The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on December 1, 1971 · Page 13
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 13

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 1, 1971
Page 13
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(or Sale 103 i A WOOD BO M »(»t llthM. IWMmiltf, <ii»t >n4 KvMOit iitfioi Alt IM it »* M II* t WMM (kMt* f*W fl« !•«•* Ul M UtM tVMMtf «< ft' IKMCIK itf'i'f O»lr I miM (r«oi A*«!*l** OfWc ft^Hi «jtlf, II 4 m. MV IIH HOMO** l*Hf V DIM »«(k >»» < fcMll«4 l>m> «W« m»n». HMIII, »i nn • H*IO«U •• tl latnutt M , l nit M«, IIW* MX i M r*<tt< »• t KttlOt Hint tali M IM lin M >• Mif»w»44 H*.*V*«*M< IAKOI trCAllv, JII I«M UNO FOR SALE »l«e»ot unnoti I n,n MM »«i«, t»«M >.<•«> J 14111 Ml, fetiwit |IMK '< M«'t •«•/ VMI«I. Mir HIM for Sale 105 »(lft M On 1 " ('*•* , Ml M Mdl'"'! (M « 1*11 ««**•' »>w« H«H, H»r« R» CwnmiiMtf in MM " MV <«!•». twill mtMIM4«»IKlMKW O«r OOOO M» «* M., Ill, wtr^ tt,iM4*«Af • BALTr. IHIIH «<,»•, ct me ton* Investment Property 110 Hospice aim: easier living for the dying NKW IIAVI'.N. Conn, <AP/ group ol clergymen and - A corporation tuit Ix-en medical profeioiiriwil* established it, make living "|I'&B period ol lifdliM can «ftiltT f«ir ii>? dying have u lot of meaning It cim Hoipice, [in-. i» i,n IK- content, full (/(joy, with lots ofgani/4li<m dttllcftlirtj to the <// reminiwmg," she say* terminally (II Originally a -There is ttn pl.ic<- m Ihe a dvirttt •• i» a |»Ui«» viljcti- il t.Mfi't Iw piitn-nl," say* l)r most -Aill (i(i)r|<<f)U'rK, u Vir are trying to iiukr ; t i«d pmii-stu/r </( ^urjji-ry u lying iiiuM- tiumiin inn) YnIf Vhwl ol MMiniw in-j(iin|j!u! ' tayn I lr>fi SHI-S Hi-<-».p|jimi-. r.v«'iitl"tll"'l yl ."•" ttttVtb' VOll I L/C U>CU sil* -rf; f J ,),»,(^ ' ,,*• = -, >ht ff t ; - -_ ^^ r*» ll " " Tir ' IJ *' '^'*- '•'•'' ^ >iiii i.i-.'. : . _ Post Off ice says xrr^'iv;,^. «t f t* < ' I i * t A', * I-.- .. ( .'H'fr;i! < "l.'.'.ji:!,i! M.I- if;, iri^; |wIn-fit '* Ixj i i '-f > !.«A!I *.!><>•* B (tier- !5 !,o |^,j»- («; ;v si! S.I-.! Tnitei bb for Rent 124 : J '-••' Mobile Hocrm 125 lor Sate 105 « 1 A<«t t r ,, : > ,„„,.,*, Jy.,.,,,., I'l l.»..,l ,,.,„• I „„„, ,„,, ^ j. ,.,. ( f ^^ ».| *< *C t |it* , ».,-«*•. ».t.t tifi *n *i**i ALL NEW 1972 MODEL ( m BRAZOSPORT FACTS WANT-AD INFORMATION 1** I't \i 1 Mil U Mt U) MH IM s COME BY i SEC WHY B£ST TRAILER v,, I;:* r.t •>! in \HI i' ( i> \t U in <• -,, :u „ ,-, .,.*, OHO MOBILE HOMES SALES Til H» MM\ \!t ,.».,>,.,,., t*-. fc,,,,,,»»,•! nn .V 1 . « ',,!,' «,-, M ->jl -I ».,-, t »,«l.<«M-, !»- >':',<•!> I« FOSSEL'S REALIY 798-2700 BRAZORIA k II 1 AC (>44W>*««y IH •« HMI >M^ 'I AC «<«» 1»««-| I'U «•• n , >l »C l»«, Al'li l4JlV<"Vl S "•"*•' *» WXO OUT 0> KOUUt At i .'.'U! !T *ttO MOUICI ,' ..?* 233-6351 845-7554 Mobile Homes (of Sale 125 j 0 r*M4i j» m r L UNO OCATORS * 297-34W !>*> «r M<kl l>kk Grlintb. Hrtllor I«CI« I«»CI| *>c« »« I'l -imi I tM MHttlt f tf'l lit W»l - fcvt* KHI ^'Kf '(tfvcml 1^*1 *«r «<r« f«M CVO»( OU moil U)>- wot 1* s» \ «r<*V« III 411] ' H ° 11 HOVt> *.-I«^f'«^ i9:tUA\Kiu:i'u Nu itumrv iluw n ^SMUJ luu mimlMi |i.i\inrni \S(,I CHIN MOItll I \M\\\ * Ittll S \i-|j»te«. Kl» U73 SAVE $3000 tlVlHvr V06HI M$ ^V^s-if!?7Tj l t.:Tr j ^jT^^ s ^^ tS!: ^* J=J '~ IJ ^*~ a ^ t ""^ t ^-* M *~ YOU ASK FOR IT B { NO DOWN PAYMENT-REPOSSESSIONS I j -VA UlASS KAST • I III. VI'K.ST J'lUI i:s « lACKiMOwtiiii c,,,, i,i ( i» - IISI -Ht-Sl n»NSTHiniuN f MW »»«»!C^.WIK.- >m, - M..I.I.I raF.\clU»i»r IH-aln Wl l'h»n>l«luit. Inr Naliem'* \u t S 'Ji '"" " ' *"'«>• '*">'»«>< '>""> Ig; «u IKK ,i *<i, .< »»f N« i in i Mil .ilb «•»* M *<««»-Jw« Vlr^U Br WONDERUND „ t?rJ«?' I MOBILE HOME SALES I EMBARGO ON MAIL LIFTED M.iu is ,»^,un nit's nsj; iluou^h jil peirts (o OVfl'MM!. de-Mlliatlollj. Thr P.ifiuns li.ivuij; holuiay )-)ii|)[iifiil<> lo (ure'ifin l-|Hll!lll|v> .slloulil llhlll Illl-lll .U »MU'l' riinslina!, paro-K (or tl^lant suili-s \nitiin tin- I iiiioil Si.jic.-, should tu- >lll|l|H'(.i till' illsl l)| fK-vfinlx-r to a und tin- Tlie Hf(A7X)8PORT PACTS, Kh-cport, Te*a«, , DeciMWber i, 1171, MctfMif , l»«|« II Injunction hearing. final report on valuations wa* Brtdfje Dcpt, presented to the Board of Phillip* and Pritchard t««t &)iiali/atlon. The date of the an Immediate bid to place the <Continued from Page* I) Hnal report wax about two coal of compiling the record* Tnxt'i. will tic (iv»f*»«l MI the t«iM» tif 20 per cent of market weeks ago, Judge Arnold said. In Ihe plaintiff*, Cofflpton l< viiluc uiwIiTiIn- m-v, [irogrfltn, Prcviowly an a*w**ment ratio Th«! Board of Equalization withholding action on thai i.l 10 |*-r cent *;«i ti|>|)lic<i lo inost rwil proiwrty ami im- formally closed ft* hearings request, Prifchard said It (xovMm-nh on Nov. £1, (he day before the would cost several thousand* <'i>n». Ufiwiix-ctoWTJiitKBctd rwcntly thiit Ji Ux rate could public rwdget hearing, Arnold dollan to produce the records, wl »»<- i«V.|/i'-') l*K»lly except irs a regular meeting of Corn- added. During the hearing of »niw»i«/nm f'/.u/t 'Hi* 1 I/wit?/-) hc/innK"' N'>v,24 was a »p«c)»l ArnolrJ, hrnvwer, »a|d he Prllchard's motion, v w,ii,r, voted against closing Board of questioning revealed that part Arnold TiM-sA-iy came under i>r»t>ing (juwdionlng from three Equalization hearings at lhat of (he revaluation of real 'iillcrrii! 'ID.IIlint-. AMI iJist Any Kiclwird McKlya, svho lime "because some people estate was done by a con- K-l»ffMtii.ii (iif "ituity. AnKleiuti Any. Iceland Kw;, counsel for had not been heard and should tractor Identified as "Davis il.f ptdiniifU. .-in'! JIK!K<- Oimpton have been." All of the County and Wilson." All (|iK"M!i,in-i flu-ply into the county•'* Uixing proccduroi awl Commijwiorwr* voted for the Pritchard testified that K.iid.'uts voih tji<- ,-tp)it;iiwrs, Pfitchan) and AblnK. closing of hearings, he while he had responsibility for K«.'f- iiftkif) Arrmld.if )><• wus (cstificd. this project as manager of the wiih <hc t.'nilorrn i-nrrn' in. Judge Arnold Olher tentfmony given by Houston branch of the com- n-f/liwl, "w>" Arnold Tuesday included pany. he did not have full "This leave* you very details of the Hoard of authority here. He said his sborf" McKlya asked. KqualiMtions procwJure in decisions were subject to "Y'n>, Mr," the county judge hearing taxpayers and other approval from the Ft. Worth K-j)lic-(j administrative details. office. '!( tin- lax <bUtemenu *i.-nt Judge: Arm/Id was the only Pritchard said the company •Ail uninediatvly -*ould any witness called Tuesday, Other is a co-partnership of E. S. tnoii'ry rcirrn- m''" McKlya witw.-sw.Ti sch(rduM to testify F'rilchard and John L. Abbott, (jiifiiiorml include all four com- both of Kt. Worth. The general "Yi-t>. sir." Arnold xftim mis&iorejr*. four employee* of manager is Ed Pritchard, also rc-piiM JVifrfcird and AWxitt, County of Ft. Worth, he said. (( tin.- s(,-i((-mcfit<i are ( " lf ' ri! Hertxirt Stwenn and He identified E.S. Pritchard Tax /VvM!»*or-Collector H A. as hi* uncle and Ed Pritchard 'niwn;^ as his cousin He said he was Te-<itimoTiy '*a!i scheduled to an employee of the company n-sumf at B ;i m tfxtiy only. Id-lore the injunction The plaintiffs in the case are iK'armg rx.i^in Tuesday af represented by Kee and '(•rnoon. Judge Ccmipton Oe%-eland Uavis. The county Iw.-ird M-M.-ral moliwa related is represented by District t« (he case during the morning Atty Ogdcn Bass, his !««ur» frf the pr'x-wdmfjx. assistant, Richard McElya, Aiiglei«n attorney Mtchiiel and Jimmy Phillips Jr. I'hiihfft had I;icd u motion to While Pntchard and Abbott f'.udK''! 1-v-* "I 7<-*;u and il *•«, libi) it mr/)iii;ir> ol the C'ft»i!y UidRifl Iwd tn U- fiM with the AriH<M i.rji-1 the < (far! !h;i( Iw ».'.Ht av,.-||i- iA Itti- i;iv. (hii! r--.lli ill v,iii an ;i»k<-!) 'on asV.i-'] Hoard of '([<.- summer f i-ci-iv injj in- or; properly ifinv I'nlthar?! Fiuri Ux- . ;i!i<Jii;-K !h.ii this (!; '/ UhM-<i •<•<•! I tht- s i;i of True!! LS not a party to the case, the J. manager <A Ihe company is represented by branch o( I'ritchard Jimmy Phillips Sr. Truelt M Pntchard. while a witness, is not a party to the suit. ;i ;.'--^ '. (^ Pntchard'*! Mjtfjyy-rvi ap par<-ii!iy cail'-d for him Uj present certain company rccr,rds t A .i), fjt^ tr-stimony i<her ijurip- j^-i! all o/ the rw/tdv -Ai-re rml i!: his per- '•^iiuii cu'twJy IAII in company lie MDS jipjk'jren'Jy ordered '.') appear as an indssiduai and r-,n'. a's j repri-M-n:.a!r.e of his Judge Corupton. (wAi-ver, "•. <-rrull».-d Phillip. 1 .' motion ;>ntj ordered Pritchard !o pr'xl'.icc a tiumtx'r of r«<jrds. 'iLiriiig the lunch recess -.t--.i-r.!l h<r',:c- )xm-s »f ritords '.?-.<.!!• ti> Priichard and AMUSEMENT GUIDE VELASCO WKE BEACON Richwood to discuss taxes and insurance i'-.i.-.-r ipii-.:!^,-.!-,}; l, : . Hi-.- r !•-. i jii-ii '.li.i! Houro ol r.(- ! ;.! S: ;.il :c:\ Jiffn fi-fl;r t v rnfftrr, nv.f & M T («.' (,i» Iti-R \rtm L'*'8**ik ICMKsCOvOS n c\vi unu- s lik- thctv's SUMMER OF'4 .'ml |-'K\. S (3 I Iliuiilmt IVarl Harbour 9-4000 6:30 & 8:25 «Vv 'Vi life 11 lore's a 'LAYING! SUMMEROF ' 42 GSlil GHlMtS JERRY HOUSER • OUVERCONANT - - - R' .7.-. ./ -.•«-....-, Wl KKItVVs \ SATVHDAY jt L r, A. S'.ii MN I. lXi-3 :tt>-i:».T:«l.Ji:li It is a trip much worth taking. Not since '2001' has a movie so cannily inverted consciousness and altered audience perception. THE HELLSTROM CHRONICLE 14*1 ll!9l n|1| ' : ^ 6:ls No 0| »«' L'ndcr IS .HrftfSiP 8 AU. SKATS „.« 2nd KK.V 7:IT, \ IU:li *' flATUttW} THf WWOVII / STMAN H.OH III by S:55 St« Uolh K« ALL SEATS U.

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