Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on February 17, 1888 · Page 4
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, February 17, 1888
Page 4
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THE "EVENING GAZETTE: FRIDAY, FEBRUABT i. isss, .John Burger has been on the aich Hat for the past two weeks, but is murli improved at, this writing. John P. Hey reports having-done right well on the two car loads of cattle shipped to Chicago last wpek. .Ezra Baer who lives in south Palmyra and who is one 'of the largest bee raisers in this section of the county reports that his boes are keeping well through the winter and all are in good condition. He has only lost two hires out of one hundred and fifty. A good showing, owing to the small amount of honey stored last summer. Frank Snavely has a sore eyp.cauaed by a kernel of corn flying into it the other day while shelling, and he Bays if people don't quit accusing him of belonging to the boxing club at I'enrose he will have the club broken up. He don't want people to think because he carries his eye in a sling that he has had it slugged by a scienced boxer. Uncle Jake Uarmas is considerably under the weather and has been for several weeks. We do not see his pleasant countenance In the store as usual. JYe hope_hls_sickness is not caused by his leaving off chewing tobacco We are sorry to learn that Mrs. Chas. Hey does not improve as fast a her friends had hoped. She is still a sick •woman. 0. G. Wolf one of Jordans good .fanners, and Excellent .highway commissioner lost a valuable, young clydes- dale horse last week, apparently only sick B few hours, but Christ says he is better off now than he was before he lost the horse as he has bought two In the place of the one l>e lost. B;C. Williams was clerk at the Hairs sale on Tuesday. If the snow In the roads could be leveled down sleighing would be good but as it is a person should have his neck and back insured. ;•' W. H, Guinther had no school on " Tuesday, he said he wanted to give his scholars a rest, and so he could take in the big sale at Baer's. The candidates for tax collector in the town of Jordan are thick this Spring and are making their wants known early. They are, this far,. W. F. •Powers. Henry Wolf, Bipley Btuuffer anh John Williams, with Charlie -Zira-, merman and Jonas' Lehman yet to hear from. Grand Mother John reached her With mnjstone on the 15th of this month, and is as full of good qualities as she is of years. She is in good health and her mind is wonderfully clear for one of her age. The Stone School, E K. Jenkins, teacher," loaded up three great sled loads of their scholars on Wednesday, and with B. N. Foster, as pilot, made a full house visit, in the forenoon to the center and in the afternoon to Fairview School, where everybody was glad to see everybody. 'The load containing the girls, driven by Clarence John, had an upset near John Guinther'a, anil the noise they made was more than a flock of geese, and almost equal to the party of serenaders at Henry Detweiler's—such a sled load of fun we seldom .'.. see. drove. Fdmand.remarked, "Thorp is no use of having friends unless you ctm use them. I've got a colt and nepi! a whip." Crack! crack: went the whip and a (rood hearty laugh by Fernand. Oar neighbor. 7.. E Hess, is taking time by the forelock. - He bought a lot of cows at the Baer sale, and bought them right, too. no doubt having in his mind ail the while that S20<>,000 milk condensing factory at Dixon. That's right Zaek; be ready to boom when the count! y booms. We rejoice when our frien'Is rejoice, and are glad when they are glad, so of course we were glad when they had a happy time on last Tuesday at our all-time friend,. II. M. Detweiler's, at the wedding of their second daughter, Amelia, of which the GAEKTTK has a full report, so it is not necessary for us to itemize that fact; but what we want to say is that Mr. Detweiler don't get too old to have a little sly fun. It is reported that he helped his son Frank to quietly get from the garret the old base drum for the boys to use with the old kettles and bells to serenade the newly married couple and also the jcouple that_were_niarried_not a long while ago, Win. D.jind his worthy bride. The boys" were orderly under the command of Wm. Maxwell and were invited into the house and treated to all they could eat and to cigars. This is not saying that we approve of charivari parties. CONDENSED NEWS. tAnt. Letters remaining iuthe Postofflce at Sterling for the week ending Friday, February 17,1888: Hlrsch, E r Hines, M Johnson, Mrs Ida I.yniun, Wm Miller, Mrs Mamie • AlcCormlc, John Slbley. Edwards Winters, Mrs .1 F Williams, Mrs Amelia lirown, Hlsa Anna Uurklmrt, Abraham CarKliny, II B Cise, K I)c Holt, 8 A Fitch. Mrs F. D Kry Ferry Kuvlow, Henry Genx,Cbaly Haley. Mrs T H When calling for above letters please ay "Advertised." WM. A. McCuNE, i M. Wai-rinse Mrense*. Charles Pettit—Mary Brown. John W Hunter—Alice Lee. Edgar F Stern-Catharine M Baiphel. M C Habben—Emma J Stern. Wm M Miller—Sarah J Turner. Wm. T. Diller, a former resident of the town, was around calling on his old neighbors the past week, and we found him to be the s;ime genial friend aa of yore. We are always glad to see you, William. Jake Warner has made a good thing out of his summer work in farming. He has already sold 8900 worth of hogs, and has seventy-five still on hand that he is feeding for the early spring market. Both Jake and Gus. are industrious boys and'are doing well. W. II. Mensch, Elmer Mensch, Robert Wcntzell, Joe. Witger and Thos. Plunstein attended the sale of Wm. Mencn, north of Round Grove. A big sale and big prices. Moses Deyo returned last Saturday from a week's visit -to his father, Moses J. Deyo, a former resident of our town, but now of Shellsburg, Iowa. He reports having bad a good time and that his folks are doing well. ; A great crowd of people at the Baer sale, and things sold remarkably well. Our long-time friend and -neighbor, Jacop Millhouse, is making big signs of some early and substantial improvements in 'the spring. The stone are hauled and piled up for a new cellar wall, upon which, according to the signs, ia to be put a new house—Jordan-must boom along with Sterling. Jacob Tillman, our brag stone-mason reports that he has contracted to do a Urge amount of stone work in the spring. We believe he and bis son will work together again this summer, and they will get there Eli, if the old man don't' get his head blown off fooling with that gas well of lieu Bressler's. A Mr. Long, from south of the river, has rented the west Levi Bresaler farm and is moving his hay and corn up now while the roads are good and will move his family up soon. • John B. Gilbert has rented the east farm of Levi Hressler and will move a German on it to farm it for him the coming season. , • [ Uressler Bros, have rented the John Knavely farm mid will farm it along ', with their other big. farm—the old homestead. They are Industrious boys' and are never overwhelmed with work,' as it is nothing for them to work from Ilenl Kntato Trannfer» Goo D Goodell. to Elizabeth Irone. land In Prophetstown, 8700 Anna Hurley to Christian Elnssar, land in Coloma, .?:)25 ,. John Ufker to John (jutl); lot in sterling,9Sf,0.: .-1 •,• :'..'' Markgret Lukens to A L Merrill, lot in Rock Falls, 8150 Frances M Bills to Henry Falkers, land in Genesee and Hopkins, -S-1042 Maria L Hnbbard to Mary K 1'ass- more, land in Erie, $450 Wm McKee to Thomas McKee, land in Ustick, 8200 H W Bunn to Wm Doss, land in ^Hopkins, 8525 : ', •- - ; . ' Jennie G Hairison to Emeline A Dyer.'totfu Sterling, «2SOO J W Hill to E W Dow, lot in Prophetstown, $1000 E A Macomber to Hiram Cummings, land in Tarcpico, 82000 Hiram Cummlngs,tp EAMacomber, land in Tampico, 81100 L A Slaymaker to John B Wood, land in Newton, 8280 C Kistler to Harvey French, lots in Sterling, 52100 H K McCormick, to - James. Johnson, laud in Newton, @1080<- •• Ruth McDonald to Emmitt McDonald, Irt in Sterling, 8200 . . Margaret Cady to J N Hill, land in Portland 88000. Dr. Mn-lotizia insists tbnt thu crown prinre of fr.»rmnny is not nfflictM with can- CtT. Joseph Sny<1iT fell into th<> pit of a fly- whf")l in * t*rrajiton, Pa., rolling-mill Thur»day, ami wnt cnia'HVl to pieces. It Is propowl by tha Mississippi River Loggin? company to imt 4U,UOO,OOf) feet of logs on the E'iu Claire river this season. The Hritiih government propooos to erant a loan to tlie local authorities to tide the croftors over the present portal of distrow. Premirr Tirnrd left the French chamber Thursday declaring he woold resign because the deputies had negatived one of his proposals. Firth, Gladstonean, was elected to parliament Thursday from a vacant Boat at Dondee, Scotland, ty7,850,against4,'.'l7 for Daly, Unionist. An explosion which occurred in the Kreu»- graben coal mine near Kaiserslantern, Bavaria, killed forty person!!. Thirty-six men were rescued. A lawj'r named Reed, of OIney, Ilia, Iain duranca vile at that place for having ono wife too many, an it is charged. He says it ia a blackmailing scheme. Because she was forced Into'a marriage by her mother Anna Hananlca, a Bohemian girl, Jumpod from Summit Avenue bluff, at St. Paul, Thursday, fatally Injuring herself. President Monns has paid to the receivers of the Metropolitan bank at Cincinnati J1S£>,- 000 in full for his liability, and George K. Duckworth lias paid toO.OOO on account.The officers are all preparing to follow suit The Social is'* paraded the streets of Amsterdam Thursday, vehemently denouncing the militia laws. The police raided the pa- raders and dispersad them. Many were Injured, and several arrests were made. Kate O'Brien, living on tb» line of the West Shore railway In New York, saved a sleighing party and a passenger train from a terrible accident Thursday by running np tha track and signalling the train with a red flannel shirt. The Legislature of Iowa. . DER MOINKS, Ia., Feb. 17.— A bill to levy a half mill tax for two years to payout- standing warrants was reported lu the Ben- ate Thursday, Thh will make the tax levy 2J4 mills, and Increase the revenues over t5JO,000. A bill to establish a state printing offleo was also reported. Five railway, bills were reported, viz.: Giving the railway commissioners power to flx "reasonable" rates; applying the inter-stnte commerce law to the state tralBc; providing for the popular eleo- tion of five commissioners to regulate the railways; authorizing the commissioners to make the railway time-tables; and the a-cent fare bill. The house engrossed the bill changing the "age of consent" of girls to 16 years Instead of IS years. An attempt to reconsider the consent that Mrs. Gougar be permitted to address the house failed and that lady made a woman suffrage address to a large audience, among whom was Governor Larrabee. JACK AND I. t--..) fi f .!n"k, poor I»\T, And .l.i Stn-sr l,-,r Full- lu Two <)f lifV's Oh! tili'i Wli.'ii > The- wnl! hrnrt«, mail" « n=t« Tilll of li . >cc prim anil Ktronjr; l.ikf prNun'Ts in a ci-li V*t' Hnnki-d our marrift^e chain, and pined For fni-ilom «-c hail left lyhinii. Tin-:l. tir-fl nf lovf ami ponce were ire, Of -vt>ry day's calm bliss! We had no poal to win, Biuce he \Van lnin<*, nmi I was his; And no we si^hpd In mute despair, And Tvish*>(l i-arh other anywhere. But sorrow came onn day—the pain Of Death's dark, awful fear; Oh, then our hearts beat warm again; Th^n each to each was dear: It sernn-tl that life could nothinc lack, While Jai-k had me, »ndl had Jack! — Madeline 8. Bridges In Frank Leslie'*. Venison for Ncrr Tork. The New York mnrket is supplied with venison mainly from the Susqnehnnna ranee? or I lie Adriondacks. Of course carcasses cit deer come also from New Hampshire nnrl the wHds of New Jersey, nnd even the forests of Virginia furnidh their quota. In selecting your venison tor the table avoid the aiitlered cnronsses of old buck« nnd prefer the smaller and more dellrate yearling or young tloe.— New York Press. tfomlprm erin ITI thousand ol ! forms, but are "wrpiv^ed hr t'ie marvels! of invention. 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Washington: L C Bolton, Peoria, varnish for finishing wood.. : H E-nerson, Sycamore, grain binder. . F F Gibford, Euglewood, artificial stone pavement. • F K Graves, Hocfiford, combination ofllce chair and operating table. S Hargrave, Sr., Pomono, saw set. T. H Heberling, Springfield, fence mrkinq machine. . . . T Hill, Quincy, steam pump. F Lemin, Elgin, pinion cutting -machine. C H. Russom, Sprtnglield, lathe. A A Strom, Austin, swlth stand. T J Underwood, Decatur, grain elevator. T Wrigley, Oak Park, combined printer and index cutter^ Japan'* Morvelpo* Progress* The lighthouse system to. truly a magnificent monument Of liberality, malntnhied, Itwhould never be forgotten, •for the beuoflt of, humanity at large, and not with a unrrow view to Japan's selfish interests, since the home keeping navigators have little need of the safeguards munificently provided upon the coasts of their country. The mlntj which was established nearly twenty years ago, partly to obtain relief from the inconveniences of a foreign metallic currency, and partly to secure the prestige which belongs to an independent national coinage, gives characteristic evidence of artistic taste as well aa mechanical dexterity, the gold and silver tokens being pronounced by connoisseurs superior In beauty of design, and at least equal in workmanship, to those of any other country. Telegraphs unite every part of the islands, aud It Is worth wnilo to mention thai wherever foreigners or., ar* f likely to penetrate, the "operators 'arg required to gpqak foreign , ,. ,., , language*—* hiark'of eonBUterstton'not 4a.m. until 9p.m. and they are af-,, found noi'looked for <B leaarcmot* land*. ways in good humor too. Geo. Ktrlomau !* baying another car load of horses tor the eastern market. This will make the third car load for him this winter. He will move ou the Co* farm west of Hock Kalis this spring. • ! A. f Mr »xcnango ia no robbery 1 , as the fallow said wbea he left a pair of old boot* ia place ot a caw pair, Init Feraaodea Jacobs didn't leave an olfS wbif» wtooo b* took John Hiibert'i. "By dttSBO," t*ya Johb, "111 go to tai The postoffice enjoys ft distinction almost unparalled, even in the moet advance!) western nations. With one exception it Is the only Institution of Ha kind the receipts of which often BO far exceed the expenses as to contribute materially to th» revenues ot the state.—Atlantic. Kohhlnu K Dank In Tcrnn. CIBCO, Tet, Feb. 17.— Abold bank robbery was committed here Wednesday. About 3 o'clock four men entered the Cisco National bank, and one of them going up to the cashier, C. C. I^eveaz, demanded all the bank'i cash. Thoio were two other officials lu the bank at the time, but the other three robbert took charge ol them. Mr. Leveax'a move, nionta were too Blow to suit the robbers, so one of them bent him on the head aud helped himself to f(!,000 in cosh. The robbers then locked the b«nk officials In the yard in the rear of the bank, and jumping into a wagou that was waiting, escaped. The men were unmasked, and it Is believed they will be apprehended. flntne TnlAiit for Barnum. LOPTOON, Feb. 17.—Miss Jennie O'Brien and Mile.- Qilburt, equestrian artists; Mile. Clara Kate Bravo, Nellie Marshuriy, and the German giantfss sailed from Liverpool Wodnesiliiv for Now York.^where they will make their (list appearance In America at the opening of Itanium's show in Mad,sun Square garden. MoOlynn Going to IAW About It. NEW YORK, Feb. 17.—Dr. McGlynn obtained from (ha supreme court Thursday an order requiring Croasdala, Post and associates to show causa why they should not be reutralned from being Incorporated as th« Anti-Poverty society. Another Cincinnati Failure. CINCINNATI, O , Feb. 17.—E. R? Lonhoad te Co., mnnuracturura of building material, corner or Richmond and Carr streets, assigned Thursday afternoon for the benefit of creditors to Ferdinand Vogelor. Assets, $'20,000; liabilities, H7,(KX). THE MARKETS. Cnibioo, Feb. la. Board of trade quotations to-day were as fatIowa: Wheat--No. 2 March, opened 750, closed 7t>^rH 1 '- Mftv . opened i»J4e, closed 60J^-Wc;- June, opened SO^c, cloned Corn-No. a March, opened 40^c, closed May, opened tO^jc, closod BO^c: June, opened Me. cloned 6-W-'- Oats—No. 2 May, opened 8l^c, closed 81-Wb; June, opened and closed Sl^c. For..'—March, opened $18.80, closed $I8.77H nominal; May, opened 14.27^, closed $14.09 axked, Lard—March, oponed $7.60, closed $7.02^. : Live Stock—Union Stock yards quotations: Hogs—Market opened active on best heavy grades; other grades 60 lower; light grades, $4.1X>ic5.Ul; rough pocking,. $5.CO®3.£0; mixed lots, $5.u5iQ>5,40; heavy packing and shipping lots, $3.»<2.5.-a Produce: Butter—Fancy Elgin creamery, "O® 81 c per Ib: fancy dairy, 23®24c; packing stock, 18@1.V, KKKa-'Fresh laid, 19{Q>21c per doz.j Ice- bouse, 15Q1HC. Dressed poultry—CUckena, 9® IDc per Ib; turkeys, 10©12Hio; ducks, 9(g,10c; geece, 8<&9c Potatoes—85t(£00o per bu:; sweet potatoes, $2.60(^4.00 per bbL Apples—Choice, $2.36®2.7.v, per bbl. Cranberries—Bell and cherry, $9-00 n«r bbl; bell and buglo, $B.9P. New York. Niw YORK, Feb. IS. Wneat—Dull; No. 1 red sUito, 91^ia»2o; No. S do, 88,140; No. 8 red winter .March, tB%o; dc May, «%(•_ Corn—Quiet; No. if mixed cash,- 60Hc; do March, .1&Xic; do May, BKJSo. Oats- Steady; No. 1 whlui state, 42i43»3c; No. ! 8 do, 89@40c; No. 2 mixed February and March, 87^c. Rye—Dull and unchanged. Barl»y—Nominal. Pork—Dull; unchanged. Lard—February, $7.90; March. $7.80. Live Stock: Cattle—No market; dressed beef, dull; common to choice sides, &m@8c. Sheep and Lambs—Dull and weak; common to beit sheep, S4.60«j,0.50; ordinary to beet lambs. $5.90(^7.89. Hogs—Nominal value, $3.45®5.7&. Toledo. TOLEDO, Ohio, Fob. 11 Wheat—Firm and quiet; CRsh, 84c; June, July, W^c; August, BS>4o. Corn-Lower; ca«h, 49)^c; May, 625^c. 'Oats—Steady; May, S2^c. Clovor Bt*ed—Firm and active; cash, February and March, $4.00; April, $4.02H: Hay, $4.00. , Milwaukee. MILWAUKEE. Wla., Feb. 18. Wheat—Stouly; cosh, 75}<o; March, 7Bo; May, TKJ^c. Corn-Weaker; No. 3, 45>ic- Oati —Dull; No. 8 white, 82c. Bye—Firm; No. 1, We. Barley—Lowur; No. S, TSc. Detroit. - Drrnorr. Mich., Fob. 18. Wheat—No. 1 white cash, ftt^c; No. 4 red caab •nd February S4^o; May, 8TMo bid- Coni- No, S, Sic. 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These are called "totem" poles, and are nothing but long sections of the tall trees of the country, Which, after being curved on one Bide, are placed In front of their houses. From a great distance tlioeo make the village, always just above liiis-h water mark ou the seashore, look u» if It had a large fleet of vessels, with t;ivat thick masts, ill its front. , . -• . The curving, while well done as a matter ot workmanship, are ot the most diabolical character, nnil each totem pole looks like n gcnlpinml reprcucntution of so many linear yards of nightmare. Grotesque aud hideous beiiHts, birds and flshea, with abnormal limbs, wings and fins, staring eyes and grinning teeth, are arranged 7 one above tha other, from bottom to. top, like so many imps of Satan trying to reach the sky by climbing on top of each other. Those knowing the subject best say these totem poles are genealogical iccords or family trees. Generally two are in front of each house', one for the man and one for the woman; but where there is only one 1C belongs, as hinted, to (be woman, or the woman's family history. These Indians are divided, socially, into clans, of more or less aristocratic pretensions, and each clan is named after some beast, bird, fish or reptile, which the carvings are supposed to represent. Thus, to take tho totem pole of the woman, the darrtng'at the top represents the clan to which she belongs, as the raven, wolf or whale clan, and by a stretch of the imagination the beast, or what not, can be made out of the sculpture, in most hideous caricature, however. The next below is that of her mother, and so ou down on the woman's side until the grass la reached in some ancient female ancestor, each one changing with the clan to which they belonged ; and sometimes they are .repeatef] consecutively manVitimes, as one wolf <a dogfish following another like a pack tif wolves or a string of flsh. The man's totem begins with himself similar to that of bis spouse, bat here the similarity ceases; for Instead of continuing backwards ou his father's side, to keep up the resemblance, each recurring totem i,n on his mother's side, and representing tlve clans to which she and her female once.-* tors belonged, mukiug both of the to ten poles and their numerous carvings repre sent only the many clans to which tho women belonged, with the single eicep tiou of the one noted, which stands for tin "lord of creation" in the household befori whose door the tot&u pole rears Its quain and curious carved column.—Frederick Schwatku 1» IX'iiiocest'6 Monthly. Improved on l'aatour'0 ]MotUtxls. Pasteur's method of inoculation has jeen simplified by a Hungarian physician, nstead of taking the spinal cord of an in- ected rabbit and attenuating its poison y drying, Dr. Hogyes takes the spinal ord, rubs it up with water containing hloride of sodium, of which a solution of ny strength can be made. Tho dog Is hen immersed in this soution, and after .ve or six immersions in the bath'secures xraiplete immunity from rabies.—New fork Commercial Advertiser. It costs tho United States $2,000,000 a rear to carry on tho war of 1812 even at Ills late date. Introducing The Icing of Belgium hog dovlned the lo aatdoiw uttempt to,introduce a fcto Monxco by oetulinc tha naltan * conk ;a}lw«y train with «, tot o{ ni\U «a CO LU CO PAtftST r viUr ( UIT t* «>>* '«tnt it tn. . T iiihlonable Sli.ulfM ), M line. Yellow, iiliva I-aU. I'-K^ ' OIT rrf.r.r r ATTT unday. E roon. Verni .Sunday. Eight iiTion . wlU ft a BhI*f. Uiie Cojt ty. Drlti h»H l Job U done. YOUR BUGGY rip top for Ch.iirs, L«i«n Scan, S-i»h, Flow«r 'OU, JJ.iby Cnm.Hje*, Curt.ilu Poles FJimtturc, : ront Uoon, Slurc-frnnts, Screen l)fwn,'Ho*ti. rlimle% Iron Fenrc*, tn (act cvrrytliing. Just h« thltif far the UJ.cs lo uie ft'^ut the b^usc FDR ONE DOLLAR corrs HONEST Are you ffotnj? to Paint this year! 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I invite your attention to the fact that I have WOBTJK OF BOOTS i SHOES Of tlie very best quality, which I will sell at and below COST, as I wish to retire Irom business. I kindly luvlte everybody, and especla'ly my old' custom- ; era. to come ami prollt by this sale. 'Ibis IsnocatclipeunyalTalr.bittltl.Ha * Fair and Square Sale, And as I have a larce stock of 1'lrnt-Clasn liouts and Shoes, you will liiive acluini-e to get siKh burgiilns that were never heard of before. tiOTTLIKH 117 Kant Tlilr.1 H AVE YOUR BOOKS BOUND AT THE O AZJSTTS\ BINDER Y. To Trade. A well Improved farm in Whlteside 9. of 140 acres to trade for Neb.—or lansas. lands. Strike quick if you want it, it Is desirable. tf. F. 1$. HUBBAHD. Schiffmacher-i on hand a "dig stock <f Live Oedar (Posis, the "best uTichiffan Soty (Pine Lumer, all kinds of (Building J&at&rial, Sash, Qoora and. (Blinds, Ooal, Lime, Cement, Hair, etc., etc. Everything at Lowest Jdar- Jcet (Prices. A biff advantage in dealing with us is that you can . . get^your loads without going over the • railroads. Nicest fctad. of Square and Flat riuk- eta. for garden fenrea. |«*t received ^78. FACET & CO. PLUMBERS, STP & G4S HITEBS H AVE NOW IN THEIR EMPLOY MR. JOHN BUCKLEY, rec<intly in tho employ ot J. 8. Johnatooo as Plumber. We also have arrangement* with •WALTER A. FACKT. au export Plumber, now with K. Bnggot In tba tK!St pliunblng estnbllHhmeut In Chicago, In case of any tine or eitra work, to assist us. We are prepared lo make couti-ucU and (urnlah material (or all work In the 1'liunbtng, Steam and Oai Fitting line, aud kci-p In stock Iron, lead and sewer pipe, brass goods, pumps, &«..&c. j everything to ue found Tn a lirelxilass' establishment, nt reasonable prices, and wo are now prepared to ilo work in a tuitlsfactory manner mid guarantee all » ork and material as represented. T. K. 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