Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on April 4, 1969 · Page 90
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 90

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, April 4, 1969
Page 90
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ALL Tiki Artftofl* Republic ft Friday. April 4, Itti ACCOUNTING, bookkeeping, and tax service available. Call for appoin' , 254-9*71. ! , A T E ORTUNITY for elderly female d and room fir $100 pec month nee paid by assisting manager of co-ofi home^ all patrww ambuia aith. 934-1 , torv and In good healt 1-8585. ORDER picnic tables now. Custom built, lounges, patio furniture of ai ~ entiled portraits drawn ' -res. $25. 278-0242, Contacts: PH* .kt a -« maximum loan $13,700, $500 dn. VA properties qualified buyers . are available without regard their race, color, creed, or national origin. "The. best qua'Ufied offer "wlif be accepted from those received within 3 workdays of the public appearance of the Initial or revised listing. Purchase contracts will not be accepted from brokers from whom we do not have a signed copy of VA Form 26-8433. "VA's policy against discrimination" on file. DRAPERIES and drapery rods in stalled. For free estimates Cat Ahbev Interiors. 254-9781. 655—Nurseries _____ ft ChIM car* Tfffi 120? . BABYSITTING. 945-6612T 16tlvGlendale. 944044871 EXPETfTEftcEb mother will care for. your child, fenced yard, day night. 997- CHILD "care; Fenced. 272-4656. _ 2715 West Pierce CHILD care, my home. 275-8076." BABIES, Chris-Town area. 265-5T90T MY HOM£, any hours. Reasonable Southwest. 272-9910. BABYSITTING wanted. Inquire 1710 West Roosevelt, Apartment 4. CHILD care, days, nig beard and room. 272-6238. CHILD care, mv home, Maryvale CHILD~ca"fe7~ my home,~northwes slde._937_-6500._ CHILD care farm home. Westside G !enda_|g._?_3W135_. CHILD carej my home. $15 weeRly" 3826 West EVa. 937-6563. Northwest to BABY sitting, my home, close Motorola and Dixon. 945-1229. CHILD care, my home. $10 week B'ABYSiTTlNG my home. 1008 Wes1 State Avenue. 943-5286. ' GK59 sl'tTIn^ Fleming, 959-0923. ____ _ ._ CHILD care, my home, Sunnyslbpe. 944-9850. .MY homei_any_hours._992 1 p474. CHILD care, my home. Ohe-$2 da|. Jy, more $3. 278-0079. 659—Domestic Work IRONINGS, 943 : 9132 1 _ HOUS~ECLEANING, 278-1609. also Rentals CHILD care, my home. 937-4476. IRONING, $1.50 dozen. 1025 East Jonas., trailer in rear. B A B YSI TT riJG~~wan ted7~vfc (fil fy~of 12th Street and Dunlap. 943-7301. 683—Misc. Jobs JOSEPH Commercial lawn service. 277-4281. CLEANUP, remove concrete, custom blade work. 944-0669. TREES_removed, cheap. 955-1746. PAINTING, 944-70507 ~ _ TIT" LAWN work. Repair jobs. 253-2040. ROOFING, patch work. Seldom over $10. Call anytime. 997-4641. WORK any kind. Trees topped, re- tnoved and etc. 275-2153. HAULING FURNITURE. ETC., 4 ROOMS. $25 — 16' VAN 277-3969. PLUMBING service. 266-2660. COOLERS serviced, painted. 510.95-up. El mans Cooler Service. 934-6734. TRASH hauling. 278-6558 LAWNWORK. Mowing, trimming, edging. Call 992-1655. LAWNS, yardwork, cleanup, hauling reiiable,._253-08_67. CLEA'NUPS. 947-6301. ~ ELMER'S Pool sanding and acid wash. Removes stains, algae roughness leaving pool smootl White. 964-6012,_272-»l78. algae, and th and LIGHT hauling, trash. 253-3833. . RINDO'S expert lawn service. Reno- vatlng, clean-ups. 271-0838. LOT cleanup, 27^-7628. hauling, vardwork CLEANUP, 2764119. hauling, trimming. MS—Mlto* Jobt STEWART'S Lawn Service. 273-36M. TREE trimming, cleanup, yard! POQIS. 9J5-7826." StPTIC tanks, leacn beds excavate' 956-1582. BACKHOE. dump truck service, in sured. 956-1582. CONCRETE removed 956-1582. COOLER service. 273-0215. TOTING";appliances ?rorh abli moving. "Very reason CER JC tile. 943-19097 BLACKTOP Paying. 254-8151. Exterior. Reasonable =uftNIJUR6—hauling, reasonable 74-! ..NEIP Lawn Service. The best i service. Reasonable prices. 276-6147. LARGE Lawns. 254-2554. TRASH hauling and cleanup 868492*. . SKTP-loader. mower, disc, cleanup aHsa 265-3538. GRANITE e. toMQll. tlH. tit-mi. trimmed, removed". 264-1297 HAULING, anything. 275-7108. rop SOII-FIII dirt-Granite 943-0133 HOUSEHOLD Fix. Faucets,drains lavatories, window glass. 279-8958. . ALM trees trimmed. M7-7721. 264-1297 LAWNS, reasonable, northwest area 266-8601, after 6 p.m. CLEAWO"P~arid"hauling. 27frg!'6Q. CUSTOM lawn service year 'round /*!*.»«.._. &•.*• 4_i««i_«. ATI ntnt :ieanups and trimming. 277-0496. LANDSCAPING". Tfard cleanups' Trees, hedges trimmed, removed 266-2956. RETIRED, expert upholstering, hal >. Interior, exter. 253-185. CARPET cleaning. Floor stripping waxing. Windows. 278-6538. TREES removed. 956-1582. CONCRETE work, patios, drive ways, sidewalks. Free estimates 268-1993. WALLS washed, windows, floors .ousecleanlng. 168-090 Experienced home Appoint cleaning. ... . ment only. All work guaranteed Reasonable. JMSMRfB. ._ TREE trimming, lawn servic L"AWNS7~"ciean~ups7~treefrTmmln roto-tllllng. 944-3254. COOLERS.! repaired, Installation service 272-1572. TRASH hauling. 252-3534. fhmrs" C'A P "T"N or~ landscaping BLAc<TOP_paylno. 956-Oe«oZ -- ~ TRE^sTliedg'es frlhime'd, removeff reasonable. 276-3428. ~ PAINTING, reason»ble.J«8j*725._ YARDWORK: 253-8974. LANDSCAPE gardening, all types very reputable, 252-2572. TRASH hauling, lot cleanups, cor rals, oleand e rs. 276-4311. Cooler , refrigeration service. sonable. 275-0653, 278-3657. Rea- CARPET cleaning, floor strlpoin and waxing, lawn service. 252-8375. LAN DSCAPI NO, rocfescaplnB 943-5592. repairs and painting TREE trimming, topping and remo val. Free estimates. Insured 268-1993. LAWSTTenovafTng, rototllllng, leve ing, mowing, trimming, pruning clean-ups. 274-3527. EEB controlling^ $20 monthly" 266-6209. LAWNS. 276-3376. LTGHT'Haun'nq. 992-1180. LANDSCAPING. 947-6301. COOLER service and supply, West Van Buren. 271-0508. 221 HANDYMAN painter. 253-6533. COOLER service; new pads, oiled painted Inside, adjusted. $10 up 276-7578 REE surgery, 56-9511 trimming, etc AINTING, 164-6106. A-l, reasonable LANDSCAPING. service. 25.4-8335. COOLERS repaired. Northeast area Complete lawn . Installation only. 956-0797 after 5 LICENSED cooler repair. 265-2669. TREES, free estimates, experienced 253-0936. IONES lawn service. Oleanders ree toppinq, trimming and cleanup •enovating seeding. 272-2904. : R"EE pads, Kooler services 947-6301. JIM'S complete Lawn Ser ng, edging, trimming, •ototllling, cleanups. 271-08: lete Lawn Service. Mow renovating SL riot =REE estimating on Interior or erior painting. 265-7494. CLEANUPS, anything. 254-4840. LAWN service. Northeast. 956-1047. SEWERS, drains unstopped: 278-4584. COOLER irji packing, $7.5 TE removedT Ing, $7.50. 275-1472. CONCRETE removed. 264-9201. LEVELING. 264-9201. DEMOLITION. 264-9201. OLEANDERS, trees 264-9201. uprooted. SMALL dump truck, fill dirt, gran- te, manure. 939-0791, 937-3263. l_Cf .IIIOIIUI C, ,_7&7*\lfT l r f;_ TJ f "iMPii* _. PAINTING, Inside, outside. $f2 av erage room. Clean, 274-2354. 955-0538. neat, promp* //1-/.3M, T3J-\J3«»O. MOVING? Furniture hauling, rea sonable. 265-9652. BACKHOE work. 272-2925. PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS SERVICE DIRECTORY GUIDE AUTO REPAIR Comp ete auto rebuilding Johnny Essex. 2002 E. Van Buren, AL 3-9513 BATH ft MASSAGE QUA"L female & male tech. Roya Therapy. Appt please 1-982-2742 FONSINES Massage, Male & Female Tech. 9-9 seven davs wk. 1-986-0066. NHW Massage Parlor. Male & F»~ ch. 7 days wk. 933-7512. Tech STEAM BATH 8. MASSAGE 20036 N. Cave Creek Rd. 942-39L Mesa Massage. Male 81 Female Tech 9 a.m.-10 p.m., 7 days week. 964-2593 KELLY'S Elite Studio, female an male technicians. Appolntmen 1-98JM26L SCIENTIFIC EWEDISH MASSAG 835 N. 7th Ave. 252-143 BUILDING CONTRACTORS ADD'Ns patio roofs carports, ret dential-comm. Remodel Non-unlo Lie, bond, work guar. 253-3296. We specialize in home and comme clal Remodeling and repairs. 277-740 I'LL Beat anx.QuaJifled.wrme^b you show me. Lie. Cont. A LICENSED Contr. FHA approved remodeling, add-a-room, porr.he Free estimates. Competitive 937-5344 REMODELING. Any Job Large o Small 278-6132 or 253-2200. REPAIR 8> add-a-room. Workmanship. Bill Casto. 944-027' Deal Direct - complete remodelir service. No money dn. Also custorr homes-your lot/ours. Lie 8, Boir Contractor 956-3300 eye_265^005.. . CALL US LAST Remodel, Repair, Add-a-Room, Carports. Small lots or large. Custom homes on your lot or ours. Llcensed+bonded contractor. 939-970 9709 944-981 6lAT~fhT~heat; awnings. Bill Casto. 944-0279. CAR SERVICE PROTECT your car's finish now bimonlze paste wax special. $5 wit this ad. 8 a.m.-4:30 P.m. No appointment needed. Car engine steam cleaned $3.95. Kar Kare. 44 East Van Buren.258-2051. CARPENTRY CARPENTRY"""re"mo"deljng «•'repair Small lobs a specialty. AM 6-85J CARPET CLEANING FOR the best" call 265"3330. ATf wor guaranteed. CARPET LAYING CARPETS "Installed & "Repaired Days, Evenings and Sunday Repairei . 275-305 CEMENT WORK ~AL"L"TYPES~CEMENT WORK7 ESTON INNER kind 139-374 ITfre CONCRETE work, any estimates. 944-0100. _ ^_ _ ALL types cement work. Very Re $onable,_FreeisL.?4i 1 2078, ____________ DRIVEWAYS-SIDEWALKS-PATIOS FR IE. JSTJMATES____ . . _27ik7j54 PATIOS, DRIVEWAYS, SIDEWALK Free estimates. __ 274-49* CUSTOM HOME! CUSTOM HOMES Your Lot or Ours. Summer I Remodeling. 956-3300, 956-4485. D DENTIST 6R7~EPGAIt B. Pease Dentist. An , sTenture repair. $5 and UP. 254-3943. _ _ _______ BEST"~toPsoll-flll dirt. Yard" levelln with tractor. AL 2- n. Best . . ____ DIRT, man. Best TOP Soil $1.75 yd Fi'l dirt & granite. 937-276'. _ tOP Cesspools dirt, gravel, dirt refilled. 274-5843. anite & JOBS OUR SP'ECTALTIES' ifflSSfWMSfa: Uc ' ***' R**s PfBTILIJfR your town/ •!«« FLOORS JEAUTIFY your home with seam- ess, waxless floors, walls & patios. r or free info, call 277-3329. 6RANITE iRANITE — Red, gold. Driveways , yard beautitlcation. 939-7087. HAULING Johnny's Hauling Dump truck serv. 8. pads. Reasonable. 944-1351 Miscl. cleanup Also van-trailer LIGHT hauling: misc. cleanup, 272-3866. Garage, yard 8 7 days week Home Cleaning Complete house and Apt. Cleaning. M&R Build Malnt Co. 276-8852 HOME REPAIRS REPAIR 8, add-a-room. Expert workmanshilp^BIILCastp, 944-0279. PATCHING FIXING REPAIRING Just Call CHARLIE 254-7463 INCOME TAX E-Z tax. No lines ,no waiting. Completed in_vour home. 944-8634. TAX CONSULTANT. In Your Home FOR APPOINTMENT. 945-2932. TAX Service, accuracy guaranteed. 945-1056 _ _ ABC-S. Medlgovlch-6747 N. 2 $650958; _2404__N V6lh St, 253-8209 J ~JANitOR GENERAL cleaning. Floors stripped, waxed. Homes, off Fees. 268-0061. LAWN SERVICE LAWN-Garden service. Small trees trimmed. 274-7763. 272-4070. M MASSAGE House calls made. 279-0406 BV|NO__. .LOCAL & LONG DISTANCE DEPENDABLE SERV. 268-1598 P ___ PAINTING SPECIALIZING Re-Da'intfng" R»s CIALIZ ldnrtl»l. W 3^26^ _ CR DON BALL PAINTING PLUMBING 279-0028 .EWERS installed, small plumbing obs our specialty. Free estimates. icensed, bonded, insured. 992-4274. INKIEST PLUMPERS _ J4 Hr Service-Sewers-Free Es Cliff Hovt 8. Son Plbg IN TOWN i Est. 265-4791 ALLIES PLUMBING,, „ "On the street where you live Repairs, remodeling. 279-3461. R Refrlg«rati«n Refrigeration, cooler service. able. 275-065J, 278-3657. ROOFING _ .OHLSON'S SAW SERVICE. 663—Mite. Jobs LEE'S Decorating service, pafntm md re&aii-s. 967-3427. TRASH hauling, reasonable. 268-6725. BTOCK, Cement work. No lob too small. 943-1033. TRACTOR~~WORK. Pre-oour, yar grading. 9394313._27^0989. _ RbTotiLLING, Planting. Reason able. 279-1013, 667'Building Trades PAINTING, interior - exterior Fre estimate. Reasonable. 254-1565. BULLDOZER, tractor work, grov clearing. Free estimate. 992-2318. GENERAL remodelina and, carper try, custom made cabinets. 956-3664. ADDITIONS. rem.Qde.liDg, oatlos, I censed, bonded. 2 CABINETS, carpentry, remodeling 277.0046. _ _ BACKHOE service. "264-9201. SEWERS, footings, miscelfaneou trenching. 264-9201. RE MO D f LJN G,_Free plans. 945-4641. PAINfTftG, interior, exterior. Rea sonable. 274-0410. PAINTING - interior & exterior a work guaranteed • work can be com pared - free estemates - reasonabl rates - calf after 5 pm. 254-9916 PTuMirFJST Reasonable, small "fob our specialty,,licensed, 279-8930. PLASTER, stucco, patchworfc INTERIOR, exterior "work" guaran teed and can be compared. Reason able rates, free estimates. After . 276-9722. I-«INTING $12, average room, Inte rlor-exterlor. 278-8831. CARPENTRY, masonry."964-35 PLASTER"^ licensed. PAINTING, 274-8775. DRYWALLTTlcenieU. 254-9789. PLASTER, drywall, 266-7632. BATRHOE. dump truck service, sured. 956-1582. CACTUS custom cabinets, 9430918: PAINTING, overhangs—997-4509. CONCRETE Work — All Types — Free Estimates. 277-0035. REMODELING, repairs; a3d i room, free estimates, financlni available, licensed and bonded, ca 1 ELECTRICIAN, licensed & Free estimates. 942-3746. PAINTING and spraying. bendee 274-9797. 277-436 PAINTER does own 5;?OI.6. _ PLASTERING, drywall 275-0468. DRYWALL texturing, plastering 27W1206. RE'MODEL ADDITION REPAIRS PATIOS, CARPORT ROOFING LARGE OR SMALL. 939-3540 REMODELING. a"dd-a-ro"om. Horn" and commercial. Very reasonable Luke Hamel, in Phoenix 23 years 279-8856. 943-2776 Build. Remodel Repair. PAINTING. Interior-exterior FIREPLACES. 272-182JT CTTrTDTTA P ITTG, ro>-l<scaping P A"l N TINB"! residence aiid a part ments. Your satisfaction. Estimates rATNTING, Interior, exterior, if cense, estimates. 944-7621. PATCHING, stucco, plaster. 267-0740. SIGNS PAINTED. -«"« MASONRY. Reasonable. CERAMIC tile. 997-4926. 137 PAINTER sonable. 9. ELECTRICIAN: Neat, 47-9369. dependable, i licensed, bonded - - , Odd lobs. 274-3115." BRJC_K_block masonry. 272-7216. t-rti-^'f^t ILD-REMODEL ANYTHING BONDED NON-UNION 955-1523 SPECIALIZING in formica tbl kitchen cabinets, vanities. 276-3478. _EMENT, block, carpenter work Specialize In small loos, free estl ma_tes.J>76-5273. ELECTRIC~iA"N7~ncensed, reasonable 937-2498. HOUSE painting. Interior, exterior lomes, apartments; minor repairs Will Hoover, 967-2437. PAINTING, reasonable. 943-7951. TU.E Installedl walls, floors. 275-9509 CARPENTRY, remodeling, cement ..NG, paper and vinyl hangin specialist. 275-3820. DLACKTOP paving. 956-0860. CARPET Installation. Fast courteous iervlce. 964-1974. ELECTRICIAN, qualify, reasonable, LOOR tile Installed. 943-6512. REMODELING, home building, Hos. 966-1876, 266-5104 or 967-0563. ROOFING, repairs, hot work, fas service, 273-0929. ADDITIONS, remodeling, driveways planters, fireplaces. 252-1528. LICENSED palnterT residential commercial, brush, roll, airles: spray. 268-1982. PAINTING, Interior - exterior, rea sonable, free estimates, 254-5416. 'AINTING Interior/exterior. Effi clent, reasonable. 253-4797; 254-4<BO. ELING complete, paflo* carports, concrete. 943-5510. ADD-A-ROOM, kitchens, enclosures any remodeling • 5Vn% financing 11 years in Phoenix. Free estimate 265-3847. PAINTING interior, exterior, good work, reasonable, free estimates 275-0652. DTT IONS, remodeling. 30 year" experience. Licensed and bonded Labor and material. 934-1478. CLEANUPS. 266-8209. _ENCES. 947-6301. a A I N TING. Interior, •'42-3611. exterior SPRINKLERS. 947-0301. CEMENT WOrlC. J45-8370. TJLEjcera.miCjJM3.d9p?. CARPENTRY, remodeling, free estl- mat_es._272-5250. > A I~N f I S 6". Interior-exterior. 65-9501. 3LOCK Laying, tone. 265-0455. patios, fireplaces. SOOFING-llcensed, good work rea- enable. 939-4848. IRICK laving. Concrete carpentry, "ngineer service everywhere. Free stimates. Master craftsmen. Campell Brothers, 258-4944, nights EDUCATION and JOB PREPARATION Classes M] through <ft 682—Schools Local Class Of Tutoring IBM KEYPUNCH 6 to 8 weeks AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY 3620 N. CENTRAL 266-4483 ASA'S DIESEL DRIVER TRAINING VA Davs 276"-091 ived. Budget Terms Black Canyon Eves. 942-2873 LEARN BARBERING KINCHELOE BARBER IOJE. Jefferson 3 ho oenix J58-4255 ALLEGES 119 S. Stone Tucson 624-0421 CECIL LAWTER REAL ESTATE SCHOOL PROFESSIONAL! "PLACEMENT BASIC REAL ESTATE (36 HRS) UESDAY APR. 8th 7 WEDNESDAY APR. 16th 10 A.M. Brokers (96 hrs) Apr. 8th 7 P.M. (RESERVATION ADVISED) 1628 E. OSBORN 277-4841 277-1478 tmmrtmnmrtttnmttfti Tn" your'home. "25'2 : 3821. 942-1184? * $ T DOLLAR TTTERvTCE 27*5366 Guaranlted Serv. Day & Night calls. jst ildl'^fS^ 'n»* to>ped trimmed roHsslonal service 252-9 7TCE It 934-951' . removed. IBM/360 Gov't Insured Tuition Loans (1st pmt 10 mo after gradulion) Approved For Veterans Accredited by A.C.B.S. 2 Computer Systems For Student Use Full Time Placement Service Day and Evening classes Aptitude Testfno — No obligation A C MERICA S N T 'IN°S R TITU I TE E OF TECHNOLOGY 3620 N. Central 266-4483 682—School! Lett) Clan » Taterlnt AUTO MECHANIC SCHOOL VETERAN APPROVED TRANS-MATIC SCHOOLS, INC. 333 N. BLACK CANYON, PHX 252-6767^ _ AUTO AND DIESEL MECHANICS AIR CONDITIONING REFRIGERATION AND HEATING COMMERCIAL - RESIDEN1IAI New Classes Start April 21st STUDENT LOANS AVAILABLE Payments Do Not Start Until 10 Months After Graduation CALL 266-2427 For FREE Booklet or Visit LINCOLN TECHNICAL INST. 3121 W. Weldon Phoenix VETERANS APPROVED PHOENIX SCHOOL OF WELDING OR BUSINESS MACHINE REPAIR DAY OR NIGHT CLASSES 803 South 1st Ave. 2J2-73B4 ARIZONA TECH. Modern Training In Electronic! _.._ -. _ _ ..^ _ 700-Sltuatlont WORLD traveled - semi-retired cou- pie with management experience wish to manage delux apartments 937-0435. COUFLT: desires apartment manag- ment position, experienced, references. 947-6961. COUPLE wlsKes farge apt. house management. Husband experienced n all phases of maintenance, In- :ludino all air conditioning systems. Have own tools. Excellent refer ences. Have small poodle. 258-1126. 703—Situations wanted - female IRONIN6r258-3TTf." "~ IRONING. 946-8042. THE LARGEST SOUTHWESTS BUSINESS ALLEGE ANNOUNCES OUR NEW STARTING DATES April 7th IN: —COMPUTER —IBM MACHINES —KEYPUNCH —PBX -BUSINESS MACHINES WE SPECIALIZE IN TRAINING SECRETARIES FOR ALL TOP POSITIONS DRAFTING DAY 8, NIGHT CLASSES ..... STRUCTURAL - ARCHITECTURAL MECHANICAL - ELECTRICAL . ELECTRONIC - TOPOGRAPHICAL SPEEDWRITING NEXT DAY CLAS NEXT NIGHT CL NROLL NOW Learn Shorthand Qi - • APRIL 7th S JUNE 9th FR^UFETIME" , SERVIC only college In i weeks, The only "college In Arizona teaching speedwritlng Is Durham HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS ENROLL NOW FOR JUNE 8, SEPT- EDUCATIONAL LOANS . MONTHLY PAYMENT PLAN PLACEMENT SERVICE AN ACCREDITED COLLEGE WE GUIDE EACH STUDENT IN OBTAINING THE BEST EMPLOYMENT For Information about enrolling Call or write: 252-4868 1001 N. 1st ST. PHOENIX ^CORNER 1st ST. 8. ROOSEVELT ED FORD SCHOOL REAL ESTATE 30 Hours approved Instruction MON. APR. 14... 9 A.M. MON. APR. 21 ........7P.M. 2859 E. THOMAS GROCERY CHECKERS GROCERY CHECKERS Individual Instruction Jay and Evening Classet Low Monthly Payments SCHOOL OF .MARKET CHECKING 1511 W. McDowell 254-3657 BLAIR Colleae of Medical & Dental Asst. 102 W. McDowell, 254-6653. VA APPROVED WELDING of wilding. AT HA BUT 2103 E. Buckeye Ed. AL»1«» All type* Hits, ~ Certification » placement IRONING, 277^241. HAIRDRESSE~R". New in Phoenix. Last lob 5 years. Married, 26 years of age. Excellent references. Creative, veronica Coultre, 6130 North 7th Street, No. 59. WALLS wasfied, windows. Domestic housecleaning. 1 276-7905. DAYWORK. 268-2020. DAYWORK, 276-1891. P7JA~C~TiCAL" NURSE, ri\«\. i II.ML. wurcac, vei kindly, unencumbered. 277-3021. 'versatile, _._ ADMWlSTRATIVE Secretary. Write Box 40-PK, Republic and Gazette. EXPERIENCED Cook wants work. 276-4600. 707—Situations Wanted-Male NEW in Phoenix. Display artist — fine stores. Excellent talent and ability. Married. Write Judson Coul tre, 6130 North 7>h Street, No. 59. MALE model. Fashion or photography, married, 27 years of age. Permanent w th firm. J. Cou tre, 6130 Nqtth_7th_Street,_No._S?. . P~ROGRAMMER/A"Fi A L Y S T S/360 Cobol. ALC, with commercial pilot's license. SEL, MEL instrument ratings. Desire programming position involving some corporate flying assignments. Resume on request. Write Box 32-JX, Republic 8. .Gazette. EXPORT Traffic Analyst desires position In Phoenix area. Thorough working knowledge export regulations, foreign collection, financing, and world-wide export documentation requirements. Write Box 36-MA, Republic and Gazette. ._ DRIVER: Class A lie. 18 yrs. ex. perlence. Want steady work 267-0874. RELIABLE Aggressive 37-yr-old family man — 2 years college. Mechanically inclined, has the ability to learn quickly, desires permanent position w-rellable firm. 956-5121. PHARMACIST available. CR 4-4635. RETIRED Master Sergeant wishes location out on farm within 25-50 miles of the on city. 272-9000. PILOT. Highly experienced retired Air Force pilot desire full or part time flying and management. Conventional and let experience. Call 945-8975 or 959-1983. YOUNG man, 20 years in Phoenix, would like to learn enjoyable good lob with a future. Local references. ittZ-1861. . MANAGEMENT skills: organization, recruiting and training, systems, EDP concepts, communications, reporting, customer relations. Degree +. Reply Box 22-JX, Republic and Gazette. BUYlR-MERCHARDISmG Desire to relocate. 16 yrs. experience In buying i merchandising with a maior Chicago based retail and catalog firm Knowledgeable in all phases of buying, managing, inventory control and selling. 36 years old. Box 41-MA, Republic and Gazette. - _ 715—Help Wanted Employment Agencies PUBLIC CONTACT: Outgoing key • lovely office now . _3NTAC person to work in . S300-S350 Snelllng 8. Smelling Mary 264-9955 3424 N. Central Call SECRETARY for non-profit organi- aztion, Must speak fluent Spanish. Top skill needed for this worthwhile lob. $425. HOYT, HOYER & FARREN, 700 W, Campbell. 264-4811. COMPUTER HEADQUARTERS MacALLAN EMPLOYMENT 444 W. Camelback Suite 102 264-9063 A'BLE Personnel"Consultants 1510 N. Central 253-617 715-Help Wanted Atenettt WESTERN PERSONNEL (Formerly Acme-Southwest 3 CONVENIENT LOCATION 3800 N. Central Suite 604 279-53 947-74 279-41 . Papaqo Plaza Scottsdale Christ-Town Center S. Mall LEGAL Secy No Leqal Exp LEGAL Secy Legal exp JUNIOR Exec Secv SECY:Recept No S/H ACCT Clerk ASST Ofc. Cashier G/0 ACCOUNTANT Deq ACCOUNTANT 2 vr col ACCOUNTING Clk OFFICE AAgmt Trnee SERVICE Tech ROUTE Srv Mech apt STATION Attend ASSEMBLY Man Dexterity COOK Large Scale AUTO Mech Trucks $3 $4 8 $3 1350 $3 $4 $6 $6-$6 to $4( $3 $45 To $4: $55 $27 To $43 Ope OPEN Eves 8. Sat. By Appointmer S 8, H GREEN STAMPS RE" CE PT IONTsTrMaturelninded~g for busy office. Heavy phone wor 8. public contact. Lite typing, 45-5 ots of action here. $346 to star HOYT, HOYER 8, FARREN, 700 V. Campbell. 264-4811. FAR WESTERN PLACEMENT BUREAU 812 N. 1st St. J54-53 SERVING ARIZONA 46 YEARS OFFICE Mqr Trne (2) —'REMAN prec mach lIVER Warehouse ..JUTE Sales DISPATCHER "Op'e Ope SPECIAL AGT-LIFE EXP 2 yr life exp with malor Co t assume promotion of Life Ins w! Co. agents. Must have capacity understand 8. explain to others. O raise each 6 FULLER AGENCY 607 N. 3rd Ave. Resort kitchen fry AL 2-248 cook, mai Ope :ornb.~c6ok, out/town ..'... $18 shl Cook housekeeper, drive $300 B8. Housekeeper, priest's home £60 w louseman fin season Dishwasher, out/town 'F/C BOOKKEEPER" Gals do you have some public ac count & tax experience? Know a phases of bookkeeping. $400 to star Davis Pioneer. 40 E. Thomas Rd. o 5008 W. Glendale. 934-3239. 264-3477. FRONTIER EMP. SERVICE _1p_E. 6th ST. TEMPE FILE CLERK Experienced gal who can work a relief switchboard operator. $350 1 start. Davis Pioneer. 5008 W. C dale or 40 E. Thomas Rd. 934-: 264-3477. 55 HAPPY EASTER PHOENIX EMPLOYMENT E. Thomas 264-04' NCR 4200: Oper be where It's hap ' ' Lg diversified, firm. $330 Ca penlng L, _. Jan King 969-9151 Snelling & ng 13 N Macdqnald Mesa Snel MANY JOB OPENINGS CAMELBACK EMPLOYMENT 100 W. Camelback 274-353. CLOSED TODAY GOOD FRIDAY HAPPY EASTER JOBS UNLIMITED 303 W. McDowell ' 252-580 HOUSEWIVES 17-42 YRS. MODEL PART TIME FASHION & PHOTO ASSIGNMENTS FLAIR AGENCY 277-7601 1714 E. THOMAS .MODELS-FASHION SIZES 7-14. JR MISS 8. ADUf FASHION SHOWS, PHOTOGRAPHY & TV ASSIGNMENTS. FULL OR PART TIME FLAIR AGENCY 277-7601 1714 E. THOMAS WELDER (S) Code not necessary. Lots hours w/o'time. No layoffs. IMMED ROBERSON & CO. 3625 N.^jitlLSl OVERSEAS, FE'E, T'RANSP. PAID 3 Structural designers to Sanitary (water supplvlE. Architect also hydrologist ubdivision computers to iv. Engr. draftsmen sev. to 9K Structural designers to . 17K All engrs. & draftsmen for designini pulp 8<" paper mills. ARIZONA MEDICAL & DENTAL ASSISTANTS COLLEGE Medical Sessions Open Now Also Dental Enrollment Being Taken For April FREE PLACEMENT SERVICE Member Ariz. Priv. Sen. Assoc. 400 N. CENTRAL AVE. 277-1451 $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ UP UP-AND ON YOUR WAY LAUNCH YOUR FIRST CAREER.. OR BEGIN A NEW ONE AT: LAMSON BUSINESS COLLEGE —Arizona's Oldest and Largest— OUR 80th YEAR REGISTER NOW FOR BEGINNING CLASSES Medical Secy Jr. Acct. ixec. Secy Legal Secy itenographic Receptionist iigher Acct. Key Punch 8 WKS. G.E.D. COURSE Tuition Loans Available Payments & Interest do not Start until 10 months After Graduation ATTN. VETERANS RECEIVE FULL VET. BENEFITS SCHOpL_.FR.gM._74<VL..t& J^M PUBLIC RELATIONS TRAINEE-17000 FEE PAID. If you have a coll. deg «>u will be trained by this giant In ts field for a career leading to mgmt. INTERNATIONAL PERSON MEL SERVICE, 1625 E. Camelback Mr. Pearlberg, 264-1191. MGR TRNEE: Learn business opn armcnri <lnnr no, St $4800 Cal filing 8. Snell tsdafe. trom ground floor UP. St $4800_Ca Al James, 947-5456. Snelljn ' ' PR GIRL Friday, Plush country club needs cute and perky lass. In teresting varied duties. Lots o public contact, type 45-50. Earn & have much fun. Salary commensy rate with experience. HOYT, HOY ER & FARREN, 700 W. Campbell ntA JO11 264-4811. GENL OFC: Varied duties In ofce of retail outlet. Central loc. $351 Call Sue Clark 277-5493 Snelling «• Snelllna t J940 E. CAMELBACK Day Half 258-7949 '25 N. Central Ave. Phx. 8 i$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$l$$$l 1*1 "WELL t"RAINED DIESEL DRIVERS ARE NEEDED APPROVED FOR VETERANS American Diesel Driver Sch ,345 W. ThomaV Rd . ...252.- IGN painting taught. AL . NATIONAL PERSONNEL SERVICE 1331 Third Avenue, Suite 707 Seattle, Washington 98101 ROUTE SALES TRNEE Top, Co week A l_ ROBE in field. PaW comm. — Gi Paid reat ig $130 frinpes top profession. . ERSON 8. CO. 3625 N. 16th St New equip ing 77 W 3rd Ave, Scott "COTES CARE 4700 N. Central Suite 317 SULTANTS 264-4171 TISOR EMPLOYMENT AIDES Exp'd, housekeepers, live in $250 Cleaning women $1.50hr.+ \Aature Baby Sitters .All must have own transp). Couple, Cook i Butler Top Wages 809 E. Bethany Home 264-4570 CENTRAL employ, 40 N. Center 969-7239. All type lobs avail. Mesa MANAGEMENT RECRUITERS 264-4111 3003 N. Central Ave, 7th Fl OFFICE MGR-BKKPR Whsle food distributor needs man to SUPV 3, iournals, etc. St. $601 RJOBERSON 8, CO. 3625 N. 16th St Vs Agency Fee AIRLINE Reserva-exp 375 ATLAS AGENCY 3550 N. Centra MISS LEE'S AGENCY 1836 E. THOMAS 26*0564 LBR YD FOREMAN Exp In lumber to builders & contrs Take charge of yard 4 sales, Will ing to work, $600 After 30 days ROBERSON & CO. 3625 N. 16th St ADMINISTRATOR man with at least 3 yrs. exp, in hpsp, or nurslns 40 N. Center, Mesa OFFICE Mgr. Bkpr. nice woman full ersonailty, 969-7239 charge nursing + Resume requlrec dome or hosp. $. required. CENTRAL EMPLOYMENT SERV 40 N. Center Mesa 969-7239 MANUF TRAINEES Physically fit men - Service comp Sheet metal fabric. Immed! St $1.60 ROBERSON A CO. 3625 N. 16th St. lOSE.McDowel auto exp IGN painting taught. AL 3-4054. ROSTRATED by lack of Skills. See r phone. GREGG Business Colleae. 08 N. Central 252-2331 686—Schools CgrrwoiKeno * Out •( »tati TSTl School . merlcan School (III) Box 655 Mesa. AIRLINE SCHOOLS'PACIFIC 003 N Central, No. 1604 258-8511 693—Employment Services* ^TEACHING POSITIONS rizona Teacher Placement Agency overina Ariz., Calif., New Mex., ev., Wash. & Oregon-23r' " 548 W. Jefferson, pnoanlx. RESUME SERVICE Prepared while you wait. Typists, Counselors & Printing facfilt' available. LOCAL • NATIONAL PROFIT"" On " "~ ENGINE Jfc Mqivacct, a 5 arts Del, B-Llc ;6) Station attendants Credit Mgr "=/C Bkpr, auto exp lervlce Cashier AGENCY Open EDP EQUALS E"SP ite 2226 Call 279-7343 Electronic Systems Personnel Agency 100 W. Clarendon Townehouse EX-SERVICEMEN Wondering where to go? We special Ize In placing ex-servicemen in career opportunities in all fields of industry, INTERNATIONAL PERSONNEL SERVICE, 1625 E. Camelback, Mrs. Nelson, 264-1191. MGR AUTO DEPT: Busy co needs sharp person 2 meet public. Sb'4uu Call Nancy Scott, 947-5456 Snelling * Work In small supplies store. Be pleasant, ans phone. 5 Da $260. ROBERSON 8. CO. . 3625 N. 16th St. PROFESSIONAL PLACEMENT 112 N. Central 5800 N. 19th Ave. SECRETARIES (Many) F/_C__BKPRS (Many) ACCTS REC BKPR INVENTORY CONTROL $375 254-735* 264-3906 To $500 To $600 $400 RECEPT-TYPE SERVICE REP - NL OFC MGR-Cost Acct L Control Inspect. $400 $400 To $500 S368 $450 To $1166 To $750 Open QUA . _„. SHEETMETALMECH $3.50 hr UP SERV TECH-Bus Mach $455 SALES REP TRNEE Open HARDWARE Sales $368 up MAINT SUPV Open AUTO PARTS-Counter To $600 ORDER DESK $368 PARTIAL LISTINGS 726—Heh Wanted Canvassers-S«llctt»rs solicitors wanted — TELEPHONE ~ialary plus commission. 136 North 29th Avenue. 258-670 735—Hfi!n Wanted Male/Female Commissions, Bonuses, etc. ED THIRKHILL REALTY Scottsdale office has opening for tw experienced real estate salesmen °hone Andy Anderson for confiden tlal interview. 947-4266. R U A GOOD HUNTER? (Need real estate license) Vtultl - million dollar mortgage co s changing from lending to proper y acquisition & sales. We will pa !175 finder's fee for each propert we buy or that the "Hottest Sale Staff In town" sell. Only 6 a mont will qet you $1050. Inland western Inland Western Bids., 200 E. Thomas 264-6231. REAL ESTATE SALES HOME SPECIALISTS 40% For listings—40% For sales- Equals 80% when you sell your ow listing.—Example, sell $20,000 horn *•*""• PIUS The office furnishes & pays fo "GOOD ADVERTISING," privat new desk & phone, all your rea estate materials, answering service nember of Multiple Listing Service Realtor membership & all the hell i training you will need to sell, II: or close the escrow. PLUS \ sharp refriaerated, carpeted offlc n an exlnt location. Plenty of f loo tme & loads of customers—P.S. Th iales have been very good 8, yo should make exlnt money here. As For Bart. Evenings phone 277-4019. BARTELS REALTY - 264-707' l«00_W._Came!back _ CalL24_Hou_r. DISPLAY AO SALES PEOPLE' Young or elderly, for aood publica tlon. Good percentage. 956-6090. Licensed safes associate. Privat ads, desk, etc. Excellent opportunlt ARISTATE, Realtor, MLS !• Traders 2201 E. Thomas 956-531 HAVE you" lived in th" Glendale-Phoenlx area five years o longer, and you're still looking fo that opportunity to earn $10,000 o more annually, then call the only authorized factory office In Glendal for details. 934-4951 call > a.m. on I and ask for Mr. Wl V'lls. WOULD you like to sell SOUPS, tea coffee, hot cocoa, cola drinks, cups etc, wholesale? 959-5410. LEADS-LEADS .ocal TV, Newspaper and referra rogram has lust started, hundred if qualified leads and appointments 264-1101. EDUCATORS Dignified employment available to a cultured teacher with World Book Encyclopedia under our $500 guar anteed Income plan. Phone 2i >00 gua J66-5641. TEACHERS TEACHERS TEACHERS Enloyable and profitable summer work. Guaranteed Income. Call Uon Raymond, 266-5642 from 4 PM to PM. LA CASA REALTY, new name- new location, 27 years experi ence In Phx. Need east side and west side manager for residentla sales division. ,Phon« curt Cluff ' confidential Interview. 277-3i.. ivenings. 945-3408. 20 West Camel lack. HELP! HELP! Sales ale needed. We..»re Manager for all oi Vest 8, Northwest PI,™.... bar of Multiple Listing et's go to work! GEO. STIKA REALTY 228 W. Indian School >lx + mem- fl( Service, -278:559. HAVE opening for 2 more real estate salesmen. NOBLE & LEE Rlty of Scottsdale. See Jim Cain". 945-9545. 739-Help Wanted JOB r«','i, R?1 A ime.ServIc* OPMI til 4 "CONTACT" between employer t, applicant CONTACT EMPLOYMENT SERV. 134 N. Central Rm 112-A, 25.2-56.21 CommlsshHH. Bonus, Eic. DREAM JOB We are looking, for 6 special to train avera.9.e looking, for 6 special women i as make-up artists. $4 hour L Call MYSTIQUE OF BEAU- WIL Incr •»• • 266-8439. ILL train 2 l»dl«5 . to h«lp with rtaslng , need for beauty couns«- ... hours. No car iMpcTAT^'^lnaWe'iUurant Salman. CsM David mr enl >rts, »42-! 739-Help Wanted remste we care ELP wanted. Tadles earn Mt- ekly showino new line of ho re .products. No cash. Fun, exc WU * da " Vl "" M $806 MONTH „ FINANCIAL SECURITY With Professional sales career GUARANTEED INCOME _Phone_Mr._Sperllno 275-7550 today HOUSEWIVES earhtawoo per "trionT in 'leld familiar to you. Work - SEApTY Counselor "with a fabuloi try before you buy plan. Has gre new sales opportunity. Unlimited I come possibilities. Why not have hobby that pays well and at tl same time lets you be a housewlf Call, 932-2837, Ayondale. ___ WOMEN wanted as Beauty Coims lors. Tea'ch, advise & show in you free time. 934-7279. „ LIVE THE, BEAUf IFUL LIFE Put some PIZZAZZ In your life MONEY fool Learn & teach late ca AVON_CALLINGJ66-2914_ ARE" you looking for" a part fim opportunity? Meed extra money Applications being accepted. Ca 947^4088. __ PART time work. Saleswoman 25-51 will train as studio proof consultan Hours 4:30 to 8:30 p.m. Two- o more week nights and some Sat' 956-4640. cOUNSEroTT'for buF dTfice."~ff "W are Interested in personnel wor ike meeting people, would like position where you profit by you own Initiative. Judgement, know edge, 8, good hard work. See Terr Hunter, ACE EMPLOYMENT, 38 E. Indian School. Place catalogues, pick up waitln orders. $2.95 "per' hr. against commission. Fi guaranti IF you have experience In sellin ladles ready to wear you can ope ate your own shop without a ca! investment. Salary and commlsslo Call 278-7095. 9-6 p.m. EXPERIENCED route salesman fo established laundry and dry cleanir route, on commission basis. $ weekly guarantee. 5 day work weel Apply In person 7-9 A.M. Phoen Laundry and Dry Cleaning Cornea ny. 333 North 7th Avenue. 743—Help Wanted Male Commissions, Bonus, etc. COLLECTOR, part time. Good com missions. Box 18-JX, Republic an Gazette, stating qualifications. e, stating qualifications. YOUNG MAN 21-30" Opportunity in promotional advertl ng field. Will train. Salary + com mission. Available to travel. Ca Mr. Roberts, Consumer's Sample Advertlsinq. 956-0240. "WANTTOlAKElONEY? Do you like sport cars and the fas selling Subaru? Learn the art o selling imported cars, financing, ap praising, if you are well qroomec ambitious, over 21 and ready t work and earn up to $1700 per Mo ice Mr. Quayle at Wallace Imports 1313 E. Camelback. COLLECTOR Yes, collect the money with th sale. We will do your lob for yo "rom that point on. If you are jalesman call Mr. Dante today 949-5851. From 9 to 11 a.m. EXP. PHONE SALESMAN $3 to $4 hr. Permanent. 264-499 1253/WEEK PERMANENT CAREER Opportunity with expanding compan AGE over 24. "GUARANTEED INCOME Phone Mr. Sperling, 275-7550 TODAY! i45(TTOTAL'~sale. $185~co'rhmissio jnd overide. Automatic lead svsten worker? This Is your winner 67-0581 EARN $1000. PER MONTH No exp. necessary. Age 25-30 years Sell Toyota, sports cars 8. used im ported cars. Scott Toyota, 7520 E McDowell, Scottsdale. 'oung man 19-28 to assist Manage al. $114 wk. Before 2 p.m. 277-685 ELECTROLUX WILL HIRE Men for sales department, appl 46 W. Washington or phone 252-6529 or appointment. NEW HOME SALESMEN 2 Young men needed for expanding builder. Openings for AAay 1st. Excellent opportunity, highest commission. Call Jean for appointment, 266-8463 Universal Homes. LEADS LEADS LEADS Best deal in town 266-863 MANAGEMENT TRAINING AT $201 WEEKLY with 9th largest Insuranc TRAIN AT $150 WEEKLY with 9t argest Insurance company In Amer ca. 266-4431. NEED 4 men who have to ear over $750 monthly. Apply Franchis "howcase, 1418 North Central. JSED car salesmen, 125 car inven ory, guaranteed salary. 3111 Eas VicDowell. BRITANNICA Leads only! 2425 E. Thomas No. 1 $265 That Is what our men average per week. Good men over age 21 will exceed $15,000 first year. Prestige sales position with 39 year old company. We will program your day with quality leads. $125 per week salary & commission to start. If this sounds interesting, see Mr. Tom Smith, 1528 E. Missouri, Suite A-122. Sat. April 5th from 10 a.m. to 12 P.m. or call 264-6337 to schedule interview. AUTOMOBILE salesman, make u o $2500 per month and more. W >ay up to 50% commissions, and thi test inventory In the Southwest. Se errv at Darner Chrysler Plymouth 37 West Main. Mesa. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ EXPERIENCED FURNITURE SALESMEN entral. $$$$S$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$S$$$$$$$S$KS5$$$ SALESMAN Montgomery Ward has an excellen osition for salesman with tire anc uto accessories sales experience ;ood salary, merchandise discount-cup hospital plan Insurance, profl harlna and other employee benefits v\ak personal application at: MONTGOMERY WARD CHRIS-TOWN 1751 W. Bethany Home Rd. REAL ESTATE SALESMAN With license. Plenty of listings I dyertising. Apply 31 E. Southern or all 268-0281. Busy Realty. RADIO SALESMAN f you are tired of cut throa ompetltlon, low rates, Inferior sta ion and are a top radio salesman ooking for a station with great ac eptance, excellent earning setup nd California beach living call o write Steve Edwards, VP Gen Vigr,, KKOP, Redondo Beach, Calll lAoney making pulse-rated station ii teach town next to LA. Only radii xperienced considered. (213 SALESBOYS 6 & over to assist field manager or local concern. Salary 'A bonuses ! 59-5206, 4-7 P.m. MONEY, MONEY, MON'EY eed experienced hospitalization and isabillty salesman immediately to vork our verified leads. No riders nd no rejections. Choose your own :ommisslon and vested renewal con ract. Don't miss this. 1617 N. 32nd treet, Suit* 7. 9 to noon, Mon hrough Fri. TED 2 HARD HftWSALESMEN est pay plan In, the Valley, mu: oe capable of closing own deal*. See feVVw e n r fl4S4 r E B<> C.Zfb 0 a n ck at R * m ^ h -co1 1l !.dSntTa1 a " r w b ;ft,* <i Cgi otmr'nlg^io* W ' U> Alam 'BE A MILLIONAIRE 966-4436 XPERIENCED~advertislng,, sales- lan, Official monthly publication, ew Mexico Sheriff's ang Police ssoclatlon, Give complete resume. . 0. Box 3249, Albuquerque, New Hexlco 97110. EED 2 Income Property Salesmen xcellent advertising budget. Good cation. 4014 N 7th St! or call 4-4863. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$W$$$$$$$$$$$$$lf$$$ AGENTE MUEBLERO Speak Spanish . < Earn big money! siulf, come se Spanish and English. a money! If . ,j[ stuff, come se« Globe Furn. 3333 $. Central VP.UI you know uj quick. CALL 25»-OJ*l CnmiYiHsttint, Bantu, «te. BUILDING MATERIAL SALESMAN * r T, • n e n it position available immediately for experienced build material salesman. Exccllen MONTGOMERY WARD CHRIS-TOWN 1751 W. Bethany Home Rd. ifABL ,Watklns Route, ful LliHED Walk or_part time. 2n."(fl« ™p yetrans. if yoiTwant a career WANTED ! SALES ASSOCIATE INCOME-I "AENTS, SALESMAN ,.IMAL"C.._!ujlNEfs" ' & 'm®&$^ "IE. AVERAG WALTER'POCOCK ASSOC. 1137 E. Camelback 279-956 BOOK men this is a. winner. AI good spec alty salesman $125 to $175 — deal. Appointment selling per 265-0648. MAJOR OIL CO. Has opening for college trained pe- roleum salesman with 2-3 yrs. prior sales experience. Growth company Excellent benefits program and ao- vancement potential. Send resume to Box 2471, Phoenix. An equal opportunity employer .,..,,.,,, we need crew manag ifs, high commissions, plus over"ides and bonus, no reserves, no :hargc backs. 266-4360. 9-12 WHAT DO YOU WANT High income? Permanent lob? Sense of value? Pleasant work? We have all this for you and more too. If you were successful selling in the home, come see us. Interviews 9 to 12, 444 W Camelback Room 308. GET"IN'ONTHE GROUND FLOOR .arge National Ins. Co. Is In process of opening office in Phoenix area. We have positions open for salesmen, supervisors, branch managers & state managers. Call Mr. 'ART-TIME drivers, ice crea"m popslcle truck, IB over. 264-1093 JETAIL route opportunity. Permanent employment. Above average earnings. Excellent fringe benefits & working conditions. Apply In person ierv-us Bakers. 1502 East Buckeye rgual Opportunity Employer. REWARD YOURSELF Jales Maglcall. Hear our recorded message about an outstanding sales -ipportunitv. Call 266-8231. V R I TE 100% total cost hospitallza- 0 West Indian School ion. Apply 550 Rpad,__sulteJ 20. ___ XPERIENCED commercial _ tire re alesman with fleet and commercial :ontacts. Write resume, P.O. Box >757, Phoenix. DRIVER TRAINING TEACHER $260.60-50 HR.WEEK No charge for training. Apply in >erson only, 301 East Roosevelt, AUTO PARTS & HARDWARE E urtis Industries, division of urtls-Noll Corp, is looking for a married, career minded salesman with serviceable car to sell automotive & industrial parts, fastners Si hardware specialties in Phoenix area. This position is open to an ambitious man who can work without constant supervision, assume responsibility I work into management. Established accounts. Over 10,000 items. Protected area. No money to invest, nothing to buy. $8000 to $10,000 first years eari> ings, $1500 annual increase. Draw plus commission. • Paid field training. Group insurance. Paid profit sharing & other fringe benefits. For personal interview call, Lon Huff, 254-6321, all day Friday. required. 264-3573, Mr. Carr 747—Help Wanted Company Hepnmntttlm Direct SALES OR CANVASSERS" Full or Partlme Phone 252-5656 761— Domestic .PEND summer on Lake Wisconsin is cook-housekeeper. Winter in 'hoenix. Excellent salary to highly ompetent person. Two adults-must ike dogs. Reply to Box 37-PK Republic and Gazette full details. References ipUSEKEEPER: Live-in. Mature. Pleasant, happy home with nonworking mother, two children. Pri- |te room and bath. References. HOUSEKEEPER Live In. Light housekeeping. Private room & bath. Dependable, pleasant. 2 children ages 4 8. 8. Must have references. Salary open. 275-5426. 9-5. COUPLE 7«7 Malt/FMMM StllrlM ~ Wanted IN HOME DECORATING CONSULTANT Applications now being taken for position of sales representative In home decorating department. Must have sales ability and en- loy working with customers In the home. Must have retail sales and estimating experience in draperies and/or carpeting. * Excellent working conditions * Outstanding company benefits * Earnings commensurate with exp. J. C. PENNEY CO. An equal opportunity employer IMMEDIATE openings for energetic young people to work days. Burger Chef, 3450 East Thomas Rd. WOTEL couple, maid maintenance, 20 units. Man can have night lob. Apartment, $150 month, 253-9060. GOOD SAMARITAN HOSPITAL Has Openings for: RN'S NURSING ASSISTANTS ORDERLIES UNIT CLERKS Part Time & Full Time Positions with good selection of shift available CONTACT PERSONNEL DEPT. 252-6611 1033 E. MCDOWELL RD. An Equal Opportunity Employer CO U P L E S la rge~~ ia n ifof la I firm, steady, good pay. Interview 4 to 6 ?i m oo22 03 Norfh Cent ral. Room 2313. , 64*9y 28. :ouple to manage laTgVaparTriient complex. No children or nets. Salary, apartment a. utilities. Reply slating experience, salary required, address 4 phone number to Box 94PK Republic & Gazette. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY The Circle K Corporation has many vacancies in their store locations around the Valley for both men and women. Excellent opportunities for advancement and a good career in the retail trade. Paid vacations, hospitalization, fringe benefits offered to those interested in permanent employment. Interviews are held Monday through Friday 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. at the following locations. 4124 N. 27th AVE., PHOENIX 5201 N. 7th ST. SUITE 200 7505 E. OSBORN RD. SCTSDLE COUPLE for night janitor work Good wages. Must have transport*Ion. Call 959-3606. MUSIC TEACHER Lady or gentleman with ITM tlm« who plays piano or organ well enough to start beginners. Apoly Arizona Piano Stores, 500 W. Indian iChool. 'referably 45-50 yrs. old. Wife to elp in adjoining residence — Ugh ousework, no heavy cleaning, very ttle cooking. In return for this ervice, couple will have year-round ent free, lovely 1 bdrm home ompletelv furnished, all utilities aid. Husband may continue presen ccupatlon. Box 88-HX, Republic 81 JlZfJtlC. BABY_sJfter. 279-1471. HOUSEKEEPER, baby sitter want" ediJOyerJip^MystJJve in. 946-81Z.7. HOUSEKEEPER haff~day7 cook vMnj_rneaL_S25_weekly J J!7il733. BABY sitter with references. Avail'- DEPENDABLE, permanent, unen umbered lady to .care for Invalid Jon. AL . transports iELlABLH baby sitter, light house- leeping, girls ages 6 and 4. Must nioy children. 279-4712. , - _.'.. *'**_ t ™ i *i Ullgl J M.lll. WOMAN for light housekeeping and ooking. Live In. Cpngenla. $25 driver's I cense. day weet( - Cal UNENCUMBERED iady^ BaBysTt hlldren age 3, 5. General housework, own transportation. Immediate Permanfellt lABYSITTER to live-in. 277-0578 _fter 6 p.m. All day Sunday. MATURE woman, baby sitting, aft- rnoons and Saturdays. 1513 East a alm Lane, after 3 p.m. jEN.ERAL housework. $175-$225 uer ""*iL*»i •""""•«**>**. VI f «i-*«4 month. No experience needed. .ndersfin.-'Ml^^nyllme. IVE In Baby sitter. 276-4887 IVE-in hpuseKeeper, $25 per week us benefits. Children, 3, 4, and i. OuSEkEEPER~Prlvat« apartmiHt nd salary. Mature, pleasant, assist on-working grandmother, two boys, ieferences. 275-8682. ADY with some nursing experience - Mav j Saturday n ghts and ail e iundavs with sick ladv. 253-0271 b stay n Sum idavs wltl :KEEPE 4 X 3-W C> rNUlr ' R,.$250 - $350 ed. Mrs. IVE-in babysitter, must swim. eeper, two chll : a.m. to 5 p.m. live-In. $25. Sunny NERGETI eeoer — cook rivers license, 1 --.„—1C hou or two. Live-In, eferences. required. IVE in housekeeper. Under 'f. ' Invalid wife In 40'i. mokgrs. 949-_1274. __. '_ _ OP wages. Mln. 2 days per wk. :tsdl. area. Own transportation. OUIFK'EEPER wanted. 272-1623. .IVE-ln housekeeper to care for e m I -i n v a 11 d, 5-day week, aturdays-Sundays off. Salary open, 6:4991. TT€_R-hoysekeeper, and .Watch girl' plus room ™ irls and LOCKHEED AIRCRAFT SERVICE COMPANY Has Immediate Openings For AIRCRAFT MECHANIC ELECTRICIAN v\ust be experienced in aircraft lectrlcal work. Must be able to ead and work from wiring dia- rams and technical orders. AIRCRAFT PAINTER vtust be experienced In aircraft ainting and preparation. ELECTRONIC REPAIRMAN Must have recent experience in th* maintenance and repair of Century eries aircraft, communication and avigation equipment. LOCKHEED AIRCRAFT SERVICE COMPANY • LUKE AIR FORCE BASE, Ariz. CONTACT WALT REEVES 935-7411 EXT. 2253 Open Mon-Fri. 8 A.M.-4:45 P.M. This Sat. 8 to 12 An Equal Opportunity Employer MOTEL Management. Couple. 7J unis. 3 yrs. mln. exp. NCR £42, Switchboard, reservations, housekeeping. Year round. Live-In. Rplv Box 95-PK, Republic 8. Gazette. CITY OF SCOTTSDALE Sales tax auditor. Immed. oepning. College grad. Apply Personnel Office, Scottsdale City Hall, E. Main & George, Scottsdale. SALES PERSONNEL BROADWAY CHRIS-TOWN Immediate openings for those interested in working on an "ON CALL" basis. Apply Personnel Office 1607 W. Bethany Home Rd. F N e .SIDE salesman for order desk for . edders air conditioner and Norge appliances distributor. Minimum two years experience with a major distributor in related lines. Salary commensurate 'With experience. Good fringe benefits. Room for growth with expanding company. Phone, 254-5601, Mr. Hageman. PERMANENT COUPLES Age 35 to 55 Work-In & Live-In LUXURIOUS APARTMENTS Top Salary and Fringe Benefits "But You've Gotta-Be Good" HUSBAND— Management, Malnt, Sup. I Sales. sales,"office, Tele, SH & Typing I ;up. Housekeeping l> Decorating. anize, Accept Respon- PK, '--T-.---I -••-—..—"-^"">.Good future/ excellent working conditions. Should >e experienced In bookkeeping, good yplst. Apply Accounting DepT. Bap- fst Hospital of Phoenix. So25 N. K)th Ave. 67~Help Wanted oUP.LETexp. Ma'lh't. "& AAge." ap'ft. o child, no pets. Apt. & salary. ferences. 252-0443. i pet 2-044 SIT iPLE middle aged to maintain :are for business and home, ivat* .quarters pus salary. Great ify for right parly. Call DOMESTIC COUPLE Exceptional salary for exp. couple with references. Butler-chauffeur duties for man, wife to cook, serve t maintain kitchen. Apply how! Arzona State Employment Service, 431,_._ .... RELIEF RN. 3-11 & 11-7 shifts NURSES' AIDES 7-3 or 3-11 shifts, experience necessary. MALE ORDERLY 11-7 shift, exp'd. KITCHEN helP 27 (CART GIRL) 2-ftn INDIAN "driven ~JhMfw~"h'a» immediate A openings for part-tlm* evenings. Apply .In'persr- -"-- • p.m. 27tn Ave'A Indian Sc ASCP REGISTERED TFCWICTAN • ,u. elback. elp",wanted, night ihlftT Bell, nth Avtng* and

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