Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 6, 1971 · Page 32
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 32

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 6, 1971
Page 32
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B46 Alton Evening Telegraph Wednesday, January fi, 1971 EMPLOYMENT Help Wanted—Mole 17 EMPLOYMENT 1 Help Wanted— Female 181 MRL I-'RIDAY—Alton firm inR. v.inoir-. dut i, s Pi ->i, ;• flls. ,«-|(l|l to .v'i.lll I BUSINESS SERVICE Building—Contracting 33 17 MANAGEMENT TRAINEE — Six i months credit nnd coliertion Inside, local. Mr. Davis, Ifi.i ta Placement Svstems Pi;.-. Billding. EXPERIENCED RART E N I) 1 R! WANTED—Inquire S f; I er !; ii-,in i afler 2 p.m. ! 17-J-6 i RETAIL SALES MANAGEMENT! TRAINEE — Excellent trainina. M f starter. Drnft exempt S~K~ne,. . Davis, 465.4261. Data' Plaint Systems, piasa Building. LOfAL FIRM wants experienced bn iTnltn. Send complete resume to Bn\ 88( ... - . Apph in pel M in I .mpleivmeiit Sei in.aton. Alton. N< |y — fi - LXI'l-.lm NCF 71 Applv in A.M ;n,d 1 I I.'-'.m •! . Bcthaltu IS — 14 •> I (' R I • I'A R Y — IP" HI MIMIK'e ;| poMunilv v uman. Salary Sh"i1h,ind. tvp'i I -glar and fire alarm installation! : ""','.' •' i n"n<-v o\pfri.',i.-r- i,. Ipf - - •' ph. • stri'.llv C.HII'I I.-at,.-I. ( i care Alton 'Evening Telegraph i ''",'' \ Ir ', n "'' lithv Heil.'i. c hie. _ ' ' I Si hninli 1n-.urani i-- A:;--!, v. :' I i s 17 j- 6 LOOKING FOR AN OPPORTUN1 T>1?—Swift" advancement with fnM growing company. Will train l"r 165 '.:'). napemenr. fl-42(il. Data Placrmcnt Svslen Piilisa Building. 17 4- 13 OUTSIDF. PUBLIC WORK—No selling. . .illeel in:'., c,, : ', oul-of-town travel. Estnhlislied na |,, tiohwide insp'H-lion agency ha-; ^. opening for part-time man in Alton i ri ' arcta. to make insurance InveMiga [ , tiohs. Must ho ni least high s<. lioolj n gnhduato. Own car. and i-nod !<•]> i 1st, Write P.O. Box 20037. .St. Loins Md. 6.1144. WANTED C TY ENGINEER Wood Rivrr. Illiiiois, application^ to fill ihe position of Cit.V Engineer. Person, applvinr. miHt have a derive in Civil Enci neering with Illinois rr'nlslratinn n' rCRitetrahle in the- Slate «l Illinois. Experience in public works (streets. scwbr nnd water) is '.leared. Send resilmo of rdueallon ,md expen- encct to include expected date 1 von can begin to: Ronald P. Sand.., Citv Malinger. Cilv ci; Wood River. P.O. Box; 300. Wood River. Illinois (i20!T.. 17-1-6 AvailABILITY CUSTOMER SERVICE—In office:' of major manufacturer, handle customer inquiries over phone. Ability to work well with people a musi To $7.200. SALESMAN—With major business forms manufacturer. East. Side territory. Start $8,000 plus expenses. ACCOUNTANT— I. r > years auditing experience plus degree. .Some travel. $11,000 up. SUPERVISOR—Supervision expert- encfi In welding and heavy metal fabrication and assembly. To $12,DOO. OFFjCE MANAGEMENT—2 years college accounting required, with some office experience. To $8,000. WE HAVE MANY OTHER OPENINGS Open Thurs. Eve. 'til 7 p.m. AvailABILITY tJ59 E. Broadway — 4H2-88;!! RENTALS Houses foi Rent REAL ESTATE SALE I REAL ESTATE SALE 47 j Houses for Sale 59! Houses for Sale FARM - LIVESTOCK 571 Meats *«• ROOM — Milton addition, newly or,-Hfd. '.•Mil month. Hi") 27W. 47 -- i I - - - — TI.DROO.M RANCH in Storey- and Sub. f arpetcd. 1 1/ 2 baths, built-in kite lien. fuil basement, ga- o. |'h 2:19-50.11 or 165-2531. \ ROOMS— Modern SMI inonlh. o02 Sneppard. M-iv hi: -.rcn from 8 a.m. 'til ; p.m. 17 ~ i; ------CARPI-: i I-.D imu-;i-. HF.DROOM I RAM'-: — \tt iclied '...VMS'. hase- rrK'iii. m Lak"V. O,K! Subdivision, .Storevl-md Home'-,. 2.7 1 ."n 4 1 . Furnished Houses 48 FOR RliNT — 2-hedroom mobile home In Wood River Phone? .166-2071. ^j _ ~ ____ _________ _ URIGHIOM — Furnished mobile home. Good location SWO 3V"'.R''34 IS — 7 -------MOBILE HOME FOR RENT— 2 hed- rootn. furnished, in Wood River. SIOO month. 25.1-2135. between 7 and 9 p.m. iHelp Wtd., Male-Female 19 Salesladies .-tip i Altcm 19A flee ommended by • . C Ic Ol \|od'-| || C ; i [ Mac hinc- oicl i iran ' arpet lor . : SUPERIOR ir\ i : rime 162') M iln Si , -\.Mn imd WiF-hiie .'-'l.opn'i :' ' enter "Yon mr;m you r;imr all thr \v;iy to n ski resort to ;irlti;illv ski?" I-ROOM HOUSE — Furnished. C.Jt- lacu Hill-- All utilities, one' child, tin pet', *.!-> we;.-i<ly. References. :;.->n- 1 1'.: i . ! r:.X I'KA M' I- — Kl.xi;-, mobile home. Carprijnj'. throughout Located in Wood River. No pets 259-11116 or L'.">II-LS6S. NEW I!!' x -,'>• MOIIILK HOME — I" minute 1 -, from Alton. Couples pre- l'iTrc-1. "•) pels. .Kit)-. IKSfj. .M1EDROOM TRAILER— Located 55 Willow Hill, Carroll Wood Wood River. 259-7990 or 259-8306. iiu'.o on ' RENTALS Apartments—Plots 45 . I!) A — -I 3 I, 7 II L' 1.; I I — HAVF YOli I-.VI-.R lll.l-.N I i.-,a .lewelrv Pai IV I isa I."I 'hi a i ea. Ma nage' :, and git !'• lleedc'd. Tso ill Vr:,! liic-n! missions paid i all 3F, S62 I'lll,. Help Wanted—Female 18 18 -I 8 1 PRE-SCHOOL—2 school children. 3 days, 2 evenings per week. Immediately. East Alton. 259-5840. 18 — 8 WANTED—Combination waitress & fry cook, midnight shift. Experience preferred. Call after 4 p.m., 259-0133. 18 —i 8 WOMAN, 18 to 50—To live in with semi-invalid. Salary. 462-9302. 18 -J 9 PART-TIME WAITRESS WANTED —Weekends. Inquire 8 E. Ferguson, :Wood River, after 2 p.m. 18 —i 6 RECEPTIONIST-TYPIST—For doctor's office. Hours 8:30-5. Age 2230. Reply Box 910, cure Alton Evening Telegraph. 18 — 6 SECRETARY—Shorthand. Attractive personality. Public contact. Terrific chance for advancement to public relations. $41)0. Mrs. SI. Clalr, Data Placement Systems, Piasa Building. 18 _[y EXPERIENCED grill and counter waitress wanted. Apply Ill-Way Grill, Godfrey. 18 — 6 SECRETARY — Age 28 or older. Bookkeeping knowledge helpful Shorthand essential. Call 254-0106 for appointment. \ R __ n —_«_^_——————— .— CLERK TYPIST—Good math ability. Public contact. Local. $325. Mrs. Skelton. 4K5-4261. Data Placement Systems, Piasa Building. 18 — 7 BABYSITTER — In mv home. Ex perienccd. References. After 5:30: 254-0471. 18 —:(i WANTED—Babysitter, to slay. In Bunker Hill area. 462-1590 or Hunker Hill 585-3050. 18 —• 6 PART TIME EMPLOYMENT for dental assistant. Experience necessary. Write Box 900, cure ol Alton Evening Telegraph- 18 -,- 0 AvailABILITY STENO—Experienced, (iood lypist with S/ll. Financial field. Stun $400, Fee paid. BOOKKEEPER — Full charge Thorough trial balance and knowledge of tax forms. Mature. Stall $375 up. Local. CONTRACT CLERK— Type 40 w/in. use calculator to figure' percentages. Advertising field. Start $325. Fee'pnld. CLERK TYPIST—Experienced, ac- curqt.e typist. Will train on dicta- phone. Start $350. Fee paid. BOOKKEEPER—Experienced gencr al ledger, journals through financial statements, tax forms, depre eiations and accruals, Start $5011 $600, F'ee paid. Local area. TELLER TRAINEE — Malure per sonqble Individual with some prim work experience. Type 3fj w/m Major financial institution. Star $325, ACCOUNTING CLERK—Heavy til! ure work. Use adding machine and calculator. No typing. S40U siarl. WE HAVE MANY OTHER OPENINGS ppcn Thurs. Eve 'til 7 c in. AvailABILITY fi50 E. Broadway — 462 SKU "~~WANT "ADS'" WORK Situations Wtd.—Female 22 iLLlAilLK WOMAN ivll 4G(i-1002. (ioellrey men. PUX KFCKPTIONIST — And Hssislnnl (iood references Salesmen 20 SMALL EAMIt.Y OWNED CEK'N needs men. .i:;es I'l .11 al Pi- i:, a 111. :<.||.| E |i Alton III. '() .-...._ ft LOOKING !•' O R .AC ,l ,R| .SS1VT YOUNG MEN — Over :>.'.,. lo M-li Oldslliohile:,, new.' and used See Otto Wai,' or George Urban. Kioo E. llroachvay. Apply ill person. ARE YOU UNEMPLOYED' Work- ill!' lull time in- part time ' Can you make' end.', iii'-ci 1 .' HIM, keep pihii'! up':' I lien tun rv, phone (US- 27N-2.,!ir. LOOKING I-OR AGGRESSIVE YOUNG MAN lo lull'ill esl nblisheil territory. Salary plus giiiiranleecl monthly bonus. Many fringe benefits. Li'adini; compimv in its field. Call alter (I p.m. 7(17-0124 Granite City. '.0 — .Inn. 2(i iAI.ES PEOPLE NEEDED -- Call 4firi-. r )!!ri2 lor appoliitmcm. between 0 a.m. and .'I p.m. LEADS! LEADS! LI-IADS! All daytime' appointments .selling health insurance to people over 65. 'Ill per cent advance commission paid daily. (all: KEN McDONAI.I)'i vc l.ile Insurance Co., 9 to 12 noon. — 465-4363 PAINTING — Pei Id -up. re moving w.ellpnper. c;,rpctn-r work, roof , enair No Ion t'o Miiall. Charles Has,leu l.ic; .|.!ii« U _ ,1,-in s I'AI'l-:RIIAM,LN(,--PainMii:: pi.e.le, I .-pail Oil' .'.ca-.iin pru (•",. Refer i m i- Dial IC;;MI:;I;I . Hcatinq & Plumbing 37 :iv..- i eh c, HOI 1 ,'.'-, HOMI Rl- PAIR - No |c.b I "ci • mall '.!4-ho'ir SIM \ r ic e <m ne ia.:en, \ liea Miu 1 plumbing altcl •vver i <-pab -.. -Hir> l»o:;s < E;-; i RAL AIR CONDI i IONING — LABORATORY TECHNICIAN — Seekini; position, lias ollice e.xperi (Mice. Writ' Unx H70. in cure of Alton Kv'piiln:: Tolpjn a|ih. SITUATION WANTHD— -Ironini; done in my home. Reasonable. Can j.'.ive reference. Phone 4G2-423r>. iIRL will habvsil. Koille Mil near Sill. :<ea:,cimihlo. l-:dwiirdi;villo Ii.'j(i-0l(i7. TwiLL IIAIIVSIT for 2 or :t rhtl dren. experii'iiced. 2ri-E24l)2. I2:i ('(inley. VVootl River. FINANCIAL Business Opportunities 23 UNEMPLOYED? Ready for a job with no layoff, or strike? Me- 111 hliMlies loe'al Re-Mam anl All c'cuupmi-iii ^ fixtllles. Illisv sec-lion of (own SleJlc;.. olljee':,. nolels In walklll,! dislance!. l-'oi more mien inalioii call :i • HAY SUNOCO SERVICE SIA I ION I-'OK I.I-ASE —• Open, and doiiiK rood j'.allonaKi'. ('all Maryland llc'iiihls, Mo. :U4!i-!i42-IHIII. Al' ter !'>. :il4-nt'.H :>'iw. 23 — TE 'Vl-vV !•' COSTANZO JEWELRY Ifi Wocul Hue r Ave. Wooil Kive '.'.-I :17I4 "Diarrioiids Is Our Business" Kemounl ymir ":cl D'-uiiond:, m a New Set. This is our Specialty. (Master (..'hai'iir Welc-omc). t'OR I.I-ASI' - 2-bav -,e-i.'iee sla- liou. < Mellc'tit Upper Alton lcu:a- (ioll. Capalile ol ;'nod bii'-ille'.'• Call -111. 1 .-424I, S 'III .. WOULD \'OU I.IKI-. A !1U.SIIJ|-:;S 01 Yol'K OWN ' You clou I in i'd an ol I ice 11, -a ai I bei;in ai home, lull c, 1 11 a I I • I i 111 e • I d ' 11 I c' I 11U', hand and \\lle I,-.ems I.el'- have' cot'le.' anil I,ilk. '',V|.VI:i,l No olili';a- I lull No Itll 01 II), ll inn ovel tele: plieine Eniiiaee sah-s and installation. Call tor free e-.limai''.s. We repair also. 37V-.'i:'lil. ITro TV and Appliances :':'.! South I'rairle. llelhallo. RENTAL; Sleeping Rooms 41 I.I.I-.I'ING ROOM I (IK Rl N I — •I65.5INI . | _ |;i -------------- ........ „ SI.F.FIPING ROOM ..... In piivatr llc)me Kitchen privileges L'a -l-'Mtrili H ._ i| ----------- . -- ._L ______ III-IY, GUYS' Are ••on , •011111:111 m,' loo lai lo SIU' 1 Oualilv locnns with rookini! lacllilifl loealecl III I'.d- ward sville. Call 1,5(1 -ilOKi aller 5 lor irfui maliou. 11 — Jan. i:' -----------BON AIR IIOI'EI. -- With or wilh- oul privale bath, very warm, across from Glass Works Room & Board 42 ROOM Kr HOARD I-OR FLI1FRI.Y PEOPI.F.— Social Si-eiirity or pension. Reasonable. Good location. 5 blocks I nun downtown. 410 F Third. 4iiri-r.!ltl. Apartments — Flats sou i M RO:;A,JA — :::!ii and '.'.-'.'.'. Park Lovely ,| rooms and bath. All c ,11 |,,,tef| Central air Shower, .stove and oven, (iirlaill rod:.. Nic-cj laud',r aped yaid. Very nice for only SI HI .1 month u.iy. 251-2811. Alter 'i, I6:> Vii.iS or 377-5427. r, i:.' - • I I'.Ai-i PAP I \.y i-uu: .ISH i.n. .1' ' "MM lion ,, I' i |hi • I OOlit Will I I lit iii A DC 01 mi -.MI i-iu ,. i ou|i|,- No p"t'. R' ill i 'M ,011 ilil,- Id 1 '-'!!!-!! •Ki - || WOOD RIVE R—I 3(l(i Madi ,on love!v I looms and bath, all c:aipeim^, manv ex 11 a -,. in, ludiiii., water. • .ill now 11,iv. .'i.Klul I Alter 7. I6a 79.I.S .177 .'j-l'.'V •ir, - II -'I ROOMS \- DA'I II —Newly ileioral- c'd. Heal and '.'.-atei. stove and ic- liigciatnr liitnlsh'-cl. Adiills only. W(l moiilli. ,|(i. r )-.",llf<fl. I", C| I.XIRA Mil '!•: API'. IN lIRHilllON — lleal fiiinished. SKID. Adults. Ph. 'I7:!-.'IU'IH after :;:30. RENTALS Furnished Apartments 46 2 FURNISHED ROOMS — Main ric.i.M. uiiliiji's fur.iishcd, no pels. Inlormalion KI7 Sixth, Wood River. ,|(; \'t ^__ IWO I(V)OMS—Kitclienelte privale ' adults. $30. S6(l PEK MONTH — 2 bedroom, newly redecorated. modern. yard. In Alton. 4(i5-799.t. 4S — 11 --- Large LOVELY :i ROOMS K, UATI I — Heal and waler furnished . North Allon area. On bus line'. Adults. No pel:,. •162-1033 alter U p.m. I IIEDROOM with livln,! room, dinliij: area, Uilcheii ,m | liaiii. Located !, null- licioni SMI Allon campus. :j,7:i month includes uilli- lies. I 'i'll .|li'!-5,'l3!i after r, p.m. i APIS IN HFTIIAI. TO— One and 3 II'SI AIRS •! ROOM AP I'. — Plivalc enhance, lleal and walci (mulshed •Hi:!-:!HI(i alter li p in. WOOD RIVER— 2 lovely apartments located at .11:; Coiiley and 115 N. Mill St. Cuilaius. stove and oven, carpeting, and waler Included for oiilv SI I '•> a mouth. ! )pen !) to 9. Drl'vc by and call days. 254-2N1I. After li 465-VII3)). 466-697:!. Ifi — • Feb. li ------------- - -- DU1M.EX APT. — 102 liiace, lle- ll'allo. Ga:,, ail comlil ioniu;,,. carpelliii'.. : : ;|:;;, Day;: 377-!i2(il ; cveiiinrs. :ir/-HY(il or :I77-!I2')(|. .|f ( __ ( - _______ ___________________ <)-! I TKI-MONT — .1 room duplex apai -tiiii'ill . cal peled, available llllllirillal'.'ly. 462-075(1. GODFREY — 1 room marl mem ; heal, water and '.love luini'.hccl. Will month 4602NIV. .)!-, -, Feh K ----------- ....... — .- woman. .1 room apai Imi'iit Itiiill in ret i iterator and slove. lleal am vvalt'i I'm nlsheil. lleillv- Street. Al loll. Slid. Call lli!'>-XS(,II, belweel ^1 , and '.i pan .'1 ROOM DUPLE.X —Ma KIIS heal. I'rivale end no pels. Call 2.VI-447I I.IMDlsN APIS.—I loom. Heat ant waler I m iiishetl. $!2!i. $2.'i tleposil EDUCATIONAL TRAIN TO BE A •• HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR Learn to opwuti- lutlkln/- er», Draglines, C r u n c s, Scrajjt-r.s, Loaders, 'I'rcMcli- er;, etc., at our modi'in facility. A high paid career is opjn to ambitious men! Construction SeliooK Home Office: Miami, Flu. Ftr Informution Write To: U.H C.S. Dept. No. 768 I 7 Bast Gregory I Kansa-. City, Mo. 64114 Pboie: St. Louis 771-1100 Pleise Print | Name I I I City J Stats I Phone A«e ... I APPROVED FOB VETERANS Add -ess Zip BUSINESS SERVICE Business Announcements 32 '''WASHINGTON IMANOR APARTMENTS 1, 2 and ,'l hcdrotim apts. Call now or cnnic In Apt IO!)A. 700 block o, VVashiiiglon Avev, behind Allen Pla/a. tori 214!). 1fj ~. '1 1 - - .................. WOOD KIVI-K KI-.N I AI.S I'll 2:i4-2HI I I!) — V ....... - .......... KOOM AP I IN 1IAK I I'dUD .SI te'c' anil i el I li;ei aim I u I lie. lied I'lnldicn wi'letiine. e'all ,|liii :l!V.l!i !i - II ...... - ................ Mil I Ol i AN- III le'l, apartment hid) 1 , I l|e.lail :,, l-'a'-l . :> Illl 1 a model n. j I. iii'i i ..... as and lialli (III >•! ..... t pai king. I h al anil uate'i Im nc.hed Mi mo -Ilili 22l:i , - ri- ............. Kl VI K' ',','(< Kle'c' I nvelv •! and halli. Aln -I ' r lo appii<- c all lliiu Hav . '.'.-I-'.'SI I l-:\-e- mil]'.,, 4(i!i 7!i in. Ilili Ii!i7 ' i -.- l-el) li ------ .......... - ...... III llelh.lllil $ll!i ieil D.ivs: ,1,7 !l' M in or :,liol I him- oiil', 1 M pe-e i;iiaiaii'.-e-d. 'Keliahle I • i e'e I, • i n i il c l ir pi -rl n i :•.'! - • .Ian II - —- • • SKG 1- :•: I I- KMIKA I 01'" Iii,111 |n a- -I a ion l.'.lia I anl e-e I all -Hi'' 11 ', .1 ' • t, AIMOMAIU WASIII-R RI.PAIK •-• •Ili2-!i:il!l II,I. 'M'MI H2 — Liu. 24 -'1 RI-.I-. I KIMMING.-'! i.-e- . lemoved everejfen., shrubs, trimmi-d llaiil a\vay. Eull time spec aall'- Insured. Eree cstimalc.v 2!it-(l!.8H :)2 — Jan. 'I SPEC'IA! TY PI.SI CON I KOI -l-l per room, lialliioom and elu.M'I'i free. Work uuar-inleed. 2;i-l-4'il(i any time. cus'ioM - MADE: SIGNS — outdoor and indoor. Magnetized. .'II'. Anv Building—Contracting 33 ALUMINUM SIDING — And trim work. All types of interim ivniod eling. J-ree estimate.-; 2!)!l-Vi>t)7. — Pub. G 26-UAU(;i.C (.UITLK1N(; — grip, soldered, rooting, I'tpaiis painting, odd Jobs. Keusonubli Prompt service.. 254 'M'A'J. 3-ROOM APARTMENT—Extra nice, wall to wall carpeting in living room and bedroom, Mediterranean kitchen newly remodeled, $105 per month. All utilities included. Call 462-0851. ROOMS—Upstairs. Private hath & entrance. Maluie employed lady preferred. References. No pets •165-"«PI. .! KOOMS. HA III — GaraRi.v lli.'iil and walei Adults only. No pet.s. I I Id W Nielli EAST AI.ION —- :;il(i sixth St. New -I mom apt. All carpeUm:. very nice Open for ou-oe 'ion. Call days 2YI-2,SII. i.v,.|liii!!s l(ir,-7!).l,S, 4li. r ) (i!172. TWO R(>')\\ l-IIRNISili:D — Verv "Ice. ulililps paid. (i.'l2 I-;, l-il'th. 4illi-l70. r i or 4(i.i-:i-l2l. EETIUENCY—Oil' ileniy on Sixth. Alton. Also apartment and kilcl'cn- Piivate ciilrance, utilities paid. 4li2-77fl,'!. ADULTS,'WHY PAY MOKE.—Modern apartment. Nicely furnished, walk-in HoM.'i. Heat control. Pi i; vale entrance, bath, parking. Quiet sill rolllldlllK.s. 4(ili-:t04!). (J — .iaii. ,M '.IIIIGEI 2 AND :i ROOM APART- MI-:N IS— Rental includes all utill- 5 p.m. •ROOM DUPLEX — .','i'KI. 46K!'.!:i4. UNFTJRNISHI-:!) ROOMS — Built- in stove and oven, heal and waler furnished I KM I-:. 5ih St 5 — 67 II 13 l-l ---- — •'OR CENT — Two I -room efficiencies and one 3-room apartment, located al HIM Alby. Alton. Heal and water furnished. For information call .|6!>" I4S3 or after 6 (10 466-30l!N. r _ ", ______ ^ __ __ ROOMS — Gas beat. Fenced-in hack \'ard. I or 2 children acccpled. Newly dc'c orated. $75 month. East Alton, ;;ri9 -7747, :!5!I-(;!I-IO. ;, _ || _________ ___ __ TWO BEDROOM U PSTAI RS— Stove and roll igcralor. $75 moiilli plus utilities. Aclulls only. East Slreel, Allon. -1(15-87311. 45 — TF PHONE NOW FOR LIST of home & apartment rentals. Days, 1154-2811. Evenings, 377 5427. V-2-3 BEDROOM Wall to wall cnrpetlm:. Large clot.ctls and storage. Range, rofri.'jeralor, disposal. 3 blocks from school. New laundry and dry cleaning Pool — plavfiround — park. Central air conclltlonlnH. Sonic' furnished. CARROLL WOOD ARTS. Wood River 254-4269 •ir, -- Ti'- .APARTMENTS F'OR RENT .u Miry I and 2 bedroom units, includes carpeliug. built-in appli auec:;, air-conditioned, and pool. Immediate occupancy and rents from $120 per niontli and up. DIPLOMAT APARTMENTS KENT STREET EAST ALTON, ILLINOIS Phone 259-3378 ********************** WOOD RIVER DUPLEX RENTALS .OVI'I.Y NEW, I ROOMS X, HAITI-With '.liowc 1 ' slove and oven, alt cai •ptMlng. '-enlral air, waler and trash pickup, open 9 to u, drive hv. .'i:!!' MAROUIS I 1(16 MADISON FIOH MADISON I3t CONLI;Y And call days .!!i4-2KI I ; c'Venmgs •iii;.-,''i:is, T/v-54:'7. Ol'l let; Open 'Til 6 p.m. MADISON COUNTY HOME IMPROVEMENT •l'.'7 OLD M. LOUIS RD , WOOD RIVER FRANK POPE— RAY HERRIN ********************** WO~ODBURY~M ANOR~ APTS. 466-0302 (Foi appointments) * Raui'.c— -rcfi iuerator — dibptisul * All electric * Wall to wall curnellng A Pool-~eent i al air coudiltoiilim * Can be furnished * close to schools and shopping LARGE 2-BEDROOM APTS. Furnished Apartments 46 SICE 2-ROOM FURNISHED BASEMEN I APT — Private hath and entrance. Till) Wood River Ave., Wood Rivc-i 6 — .Ian. (i i THREE ROOMS—Upstairs. Private entrance, bath. Couple, references. Shown between 6:30 and 8:30. 820 East 61 h, Alton. I'll R I.-: I-:-ROOM FURNISHED APT'. — Utililie. paid. Al II:; Sonl.ii Franklin, behind theater in Hunker Hill, III. 5d5-'lll7. I ROOM FURNISHED APT. — Also one small trailer for rent. In Brighton. III. Apt. S22 per week. Trailer SIN per week. All ulilities lurnished on both. 372-MI30 or 259-8998. 16 - .Ian. 21 s'1C ELY FURNISHED—Reasonably priced. Adults only. No pets. 523 South Central. Koxana. Houses for Rent 47 •:AST ALTON — 4 rooms. Garage and basement, (his heat. 259-7607. I ROOMS IN HARTFORD — Stove for cooking and water furnished. $X5 month. 254-92S7. 17 _ 12 ----VROOM HOUSE — Sun porch. 2 ln-drooiu, garage in ba icment. large yard. 214 I/:. 2lsl SI,. Alton. $110 month. -I(i5-932l. 1MEADCJWBROOK -- :j bedroom, wilh basement. $130 per month. Reference'-:. :',77-S;V22, :iV7-H25l>. I-OR RENT OR SALE — Home huge' lamilv welcome. 254-23IW or I-'OR SALE: OR RUNT'— urai'tun, :i bedroom,. c:arpelc'tl, iiiod,-'rit, ga r,'igc:. Ifll.'i inonlh plus deposit. (iral'ton 786-3721. [7 _ c| __ . ____ _____ EAST ALTON— Near Eastgatc shopping center. All modern, 2 bedroom house. Cenlral heat and air conditioned. $11(1 mo. $ri() deposit. Reference's roe|Uired. 259-5482 any time. 17 — Feb. i; -- , ----- '. 1.ICASF. — Four room house. Carpet eel. One bedroom. Hasement garage If 115. Wood River. :i77-C585. 1 y _ j^ . ___ . _ _ _ _ _ T.IE'TON TERRACE — 2 bedroom, carpeted, drapes, oil heat, couple or bachelor only. .I66-2IO-'. F'OR KENT OR SALE: — 4-room ii.odein. Enclosed porch, acre of giiiiiuel, North Allon. .|ii(i-l94tT. 3 I.'OOM HOUSE — Wilh hath. $70 762 North Wood River Ave. Call alter T> p.m. 259-359S. 2 IIEDKOOMS— In Allon. Newly re dec en alc'd. $7, r i moiilh, olus deposit FOR I.E'ASF: — :i-hedroom brit:k l.ovelv uc'ighl)orhoocl. 2 fireplaces $160 mouth. Phone after 5 p.m. '' MEDROOM MOBILE HOME FOR R1CNT—One small child welcome. No pets. 259-3486. R — (i :-HEDROOM MOBILE HOME — (las heat, carpet, couples only. 2-4-2493. Business Places M W E SO NDUSTRIAt. OR COMMERCIAL— 1 acres. Small building. South Roxana. Citv water and sewer, railroad siding. Will lease all or part. Wm. L. Hlaeklock Agency. 259-1976. _ Office & Desk Room 51 BY OWNi;R — I..II-RC 2-bcdroom brick. UPS °vrrv convenience, will sell on rontrnr t to qualli'le:] party. LO-.\ down pa"ment. ,10 t'ee. -St. '-'" $::i)0 DOWN — fQN I MAC I I (JK OEEI) 2 bedrooms, paneled living room * kitchen. H.i.spnint. I-encerl-in hack vard. (ill L.nnper!. JOHN GLYNN 462-0624 inn rs—I'.i' owner thri'.. ht'ilrooin ranch bric't. I. Carpel.-d ii 1 . '•nn. n entral nitn'ul all .itiach i f' n c • e d VERY GRANDVIEW NICE — Newly decorated home. Wall to wall carpeting in living and dining. Tile kitchen and bath. Birch cabinel 1 ; in kitchen. Finished basemen! with bath and shower ................ $17,">(10 WILTON AGENCY 'KI2-1M7 .i'j^ -;jst BY OWNIiR— Pom- ror-p f-.-« Full basement, carport, ci.rpeted living room, paneled kitchen. Window air conditioner. Douplas Street. North Alton. 4(i(;-<;2lfi. TO SETTLI-: INSTATE— New house, three bedrooms, P, baths. Double car Rnnifie. Will consider contract. Make reasonable offer. .'tT7-8Cfi(i bc- Idi c :i. ,'!77-. r i2ri7 after !>. Iff — II- -NEW HOMES IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY STATE REALTY - . built in kitchen t'-rl finisllt M :yard >.T17i:i.-:' ?ani) DOWN can put your family in i n^v :; or } hedrotan home, l-'nll payment of $<!."> per month, ha-ed on minimum income and si/,, ol family. ' hoice locations throiiph- on t entire Madison and SI. (Ian Countv area, contact: Consolidated Home Development Inc.. Mitchell 0:!I-.WS7 or LTj-l-O'ifd . Wanted Real Estate 63 B3 — TF WE'RE IN A ,1AM! We did such a good job sellinR our customers houses that we are desperate for new listings. Call us. HOUSE CENTER 4fifi-226l H'\ROI D'S EXTRA FANCY FREEZER II!.El—Side >,!'•. In., «.ul. wrapped and frn/en. Anv cut nvailable. Order no".. HAROLD'S MARKET, Rte ion. Godfrc-v. Ml. 4fici-fi013. MISC. FOR SALE Articles for Sale 71 AUCTIONS Auctions fi4C — .Ian. S 64C .'I BEDROOM BRICK— Prime Alton location. Central air. fireplace. Liirfio living room carpeted. Fenced back yard with patio. 4H5-2882. 59 — Jan. 15 BY OWNER Lovely large 7 room brick ranch family room, fireplace. 2 baths, walkout basement, double garage, air conditioned, vacant. $29,900. Will trade for house, lot or trailer. 466-0596. 5<) — 9 Norfhmoor Place—Godfrey 711 TAYLOR — Very neat and attractive . . Two bedroom white aluminum sided home with knotty pine rathskeller. Carpeting throughout house, modern kitchen, central air. masler bedroom 11.6' x 18'. Living room 12' x 30' with fireplace. Large grounds, HO' :< 220' with beautiful trees and shrubs. S19,!IOO Call 466-3374. :>I PICE SPACE Monlicello Plaza. phone 466-4470. •-,1 _ •[•].- — FOR RENT — For information LOVI-;LY—Furnished or unfurnished office space available nt new Madison County Home Improvement Office on Old St. Louis Rd., Wood River. Call Frank Pope, 254-2811. After 6, 465-71)38 or 377-5427. Wanted to Rent 54 WANTED TO RENT — Garage for hoat storage. North Alton or Godfrey area. -Hiti-'IOSS after (i. CONSIGNMENT AUCTIONS — Rte. MO, Hclhalto. Every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday nights. fi:30. Vanted: bedroom furniture, tools. ntic|ues. Phone .'177-6041 or 259-2374. ..eRoy Goessman. Auctioneer. c MO Rs E"A ucrTo"N~co. ighway 140, Cottage Hills PEN DAILY from 9 .I.MI. to 5 p.m. 'hone 259-2821. We niv and sell ood used furmcme and anpliaMces nd slock liquidations. Sold at pubic auction. Fr 1 an.-l >at, at 7 p.m. REAL ESTATE AUCTION SATURDAY. .IAN. 16. •) A.M. IC RE"AL S ESTATE AUCTION SATURDAY, JAN. 9, 1971 P.M. — 4-ROOM HOME at 2729 Sostwick St.. Alton. Frame; ga icat, Ticar bus route. Remember Rent payments never jnd, home payments do Sec you the Hth TERMS: $500 down day of Sale, lalance in 30 dn\s. Owner Chester E. and Mary .1. K.irns. Auctioneer. David T. McGaughty, 377-9123 Not Responsible for Accidents, Should Any Occur. . WANTED TO RENT — 2 bedroom house, in North Alton or Godfrey area. Will give references. Call 466-4056. BY OWNER—3010 Alby -St. 2 bedroom, built-ins. Carpet. Recreation room. Walkout basement. Assume ti per cent loan. 465-9247. 59 — TF 6-ROOM RANCH — Large fully car- peled living room, .') carpeted bedrooms, li/, baths, built-in kitchen, attached finished garage, full base, mcnt, central air. $200 down. Storcyland Homes. 259-5041. 5!) — .fan. 6 2-STORY BRICK—3 bedrooms. I'/z bath, carpeted, new kitchen, built- in stove and oven. Full basement, new gas furnace and central air. Aluminum storm windows. Double garage. On lot and one-half. Ph. 217-942-3737, CarrolHon. REAL ESTATE SALE 55 Realtors 5 — TF Mon. Tue, Wed, Thu Our READY FINANCING SELLS Home after Home After Home! DON HALE, Realtor 415 E. Broadway, ALTON 462-0046 Farm and Land 57 14 ACRES—22 acres farming ground. Good place to build. Natural gas. '/i mile off of highway. Small down payment, monthly payment thereafter. Call Medora 729-5592. -7 — Feb. 5 F'ARM FOR SALE—40 or 60 acres. Call after 7 p.m. 618-883-2258. South Lots for Sale 58 — 4 li 58 FOR SALE—25-ft. lot in Wood River. Natural gas, city water, city sewer. $700. 259-0116 or 259-1868. Mobile Homes 58A 1969 NAM CO—1 bedrooms, 1 '/ 2 baths. Air conditioned. Steps, storage shed. $4900. 254-S725. "iHA — 4-6-8 WANTED TO BUY — Used mobile home. Prefer 10' wide. 377-8623. r.ij A fi ... FOR SALE OR RENT—12x60 1969 mobile home. 2 bedroom, furnished. 254-9338. 58 A — 12 ONE: BEDROOM TRAILER — Economical, movable, carpeting. Shady Lane Trailer Park, East Alton. See Bill Stiirkey. 5SA — 9 MOBILE HOME FOR SALE — 1968 Ilillcresl. !:>' < 60'. 2 bedroom, carpeting throughout, air eondi- llonlni!, excellent condition. 254-1403. 58A — Feb. 6 MOBILE: HOME INSURANCE Broad coverage ,al savings. Qual- ily Insurance. Piasa F'irst Federal Duildini.'., Alton. .|(i2-KH04. r ( (^ A ( | , Vlltm STAR MOBILE HOME— 12x00 2 bedrooms, air conditioned. I'll 25!l-00(i. r i. 58 A — H •17 — s _ EI70 Itr x 50' REGENT — Carpet, :i ROOMS ,V HA I'll — Collace Hills 2 bedroom, excell.'iit for couple. I leelrle stove' and i el'riKC-ralor. $7. r i $:t700. (i-1 Larch Liiui 1 . Wood River monlh. 2. r i!l-ti'.!S,". or •lii(i-:in'22. MA — Jan. 2: :' ROOM EUKNISHI I) •VI) l.ail|:doit SI. JIN 1)0 lie •hides he il X. illilllles. Im .inn slsili si Ni-\v i All rai pel lie: . I.n n-.:,,-rl H'll Call I \ emie; , Kill 7!i:!S. 1 Utic l\l UNI-IIUNISIIF.ll AP I i .1 . heal, one- 01 two children East 'EXECUTIVE"HOUSE" APTS. K'.''. WASHING TON, ALTON lU'.iulilul two bedroom apartment. Tel i ilk: maintenance. Reasonable icnl Sec manager. Mr. Phillips, on pi eiiiiscs. Ill ITIAI.T'O •— 5113 LoilKl'l'll'UV. New al DII\C' up and call-, days 2.>I2SII; e\eiihlKS. 4li. r )-7!):)H. )V7-:.427. I11RI-:F ROOMS—Utilities furnished Near glassworks. Adults only. Ph •165-2381. -II, -.. !i DANDY API S ueekh 16 ' IIM03 •Hi •••• II - -. 3 RM A UlcHvn, Allon All ulililic's Im nislietl $25 deposll ::li«) imiulhh lly appoint Illi'llt lli!i •1-103. ll,l, (I.S22 alter 5 16 -- I.I --.-ROOMS X BA I II- Sun poi eh Pri vale entrance ''US Illinois Ave , l-:.isl Alton ''S!i IIS.M. 16 -- II ---- - - HACHEI.OK ,\p IS . Kitchen, bed n .0111. llhlifr paid 1,32 I EHHl -mi, -I70 1 , or -liis 3 r.M 111 'I - - I N I KA NIC I-.—L'M.II mobile home i n IM-IIH;: llncini'Tioul I oealed in W I Rivi'i No pels :'1>9 111 1(1 or ' ,'i IKc.s n: -- II --- ' I ARl , I- l.'c IOMS clolln -. , lo-.el ,\,| Albv 2-ROOM FURNISHED APT. -— Vory nico, Uppur Alton, idofll for working person or student. TV furnished. $70 per month. All utilities included. Call 462-0851. n MIL I ON ARE'A One bedroom New luiniture. FOR ONI OR IWO El DEKI.Y city. Hili li.StHi. 1'TiRNISIIF'D ROOMS APT Newly d.'Coraled, v- Adults. •;();')- 9018. LUXURY DUPLEX — 2 - bedroom brick. Carpeting, electric heal, ce'ii- lialair, refrigerator and stove.. llrighloii. .|iiii-439!i. I •' • __ " ______________ ___ ______ ___ FOR REN I — llrighlon, 2IS Cindy St. 3 bedroom. Slove' and i e'frigeralor, e'ai peii'd. i lar.ige. KANDAI ST. -No. I Irailer. Par- liallv lurmsheil. $61). (1 t:NI SI ITN Adl'Nc'Y Hnidlloii. III. • 372 ,H(,.| AltiM- -I, 372-8II46 .1 y ____ y _____________ ._ ________ ^_ ___ I ROOM DUPLEX HOUSE. FOR KEN I --Couple , only. Will accept one 1 or two i hildi I'll t las heat. Call alle'r I -3(1 pan :i:i!l 7158. 1 ROOM HOUSE— siili per liloulh. No utilities Im nislied. Inquire .'V'K Washington. 1 asl Alton, between :, and 7 I Y ..„ 1 1 _____ . , .,._,„ ....... ______ , _ MUDI-.KN imi'l I- X — .( moms anil i D\ r, 1 1 1 1 1 uiiM'.ilur, water I'ui'- . .ilsti ili'aprs and liliiuls. » Nu |)cls t'nnplr only •^S;.. Iti' 1 DIM I I I AKt.l KOOMS — All ivi:i'iHly n 1 - itiDilrlctl Spa ri oils \'ai tl . $1 UH inn , VV'lltl Dpi KM, tO hllV JOHN GLYNN 462-0624 .1 • ___ i j^ . _____ ....... ________________ ____ B ,.„. FOR Rl Nl OR SALE — 1304 i'Toi- i-nc c\ 4-ioinn modern, basement. t'.ai.e 1 ,' ^li',:> mo plus depe-sil. •I HI DROOM---1 lose to school. ,$125 pei moiilh Musi have' good refer elle-es Ctinl.lcl I onsolidate'd Home' DcM'loplllent Inc , Mitchell !MI-!'i!)S7 01 ' -I llh'd 2' HI DROOM HOUSE: FOR RI-.N1-- Milton ai ea $HIU mo -162 39VS FOR RI:NI — UothaUo. 2 hediooms, ba .e'liHMit . caipoil. $1-15 mo. Alton. Cute 1 3 room house ssl) per mo. Don Hryanl ,V A:soe'. 25-I-/421 or 4ii(> 1513 ,|y _ |-| ______________ ..... ________ , _ , I-OR SALE OR KF' NT— 3539 Oscar. Alton. Small 2 bedroom modern home 1 , tias heat. Newly decorated Basement and garage. S95 nio. plus deposit. 466 5018. A" _^_ I'l . __ ....... ___ _______ _ .-._ 1 _. __ ^ NF:AI- AND CLEAN — 2 bedroom home, familx 1 room. can>tHed bcd- jooms and livm ; itiom, carport, l.o- caie'd In (ititlt'ivy. Si 65 Don Bryant & AsMoclalcs Office 466-1513. 47 — .Ian S - — ..... -----------3 ill DUOOM HOMI: — Carpeting, built in stove (.aragc, ami basement Very nice .$150 month plus deposit 5S02 Dogwood Piasa Hills. 466 5018. MOBILE HOME KliPAtR AND SE'.RV'ICI-: — Hoof coating, set up levelbiK. etc. Day & NiRht Mobili llonu' Repair. ;t77-K:i!)7. f,DA — I mi. 2(i 10>:. r )2 lllil.VI'DERE — Choup! Financmi: a\'ailable 2. r io-2i(]l. 58 A — 1'e MOiilLE HOME,') for rent In Sloreylmid Mobile Home Park, 4li!i 25.U or 2!)">!>04L Houses for Sole .» ~ IE — NEW AND DritiD HOMliS 1M M EDI A Hi DO'i, p ANCV C11AS. L-: SI'RINl-MAN DEVELOi'Ml'NT •»tiu-i470 r>!i-ri»7r> Alter 5 4i;ti-4(i74. 105 !)251 fi!) -- Jan. 28 , ********************** ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS Brand new brick, '.i bedrooms, cc ramie bath, beautiful Ultchun, al carpeted, attached |>:iru|>t>. iiavec drive, front porch, attractive dome on sewer, only $lK,5ut). Small down payment, 25!)'-ti:i37. ********************** E'oR SALE: OR KENT—:i boiroon brick vencei. tarport an\i fireplac e Cotiie'i lot In Bunker 1(111. Ph :i72-:ttl!)S alter ri:.'UI. BUSINESS SERVICE Hydraulic Service New Used Floor & Hand Jacks 33U-40UU 35D-U»ti5 lit) 4th St., Uiist Alton GRANDVIEW ERY NICE — Newly decorated home. Wall to wall carpeting in living and dining, tile kitchen and bath, birch cabinets in kitchen Finished basement with bath anc shower $17,500 WILTON AGENCY 462-4147 -162-4294 vlADISON COUNTY HOME IMPROVEMENT IUMBERT RD. AREA — Wanted, older home on trade, for this beautiful split foyer home, located at 4826 Wiek-Mor Dr. Cash for your home. Don't miss this buy. Open 'til 9. Call days 254-2811. Evenings 465-7938, 377-5427. SOUTH ROXANA—908 Park. Lovely new 4 rooms and bath. All car peted. Concrete drive. It's all new for only SI 1.300 and we pay closing costs. Drive by and call days 254-2811. 377-5427. Evenings, 465-7938 or BETHALTO—109 Texas, new 5 rms and bath with double attached ga rage. Central air, all carpeting, lots of extras. Small down payment, or will take older home on trade. Cal now. Days, 254-2811. "Evenings •165-7938. 377-5427. MADISON COUNTY HOME IMPROVEMENT ,9 — 6 • NEAR WESTERN .MILITARY Shrubs, glassed - in front porch Large lot. 3 large bedrooms, 28x1! carpeted living room, 14x12 kitchei with garbage disposal. Plctur window. Oversized garage. $15,900 Immediate Possession BEN O. MOORE, Realtor 462-2222. Res.. 466-4442 19 — lS-:iO-.lan (i-S-K) FOR SALE- House, TI49 Vernie Alton. 111. .'i bedrooms, dining kitchen, recreation and living room <48'x24'), full basement PRICE REDUCED TO SELL CONVENIENT TERMS. FOR SALE OR RENT— House, Kl! Eckhard, Wood River. 111. Llvinj I'oom, kitchen. I bedroom ant family loom downstairs. Livint, space on second floor. CONVENI ENT TERMS. ALVIN A. STOLZE, REALTOR Office l-452-7.'!f)0, Granite City Home 4(i5-:t744. Fairmount. Alton 1970 DISPLAY HOME CLEARANCE! WITH THE PURCHASE OF ONE OF THE FOLLOWING 1970 DISPLAY HOMES YOU WILL-RECEIVE A VALUABLE FREE GIFT . A BRAND KEW COLOR TV! 152(1 COLONIAL DR $23,90 1809 D'ADRIAN CT $39.50 1401 PAULS DR. $39,110 ~>80() KINCi ARTHUR DR. .. $22,90 1311 SIR LANCELOT LN. .. $22,911 117 MERCURY DR. $21,90 The following homes have been pui chased by and free color TV's hav been awarded to: 1210 CAME LOT' — Mrs, and Mrs Roller! Saunders, Jr. 25 WOOD CiATii — Mr. and Mrs Donald U. Brown 7616 SATURN — Mr. and Mrs. Bill C. Smith CHAS. E. SPRINGMAN DEVELOPMENT, INC. 108 North Port Dr., Godfre' Phone 466-4470 OFFICE HOURS: 9 8 Mon. Thru Thurs. 9 - 5 Fri. Thru Sal. 1 - 5 Sun. BUSINESS SERVICE SIDING Call for Free Estimate ABERT Siding and Modernizing BETHALYO 377-9998 FARM — LIVESTOCK Cats—Pets M-CC TOY MALE POODLE—Silver Eight weeks old. 46G-4. r >. r >3. 5 — 7 BLACK FEMALE AKC POODLES —Call after 5 p.m. 254-8911. 3 — 8 HIHUAHUA PUPPIES FOR SALE $20 each. 37G-43:i.'i. "REE — Beautiful lonj>-haired mal cat, good with children. 215!) , r >S19 5 — 8 DOGHOUSES FOR SALE — Free delivery. 25!)-4(iO(i. T TERRIERS—Pups. SIO. PI :i7G-4937, Fieldon. 5 — 9 \KC REGISTERED—Black & silvc German Shepherd, male. Edwards ville G5G-4868 after fi. REGISTERED SCOTTIE TERRIER Must sell. S(iO. 259-L107. 5 — 9 \KC REGISTERED—White Gcrma Shepherd puppies. 254-5230. 5 — 7 •CITTENS — Free. Part Siamese Persian and 254-1750. 15 — (j ? Litter trained. Pr A-KC MINIATURE POODLES — Silver Rray, 3 months old. 4G6-2847 5 — 9 AFTER CHRISTMAS SPECIAL — AKC Shelties. Look like little To Collies. Also Toy Poodles. Profes sional grooming. 462-6052. S — 0 — BASSET HOUND 7 months old registered, excellent with children $40. 466-6145. .1 — IS 'ROFESSIONAL POODLE TRIM MING—Complete or partial sroon' inf>. Contact Linda Williams, 40 Hose. South Roxana. 254-8629. 15 — Jan 23 AKC REGISTERED CH1HUAHU/ and DACHSHUND PUPPIES — Fox Terrier puppies, 115 Virginia B'ahuUo. 377-GG28. !> — 15 :LEARANCE SALE — puppies i breeding stock: 'Pekingese, Pom eranian, Cocker, Fox Terrier? Beagles, Poodles, American Eski mo, Chihuahuas German Shep herds. Entdish Setters. Also stu service. 372-8166 J5 — Jan. 21 REGISTERED POMERANIANS — Variety of colors. A few Pugs. PI 372-3168. Feeds and Seeds 17 — 15 BRIGHT WIRE TIED BALED STRAW — Also timothy hav. Ph 1-729-5045 or 4G5-3914. 17 — G _ ALFALFA HAY—$1.00 bale, stra fiOc. No Sundays. Ray Myers, Car ney Corner, Grafton — 9 IAY AND STRAW FOR SALE — Also butchering calves. Will de_ liver. Medora 729-5851. BRIGHT STRAW—And Timothy lun Piasa 729-5045 or 465-:)914. j7 7 FINE TIMOTHY HAY—$1 bale. Fin quality alfalfa, also elover. Clos to town. 4G6-37U4. Livestock 7 .leer calf. Average C40 Ibs. wa •dws. (I5G-3840. "18 I-'OR SALE—4 heifer calves and steer I 18 — 13 FOR SALE—Feeder pip.s. Castrate & wormed. 41I8-3200, .Icrseyville. •J8 — (I '.. ONE HEREFORD COW & CALF. 2 Hereford bulls, one fat steer, Hereford feeders. Call Jerseyvill 493-5770 ,;B — (i K — _ GELDING — 7 yrs. old. Buekskl Need« experienced rider. $275. P •Hiti-4037. FOR SA1..E—24 feeder pigs. Castra ed and wormed. Pruirietown p 8S8-2479. (i8 — 4 S G 7 8 9 18 19 20 'M 23 PUKF.I3RED HAMPSHIRE BOAR Columbiana Seed Company Farm Eldred, Illinois G2027. Kenneth Bergman — Herdsman Phone No.: Daytime— (217) 983-2K Night Time — (217) 083-2708. Meats 69 05[) _ TF _ HANSEN'S CHOICE REE: Front quarters 49c. halt beef 59 hind quarters 09c, 40 Ibs. chuc steaks $27.60, 30 Ibs. rib ste-.ilis $29.7 Blast frozen, cut wrapped an delivery iree. /'ill finance. HANSF.N PACKING COMPANY Jersevvllle. Custom beef slauBhte IriR and processing. 498-3714 913 — TF ' 'REEZER BKl-JF — '. ut. wruppei frozen and delivered. USD CHOICE. H^iR Meats Co.. Front Alby. Ph. 4R5-me. (19 B _ 7 RABBITS FOR — Puielne New X.ealands. Diite'h, 1-lemis Giants, Calitornians. 288-91(il, RL F.dwardsville. RENTALS ARDFN TILLER—4 hp. Forward, evcrse Sf>0. Mctailloch chain saw, 0-inch blade. .<r>n. 372-3492. (iOOD BUY—Give it a try. Blu« ustre America's favorite carpet hampoo. X.immcr Home Improve- nent and Hardware Co., 706 Mll- on Rd. ,162-0571;. AS FURNACE BLOWER — Good :f,ndition. -IWi-MSO. Wo" 10-GAI.I..ON AOUARUIMS — :omplete with lish. Cheap. 4G2-4I25, OLE CLUBS—2 woods, 8 Irons, Hatched leather grips, hag. cart. Best offer over S70. 4GB-530B. i - r, _ .. -— EW PORTAHLI-: SANDBLASTER— >>\ (Air compressor requlren). [•Tec brochure. Inka Industries, :K21 Pcrsa. Houston Texas 77006. OEVVE-oT'TA STEREO — German nake Good condition. 466-3905. 1 —'Feb. :) DDING MACHINES — Typewriters iinuHht. sold traded, rented, repaired. Open evenings. Davey, 1203 Sta'e. 462-1064. -PC DINETVE—Includes table and six chairs. Fair condition. .. $29.77 On Easy Terms—Free Delivery FRANKLIN UNION Open every night 'til 9 4(i. r i-7761 OR SALE—One Bell & Howell movie camera with zoom lens, light and carrying case, with screen. One electric water pump. Phone (U8-408-4707, Medora. I Tan ''3 —^————— VAGO'N WH'EEL TRADING POST— Used furniture, appliances, oil. gas heaters, miscellaneous. First house north Hilltop Sale Barn, Foster- burs; Rd. Open 9-5. 1 "USED "MERCHANDISE loover upright cleaner $29 0" Frigidaire range $59 \lso several used refrigerators In good condition. ALTON REFRIGERATION 550 E. Broadway. — 465-7722 (Across from Germanla) •1 _ 4 5 « is 1!) 20 CARPET ANY ROOM in your home yourself with 100 per cent nylon shag 12x12 carpet tile. No glue or paste, self adhesive foam rubber back. No seams, no waste. Buy as many as you need, as low as 69c a s(i. ft. Carroll Lumber, 135 East 4th, Roxana. 254-3888. '1 — TF — Mon Wed JET ACTION ' FRIGIDAIRE WASHER See it in action! Features such as let fast spin, delicate cycle, wash and wear cycle NO belts, no nulleys, no oil. ALTON REFRIGERATION 550 East Broadway — 465-7722 Across from Germanla 71 — 6 23-IN. TV—Two sets socket wrenches. HfiOxlS snow tires on wheels, Firestone 4-ply. 4G5-8579. 71 — 5 (i 7 11 12 13 14 —i- USED APPLIANCE BARGAINS MAGIC CHEF GAS RANGE 4- burner, griddle, auto. oven. Excellent condition $40 MORGE—4-burner gas range. .. $15 HAMILTON GAS DRYER $20 PERMAGLAS—40-gal. auto, gas water heater. Like, new $40 MUELLER—Gas forced air furnace. 100M BTU. REZNOR gas BTU. unit heater. $25 100M $25 ALTON BOTTLED-GAS CO. 5201 Godfrey Rd. 466-3461 71 TF — Mon.. Wed., Fri — BEADS — BEADS — BEADS — Also beading supplies. Mook'3, 629 Kldse, Alton. 462-7342. 71—6 2-TON CHAIN HOIST & TROLLEY —Also electric fence charger. AH like new. 259-5548. THE BLUE LUSTRE WAY takes the soil away f om carpets and upholstery. You can rent the electric shampooer for $1 at Honke's, North Alton, or Honke's Pharmacies, Alton or Wood River. 71 — TF Mon.-Wed.-Fri AIR CONDITIONER COVERS Sixes to fit most models of window air conditioners. Made for rugged weather. Heavy canvas. Water re- pelleiu. $2.75 to S4.50. ALTON REFRIGERATION 550 East Broadway. 465-7722 Across from Germania 71 — 5 6 7 11 12 13 14 WAREHOUSE SALE! Save 30-50 percent on our Annual Warehouse Clearance CONCO GAS FURNACE — 93,500 BTU. Reg. $210, Sale $139 GE CAST IRON FURNACE—90,000 BTU. Reg. $339, Sale $169 RA1NSOFT—Auto, water softener. 30,000 grains. Reg. $379, Sale .. $199 EAGLE GAS RANGE — 4-burner, with griddle in middle. Coppertonc. Reg. $179, Sale $149 EAGLE EYE LEVEL OVEN — Ol- ivetone. Reg. $199, Sale $169 Most items are one of a kind—First come, first sold. ALTON BOTTLED-GAS CO. 5201 Godfrey Rd. 466-3461 71 — TF Mo'n Wed Fri WE REPLACE s'ass and screens In aluminum dours anil windows. Zimmer Home Improvement, 706 Milton Road. 162 Oh7B 71 Feb. BLOWER FANS—For gas & oil furnaces. "LAU" factory replacement units start at $24.95. Don't spend another noisy nite. Free estimates for installation. Goeken's Alton Home Service, 465-9193. T)RY AIR PROBLEMS? HELP Md dry air problems such as "llchy Skin" - Dry Nose "Plaster cracking - Static shock". Also filter air with a Coolerntor humidifier. FREE HUMIDITY GAUGE wilh each humidifier. 4 models on display. ALTON REFRIGERATION 550 li. Broadway 465-7722 "Across from Germanla" 72 — 16' CiLASTRON inbo-.nd-outboard 4 years old. Excellent. 462-0803. Building Materials 73 — Jan. 16 73 RAILROAD SALVAGE — Two carloads plywood and pre-finlshed pan«., . B ?. autlful colors, 4x8x1/4. Save $2 to $4 per sheet, $2.39 to $3.59. Plywood sheathing, exterior, Inte- 1 -,'. r; ^x'/i. $3.75. Sanded 4x8x'/ 4 . f, 2 ; l 'L,,! 01 Wtbt Broadway, Alton. RENTALS FOR LEASE 1200 square feet of first class office space in Alton Savings and Loan Building. Includes reception area and five large private offices. Complete services, including daily janitorial services. Immediately avail- abb for occupancy. Contact Mr. Harold E. Ruyk, Executive Vice President, Alton Savings and Loan Association, 620 East Third Street, Alton, Illinois 465-4483. 9E5ATPCO

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