The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland on September 6, 1939 · Page 3
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The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 3

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 6, 1939
Page 3
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THE DAILY MAIL, HAGERSTOWN, MD., WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 1939. THREE PANAMA CALLS All American Republics Invited To Confer On Preserving Peace. WASHINGTON, Sept. 6.—With the blessing of the "United States government, the Republic of Panama issued invitations last night to all the American republics to at- |§nd a confernce designed to pre- ^•rve peace in the Western Hem- Jsphere, maintain normal trade and prevent financial disturbances on this continent as a result of Europe's war. It was learned at the State Department that the Panamanian government was sending out invitations in the name of itself, the United States, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Cuba and Mexico. The State Department disclosed that a 'number of South American governments had suggested that there should be some consultation in line with the declaration of Pan-American solidarity which was approved by the International Conference at Lima, Peru, last year. 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In their former film, Melvyn For quick-relief—insist on this accurate aspirin. St.Joseph GENUINE PURE ASPIRIN Warner Bros. MARYLAND Tho '-sen in this battle of kilters gets • slab in the morgue, tho winner gets Hi* chair... and you got th« dynamite drama that only these stars can dish out! JANE BRYAN.GEORGE BANCROFT • SPECIAL ADDED ATTRACTION • WHAT'S ALL THE EXCITEMENT Why it's the most famous £ birthday party in th* world! RKO r<r;'ne Presents— QUINTUPLETS ^ with ALEXANDER WOOLLCOTT iivinMEsfivE The most deliriously delightful 20 minutes you f v« evor spentl DAY • BING CROSBY 'THE STAR MAKER" Douglas was seen as a sober, quick- witted detective and Miss Blondell appeared as his beautiful but meddlesome wife. In "Good Girls Go to Paris," Douglas portrays a professor of Greek mythology "who knows every goddess by her first name." Miss Blondell, who says it's all Greek to her, knows she has arms and knows that she wants to put them around the professor. She's just a waitress—but she doesn't have to wait too long. The film is termed a frantic, romantic laugh spree by all who have seen it, and it ^deftly stands up as a worthy successor to such other Columbia comedies • as "Theodora Goes Wild." "It Happened One Night" and "The Awful Truth." Walter Connolly, Joan Perry. Alexander D'Arcy, Isabel Jeans. Henry Hunter and Alan Curtis head the supporting cast. AT THE MARYLAND The outstanding toughies of screen history, James Cagney and George Raft, are teamed in "Each Dawn I Die," a Warner Bros, picture dealing realistically with life in a big prison which opens tomorrow at the Maryland Theatre. It is a frank, grim, brutal and tremendously exciting story to which these two premier bad men of the screen have lent their talents, and if they were tough before, they are veritable hell cats now. Kach in his own way outdoes everything in the line of vicious characterization he has ever done before. At the outset of the film, the characters portrayed by ihe stars are poles apart, Cngney being merely an altruistic and aggressive newspaper reporter with not the slightest trace of viciousness in his make-up, while Raft is the same hard and callous criminal that he seems to be until the very end. Their paths cross when the young reporter is framed on a manslaughter charge and sent to the -state penitentiary for a long term. Raft, who is a big shot in the underworld, has finally been caught and is up for the rest of his life. Rebellious from the outset because of the injustice done him, Cagney is a difficult prisoner for the authorities to handle. Dionnes in New Film As shown in "Five Times Five." a short subject of special interest to be shown at the Maryland Theatre starting tomorrow, starring the five famous Dionne girls, the Quintupleis are healthy, energetic, bright er-thnn-average five year olds. Their interests and activities are much the same as those of little girls everywhere: they play store, hide and seek; perform on swing and slide, and are enormously excited at the prospect of a trip to Toronto. CON}INUOU$^1A.M.fb11P.M. KEEP KOOL AT NOW SHOWING LOADS OF OU-LA-LA AND HA! HA! RlfMffiLL Wtlt«r Connolly Alan Curtis Jian Ptrrj i ptcy by GlodyiLehmon end Ken Englvn4 DiretTed by ALEXANDER HAU Adnm{iFte*Tt Mat. 10c - 20c — Nite 15c - 25c Akini Tamiroff, master of screen characterizations, is shown as he appears in the role of dictatoractor in "The Magnificent Fraud." bold new Paramount drama, opening today at the Academy Theatre. The timely story dares to ask whether the dictator of a mythical South American country has been murdered, replaced by an actor! "Foot .Care" Will Feature Meetings Meetings on "Foot Care and Its Relation to Posture and Health" will be held at the Leitersburg, Downsville and Huyetts Homemaker Clubs this week. Demonstrations will be in charge of the home demonstration agent. Leitersburg Club held its meeting on Tuesday at the Grange Hall. The Downsville Club will meet on Wednesday at the home of Mrs. Lester Martin. Mrs. W. R. Custer and Mrs. Frank Reid will be hostesses to the Huyetl.s Homemaker Club Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Reid. Americans On Torpedoed Liner Famous Flier Scores In Air Classic; To Abandon Racing Career. CLEVELAND, Sept. 6.—Col. Roscoe Turner sped to his third triumph here in the 300-mile Thompson Trophy classic—which he immediately declared was the last race of his 12-year competitive career. The swashbuckling flier gunned his l)ig aluminum Turner-Laird, powered by a Pratt and Whitney Twin Wasp, 2S2.53G miles an hour for a convincing victory over six other pilots. Shortly after the start he thought he had cut a pylon and rounded it again, but made up this handicap to finish more than ten miles ahead of Tony Levier, Montebello, Calif., over the 10-mile closed course. Pylon trouble cost him his tAvo previous Thompsons. The Chicagoan, just a shade behind his record of 2S3.419 miles per hour set in 193$, won $16,000 and became the only man to take the speed classic three times. For second place, Levier collected' $S,000. Third place and $4,000 went to Earl Ortrnan, Canadian Colonial Airways pilot from Montreal and Newark, N. J., who flew 254.435 miles an hour in his Marcoux- Bromberg. Levier's second place time in his Schoenfeldt Special was 272.538. Steve Wittman, bespectacled flyer from Oshkosh, Wis., finished in fourth place, but on the question of whether he rounded one pylon hinged whether he collected $2,500. His speed was 249.537. Harry Crosby, of Burbank, Calif.. flying the plane he designed after a "flying fish," went 244.522 miles an hour for fifth place money of $1,500. Lieut. Joe Mackey, of San Antonio, flying a plane owned by Turner, was sixth at 232.926 for $1,000. The other entrant in the race— which took 63 minutes and 42.52 seconds for Turner to win—was Art Chester, of Los Angeles. Ortman, too, declared he was through with speed flying. A year ago he said the same thing, but obtained leave from his job in order to win a nest egg for his coming marriage. Traffic Officers' School To Start Two members of the Hagerstown Police Department are expected to attend the third annual University of Maryland Traffic Officers' Training School to be held at College Park from September 11 to 23. State Officer John A. White, who formerly was stationed in Hagerstown, has been in Hagerstown and other nearby cities of Maryland seeking candidates for the school. It is understood that the Board of Street Commissioners and the Mayor and Council favor the pa'f- ticipation of local officers. The names of the local police to attend are expected to be announced the latter part of this week. The school is conducted by the College of Engineering at the "University in cooperation with the safety division of the International Association of Chiefs of Police. The officers will be schooled in all modern and scientific traffic and police work. The instructors Visits State Park On Trek Of Trail A Vermont man, about 25 years of age, whose name "was not learned, who is tramping the Appalachian Trail from Vermont to North Carolina, stopped off lor a short time recently at the Washington Monument State Park above Boonsboro. The young man, who talked for a short time to .Robert I. Palmer, park superintendent, said that he had started out from a town near the Maine line and had been out for 98 days on the trail when he arrived at the Washington monument. He said he intended to follow the trail for about four more weeks, which would bring him probably to North Carolina. He said he was making the trek as a body builder and that he had already gained ten pounds. He carried equipment, including a pup tent, which weighed about thirty pounds. He is sleeping out in the woods each night. The Appalachian Trail, from Maine to Georgia, passes through the Washington Monument State Park. Robert Pritchard, of Chicago (left top), and his brother, William (right, bottom), as well as Mrs. Effie Mallory, wife of tfre mayor of Saratoga Springs, N. Y., and his 9-year-old son (to, right) and Elinore Hecht, 9 (left, bottom), of Baltimore, were survivors in the torpedoing of the British liner Athenia, sunk off the Hebrides on her way to Canada. (C.P.) British Headlines On Sinking Jliiiii SI0BMABINE SINKS LIHEK, AMEHICANS ABOARP THE ATHENIA SUNK: !,72O ABOARD 24* AMERICANS WERE &USM1NQ HOME CARRIES GAS MASK LONDON, Sept. 6 (£>).— Queen Elizabeth, like most of the ladies of London, carried a gas mask Tuesday as she and King George inspected London's civil defenses. INDIGESTION Senxationil Relief from Indifestiwt and One Due Pr«?e* It If the ftm dose or this plewaat-Uitiaf Httl» biacfc tablet doesn't brinK 7011 the fattest *nd nwtt complete relief you ha^e eiperiencgd send botU* hack to us and ret DOUBLE MONZT BACK. Thl» Bell-as* tablet helps the itomach dlf«t food, makes the excess stomtch fluids harmless *nd l«t» you e»t the nourishing foods you n«d- Tor heartburn, sick headache »nd upsets «o often. caaMd by eicesi stomach fluid* malting 700 feel lour and side all OT«T—JUST ONE DOSE of Bdl-an* ipeedy relief, 25c trerrwhere. 95 Piece China DINNER SET Service for IS * f /I Special J-V HARRY S. MYERS 53 North Potomac Street TOBPEDOKS •IBBITISH LINER ^SSF* WtpW «*p wrt** ^ These headlines from British newspapers of September 4, telling the sinking of the British liner Athenia off the northern Scottish coast, indicate England's reaction to the tragedy. Of this 1,400 persons on board all except those killed in the explosion were reported saved by other craft This picture was transmitted from London to New York by radio. include some of the nation's most noted educators. USED FOR SURVEYING The "mysterious" high steel tower along the Middleburg pike near this city was erected by the U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey and is used for survey work, officials explained yesterday. Such towers are commonplace and frequently are dismantled and placed at other locations for the survey work. REMEMBER August Clearance Sale Now Going On BENTZ & DUNN North Potomac Street CREAM rreezers R. D. McKEE Insist On Tri-Maid Products Quality Guaranteed. Sold Exclusively By Triangle Food Stores CONSULT US For complete, detail* of available fire protection. R. M. Hays & Bros., Inc. Meilink Safes INTEREST RATES NOW REDUCED TO 4 1 2% Chart of Rates Under 1939 Amendments, Title 2, National Housing Act Fire proximate Cost of Property .. xirnum loan that may be in ured by FHA nthly deposit on principal and nterest nthly Deposit on FHA Mutual Mortgage Insurance e & Hazard Insurance Per donth (approximately) xes Per Month (approx.) .... TAL COST of your home, in- luding principal, interest, in- urance and taxes PER rtONTH) (approximately). .. the above TOTAL COST, this jracket shows the average mount which each month is pplied to the reduction of the riginal loan. SAVINGS EACH /IONTH 90% LOAN New Construction, 25 Year Maximum $ 3,000 $2,700 15.01 1.13 .67 6.25 $ 23.06 s 9.DO $ 4,000 55,000 $3,600 ; $4,500 20.02 25.02 1.48 1.85 .80 1.00 $ 6,000 $5,400 30.02 2.23 1.20 8.75 11.30 12.50 $ 31.05 $ 39.17 T COST per month after de- j uctina savinas ... Si A AC i Si a nc So>i i -7 M5.92 SOT no Combination 90% & 80% Loan New Construction. 20 Year Maximum $7,000 $6.200 39.25 2.55 1.33 15.00 $58.18 S25.83 soo or S 8,000 S 9,000 10,000 $7,000 44.31 2-83 1.56 17.50 S 66.25 S 29.17 s^O T f\O $7.800 ; $8,600.0G 49.37 3.21 54.44 3.54 1.74 1.92 20.00 $7 S 32.50 <; A -i c\f\ 22.50 $ 82.40 Fnr Use MAXlMU M— 20 Year Term — 80% Loan REFINANCE PRESENT MORTGAGE— 4/ 2 % To PURCHASING EXISTING HOME — 4|/ 2 % S 3 ; 000 $2,400 15.19 «4,000 $ 5,( 300 $ 7,000 $3,600 $4,000 5.600.00 20.26 25.32 35.45 1.24 1-32 .53 .72 1.65 2.30 .88 1.24 5.00 8.00 10.00 15.0C S 21.96 ^10.00 C i t f\r* $ 30.30; *37 S 13.34 ' J16 % .85 «53.99 ^67 jg3.34 1 O ^Ort ^?C $ 8,000 6,400.00 40.51 2.63 1.42 16.25 $ 60.81 J26.67 *•>>! 1 A 10,OOC 8.000.GC 50.6^ 3.25 1-77 20.0C •^^••i^ *75.70 ly«O 94* * All flcnr/'x within tliis flinrt nrr bn^od onr property torntod within tho TorporjUo Limit* of the nv«Miii;f in<~orpor;ito<l town or city In tho Stjiti* of Mnrvlaml. If th.- property !•» lor;ito,| oiitsido of corporate limits—then <lo<In<-t 10-^ from the totnl monthly deposit ;is shown on the Hisirt. (Thi« derlurtion is the approximate difference in trties). We specialize in Home Financing (Dwellings - Farmt) and invite the Use of Our Facilities in Solving Your Problems. Appointments arranged at your convenience. Washington and Frederick County Residents Are Invited to Consult Us ... by Mail or Phone BETTY M. WINN MORTGAGEE CORRESPONDENT 16V2 E. Washington Street — Room 2, Second Floor—Hagerstown, Md. — Phone 2600

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