Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 16, 1930 · Page 6
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 6

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 16, 1930
Page 6
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DECATUR HERALD THURSDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 16, '1930. H E R A L D ' S P A G E O F I N T E R P R E T A T I O N A N D O P I N I O N UECATUR HERALD E d i t o r i a i s 1 Anothnr thinp WP lonk for tho Farm hoard to tnV« up, as soon its they get around to it In the IE rent wir against over-production, la the revision of thnt old Hcrlpturftl (ulvlco, and maybe after this model; "And they shall heat their swot'iis Into putters," Tho most t h r i f t y man In iur hlovk Is (etching hla family lo like (heir oynlcrs raw, In order In heat tho gas Mil. CRUEL AND RUTHLESS For a hunlfi) man, trying dejnmlaly lo e^capr tlic elutchen of the law, tlirrr in nften .1 Urge measure ot public tympalhy. But for Jake Fiddle, shot down by a po*se in Branton, Mo., Tueiday, tlie'e wns no nympnltiy, and ftir good reawn. A burglnr may perform a kind net, and a bank bandit m n y have jomclliing a wwo aching cltivnlry. Inil M mercilf»j. Mr ami liii brother nnt! their two awocwlrs, who n bank in l.iunnr. Col., Iwo years ago, kilird four men, One of llicm was ihc ca»Kirr w)io was t«kcn cnplivc and dinpojcd of vtlm\ llir liatiditj were well oitt of town, Another was n Kama* physician jtimnioncd from his home to attend ontt of ihc linntlils that Iwid been wounded by a Sank official's gun. Dr. Diction's reward for Roirig on an errand of mercy, was lo lie shot ((own In coid Mood because tltp Fteajtle* feared t h n l he might idculify them, II wa» itnnll wonder tlial these cruel and rnthle^ killings flroti.'ed two date*, nnri lhat a determined rtirnl ulieriff achieved nnliotiftl fame for his tireless srarcli which drought. thre« mrtrthen of the gang to the gnllowii. J;iltc Fleaglc hod ehtdrtl pitruil until Tuesday, but locnl and federal official* were on liis trail. ( te died crying for liis tuotlier, and petlian* wilh llie eonsciousnes* thai his own maliKiianl cruelly was largely rMponsihle for the determination of the authorities lo «rl him dead or alive. f«'or 111" henr-flt of nil tlvwe cs|iprti vvhti hni-e n n M I h n t p r d f p f i t l y will mwr hiii'lt just nx snon n* WB lotjicn it|i and upend (i l i t t l e futility, this eld r n r n p f r n i i h r r uroudly repdrt* thiit. nfl n mill lei 1 of p n l r l o l l r - pulillr icrvtrr. he hiis now M p M i t e v e r y e ^ n t n( t h i n !iinnth salary nnd part nf n e x t . TRUTH ON WAR FRONTS Correspondents (or American newspapers and pre^ ASJociatton: 1 in nra/.i! presumably are doing their best tn gel the trtilh ntwul ibe rcvolulion, but there is every evidence thai tlic usii.i! mililnry censorship !m* been slapped on both by llie federal government nnd the rebels, "Hits mcarifl lliftl neitlwr si3t will allow news unfavorable tn its own cause lo get abroad, while on ibe other hand, each side will mwgnify its own succcsse*. For the present. at leo'd. it probably would be wi,e to discount from 30 to 50 per cent, the loMes reported nntl the amount of territory gained. Recalling (he «mor»]iip in the World w a r , nnd the rand id admission of »ome of ihe milit.iry inttllifc'iicr officer* since, fine Selirve t h a t what in cli.inrellfiriej is laughingly rilled t r u t h , i unknown unr] unrecowni/ed on war frouis. Prr,«hyt*rhrl Mlnl- u lerlil (infm^lntlon ff t'hitn- d'Mphl* has coll'd upon the nmyrr to name n (lay If' pray for r n l n , nnd It wn hnew for wticthdr t h i n Is thd same hunrh thnt. WBI f o n n l n Mack's Athletics, we'd go out now nnd liuv nn umbrella, find n folding onnoc, NO TIME TO DESPAIR Three- fourths of the buikHnns erected in the United States in I920 were so ugly, jo badly planned, that they were liabilities from their inception, says Charles H. Checney of lite American trtilitute of Architects. Secretary of the Interior Wilbur indorses ihc same opinion, in an article in (he current "American Architect." What n nppallmft indiclinenl if true -- and wlirre mi(tht one look for n more impreuive aulliorily) A i r - pnrl iuil pubtislied ttitiouuced t!ir atiihnrij;atiou of ,$17,' 000,000 ol new building in llie slaie ol Illinois during Sep- lember. Wlial oceaMnn for t a l i ^ f n c t i o n if it must be n.i- jumetl Ihai nf itiis loial. $1^.750,000 is lo so for uglinew Jind liahibliei? Musi we presently lool; upon .ill report of building activity wiih a groan ralher ilian willt sntisfartion: hop ing for A complete cessation u n t i l we can find out bow to pel something beller for the money t h a n ugliness nnd bud jilanning? Probably the situation is not cruite t h a i bad, Thr-ie fan be no disputim; lhal America liai s u f f e r e d for alnwl a rrntiiry sucb an eclipse of taste in architecture as tin oilier pwperotn country in hwtory. L'tduicM has licen multiplied in rrerv cily by dreary milrs. The jifrsrni, Imivpi-rr, is no lime for tdonin, ! be nninjtt.ikrnlili 1 i«ns are, Vft are at elimltitift out of (lie 'tough. Business liiis found that il is fust a* economical to rrer.t skyscraper office liuilrlittf;* in griicrful forms as Id pile Rood* boxes, one on lop "f nnnllier. I !ome builders are disroverinn in ever- inereasin? number* that the plans now made available by arfliitfclural flswcialMU and by .tome material manufacturers. al nominal cost m.ike an attractive house jusl as cheap M an iifdy one. and a lol more satisfactory to live tn. There's nn denying that untold millions have been tqiiartdered ii(*on ugliness in the p-tsl. and ton much slill ROC* iknt way, The encouraging fad i*. thai never before lias no much money been av,ii|jj)|e for tho creadon of architectural beauiy. The swlmmlm; Mensiin In nver, p r n c l i e n l l y over, hut t h n t fideNd'I tuottn n Io( «( tin aren'l strti^llntr si III to keep out- heixlii Bhovr « a l t r , t) IsiiVt the flril fronti thill worry \it, II ]s ' th« «-tr«t frost,* th«t com« flffpr. AN UNFORTUNATE MESSAGE f:'.d MOU-C. Jafte of Alrliison, Krin., once Mid ilwi hi* experience as n newspaper man had laughl him that the only it was n.k for a paper to aitack was a man-eating Mr. Hoover may discover that the only thing ihnt is reasonably afc for a President to praise is clear air nnd sun- *hine, and even lhi» might gel him in bad with farmer* during a drouth. "M«»agc to ihe Lutherans on the 400th anniversary of (he reading of the Augsburg confession, 1 ' presumably wns « note on the memorandum pad on the President's desk, nnd the secretary who« duly it it lo write congratulation* for tlie President lo *ign, rend up something about the Augsburg eonfeaiion and the hwlory of tho Lutheran faith. The rnes- Mge written, ihe Pmidenl probably glanced it over, noted thai it w»» cordial tn tone, and affixed hi» signature. It is ^NEWSPAPER! possible, of course, that being in a hurry, the President did not rend it before signing: Busy nun frequently pay this tribute lo the reliability of their private secretaries. Mr. Hoover (hereupon proceeded to forget all about ihe Augsburg confession until hi) attention was brought lo a rebuke of himself by the Catholic Welfare council, n rebuke containing terms rarely used by a responsible body in referring lo the President. That Mr. Hoover was startled could well be believed. He slood- praclic.illy charged wilh showing Presidential disfavor to a large religious group which, makes the proud claim of being the earliest, nnd lor centuries ihe. only Christian communion. Probably Mr. Hoover re-read his message. If he did. he doubtless saw lit ing* lhal he would have changed or cut out. Most of IM note how a statement we have written could be improved, once it appears in type. Mr, Hoover might have hltio penciled the reference to "predominant number of adherent lo Protefllnnl faiths," a* impolitic, and the reference to "complete, separation of church and state as being inaccurate from an historical slandpoint, Mr. Hnovcr disclosed the fact that while the message to ihe l.ulberans WHS the work of a secretary, he ( M r . Hoover) look full responsibility for it, ant! in a formal Jlat'- incitl he branded the criticism as nn injitilice to himself and his religious tolerance.. It only (toes )o slioiv flgain Itow difficult it is lo praise one person or organi/.nlion without making another person or organisation sore. But congMiulatory messages ought lo be viewed in llie spirit rather ihnn the letter. Most fair- minded people will admit that Mr, Hoover's intention* were good, no mailer how unforlimale were his phrasing*. October, we le.irn w l l h Interest, Is 'Nwtiorat Pnuehniil m o n t h , celebrated with apee.ullar tippro- printenefH Loo, those tint luivlng the mil dining upon llir hole, Alonif alioilt t h i s Unit* tif year, II otten onc.urn to us that we would Illte lo ttEirle jobs w i t h a beach l i f p Rimril. T h i s a n d T h a t NEWS OF 25 YEARS AGO TODAY FROM THE HERALD OF 1905 The (Ivf htiv« HI the skallnt; r i n k who nah* a I of p u t t l n s on t l t n t e n tor vi.iltnvs to the museum are ithoiit the niosl ficcnnimfrhilnf: l l t t l n fellows In the city. They ar« huntlers, every oars of them, nnd they have n knack of knowing J'ist how sknlcs nrc put on in the shortest space of time. ThPi e nrp no urneccHsory waltsj. Thn boya ar« Ji'iecl Mastprmm, Julius (liecnberj,', Issuer Carder, Harry unit Franc la Shepherd. By rl riu'l:t vvns Iho heaviest liiaci- In yeshirday's fire, whicn destroyed hl« barn aiul 20 horses. He In preparing, hnwi'vcr. to rontlnue In the d e n y i n g business, and has boujtlit snnie new hurncss and plnccd orders for new ^"Lif;^n^. M, Ij. l l u r l y , sii[iirinlt'nilent of the Det-aliir Railway A Liyht (;o.. sent to etich of I h c firij hniiK^.i n box of rljjBrn, a lut at t h e srinio tuii^ n t'heck f^ir tlOO in a p p r e c l F i t l o n f n r th» work doif by Mio r|jinrlmenl. Th? properly nf th* Ka» company was r n t riiirnnjicd m Uif 1 hut I h c r e W f t « possibilities f t lo*.", hnd t h e l)I.T7,e he^n alloHTri to spread Three n i i l o m o h i l e p a i l i f s from Rpt mf;f ield drove to Orriiliii 1 PnnOfiy, The mtirlilnc.i were Ihosn ot Dr. A, K. Prince, John Vrcdenlir-iK, Jr., and Jame.i Gnliett. It Is pxpt-ctfd tlittt ConEl'OMsman V7. B. McKtnliiy and ft n u m b e r of capitalists from Mondial who are Inlere.sted finiintuilly in the new Inlenuhan llne.s will be In the clly today ftir i*n Inspr^ticn of tho propertlea. CREAM OF THE JEST GOOD IN ALt, TH1NOS Onu guild feature about Ihla Chinese w«r h Lhfil hp far no one h»a written u w u r novel a! n-i: 11 -Judge. A MBiW SI^ yuu nre wronp; I h e n bad; ii|i. THK WAY THEY I . IKK IT A numlifi' oC iiolltlelans on t u r n i n g over their d r y plank a i o aurpi'lsed tn find It wet. on tht other elite.-- Philadelphia Inquirer. "REFORM" IS IN DISREPUTE -- Di's Mo I UPS RrjijlHter. A Kcnprutlnn ano. to c u l l a man a reformer was lo compliment him. Now It Is to tllspanigc him, Why is this? Why do we now tend In luolc down upon the man who li liyillt; vnrni'Mlly to n m k e the wni'kl a better place to live I n ? t^cvli^ps I b e mahi ^Nplnniitloti la that rcfoi'nl has tend" I'd tu shift from (tin impnn'untnnl of aoi'lnl Institutions to thu i-cpiilnlifin ot ImllviJuul euniluul, Alrnonl anyone will afire-i! lh«l the, nbollllon of slavery, thn limitation of the power of klup*. and the wiping out of polltlcnl corruption me worthy en line.*. i'Ml when a ninn'fl everyday conduct Is refiuhited by t h e iwlli'e, he Is likely tu nqupal. Then, too, there bus ^rovvn up a cltiua of profcaoloniil informers men ntilmatcd not by broad Idoax o[ Justice and social weKnre, but by u desire lo make their neighbors' conduct conform lo their own. Ma caul ay suspected that the P u i l t u n a wanted to abollah bciir haltlnfi not HO much Irom ctnijitdetuHoii fur the beors fts from dlslastn for seeing o t h e r people enjoy theinuelveu, In working inward coctul uell«rment we need lo remember that on* of the most ebtrishud ot human rights is that, of rejfulatintt one's own conduct--thnt is, regulating II to the extent thai It doesn't Interfere with ih* liberty of olhcrK, Ttifi reformer who irles to deprive people ot harm- leas eujoymentf--wlm Irles, in fitct, to ImpOHe Upon th* eiti?.cn any restriction not neesnary to the welfare of the group-Is likely lo find himself, in hot SUDDEN LIGHT 1 have been hore before, Bill \vlien or how 1 tannot tell: 1 know Ihe grata beyond the door, The sweet keen smell, The slphlnj; sound, the Ushts around the shore. You have been minis le£orc-- How long I muy not know; But Just when at the swallow's soar Your neck turned ao, Some veil did fall--I knew it all ot yore, as tills been thus before? And shall nol thus time's eddying flight Still wilh our lives our loves restore In death's despite. And dny and night yield one delight onca more? --D, G, HOSETT1. · As I View the Thing ·BY 5, A. TUCKER; M1N1ATU1IK COLUMWNO -- ~ 1LLCTTE nntl Aulo Strop companies are merged; f some sharp business there -- Kantian City murderer vJ burios hln victim In park, which »how» the otfectn of civic pride, In Chicago they Junt leave them to Miter the utrwts. , . ,Wh«n on* Decalurlan rnectn anolher then*. days, tht question U, "Did they K«t your bootlegger?", , . .Usually answered In th« negative, . . , Advice* reaching us from nonfliU'nllnl but bBlloved reliable I.ell of a man who Uled lo get i n t o a speakeasy two weeks ago but, unrecognised at Um tloor, was turned away, tndlffnanl at tills numlllntlon, ho wild to thd first policeman he met, "Why don't yon r«M that plncB; they're running wide open and everybody known it." Sunday night, n. friend who knew the Se«nmo took him there, He was be(;inriln(r '" enjoy himself »nmvnnrly when the polka raldem a r r i v e d , ., .Save your lenrs tor l^ollle llolnmn O'JJdll, ... New Yorker who diuiippcaml w l l h Mix million dollar* lit sternly conitimmled to report to authorities within two diiya, or else face the eonBC(iue.n:efi. Mlghl us well report; he will be (rented with every conttiderntlon, , . .Irnnftlne what Ihut good and lolty-hrowetl woman, Mra. Amelia Bloomer, would Kny if she saw what h«s becorn.' of Uin gurment ahe Invented, In these latter (liiyd, In lh« new biography, "Lucy .Stone: Pioneer of Wimnn'* KlghlH." (he orlginu) costume fit Emancipation ifl described ft.*, "H s n i w l l jacket, IL fill! skirl descending a little he low Ihe knee, nnd (ro users down to the ankle,", , . . Whun jBme.s Hum II Ion Lewis had completed his and hin harnl-slmKinj; the other evening, Detain r hu«t*i ltd him through Merchant at ret 1 1 on the way )ti:k lo his hold, Halt way down the blot: It, hist attention TVUM arrested by a pitiful eight In a viK'anl store building. ft. was a stray cnt. that stood Ji;nL Inside the hit; plnlc glti.ns window und mewed In misery, It was d i r t y and it was fnnilnhed, 1U akin d r a w n tight over visible ribs, "Jlere," said Mr, Jjowl*, humiinlliiri'tn hi[ul«s stopping the smooth flow of e J i n ^ p ^ i ^ n n r g u n i e n l t "*oirie- bedy has luckert t h a t rat in ntid (t la starvfnj;; you muni gel hold of the ov/ner of thai building »nd see Hint It IN released," "Rut tills Isn't nn empty room, Mr. Lewis; this In the Ttenuhlkan hettdqimrtfrE," ''The Republican hcad^uartprn, you sav? Oh, I h n t Is outaldft our Hiithorlty. Ijin't 11? No doubt tncy Keep him nn an exhibit of the Hoover prosperity." Columnist Diivlti V, Fells, tiur /taler of the Jlllrn»in State Journal, invitea us to a promising ceremony: recruit lo runktt of Tlie la Tuxaa (itilnan. Code, B r o t h P t H Coolldjto, Adunis, Phillips, Yttigris, I J I i l ' \ Tucker, f.'olljpr, Cotij,*!Uln, Mor^jin. Ciok, O'Nr'lH, Brown nnd W r l n l y i - c ; |pt's i n i t i a t e (be neophv'". And In Inltidtlons, ihsre in H different m e n n i n n in I,a G u i n n n ' s fnmous "Oivf (h* tilde sir! n hand." ColunmlnE, we fear, will c r a m p Tex'* sly I?. Hhc uprd to fifiti her customers, "Hello Suckerl" That WHS when it fost frit) to h f « f her wise-cracks. Now the riuitomei's cun gel ( h e m for thrri* c«nls, and Contrlbiltorn turn th* epllhei on iicr, We have nur moments of depression when we fura lluil us a columnist -we arc not ao hot, but It ha« been a com- fori to notice t h a t Brother Coolldge, on the days when wi- have chaneed lo see Ma column, didn't aeem lo d i n w any contributors either. It may be Umt Columnist CoollJge finds DJO nt-w oct-ii- palioa more onerous than he expetled, and contrary to M0m! comfortable llfe-lonj; hubils. Anyway, Willlniii 1C. HHrris, In the October n u m b e r of The Writer mn^uxlni; sayjt, 'The man wlio iissunics l h « rt-aponslblllty of it columnist i i n d c i t u k p n a Jon M perllrms as thi: poet I n t i i e n t e - utilp llsrlf. The ^ood columnist never s t i n d d l e s a fence; he eom«F out d e f i n i t e l y for or oaalnst thnae propoflllonn w i l l ) w h i c h he is Taeed every dny, nnd Ibis requires a r e r f n l t j Tex Richard. Ihe famous, kept a Kaloon In Home dur- Jng the dayB of the great Alaska gold rush. Lconhurd BePlMilB, more recently famous an dog driver, was one of thn customers and Btlll talk* about it. ...A publicity circular from Doughnut Month lieud quarters. New \'ork Cliy (no kidding) solemnly informs im Ihnt scientific rcaearcti bus esl,nbllnhed tflc fact that Ihe doughnut, pound for pound, contains six times as ninny cHlorie« us milk. Now for some pictures of the robust JDougbmtt Haby ____ CFUI-KV Kernurd Khnw. wrttln(s' un introduction for the new edition of his collected works, soys all his writing was done ly tin; clock: "L condemned myself lo fill five pnges n day, rnin nr shine, dull or Inspired, J hud so ninth of the sc.hoijlboy nnd the rlerk allll In me, thai if my fivn p««eH ended In Iho middle oC H sentence, I did not finish It until next uny." George Bernard Shaw In a liar. So are we y|), . , . William Jennings Bryan Memorial university, Daylon, Tenn., ambitiously launched five yearn ago with the tin- nouncement that $6,000,000 was lo le raised for endowment and «,000,000 lo be invested immediately In magnificent buildings, actually has been opened nt lust. The building is a ramshackle frame school house abandoned ,by the Dtiyton school for a belter one; Ihe student body u h a n d f u l of hill boys. A committee is still imploring solvent fundamentalists to shower down the $6,000,000... .Is If jmssiliK! llii-y have not yet tried prnyer? A critic In the Mall Bug and a Decalur minister within a week have denounced some of our observations about prohibition CT,3 gallons p*r person) ami In TebuttHl cite what they ure -pleased to OB)) (ho "pec cnplln Ifqitor -wi- sumptlnn of Canada under Government control, " The eminent Dr. Clarence True Wilson has used the (time damning statistics agnlnsl our Canadian neighbors. , , , Nover was (here a more misleading use of figure*, by highly ethical gentlemen, Government j-nports show t n n l 25.000,000 Americans crowed the border, to.vlsk tn Canada last year. The number Includes, of course, very many who crossed not once but frequently. They did not go tn search of ginger ale. Now the entire population of the Dominion of Canada la something lean than 9,000,000 people, Thetto 9,000.000 Canadians, by the calculallon of our clerical friends, are presumed to have consumed all the liquor sold In Canada during the year ____ If you can believe that, you are capable of believing that tb* amount or food sold In Champaign on the day of a Home-coming game rcprasenta tho per capita consumption of food by Champaign residents, Oh de»r; \v* get Into so much trouble twcsuse of our ·tubborn Inability to Wieve what we know Isn'l so., Snap«hot of a Man Steadying a Table :£2E^^IMl^ FJHP5 TWM.E IS UN WCAPV UP MENU INSERTS If SHOW LE WMTER COMES UP 16 AV WHAT THE TWHJBLE (5. TO HIM THI TRIT ,BUT IKS ftllUlgtff. RUED rr W«TW IK$frTO AN CTHCR T01$(P UNDER ANOTHER MftMHS A5 SOON ftS WWTER. ,REMOVES 5KOKP MEAK OH TfceiE ftS HE RESUMES $rp1rt HAS MEANWHILE REPORTCP WO COMES UP, HtfclC V^OROllftLV, ANP jyndicm. Inc) Senator Nye Thinks He Was Victim Of Frame-Up In Illinois Hearings HERALD MAIL BAG B C-'llAill.KS 1'. STKWABT (Central I'I^H* SUiff Wrilft) · WASHINGTON--. Chalrmtin f)er-' flld P. Ny ot cerate's committee on ' ex|)CiKlliut',-s by thlji y e n i ' w c » n d i - j dales fir Uiu upper hmijfe of con- HresH docs nol cmnpliiln KO m u c h 1 thoi lie hits been foul'd (though hi- has h«t'n, 1« ways; repeatedly unii murderously) In his fight with Ki'ji- rcscntatlvH Kulli Jlitnnti McCniuiti-lf over the co.-t of thu )ntti-r'i enni- fur a lugn. hl every wallop Ihi* lllinoh nn ha« liind'-'l on him has been cr,nisly u r d B l i t i f r t by Ihe mull* y net-or(Jfji(T to Qitpcnq- his ifA-r\ rtefnnw work h"'l fl ehnr^c to l u l t c h:is been Ignored i n- whai mtiki'jt i h c Ncr'h hollar. The )))Hilll Ny'd jiJin!, In^ii'^d Of it. In tyi«, thny printoi) Mi». dninnnd ihftt the -om- niltlee drop cwryihlnR elite lo bcRln an Inquiry Into h»r wtor' of t h » Norih Diiltotn'ri wl)'i tu]i|liiK as «!· Fraternal Insurance Dues Raited To Ihe K'Jttor of The H» Sir: 1 notice you tolti-H l»t«nM j lion on «xpod.;ne? with .Muiuil IB i Mimnec no'ietle*. Why rnt I rutcti}.'il tnmnincr Norietlex OF CO13R8L the com m 1 1 1 e B coviMn't do It; K would )wv, ]i)i'«!i' an ,nil of t h e xluxh fund tlt»n ntick In for the Jnto Mr (her« the -ilKn'ion by M I K . 'i i hi* eoiiinil 11 «·'» rommlttfc'i" Invi . McCorinifU'i" c.nmpnljtn ,f M' - ''',ir- msik" lhl» thli ! N O M I N A T E D hy thf Sucker tit R|)i]b)irniin n w n y hiick ofirly In April, Mr«. Mei'mmlck w as not s bit of one. I-'rom Rut rilfl the riow*|i Hear" Scarcely. "Nye l.le».( p[in I n q u i r y " ' ihi-v yei. Nye suyr II WHC M "frnme-nfi." It (lilt hove Honx'whlll the nipiv:t to f f n i n h a n y t h i n g wlih i hi iv lllinolM fiaiemnl iini-p n)-li'l|i!S, In whldi lli^ offlcein jn fst'll fi)l'i:iil tnutiy tluttl nnd u)i| iiK'inlJ'M'n out or the ischotint 1elnK prai'Hcfdl)- ihi sum" in *:i(.'h ca«i'. They k?ep liiljtlflk the artsennmi'tilti no lit' old m»mt)''tti iiiiill I ))·')· tffi t O *ll Op ( M i l . My IPIJII i'Xpe| \tnfv *'jm viih tin' Modem \ViMvlmcn. I Modern WfjodDieH .Ian. B, 1*9! i'| ilio *%t of Z' yciiu. 1 Sh! tin 1 SPC relive. filed it slateiiicnl b c f i ' i c tubule luvi'S' Inntlti],' ciniiiiiittci- luiil hint thin' d tL«k fiir It, whowltii; she had f|i"tit Mni.nT'JSn on hi-r ])ti- I.nt*r u few inqulrlfs revealed un additional Jf)7,an,10 Item dwt imld out of 1h. cundlitiiti'^ tiidlvldilstl poe.kct, hnl conlrllniicd by hi'i 1 frlciKlril which ^l1'· h:ul forfidtten 10 Include. tloM-evei 1 , Ih'Tf w;is no iny*- Icry a n n u l Hint, c l t h e i : l ( n inilrtstKi wax a ntcr« Intidveiloivi 1 , t i e r nlti-n in callei! to (I. MIT. MeOnmlclt ml- m i l l e d II AP C H A I R M A N of llie Hennlc':. iish fimd oommltlcc, xve upoke of in.7Rfi.^n as ^nlK- FI Inrpo cum considerably wore, t h n n it "ennle . seat pnyit in stiliiry In 30 ye«r?. him mention t h i * myself, Maybe It renehetl M i s , Met.'arnik'k'* eiirtt. Anywtiy, Nye rclati's thnl nhi' I h n t Mrs. McCormlelt f*lt llk«- JMK nRsfrtsi Nye col front pujfe sn«l oodlcit (it room: nny unnwer thill Nye Iried to in:iki went I n t o Ihv dlscjml hoillly. There t* niotf t l r ' n -u1ii'1- d.-tn.u in un vdlioilal pulley like Ihltt. The ciuloux )url of il in thai ihv pi ,·:·:·. f j i r n w n y frimi (*hiTM»ti ujipeai- *nlly w*s In un it. too, tii' jMHtr Nye virtually ' It r,i|i)ly Ifiuke,! an If the fui)Vt» lioii'li'iiiA, ai* wt'll tt* III* ittffj CM- ".uin neivfj,ji|j'r t-ialvd, were llncit up lo utve him the hii-ha, Nor In 11 Hi- inReihrr imji'uwlhl* thai mom .»f them wei i, being mainly local r h a p r ' nn.i iniTejiilbli! 10 I'hieuRO Infill-' U l t i n i p j i e t y Die Imrtitwed (halrninn. ! htick in \VaihlHBlon, iominitl*d \vhiii' hiircly nilxw'iJ hctnK h i x o n p l l u l rrrnr,, in bniuilctti'lInK In th« eoniinlH«e'» i nuine hlit relebrfiled Direat of libel] Inir to clrentalt Mm. ^^·wm .n H"MH^; ».ii! ^V'^rrw^,,^ ,,,. ^wv^'i^'^ViVr.h: 1 ^T^-R^'EC « ,,;; ^i'c^r; 5t,--t aux^sir Belllnl1y " "r! C0 min' he menu! lo u t«l' W* walvnlion luy in the furl t h n l t'i 01 y v.'lfe. 1 pol'l ei'rv Hi t n e n i , cpee'int mci'tument mi'l i'n))!i dix 1 !" piiiiiiptly ft«n\ Januit;.! 1SHO to July 1, 11)30, .in which din I 1 |p,-,'lve1 H li'illf.' from III' i l i ' i l t tit Riirk l^unit n(allngjh( vulue of i:iy ti.iXKi t'cillflcttt »ul f^SO jituvlUiiiK J pwiiii In niy oliici' llfl:ut; b«turt! July 31, IW, but I t l j '1,'d.Jvtl tit Itei. 1 )) t)ty Old heMtlllelllK \i'oUl'J 1)1' TJlll il)i;lljj'd Cllll)] 4lli!l, 1, of courtte, t'julj mil Uilhlt tiuylnu tsiii:h iiHU'a»unabli' and unjmt| menu from I3.1!ft )ier month to tlM | |ILr monili. Tlie nilirc wtin *i wt, only Ihc i]J jii^iuhe: M ov*r I j c e j i a l n attf. 'J'lie )xii]UK incml Will uei U i o l i K wh'ri IDcy u«t Thii h»» h.'en tlie fxpnI*IK* *l old memhcro in nil fmtornnl n Th«rt «i iHPNilMrii «f the Modern 1 1)1) ay who liov« li«d thr O, , Oet, Why Should Not Mutuals Sue Herald? «ri MI- lorhil einiiptilRn. lo ju el v e t y illflcreelly, for he dti| not I'l the projqipet, of trouhle wllh ft wotti- tin iiolitirlnn: he tout nl.» »i, lie had sr.iflc iue!it}onH to ai^lt. hut it rt]ijienr^ v-ry Impriilialslc thnl hr iilnnne.l 1o uc.-nse Mr*. McCormtelt "f nnylhlnB. If ho did, (the b*nt him to lt--wl»h her ehunKen n^lnst Ihe Nye coin- intllee, of unooplnB. liipphlK her wires uml rlfllnfi her eorrei'pomlene* files. * t · UNLUCKILY KOR NYIC. he vlr- luntly wn.i t h e whole enniiulttefl nt (he time. HU fellow itientber. Senator Dale of Vermont, hnji helped hlrn n llltle with his impilry, hut Ihc others, .Senator BID of Wiwhlnglnn, Wtiitncr of New York unit Pnllirson of Missouri hntxlly tiny nl nil. Thus lhi Wnrih Dtiltotnn v t u n n l l y wn» nlone m the joh. Wllh » yell of trtnmnh. (he Chi- enfio newRpnperd fell im him lootli nn nnll, "Snooper;" they hnwIM In hnu" henilllni'R. rnrloon« of Nye, in futon whlskern nnrt exsmlnlnB 1 fool- (irlnlK tlirouEh n lo npifnr, NONPLUSED, the Paltota nsnator Issued n dental Ihiil lt« ever haii lapped a wire, rnnsncUed it fllinn cabinet or hired a sleuth In his life. And Indeed, why dhould he hnve done «o?~fn connection wllh Mrs, McCormlck'a cantlldacy, at any raid. If the committee ban nny eiwc whatever against Mrs. McCormlch. It Is thnt she spent n pile of money winning her nominal Ion, and no detcc- 11VD 'wan needed lo find that, out; voluntarily disclosed Iho fig- U's weakness Is that it ha* published to do anv eood. ^ hn ,, ftmt ( l ) ),(« hdp, «iKn«d 1hi« ,,,,,,,, w h h h l M J, vtd|B ,, p ,,,,, re.po^lblllty. H,d Nye done n .iw. ' ( " J( MUBdi Jiwrwilllite. V»l It (I thnl all ll)l* X- «urnrt fn Chlemio, where Kins George itlill I* a political Inmie--a» environment In which noihlnit tit Itn- II nidi) IK lo IM bontc In Win*) Ihui Mm. MeCiirnilck h u » a powerful pull, fur fninlly ten«onx. wllh al letmloile »«wK|t»p«r: IllicwU* that To Ihe Ktljlur of The Sir: J u m » few woni* tn cticn ii you) 1 rivein it i^ot 1 lu1 tin*. In «ii)«r Hint you wvy lino* I i m nn honoi'rtlile HHwn wl" vi*# yon t)irti 1 h»v« pritdl*»'l » cine in Melbyvllln M y«M. urn "HI! I" iieilv iirncflm, ·Hh punt 7ft yenr of tic", H»v» **»! mnyor of Rhelbyvllle tin 1 '* t «rt(* (mve. Mil tunny other i o ih* |)a*i n yftui" I IliV( L , j Interwite.! in Hi* m«nu«emerit M · her political Mucrelnry!», of nil windy very foxl«»i--Hrw!!li 1 Smith, who used to read co|iy ulunKAlde me iwo dedtdes »KII on the old Oh I r it go In* i.-r-Oeean. I f anyone could engineer n proKrnm lilt* the mi" pill nrroM on Senator Kyc, Frodilte eoulrt - and nonieone ll) It. Diamond Hauled 3,000 Miles In Box Car --From * Pennsylvania nnllrOtd Bulletin. Diamond rings are nol usually Irani)ported by railroad* in refrlner- alor ctkrs atonfc wllh fruiu unJ WR- «tatlea but one came through ih* other day all tho WHY frnm Placcr- viltc, Cal., to Iho Nfirlh River pier* in New York clly and U didn't «vtft appear on the waybill. The wan tosl ly »n employe of n. packing houtw MI Placcrvlllit, who wat loading lh car with pear*. Th* «tir wont, lo San Antonio. TM,, and won reconniRnetl lo New York before ihe IORK wnit dliteover'nl,. In Ui meantime Ihfe^onplcnet *l N*w N!M yew* hitve been president f eco»d rauiiwl ttssiidKlton ·»* rellvoly Interoitted Jr. the inent nf Wh aiiiuX'Inllon)'. Piirlnr tht nbov« »(»)«) "'"* .if i h c mmopinitonii b*» Die. ulh*r mmm-IMlon h»» I**'* tlmn M40.0IW « t.'t»*ft«l*r1*» «' ',. ff-ttrtA memheri'. All lo*"" " been p«i.1 Meepi 1hom» » n i month, One conn-p"!"' 1 ( ' F "" rnuiie rtf non-pnyi»»nt of Jii" 1 *- _ B'tth MMoelnftdM enilM W. .lolmr of tn1«ht*d»ie(ts . lwnk« "· If do ltk«wl«? i r t ih« tnte»#nt of our t -* why dhouW nol the 1 * tn««8ur»* (»»·' your pul)ltC*lloB York MMlveJ A w1« nil, of thq probftbl* t«*i « J 1 *!. tn ih* air, T fe^on I » employe* llflwl H f*w «' i rt*«r the le* hunker the toil fern. JEWS PAPER! W . had dd d « bi M . I t I * j«M* that the r ·U««llO»*, Job, «. of · New TI itmnftlx '«* Jt»v*. Bh« ref boy, Otto, li thi 4« In th« her fro Ann to try to *olv« ** doubli murder my*t«rioui "t gw M of hi nlitht, The it ridden Dr»culi htrnd to take the itftbte no] n »m* n David to be well po" HOIM* ftnd is It A»n»Ma t* Ha and Anna trance to «. ti to exploi CHAT Towe (or No«l hineb «M«"i. J ·nd, wow lt» bowtt window tloni, B«e, att work, jtwt hlffh »ttd from » w dtvlc* itmaphor arm which cou «borlen*d ftt wtl ta«lly from rlgl end ot thlft arm et old fl*U hli ftr«a By «ltv»n o'cl ftnd eoffe* wa« Mil for ham bur i net yet cerumen beckone to With hl» eya glUMM, hC (»* w»(on leave S« ot the ij b* removed He »!·* 4b*erv4 lodge keeper « 'when tt» Tft«ie! eompanitd by 1 ·B* ibOuM»r 13 Int rod which announcement hM lone to tb WM no Mcret the boute on tt UBfitftrdcd for muter wu 1 of nftftlr* wti' ltw*bldlng clt beyond ftfl expt The virtue uf totted the gtai ·Bd httrrttdly «nd of bta n«cl A Rtrange m *««. '-- PlO «*.

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