Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on April 2, 1898 · Page 4
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 4

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 2, 1898
Page 4
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J. M E L V I N , STEELE . JOHNSON. E D I T O R S A N D P R O P R I E T O R S . SATURDAY MORNING," APRIL 2, 189S. CHRISTOPHER WICKFIN. One of ColAnel Calliper's Old Time Fricmis In Storkvillo Center. "After he had lost one umbrella in that way,'" said Colonel Calliper, "my old friend Christopher Wick- fln, who formerly resided iu Stork- ville Center, Vt., made up his mind that he'd never lose another---that is, by having it turned inside out-- ami he rigged up an arrangemen to prevent it. This was a prettj elaborate sort of thing in its de tails, but in operation it was extremely simple. "In those days almost ovcry mai in Storkvillo Center--and for tha matter many men iu larger places too--wore boots. Mr. "Wickiin "s um Lrella was of stout" cotton, with whalebone ribs; that was when whalebone was cheap and befor the advent of the modern ninbrelh rib of channel steel. To tho tip o: every rib of his umbrella Mr. Wick fin attached a ring. He wore aromu his body a belt, to which were at tached as many cords as there were ribs to his umbrella. At the end o each cord was a snap hook wind he snapped into its ring at Ihe em of nil umbrella rib. From the bel on each side of the body a stout coix was carried down and rim througl the boot strap on that side and thei brought up and fastened to the belt, at a little distance from tbe othei end, so as to distribute the strain Thus equipped, Mr. Wickiin was, prepared to keep his umbrella fro a being blown inside out by tiny stom: that might come along. The ide; ? that the wind might pick him up and carry him and the umbrella am everything off together never occurred to him, but that was just what happened on the very first day he tried it. "It was a tremendous rainy clay, with -the wind blowing a gale anc with gusts now and then that it seemed would blow the roofs off the houses. But that was the sort oi day Mr. Wickfiu wanted, and he set out for the postoffice with till his rigging in place, feeling secure and easy and proud of tne victory that he had gained over the elements. As he walked along Main street, carrying his umbrella with the ropes coming down all around and converging at his waist, he presented a queer sight, but a moment later he presented a sight far more re markable. A great gust that came roaring down the street doubled under Mr. "Wickfin's umbrella and lifted him off tbe earth and carried him skyward. Storkville Center at one time and another had seen many- strange sights, l.ut never any quite so strange as that. "Mr. Wickfiu let go of his umbrella, but the-umbrella wouldn't let go of him. It carried him up on the wings of the wind, while, all Stork- ville Center looked on at him swaying helpless beneath it. But the wind was merciful to him. After carrying him up and down and round about for a minute or two it dropped him through the ton oi' a grcunhcusu. He smashed more glass nnd fiance than' tour um broil us would h«:ve cost, but he escaped without injury to Liinaclt, and for that he \v;::s thaulilul. "\Ycli, fci'ier ihtit expedience Air. Wichlin miidc ii[i hi.s mind that, wlnlo I'uo thiujf \viiy Jill right in principle, it uct'icd LC:I;U improve- nieut, :.:.«! !:e h.\cl ;i:i attachment to iLe l\Jr by i-ians of which he could, wlicii bo k i t t L e \\ind lifting him, c;j-.-t uir' all li.u ropes and let the uiulnelli: go., 'ihwjietiually this was all r i ^ h t ; iu practice, when the .test came, ;lic lie ropes jammed on both fcidffc 1/tforo lie could get them loose, and up u-j v.-cnt again. Then he hit upon n pun t h a t would no doubt h;ive \\orki-d pericctly: His own \veight was ICO pounds; he adjusted all thu roped ID a breaking strain ot ISO, tu t h a t under that pressure the u m L i u I J a would fret 1 itself from him auloiiiKlicully, but he never put this plan in operation. By t h e liino he had worked this out he h:ui rh.-cos ti«.d tlu.t there are many thir::;s that could be done that arc not v/orili the doing."--New York buu. A 1'ropcr Sort of 1'lay. A Chinese company produced a 3,000-year-old comic opera in Sydney. A loc-al paper observes this is like no other entertainment 011 earth, except, possibly, 1,000,000 iron tanks falling into a rocky gully fall of wildcats. There is no scenery--this is left to the imagination of the audience-- a.nd tha orchestra, in its shirt sleeves, occ;i;,ies the back of th« stage. \Vticu any player's back buir gets udrit'c oving to excessive exertion, one of t b t band rises, fixes it and-then goc.-s hack w i t h an air of "calm uncoEscio'isncha to his instru- incni. Tho orchestra consists partly of n Cbi?i:iii;au chopiii;;g wood, partly of mini her ('nlet-lial blowing with a horrible iuceiihily ;f dGvotiou on a bull's horn, p a r t l y of a curious Ktrfngcd instr;ui;ont which makes a cry like an i n f a n t -10 yards high, and KO on.--Exchange. Keligion's In Cliina. The three religions of China are Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism. Buddhists and Tnoists worship idols; Confucius revived siud fixed ancestor worship. The people make ancestor tables, on which they write the names of .tho spirits they wish to keep in the tables, and then, before them, they burn incense and a kind of paper money which is supposed to be the money of the spirit 'world. They also burn clothes and beautiful paper houses, oil some of which they spend a year's work. A former United States cousul at Shanghai, who had been a missionary many years, estimated that the value of tho offerings burned to ancestors amounted to $200,000,000 yearly,--Chicago Inter Ocean. The Dog XAW III Norway. We do not believe that tho coun try will ever be tree from rabie until far moro stringent measure have been adopted. Tho djinge . arises mainly from stray curs of mi certain ownership aiul from dog which, although they might bi claimed by somebody, aro not prop erly cared for by their proprietor: Wo should like to see the (log tax iu creased in amount, with duo iiulul I gcnco to person who require dog i for purposes or persons who requir I dogs for the issue of receipts in the | form of collar badges, the color o which might be varied every year and which would enable a policemai to see at a glance whether the tni for aiij' particular dog had beoi paid. If it had not, the dog shoulc be summarily destroyed. By the strict enforcement of sucl a system we should obtain a state o things analogous to thtit which ex i.sts in Norway, whore not only it. rabies unknown, but where the dog eeii in the street are handsome well bred and well cared for am mals, not sufficiently numerous to be the nuisances they often are ii London. The Norwegians adop very stringent precautions with re gard to dogs imported into their ter ritory, insisting upon ample certifi cation of health, and also, wo be lieve, upon a period of quarantine and, even in that most democratic country, we have never heard thai the control of canine hygiene is vest ed in local authorities, which would be liable, iu this matter, as in many others, to oscillate between unren soning indulgence and unreasoning panic.--London Hospital. A Korean Procession. The procession of the king was let by the general of the vanguard, su perbly dressed, supported by retainers on his led pony and followed by crowds of dignitaries, each with his train, soldiers, men carrying aloft frames of arrows reaching nearly across tho road, and huge flags crt silk brocade surmounted by plumes of pheaauts; servants in rows of 100 in the most delicate shades of blue, green or mauve silk gauze ovei white; halberdiers, grandees, each with a retinue of banner men; row of royal banuer men, carrying yellow and blue eilk flags emblazoned; cavalrymen in imitation gold helmets and mediaeval armor, and tigoi hunters wearing coarse felt black hats with conical crowns and dark blue coats, trailing long guns. With scarcely u pause followed the president of the foreign office, high above the crowd on a monocycle, a black wheel supporting on two uprights a black platform carrying a black chair decorated with a leopard's skin, the occupant of which was carried by eight men at a height of 8 feet from the ground. * * After this, borne high aloft by 40 bearers clothed in red, in a superb chair of red lacquer, richly tasseled and canopied, and with wings to keep off the sun, came the king, whose pale, languid face never changed its expression as he passed with all the dignity and splendor of his position through the silent crowd.--"Korea and Her Neighbors," by Mrs. Bishop. Dandet, Ilcoclat, David. My name seems to indicate that I descend from the Moorish settlers of Provence,for as you know Provencal people are largely of Moorish extraction. Indeed it is from that circumstance that I have drawn much of the humor of my books, such as 'Tartarin." It is funny, you know, :o hear of men with bushy black beards and flaring eyes--like bandits mcl wild warriors--who are, tho ono a peaceful baker, the other the east offensive of apothecaries. I myself have the Moorish type, and iiy name, "Daudet," according to :he version which I like best, is the Moorish for "David." Half my family is called "David." Others say that "Daudet" means "Deodat," which is a very common name in' Provence, and which, derived from 3eo datus, means given to God.-Outlook. Playful Weat India Senls. The water in the pool containing the West India seals at the aquarium runs off through a pipo ·! or 5 inches n diameter whose opening is in the loor oi the pool, at one end. When :he valve below has been opened. :he seals take delight in stopping the flow of water. The smaller seal particularly finds pleasure in this, plugging up the opening with its nose. It fairly humps itself in its jflforts to do this, and it holds on as oug as it can hold its breath. Then t comes up to breathe, a-iid then lown it goes again, once more to jlug up the pipe. Occasionally the bigger seal plugs up the intake opening at the other end of the pool n the same manner.--New York Sun. Ready Remedy. Author--I am troubled with in- fotnnia. 1 lie awake at night hour after hour thinking about my liter- try work. His Friend--How very foolish of you! Why don't you get up and read portions Traveler- I'lau For Hotbed. A hotbed built on the following plnu from The Farm Jonrual "will not require heat this spring if it is used for starting early vegetables, but it would require heat to grow them through the winter." This cau bo done by placing good fermenting manure n round it ou all sides to ;i depth of n couple of feet and about IS ruches in width. At uight such a bed should bo covered with straw IIOI'UED FOU KAICLY Sl'UISU USH. matting, niiido of g'ooil straw, covering this over with boards c* covers uiado of wood to prevent tho straw from being jlowii off by tho wind. The material 'or such a house cau bo purchased trotir any dealer in greenhouses ready to put logether, although the posts and boards on sides aurl ends can be obtained from ronr lumber dealer. The whole should of cypress. The top is composed of 3 by G foot hotbed sash. There -shoilld bo E trips across from side to side to pre- veut them from bulging oat arid letting the cash through on to the plants. THERE IS NO KIND OF PAIN OR ACHE, INTERNAL OR EXTERNAL, · THAT PAIN-KILLER WILL NOT RELIEVE. LOOK OUT FOR IMITATIONS AND SUB- ' STITUTES. THE GENUINE B O T T L E 1 BEARS THE NAME, PERRY DAVIS SON. PROFESSIONAL CARDS. TAMES N. TODD, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, I»KNTOX, MA K Vr.AM) /CHARLES E. McSHAKE, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, JJKNTOX, n i A l i P T. BOYER, CONTRACTOR AND BUILDER, U K N T O N . M l . 7t LBERT C. TOWERS, ATTOKNEY?AT-I,A W Donton, Maryland. T717ALTER SPARKLIN, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, DKXTON, HAKYLASIX OFKICK WITH J^s. If. TOIJW. ESQ. QSCAR CLARK. A ttoniey-iit-].:L\v, IJICXTON, MAICYLANI). Collections and all professional business promptly nltondod to. TTTILMER EMORY, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, C E N T K K V I L L K . M l ) "Will practice also in Caroline, Tulbot and Kent countv. TIT ALEX. HUTSON, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, DENTON, HEARYI..AND. Will practice is tlie courts of Caroline and ndjaucnt counties. m PLINY FISHER, ATTORNEY-AT-LA W, DENTON, MD. All busipcss entrusted to my care will receive prompt attention. Collection ol claims « specialty. JTARVEY L. C O O P E R . ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, UENTON, MAKYLAN1. Close attention will bo givou to all business entrusted to mv cnre. JOHN W. CLARK, JR. Box 68. Dentorj, Will sell property in Caroline or any o/ the adjoining counties. ilESKY K. LEWIS. \V !].!., \ K I Ii. \\ r.Sf. LEWIS C WEST,A TTORNEYS-A T-LA IV, DENTON, MD. "Will practice in the Courts of Caroline Tnlhotftnd Queen Anne counties. Money to Loan, 530,000 to loan on first mortgage. WIIiJIEU EMORV, Attorney-nt-Lmv, Baltimore, Corner 1'ayctlc and North Sts. DR. ENOCH GEORGF, UK. r. K. ISS GEOUGE JFISHER, Physicians, Surgeons Gynecologists, DENTOX, MARYLAND. Office at residence of Dr. Enoch George, Main Street. VSI. II. DKWKKSK. FRKD It. OWKXS DEWEESE OWENS, DENTON', MD. Office in the Court House. Mortgages foreclosed, estates settled and jrompt attention given to all business en rusted to us. Will practice in the State n n d Federal OlH't. WM. II. DEWKESK, State's Attorney for aroline county. PAINTER AND DECORATOR, . . . . DENTON 7 , Ml)., las had ten years' experience in the cities f Wilmington, P h i h i d u l p h i i i and New York, and is now ready to inuko contracts iul guarantees skilll'u'l work, lair prices nd entire satisfaction DRS. W. T. L. D. KEU.EY, : DENTISTS: OFFICE: EASTON, M A R Y L A N D "Will practice at Preston on ilondnys; )enton on Tuesdays; Foderalsburp, sec- nd and fourth Thursdays; East New VInrket, first and third Thursdays. Best work gunranteed. Gas administer- d. DR.ANNAGIERING REGISTERED PHYSICIAN, i Twenty-five ytprs' experience. fiSpccialist in Diseases of Women ·.only. Private Sanitarium of high t/ruputc. Ah.soliilc- privncy nflord- ' td. Female Regulative Pillj (J.UO _ per box. Advice by mail. 603 EAST BALTIMORE STREET. BflLTIMQRE, MD. 'cgctnble Coin pound for Female Complaints, $1 Wives without Children consult me. Tborpas Carroipe, CONTRACTOR AMD BUILDER, Ridgely, Maryland. Contracts taken in Caroline nnil uAjpin- ng counties. Thirty-three years exper- enee. Plans and specifications cheerfully f urnished. Best of references froin Curone, Talbot nnd Dorchester counties. Fre^b Groceries. T-TAY1NG restocked my GROCERY DK.I'ARTMKXT, I am now prepared to s u p p l y my c u s t o m e r s and tho p u b l i c generally w i t h e v e r y t h i n g i n that l i n o , I'rosii and o!' tin 1 bestqual- 1VTEW GOODS! fnnr»n/l I MK.VTS. n COFFKK. UnnfiQ ] '"{JIATHnS. 0"J,{-:'. : '" rl «'SS. [ \j\f Iwt 1 1'j.vnj Notioi??, Ribbon? AMD JTy stock of I l i n latter is very complete, and my lady t'rieuds w i l l do ivoll to c a l l and e x a m i n e my poods before going elsewhere. Spool Silks, Cotton. Gloves and Hosiery, a,ml in fact ;i peneral l i n o of Notions. Drop in nnd see the stock. Oysters and ice Cream, For a good Oyster Stow give us a call. Ice Cream w i l l also bo served in season. Any q u a n t i t y supplied for f a m i l y use \v]ien desired, als at short notice. . JULIA DAY, Successor to Jnjts ParH. ALLTHESEi WILL UK F O U N D A GOOD STOCK -- OF -- Ji 1/lljJJUU U U W l / U i Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps, Etc., --AT-J. M. BBA YEN'S, HILLSBORO, MD. StocH of GROCERIES AND fiUEENSWARE You cau also find at tlte IIUMBEIR ¥AIRI1 Full s u p p l y of a l l k i u d s of Lumber. Sawing a u d P l a n i n g done at short notice. Ceiling, Flooring, Shingles, Laths, Doors, Windows, Etc., always on h a n d . '. "W. K K D D K X . W. '. MUIU'HY REDDEN MURPHY, BEALEllS IX X1KST-CI.ASS B U I L D I N G MATERIALS, --AND-- CONTRACTORS AND BUILDERS, DENTON. M A R Y L A N D . Prices on all goods warranted to he as low :is those oflered by city dealers, ilr. Murphy, a builder of long experience, ^i h:«vc charge of the practical work, and satisfaction guaranteed in every particular EIstaTolislted. Frank C. Eolton. LeeB. Bolton. BOLTON" BROS. PAINTS, OILS ASD GLASS. PRIZE MEDAL S/f^ PAINTS Machinery Oils, Tar, Oakum and Pitcn. ENGINEERS', MACHINISTS, SteamsMp and Railway Supplies, US, 420, 422, 424 E. PRATT ST., JAMES T. MORRIS, (KIUGXI.Y, Ml.) flieelnilit and BMsmitli, AND EXPERIENCED HORSSEHOER. In stll branches of my business I gu,sr- «ntce sntisfnction. In hoi'Stsliooinif I have the endorsement of Ijcst vulcrjiinrmns. JAMES T. SIOKKIS. TREES (P PLANTS The leading varieties of Apple, Peach, Pear, Plum, Cherries, Small Fruita, etc., for sale by A. G. GELLETLY CO., WILLTSTON, MD. PRACTICAL BLACKSMITH HORSE-SHOER, DBNTON, MD. I shall t distantly keep on hand a full nssorttnont of Iron and Steel for all kinds of Farm and "\Vagon "Work. I can fur' nish you all sixes of new wheels and axles, and befct flasics of horse-shoes at short notice. I guarantee nil material and work at lowest prices to suit the hard times. Shop on Third St, opposite Livery Stable. Clive me ;i trial. JOHN J. I5ARNKS. T- ' ° JAMES SV/ANN, 4 heBestLifedi Fire Insurance, DENTON, MARYLAND. For Sale, Two hundred thousand (200,000) Cold rame Cu'bbngc Plants, atiJ'J.OOpcr thotis- nd. Orders by ninil will receive prompt ttention. Address, E. J. STEELE, 3 5 4 Henderson, Md. For Sale. House, furniture, and two Jots adjoin- ng II. E. Church property, Ridgely, Md. nqnire at the Jarrcll House, or address IRA L. GUTLFOKD, 220 N. Eutaw St., Baltimore, Md. I am now ready to jiinke contracts for tomatoes for next season, nt !?li.OO per ton. II. A. ROE, 2-2C] JJeiilon, Md. Notice to Growers, We are ready to contract for Tomatoes on Saturday afternoon of each week during February. Our contract price for 18U8 will be si.v dollars )er ton. G. T. KEDDEN CO. For Sale, Five million (5,000,000) Tennessee Pro- i' lific Strawberry plants, at §l.'2o per tlious- iiiid. THOS. H. E V E U N G AM, l-23-5m. Concord. Md. · Farms Wanted, Have purchasers ready for cheap farms. Anyone desiring to sell, send paiticulars and lowest price to HEVEKIN COTTER. · 209 S. Oth, Phila. OW PKICES! Wu h a v L just opoiK'd ji large i n v u i o c il SPIUXO (JOOKS, find a belter collection fioin \\hicli to chno^o l);i- n e \ u r been offered in Den ton. To bo appreciated it nui^t be seen. Youi- inspection is i n v i t e d . The prices will bo :i very :tarlling feature of the sales here for the. 1 n e x t t h i r t y day.-, and buyer;- \ \ i l l dn well to unto thoui. How would sonic of these strike vrni'' Percale, tin 1 regular 12c. k i n d ; our prirp, while it lasts only 8e. A better grade at 12c. Calicoes, ii and (io. B l u e and Light Print-:, plain and laney d c ^ i ^ n - , .")·. Pique Remnants, 10c,, tlio regular loo. k i n d . from of. Ginghams, Lawns, regular price T2c.; our price, 10u. Wo liave mi C'M'flloiH ii'-soi'tniC'iit of theso. Table-Cloth, choice quality Irish Linen, 50c. per yard. Pantaloon Goods nt various prices. SI.00 Smyrna lings ntSOu. A.E. C O O P E K BKO., Denton. Md. BLINDS ·jS!JP ALL BU.ILDERS 36-OO'D M-· CHEAP Farriers % Increase Your Income By Doubling * ^ Your Crops Without Increasing 1 Tb* Labor of Cultivation. * B«tt«r tt*r Going; to tlje A Liberal flpplicRtiot) of BAINBRIDGE LAND LIME on Your Corn Ground. If; effect on the soil is most ronnrknble and satisfactory. Geologists declare that the ItninbrUlRc Limestone arc the 'purest Carbonate of r.imc ever discovered. 100 farmers saved from tile sheriff last, year by using" llainbridKe Iaml Lime. Remember, building lime ib nut suitable for land, \Vc burn notliiui,' but l.ind lime nt our Uaiubrulj^e Works. l-'or prices, address our General Sales Agents for Caroline, ;KICI:N * 11KIHKN, - DIC.NTON, Mn. THOS A. SMITH, - Kim;i:i.Y, Ml). T. C. 1IACKKTT, - QUI:I:X Asx:c, MD. ·\VltIti HT.SY1LI.I-: I.IMK CO., WKK:IITSVII.I,I-:, P.\. PAINT SOLD UNDER GUARANTEB. ACIUAlCOST LESSTHAKSI.25 FEKGAL. W, E. BROWK, - - DENTON, MD,, SOLK AUKNT Cut this out for Future Relerence, Buy Your H O R S E S AT KING'S MARYLAND SALE BARN, AUCTION SALES Monday, Wednesday and Friday Throughout the year. "We deal in nil kinds, Vroiu the very best to tho very cheapest. 400 HEAD of Horses. Mures nnd Mules, always on hand. Visit us, it will pay you. PRIVATE SALKS EVBKY DAY. FUl.t. L I N K O K Carriages, D^y tons, Buj:- ji«5, Gzirts arM Harij«s5 v«ry cheap. JAMES KING, Prop'r, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 16 N. HIGH STREET, Near Baltimore St., one square from Baltimore Stroolbridge. UALTIMOKK, AID. FOR SALE ATPRIYATE SALE! Three small farms, all adjoining each other, lying on the county road fending from ^Bridgetown to Greensborongh, about two miles from the former and four miles from the latter place, known as thn /\Ionzo Farno," fj 76, 85 and Cl ACHES, respectively. The first two have buildings on them ; the other is unimproved. TKRMS EASY. Possession January 1st next. Cull on or address, SAMUEL E. HILL, 200 Equitable Building, Baltimore, Md. Or to HENKY K. LE \VIS. 10 2 tf Attorney, Denton, Md. Subscribe for the JOURNAL $1.00. saoud auenaoxg QJB spooo aAoqy OO'OIS *saM¥oa 'JHVHM J.33UJ.S 033 Ntf 01S saiSuiqs INTERESTING TO FARMERS! ·01 *^ *cfy~S T^k A line of Implements second to none on this Shore, Suited to your Wants, and SoM under a Guarantee. Better Made and Iv^ie of Bet\^i- Material, and decidedly the Best Finished Line Now Known. OSBORNE COLUMBIA CORN HARVESTER AND BINDER, a B ^X-COLUMBIA BINDER TWINE. X» , · OSBORNE COLUMBIA MOWER, ONE AND TWO HORSE Osborne Columbia Low DOWD Grain Harvester and Binder. OSBORNE COLUAIBIA ItEAPER. OSBORNB COLUMBIA REAPER, No. 8. OSBORNE ALL-STEEL TEDDERS. OSBORNE ALL-STEEL SKLF-DUMP RAKE. OSBORNE ALL-STEEL HAND-DO MP RAKE. OSBORNE REVERSIBLE FLEXIBLE DISC HARROWS :: Osborne Spring-Tooth Harrow OSBOKXE COMBTN T \TION SPRING-TOO I'll. OSBORNE COLUMBIA AD- JUSTABLK PEG-TOOTH. n n i J N K l U G I D KEVERS- ;·'. K nisf H '.TIROW. S - . K N i : ; - R n ' » L DISO 1 · I M J U U ' . o ix;UNE M I L K Y SPRING i: HORSE HOE CULTIVATOR. E V 4 N S CORN PLANTER PERFECTION PLOW. The only Chilled plow made with a Ribbed-Back mouldboard positively preventing break ing. Castings furnished for any registered Chilled Plow ever made. Any of these goods furnished you with a warranty in your own your own possession. You have nothing to risk in trying them. An inspection will pay you. Sold on liberal terms. WM. J. BLACKISTON, DENTON, MD. UNDERTAKERS, EMBALMERS AND FUHERAL DIRECTORS, DENTON, MARYLAND. Twenty years of experience enables us to insure entire satisfaction in every particular. Our shops are fully supplied with needed material, and first-class workmanship is guaranteed. GOOD TIMES A R E HERE A G A I N ! At this season of the ycnr, vlien it is everybody's aim to SAVE MONEY we have come to help yon by offering you prices in CLOTHING ^^= ---- v^L Jiat will surprise you, and also justify you to buy, as we must have room for SPRING GOODS! WK AUK O K F K R 1 S G SURPRISING BARGAINS n Dry Goods, Huts, ilen's nnd Ladies' Coarse nnd Vine Foot-wear, and also n Full und Complete line of Notions. COME AND GET TUB BENEFIT OF THE TIMES. COAL,WOOD#HAY · 31 X-IC" The public will find constantly on hand at my coal yard at Denton Bridge a full supply of coal, stove wood and baled hay, which I will deliver in any quantity anywhere in town. Stove Goal, 2240 Lbs. Per Ton, Chestnut, $6.00 5.75 5-75" STOVE WOOD BYTHE LOAD OR CORD HAY BY THE BALE OR TOM, DELIVERED IF DESIRED. OYSTER SHELLS, GAS LIME, BRICKS AND LUMBER . ALWAYS IN STOCK. Wharf for the use of the public for landing or shipping all kinds ot freight. Hauling of all kinds done at reasonable rates. L. B. TOWERS. . THOMAS H. MITCHELL, MANUFACTURER OP Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings, Brackets, Newels, Hud Bails, Cabinet Mantels, Balusters, Etc. {^·Estimates Promptly Furnished on all kinds of Building iliiteritil. SAUSBEIRSJ, M BALTIMORE BARGAIN STORE, RIDGELY,,MD. STRONG, YIGQROUSEAKTS FOR SALE. Lucretia Dewberry ; Gnndy, Brandy- vine, Mary, nnd Barton's Eclipse Straw- Jerry Ptnnls, in quantities to suit pur- haser. THOS. A. SMITH, 3 12 4 Ridgely, Md. JJk.3VA'ES T. OOO^SK;, Undertaker %H^l^^tt Fun8ral and Director Mr. Cooper's long experience in embalming and all tlic other brunches of his pro- cssion, rendor absolutely certain the proper performance of his duty in all matters ntrustcd to his caro. A"ll calls, either by Jay or night, promptly answered. Residence on Main street, opposite Brown's new drug store. T. H. EVANS COMPANY, FRUIT AND PRODUCE COMMISSION MERCHANTS, No. 214 Light Street, Baltimore, Maryland, 8@fFruits and Vegetables; Maryland Peaches and Sweet Potatoes. SAPOLIO IS LIKE A GOOD TEMPER, "IT SHEDS A BRIGHTNESS EVERYWHERE."

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