Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 29, 1941 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 29, 1941
Page 3
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STERLING DAILY GAZETTE. STERLING. ILLINOIS Rural Health Week Starts Monday at Local Coliseum Examination of Co. Rural Pupils to Last Throughout Week ASbany lady Speaks On PEO Convsntion At McCandless Home Chapter BH of fh«» P. E. O. flister- rxvi rr 1 "* in the horne of Mrs._W. H. I MeCandle.v Monday evening, when rirs.vrit TV as ."vfTved st "7.3ft by the hostevv Mrs. McCandlf 1 .'.."; and Miss Harriet Erhternaeh. An interesting b-i.'.inesA session followed. rnr.rin; and fo .nc Ti Fi- and Thr fo-irth rountv hral'h school pupils w;l starting at thp on Monriav ir.'irrr.ns. throueh Hi", afternoon completed "nif-.-dav rrmr day afternoon trip examination.- be hPld at thr T.i:r.;vr> hich . u nnd Wedne.<-dav morninc at :':n dplity Lifp a'lditon'ini in F~ Wedne.'-dav af^r'noon thr exarr.. 1 br nt thr Erf high .^iino; Thursday monimg at the Prop town high school. Thursday a noon and all tlay Fndav thp examinations will be hrld at thr Morrison hieh school Dr. Peter.s, dentist fjoin UK- Mate hPalth department, will bP hrrp and thp examinations will b" conductpd by the Whiteside county dentists. Two state hpalth nurses. Mi.v Hazel Aiitnan and Ml.v Margaret Handlm. will also be hprc for thp week and will be a-sslsted by County Health Nurse Ruth Kirk and a number of other local nurses One of the mir.w will talk at each meeting, as will.Dr. Peters. At each meeting one of the rural schools will give a five minute program on the school lunches. Schedules are so arranged that the pupils of the various will BS little time a.s possible. In addition to the teeth, iaspec- tiorw will also be made of throats, posture nnd skin. A nurse from the Ylaion project will be in charge of Vision The v ;;eh!iRht of the evening th r rnv>rf of thr biennial ronvrn- tion of the supreme chapter hrld in jFeptember nt Victoria. British Co- J-'.imbia. th-e first to be held in Canada Mrs. Wagner of Chapter FD of Albsnv Rave the report, fine was introduced by Mrs. J. Kenneth Hlcr, president of Chapter BH. Mrs. Wagmr spoke of thp dearth of n fvmg men in the hotels and on - ! the street of Victoria, thp cordiality For Centuries Youth Has Played Pranks on Hallowe'en Night For c<en* the nicht nieht. bv of to play at «: ies. Hallowr rr. !.< the nigh: when spir:' 1 -. believed by :': ago to . yonth ha>: rr Or?. .1). Ha r:R pranks of 1'nn^ Hn'iv ? f**"^d i\ } ] f_\ C ' eaitli. T: K-. r and '.l 1 .'^ d P. \ Older Boys Steal Stop Signs from Through Streets Tuesday Night A group of older boys occupied UwatMlves Tuesday evening by tear ihff stop 4 signs from their moorings and transferring them to non-stop streets, thereby creating a large •mount ot confusion among motorists There were several near-accidents, also, caused by strangers driving onto through streets because of the absence of the signs. It is believed that the names ot the youngsters—all of whom are old enough to know better and most of whom drive cars themselves — are known. In all probability—especially if they persist iifthis deviltry —they will be hailed before the judge at no distant date. /Thirty Men Are Given Physical Exams Today ij. . . ; ___ Thirty men reported to the medical examining board of the Sterling selective service board this morning for physical examination. Ten were teen who had previously been rejected, but who have had their deficiencies remedied in order that they may join the army. tlie delegntes everywhere, i the general SITBCP Riven by the pre.v; | in reporting the convention. An'e. 1 ;- coi t of the La.ssies Highland Pipe ' 'iand took them to their hotel anc later to the house of parliamenl ' When a gift of 11.000 was Riven i for war relief by the convention the Canadian delegates were so af ferted they broke down when the tried to sinR "There'll Always B an England." Mrs. June of Amboy and Mrs. N G. Van Sant of Pacific PallMdes Calif., were also present. Delegate Makes Report of State Rebekah Meeting The fall program of the Holtnlan dtr Rebekah lodge 1* being ent*re< into with enthusia-sm toy the mem bers. who turned out In large num ber for the meeting Tuesday «ve nlng. Mrs. Mary Bochm, delegate to the Rebeknh state Msembly in Springfield, gave a detailed repor of the convention and of a visit to the children's home at Lincoln. Mrs. Boehm stated that distric eight of which Sterling is one of thi lodges, had nicely refurnished oni of the rooms at the home which L occupied by four boys. The Rebek ahs have also installed a new wel at the home, the project being completed during the term of Mrs. Ua bel Quayle as assembly president The new assembly president is Mr*. Mary Eiler. Balloting was dpne on nine applications for membership and initla lion ceremonies were planned for the next meeting. The visiting com mittee reported a number of calls made on sick and shutin members Invitations were accepted to attend meetings in Rock Falls on Nov. 10 and in Amboy Nov. 21 when those lodges will entertain the district The lodges also expect to attend district gatherings at Polo Nov. 13 and Dlxon Nov. 28. theae invitations having previously been accepted. The committee for October with Mrs. Dora Oiffrow and Mrs. Rose Praser, cochairmen, served refreshments after the lodge meeting. Immunization at Two ft Schools Completed 1J T^te third dosw of Unoid and vac- istnation will to flvca at the Lln- toto school Thursday, and on Fri- ; iftay at th« Central school. Thia will ft Hiooiplete the Immunization program • >t the Union achoato for the y*sr. Human belnei are losing their sense of oroeU. Moordlnf to MOM scientists. Tibteu... or your moMy back! Sctetiflc docton.clcw* Babt SaMstes O^r^sjajp v ^Bf^BVW^W^aT^ $2.50 Utlk 2-pc. suits of Una corduroy tn wine, dusty rooo ar brtgbi bliic. Ntw Showor Gifts Just Arrived Priced! SOc o»d up DOZEW OF Children'. T School Shoes INOII 12 WIST THIRD ST. !r. r ir liaTAevi-'TenVval at this time and man-. ^-!rar.»e nrre- monies were performed. In AmenrA !hr iiiclit has cen^r- ally been reformed by >'h' % b-.nki- inR of boti.'nrs. thf rrac'Kiiit <>'. n;;'.?. bobbing for applet m tub', o:' water; telling fotr.K'.rs am! aluv-t s'^ries. and by the \ouneer AiflPnra I--, playing ail sorts of prank. 1 -, .surh BV overturning outbuildings and piling rab- bages at the doors of neighbors Due to stricter po'.ire regulation and. ;v.ib- Ilc op|x>?,ition to promiscno:i< damaging of property, the youth of today do not cause the trouble that their fathers and grandfathers dkJ Even as late as 40 years aao it was nothing for the citirrm of any midwest town ot city to wake up the morning after Hallowe'en and find buggies, wagons and farm implements stacked up in the street. If there was an elevator or an old mill in the town a buggy or a wagon would be found perched on top. To the Druids of the British Isles. and especially Ireland, goes the dls- tinction of being the forerunners of (trrtved In Ireland about 270 before th* coming of Chri«t and sbemt 73rt ywirs before St. Patrick, and the-y wrre sun worshiper* Their e.hiff f^ttval* «'ere May d«v »nd Kcr.-ernbrr day. and th* eve o! November. cl*y *s* the time of th-e witching hour. Firrs were built upon the hilltop* and men waved aloft plaited ^i^p^ of blanng straw to wprd off th" at:a-rk of the wif^hrs. h^lirved by thTn 'r, br renl and nn? fancied This historv of th' 1 ?'•? was written between "IP seventh twelfth cpntunp'; wh p n PfCMjnosfkafors Sea Signs Which Point To Mild Winter Ahead r fipnrntiv<-l-. of their ho!'^ ions for !h<-- t '.-A* > th'-ir fel- crrr-ird hos - <r^:>.kir:R. com? with their pre- r"rr,:nE winter h!prk rat was a sacre*! anima to th* DruWt ]f the rat. sat o,"!'"! !v ryid* on*, that, person was 'x-'jj,, I>erted to er.K>v a peaceful life, if ,^ f the rat njbbe<l nsain^t yo'.i, it ^a^ expected to bring good lurk and doubly good if thr rat jumped into your lap. And even todav then* ar^ many person" who beiehy it bar! j-.irk for » black cat to cross the road in front of them. sr» ynt about predictions a<: > !-n ! there on 2 when he i* ; wliether fair to prevail the Hallowe'en. They were supposed to winter. Many Duck Hunters Out Today But No Big Bags Have Been Reported The change of weather brotiKht. it is believed, a change for the better in duck hunting, pie result w that a majority of the local nim- rods took to the field this morning. However, the birds are (still wary and It will probably take several days of such weather before hunt- Ing will be as It should be. The colder weather, combined with storms in the. north i.i what brings the ducts to this part of the country. The birds usually hang around here for a couple of weeks, then take the next stage toward 1 the south, where they spend thr-. reliable in ihnr irtif- animal ^i' 1 TJi'' morning of Frh r rprf -rd to teil ' o- or foul I- foming MX wreks. Tlif annual prro:r upon manv differ T. t'ire which arc S-..T cate Mother Natures plan for protecting her own. Forecast-; In thr far northwest may indicate a o'M a:-ri hard winter, but that doesn't '•pcil anything here, for the storms which originate around Medicine Hat c or wherevei thev come from' may not reach this **cUmi of thf coimtry, ;he)r forr" a hundred mile'; or more S's-n.y. Tbrre are Mirns in nature here. h<jwev'r, according to tho'-r who make * practice of foretelling the severity of thf coming winter, which indicate a light winter, with little ?<>ro temperature*. The corn husks are unusually light this fa 111 and many farmers say they ure hanging !OO«P Rboxit the goiricn r^r* of corn. Somp s.ay the ^Tiiitrcis srr not particularly busy in galh^ung nut', ai they should bf if !h r v evpcc'. a hard winter. They •:?•,• she --quirrris expect to be abir to pr; out any time they want to this winter to get their food. Others who place (•on"Klriable faith in weather MRII* say that it- L« too early to make any predictions and M->me say the old corn husk sign nrr based can nn longer be depended upon be- to indi- i f jtTITlf ' r s has but lutlf husk any year. INDIGESTION G*« wu>r »»clt» the Hurt net Ion At tftrvi M! fbll-tlK T«!>!»*l I" • iff Its'. ffi»rf» f»f (b* flt?«t-t?': tit I'rr Nn l na/»T TH1AL t* M pf»«» full irt | DOUBUi UfO t?»T. ntnrn BK*. 2S*. ATTENTION, AMERICANS! '-SUPREME URGENCY— I* a copy of Wefrann jn*t received) Mrs. Chloria Hess. ChRirm»n America First. Sterling. 111. Letters must pour In Tuesday and Wednesday vigorously opposing neutrality repeal, and even more Important demanding full and unlimited debate in the Senate. Direct letters to two senators of your state. R. E. Wood, National Chairman Basement E.Q.M* Side THURSDAY—FRIDAY—SATURDAY Priets Srtilli RttlHe«i Oi All ODDS and ENDS aid BROKEN LINES RUMMAGE OF ODDS and ENDS Turkish Towelt—- Anklets— Brossitres— Garment Bags— Infant's Wear Vals. to 25c 5c ODDS and ENDS Women's Brassieres, Blouses, Slips- Children's Rayon Panties, Knit Bloomers, Etc. Vals. to 79e 19c ODDS and ENDS Vals. to Women's Wash $1.29 Dresses, Rayon Underwear Union Suits- Infants' Wear— Children's Dresses WHILE QUANTITIES LAST 39c COMFOBTEBS BLANKETS Lovtly NnkiM! ^ Pure Linen Ctlebritits Prints 25c SOc As advertised in Exquisitely patterned, larf* with hand rolled edces. Chinos* Hand Emk'd. Pur« Lintn 3 for $1.00 And Hnff Abo -Personality" Prints. Biy Now For Xats We offer the choicest oeli these handkerchiefs Months Ago Burly Delivery FitUcmt Sqnrior QuIHy ari Vato IHft Mow Wool Siso 72x04 ... $8.95 Siso72x90 ..$10,95 Sixo 80x90 .. $11.95 Blaokots Fort Wool, Sixo 72x84 $2.98 Waal, CtttM 25% WMI, 50% Rayon, 25% Cotton Full Bed 8iM PtoM rattenu 10% Wool, 65% Rayon, 25% Cotton 72x90— $3.98 Piro Dowi FilM, Rayoi Taff ota Oovoroi $ ii- 95 Safii COVOTM! lain Ei $12.50 Now Prico Is $16.50, Buy Now At Lost Yoor's Prico Salooa Covorod Fahley pattern with pUin Riclt evlan with beautifo) Trapute dedffn. $18.5O HAYOH CBEPE DBESS GOODS Famous Bdding—-Cortictlli Quolitits Roafh and unooth ftnUli crepn.—«ar red, oak freea, k>eanb*rry wine, Mfarl rmit, sabte rreen, teal, ircen lag **»d Mack, fer yard $1.00 59c BRIGHT runs 79c Prr Yard Wine, stadiiui (Teen, dark dwiy roo Yard 8pn rayon ha brown, navy , rad 8c*teli plaids, HATS FAMOUS FOE STYLE $3 OTHERS I1JS to $7.5* Cane io Wjme-Deaver's and ae« h*v anach MM of thew hand* aaaae •iyte-rifht hata can add charn (• ywur a^earanee. Colorful new ahades In an excUnif array efalwi atyles. . Headman 21'» to 24. CHILDREltTS HATS Bit "election. $1.00 to $1.98 4-Pc.Pirt Waal KaKSaMa l3JHaS5.H to Match. KltiiMrf's Pod Pont Rofills 85< • Pcckogo CstlS « Only—V«lim to $75.00 $58 IMM HanpisaHa A PAIB PLUS FEDERAL EXCISE TAX fttok Mtak, Pcrssasi LMnh. Fox and S«j«krol Fur. Tte boat UnlMfs Mid IIEES II to $2.50 Uvtly curtains that ar* aviUMe for any Fiqurwd MorouiMfft Extra WWw—114 Ins. Also $2.50 A Poir Thcoc prctly enaialas an> fraiasd with narrow baby rafffe hi peach, bl«c, dnsty root or fret*, to matrb. I New FonMls . NI a^Bjpv^Ny SNSV wpi Each one !• dJatiMtivc ka siyto. Tner* arc •atlns, toffctoa, Jmtya and crrpcs, platm colors a«d prints. ' " —; YoHthful Madrii for school firte . . . eUc stylo* lor tk* naUoia. COBM !• AM Set Tht TWO PIECE MODELS At liajc aad VIM. Toirortd $1.25 Sheer •ar^uUelte in ocm or tftshoiL 44 tea. wido a*d IS Fatt Color Coffofo Sots $1.00 A oeoHtifoJ of whtea will I. maiy |1J« MXt JUNIOR MUMS* wtM Saaart stylos tb«l tovc to $3Jtk»$7JI Tb* •M at law wait cor- • short alotvf droos « olot«« Jacket ud akkt, •I UN a«d H.H. Itorod Skvts «l *ro HJS. TWfDMATS $17.11 la $34.11

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