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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 4

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Saturday, June 18, 1859
Page 4
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TBXEGBAPH AMUSEMENTS. ADVEBTISEMENTS TISEMBNTS ,JPOlAl0.w5-nnn aM wehaaitd; rwidpta 814; ttjlc* by lawbe entitled to demand, ttita b« eoa> FOB THE DAttT NEWB. M.7. TBOJUB, U. 8. Mawhil. o>»«H«tMeTl Facia • —=— TWpormanoirand. Ijstued: ostrt UM ' Oouiof the United IBOOHSnr, > ObooK Court, UUmuSeeCoa&ty. f BKANB—choice 60^*0.. An*v*ij»r 1 jlfaTrTtWst^JitttCT!^^ «ta-frf>m Bremen and BouttiainpSo 4<ilw,,4th ta|^*»rff«d*.i thU Ttoint t<v d»y/ ttdpated. - - *• , "- St.LOOM, Jaiia 17. ^ ; George H. Lamb, jrho drowned bif iHft if tbe MigMBSippi, Jn DeoerateIn 1857,^ipa«». ted the crime on the gallows. In the jail yard, «t twenlj minutes past one (his afternoon. Anntwrsjar|r or Bmnker HIIL < * r, • < s Bosroir, Jnn« 17. < "To day being the anniversary of the Battle of Banker Hill, mil the places of Imsinee* in the city are closed up. WOOt-ateady; light icodpte, *<»»; aalw'wifci coarse atSd; 100 Al X UoodJitWe; 450 »tK olooJtt ^aattv««aned«»«. 'i **t* ' 1 H , t "• U 'as* *' " ^ - BtUlMad Beceiptk. , ,-£ao«»Ti M luk Oaoao * Mn.wAtua> sUtuo.!*!— IBlios wb«aii'V2»d» ,oat«J2>JiI» potatoes; jilt DMkaoan Jjjori***a«a} «Nh* pa»;« cor*, wooflj 1,100 do wocl; 6,100 ft lumber, 8,850 do Tax to be ' 'KIKOSHA, Jnne 17. The CSty Oonnell of Kenosha'determined jnterda? to levy t, tax^to meet tbe interest on •11 the eity bonds iesoed in aid of the Keno- iha, B. & &, I. R- B. Co. — . . Sj . BsdlesT for, the tuOetin «t Fayal- BoaioN, June 16. A meeting was held at the China Insurance Go's office to-day, to take maaenrfls focaendlng provisions to the inhibitants of Payal, Aiores, vho are reported to be in a starring condition. A tttonaand dollars was subscribed on the spot, and a committee was appointed to solicit far- eher contributions ,. Rmaara «r x ,Mn.wjs.tnsa ti' bbli "flour; 2^W bru wheat; S45.^ 0 oatajSffi de efn; 2$do po|atoiaj * bkls «ct<,4* foi htu«; J,8»0 sundries; 80,000 do atone; 16 bead cattle; 1 calf. MARINE RECORD. 18.59. WASHIKOTOK, Jane 17. The following offioers have .been ordered to the steamer Crusader: • Lt Commanding, Moflat; Lieat's, Phelps, Eaney and Behham. TO the steamer Mohawk:—Lt. Commanding, Graven; Lients., Barber, Sheldon and Cir- pentei; Master, Chester Qatfield. Lient. Stanley has been ordered to the command Of the steamer Wyandott. Lieut. Qeo. W. Ilodgerelias been ordered to ordnance duty at the New York Navy Yard. . ' - , » . L Ttottlng Match. NEW TOEK, June 16. There was a large attendance to day at the course to witness the great trotting match between Flora Temple and Princess, the California mare. Flora beat her in two straight heart of three miles each. She made the second heat of three miles, in 4:59 1-3. The stakes were $5,000. Wetland Canal Lock Damaged. ST. CATHABISES, C. W , June 16. The gates of Lock No. 25 of the Welland Canal, near Thorold, C. W., were carried aw&y by the schooner Qnebeo. this erening. The rush of water caused the embankment to Hive several feet ( Great damage was d. !,,• to the green fields. The water is now shnloff and the flood is cradually subsiding. A large tore* of men will commence to repair the I Teak when the water snbsidr? sufficiently. ..atth* Gallery .of —__ ^London, and nnlrenally preBOttBOe^byj.jnetteanm..?- ^ aubline creation of art «r« r: T. P; Great Original I llnsumion o f tfr. i Kane's Woi IdJttenowne* • ; A BO TIO VOYAGE*?, Toietherwlth togilshaad Danish Bearche* for Sir John Tranklln ia tn» .FrlgM Zone, executed by the great American artist, George flewe, Xu- from original drawings taken on the spot., • Several interesting relics 'of file Arctic Expedition will be exhibited, among which are » Dr. Kane's Kayac,ArcUc Dresses,-celebrated dog "Whitney, 1 " (the onl> *nrvtror ot Dr. Kane's LaCroau,* HI mtoeaboreent --.. — --, — . — .« •«««.. « oiwlutndredaxi twdra thmsand two ftnadnd and «e»enty-one doflaz the .a. A. D.18CT, to atPublIo »p ustfl during Ul jonrney) ol «»q«mardog "Wolt," presented by Lady franklin to Dr. - Kane's companion, Mr. Thof . Qlckey, 4o,*o. Part at Milwaukee :.....J«ne IT. ARRIVED. Schr Shanghai, Cheyne, Green Bar, UOo IBB, II in Beur^tenr/Sorton, Oartwrry, JEort" Washington, JtB ccrdiofwood: A> Jamea, Bhew,3trl», 400 too* e«»l. lrtlan,,We, £30 ton. coal. ' fitmr«eveli6d,J>ongal, fltmrCraiette, SnUIo, Two BlTen, l — • ,on,»jnomone*,40ninm. • Prop Chlotga, Herrlok, Chlosgo, 4 hhdlinear.j StmrOlty of OlBTeland, Sqaler, Grand BaT«n,6 ton. m«i,2 aatka Uqnor,:6 pkgi sundries. I 'OLE ABED. ' - Jcjr* 16TH. Star City of OlereUnd, Sqnler, Qrana Haren.Btons mdc, 650 bbli floor, 88 bain wool, 8 bbls wkls- key, IT bbli uhet,46.bbli anndrtes, Jon ITra. Bchr Henry Korton, Oarberrj, Port Waehiocton Bchr Norway, Johnson, Uenomonee. Stmr G« celle, Butlln, Two Hirers, 8 toos mds, C biuhqlt wheat, BO bbU vinegar, 63 dry hides, 85 bbls nmdrlea, 80 pkcs sundries. " - '•' Prop Ohloajo. Herrlck, *affilo, JT.080 bash wheat, i Sohr DrlTtir, Davidson, Green Her. ' SsmrOlevdand, Donga), Grand Ua»<n, 13bbli whiskey 18 bdls deer aklnt, Ti sacks tlt>sttSg,S bdli snn- dries. Schr Laoy J. Latham, McDonald, Oiwago, 18,001 bush wheat. _W i ' Doors open at T; Kxblbitlon'at • o'eloekt an* TrldaT afternoon at4o"do<-t-;8atnrdayaJteTnoon at 8 o'clock and Wednesday afternoon at 4 o'clock. Tickets 85 cents. Children 14 cents. The Interesting HarraUre of Dr. Kane's last Aretlo Exhibition, by Kane 1 * 1 oompanloh, Mr. Thoi. Hlckty.forssJeatthehalL Priae ifcenta. B Y AUTHORITY, STATE >OENT - ' Of the Condition of the Mutual Intvrarux Company, or Buffalo, on the 8d of February, 1M». Made to the Becretary of State, Wisconslr, pursuant to the Statutes of that State. S. The amount paid up., tn 4,115 tr Washington Mattera. WASHIHOTOK, June 17. The ordering of more efficient naval foro- to the African coast was not, in consequence of any late complaint by the British government it was long ago contemplated, bat ni til recently Ihere were no vessels which could be used for that purpose So far as our government is aware, no new orders hare been is- sned since 1842 by the British government in connection with the treaty stipulations for the suppression of the slave tradoon the coast of Africa Then- is ix.tliiiiL in the recently received letters to a disimtir-1: rl general in Washington which afforcU ;.. y ground for the belief that England will l«;ome involved in the present war in Europe. Il if understood her*- that the Cabinet today, finally acted on the documents they have for several wevts had unde'r consideration, expressive of the .idminifstration on the snb' ject of neutral riphts It vr<\\ probably be transmitted to Mr Dallas by the next steamer. COMMERC1AI.. OEO. GODFREY, EDITOK — =- ^ -~ —^^-^r- OFFICE OF THE DAK.Y NEWS, I Wllvaabrr. J, ne 17.1SBB i MoBiTARr.—Our money market ia u>lerablj ea«y to-day—with amull demand for cnrrencj which in »up piled at the osnal raUe Eichance and gold still tie adj- at 2 per cent. NEJT TORE Mosir iliBEir, Wedoeidaj- Jnne 16 The money market U a little easier for prim- bnsine« paper triilch U more In demaml, and strictly flrM c'a«s •ignatnre are readily taten at 7 per cent. Second clas. paj«r goes «lo«-ly at more than the ntoal difference In Foreign EichanRf closed flrmlvat onr qnotatlsni Tb« Block m-rtie^ showed some «trength In Uie first oall. but was afterirardE h?avy and lower •«oSnSf. ! " Der Americ » n ' Afi t°-day. with upwar it ot MOO.OOO IE specie, for Liverpool. The steamer Bandore, for Ponthampton, Havre and Hamburg, took ont H9 posoenpers and »160,00n In •pec'e— Journal of Commerct, Jr. PreigLu have been a little more active at former o..^. tatlona. Tlie schooner Locy J. Lithatn cleared to-day wtth 14.O80 bushels wbcM for Oswego at 80. The Propeller Chinas took 17,050 hus )o Buffalo »t going rates, and the steamer City of Cleveland took 660 bblj of Bour for Buffalo via the Grand Haven route at 20c.— The schooner M«y Queen Is chartered to take a cargo of wheat to Buffalo «t the current rate, teaaars— Pn->rrscui. CASAU-REOTCTIOI or Toua. —Prom the Toronto Colontn we learn that the Cada- dlan authoritlri have recently reduced the rates or toll " entheWelland and St. Lawrence Canal.. On-the Weiland OansJ article* in the 31 class have been rednced from 20c to 15c per ton; those in the 4th class from 26c to 90c; those of the Sin class from SO to 26c; and those of the 6th clis» from $1 to BOc, whilst boards, planks, scantling » n d other s»wed lumber, which lately paid 30c per 1,000 enp^rficlal feet, are now charged 20c.— Barrel stavej and beadings 80o Instead of 40 per U Pipe staves »1,6D instead S2, and West India .tares 60c In lien of T5c. Tho foUosrinK articles which hitherto paid $1 as comimrnnaer the 6th class, have been transferred to the 5th class, paying 25c per ton only, vu : rosin, tar, pitch, whiting, chalk, ships, stores, crockery, iron safes, •oda ash, white lead, paint, turpentine, dye woods and dye etuffa, leaUwr, manufactured tobacco, mahogany and agricultural Implements. i ce b« been placed in the 8d or lowest class, and horses jand all kinds or oil In barrels, have boon put In the 4th class. But by far the most Important reduction is In flour trheat and agricultural product., not elsewhere eno- merated, from the fl'th to the fourth clan, thu. redno Ing the toUs on those staple article, from 80c per ton, which they recently paid, to 20c per ton. A corresponding reduction hue been made In the tolls ontheBt. Lawrence Canal. The arrangement took effect on toe ISlh. FUJBB A«D PEODDCS—Flour was a little more active to-day, but at the close the New York news hsd a depressing effect, and the market closed dull and drooping. We noticed the sales of a few , maU lot , to go back toaome villages in the country, where they bad •tripped themselves of the article, not having enough left for home consumption till harvest. Kye Hour is in moderate demand, the supply coming TJUDI RirreiD,—-The schooner ITanktw Fiade clear* cd from Buffalo on (he Itth, with 400 bbSt of floor for Chicago. Erusna MrcsTeiw.—The Oniud Ftatet Revenue Steamer IBt&igu Is ta Chtcafo. Sh« arrived there on liavtcgieft Detroit on the previous Tuesday, nth«wayatPres<ju-tileandManltou. She was to remain at .Chicago about a week. TBI Go. HOTCTOBV—The wreck of the Gen. Houston, vMeh was lost on U» 4th, was lying tn the main channel of the river at Palrport, Ohio, nn that account the light home keeper did not show his light. The Cblte I States authorities were about to remove the wreck immediately. t3T" The steamer Montgomery which arrived at De- trolt on Monday from Lake Superior reports very stor- mj weather. The schooner finsqnehannah, ashore at Manjuctte was expected to be afloat on Sunday, having been moved thirty feet on 8atu-day whtn th« Montgomery left. YACHT Btnuno.—The Cleveland Sevtea says:— Messrs. Laffrenier i Bteveuoa are building, for Capt Wooton, a beautiful yacht Jof eighty tons. She «D1 messare about 65 feel keel, 19 f/et bean, «X feet hold and Is to be ready to sail on the 4th of July. Captain Woo ton will take her to Lake Superior for the benefit of the summer sojonmera. She Is designed lo be UK handsomest craft of her sice afloat. STUM Too rocL or A Snuna.—The Cleveland Democrat, of the 14tk says, that on the previous morning as the steamer Oily of Buffalo was turning In the Basin to get to the coal dock, the Tug Maria Martin somehow got under her wheel and had her cable entirely torn away and tb« s'erm-pipes were torsi down. It also broke of her steam chesvaad the steam [.oared fourth endangering the men on board. The engineer, however, rushed up and shut off the stean-, aud then jumped overboard Into the water. He was badly scalded. The Oaplaln run the t>r at across the river. A large crowd rushed near the spot, supposing th« boiler bad bunt. 4, 1. The name 01 the Company 1* Th» Mutual Inntr- onoe Company of Buffalo. Located r» Buffalo, , Btate of New York. \. L o&mai. i. The amout of authorlicd > •800,000 tOT^JO ABUT&, 1st. Cash OB hand. Sd. In the hands of and due from agents A others 8(1, No real estate, 4th. Bonds held \ by tbeOo.Te. -- - J *.;•,.-.- -- -- .-. 1. M. B. R. B. bonds, 13,000 S. Toledo, Norwalk ACleve. bonds.. 4,000 8. K. L B. B. bonds, 8,000 4. Stocks: lf '° 00 U. H. 6s 10,000 worth 10,487 60 D. B. <s 8,000 " worth t,165»6 8. N. York fit 6,000 do 6s 13,600 worth.^ 2o.90S TO 40,641 21 B. Debts due to the Go. secured by mortgage on unencumbered real estate, worth double the amount of mortgage "per schedule" bearing T per cent. Interest 8. Debts otherwise secured by stocks, mortgages and Insurance .crip of this and other companies, and Interest on same 7. Pebts for premiums, consisting of bills recelvab e, 8. All other srcnritles and claims due the Co., salve- Re-, vessels, Ac 9. Personal property owni-d by the Co , Steam Tn?, Pumps, Ac 116,687 19 £4,913 74 85,824 78 80,65487 20,63071 Total assets ....... ...... 494,63569 Tbe following vessels piss d Detroit the loth Bound Dp—stesmer Illinois: propellers Galena, Globe, Potamac; brig Sir Charles Napier, schooner. Hnbbard J. C. Biggs, Fly, Whittle Sea Bound Dosm—propellers Potomac, Mendota- schrs Star of the North, F. Baker.— Detroit Frtt frett, 1«IL Foa Erjaori —The schooner Hugh Barclay, which ha> been at Bear Creek for some time loading irlth staves for Europe, *»*_jj[pec!ed dosrn last ulfht or to-dav, having completed her load. The brig Black fawkis lo 'ding atPortfiarnia, and will be down the l»Mer part of thl» week or the first of next.— Detroit Fret Preft IMA. ' .STEDCS. IT LIGKTXIHO.—The schooner Sea 8iar was struck by Ilghtninj when about IS miles ont from Chicago on Tuesday evening last. She was disabled, and «ul sequent y brought into thst port. The dim are was. about $100. So aays the Time*. MAI DXOWKED.—The Chicago Timtt snys a man numed James Goody was lost overboard from the Schr. Gertrude, Capt. Myers, off Kinderhook Point on Monday morning. Every exertion was made by the Captain and crew to save blm, but in vain. He Is enpposed to bave balled from Sheboygan. HAIL WAY MATTER". AKoreaa &AH.BOAC Wia a Pioiraor.—Th« Buffalo Courier has the following private dispatch from Cleveland : CLCTIUJTD, Jnne 14 mother railroad war Is In prospect, oco slontd by the reduction of tbe far on the Lake Shore Road to *4 dollars. There Is much feeling between tbe Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania, and Central routes via Buffalo. fi. Th* amount of liabilities due to banks and other '- creditors. None, excepting what i. contained .« No. 10. €. Losses adjusted and due. 7. do do and not due. 6. Losses unadjusted. Supposed to be at the extent about 8. Losses In suspense. Sim • as No. 8. 10. All other claims again: the company, Individusi balances, unclaimed dlvi denils, an! redemption (>f Scrip uncalled for Total Liabilities rv. Wone. None. 4,000 - 6357 78 10,817 78 The schooner North Carolina with a cargo of E. K. ties, left Black Lake for Milwaukee on the 28th nit., Bince when nothing has been seen or besrd of either vessel or crew. A number of Railroad ties rot nd on Sunday floating In the lake some 20 miles from Black Lake suggest their fate. Aaron Ingrabam Esq., <Ho. Wheeler, and two other passengers, whose names are not known, and a crew of seven men were on board.— Wueontin. The Racine Journal, or yesterday, lays that the 8thr. Gilbert Knapp knocked the llgh-. house off the HorthPler, Harbor Master Gorsnsh will have It al right again soon. BY i aaop- Wheat was moderately active at about cline all round. The majority of the .ales being of extra qualities for milling. No. 1 not being rery free In the market, Bye continues scarce, and In consequence has wad tendency. Corn and Oata a little better and more active, tat «he transactions and receipt. are will .light. Barley 1. tt£^~^Z-Z*ZZ. with an upward tendency.- i Wholesale market. Neur Vork Market. Rev Tou, June IB. P i' 0u P E ~~, be * Ty " a 10 «enti lower; sales, 36JWO bb'« a^^SsSi »T / aperfln « •-««««: <A)®«7A toTeriJ etate; 6JO®6,80 for «npeiflne western; tJK&6,9a tor oommon to good extra western; 6,tW&ffi) for do round hoop Ohio— market closing heavi HTE FlxJDK-qnlet at CJM. WHEAT— market dull and drooping: email sale, of whit, and red southern at 1,62 for firS tr^,» forul ETE— dull M »«®»7. BAKLKT— quiet at 60®TO. BAELEF MALTS-dnll at B6a,il 0 _OORN— heaTy and lower; sain 18,000 bush at SKA 85 for mixed and yellow! W. lor round yellow; MO88 for iouthern and Jen^y yellow J«="»w; o.«i»o OATa-teary; «®61 fo Mr£cn_naeora. 11. The greatest smount lni>ured In offe risk. 16.000, of hre r'RVp Is tbe usual irmlt; bat In souie caaes of she i . .sk« f. 10.000 On ves»els and cargoei tli,- '•00 u Uie usual limit. Including both. 12. lirus* urn 'anl of premiums received In Btate of Wis-ri'i-iii l(»r the current year, ending February 8, U5S, |7i8,SS. 13. The market ralne of l ts Mock.. The Company has no stockholders, the scrip issued on the Motuil plan by Its chaner const totes lu capital and the value of scrip varies according to lu priority of isiue. 14. Dividend, 7 per cent on Its outstanding scrip. 14. The charter or act of tncorportlon of said Company. Sent herewith. JAMES C. ETAS8, President. A. A. InsTAfHlcva, Secretary. STATE Or WISCONSIN, BECSITABY'B OFFICE, i MACUOI, May 81, 1S59. f Satisfactory evidence having been fnrn'shed 'o me that the mutual Insurance Company of Buffalo, being an incur nee Incorporated by the State of New fork, having complied with tbe requirement of section one of An Act entitled '-An act t* regulate Insurance Companies not Ineoi ported by ths State of Wisconsin," ap- pras.C'1 Uareh 17, IS59, and having also paid Into the ttate Treasury the som of three per cent, on the gros i amount ni premiums received In tbe State of V Iscon- IJ/n for the ye*r 185S, re per r-port of said Company.— How, therefore. In pursuance of tbe act aforesaid, 1, Uavld W. Jones, Secretary of State of to* State of Wisconsin, do hereby certify that W. t. Hurd, of Mllwau ee.if he be duly authorised by said Company, may take ricks, receive premiums and transact the business of an Insurance Agent for said Oompuy In this State from this date, until the first day of January, 1860. In srttneis whereof, I have hereunto set my hand r, g , »nd affilxed the great seal of the State, at 1 ' the Capitol lo Madlaon, this.Slst dav of May, 1609. i. 0. BUOGLE8, jel4-dlm Arslstant Secretary of State. NOTICE. Crrv OosmaoLLn's Omom, I Contract Departmint, Milwaukee, June 12, ISM. f B Y resolnt' n of the Common Council of June 6ih 1859, a . t^g He recommendation of the Street Oommlss.ont. s uf the Eighth Ward, to have Walker street and sldewslu, from Slxih ATenne to the west line of Walker's addition graded and to repair the north sidewalk 1. tween First and Sixth Avenue, and plank the north t lewalks of said street, from First Avenue to th; west line of Walker's Point addition, It Is ordered : That Walker sf >-ei and sidewalks be graded to the estabiuhed grade, . ..rth sidewalk, between First and Sixth Arenuesirepaired, and tbe north sidewalk, from FI. at Avenue to ths we>t line of Walker'. Point addition be planked in accordance with tbe estlm ate of tbe Olty Engineer on file In tbe Comptroller's office .. "5? 1 °* * BenU ** P r °P« t T interested In the above named Improvements are hereby notified to make the same In accordance srtth the estimate of the City Knjl- fk eer °?,? 1 '.! n *"** ? fflce ' wlUliB «» days from the publication of this noilce, or tbe Street CommlMlon- en of the Eighth Ward wUI cause the same to be done Tea-oof "^ ^iteV^I^rComp 0 ^,. EAGLE STEAM FOUNDRY, —AID— ' MACHINE WORKS at thertfniled State. MarihaJ 1 . Offlee,ln the Olty of MI waukeev at 10 o'clock m the forenoon of said day, the following property, t« wit: , The La Croase A Mflwaukeo Banroadandallthe interest of the LaOroaseAMllwaukee JUUroad Company thereln.wlth aU the franchlM*, rlghti and prlvilega thereunto belonging and appertalnini Including roads, roadwaysj right* of way and real ei tate of erery dtjerlpUon, road beda, .track*, ties, rail staUon home* and buildings and grounds, ahediaa grounds, eaglnCihooKtand groundssshopi andgrouhdi water houses and greunds, cam and appurtenances, Io> comoUre engine* and appurtenance., more nartkitf Urlr described in the fonowlng schedule- (marked A.) -Also, all that portion of the LaOroau and Milwanke Bjtilroad, known a* the Watertown Division of tali BaUroad, and all the Interest of the said L»0ro«sean Milwaukee BaUroad Company therein, with all it franchises, tight* and privileges thereunto appertain Ing, Including roadj, road ways, rights of way and rea estate of erery description, road-beds, tracks, ties' rails, station bouse* and buildings and grounds', shop and grounds, water houses and grounds, engine home and grounds, can and appurtenances, locomotives am appurtenances; also, about forty-five thousand ban o Railroad Iron, more particularly described In the fol owing schedule f marked B,) , .. . . Also; lot* 9,70 and 11, In block 8, and lot* 1,8,8, in Vloek 47, In the Fifth Ward of the City of Milwaukee.— Lotsl and^lnblosklM; lot* 1,9,4,5,0,7,8,0,10,11 rt, 18,14,In block 15C; X of block 1B7, except lot 8an< 10 of the bayou adjoining said block; jf oflou 8,» sni X, all of lots 13,18 and 14; K of lot* 16 and 17 and 1 X of 16, to block 168, tn the Fourth Ward of the City o Milwaukee. ••-!'• * (Schedule A., referred to above.) On* passenzer de pot, one store boose, two freight depoti, grain platform aad abed, blacksmith shop, three tank houses, machine •hop, stationary engine house, paint shop, lumber house coppersmith shop, iron home, blacksmith shop, turn table, circular engine house, car shop, all In the Olty o Milwanke*; tank house on section twelve of said Kail road; one ditto on aecUon 23; passenger and freight de pot, at Richfield; one torn 1 table and passenger and freight depot, at SchlrJinengerville; engrae house, tank house and passenger and freight depot at Hartford •passenger and. freight depot at lublcou; passenger am freight depot and tank house at Woodland; ditto at Iron Ridge; torn table, passenger and freight depot, engine house and tank house at Horlcon; passenger and freight depot at Junction; ditto at Boiling Prairie; turn table, engine' house, tank bouse and passenger and freight depot at Hearer Dam; passenger and freight depot and tank bouse at fox Lake; passenger and freight depot at Cambria; passenger and* freight de- prt, torn table, tank house and engine house M Midland; passenger and freight depot, turn table, engine boose and tank house- at Portage Olty, together with the ground* upon which such houses and building, are situated and which are appurtenant thereto. Twenty- one locomotive engines, ten first class passenger can two second das* ditto, four baggage can, t«4 boose freight can, 120 platform can, 80 gravel cars and 17 band cars. (Schedule Bt, referred to'above.) One engine bouse In the City of Milwaukee; one station house at the Junction; one ditto and wood shed at Pewaukee: one station house at Hartland; one ditto at Pine Lake station; one water feonse, one wood shed, and one station house at Oconoraowoc; one station house, frame short machine shop, car shop, blacksmith shop, twsi water bouses, engine house and wood shed at Watertown- station bouse and water bouse at Lowell; station house engine and water house at Columbus, together wlih the groonds upon which such booses and buildings are situated and which are appnrUnantJhereto. Seven loco motive engines, 67 box can, 85 rack ears, 10 hand cars, our passenger can A two fcaggage^ean, -la dump cars t about 42,612 bars of Railroad iron, which I shall, sell of Uie sameday^t two o'clock p.m.,neartne LaUrosse Bialt- i oad l*pot,on blocks 4v and 41,ln the city of Milwaukee, and about 423 bars ol Railraaxl Iron, which 1 shall sell at lour o'clock P. M., the same day, at Doasman AOo's dock In tbe City of Milwaukee, and about 2,000 bars of Uallroad Iron which I shall sell on the 17Ui day of December, 185?, at three o'clock f. M., on Uie west bank of the Wisconsin River, In-SaukCounty, on the line of the La Crosse and Milwaukee Railroad. The property enumerated In the foregoing schedule B. will be sold subject to an execution-Issued out of the »ald Court and previously levied thereon In favor of Selah Cham kerlaln. Marshal's Ofllce, Milwaukee, October 27,1857. M. J. T11OMAS, ecl81-doaw r 6w rj. g. Marshal. J3T" The above sale Is hereby adjourned to Monday. the4Ut day of January, ISM, at 10 o'clock A. »-, at the V. S. Marshal's office, Milwaukee, except the tales of Railroad Iron mentioned tn Schedule li., which arc adjourned respectively 10 Monday, January t, 1656, at S o'clock r. «., and 4 o'clock r. »., and Wediesday, January e, 1S6S, at 3 o'clock r. « , at tbe rwpecUre places mentioned above. Marshal's OfZoe, Milwaukee, December IS, 1S£7. M. J.TUOMAB, decK-dlawtt c g. Marshal. {3T~ The above sale Is hereby further adjourned lo Monday, th* 15th day al February, Ibij, at 11 o'clock A. »., at the V. S. UanhalS Office, Milwaukee, except the sales of Railroad lion mentioned In Schedule B., which are adjourned respectively U> Manday, February li, 145S, at S o'olock r. »., and 4 o'clock r. »_an<t Wednesday, February 17, tS5«, at 8 o'clock r. »., S the respective places mentioned above. Marshal's Office, Mllwaokee.Vanaary 4, ISM. jan«-lawtt M. J TUOSlAS, rj. «. Marshal. |5y- The above sale is hereby further adjourned to Thursday, the ISth day of April, 1«M, at 11 o'clock A. M., al the C. .- Mar^uU's Office, MilwMikce, eicet.t the sales of Railroad Iron mentioned In Schedule B, which are adjournrd respectively to Thursday, April 11, IbAS, at 8 o'clock r. »., and 4 o'clock p. «v, and Saturday, April 17, 1S68, at 8 otlock r. «., al t»e respective places mentioned above. Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, Feb. 1A, 1SJ4- . fcb20-dlawtl M. J. TUOilAS, U. J. Manhal. arjV The above sale Is hereby further arijonrued to Tuesday, the ISth day of June, 1SS8, a- '1 o'clock, A. «., t ,t the C. S Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, elcept Uie wvlu I of Rallroadlron mentioned in Schedule B., wtuoh ace adjourned respecurelj to Tuesday, Jisne iith, laoS, at 3 o'clock, p. m. and 4 o'clock, p. m., and Thursday,! June 17, 16SS, al 8 o'clock r. M.,kl the respective places ' mentioned above. | Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, April 15, ISM aprlS-dlawtt M. J. THOMAS, o. «. Marshal. fff~ The above sale is hereby further adjourned Uj Wednesday, the 14th day of July, 1S59, at U o'clock A. »., at th% a. 8. Marshil's Office, Milwaukee, except I the sales of Railroad Iron mentioned In schednls B., which are adjourned respectively lo Wednesday, July 14, l.->5i,at 2 o'clock r. «., anj Friday, July It, 1855, at S o'clock r. »., at the respective places mentioned above. Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, June li, 1S5S. jel6-lawu Al. J.THOMAS, D. &. Marshal. lar- The above sale Is hereby further anjoorned to Wednesday, the llth day of August, 1858, al 11 o'clock A. »., at the United States Marshal's Office, Ullwaoke e except the sales of railroad Iron mentioned In schedule B., which are adjourned respectively to Wednesday, August U, ISM, at t a'clock r. *., and Friday, Angus! 18, IbSS, at 8 o'clock r. • ,at Che respective plic« mentioned above. i Marshal'a Office, Milwaukee, July 14,1S56. l J/"g . '•« 1- THUMAS, U. «. Marshal. I tiW The above sale Is hereby furUier adjourned to Wednesday, the I&Ui day of September 1S5S, at II o'clock A. «u, at Ibe V. ». Sarshal's OfSc*, MHwank.e, eicept the sales of Railroad Iron mentioned In schedule •B., which are adjourned Beplembe: " temner 17, isaa, ai o o cioca r. M., at the places mentioned above. Marshal's O«ce, Milwaukee, August 11, ISM. angU-Uwtt M. J. THOMAS, 0. S. Marshal, far The above sale Is hereby further adjouinedto Wednesday, the 2»th day of September. 1S58 al 11 o'clock A. su, at the U. 8. Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, except the sales of Railroad Iron mentioned In schedule B., which are adjourned respectively to WeUfceadav ?! p f m ?S a ' 16 ™\" 8o '0ock r . i..,-and Frtday.Octo-' her 1,1558, at 8 o'clock, at the respective places mentioned above. Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, Sept. IS, 185B. ISSst:* 1 ^ 1 M ' J - ™OMA8, D. 8 Marshal. HF-The above sale Is hereby further adjourned to Monday, the sixth day of December, 18S3, al 11 o'clock a..., at theO. 8. Marshal's office, Milwaukee, except the sales of Railroad iron mentioned in schedule K, respectively to Monday, Beeem- i'clock r. ».,and Wednesday, Decem- RrtertMsuMlMaixl Robert W.McClellan, Burrltlng i*rtoets oft JJodgtasn* and the firm of Meqslfa Ijt charges JUan. Dae A Co., . •, ' ' ~agalns* Clemens Kamfebolte; f . E virtue of and pomiant to a jadgment rendered In laid Court, tn the above entitled action, dated Feb. nary0,1859, IshaUezpote.for-sale andsellatPub- •lic Auction at tbe Post-Offloe, on the corner of WUcon- sta and Milwaukee streets, In the City of Milwaukee, XEGAZ. ADVERTISEMENTS. -, .. , - - . ., . S. Seo.rge-,C3ari, Plaiptiff, •f : ..- - ."^ '.. r r -i ..'-.' ' • against ; Charles J. Kershaw, Jesse H. teavenworth, >ferrick Murphy, John T. I'erkln*, John HanklntCD, John Ogden, Lindsay Ward, Lyman ?. Swift, Jamea U. Roger., Receiver of theUi-rman'a Bank of ,«o. Pan. I enulck A Co., I h.,r,e* B. Curtbj, John B. Meyer, (Viu li*™ n° b r?." M ^'', Ch *-V" K «» 0 ' 0"'«« »• «"'«• I Ovnu D. Davta; James Harahaw Defendants 1 .1. ''tefkTmmmvatd and requTtetl fc.all'.er 1 the complaint In thi. action, which is ni.ri | n the offlce of the O.erk of said Court, and to «,* "! c «PvT< »,',r. , No.. 3ind 4, Albany Ball,ii nir , *"*" kee, WUcoM'n, within Iwenly d»y» after u, B J.,," hereof, exclna vs i.f th .U> of juoh .ervlei! », , « you fall to answer tne «ald complaint «(IM O ih e i llu * " aloreaald, Uie plilntlu* ID th « arttx 1SW, at the hour of S r.. sf. of that day, pursuant to Chapter 190 Revlse4-8tatat««, entitled of the Hen »f t "Mechanics and oihei*,' 1 all Use, right, title anil lull-real { of the above named defendant in ami to U>o following I property on the 6th day of f ebniary, 18W, lo wits "A certain building situate >.n loj No. twcntj- Uo [22], in block one honored a- U thirty eigl.t • (ISSJ.ln L. W. Week's saWI vision tr> Ihr north west quarter of iecllan Ivo [& | U f bth Ward of tbe City of Milwaukee. Also the Intercut of the said defendant in and to n.e lalrl'r., f) O 189, on the 5th day of Fel.rv. rv 1SCO ' .Dated Sheriff's Office, Mil.«i. .-• ^pfii .. i s-w Fr»cB*8, Lraoi A llimn, i > i nx< Pi'ff.Att'ys, ) . ' •-. >u aprlrlawow . . &T- The above sale la hereby postponed to Saturday the 11 Ih day of JJuae, 1889. a* th* same place and tun* of day. . Daled fjberfCPs Om*e, MCwaakec, Bay 14, 1S89. A. j, LANOWORTHT, C«mrt for the relief demanded tn lha Wlinmi the llanonblr — J FUUK. Jai'ue of lilt: Lir ,»piy i,, AttriK.'H m.i O-tiri , Uiirtleth day of lUrcJl, jn t Uioniaml eight l HOOKK:! 2JT1B,; 8V9. MU. Co.. Wis. a JBr The above sale Is 6 x«by further postponed u. Saturday, the 84 day of Stptembet, 185», al the tarn place and time of day. Dat-d Sheriff's Offlce, Vllwankee. June 11,183}. „ a. |. L4^ewoRTH^•, Je." ' BherlffMII to Wls. 1077] ilHKBirr'8 BALE. f!»ew» . 8TATI OF WIEOONSIN, I Clrcnli Court— Milwaukee COQBIJ. f Henry 8. B-own, and ] Miriam Hoi ton Brown, | asalnst I ' Judfm«nfo<fore<do«ar» Jama P. Whitney, aed f and aai«. TarUu, fcla wife, and i adwall. } I N virtue of and pursuant to a: Juilgmeot rend«reo r lu said Court, to th. above entitled action, daied tbi 4th day ef June, 1(90,1 shall expose for sale and sell a Public Auction, at tbe Poet i Bee In ins> City of 1)1 wankse, on 8AIURD4T, THB 17TH DAI OF rE*-TeM SER, 1SS9, at the sour of 2 r. a. «f that day, the fol owmg described mortgaged premises, or *o roocn therso as may be necessary to raise the amount ol iai.1 Judg tnent. Interest and costs, together <nth lite expenses tale, the following real estate, lying and being In th bounty of Milwaukee, and of Wlicomm, an -I , toown and detortbed as follows, to wit : •« Qommeneinf twelve feet uvth of the north- weft corner of lot nine (») in blue*, twelre (12) in the Fourth Wvd of the City of Stllwaaiee running thence cast on a line pa HM with the north line of aald lot to the east line of said lot ; thence south on the east Une of nld l,n twenty four ^) feet ; thence west on a lln« parallel with the io«1b line at said lot to the west line of laid lo», and thence north twenty - foor(24) Teetlothe place of beginning, and the building! thereon." Dated «ier,IT'« mfflce, BtllVax Bee, June 14, 1811* OOMH, Vnows « (foots, I A. J. i ANOWOBTHT Pl'ff's Att'yi. f Sheriff Mil. Co ., w'm Jel* NOTICE N OTICE Is hereby frW'ra, that the MiUauker A Chicago tUtiro*<i Company, (not harm* b*- e .. at>.e to -gree »ith th-o«n«:r «>.• ihi.- Un • bcrel \ter described for th- |iarclia,« of the samr, ur ** to th" ampooBition to b, p-.ij trtcrefi.T.) v l *p\,l r« ui e ion. Arthur \1cArthuc, Ju-let- o[ the CircuU touit for the County a( Mllwau ee. (or to aaj 0 tier 'Jircu t Ju-iffe 'ho WEy be prM-nt,j at thr C-tort tioa « in ih«r i Ity of ailwrnake?, M«t- u f Wuconom, on cu«? ^s.h i>f June, 8£9, A. Ico o'ot.-ck in the »<* tr«><>D ,f timt day, to *p tnt U>ree Comm o o.. r. ,., ei^m. ,,* s»,il .-n'is takfti y i*ld fUllroad Uomfiaay »od n-prn-v t-,- ,, %m ^ sn ,i he d»m»ffe .-r injury which the ur^r or wu» r4 ' 4 h*il mve cu.UIned or m \y »«3tain by r*-<t* n oT U.e takmjr Od uiing of sad lauds by •%*! C nijanf o v«r *r,-i bore the ber.eSts mn<J •.! vaetaff^ WM h » Ul -h owat-r ur •Tiers rcsfxfctn ely shAli .i<rr.»e 'r tn u.- con»irti,-ci<'n r.c p.a,.iro3.i, tor whi^i »\j'l lao-i*) ar» iBkef4. purm- nt to the prov.s.ons of Ui« Act (A UJK L^n maiare tn- a«in UaiJroaU Company, n. itif -r-rra c » ame :0»tory th«-relo,'fcnj to tire l+m» of s.,nt S tat-; ,ul lands are in in4 County and dt>tcr\r^,j a« loiiowa* wtt: ' A 'trip of lan«1 eI*veD httndrt^ (lloo* feet t OR* ar><! ^ne>ni and inn t (130) r-rt i wi i !>, roattmib^ >rce and t»enty-«-ig*ii <>o« i.u'. lr-*.Jiii , 1 2^) of nn ere, b*iuK the li»<l *»<:<• upiMi t., h- |<»-4U- - and co (J - .rnfftefl 144,* of U.C Mii*«uk*« in.l i hicairo RA troad Tfiat p&j t yf §*ctiooa a:u.. (») and uu ;l«j), ,n t.. wn out 9 and 10 outt forly-tw sad lake sutm lain*; thence *>>u4/i rty-ttvo .Bd l he, • est quarter sert-i.n a laid quarter » r( _- act of twTcnt^*.-- edthj t2T JTj »cr-. tmM \\ il.ijiii' >, .VI tract tiftren t I • nd ovned by i>&. ttlc ,l,., 1..H. » «J = I ,,. 'Ij.-n.-c l> e shore ' (l>!4ll. •;.; = \v j t-ait an-i handrrdtiui ^37.44^ ch*m > t. •. McL>ou a'l'i UuU, tinner ' • if\ f»r< links to lh«r plac*- r»f f.«ittiitiirjK. A •.<. ptec* ur patc«i of land c rum<hc;n.t at «I,,I r >chtr-hve , th--tK ',! ,,.| OIRCCTT CODKT, t C- aoty. ^ .isel a Hall and Henry D Hull, H» r>« fl», I Anthony AUora, Cunh* C. G»rj ner and Sylvartijii* Lynn, Defeud*t TheSuttfot W.4coua:Q, I..' U ant* i%"d cftc*. n t mi: Y OO are her*, by Sumoiuo* t tt:tic^mpl;ami in th * a .it, ia the oUiue t f the Cl>rk >.f <ht ef MIlvrauM. - at the Cu irt waakee, and tn »«rv a copy oi Compl-iiDt uu l f sgl o-jribcra, ton's Block, in the t'<ty at ^ u»>9 after *!.e*t»Yice jf thuf i •lye of the <1 'ty of sucti Hcfviftr* the s;tid CI-TIIplaint «i bin the 1 tiff, in bu» fiction will i,rx- f the- «um of t -yht huiui prt and (ftr-«fDu dP«^i .R v'l •( . ..MI5 ro, in., rtOrm tract (C»au fiOi ADVERTISEMENTS 699J SHERIFF'S 8T.\TBO> WISCONSIN. , OrcuU Court, Milnrankee Coufity. f Zelotus A. Cotton, l against - Chrtatlao Wand. ) B y rlrtae of an -xecmi-in tavi»->, rr.»m ^ Che above entitled aotjob. t.' mi- tlr-' Mvered asfalnit the per 1030) mvl r< p *I yrn abovtp-amed tt^fcnifnnt , I hfivn ^»-i;:.>.i m the following : "All the n«ht, litlo ,in,( ini.T,.-st .if id- u., t^m Wnnd, In ruhltio Hi- fiiih,win s ' » n»a( e«t:itc, -n tft<? 9ih I,,./ ,r •* •:)!-inf. f . .l U,., lf t. te-t *n.j ( 17 i, t . your a 9*>*< rt, i ..uiity .'fty o/ Milt> ih 1 * f.nt .r, L...I --.;- r .1, • <- lu- day of n,l ih-rty-tt ^-i,. i from t , . Hay U. .S69. BCTLtB. BL'TIKJC t 4 > 7-lawtl* PUiu<,t M»frl*l*'fr'% VAJ.J 1K t»y -V 18Cii.N.-|> j v."Ti. M,^«^^, l t,-. r. ii") r * rJnllar, nifcl .|T IL City (if Hi. T^uHf", St.U*j ..f .Vt-triiu.sii. i inttl property, r \uctlon, a» t , Jtlly, 13.V.I aatUfy *atd - iftle. Uate.1 dhef n. L, Ltd Pl'ff-) Atfy ' CIRCUIT COCllT, L*win, Mary Lrwi, l.ewm, Wni J L-v J jsnurt H;ii!,a*-»y. Uiih-rt B IUII. My IU M-..I, L .-i.iitii.. Jr , > t't V Mil.rr-,' Banii. i.»-i tnd H.-r nan u .•*<".• H . .MtTTTlC ,Dlr! II Ki^ arn V DEL, • p-t V-.ft John U f-nnth J >Y w-iri.. I iiverea i^ L. mt .npy if i u r i u •* \IT -' m.I >.Lii .. 1 Hoe jf Abram Vne recordeu ID vol til, » to '< 'an,l, *.:, .,r Kru >f lfr-.I» »l t ,a.tK ;M l line ..I A Drum ^ ruer-, ih^ucc *«n * ary of said \bram Vu*;t'i an.I .1 clu louib w'th satd b.-m.dary 613 ^ '. line of Sherman itrt**?'.; '.h--nctj *.il line, »e-t 5.3-J chaiui to tcci.ou quarter n( i«ctj«)u i Ihe north .y-i* ^itvr range 'K. Ala., -u ». l-i, ll, Lou 2, 3. 4, .'., 0 Lot 6, blwcK i Lot '), biocK >. Lot d, ail in V cast quart- r , .N W 54 o. a i uf ttie 3v;ct:-i;i \S qu-i/ hue n -ii ha.l 4.1'1 (.Ml* feel ( Q-JftJ. - orift Of B.1 '22 rUt ciut qua CAK. Alao po nt «n J, u trirf oecti tut; tow rnnn i f the sooth east qjartt-r of b*ctio9 n'n six (S), nortft of rancr tcr4ii ; -t«o ('Hi Ui-nce soath on- huodre-l »n.l s> In a north westerly JirrcUon tw (.SIS) feet to iheTiwrt* lit>r o- laid cnence elc^itr iSill fc<-t ta-i to p'oint talac filter n uoc t.uQ.lre.ltlo ( II 10«) ,,f ln .cr? .>,' tand. MILWAOSIS A C« c 100 R inni-D CtMnsr. bf C. B. .UAO.L, C. MlJenl To SAVUKL K. WeaTHliGTns and others, owners of sai.l "and j»t-tA»tt 1»0) f*,t. ffl sn.f (lf jna/t,-r «.rt - B .r,n .,.-, u.;« , City of of .Tla . on Saturday, lh« I Ml*. ron menone In schedue hich are adjourned respectively u Wednesday ember 15,18S8, at S o'clock r. «,, and Friday. Be»- er II, 1S58, at 8 o'clock r. M., at the respective U *V 1 '-K* • (i-l l>y T rtu^ of a cf.»*t*I uiVrt* *^^ i r\r\n date I>«rC«jjber l'7, 1SAS, riet-ute«l t-t air by Ly DI« Nulton, to rtcure the payment ftf iwo r»<! a n tweiity-w^Teti T and tn m^i 4 t f... r ,t^ O f twelve p*-r cent pa»r anau<n, deemtn,; m»»>-!f'ii'- [ s'ii ! K'rt for «»!« s,vn4 §hall eefi at publ-c «»]«• on fr*. pr«-nj •t* No. 47 S^r-njr «tree'. In th- Fourth Wain], . f the < ,o/ MUwaiakee, ou tf»iurday, the l*th .lay of J Ut ,e -..-^i, at 10 o'clock IB t-t# [oreDoon, for th« purpose of paying -;' J tunj and )nt*rj*st, the folio»lnif proper y ajnvryed 10 Ine iaJ.1 by • nrifrayr t > wit: A I-TO i <»ry l^i-irfc 1-uiKi- int; rilnel't-n *nJ on- lialf feet froot 5y ttitny fjv- r-*i tbe 4th Ward of tne C*ty of 9il»ft«kee, Wis«onsin, and «no»Q &a 47, SprtiMr street, toother wjift t, 1 -* !.-«» of «t.!tl lot ; QtO. 4-WOdD, *l*r\ l! * t r I fiUica A t-TAJtc, \turufji fna> ]s~.Uv4« ; . CiaCGlT COUfiT, I ! Ooctnt* of Mllrauke*. { >oho i Pape, ex«c«tor a/ ih« last »111 snd u >• of Ueiekiah U. Reed, deceftsrd, PlaiBtl^, K.'s Lrsum £ Pl'ffS AU'jM " K I H Y . <U/, th« i6L ihe noar of -ale i* fte.- of Mar-h, , \Iar. ^ J ' The abov ', th* Stti r J il.l -iff'» OfTi.-w.,^e, \iar A. J L \ N ti . Uy.i further >; hour ftl '^ f >t the I * Uanbal's office, alllwankee, Sept. 2». ISM. sept»-oaw»w M. i. tUOMAaVuTT & SERCORDB, Proprletota. No*. 808,298, 3UU,3oeauid 304 WEST WATEH STRKET Two Mocks below the La Grout R. K. BTBAaf KUamM, 61IBT1BAWMILLB, UHl BHAJTIN9, MILL Qtilillte, HOESE POWJXT PHI OBIT (NO MAOO1NIB. liKIDOI, RAZLSOAD . . . The above sale U hereby farther adjourned to Wednesday, the 12th day of Jant.aryVus»:at U?"ock A. «., at the D. 8. Manhal's Ott£?to&££ « the sale, of Eallroad Iron menUoned to S. JcSdute if which are adlourned respectiv o'clockK Manhal'. Office, Ull.r»akec, Deo. d«T-o»w« ' M. J. Tj SrOCKS-duU but firmer; Ho bonds BUFFALO - MA&KBT. .. «T^ BnfFiip, June IT, jfLOUE—demaad f»Jr and tor «tra Wim. for dou'le extras. Mlch^Ind. and Ohio; .^, bu. Bl. at o. Jane IT »»H6HTS-flrm and more actlvl ^.,4 »„ Q,,, ' or St. Cattarlnes «c; wheat to Buffalo 4e; flonr to Bnf Wo na Grand Har«n route 80c; tiihooner May Qoee oiartered to Buffalo with wheat M 6c. " FtOUE^-market^loaed linking. ; KeoilpU 824bbuj; •hlpment. S(o bbU. iale. ill bbli -MarketW'T ,atT,flO. .hlpmenta c loweh- bias.' Sale.i,0d» «»-»care« higher »t '" " and ia2c lower, •AT8 AND StABLtg—toIL. EYE—flnnanrl scarce. WHISKfcT—nominal at 251.;. CANAL PKaIQHTB-.Ua<Jy. Bat of ToaMl. p«,»d Port Oolbnnn Look from 4 r. «.,onl6th,tuur.jfc,on>jrth; ' *""""• BoM,rlWeat-««,,bark B. Wooarnfli on WH,, bark Olaytoo.. Bound Ea»t—ITlb, Bchr. Maryof Montreal, tondon. \VHEEL, , durable and eec- ever Invented -not liable to get out of ewer, not affected by Ice or backwater, and using le» ir»Ur to proportion to the power .'prod'aSd tnaaattr otter. Wheel In the market. A dMcrt^recSwslat to •arted upon appllcaHoa, free of ahaSe" ° ?l "" mr m Juivz-dAir STRAYED. «16-d4t J. 4H.B.K1RBY, XlTeryiStable, Main (trek COMJS AND «Urely newandaplendid Stock of hand American • . . and nunttfaetnred since tit "alarre.toekof S3^s.sgPS^^^Ms^ ^s^S^^S^^^ssaS^*^^^ •in • "^ ' Ham*. Monday, the 14th day of A. «., at tbe D. B. Marshal's 0«c«; MBwaViei; "except tDCaUucj of Kajlroul Iron DiftDtloxtMl in th* ai.ih<s^4s.i B., which axe adinnrned reapec^dVto afcSSiS? ary M, 1859, at 1 o'clock r. ic, and Wednoiday reary M, 18B», at 8 o'clock ,. , « ttew, place* mentioned above. ^ ^ Marshal'.Office, MUwankee. Jan. 12, IRA, Ja-PSS-U. a^VwsSSISSfi 1 -' 11 * 1 ** Thursday, the Mth day of February, ISDS a.»., at the O B. Marshal's: Offiee, MQwi "•- sales of EaUroad Iron iaentloned In ed rcspectlTely to Thursday, .,- o«.i. i.<^ ' ?,' oloclt *• "•• » n < 1 Batarday, Febro^s^en 1 Sot'ed'.bt T .: OOCk '' "" " °»«>W Marshal'iomce, Mliwaakw, 185». feMa-oawtt M. J. THOMAB^OB. Marshal. y>»aboTe«ale K hereby farther adjourned to "'— the 23d day of March, "" K ^^- - - - Hoel H. Ca»i», Charles W. Ptrkins, Alpha i May Ernst f. Htruhent, Frederick W. He uberir, "hu H. Ramien, William U. Lyon, Warren H. Lyon Robert ehaw, M-rris Soher, John Uour, James S B-own, Jnbn Perkins, Mnlford Belmer, Unna-ui L' Hill. 0. F. A. Binrlohs, Bdwarl vriiieu, Jo»rp!i Wii. lets, Salomon Jtckson, John Burgeo, KTIDTI G Dal , John H. Ooddard, Joseph S. liantiairs, Joseph 8. Hastings, Jr , Thomas A Kres. n UlUm L Purcer James Pattee, John M. McFarlsne, wmam Ptiiiips^ Def. ndants. Toe State of Wisconsin, tn the above named defendants YOO are hereby summonrd and required to answer M. ihe complaint In IhU action, whlct Is Sleil in the ofBce of the Olerk of the Clrcnit Court for the County Of Milwaukee, at the City of Miiwaakee, in sai.l County, and to serve a copy of your aaswer to the said complaint on the subscribers, at their nifice, Nos 8 and 4 Albany Building, in tie said City of Hilwanke* within twenty day. after the service, exclusive of the Jay of stch service; and If you fall to answer the complaint within the tim» aforesaid, the plaintiff w 1) appU to the Coort for the relief denvanded In Die comjiUmt | r*~ J Wline»t ihe Hon. aBlSOft MCABTHIK, Judge of Circuit Court for said Ununty of MUwankee, at Milwaukee, ttli 16:!i Jar of April, 1819. BOOKER * SPANGENBF.RO, Plaintiff's Attorneys, may4-lawGw Milwaukee, Wijconsln. &r The u- .•'atur.lHj the i> uuie •'. u v I I si.,riff . •«lr i' ,(.«l day fft' e VI.Iwauli«v, Apr 1 d, K A. J LA.NiiW.jHl i ahenrT ilij«riu> • * ..e ,»i,.-r-t>, f;irtn^r p.t, i, n i* '• y ,1 K I H V tf M ^atarjay. t h« 1 Uh and dme of ja v O-te-1 Shifj'.ir ' , M.I.... «*y of June r,. \|.» .':. :•<. j LANi.VVi.SI II 'her'J UU c.i . « 'tir'h.-r p..-t t ,. H. 1 ^'J, 4: '.n- ->ime hj ^rther 1"M »i ib , June 1!, i-c.a o e ou J r*- i >IAL V •v— ) placet mentioned abore. Marshal 1 . Office, Mil febU-lawtt MM at the respeetlTe :wamtee,Feb.Si,18i». M. J. THOMAS, TJ. B. I* hereby farther mentioned In •chedaJi. T«Ij-to Saturday, AprU «^?« •'** •bore ' «wp«eUTB placet Marshal's Office, Milwauk ar2*-l.wtt IJNITED STATES lttARSHAJL'9 John A. Page, executor of the last will and testament of Bexeklah H. Reed, deceased. Da-rid P. Hull.' Marian Alton Hull, EdvlD Palmer Trutee, Joshua Hathaway, Byron W. Clark, Charles 8. Clark, Robert B. BUI, In Chane*ty. The Farmer's* Mlllert B'k ^^ Henry L. Palmer, Hermann Bchwartlnc, and Augustus Greolloh, Assignees of the People's -Bank of Haertel, Qreen- leaf.A Company, Jdwjard O. Tyler, J*b«« H. Fo-ter, . Horace P. Hnnn and Jattier E. Goodrich. I N iparsqance anrl by virtue of a decree inidi br lbs> JL DlJtrict Court of tbe Unl ed States for the District of Wlsfly>n«in, on tbe twdftliday of March, a. o , ISM-1» thaabpte entitled cause, 1 shall 1,11 at Public Auction at the United State. Marshal's Office, In the city of Milwaukee, on Hopday, the ninth day of May, IS3» at 11 o'clock a.»., «• ma following real estate' being anil lylOi In the County of Milwaukee and SUt« of WlScoo-^ S%S?.St^L^"?"" 1 !* "."» -o 0 " 1 «*•« W»r«« 'Ifflce, M l»aukee. Ma/ is, \^ f , A. J I.ANlrWUKTH V m ")'-' i> -ih-rllT (111. C.> , W £tf~ rhe a- uya sjje Is h-rthj urther|Min^o -alar l»y, the W i»j >t July, ' sad ii ne of Ja . l-ac«.| .-her 0"i OlB.-e. Sf!l»»,i,,. A j >'[? _ _ __.<h,n:f Mil 5 25 ] Nil E It I F F'S S V I. E. fTATR O? Wl.xrovsfN. i ClrcailC iurc,«^eCouiny. f The G.r.l,- U»u«, ) Daniel 14. rl:o*>ar«ls, > Uairet »i , , ; 'ifun-.a. Jasper Vtiet auO | John B. Smith. j B Y virtue of an i tbe abuv« eacttl , (I), north ol range number Urepjy-two (S3) ta.t;les» the south east quaWerbernT •*£' i'.°) "*** of *°* 4DOT « detcrlbed tract of land whtah Is executed and reterred." -. ^ : • Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, Hareh 38,1869 aajlO-lawtt 10 . 8. Harabal. . o ( 800NS1N, ) Circuit Oonrt-MllwiukeeCountT.f |t»rihenAi Barriion, and 1 ' ' fleorie H. flreen. ¥ N T rtue cf and pntwoanttoajudfrncnl rendered In •JL the above entitled scllen, daltd Irih o/ february, J8J9, 1 shall eTpo** for sal* »bd sen at puolfc auction. hofnt omce In UM City of Uilwaokee. tbe **»y »f the , e r &»t day, pnrtilant to tqipter 120, of i <• at n hour flffg .. , U»^eMse*«at«t», eatilled <• Qfjlu. Kotf Ifcchan- le» a ; d Ictterr," .tl.e foUowipir de«CTlbc4ji rttnls. a, to »0»rtaln-b|i IJlngt illuated on Irti •ieVca.fia ; (W), In Ucck IwehlT^oa^ *&f£ il ™ defendant hid ta and to the'aaU lot* 5"T« (H) and twtlve (18), la b oc» twenty' tbs respectlre places mentioned BaHs snttlues, all In food order and quite new, OQ saueil from »«ul Court, itled uztioo, tome.illrr«u.l toil l-ll ertd against the personal and real pruper-y ,• < »6ove named defci.danta, 1 havejieiioj »n.l levre.i the following real estate, l\ tag anl bem« 10 ihe c iy Milwaukee, County of Milwaukee, mnj Slate if \» •„..„, sin, to wtt. "Situate In the north east quarter of lectiun 17, tow ^ 7, range 42, bcglunmii at the «mth «a«t corner of said quarter sectinti, runnn.s »toni the east line of said quarter section nortt i,> * point Ml chains south of the north east corner of said quarter section, being tli« souili -ast coiner of land convfyed hy s iJd Klrha.ili to OB« Uhristopher tfcloepf; thence with >o.,th line of said land conveyed to Bchloepf west 10 » point 8«0 feet east o( miil.lle of (ire, n Bay road; thence sonlfc 1UO feet; thenc« 860 fcet lo middle of (ireen B»y road; thence aJons; the middle of said road soqth to the south hue of said quarter section; thence west along »»id sooth II-e of said quarter section to heglnalnir . containing about 84 acres, helng oo tbe east tide of the Qrean Bay road. Also the following real estate sltuie m 'he said north eait quarter of section 1 1, town 7, range 23, beginning at north, east corner .,» said quarter section; thence weat with north line of satd quarter section S6-24 chains to midair af Green Bay road; thence south along middle of said road 4:3« chains to north west corner . of land convejed- by Daniel H. Richards to Christoph Schloepf; thence west along north Une of said land to cajt line of said quarter . section isJ24 chain*; thence north 4 38 cnaint to beginning being about 13 acres, and all the . right, title and. Interest ol the said defendant or either of them In and to the said premises and appurtenances on the tenth day of Octu- ber, Ie67,or since acquired thereto." Which satd property as aforesaid, I shall expose for sale and sell at Public Auction, at the Post-Office, lu the City of Milwankee.on Saturdav. (be 14its daw of flay* is&9> " "" hoar 0( 3 »• », «i that day, to satisfy ,ald executloc, together wttn expenses of sale, Dated SierliTs Office, Milwaukee, March 118,1S68. fucwas, LTCDstJs abLLia, i A. J. LANG WORTH f. ' n'fls Ait'ys. f Bh'ff. Mil Co., Wi.., marS9-Iaw«» (sV T"« abore »le Is hereby postponed lo Saturday, tae SSth day of Hay, 1S59, at the same place and tine of day. Dated Sheriff 1 ! Office, Milwaukee, May 14,18B». •. A. J. LANuwoRTHY, * ' - gb'ff. MH. Co., WI.. The abore .ale la hereby further postponed to Saturday, the 4 h day of June, 1869, at the same place and tlint of date.' J> ateoT Sheriff's Office, Milwaukee, May 2i ISStf *. J.WNO»VORTUY, Sheriff Mil. Co., Wla. Tbe abov* sale la kercbjr further postponed t» iaturday, the llth day of June, 1KB, at the tame place and tune of day. DatolBherUTf Office, JHIwaukee, Jnne 4 1829. A. J. 1'AHaWORTHY, 4«* _^ ' Sheriff Mil. Co., Wls. fir the shore sale t. hereby farther postpote.1 to Saturday, theft >ajr oTjgly, 1859, at th* same nlaco •an lime of da). Dated Sherlfl% Office, Milwaukee, June U, 1838. ••-.-.-. • A.J.I.4NSW08THT, i««l . ShcrlffJIU. Co., Wls. » . I I y - - I »iuk e. W .«.-..,,„ i>.i -.1 May I,; laii; s»« VT1TE ->t »'1S( Cimun C..urt, Mtl.Huk dobcrt tlai t - -> •« « I » I^nai" >fuiffnt and Jani.-a KlecuClon I >T 7lrtae .if mi r-ieeulm,. aJ the ahuvc sntitteii Rciu tlveretl »K:iinst -he ,(oo.l.i, :fi. i>«nni!i Nufjenl Alii] jHro«-n Nui t *ken the folhiwlotf JescrlbeJ tj ol the .Irtfenrfants or either g«'LiJt namher four (4), hl. of Uilwuukee. Oounly n f IIHw-jut, •Ttocoiuui. »nd ill the rl^ht, nil,- „ »hich the said 4efenclant« ,, r -tl,^ r in and to aul.i pri-rmses ^i -.n,, 1(it( . tf a certain tr*rr.ini if utH.-hm. ,,[ .ssqed in tht* Ui w>i ,1,, -v JW, liM." ' " " Which property, »j nfnresari I "" » nd 'f" " ^""^ *a<-t,., n ,'; t ,„.. , ith Uy of thai Jay to satisfy Jn ,,| ..I M - U ,,,,,, D»te.l Sherllf'3, Office, Milw.ut,-. Bon**, Barnucx * Cvrriiiii. i HK Pl'9s Atfys. ' f s^lV" The abov? iai« u hc'-ebv Dusm Oewber S3, 1SS8, it the name pUc, , named. Dated <h<Tlir's Offli-e, Mllwai -,e,l ., n August -;5,]^s i.. PA UK, S.h'l). .Mil. Co., Wl« ^tuu, Xl^^:;;<r^ £» Qour aa attoTe named. Dat.d Sheriff'' Office, MllwauH—, «>ot. ti, iss». rlKHM AN I.. I'AKB, » , ,„ Wi. 19, uamed. Date 1SB9-, at the l» furthur ( i sam» |)la Offl ce, _ The iikc.., N,, HKHM \ N I l'\»tt ah'it. u 11. Co., « v« sale 13 Ulll further postpone.) Saturday, August MI IS59, at tho fts above njuueJ. HEIUIA.N L. PAGE, Late Mi 'a. Mil. Co., Wls. I - p'aoe &IK] hour FUVR BIJLsUAjttB TABtJK* FOR SAL.K OBtJKAP. Htunderalgoed- will sdl bar llflarJ Tablet with of the AT The best issortmcnt Waitcalcs, .SilTcr Ware, Jcwol ry KANOY OOOL)S *rer brought to MUwauke*. Just the thins lor •ay arefeQlx. Just received verv cheap for oaah. MAT3ON * LOOMIS, «*aM aXfllwW Water street, Mllwaukee7«ris. asid Holi

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