The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 14, 1973 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 14, 1973
Page 1
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The family daily paper of Brazorfo County THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS Our Will Y**r. Na »l D»Ujri«c«*<« HAT to reod 8WKK.VY IB » miwe \o ov*c Sky and Sea 1.7 Rrp U H "T«» Cri), VM Two more trustees for hosp/fof board rhre pr«kkr« Mid one pmen h*« b**n contacted about terving in o»>? o( the w»!j--a**t«<l pr*U *t5rf he exp«cl«d (hut *M(htr *U) be approached be/ore Jur* » IxK! *4id be feft that both petition* wiwld fc* lilted during the June X regular board wtll draw <*' irt-m* en the boon) One Urm »111 fc* tar oat; year awJ the exbet '.or * twoyetr period Loll Mid th« ftrigtaai i of the toepiUJ beard ihat *wM incrtitf (he Ixarrf t ismmbership *ed xi «se* temu tat office lor 03* had that w« (rrjcn our did term* o( office Under the xlgiMl bill creating the JUtrict, each member i* >(ect«d lor « t»*y*ar term. Cm niwrwtint yean ire laoe the pMHibility ol reptadnf the majority of our board member*, taung much of our ntperknce." U4t said. Tb* ar» Mil, a* eoceeiwd by Uber. »ouid have aOowed a better overlapping of term* of office, preventing the powtble Iocs o$ the majotity o( the J»>sifd «< tnw»*«s in any on* «keti<*> but that propowl did not prove to be pnwible "Hut btft called for four- year terms at office and we found that that's oot aOoved exetpi for ichool boards We then ei»ew* w aroeed the WU w *«k (or the Mjven tnerober* txrt w ait for the appetoUcest ifirf the «iatum two*a«J.. Rain slick streets cause two accidents Revenue funds use top tiute agenda Nixon orders 60 day price freeze ;*» wst» sc Sooth 1 at r««ao Sirs* — fct^c. "tisarKd»J V«rt oehw wirtxea at UM *U»* 1* » JOHN CtROtiAIUJ BEXNICE BAY A S H t N G "f SS){*rW«^ JtiiM > CJt M mi rn ta W) U' <SdfJ>! !i<<ili 4* IK 'Outstanding' U teachers JACXSON JatS Jawt jSiir/Jin ti! UK y*;»r r tfcXt-'f j*wir« f-nf *1 i <"<:«( i?l»K',* i.- I'ifr J Brazorio to re-apply for flood insurance art oc ck«*t Jhnf u»f bc*n .-. atacd Ouotaadtng KlrmfBtarj T«acb*rt of America. raakir.j them U> ownprte ior the Ciecieetary o< Use Year avard a $3(» grin! for their J»tvi« (hat Mrs. Berrace Bay and Jotm Gtrouard were ibcu* i«tected by the Outstanding Elementary Teachers o( America program Accortbcg to DT V Gilbert Be-erv director of the program. "The men and ifomen ctxnea lor thu high heoor have explored new Hcnr> A Ur«J IJ-.K- approval , <4 a (tarrcm ttj-;fi Uajtir Mi«> «C Brariarva t, bartJwt <r, «« and < tfet K \Mii f ;«<• hii £01! of s-',n*sgli>rtua(! (cf «.n ihr city T ilk imUItir t t:vt»."R — S wtt Ttx- *t» dsd * r«» Uw lor Us* Award »( MARIU.S Dan«ifcr and Mil MAN of An«k*««. t>i|(b (XMXW fra4iut« at Wbartca Couolj Jun*er C«4kg« tta» tcriof Honor |f»du»U» and OAKY KMAMKR. and DKMOKAH abo prwettted the 1*61 Kappa Award IHA and B«U VHtlTK, back in U from » Uip to Europe CAfHV BKIBAKKM. IfaduaUnf <f«ra L&U *iU> a bmln*»» admiii»trati»n dcgrw a**i»Uttl t U't Luttena Owrclt . . I nw tnSllnM I *GMMMMIVMWK«M YOU CAN STILL RESERVE BOOTH FOR FESTIVAL FHKKJ'OHT Tbr r'mtttaJ m the a part al the Jww » through Jut} 4 OrtfuvaUy wi lor (h>i r'rtday. the de*4boc bat cwn IWPQ tTM»«d to JUT* jtt and Jaycwri arc till) for Itoatte open at & pro Sawday. im» M, awt > am Sunday, taatiog »» tale aa thef« to Uaiocia, U> c«vhatrman Boulrt Ja>cc«a had *rt a goal (4 & tooth*, and are a (r* thurt of thai Thi* year UK tw»da) leaUva) wO) be hcW at Mwucipal i'ark, the »ite of the Kuhiu Kw»ti boolha wiU be located In the tlrcct ars« between the pavUlo« and »utwming pool. There U a JUtt Hi ft* (or boollu. and reicrvaUan* can be witti Houfet al »« Mil; or al bows, i ltv<i» oewnrtitnan lx> ctirod Ihr c {n «thrr > J U a»lc It* !;< thnr fuuti Mr* Mr red Uvilj to rtupjcsS' <n a (tratiucr diictt art Sj the arva mltun ow MrrH «i»ch »i«r utd ha.» ra» KaU milr at tbr city Itmtu >c^»ig« ta it ctemng (rain Tfca »tH five Ihc rsly fcotr.f JiKUfcr* >» Uw I jMon cvcttrvl o»tr hw« UBI anra «» «*ts**4r the tilj limit* tt will <"st) &#<r*iary *S to ft$&ftvt * tVtfyUniirdnft l'«K£o &• » farther thx- "!i» *nylhin|;" (fuy* U ,Si>t»b 1 *houW UciV •truthrt >f»*f-r«itk repair pb IUNTh\U.l-K - CJov Itaiph Brucor t» rrporudiy oxuMkrtt^ the pouabdit) at t doing the new pctul cwJ*. >o a nmnbcr o( (he Code Rr»t»oo YOUTH FEATURE BEGINS SUNDAY k r*»ig pn-tplr 4ft oitt-n the VKtim* o< th* cntKnsni -.c> »nh tvtftf )«ang Bos (Jiwy acftie%* and m !ur\r MI ir> cts itr jixnc Uvat o/ adults Kor lh« rrasiiR a ne« »nr«41y >*n«s, "Sfwtltjjjit OR ^<iuih. " wxtt *f>pcar the The Bratoniport Kacli Written by !.ir«lj Ijcskr. a j«»nvAlttnj wuicnt at Southwest Texas t !iin Mircto tbe MIV.S Lc^u-t an vuesumar^ yuuth in tver o*n rxght. is icr^sin; h«r commtouty and Ttw Kacts m a sumnwr in- ttm»hip pn«gram that *iil further her feature cvJunui »i!l take a Uxik into the Uvea and a.-icrrsts ^' a nisi-.U-r of youh> m Hraiuna Count) buk for x:^'SSS^ Oyster Creek A Beautiful Stream of Wafer' I ho* Hii»-t * 'tttllr t*iin." »wjv the j»»m »l«rr *) the by the stw the t'rv<*. Farm* (ttxn S»*r, T>x- crt-rk Uk.o 7? units lo ihipc trti U tis> luiuu Utc «a> Ami tn Ifcr , it » l*v-!i) a UK-Am o< wairr a* >i«u H hnd tmwtxtr ' » andrf* l(j»^Ui morn i» ban arra than any i We iu ',|'.i- .UI Miti!.ur<;wr (ouitd >rt\ tsU tu,iiri!ic ^jumry Smic to (he n<niniUi»l> . an.Mhi.'s^; oi that aatuiv r 4 (t*» Sraah h«ap* aluc^ th* be ck«uwd up, n ^tuch might w mt^ht net cud xuic in it[4:uii.[K«l I ijjcvs )MU live on Hi Ua:A*. the tiuteint .yr v./.j \<> rx-Mf (>Jtil inuih itllcnlwn to it |i t» »«m*«s«i«l by mi«f<- iwtnl »tr«sani* the £r;u*Kt»W> c>f li »jii tuTt> in (!»• m>uili .u«l urM. (hi hat bur rlMluwi oivti OH' lu ll-.i- MKjili and e-M »itd UK' )K«d»«t«i> v-i U> Ui« i»»th Ciwfc ha» been it%viv>n£ >wn»c ttow alimiion MX! Shrt ths^ ««v acnvv 4omc <iflin> in the ctwk at untie puwUs -• (irud<ati Imiln i«tvvi ul Ikwiting lunibti and I he bke, and a Ir* Msl.viBUiv i^«.-,:<uvi:^v> • tituinfb and limt» nut vtiibiv fruat (he Mailer l !!<r t^tvup. UMI^ tuu MUiU boat* «Uh otfUvani I,*) m. n-,.1 ttiif)cult> (rivi'fijui; llx'cftti at any {K>UU iU n.t*'T» ol the (tuup r«T>ily completed a luur of the rrrct, m«Mfc*«» lo the i-piUwa) ab>w KM -3AM They W V OUrry. t»«!)«l cha»r- utKtMc hiyi.e ui Ciulc is »r. the ti«x-i. Malt Wright. «t«.i lur» im the trvvk in l^Kr Jicixo. MiUfict K C'iHuri> llvdllh IXv^J l smut oiiU lUn cx«u'.i-.f uiitc-ci'. !r}S«-a*r.t!:vi iv^r.a-.i'.ic rurr>\ ihMitc i» uu UyXtr Creek rut oi U«.'», « a guxl ruitte lor cdnun and motors s. fu» bwn«» hue much ui in* cr«k'» >.i!h cunicureti la«iu ruiunn^ to the 'AUUT a cvlgt But ate alto mile* oi «ilderceia, frv«a£« and. further nults ol opeti ^attrcounrf thnxj^h graisy plain*. to pUoo the forest crv««b th« crtxi no cloi>*|y that it a Just a sMJa<*> water path b«*««n wails o( t*U ftrwncry In *oro« art- i* Ihi' Uinks art iCTveived b> vjtiJ *alb o< shfubljcry and \ux-9, includMg ^<ld graprt la other piacnt btg odkj taut out Irutit UHh Uinks to aUiwei tvat the slrvam with Ww^e. lii Hratoivwft, the «(!ectit« h<id»4ter lur UKUU^ u> the >pUI»ay t»ytth of Highway WM wfa«rt> Oyittr Crwrk KW*» over a aitti down a ihrvclg-fuur (og< rini. (luave lliij is oi the abuut 3d mik» ih* trwck » «nd at th« lutraooasol l'*ia) o*ar Beach mi tlw t«4« »w« v«ry n wh.ii n U-aulilu! >liv^n O)!.ici i'fffi it-ally AltlM>ugh M'\ «al M( tlw gr««u)i tw\ c homo >i it- Jin "1 4<»rt Ihuik It lit ini*:«wi lu l>cun' a pictiy cfnterpwvc lor thtf i*aunus\U), tijiktcr t'ntk u» (lie cumuuiuv » <>t*uiy<i l«>d» lUdl t« 4 variety IK" !>>»ld thr M — all ul it 'ux-k the au-g, U-tu» th« HI»*.H» MuUod rail u a »HK', >!t\-|> tiaMud iitu^i ui it uuuUe fur cum- i ii.uij;a(K«i Tlw mvk'i uiur«i atva pruvitko a w.-«uc (ur }^»Mirv Iv^imji l ! (ijsrvo;n vhcix- the cictt ta V»iwi UIKS UK Clwdibtr have in ouaii tw Oyster al ihtt point," Curry said, "wd cv*uiat> *toUw %te We don't w«u tu dm^ « a&> way th* lutura) U'au v ui the crock tt'it |pr«at Just as it is. "In the rang« uf (utwt ptiuuiing, we CAB euviaka tte crwk at xv!i.e puuii m tuue doekjpvd to (he eitmt »J a tew iuiill parts ui intervals, whov B«> Sevut* c<u> pknk an<i put ut Uwtr ouu«» We wuut«l like t« we a few trash teapd r«nttv«l, IHKJKC ftotuig iki»r«> ckarted. and the creek kept ckau atxj bwutittl, any

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