Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 29, 1941 · Page 2
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 29, 1941
Page 2
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gage Twd 1TEBLING DAILY GAZETTE. STERLING, ILLINOIS y,_ October 29, 1 Central School Parent-Teacher Meeting Tuesday Panel Discussion On 'Does Money Moke The Man?' Is Enjoyed The href midlenre *h;rh uttend- pri :hr Oc'.ober tnfftiiK <">t c:rn::al «;< hooi P. T. A found an urriMinilv fine program prepared. *nd judeine from thr «piendid rr?pon*e 11 perm- ed to plcnse and intrrc^.i alF Ourtnar Bpnson. chairman of Hie program committee. started thr program with community slMRinu. aided bv the fourth cruder* of Mi*« B ewe's room This ^«s followed b>- an appropriate Hallowe'en play, M>iriidid- ly enacted by « Rroup of fourth graders under the direction of their teacher. Ml** Christopher. The piny called "Attic Hallowe'en" showed how the stuffed costumes In the attic of the home of * lonesome* boy and girl came to life bringing them unexpected Hallowe'en happiness. The part* were very cleverly taken and much praise is due the&t little actors. Those taking parts were Nancy Hanson, Aunt Oretchen: Warily Miller, Muriel: Gene Been.- tel. Clifford: Clark Premiss. Clown: Ronette Bhawger. (tipsy: Vera Hanhroan. witch; William Stewart, §ho«t; Phylll* D* Weerd. ghost. Warren Thummel jrave the Introduction. and there was a chorus of Hallowe'en spirit*. Th« topic of th* evening. "Dof.s Money Make The Man?" was given In the form of a panel dl«cus»ion. It was ably handled by the chairman. Frank Itnyre. assisted by Mis* Helen Hamm. Miss Kathrlne Burke. O. A. Fackler and Sheldon Fordham. It w*« plainly evident that each dis- cusalon had been carefully thought through with the Idea of trying to leave some helpful and thought pro* voklng Ideas with the audience. This topic Is part of the general theme for the year. "Defense Begins At Hone." . Th« speakers brought out the points that money doe* not make the man and that It was wrong to think of money as having the power to main the man. Money Is the accumulation df energy and we should think of money aa an opportunity. fiome make bad use of their accumulation of money and tome make food use of It fiome people cannot be depended upon to sustain themselves with the bare necessities .of Ufa such aa food, clothing and shelter. Th* family budget is the solution for all thoat who wish to wisely spend their money. There arc M budget* available which can be used aa a basia for f amillea who wish to act up a budget of their own. No .bualneaa man would think of running his business along the unbual- nata like way that many families do. A budget it a plan of spending whereby you cam wvs) tap mending. Living on • •tudftet trftnsja tbout the fin* feUowah* Hut ahould exist in •very family. It waa brought out that we can tnprov* cur apandlnf by learning what U beat to buy. The govern- ment If helping by nrftinf up of a consumers Information and hy In- and rr>rrfet .i)ftbeiine. More satisfaction ran b* Rsinfrl for the family resource by the skillful buvlnjr of the hoii'-e^'ife. Buying season*! foods and knowing the h?*t nits of meats and the meaning of the various iabcK on canned food'. The nations! emrrRency we are nom fseinf brmE* increas? in price*. »nd wages. Inflation Is Ilk* » rubber balloon blown up until it burMv Wi.te mnn- RRfm^iv of mon^y will '-top Inflation The bitvlnst of <rovfrnm<*nt bond', ftr.rt Rovernment stamp* and •;;r <avit;g for a rainy day. The nation which is at the top is thr one which knows how to manage its monry. Much unwise unending is brine rtonr in our emrrjfenry today and we should take crcat care In r]rr;n>sr to office only those men who are honest and know how to widely spend our money. So the qufMion 'Dors •Money Make The Man?" depends on how we use it. District Conference Mis. A W. Brhrens save an rx- 4-fllent report on the annual district confrrrnre held nt RockfOrd to which she was a delegate. Mr. Benson announced that the next meeting on November 25, would have as Its topic "To Market We Go." and will be In charge of Mrs. James Walton Frank Itnyre. vice president, conducted the business meeting before the program. Mrs. Behrens. chairman of the membership, announced the results of the drive. There are 430 members, which Ls (13 per cent of the school. The room mothers of the school were members of this committee and are to be commended for--tnelr untiring efforts, as thl* number^ops-any previous rear. An announcement was made concerning the Clara Tree Major play. "Poor Little Rich Girl." which Lincoln and Central t*. T, A.'a are sponsoring on November 26 at the coliseum. The entire meeting was preceded by a family picnic supper enjoyed by many. The social committee responsible for this delightful part of the evening was Mrs. Robert Honens. Chairman; Mrs. Floyd 8lex, Mrs. Ralph Itynre, Mrs. Charles Brown. Mrs. Albert Schwab. Mrs. Fred Grebner, Mrs. Ronald Bhawger, and Mrs. Bryant Selden. Father of Sterling Woman Built First Erie 'Phone System Th« nin«t«enth anniversary of th« death of Luther Walllnrlord, builder-of the first telephone system In Portland and Brie, was Wednesday, it was noted by one of his daughters, Mrs. Myra "Pumpkins, of 612 Sixth avenue, Sterling;, as she reread an obituary of him In The Gazette of October 39, 1923. Mr. WaUlngrord, who was a native of Ohio, came to Portland in 1M7. bought land from the government and lived on it the remainder of his lite in 1NO he •wnied Mies Anna ftelle Curtla of Bprinc Hill. Although • farmer by Principal occupation Mr. Walttnglord became a bridge and culvert contractor in connection with his larmlng. it was in 1901 that he conceived the idea of building a telephone line f ran Oene- to Portland. The idea Special Hiltowe'M Step Show . 3lsl A Rolliddnlr Rtrnpafinj SUge Show, Featuring — Ninety Minuttt of Non-S>lop Entertainment — With "Shoot The Work*" Different — New — Terrific Fun! Comedy! Music! Variety!' Entertainment Galore! Wltta JM •esuiel ef tMe THM A Fir*- res^jsiny. Wttk Stan ef asrf lUuMe. WUH a USM ef Make • stele fer Htk eaUtaaaUa* e>enl "aM aa ervni-ag ef fun. Alsitnlin He whh Ui 8P.M. Itmtmt ftiatsflM Me ~ «Mfe tex JCMMN WNtY rrsto * prol^et «sd *ft«r nibscrUjew h* h9f*n irork. Mrs. TownStln*. then A girl, rpmttnbers that he bmitht poles for »h* line ^rom ?***• Idaho, and SI m*n «*re em to ijn)o«d and dlMrlbu"? the the route. 23 When th* line from O^ri<"*o to PwtitTxi run finished the Mchanjp was op«?ratefi in the Walllnsrford residence. It was » S>romber?-C«r!«on swltchbowrd of the bmttery type. TTie daughter Myra. now Mrs. Trnnpkin-*. was thf oriera'oi. Roon aftT this line was in operation he built another line to Hillsdale and One to Eric Mr. Waulnaford operated his telephone lines until the ioad became too hcjv. y and the properties were taken over by Kfith Toirjucnd of Erie, who still operates the property. Mrs Tompkinn that Gus awfdfni!*:. leading grooen-man of Eric, was the first telephone frub- scriher In Erie Mr. Swederu.s moved the exchange from the WalHtiK- ford residence to Erie after h« acquired the property. Thrse oriRtnai telephone lines are now owned by th« Crescent Telephone Co. of Hillsdale. An incident In the construction of the telephone line which caused much concern was «n electrical shock which John Myers of T*m- pico received white he was working on the construction force. He wag rendered unconscious for two hours. but finally was resuscitated and suffered no ill effects. Mr. Wallingford, as a contractor. raised the Methodist church at Erie and built a basement under it, as a contribution from his family, who were members of the Methodist church there. Mr. and Mfs. Pluck Have Anniversary Mr. nnd Mrs, John Pluck observed their 37th wedding anniversary Sunday evening at the home of their son and wife. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Fluck of Hume. Their two daughters. Mrs. Willis Coward and Mrs. James Walton, were co-hostesses. Twenty-five old friends and neighbors were present. A'dellghtful supper was served and the evening passed in an enjoyable way. Mr. and Mrs. Fluck were the recipients of a number ot beautiful gifts. Syslem of Siltdit Physical Exams Nay Not Be Changed Here plan* of the n I« h*"adquarf''rs to ch«nsrM Irs the system of crvr.- ducting physic*! eTsminariorx of : draft cj».rw!lda;et there may be no ; chanjre in Iiimo;« procfd:;rr. i Pa-{l ft Arrr.«;ronst. state t*}T-\ tive <3T'. !f dire-tor. x«k3 totJar he' had m<M\rd dirfcilons to arrange 1 for a sTiip whkh would btin? army! draft randida-rs before military doc-: tors for final examination from 15 to 30 dfus befoT- thrlr sched's>d Induction. He said, however, that h« had a'-kM national hradq'.iart^is not to Include Illinois in app'.ira- tlon of the plan Armstrong explained the natior.a' board's- instructions to arrange lor earlier final examinations had resulted from numerous throuchout the countn- that many candidatrs. who were passed by local doctors and later rejected by army doctors at Induction station*, were subjected to undue hardship. fluch men. In many cases, had *o!d possessions, quit Jobs, and completed arrangement* for entering the army. Upon rejection, they found themselves out of work, victims*-** TbMktgiviR| CARDS and PARTY 680DS CHOOSE FROM OLR VERT LARGE SELECTION Chase's it Phone 814-J BEAUTY IS YOURS WHEN TOC GO TO THE CRYSTAL. Pertnanents SHAMPOO FINGfeR WAVE 75 c PHONE 240 Crystal Beauty Shop SU fin* An. - STERLING finiincJal TOM**-*, and ^rsprt tp rm- b*rr»v3*rM»nt, eomplAtnts to natJonsl stated. Arm»trm\f said thTf hsrt a mlntmum of mjch r*.«r» in ts. nnd that h» FS* rnmpi^t' > ]y with th* prpj^nt Illinois «r\-nt««m for condvicting medical PX- jwnination*. "Th* (VKtors of niinni* «nd t\\ f !o<"s! hoards hfivr bf^-n d"ini7 n }<~>-> that i* 100 p^r cent. Mtl5'»rtory," .Arm»!ror)«t *«i<1 W^rtjifr uiinol* rtruft offlrlnl^ •^'O'lld be Ifn< f -<l to mRlc* 1 !!)<• ch«npc OMT thfir r>njfi . tlon* Rpr>srfn: iv rf^ff) wl'h nations! «rlfctlvr «CT- vic* offirfrs who w^rr rr;>ortr-rt ~\\\} considrrintr thr lllmnjc i^f)';' li; t for ronimuation ot Its prfsrut siatus T\}f early final examination plan a'.rmdy has !xfn placed In effect in Prnnsylvanla and Wlvon.'ln " It^ Bdvatitaae, a«i rmintrd out by national wlrctlve service hesriqim- tT5. if. that Jrotp^rtUp inrturtrra do not ha\-p to quit tlKir jf>b<; or otherwise prepare to Irn\c riMiian ilfe until aftrr they ha\e ixrn ttrf- initfiy nrrrptrrf for army «*-rvi,fV After final phyalcal examination. I affairs. Armstrong .*«M Illinois draff officials br!v?r^f! there irs* no nec*«- sity in Illinois for requiring prospective selectees to sppemr for ex- Ernins.'; ri n t.'*r» prpf'k* to one nionth before inrt.irnon. $25,000 Damage Suit Against P. J. Speroni Estate Goes to Trial In *:•.* ^' court of Burea'i rnuniv a -irv L« b*4nz *eiert*rt to frv a *i ? -vxi damage cult, filed by Donald Piper, Walnut minor, and hi.-: ;.T::-":. E'igenf Pljyr. agftla"t R . AD1O Atnplilicntion -*uto oaivt-iN SERVICE H0«ii-*uto RADIOS MAIN 411 fttBSTIft >OUND SEECK'S 113 I, THIHO STBtCT BOWL YOUR BLUES AWAY! ROLL TEM DOWN OIR CENTENNIAL LANES. MAKES YOU FIT AS A FIDDLE. OPEN DAILY AT Z P. M. We eater e*ptclally to the Udln In the afternoon. LEAGUE BOWLING Monday*, Wednettfay*. Thun* days and Frldayi)—7 to 9. OPEN BOWLING AFTER » Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday open t* everyone. ^ PHONE POLO K GOLDEN BOWL BOWLING ALLEYS POLO SEND "HER" A POM PON PLANT! Fully in flowtr now, with colorful foliagt and bright colors of ytllow, orchid, b r o n x t and whitt. Thty'rt choice with 6 to 10 budi and flowtrs on each plant. Just Phont Us. DO YOU KNOW? We hive daintily colored fawnt— soluble for* a lovely mantle ylecc —Tor cut flower* or plant*. Swortley's 17M E. FIFTH ST. FLOWER PRONE I Istratw of th» wtnte of pc?fr .!. Speroni. T5r ra.** JnxT»ue.< ?h<*> in- ,snr»n"' v cnw.psiny whkh holds the] lijty.llTv po!:<:y on the truck. • Suit L< result of inj'inp 1 ; inrurred j by Dors'.'! P'.rrr in an S'sto arfid^r!' ' A ITU 2*. !<H<t. on Route M near Van Onn. Plaintiff alleees a Speroni cArr.ivn! truck was parked on SKI? hi|th«»y urtthftut JJthte- driving ft Ford V-», crswhed Si it. Winfield Ode!!. Walnut hig school ymith. was killed In the acrt dfnt. NO CLOTHS NO CHAINS NO SPtlNGS sot iT. Gbis nltf r ROD KNABE HARDWARE And Sheet Metal Shop Rock Falls Phone 188 STATE Sweet! Swing! Jive! «tf th* Natlnn AMIS BOWLING CLUBS Ilf ICIALLY FOt THI LADIIS V ' * Join our afternoon bowling club among your fritndf and share in the fun and exercise,—it's an enjoyable way to keep trim and fit! Or, join one of the night leagues . now in existence by registering at our alleys. Bowling is good for you, it's fun, and so inexpensive! Sterling Recreation Phone 1384 In h»r I«k li CtolnMM •( tfc* Ctm- cf the N»«a t«|le«. A carian •( U WJowfAi_ JMicf of AJriinn*Am9tanJ f •nrf m«n In rfi« camps the cigar»ff» ffcof'f [Sff> t DifinMy MILDER and BEJJER-TASTING 'I ^fW/ » / ng about Ckostorfiold {r mode for your pleasure and convo- nionco... from thoir fine, rightly blended tobaccos to their eoty-to-opon cellophane jacket that koopt ChostorfUld always Froshor and Cooler-Smoking. Buy a pack and fry Hbsm. Vow'ro iwro fo ftfro mom oocovso mo Ltg ifciiia ffcaf's junking CfctslofHtJsf . ofcooo* off ovor mo cownfry k ffco approvaf of smofcora f/lro yowtolf* tVt*YWHt*i YOU OO i for Cora Cola" Starts Monday, Nov. 3 SKID i « M* WHBF and MUTUAL 1270 on your dial. THUR. I FRI. ADULTS ONLY RATTLE OF THE SEXES! SEE! "Ill SELL MY LIFE" -ALSO"THE HUMAN MONSTER" Can You Take It? CITIZENS BEWARE! BELLE STARR (THE IMDIT QUEEN) W ARRIVES AT STATE Theatre Sat Nov. 1<t DENNIS MORGAN in "KISSES FN MEAKFAST LLOYD NOLAN In "MESSED TO KILL" Tfcyrsdiy, Friday, Saturday^ 2FMtirti 2 iKMninii JOHNNY DOWNS !• A UNIVMSAI HCTUM STATE THEATRE LWT MY! IN— UT OF THE FOG" STRAND-20c a lOc "WB SF s" Filmtd in Gloriou* TICHNICOLOR! TAK INCLUOIB RUDY VALLII in aft M

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