Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 16, 1930 · Page 5
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 5

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 16, 1930
Page 5
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OECATUR HERALD THURSDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 16, 1930. OECATUR HERALD OOM HOUSE OR RENT W. Eldorado Fairview Park Baths Porcfie, ge Garage ·o Any Realtor , or (likm Tnwt Co. 'RICES ffioiir Sail I'numK - . $ 1 , 3 0 tin Egg 1.55 2.00 2.75 275 2,50 . Maih r Ma*h Dairy Feed lies f Dairy Feed 2.25 Dairy Feed 2.45 Meal 4 ( dQ . ' F« e d 3.60 Cratch Feed.. 2.25 'f Protein. 3.40 t Protein 2,65 block [d Wheat Ibs. I Wheat IK ,90 .40 .75 1.35 .70 .45 .90 100 1b. baft lark Feed Co, OIAt J-M1J S 1869 Linens week Thh ImntlP line nil nnd China b r to m«kp )* pwn thn one* tlon hn been at Imhi'lPd me hun- jnct cloths with .ut woik, Illct, 01 VpnpHfin l a c f linnet lunch nnd i n l d r f l «*ti "" (l and *hecli t Cloth o :ee edtlllons that i Lhe muse urns it Linn lln*J e yeari In th* tvf the rtff YORK CRf ATES J W JOBS FOR 10,000 Ipromicnnt Bankers Foim 1 Employment Relief Committee Rescued on Pacific · tur \{)RK "il jT/m HI Inn* lOOI'O mi'i»)iliM(l I" 1 ".1....H h u n l c 1 in N « Viih II of (lie foiiiintliiti cf a r i u wlnctli liuulcMi nnd "Ti'jWW n 1 »"-h V fni n '-" n '" Tht m I" i " l ) ] lir ( Inn IK Oifmnl/nitiHi t * * w ) H » - - [«lht fV.r«Hitf.n of I hi I'wi VI ni l '""' r '" m " h l l " t l * r f H fliMl«v ! r A -if" tw. nmjoi it.* dti · L, iho l'rt i»'"ii 'ii In Hit In A l f m l (Hffenl " r i ilrli it nl tin A i i u i l i l i n f, 11 I t j i l i n i H I I n m n n t (if r 1' ; f lMI HIM! MM ill KM Srwiml Pin wr diHnofln fit Ihf lifMinl "f "hf Fnflknol ml cotnpnnv H i ,in r nn ' (f (he i *'"''*' commit i "f Ont irMlNwl of iPlkf A U I t ,| ( .f j^u lo ^ftfrfi or (Ow ni nl ' ' mrn In (In clii |Mnh« Pn««n "nl' 1 fh» fninmlU'f c v p f ( t If) toi tw on tin (id iiifc'in'/"'ln ttit mntif\ GANGSTER ARRESTED ON VAGRANCY COUNT Hit I tint ( f % f orrAdo Oft ifl jiKijfp i»hi) p Mf'!wrth\ «« cf Itf k n i l ' i t In 'liicnif ntjfiinlml tlilvf- fit,nlmt fni (nur * n i i u onr nf |hc Jfi pub. lie rnctnin lilt fiill'W K n U I Jnlm H f tl/ Ii i! I I I ! ' I P I n i r -"If 1 Wifrfio s i f t f ' n t - t W I K - n l i i K t t ' f t t flfwir* T i l l H n i k d Oni of Ihi rttn mi*' n n l o i l d i w (!itnit"tln find rtrlHri i vilio iiuttit not ftn IM liuv M ( iipoftf In the Mtt of on 10 d i i i l i i t ) , -. l u c i d d u s ,ind niitlits 1 ir out 'autit ottMii /otuo t t t a , i |Hil(0, H i \ n In nnan, MI-. i i u l I n tu ,ilim t (. itnm ili D i l i tn a |m -itit; nil t n n k i r To Ui 0(i ullurtt t i i n unttnl i hi nips of ifftttcirl KJJ; tliri nil uhicll ho (.Ulllll p(Ull ill) Itjt. NIGHT GRID GAME TERMED "BRUTAL" Princeton Coat It Atlacki Nocturnal Clctfchci of Lleveni 16 FAMILY HARASSED WITH_ MISFORTUNE F a c e Thanksgiving With Mingled Fears; Jinx Holds Sway 111 I I ( t I kg | CHICAGO Oct 16 - 101 Janla iiinillv hut IL niomtsi'i Mil} a spf-oiid ovciflmvlnff mpaiuir of totiow til Utf riicsldo which rtintth Hlncti nnit povoi ty havp hai 1 1(0 foi a yrni L/ist Thiink^ivin^ (lie hud of the houiiholtt John Innlx, IQJ dying 1 »t hullil wnuncN He tiled Ui itpul n tiiiltoy ID his 111 vritf and HPVCII chlldtcn might havo bompthlii); t« eut, hut wrti ·'hot In Ihp nUempl ThiiMdny Dcliiiin 12 n t \ L to the oldest of f h ( iwin huiled HP died [p|itit\i dldn t hiivt. ninth limis (o hpcaiiio he luul to sell piippii lo u i p p o i l lltP fnnilty Me wiif mnk- Inj; t h P In it of hK HWiUn p l i y t l m p liy suiri).ln{; on 'i t i d p i / e He sllp- ppil off iincl l u p t u m l i Idtlney M i i t u t u s i c i i i t d i i l (.0 lo the ti in ml hctnuip slips itlll weik Iiom tin o|)pmll«n Itnvlf (j Iflok I he r l l u i f h p t h l l i l i e n nil vnimppi than h*. In 5I [^ni dirndl ffti the tciv- l(,pt A f t P t th«( llicv t n nl )ho i p l i i l n l o n n - untl whiilpvct unothci Thanks holila fin them U n k r i «iu tic iiiul* i »hpn he wiii niii oti t (! In f I t ^ i f i nnd »^in wni fnuntt In bh imcli*'! A i - rnlltnwl hcfuif Initpo M r n i m r l v on the imn r n n v l n i x (harK* 1 I 1 ** 1 K»nff t i - Ji'ltirl fin Initlrf x i t f . i i i K i c p l l f l in (uldtiK h'm ]i hipitnifU thnl R d i k c t «AI iif of ' il fit ill «lm r li* n c i c i VIT! (om ptelKl n jftitctic^ foi t ' h h n v An niMtii jihi n d l u i l f i PI! PI l!(f i ll ifl t»*H |inio(c(i hv n Pfoiln Indfrc n f t f i nrti(itiv wftH mndf In thf inwi The purdln t o n n f f( win dNoloscft hflil nnl buti 11 [ i r c i i ^ n l i i l ill thf Pdiilnl I n u n i i l h i i Iv Kit In Un JKFIfllp Jl(ilr«l till'! (t( I I . n M)m utMliul Id i nil' I P n i k i L t Ktiirn (n pilwin to "i i u (In tfinn)n IIIL f u n t u i i i of liln t u l K l n n l wn * OW i h F i n n i ( t f i « n K th« olcti I IK l"l|ii(; town w l i h l n Hip houlctt of UllnnH a i mil i . i I ' U I N C I I O N N J Ott s f i l u m i n p j fnifihti j li n/ tollcj,£ fool hull ( l u t a t i n i to hill It tit n s p o i l In l l \ i M i n i ( l i L l t i i c t H'll Ttonci hpticl m i U tit P i U K f t o n iinhpislly I t n j r i Vilio ii .oiniktiiiK his list sun us tdiidi of tlit 1 I^PI tyotbnll tt LIU, utUitlMil tin p i t a i n t Kitrnc on linn (.otinH J)iilntt ti ml edily fall nlfht ^iitiit.0 itinl to much fin hnllvklunl ptuyets In a Uilk with spoiU w i l t P i i Tin iiliitp of fuotlxill In the unl ^ t i l t v ilopn i i l j I i merely an I iiiljoi tutu luljunit U UK? college cui- i l l uluni I'mi hull hi inliHiu it N tin t!»c il «ni i i Ii In t I U K L I and Hint It l i u a u H i nl Hjititig foci I Im :l Thli c n t l j clilll tfikpH the bnt loin till o(Ji('t ijninff n t h l c f (*" Rnpci tuimcrl nlf-hl foottnll b i n Ml nn'l outiajtoou" In nljrht fnothiill " Hflpei .ft!I the *yc-ittHln iipnn t h p 1 1 rmcndmi* nnd th*li whole t, i tint or nttcndinh' clntipt In ttic t i n n n l n i , i \ iLishit, In HIP nnd i h c n tu Ivlnt: nl nlj'ht Ii tlonl/t il (tittind of pfUmR their hie ut h n'i li« k tlic [ l i m i t * ml flit nit llj.htlv b t l n t i pi u i mill then r:it n |HII;P n u n I nt midnight wlinn tlic-v (u t too Ui i il to Hlecp S itli n 11 htd- iil, unites tietMHii Ui itstition nnd l i n d t to HI i l o u t n i l ..... I t ' 1 St. Lnuis Urjed As Dairy Show's Home i Hit \l (I'll I t " ) 31 TOWS Ott Hi A movontptit lo mult n St Fouls thp ikPimtmetil M)IP (if the Ntitlonnl Dadv ihow w is i r pni tP(l Rtilnliit, monu ntiim toliij n* l u t t i c t t al NIP i tposltinn tuinrd lo lutlKlnic of KUPtnspv hnHlcin ,i\i-ildir anil b(0«n ^w)s« ml He 'I lit propniJil wiii ulvfuirpd by d h r i l o i h of thP Niilionnl Dairy 11 toelatlon find the N itlonnl exhlhl l i t t i toi»]Minv it scssloiT! hPld In connpctlori with the show nnrl It iv ii*. lepoUe'f Kulnlnp, Lon^ldetablo tuppOlt Herbert Hoover, Jr., To N. CJHealth Resort tl\\l tlHltttl I 1 ( 1 1 I W A S H ^ t d O N OH in Hub* i t IIooui Ji ion of thp Preaklcnt w i n bp mtnod Inter in tht full (o Ashe \ l l l p N C to did hli ipcoveiv fiom i slight tuburular In notion Di Joet I' Doonp WhllP House physlclnn announced Windsor Man Released From Mattoon Hospital WINDSOR -- Carl Beity Is home Iiom Msttoon hospital, where ho had boon a patient having an aim and hund ciuehcd in a combine Mrs K B Wood of Clavton Mo vhltecl hci ptucnts Mi and Mis Jumps Hancock last wcckena MM Loin l u l l of Chicago vhitad hu sistoi Mn Tied Mohoney fiom Stituittay u n t i l Monday MM Alirc Mllllren of Sulltvwi, IH diillnp hei dndghtci Mrs C 1. Buntc Mi itnJ Alt'. C O Solflnrt nni ihlldi^n nnd Mli* L M»y Glcaxon Vliiltue) Ml and Mts tied ShotTM und daiightti In aprlnslltld, CI,AM1INQ TttP LID H» Vnltcil I toil 'l CHICAGO Del Ib-Onp himdiotl uncl ijlxly-two (omnioirial vice re tolti tldvp been clojpd In Chicago in the last nine monllii by ttro Commlt- toc of FlflPcn wotking In roopPiiv tlon with tho states attorney's of flcp Btitd a icpml mnde Wednesrioy to tho Jioaid o( Diicuoia by j: Mill PI Bt'ncint dltecfoi Your Coal.. Try one load of ERIE SOOT- LESS Furnace Lump at $4.75 per ton delivered nnd you will never burn anything else ERIE BOOTLESS U mined only in the Moweaqua mine and i* told only «t the mine. We have no dealer*. Order from your truck driver or from the mine, direct. No dirt, no rock, no soot; all heat. Moweaqua Goal Mining Co. Phone 193 Moweaqua, 111. It pro All-Weather Treads GRIP! Th* ALL WEATHER tread, wth deep-cut diamond block*, jive* more tecurity for winter driving, Matchle**, h o l d i n g GRIP on the road. Rwistune* lo ihiddintj. Superior *t«rttng «ntt flopping traction. Have ui mcumt a tct on your wheel* NOW. 29x4,50 30x4.50 30x3.00 31x5.25 29x5.50 Lowest Prices Ever Quoted 29x4.40 . . . $ 7*85 $ 8.40 $ 8.75 $10.80 $12.95 $13.40 Charge Accounts or Use Our Club Plan Trade In Your Old Smooth Treads N O W SAVING SAFETY ,\»k V* Flashlights Koxak Clothe* Windihield Blade. Polish and Lock* Gas--Oil--Greasing--Vulcanizing ROAD SERVICE FRANKLIN TIRE BATTERY CO. ' 4459 Franklin at Willi.m St. O(N*n from 7 M. m. to $ p m POWER! for Lights and Starting BATTERIES POWI R f»r tiltirtlnpr Dependable ltnc m- risk battery trouble In eold wcnthir t*t us chc k YOU« butH-ry NOW ' Gat, Oil, Greasing Vulcanizing, Road Service 13 Plate Exide $6.95 Franklin Tire Battery Co. Phone 4459 Franklin At William St. Opun From 7 » m. lo fl p m Tough Thick-Treaded Pathfinder Tires Heal road tfficllon In the d««p- tut, tnutfh, wetiititfr tread I* C.IUH- tlo, (tlirrek-ttbsorblnK ^uiiertvtUt N Huve u» nintint ft set , Mirvlcc, roftl Charge Accounts Or, If 1o« 1'rolvr, Use Our CLUB PLAN Wt eltlv V»\- menb* No red tiiim or Aik DM 30x3$ . . . 29x4.40 29x4.30 . . . . 30x4.50 28x4.75 . , . 29x4.75 . 29x5.00 31x5.25 Gat--Oil--Creating--Vulcanizing ROAD SERVICE FRANKLIN TIRE BATTERY CO. Phone 4459 Franklin at William St. Opon from 1 a. m to fl j», m Store f* / Here Are Decatur's Two BEST Coat Valuesl Offering The Utmost In Fashion: / The Most Diversified Selections:. i i \ I --Just A SMALL DOWN PAYMENT ($S) buys oar coat. -- Balance o n convenient tertnt. -- Diitmguuhed "Betty Row" co*u! -- Lavi«h)y furred with collar* tnd cuff* of Munchunen Wolf, Gtr- ·cill and Opo**um --Lined with nlk and warmly interlined value* at $261 --Every coat m this group with distinctive fashion details unusual in coats priced $39 50. --Sumptuously furred with Fox, Wolf, Martin and Caracul --Fashioned of c»»tly wool tricolame, lined with fmett silk. 50 Rose Room Coats-- ut 448 «nd m m onnnlcum« J o i foiihlon twntitj nil ft fine quality --and Here Is Decatur's Best Value In NEW FallD s ress accesses $ 75 --The more carefully you have read your VOGUE the more exciting you II find the t hotting of the»e dresses -SATINS mated with beads awl lace tit Him- mine' FLAT CREPES with jfrBclouu collarH 1 -GEORGETTES with chMmlng short Jackets' KNIT SUIT DRESSES 111 the rage just now' --Black, browni, blue, win* and green. R o o m ttt ncu* itandorJitor i(yf« and wrfn* of *!«. Paris Copies In Hats ntriguin$ly Different! .· Irresistibly Priced At ^One-of-a-kind adaptations of November millinery successes . . . with all the charm, all the individuality of the original* --Clm. litlle velvet*, fnntnitie and flattering, felti and metallic* that borrow French chic t $ i f NLWSPAPJLRflHCHIVE®

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