two concerts at Albany Hall, this week. Go and bear them Monday and Tuesday night. ' marry, and that it ;had cost him five dollars to be married, over again,^8Bd ten more to have the justice 3of« facie to hit the day be came uj> pa the boat 1 Qn being J>rmnised the fifteen dollars, toftake rrp h!s Iwss, he left, well aatiifled. . fat JANESVILII Bittlikts.— We -published fonte days since an account of somebody In Jssesville asking a. run of 5,148 MU.ITAB* BAM.— The Montgomery Guards will giVe a ball, on the evening of the Fourth of July, at their uew armory, 128 East Water street. QUICKEST TET.—The steamer " City of Cleveland" has made the fastest time onjre- oord—having yesterday run from Grand Haven dock to the Milwaukee dock in BIZ hours and five minutes. SUCCESS.—We do not .know; bow many thousand people have visited the Arctic Panorama, but we know of no one who is not satisfied, and willing to say it is the greatest painting of the kind ever exhibited. EIPE PEACHES.—In New York, ripe peaches, from Charleston,are DOW being oflered in the markets. Peaches are nothing to brag of, as here in Wisconsin, we have pain, even as early as the middle of June. Barron, at his News Depot, No; 30, Wisconsin street, has the latest New York, Breton and Philadelphia papers, together with an excellent and varied assortment of the choicest newspaper literature. GOOD TISB.—The excursionists bad a good time going to Grand Rapids and returning, as will be seen by the letter of a correspondent. Business prevented any one connected with this office from participating in. the affair, a circumstance we much rfrgrettted. points, at billiard*, an£ find there are persons silly enough to believe the yarn.' No man living can, at an UoOBstrJarae, iniike Aat number of points al • -rnni . \ff, saw Andy Blum. »t the Newhall the other day, make -over 6,000 points at tie same kind of a, game as that played at J»nesville, x biit it isnof fair billiards. The trick of this extensive "lrm> Jiing" is this : Ihe tfirVred bftHs are "frpxe" in the jaw of the corner pocket — ^they car} not be driven in, or easily coaxed out. • - The play. er then places the white ball half an inch or «o from them, Tefertes;;his cue; lays H on the table, and taking the tip of it, say a/oot from the end, in his fingens, -gttitly. plays the white ball toward him, and on the two reds. B/ light playing, he can keep the balls together there for » week, .not moving the white ball a quarter «f an inch ftt a time, if he has the powers of endurance to diddla away that long. The spring of the r ctuhiqn will allow the balls to givejnst enough to keep them from " freei- ing," unless the player actually hold the white against the others. When yon hear inch runs at billiards, just pall the lo'wer eye-lid down, and ask if anything verdant is visible in yout optic. There is, another way /to make-" big runs," which is by putting tb> balls in a box. and shaking them together a few hoars. S3TIMPOSITI on.—We learn from dies that one or two persons on board the boat going to G/and Haven, the other night, represented themselves as reporters for the Daily Ntiot. TherJWtoj employs no ench drunken or ill-bred assistants, as most of the party .well knew. t FILL IBTO THE EIVBE.—A boy about ten years of age fell into the river yesterday forenoon, uaar the Cbesnnt Street bridge, and would undoubtedly have been drowned, had ~'_^i»_not a >onng man named Andrew B«ra, assistant bridge-tduder, jumped in after him and saved him. '^'.'. : '. - " ':''•'"•„-. ,, . -.--,... IQT'THE FOURTH JH iliiWATJESB.— A meet- jag of our citizens will be held on the «th of next month, to decide in wtat manner the 4th ol July flhaU be^Iebrated in| this city. & is contemplated to get up a;large demonstratioB, •ad to expend at least lgW,000 ta celebrating the aBn nr A COFPIK BATH.—Patrick Oor- man is of cleanly habits, but is not fully booked up on some of the institutions of modern civilization. Last week he ventured into the bathing rooms at the Newhall, and having been inducted into one of the" bath-rooms, he appeared to be greatly bothered witk the appearance of things. After eyetag the bathing tub very sharply, and glancing at the small dimensions of the apartment, be asked, in aa anxious tone, if it was not a temporary tomb, in which they placed ihose 1 ,,who got rfrovrned while bathing. The attendant saw his difficulty; and explained to him the office of the tub and other fixings, «nd*i»hbwed him how to let on the water*, hot and cold, but not how to shut them off. Pat disrobed, entered the tub, and 'let the water* loose, according to instructions, in t when the tub became filled be could not s top the rush, and -the lower parts of the establishment were soon' flooded, , Those who. were .being drowned ont were'not in discovering the They/'vjbroke- open his door, and the stream of water iihat-then rushed out carried all of Pat's things',' except* Ws brbgans, which weri too heavy to be moved by water. When asked' why he did Wt stop tbeyater, he replied—^'Be my,,so.wl, I..didn't know how tp stop it, 'sure; "ibis is ihefirstnath- I ever saw in the whole course of myi life. Begorra, I thried mighty bard to stop it Wld iny stockins, by plugging -op' the holes, but divila bit could I dolt; no' sooner I had one stopped than Hhe other wonU break «nt again. I laid in; the coffin there .till 1 .wait flooded over. What more could I do ?'? '-,. [After breakfast, all ttu conveyances that crinld he spared froea the • lir«ry stables were placed at oor disposaj by tie Railroad .Com- panr, to eiiabl* us to see ail tha( could be seen .daring our tiriefetaj;, and was largely enjoyed by Tjiogt of the company until nearly noon in riding rooud the town vie wing the many beau res^denoes and blocks of newanr] mkssive stores, inauy of which are exceedingly fipe structures, and highly creditable td any iity. During the morning's ride, we visited tbe "Eagle Mills,'^ plaster and etucoo works of Vfm. Horey & Oo., on the river about two miles below tb« city. Theae works are, perhaps, this greatest^arioaity^d among tbe most in- lerettiDg things of the place. At this point lrjj-r« is a quarry upon both sides of the river, tbe ieztent of whiah Is not known, but supposed to embrace tome hundred* of acres, from which is taken an ornamental marble, containing almost every variety of colors, and capable of bring manufactured Into blocks for building purpose*, or ornaments of any kind, and capable of receiving as high a polish,; and as beautiful an appearance'as any thst ever came from Italy. Out of thia same quarry Is obtained tne'material for mannfacturing fertilizing plaster, stucco mat*Tial and water Jlme.-~ The vein at these works containing all this material lays about thirty feet below tbe surface. The ^oarrying at Mr Hovey's works hat been eorumcnceJ nt tbe tide of the hill, excavating under tbe ground to the depth of teri or twdv<»f<*t, leaving pillars at proper distances, and inlrodncing heavy timbers »t other places, to support tbe earth above, and .for the pnrpom of banging lights on to work by. An area of abuat two hundred feet square has already been excavated.' The Eton.- is drawn ont on cars upon railroad tracks,— Thfese worksjare a curiosity.hlghly interesting and well worthy a visit from any one who happens at Grand Rapids, which, by the way, is the second city in size and population in tbe State of Michigan and gives as nruoh, if not more, evidence of thrift, and a solid and heal, thy increase in and in the future, as any 'other place in tbe State. After completing Our rides arounr town and tbe suburbs, at an invitation previously givan by,Mr. Thos. D. Worrell, editor and proprietor, of tbe - Qrtat Western Journal, a publication devoted to education, agriculture, choice literature, and tbe news, we repaired to his establishment to partake of an excellent dinner, gotten up by him. _ A long table was spread in the centre of hts composing room, which is an unusually large One, with stands and oases of type arranging along OB either aide of the table, which rendered the entertainment quite as novel as it wag* good. And that it was good, tne way ev- ; — one hurried up his ' 'fat take," and dls- the "matter" that lay before him, cleared up the "pi" and adjusted his '''form," was evidence conclusive. Mr.' Worrall ls one of those large hearted and noble men, who if they fall 1o receive the full reward of their nu- del-takings,; it la not because they lack In merit. , _~~; : After gartaking of Mr. Worrell's hospitality, jre then proceeded to ihe Balhbnn Boose, where; a large assemblage of citizens had as- one On the return trip, on board the Cleveran'l, .™e7to#abws';£f||hj^^ >l«jii§^.;heUl!*-ni^^ passed;!.'reaoln.Mpna - returning tljanka- >itt the President and SpirecUjrt of the Drtroit and Milwaukee Bailwa-yfCompany, H. dl Wilsoo';-Esq., the Ag<*t, T Cap',. Srjniree, Capt. Dtragall and their offlccrs, fojr their kindly aUeutfpnt^aad orfered that tha proceedines UJ poblUbed In eacii of^;»hijrTeSpeotiTe Journals, and Bop'ii?: sen t tojtbejijayeral persons therein namea.;_ ;-; ; •.•",-•-•• --.'^ r '. •--'• ,*- .^i^ -r^- i>1 '-' B: -^-K* "••'.-' • .. "-' . "—- tt. PRDBE AHD SCICIDI —Adam Bettig. hitherto a respectable and well-to-do farmer, who resides about eight miles from this citjr, on Thursday evening, between six and seven o'clock, sent his two-sons away to a neighbor's, on some errand, and ,at the same-time directed his daughter to go ont in the yard and milk ih» cows. No sooner bad, the children got away from tbe house tfean Rettig seized an axe, and while his wife's back was turned, (she attending tor somehouaehold work at the t(me,) he dealt her a dreadful blow-on the head, breaking in her skull, and knocking her senseless to the floor. While thus prostrate before him, he placed the muzzle of a double-barrelled' pistol against her side and discharged It, the balls glaalng against the rib bones, passed up under the shonldet blade, and came ont at tbe top of her head! Not satisfied with this the wretched man then took a kettle of boiling voter and poured it over her from head to foot, while she °stfl! 11 red and shrieked ft) tortures worse than- death. This dotta, Bettig then went to • smokehouse hi bin yard, and taking an old rifle which lie had previously left there already loaded, with a long stick fastened to tha trigger, placed the muzzle under his chin and blew his own brains ont'! And thus ended the bloody drama. Rettig had lived in this country upwards of 12 years, during which time, by'prudence and economy, he had laid up the snug little sum of $12,000, besides having a well stocked and cultivated farm of eighty acres. He was half brother of Mr. Matbias Stein, one of our oldest and moat respected citizens, and as far as we can learn, he lived an irreproachable life. Of late year*, however, he Lad been characterized by extreme eccentricity QU one subject, name- 1y. bis wife's fidelity, -and lately this fdea worked upon him to «nch an extent that he frequently accused his best friends of deaigos upon her chastity, and thfa, no doalrt, Ifcd to tbe dreadful deed. He was Insane. His wlte Sin Brigade jot».of new bniWrng going wfttltbVritj^poit^ i)*4l.f* visiting' n?,, apd we-.are goin^ home. - ' --1 !NoT A MkitBua*. orrCoitTiixiaaoi.—in bniTciilcbppla: from Iowa airlv*a at Al«x- TbeJgrbonxhadDeitberlua-, coat nor vest^bat JdsUoe; Spencer kindly loaoedhim tbose^neeri. f mentSj and than tied the knot far them, the ceremony. wra over, the groom te>14 tnttj- Sqriaire" that h» "hadn't a redi lr but woii)d like to tradu him a pel wolf, if lb<iy could agree OB the terms. The ^Sqruar*"' took the varmint and gave the happy bride one dpllar to boot. " t . SiaoNO Kis,—The' McGregor "fHnes, ing on the fe»ta : of the strong-doctor at Bewtoa,- says.: " We have seen. Andy Gaff- ny;:0f McGregor, lift, for thefmrof the thing, overibne thousand pounds at a square Uft, and bf itiells us, that he can lin twelve bundrea NEW ADVERTISEMENTS vIS tfoi|-~iw»tV er OdoT aud •pl«wi'ii(—fgiris ' iJwJ 3i4?n^* l ? 1 ?- li !£'^^:'/vT:\Ctodg^f;Ciiji*rij»' J ignir^, slie ^rp^dediaown.;tae^^^ narart ^^WaBh, 1 '-lecture «Sh*boygttii 3ri^»«^.«jg^l^^^^^^^i^^ ^*^*5^^ii^1^«^^^^^^^ii"i^'^p NUMBER 22.'. THE CAMPBELLS ARE COMING. , ! ASD WItLPJBFORM JOB T WO ?fe JOH Trt ON L-Y, Hoiday & Tuesday Eveainga, -;,-... ;--JJT»JB SOTH AMD 81ST, .- -.-••••.. . .-, .-. AT /% L BrA IV Y HAL L T HBU ONK Or IDE BIST COMPANIES IVEB organised, oont'tttng of , Twelve Talented Performers gT AdmUiion odcehta. CWurta half prlc«. W Door*open allTX o'clock; performance oom- ouaee* atSj'e'nt' Jel9 ADVERTISEMENTS. CITT Co Contract Department, R Common Council, by J«l Pnmm dered. That Uia following "II , J,,n.. 17, j un ,. Fire THr! MTer»l Fire Cotnp-rtirs, comprUing the Mllwmulirt Fire Department, will meet an Mala [ •trvtt, /one. 2I«t, *t 8 o'clock • r. ii., pro Ije'jr without tparatui. J«l» _ TH03. H. EV1HTON. Chfcr En«ln»er A advantage*. '•' Andy" don't think ba is; the strongest man in.America, but ba can 'pick up the weigbt of the Boston champion vita the champion on fop of ft Boston is a smart place for Its slie though.'.' •Joirs BCIL oil YANKXI Since the opening of the European- war, the tone of the English press towards the United Slates and their Institutions, is much more conciliatory and liberal. The London Times ' fllST floor Pa'rlor and Bedrosm adjoining inltable for a gentleman and wife, and tevenl je!9 board* •canatoo beiecomnudatnl. LA CROSSE AND MILWAUKEE RAIL, HO AD. 1859. 1859. "flfe bare leep told of late to look to the United State* for examples of good administration, and we may now do so attera fashion Somewhat unexpected. The Americans are 'Tolanteors' almost to the man. Their Militia is an aggregate of volunteer corps, and a considerable aggregate it is. We bare a table now before us, oom- pil«4 in 1853, at a time when the population of the States * as considerably less than that of Great Britain, and we find that the military force of the Republic comprised, fndepently of the regular army and the marine corps, no fewer than 75,882 officers, and 2,127, S6d men enrolled as volunteers. Oonceive a force lik« this. In which every man u a dead shot with a rifle, and then say if all Europe together ould venture to attack It on its own soil " AKBANGKMKNT. UBEAT ItOHTH-WESTEK!S UNITED • WAfEWJItAn. & EXPRESS AND ONLY ALL RAIL ROUTED TO LA CROSSK On (he I'FPER MISSISSIPPI RIVER. On and after Monday, Jane -'uih, Two Through Express Trains Daily, (SUNDAYS fX'.'EPTBD.) LEAVK MIL.WAUKKK, »«OM DEPOT FOOT Of nHESTNDT STBBBT, 11. — UmatH of ihe uttv In (ne Couiptro ler's t.fllee, vi- Lot 11, block 88; Iwt s, biocl .17 ,,,, H 81; lot S, block S3; lot ]», block iu- ,,, bloclr 1;', lota 2, 4, 6. i, lt> is md 'l i •lock 1.1; Iocs 2 ami 4, block '.'. pin-,.'., lots S and 10 or », itlm-k ll.l; Imn ^, ; t I, block US; IOK 0, 7. S in.I 'I, r, ..,-« and i, block Ml, include <j <ir i,, »nil 12. block 120; I..L1 I > ,i i i., ,, <«la 3, 4, 0, •<, 10 and J. him-it »ii ., between bloes5 120 ami l-i i,_ IDa ';-, «9.X feet loom north r> rr t .f <„,„>, 1J6 «i-l<)0 reel of triargiii p>-<:.- -,r i,,,., .e*at corner '>i ih,. norih-w «i , -r ... Owner) ,,f »h,, v ., deai-nhe,! ,, r . „..,... , fled to,bate th- mtHnncM J ,,1, ,*„' . <Jou» date, ,.r the *r«--t r,,,m,,' Kl s hih Ward win . : »u«ti „„.'. .,„",„ Qo the rev entire lues, jiar -, ..' i,,, s lni( according 10 law jel7-d(it K. L'H in.I rj, hi...-k t. ^ iml lu. '•It f4. I..t II, iitiil; I..-IW.-.MI , », I, J. »,,,| NOT! Ci-;. ''ITT I'-'<IIT.|,, Contract [x>parlin,-i.t «ilw:iiiu.... j,, B IT CMOI -tion if lh.- C.,| n l'..,, Juno 13, 1S69, 4|>|,, , v i,,. .1 ,. of the Strn'i ,,r t. ,. ordered • Tn»t [fie fnrowini; dn.-.r't....i '..u. parraln of lam! in -.'.e tlh W.»nl ,i -.1, ltee, be ilfec-ared fm llo nun ,i], •-., *,,. unco wttn the estimate .if i..- .• ty K ( the Comptroller'! Olflco, riz IOC 3; West X, loi'i anil l,.t I tot &; N >^ tot 6; lot 8; loi i, and ^, block 7li; i,,t 4, !>!.„• ^ • ootideil to anai- .;,,, ,iui,<n,- lays frijni thu tlat-, ir ih,- J caurte said WITH :.. r>,- I..FI.- ipeotl.- lol., icconl n t ... i jeJ'-<il K .11 ,, , l.»l I, A , blocH H9; COSTICTS. — Since our last Issue the following named convicts have been sent up to the palatial resident*) of Hon. E. H. MacOrsw of this village : From Kenosba County-— Robert Allen, for counterfeiting, two years. From Dane County— Chas. Lorensen, tor larceny, one year; Samuel Stewart, for forgery three years. From Milwaukee — Janm Neil, for manslaughter in the 4th degree, eighteen month* ; Mather Mart rn, assault with iutent to kiU , on* year- Daniel Clark, counterfeiting, twoj«.r§, BoKtta Lindslcy, larceny, one year. Clark is the first conTtot senwnccd hy tlw Municipal Court of Milwaukee — /'r-Ati i''f v Htm. ' • 7:95 A. iH. and 1:5O P Trmlni mrrlTe at Milwaukee «l 9:85 A. M. AND 3:35 I'. M dose connectlona »r» made at LaCroau. Twice dailT each way with tine -Win- nesota Packet ^ompaov's New nnd Splendid I nited States Mail Lun- of Steam nrs to A from St. Pnm nod intermediate points. Of~ Paiungen, by taking thli roate, will i.v- KK> miles In 4taunce and 18 hoars time, (Tom Chi,-:i k '.i or Ullwankec to L* Crosae or at. Paul, o»er »ny ..ther roate. Milwaukee, Jane IT, 1S59 EUWIN H. liOODKICH, J»l« . Man*i,'er. N< ) 1 Cirr K K '11HE Ciimror M. 13, W3», i| .-truet Commisa T!i«t me «{)"' nf the City F.nt U^rner^ of pr .Ion,. law. No 1 it. r !, City is said ;t" a most excellent woman. ff Qm N«w OjHce.— A large -force of workmen are now Losily ".employed laying the foufldationforournew bfiee. It will beafine building, four stories iigb, and well finisued.. The location is .on~tlw driver baak on' Wiseou- f'm street at the end of Spring street bridge.— The best location for an -office there IB in the AT A BitiDAT..—On Thursday of last -w«ek Miss'Eoiina. flt. Clalr, a band:-; some young lady of eighteen,'retSttag atpal- timore, was killed by ligfclning while «n the way to ohuroh-to be married. Her corpse was taken to the church, and tno smiles of friends were changed to bittet,.burning teats. Tbvj who go by the morning trauriare always a pleasant journey, , *,'»', "" morning, a gentleman agad abobt ye»w,r!i»?iing front If*w . sb. he stood with one: foot in the grave,' the other ^ootstiiriasted after tb^pleasar>es of bifurcating retort presided over by fiosa H dome ot He*r«n with fla&Tiin-g'.rays,;he stayed atid—rather liked'the eBterjalnm8pt;'Slij tbe IW^^^ ly, wandered back to Bem|bred," ; ^together with a batalllon of military andftbree fire companies, to give us an escort tothe'cars. Mr. Moore, one df the old and prominent citizeas of Grand Rapids, had been selecte'd to deliver to us a welcoming address which he^r<ttd fa nandsome'style, and with foroi and effect, and which wat Tes'pdnded'to on Our part, by'S. D. Oarpenter 1 , Esq., of the^ M&dlsoufatriot, in one of his happiest veins. Mr.jMopre,.in his remarks, alluded to tbe potency and power of the press. A free, press,; In contended, was far wore powerful than any. ,Prin|e«,.Potentate^ President, Gpvernor, or any ethers high in offlce. It could make or nn make them—it was ihe terror of tyrantB—the impregnable fortress of freemen- and while 3 -eaiJed arid despised by tbe former, it was J9>lMU>xsi MAJITJ»AOTQ«T.—The Toronto Leader announces that the QranU T. nnk Railway Company have entered into * contract with a new firm, to be established in Toronto,, for the re-matmfscture, for a terra of years, ol all their old rails Tbis 'establishment will probably expend in wagts a larger amount than any existing manufactory ip the Province. The capital necessary to start it will not be less than $4,000,000; and it is calculated that it will give regular employment to 400> or 500 hands, and pay from $800 to $1,000 a day in wages. It will be the' first large manufactory erer established in to r ronto, at the same time that It will be on* of the largest, If not the largest In the whole Province. tom and adored by the latter; fr^ftet:ttiS^eoepUon, address;.and the re* pon?e, the /ollowhig resolatian was/offered : aii_d : unanimously paased. _:;;' .;."•'.• ,-x -.' '._ '• -,' -'." ' Offered the following: " . ; ., frota the good city of Grand Rapids, oau only be remembered in -words, till wehaye a chance fo rcnK-tober in deeds,.-which day We fiope will - 3 : :; " '•'*' ^~~»^*v-.-.- - cblanm*ni| took,up;the linV-of marob t ,and fiby, and thel>ibod<>f the »ldmaurwaied warm, e*en.aa a,*otOeegelfisfiii BEOWS'S BasK -Nor* B*K»TBB.— J Kaple & Co., , bankers, Dwrrjrt, *re s aow Jiauinjs a Tery neat and |2 gconSne bank notes isaaed by ibetjanxg'of Ar Bulled States mud Canada*, j « year weekly jj 75 ote. We ahonld w-A. - .Ainerlf*; 1 ?^^ •T'i-, -i-.'ty . .-•.""•:•"- H<'\-!)-r i- fersd; himielf to;make a noisf,' • .. Heraan lerUd, '' . . pnHaaat to » Jadgm«ntr«id«r- Coon, In : U» abor» tntltled action, f6r wa« and Mil a» pobBo aootlon, atuw uvUie; b«y of UUwankM, on Sator* lfeofthUidlfi|lnguished«)Idfer and ' whose fambnB'exploiti in '.Ind^a are known *U but at last^aw Ap to d«tpai^ aidhmitway-- la ca Ma^thnua.Tr-pleiand 5 «; S. Podtwtil; BortoOj ;Tllliriak«:;i[. Terry *flo.; Ita name Implies,! m^^taa^m^^iii^ ^^mwmmm^t **Vriwedathalfpa g lt W; o o'doct on Philadelphia, a few nights stoee.'a young maa, evidently insane, named William Murray, made several desperate but unsncows- ful attempts to oommltt suicide. He invited his father, who waa at supper, into an adjoining shop, where he filled a ladies' caba with gunpowder, and thnrst a lighted cigar Into it. A tremendous explosion followed, seriously damaging the shop, tbe loss of a thumb, however was the only .injury he experienced from thlg attempt. He then plunged the blade of a pocket-knife Into his breast, but still with no very serious effect. Determined not to be failed, be procured a chisel, and inflicted a severe wound in big arm; but, notwithstanding all these attempts, he waa not dangerously* wounded. The father made : his escape from the shop before the explosion took place. tJT General Shields, of Minnesota, Is very proud of his borne, and thta !« why—we quota bis own words: "1 made my pre-emption, as yoo all -know, on the Parihanlt jralrie. I paid for"li; with iny own warrant—the warrant which I received for my - servioes in Mexico— the only bounty whichi I ever received from the Government of the United States for those Services, and I iwill venture to say that I am the first General of .the United States army who ever made bis own pre-emption with his own warramy Now tfifs; I thloikjJs a homi to be proud of—a home which I hold to be aacred, because 1 pnrchasiBd :it with my blood.'/ OTTO or Hosis.-^-We would suggest that the:gutter in front of Toung's Hall, be cleaned oat and kept so. At present it smells as varied aa the contents of a newspaper, and strong enough of Ihe worst kind of smells ta p»ak«» sensIUve individual feel aa/'Mnkey" aB.&yearlliigJbulL Clean* it out, or get a pat ent for an improvement on bad smelbi, imme-- ttra or mVaticct; *> J. T. Hetdl w. afiutot of "Har ; ipoleontaff Wt Mmhilj," tt«.; "UltulraUd; _.,„ ^'ftiltkT^artrtJBgrilraer.lM^rand itreet; Mllwaa. .. interesting , books of the j;;^ a complete history of the Daring thethower Ian Tlie*day cren- ing,-alarKe black oak tr*« t landing . near t(j« residencu of H. SI. Todd, In this pl;u-», was struck by lightning in a singular mano'er. Thn tree wis struck in th^ roots, tlif electric fluid passing upwards, throwing every branch of the- "roots ont of the ground and splitting th« body of (be tree, which WAS about two and a balffeetin dfamsttfr, Into splinter;,, l^n te«t upwards from the roots. A targu pi*.-« of th« body and root, ol about one hundred paundd weigbt, waif thrown twenty-fire rod*, and another piem of body and ruut weighing nix hnndr d, was thrown about ten rod* — fftri- con Argus'. SA» ACCIPMT.— Mr. J«nob Maydol*, of Ihrs place, was fonod last Tuesday morning, aeat Mr, Barr's (arm, on the Fort AtMfuon rond, in a state of insensibility, caused by t»-ing thrown ont of his buggy, which w»«_ foun.l near the place of the accident, rhinos a wheel, and Otherwise damaged. As Mr. ila,j dole i§ ffnable to sp«ak, we cannot gira further par- ticn lars. -~Jtjffertonian. . — Ihere la thia Sprrnt; ao unusually large naraber of emigrants passing thro' this place, bound for the rich farming lands of the Baraboo, I<emonir<er and La Crosse valleys As a general thing they are a hardy, indastri- ons and InUlligent class gf people, from the Eastern States, have good teams, p4«nty of stock 1 and lota of children. They are just tbe clan of settlers needed, and we hope that many more like them will Baraboo R-publie. follow in their train.— CITY ADVERTISEMENTS. NOTUJIi. CITT CoMpTBOLLa'1 orvin. i Contract Department, Juae 11, MAtf. \ T 9E following la a schedule of lot* frc atlof nn Hth tire«, from Cedar street, to Tamarack street, m tn« Becund Ward,of the City of Hllwaak e, ihuwiag the •mount which each lot wtil be benefited by iiraijlnif ««lil (tract, and the ildewalki to the eatablljiheit i'«<lf, planking and curbing aaJka and paving gutters and 9*av«imir iheatrvet aecordlofr to plao and estimate .r Cttty Engineer Bloc*. Lol Ben-flu 1S9 1 .«t,iu 168 i !.«.»» 1S8 t 1ST ii .-*.'u I«l 7 ]*J 112 L'H. OAR0IXER, Coiuptr,,li. >> Mil T CITT CuMprHuLLXa'.-* Oriri. Cvntract Dopartmt;nt, Milwaukee. Jane I], ",'J T U .h alley In bU>ek 1*4 ID the Second W&r 1 '' t • l a(l!ffa«kee, from 6th to 7tn itreetn, *Q-t •ca-dent o/ the bentfltj lo each lot by frtd.D^ iri •lley to l^u eltablUJledi ft tje, u l.liows Block Lol 164 144 Idt ItA 141 16t 164 BCD ^ ->9,iio « an i.'H OARDlNgK. City f oaiptr.iller NOTICK. 5 CITT C -MFTat,LL«a^ i Oootr^ct Departinent, Mllwank^,.', June II, i ^ GAL8O pi-opo«alj will te receiTed at thl* .,di,-«, .in' til Thir>4ai, June H, it lu t. «., f,, r Mrnuhing it|< fvtlowlng aamed articles Tor the u.t^ «n>] r.'^>airin^ .i-f Bridge*, va . Ua«tlo^ per Ib, BUM* ^T 1 Nat.* y*r ID . Pplkei per Ib; Bibtiet or Comptnliion .Ue(*l p«r Ih. \» roostt or Forged Iron per Ib; Jterl w..rk ( ,er Ih; Jac» Screws per piece, and work p*»r Jay, tit-Inn up .• " ' E. L'U.'4ARD1NKI1. Comptroll-r CTTT v.OHI^'ROU.IB 't tirnca, i C..ntr»ct D»rartraent. June H, 1459 { 'I1HE Tiallawing I a schedule of !.>«, purls of :ota a:id M- parc^li of lind, la tHe Fifth Wa-.l nfthrCltvof Milwaukre, Walker't Point ihat «ill be i.. n-Si IM the araoont tet opposite eacb by drrdflna snd .locking tbe Ullwatika* nver In froot i>f block* 63 nnd 68 HKRM VV JOilN litrecl EJCAPI or A COSVICT.—On* the 31st nit., while a gang of conHots were working In the Prison lot, planting, Henry Toung, a negro from Racine oounty, took it Into his head to escape, and proceeded to put bis plan into operation by stealthily walking away to another part Of the field, which be did unobserved by bis keeper until in the act of scaling the picket fence, when he was. discovered by a field guard, who started in pursuit. Tbe alarm was Immediately given, and all tbe officers not on doty were sent after aad •verhanled him In the grove on Mr. 0.3. Kneelaad'a premises, about a quarter of a mite south of tbe Prison, and he was immediately brought back. : Toung was armed with a tamping needle, need by the blasters, about two feet long. Tbe officers who, through carelessness, allowed the prisoner lo escape, were discharged by the Commissioner.—PWOB City Item*. i I, . MARRIEJD On th» 12rt Int., at St. Paul'i Church, Belolt, bj the lectori B«v. J. B. Egar, B. D., OBIIUS A. Hjrruoa, Mp^aokee, to burl!., only danghl r of the late Her. Palmer Dyer, former Rector, of St. Panl'i Church, Whitehall, N. t. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.. Cm- Covrnouaa'a Omn,« Oo«rmiCT DtPiantnrr, Jooe IB,'». f propoitli will be recclT«d M this olBce, on- Thunday, Jane, 33d, at 11 o'clock A. n., tot w following name* wdrk: on Aitor itrMt, from Pteanatto Bradritreet, ID the lit Wart, of U» City of Mllraakeei tha fame haying been ordered by the Boanl Wj Utrantllon, Jane 21,' 68, »nd concurred tn|by the Baird of Aldenoan, Jane 48, 18M, »•« : Aitor •trc«t iijd >M«wmlki to b» graded to <be catabUihed grade and ildewalk* planked oo both itde of Che Mreet. i»l»-d8t. ,. j C. L'a. UARDINER, Comptroller. ,j -t;i . 1 . ; vi«» wmminitifm avyno 1:1 .r. 'Contract Department, Jane 19,1869. f S KitlD prop«>»l» will b*'rt<-'elved at thliafic«nn- «USbar»d»y, JnneJD, J8M, tt. 10 4. •., for dolor > fotlpirlocdpcrltal work on ManhaU meet, In the — .TTv4 ; <»i-Uii"CHTof UllWaokee, froiA IVyun itreet to BrsdjrtttMt., ?»ld work havttr been ordered by the Board of Coonollora, Ang.lS, 1858, »n* eonenrred In by the^oJrdof JUdertnan, Ann.S3,16M, T li: Itwitrwet tob»mfledu> UnHUbllMied grade. UdeweiU cnrbed andplaak«4 tnd§ten« ratten aonstroetedl r'-^i s i'--agaln»t . Faw, Q«orfe B. Hallory, QITT.M W. Flta- Sarah *}t»rer»H,W»»lf«, th«m»j T. BMT> '-* • '• JelS-dSt Loi r BIOCK. 81 a* 69 f,\> 1,403.14 1 ,.593.30 1JI9 JB 1,5*6.64 1 51)0 43T. E. L'H. OARDINKR, NOTICE. Crrr CoMrreon-iH 1 ) Ornrs, i Contract Dopartment, 1111., Jane IS, Iso'J i' following U a ichednle of lota frontlcx on BCMI- JL Man itreet, from Ninth atreet to the Plank Hon. I >r Teuton* itreet la the Ninth Ward of ihe 0117 of Mn- wanke<,,and ihoirtng the amount which each lot will be bcnefittd bj grarellag said itreet an. I planking and curbing the ildewalla, aafessmect aa rollowi JOHN UACBSNHtHIkii, O. 8UHCKEBTT, Street CoiTirolisloo-ra Block. IT 13 K 18 15 30 VUtt'i Tarm, Lot. 18 1 1 In Vllefi Addition. Block. IT 18 16 19 15 BcDeflta. 1112.60 ! 52,40 133,50 152,80 102,50 152.30 14 Benefits. $133.30 11350 13'jliO I5SJII 54,»l t. L'H. G AKDINER, Comptroller. 1013] SHERIFF'S SAI.E. f> STATE OF WISCONSIN, , Clrcalt Court—Milwaukee County. | Stephen A. Harrison, and \ > Uechanfc'i Lien. riLra.rt LJ-I. "I 1 , tli.i.:« 4',' t>ere»i . I illlw ,„ Thai tti Oneula tu k)n • '.-nty I He :*t N. > i ML, J nil,, i-,. William Clarke, agilmt George B. Green. I N Tlrtueofand punuact To ajudpncnt rundereit In tbe above entitled action, dated ISih or t eeruary, 18E9, I shall expoae for lale and tell at puolic auction, at tbe Office In Ihe City of Milwaukee, on ,«ni< urdny, cue 83d day of July, ISJ«, at the boar of 1 r M. of that day, ponnant to chapter 190, the Revaed Statntes, entitled '• Of the lien of Uecha lc» »id otbera," the fallowing described premHx, to wit: "Certain buildings situated on lots eleven (II) ' and twelre (12), In block twenty.four (24). In the Fifth Ward of the C.ty of Milwaukee, County of Milwaukee, and Sat« of Wlscnm'n, to- (eiher with all the right, title and interest the •aid defendant bid la and to the said lota eleTen (11) and tWrlTe (12), In b^ock twenty four (14), on ant day of July, Ig&I, or hag since acquired thereto. Dtted Sheriff'! office, Milwaukee, Jane 6th, 1HS9. Sao. W. Laxra, I A. J. LANOSVORTBT, WtFt AttV f 8hefi« Mil. Co., Wl«. j«7.oiwew ciBCtnr COURT, ? MUwaakM County. ) tf. George Cluk, Plaintiff, agaJmt OharletJ. Kerahaw, Jena II. Leavenworth, Merrlck Marphjf, John T. Perklni, John PUnklatnn, John Ogden, LlBdaay Ward, Lyman P. Swift, James H. Bogen, KecelTcr of the Qennania Bank of Hso. Pap- •nalek t Oo., tharlei B. Gortli, John S. Meyer, William John Boe, Charles Knehn, George B. Miner, CyrnjD. D»TU, Jaraef Hanhav, DefeoJantj. tba Sttt« of WlseOMln, to tha abOTe named dafendana V 'Onue hereby nunmooed and required to answer the complaint in this action, which la flleu la the Office of the Clerk of aald Coon, and to serve a copy of your annrer to the »«ld complaint, on tbe mbscrtben at their office, NOJ: Sand4, Albany Building, Mllwau- ket, WlMonaln, within twenty days after the service hereof, eidniire of tht day of inch Mrvtee: and If yottfall toaoiWfr the laid complalntf within tfietline aloreuld, the plaintiff In this action will apply to tha Court for the relief demanded In the complaint. • Wltnen the Honorable AKTHUB SfoAR THUS, Jttdjs of l»*01rijwlt Court for Kid «k>ontj of Milwaukee, al Milwaukee, this thirtieth day of Marehi In the (year ona iboaaaod eight hundred and fifty-nine HOOKIS * aPANQENBERe, »pr»8-dlaw«w PttUT'i Att'yi. Mllgaakep, wu. BUTTER. I WOULD call the attention of families to myietec tlonaof = CHOICE BUTTEK. .1 am dan> re«elTln« by £xprea>, choice 'tola of Butter fromttwbt»tD»lrleJ In the State, wnlcb foi <ji»altty an4fl»Torls nniurpajaedw Prices always to «omw- pqnd with lite "market rates." and quality warranted. Order* solicited aad Mat to all parti of toe elty" ftc*. JOHN w, faaam, -•• Otocer atd Win* Dealer, Ulli*t Water ( - SMOKED IOB Smoke* Baulbat at _ _ saxxtavxum. T HK r.,IK,*n,< utnt \ nr-rt. range T2 B *»[ tu 4hOWlD){ LOe ^initu »|]I be henedtcU «otter« aod plinl ffordlnif :o pdin Ota or [>» i-i-tM .11 par!i^.il;»r •lf-*.--, * anl estlmttr *, I. Office—aiaeHanii-n J miN 1.« H Si s-i; to- 12 13 H IS 31 operly a W-a Bt-iioliu I.U II. Til 17 70. J i US.J-i -51,36 15,29 1131 S4 176,91! 4S£4 irJ,io 106,56 *8 4t 60 91 52 66 56 S7 M 69 60 T4 78 78 80 J94,. *- 180J4 Property on Teutonla «r, 1S6,9T 93,43 140,15 140,7o U0.75 95,To MU.JO HO, '5 1411,76 140,76 1*1,75 140,73 IH',76 1T5.2S ai,6« 78 00 113 2» 77,41 is jo id dl 01 65 So 1 ili. III J.. oa 147,00 197 ,J» 371,S» IIS 5rt 111,77 140, 7S Block 8, In B. aaort»ra adiiition, ~"£H J>l»-d3t B. L'H. O,lRD(«irR,c,,inptroil-r. 8 EAI.ED until (JiTT Cout^rROLLf-HH orrica i Contract Uepsrtruent, June It, 1*59. f propofaK will b» rocelruil at ih!« oHIco, S'oojay, June '.'U 1829, 11) "'clock j. »., r,,r 8 Hog the crib* n>ld (trout atiha Klniiefelnnlok Urltlgre. A- luriclent smaant ofe»r(h will be required to make. the bridge p*4aablo »nii * af**. J8t«-d3. 'E fli: QAROmKR, Camptroller. BOAHUEKS. A fSW Boarders can find good aocommodaUoiii as 32ft thin it.,Mco,.d doot north of Onelda. Terms je!7-dtt *agia '* •» «»". «*>' «»le- LATTOH i PLADICTON.

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