The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 10, 1923 · Page 9
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 9

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 10, 1923
Page 9
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TUESDAY, JULY 10, 1923 THE HUTCHINSON NEWS, PAGE NINE. SHERIFF AFTER A GRUNDY LEAD County Officer Looking L OOM End of TraiL for MAILING OUT CIRCULARS One Containing Picture to Each County Seat Town in Country— Nothing New at Bank. clear from one pori to Uie otiicr, St. Plnrre charged an export'duly dt'll .SO a caso owmparod to Nassau's 15.65, though an Mfort Is being made by Naustu to reduce. Its charge to $3. Halifax to Havana. "From Halifax to Hawina the tiooso la flowing Into Atlantlo i>orts,'* the article declared, "and from sources you never heard of there comes a steady m.ienm of whiskey flowing Into New Orloans and Mobile and from Mexico and Pacific ports we are get- tin* It too. It Is not a gift, wo paying a tremendous price for what we get; the money that Is (join gout of the country is good America?! dollars and the whiskey that Is coming In Is of a quality that before prohibition, Americans would not have purchased at any price." The official whereabout* of Sheriff Jesse Langford, believed to have left the city on a mission connected with the nation-wide search for Walter Grundy, defaulting president of the Fourth Slate bank remained a secret today but there Is no reason to be Hove that Tl;e News -was pot correct In tho suriniRe yesterday that the sheriff Is conducting^ personal quest of the missing banker or clews which might lend to his apprehension. It Is u certtvlnty that tho sheriff •would not be abstent at suCh a time on' any business other than that connected with the effort to bring Grundy to Justice. It is very proble he Is endeavoring to pick up Grundy's trail from some-point, which is not known, if Grundy was heard from, after leaving Kansas City nearly two weeks ago no one has mentioned it. Mailing Out Circulars. At the courthouse no one will talk of thu nhsenco of the sheriff which Is intended to be a secret. It Is known that ho loft town sometime Sunday evening, however. Circulars were being mailed today from tho sheriffs office to every county in the United States advertising the $25u reward for Grundy's uncial. A picture of the missing bank president Is contained on the circular. No Definite Clew. The circular says In connection with tho description: "Medium height; about -10 years old; weight 150 pounds; lOugllsh by birth. Will likely engage In oil oi- other speculative occupation. Associates Willi the wealthy classes." So far aH can be learned or deducted the authorities have no definite clew us to tho banker's whereabouts. It Is in senicli of a live clew that ^ho sheriff is now away. Work on Re-orflanlzation. There was- nothing^iew.avalluble In tho bank affaii-s today. Deputy : Uank commissioners Ijewia Wilson and Jjloyd Hutchinson were in session most of the day with directors of the defunct bank and It was reported that they were well on the road toward a reorganization. — The banking department and the Ibank directorate arc working together in an effort to evolve a p2an of re-or- tiKnlzution and many o/ the directors arc optimistic over the outlook. The eheek of affairs Is about completed uiid according to Mr. Hutchinson there is no reason to believe the figures first announced 'will not be nearly correct. Tho total amount of loss Invol^d will toe In tho nelghbrliood of $(175,000. This will Include the loss sustained through the operations of Walter Grundy, the president and tne I OBS represented in paper believed "worthless, polite of this paper will be worth something, bower. A WRITElTrELLS OF BOOTLEGGING MAUGHAN IS TO FLY BACK TO NEW YORK Repairs Being Made to His Machine, Wrecked When Missing a Cow. St. Joseph, Mo., July 10.—RcpairB •proceeded on the airplane in which Lieut, Russell lj. .Malignan yesterday attempted a dawn-to -iluBk flight from Now York to San I'Vanciaco. A short turn In avoiding a cow, as he was forced down near St. Jottcph to correct encrae trouble, wrenched away part of the landing gear. 'Maug'han indicated he .probably would fly back to New York tomorrow in preparation for a frofiU attempt at the trauir-eoiitinental flight within a week. AN INTER-CITY ROTARY PICNIC Big Crowi Expected Here Thursday Afternoon and Night for Program, Former Deputy Clerk Sworn in L.,. at Noon Today—Names HU Two Assistants. RUSS GRAND DUKE RUNS PARIS CAFE TO EARN A LIVING (Continued From Page 1.) The (Hotary clubs of Great Bend, Pratt, Liberal, Larued and Garden City will come to Hutchinson Thursday afternoon and Join -with the Hutchinson club In ai inter-city picnic at tho Country club. Wlien the visiting Kotariaas and their families arrive they will find all their time arranged for and a choice of pleasures for tho afternoon hours, i M 1 o'clock the fectivlties of the day will commence. Those desiring to play Kolf will find cars waiting for tbem at the Chamber of Commerce an<l will be taken out to the,Country club. . The visitors who desire to visit tho industrial plants and see how salt, flour, paper, ba£s, candy or'any of tho various articles -which are" made In Hutchinson, are manufactured ~wl!l.j find cars waiting for them at the Chamber of Commerce at 2:90 o'clock Tlio local Hotarians will have their cars at the same place at. 3 o'clock for the baseball fans to go to Gauo Park and see the game between Bar- tlesvllle and Hutchinson. ^ At 6 o'clock the cars will leave Che Chamber of Commerce to take evf-r.Y- body to the Country club where a Phihtc supper will be spread. under the trees. Following this a program will be 'given: 7:30—Driving contest, for men. 8:tK>-p)Scotch foursome for men and women. 8:30--Interpretative dance by Miss Cavedn Nelson. 8:40—Community sing. 9:00 Dancing and card playing in the bull room of the club house. FRANK LEWIS IS COUNTY TREASURER Frank Lewis, deputy- county clerk sltico Fred LuU went Into office was sworn in as county treasurer at noon today by Mr. l.utss and this afternoon took charge of affairs. Mr. Lewis announced tho appointment of Mrs. Mollle Voaberg and Jesse Houck, a farmer as his deputies. Mr. Houch. recently sold his mrii) and is residing In Hutchinson, Mrs. Vowberg has been n deputy In the treasurer's ofrico for soma months and prior to that had worked in thu connty clerk's office. Mr. Lewis succeeds L. J. Adkinson, a world war veteran who was appointed to the position to fill the vacancy made by the death of L. H. Obee. Mr. Adkinson recently resigned as the result of neglecting to clear a $2-1,000 check given,1iy the United Water, Gas & Electric Co. for first half taxes last December. Ho had held up the check from time to timo, he declared, at the request of tho bank officials. AN INVESTIGATION HELD. ' AD CLUB TO HALSTEAD FOR CONCERT TONIGHT The Hutchinson Advertising Club menthol's agreed '<> SO with the bund to llalytead umtght to attend tho free band concert which will start there at 8. o'clock this evening, et the luncheon held at. the Chamber of Commerce, this noon. The meeting this noon was given over largely to a discussion of the membership drive which will bo started in the near future. DODGE CAR STOLEN AND FOUND STRIPPED A HI20 Dodge roadster belonging to M. 13. Hitzmon, a telegraph operator was stolnn sometime during the night and fouiul this morning a mile south and a tiuarter mile east of tho reformatory barn where it bad been abandoned aftor the. thief had stripped It of tires and rims. 1U22 in duties front liquor shipped Into the United Btates, tho article said, t Much Liquor. Tho article, quoting a 'Nassau official, added that estimating that the 1,340,443 gallons of liquor cleared from the Bahamas for .. the United etatos was diluted fifty per cent, this •would mean that more than 200,600,000 gallons of liquor was placod on tho ^narket In this country from the Bahamas alone. "Offlolal documents In Washington .statu that these IdgureH are conservative because there are not Included - tho liquor cargoes carried by forty to eighty boats a month from West End, Grand, Bahama to Florldu, the article said. Rum Runners 8ore." "Tho Turn runners -who do this business,'.' the writer said, "are sore because- London and Glasgow are •ending 'booze to America, 80,000 to 40,000 cases at a time, in bigger nun •hipB than the Bahamas ever dreamed of before; and they have made some strange dreams come true In tie Ba- homas." :•' "While Prohibition officials are seining sealed liquor brought into their hands by legitimate ocean going vessels," the ortiole s »id. "there are but two small cutters to guard the 1*0 miles of Florida coast all made to order for rum running. Advance Advertising, Regarding other moasures to enforce prohibition laws In Florida the article quoting s Miami resident said: "Wo had Colonel Nutt down here from Washington once. I think It was In February, 1922, that the colonel and army of about forty assistants swooped down on us. They Earned us In advance. Tho Associated Proes carried an anuosnceinent from Washington that, tho prohibition director bad decided to clean us up. i The bootleggers seem to believe wfeat they read In Associated Press de­ spatches; at any rate they beat Nutt to It and cleaned up tine town tham- •elves? before be arrived." Two Little Boats. One of tie two revenue cutters works out of Key West, tho other out of Miami, the article stated. A boot- logger at Key West, quoted by the •writer, s«.id the cutter at that point bud made no real captures for throe years. Once tho revenue cutter and a rum runner were tied up nose to nose at Miami, said the article, ahe runner laden wKOt forty thousand oases from Nassau tor Miami. Keen competition existed between the ports of St. Pierre, a Franoii possession aud Nassau, the article stated, charging a working sgreeonect between the points -whereby ram runners Grant) Duke Bnrla. These be lean days for the "docks and dookesses" of the old Kussian czarist rogme. They're finding U necessary to earn a living. Grand Duke Boris, cousin of til..- late czar, is running a~cufe in Pari:,, intent on cornering good, round American dollars. I *—•MMiiiBMiaSimmiiiitfflniiiTiirnnTijnmrniiiiriiii IIIIIIIIIIIII'— GOSSIP Of THE STREET Milium —iiiii'iinli.i ii mm IIIIIII linn I Mill IIIIMIIIII iniiiiiimilium mini Universalis to Plcnlo—The TJni- versalist oburch congregation will have Its annual picnic tomorrow evening at Carey's ake.* the supper to be served ibetween 6:30 and 7 o'clock. Tho friends of the church are Invited to Join In with the members at the picnic. Women and Men Arrested —TUlss Mable Hampton and Mies Hazel Urown of First avonue west were arrested last night churl.ed with being inmates of an Immoral house. Joe Murphy of Tulsa and Henry White of New Orleans were also arrested charged with loitering around the place. —x— Get Alleged Speeder—Jas. B. Bennet of 415 Fifth arenue east was arrested yesterday evening charged with driving his car at 28 miles an hour down iMain street. FOR EPVVORXH LEAGUE. Fare snd s Half for Round Trip to Baldwin. Topeka, Kan., July 10.—The reduction of fares on all KaustU railroads to one and a half for round trip woe approved today by the public utilities commission (or the annual state con vention of the Kp worth League to be head at Dakar university at Baldwin July 18-JO. Boss After Prisoner. Deputy Sheriff Harvey Longford left today for Ottawa to brine back Quy Hammer who is under arrest there charged Tflth removing mortgaged furniture from the county. The Real Reason. Mr. Harding lays the country's unrest to taxes, but poison Ivy Is o&us lng a good deal of activity.—From the Chicago News. A Young Lawyer- Chicago-—Robert A. Loeb, eighteen years old, Is the yojjngcst man ever enrolled on roster of graduates of the University of Michigan. Hs will study law. — 8ome Age Very Fast. Looks are often deceiving. No auto Is over tyenty-slx years old.—Harris burg Patriot. •till the ,6am.. The American eagle bears no semblance to a rod bird.—Washington Post. . A bans, examiner is a man who dis covers an "empty stable,"—Atchison Globs. SOME LIBEL SUITS. It Is for Purpose of Taking Care of Liquor From Foreign Ships. Washington, July 10.—Forfeiture proceedings were decided upon by treasury and prohibition officials today as the means of disposing of liquor seized from ships violating tho prohibition law. Libel suits will be brought against the contraband liquor, it was announced, and not against the ship or commander bringing it in. GROTTO CALLIOPE TO GIVE CONCERT Will Make First Appearance to Advertise Circus—To Tour Surrounding Country. HOBOES SEIZE FREIGHT TRAIN Heavily Armed Mob of Blacks and Whites Put to Rout by Officers at Yaggy. Trying to Learn Reason for Death of Girl Killed Riding With Judge. Kansas City. Mo., July 30.—A coroner's jury today was Investigating the events leading up to tho death of .Miss Elizabeth Dungan, who was killed 'When an automobile in which she, Judge lid-ward .1. Fleming and two other persons were riding, overturned In a suburban district here early Sunday morning, July 1. The coroner's ori'Ice was crowded as the death of Miss Dungan has attracted much local comment. Sunday, more than a dozen churches here adopted resolutions requesting that Judge Fleming resign from his position ss judge of tho SouUiside court.. Judge Fleming was driving the car when It turned over. Testimony 'at the inquest sbowed that the motor party had visited' clibU. n dinner farm near tho city just before thu accident. One 'Wit ncss testified that a half hour elapsed after tho accident before the Hire survivors of the wreck loft the scene or attempted to net aid in lifting the car off of Misi Dungan. " .. DID NULL TRY TO SAVE A LIFE? (Continued Fro-a Page 1.) Tor fnuei'iU mid burial, his 1'uthftr, furmer Hai'ir Louis ltoth, said today. Roth's Body in Cleveland. Cleveland, O., July 10.—The body of Lieut. Louis J. Roth, pilot of the naval balloon A-GU98 in the national elimination race, which sailed from Indianapolis July 4, rested in an undertaker's establishment liere today, pending ^receipt of instructions from Washington as to its disposition. The body was brought hero lust night from I'ort Stanley, Ontario, tut the flying boat Nina of the Aero Marine Airways Company. II. was in ch:irge of Lieut. J. H. Strong, chief inspector of the naval aircraft tit tho Glenn L. Martin flying field here. Tho Grotto calliope will mako its first public appearance in Hutchinson on Friday evening, when at 6 o'clock it will parade up and down Main street, notifying the members of Cyrus Grotto that a big pep meeting will ho hold Hint evening at the Orotto hall at 600% North Main strotit. Prior to tho meeting the calliope will give a concert Btarting at 7 o'clock so us not to interfere with the Municipal band concert. Plans for tho Grotto eircuB to ~be held here July 28 to August 1 arc going nhead at a fine rate./ Bert Snyder who ban the general arrangements In hand said today fie was greatly pleas- etl ut tho progress being made. There will bo no solicitation among the mer- chsnts and* no program advertising being asked to embnrass the merchants. * Calliope to Mnkt Trips. "Tho Grotto Is a Southwest Kansas affair ami wo feel that the members living in the Hutchinson territory wlfl give the circus the support which it deserves. Jn order to let tho surrounding towns know of the coming show we are going to make a number of tours around taking the Grotto calliope with us and giving short concerts at oach place. These tours are open to every one desiring to go whether they belong to the Grotto or not. Come along and boost tho biggest organization in the Hutchinson trade territory," said Mr. Snyder. The Schedule. The '.ours will begin on July 10 and leave every other day. The schedules as arranged by Mr. Snyder and his committees are: -Monday, July 10—Leave Hutchinson S a. m.; Medora, 8:45; Kuhler, 9:30; Inman, 10.S0; Atoundrldgo, 1:U0; Newton, 2:110; Halstcnd, 3:110; Hurr- ton, 4:30; Mt. Hope, 6:00- Haven, S:00 p. m. Wednesday. July 3S—l^ave Hutchinson S a. m.; Abbyville. 9:0(1; Plevna, It; 14; Sylvia, s:4S; Zenith, 10:00; ytatford',"q(l:4,"r, St. John, 1:00 p. n\.; Dilwyn. 1:30; Macksville, 2:15; Hel- pro, :'.:t:i); Larned. 4:15; Pawnee Rock, r,: 10; Gt. fiend, 9:30. Friday, July 20.--Loave Hutchinson H a. in.: Partridge, H:45; Arlington, 9:4. r ,; bang-don, 10:45; Turon, 11:30; p 'reston, 12:30 p. m.; Pratt, 2:00; Cairo, 3:15; Cunningham, 2:30; lvu- ul'is.'t, 3:30; Kingman. tV.00; Vartier, n:3 1 1 : Pretty Prairie., 0:00; Caslletou, 6:ii>; Harlow. 7:00. .Monday, July 23—T^eave Hutchinson S a. in.; Nickerson, #T:4fi; 'Sterling. 9:45; Lynns, 11:30; Littlo River, I p. ni.; VYtndom, 3:4'ii; Conway, 2 :30; MePherson, 4:00; Llndsborg, G:0O; Saliuu, supper then home. Seven vat's boarded a Santa Fo freight train this side of Great Dend curly this morning and resisted ail efforts of tho train crew to put them off. Tho crew falling in their attempts to put tho bums off. telegraphed ahead here and a force of o! fleers composed of Deputy Sheriff .1. E. Burgess, Federal Prohibition Officer James Uobinsou, Snitta Fe Special Agent S. K. Woodr, and Deputy Sheriff Jess Blanpied went out to take them off. When the vags saw the otricors coming they suddenly changed their minds about staying on tho train and took to the woods. After about a three hours search the seven men were rounded up and brought Into the county jail. Two of them were ne­ groes and. the other five were white men. They gave their names as Henry Jackson. 47. Jon Young, 23, both colored, M. L. Anderson, 17, Fd- ward Klink, 43, Harry Jefferson, 17, Justin Oarlock. IS. and A. Collins, 23. . The burns were all armed, according to members of the train crew and were behaving in an ugly manner. Not a gun was found on the offenders and it Is presumed they hid thoir weapons in the Yaggy orchards. The round-up of the fietvting hoboes was effected after a chase which led through wheat and corn fields, woods, .ravines and orchards. The officers were just about as all in as their prisoners when they finally arrived at tho county jail. It is probable that felony charges will be lodged against the trespassers. TOO UATE TO CLAIIiry PoK SAI.K--Fivi'-riwm, r.i.'il.-u •furnaee. 318 \W»t Tn .Tleunlh. ID© Yon IKsitBw thai claaslflid «d» can any thin r TOO have to sell, wcure ar.j-tiling you w !ah to buy, t<-t «oa a foaltloo or •ecure h»lB fo- "our Any lime yea are In .need «>f any of thtia things, call number I, cla«»ir>d department. Tl 11-Mt "We want wmnpin to *"anvw.ns Htitrhln- son ami BurroimrtiTiK territory for *• ViiaratttLseri im.tlonJt.1 product. You nprd m*t malt* a Rait*, Jus: demf»n«i r;t ' f li<« t'lodiirt. Th« Biilrp torn* nftcrwjxvds. Vv'«* w :inL yvimien tvho linvo n ['l^sisirijj t>er- fljtjMility unil titutr! 1» P able tr> m\\ with trio luuiscwn*es of the city. Mupt Sir not mid clean ml have good ftlumt\i ,n. l-*avv*. vi.ur limne EL ml !i*T(lr«!TH at Tin- Nou.i office in l»nx R-llfl amS u <> will mil and liiivc u pel fuinai Interview with •«> , u. Tl 10-17 for rfnt. Must he nv<;r twelve .uul have a U'hr.'l. T! !<I-U -M vnfK to eMiitp ilp.iwrs - -My house u( Ki\xi K.Hii-th ia off tho KDK IIRNT Kivr-ruom i-utt.i£ ( . TL Inquir*! East U. E H at llt -U Two special Imiirnlno for this ucMt: Owe almost new Rultlfji ojik, JLi'i.. $rifi U " extra fir, ' udt '- f:i»e tune,* No othP .r More like ours in Kn .riMiis. We buy for Inns, we ftr-lt for W:s^ ii. «. Finurrs 305 Xnrth \V«lnut, }S \t\.\i GlfAllANTKKD rebuilt typcwrllcin of all iniilir-f. Wp do cUaiiSns nn.3 r-M'».i!nng KfcnlJiol Tyiifwrlter KKelin.i«t'. Phoiu- W Tl 4-2r.t F( iH Ut-;XT Four-room hot>«..-. h-J l.lh^rly nvenue, CiLreyvtllc. t \u- G(U.»1> iK -iaril, room und Uith. FOH SAUK--Fox terrtf I'll II llHJMV 3.U K .T«t |.;. 1 >- in-is JCALX ON WAY TO A JURY. A Plea From the West. At this Ht -ason of the yeur, when bathing-beauty contests are jiEo, will some one pleaso launch ;i pretty potato parers* tournunieut?—Froiu tho Portland Oreguniun. This Is the Move Mode So Far in the Negro. v Lynching Case. Columbia, Mo., July 10.—Tho panol of forty .uen, fi-uni which the jury to try 6'Korgo Barlcwell, cliargod with nmnler in tho first degree. In connection with tho hanging of Jara &r, T. Scott, iifgTO, was t 'omplotpd thin aftornoon, and Judge R. S. Gantt, ordered a recess until 9 o'clock tomorrow morning. An erfort will he nuido attorneys for the •fit*ite and defence to complete their ebiaUengoa by that time, to that the trial may proceed at ouce. A toLal of 107 -veniremen were examined before the- panel was completed. Miss Verita and Mis;-- Gladys .Mow«:>ry '•.avi! returned frodii a we.'k^ visit with friend .-i at Liberal i\ut\ Me-ule. , Mr. nr.d M M. 1>. Hndfi-* and Mrs. .lanes t'ook nf Macksvil!" and Mrs. IT. .1. Pornv.-rli of S;. .John motored ii .To today to be with fri07ids. •Mrs, Harry Co!liuj;tv<>fHl and dau.vh- tiv, I/.icy, wlio have ln-en here visiting relatives, left, today for their home in Topeka. M ist; Hope < Yarry will HI rive the first, of, next week from Kansas <'lty, Mo. Owin.i,' to Hi'- continued illin «sH of her motlier, Mrs. M. .1. t'eurey. 527 6th Kast, Mie is yh'ing up her position with the \\". V\\ i 'lodkinyoii cor- poraiion, wlio .rr she hay ii«-en employed as ste -nrrprapher tor Ihe. paftt. year. Miss Tearf y iiii .Mid:- to :~pr-r.d the rest of the summer .ind-prolfjildy the winter in Iluirhimion aftf -v which, slie in-* tends return int.; to Kansas I 'fly. MUST GO TO JAIL. Drunken Motorists Were Sentenced to Serve Time nt Kon&as City. Kansas City, Kan.. July 10. —Two motoristK, iOdward Crane. .'Ill, and James L T rskin, were iHUitenct -d here today to tliiity daya in jail and fined IfIIa tatd) on a i:iuirge of being drunk and curelcs driving. These- were tVje first Jail r.en'ences for traffic violators undtT a new city ordinance which went into effect Saturday. TYl'KWUITKU riUlums fi .r all m ,tk- H of lypi'writers. Kemaol Tvpcwuu-r l. J \- chungc, "1 "West Fii'Bt, phuno 4L 1 ::. and pntnt!n(i. ^'. M. Beam, ytiou** 5P0W or 101 WcBt SJMh. Tl 23-alt Wt: c'u-an, flt^e anrt acvnli i\i«s» Wn /lo nit klnda rug reiiaiiiitg. i'hoiu- tfi:: fi>( BOYS EARN EXTRA srKNM.NO MCNKI HV HKI.I.INO THU XKWR Ai'1'l'.H ( 1'. M. EACH KVENI.v'O. in.' ST/UITM Yin'. AI'I'IA 1 TO WU. UHAULi. .Ni-nVH Oi''i''ii:i:. i-j in. .,',1 WeslteirtiD Slate Hfl ^Biise & ©ffiKce OeateiiisS Co. Ol.U AN O NKW WINtniWS i i.!'..U\KU. mius OI;H SI'I:OIAI/\ v niimtiy IT Wiirl! I -J not Bntl ..f:ii.!:jiv. 1'HOXl.: SM 810 NOI'.TH MAtn.R, aUTfJllXSCIN. KS •l'i ...':f.t BTrri'KTi'MnTK fnr "wu;0 .ii'. « lc p.'i' Kiillon .lorn "f ten K;I ''"!''' "f rtw.r.'. Tin' Mui'Ulen C -.tunuMv •.'.-. -ir :-l 8«ulh Slain. •"• Wadlifliki AiiUwwaiiBiceaii'.'Eafts Tin. CiDl.Ull Kui^ 1'l'tHS, " Kh^:-io:.ii I., .a tl- ^1 ;t. BWSraMAWCE & LOANS I f vuii np«l insnruti '.H 1 or nt-t M a :-.;ni cr.'.ll in,' mill let im> f.xi>l;i'n to y>\i; Kir-! t«>] iiiulu, autniiioMU:, li.inUi ty. (j..inp«ut,,i ti"ii, Iteliith and arrtilrnt, iili-r.vit buigiary, aral imirist flojitrr. W. It. SlCI-IH'tN JH South Main. Phonr B:> '1*1 * ON THE ALASKAN TRAIL WITH HARDING—No. 3 The Simplification of "Overlapping Functions" Problem Too many girls Ko to doctors instead ot their parents lor udvlco. THE NEWS TELEPHONE, 4400 TWO or thn-e nlcMy furntiihol ho'ific- Ft>H HALF•-•2£0 ehlrktfrwi from m* v« n to tln't-.v montliw old, ut 22 i "Wrvr Pwt.n Foil SA 1T*op rorn wiartilne. I^Htnin»rn KUKH .1- more. 3 N'ra^h MniM. IS Hi-lin FOIt jiA LF~-Fat fri(**»-. SSf \>or i»i>\iml. 1'hofti' 10K2. Mrs, Arthur I »OV,TI I I« 22 r<:<\ Id-It Fc\i I'tt-JNT Nir^ly -rurnlshwl iij.a: !nn tit vvlihrn Hartttio, modem con v*'nlt-nnH, tiosj-.t-MMltHi July IE; 211 K KBL A. I'hi>i!« if-r G :;f(). iu-it .«1ST i arcliriK ("(iiiOtinlrifr it i •!>«-.Flrfltn- r«-«u« 216 Kant FiKhtti and roccivt 1 ri"-\ iH.lify NtsWs iff.'iec!. (r aS DEPARTMENTS CONTROl ALASKA - 7H£Y DIME MONQ M THEM t'35 DISTRICT 60VERtiENTflL /ICTIVWES-PRES. HARMS MIL STVOY THE COMPLEX. SITUflT/ON MTH THE V/EWOF PlflCING BEFORE THE MB/NET A PROdMH/1 TO UMFX HNO SIMPLIFY THE SOW/TIONS Electric Light and Power a Safe Investment Do you know that tho business i.f sui'tilvinir electric power is (Jiif of the most firmly estatli'luul and s-le.idily growing industries in the United States. Besides that the securities of these companies have proven themselves to be as safe as ^ny offered for sale. There are eighty-one large electric companies in the United States today which each, last °year, generated more than 100,000.000 kilowatt hours of electricity. A careful analysis of the his­ tory of these companies as have preferred or capital stock outstanding shows that all are paying current dividends and only three have any accumulated dividends unpaid. This company is paying dividends regulaily and has a long unbroken record of paying them. We. are offering our pre­ ferred stock at $82.50 per share to earn 7>4%. 'The attached coupon will bring you complete in formation, United Water, Gas & Electric Co. Customer Ownership Department. United Water, Gas & Bh -ctrlc Co. tientl 'jiuori: I 'leitso aer.d roc- WiluruuUou about Jour preferred stock, Namo „ Address city

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