Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 16, 1930 · Page 4
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 4

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 16, 1930
Page 4
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DECATUR HERALD THURSDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 16, 1930. HERAID RIGHT OF WAY SUITS HOLDING UP ROUTE 121 Will Not Award Contract Until Condemnation Cases Are SeUled STATE OFFICIAL HERE U. S. Depression Mild Compared With That in England, Staley Says ' All contlemniitloti tuiii* for ii;;ht ol wfty tiUMi bo ijettli'd before K cin- Irnct Is n worded tor thu puvlns ot rtoutp 121 In Mil""!) roitnl}'. It «·(:.« said Wednesday by .1. O, Unrrlii;;- ton of Ihu xlate highway d e p a r t m e n t , who wan In ttoc.idiir chiselling the doeci-lptkm* of r f K h t of way lion*. Unless thn right of way eo l» ablo 10 nectira nomn of the trade I t n d e t - ( ) l K j n t t r (il'd't price. I'ici-e icill bo 11 sullii foi fimilclmuitlun, AftM 1 tho Ntiornty seiiernl's office iiuthoi- \'f,M Ihu (tiilu, dsfcndnntti In some or the cdses nittsii bo ftlvcn notice by publlcntloi), nnd the xults probably will not coi«f to ti-ldl u n t i l Novom- ber. All'. H (i r r I OK ton suld h« believes ti Conti'iml for the pnvlnK should he ftwt»-d*d hotofe Doo, Ifl, The ttuif- nmn »inniructlon ctmimny of Wn- coin ic th(. low bidder. Contracts fin thrno hrldK'"!' In t'**' n\itf hiivti li»«n awarui'd and th« Herrluk constniv- tlon comimny of Caxcy haw n t n r t c d work on Iho one AI Jones F"orlt over n dnilnnt;e ditch. Cotnpurrd with Kngtund. thu Unl' lul SttiiUxt hus no Industrial de- Cipjwlon. A- 1^. Sin Icy, Jr., tiald Wed- tiesilny upon hi« t turn from an flight, wcelts' trip In Euiopo. With c i h c r «nitntrl«» duniplntt goods Into ttnylnnd «t prtcti^ bolow what they uun be produced tot 1 Iti EngUah fnc- lovlcH. the inanufiiutiii'lnK bttslnefiS or t h n niitlnit Ix hurt! h i t . Mr, »nd Mrs, Stnley mid E, l\. fctictlcr. Hcfl-|iru:ildent in charge «f sr.lcs, vlMltMl K n K l t i m l . Orrtmmy, I-Yiinw. f l o l l n i i d awl £k'l(,"li!m. com- Mnlnjt Imslnofs and ilcumire on the trlj), Mr. ftchrltci 1 U'ft Decfttur two wpt'hs ftfti 1 !' Mr. ami Mrs, Slulcy wit 1*0, CHAIN BROADCASTS 4:SI |. m.-Bnrt I,own and HI* Of- che^w (CRS) WATlC. WMAL WJAW, WKPW, WOCO I;(Hi p. in. -t:Ui:k ami LioUl o .I,.-:.,,-,, ( N I - i C i WEAK . . . . wiy woe, wno. won. KSD. 1:1,1,,. n.-Hncry Tucker nnd Hla 01 *hi"itrn ((JWS) WABC, WLBU WCTO, WMNC. Wh,Mf'« orcheatrn ( N B C ) WJX Wli.'.fi. WltX.. VVdM. 0-OH ii t»i.--Thn Crockett M o u n t a i n (.,-!-,. riw WAHC, waxw. The I'l-iwodi-nt pr(i(,'l-«tti (KBL'y \VJX. W H A M . K [ ) K A . WHO, Wf.U ' w . l X . W K A M / K I J K A , WBX. t-M p. in.-1'l.ll Cook (NUC) WJX K U K A . WUC. WiJAt,. Ilim i'lclsclimiimi Hour (NW(.'W K A L ' W,FAR, WFI, WllC, WOV VVCili. WHO. WOW, WON. KSD. B A. Rnlfo nnd his orchwtTM ( N l i C . WJ2, WHAM, WJR. KY1V KWK, ·:0li |i. m.-V»n Huesen Drograni (C1',S) WABC. WMAL.. WLBW. U'OWd WliHM. KMOX. WCCO, Ai-flH \'.tnhtlny party (N'UC; WJCAF WKC, WSft, WHM, I«D, KYW, WUW. WHO, WCJH, KnoK-Dunlitp oiThMtru (NP.O W.JX. WHAM, KDKA, WITiO, W U K N , g::tl» ii. in.--'Md K we 11 House Knnoniblo N l n r W.1X. WLW, WSM, Wyii, KVU', WJti. KDKA, i:W» |. ti».-1l.C.A. Jlmir (NBCl WKAl'. WllC. KSD, WW.f, WOW, WHM. WMH, WPP., W'lltl |. in. Will O^l'(nii L 'nid 1 Hr* ot- Che«tm (CHS) VVAHC;, WMAU WLUW. WCCO, WtBW, WOBC. lOiM M, in--Duke ElllnKton ami Htii ornhwtru (NBC) WEAF, WRC, WW.f, KSD. WOW. |1:M p. m--J«el Albln And hl» «i'- ChWh'ft (NBC) WKAF. WRC, K8D WWJ. 1 Adhttiy Park nrchMHrft {CSHi \ WABC, WEAN, W MAC. ( Ifntnl flovcvnor tJllnlon orehtntni J (NBC) \VJ?1. r ' ._....,.. The Knj-IMi. Mr. Htnley found, like lo do thins- 11 1" » lleaiircly nirin- iicr Thfii'e Is no iiHi! In (felting up early In I he morning and riuthinr; downtown «t S o'cloek to meet a num hi lilv (.rfici; he won'i he thero. Vouv KusHshmi'ii 111 ?-J i n i;el down In iiiirt-inorning, open hist nmll. then lunch. Luncheon Is a leisurely uflalr rnd ten nnittt be hnd In the after noon. Mr. Sltili-y wust i-etlcenl about glv Inj; his vli-wji nnd tmprosalons of W,- t r i p lo Kurope. "You don't ex- pt*t one w make any Intelligent ntnimai-y oC utiylhltift tn a Imsly (Jnuli UmniKh Kurope In elghl werKa. do you?' 1 Iwi asked. France, h" nay*. Is better o(f than any oilier country In Kurope. 11 hns CHAMPAIGN MAN NEW AUDITOR IN L l* L OFFICES T \. HodBM. for "I* last f(ml ' years tiudltoi- of the Chanipolitn branch of the Illinois Power Ui;hl Corp., took up the duties of auditor in the Decalur office of Ihc company Wednesday, lo succeed G. P, Mt-Dtrmott, who has reslRntd. Mr. MeDerniott left the service of the (;oiii|iiny to bocome the Deeatur district I'ctii'faetilatlv* o( Cherry Van Leer «· i'o.| Chlcngo Investment house. "Mr. ML-Doi-moll 1ms been with Ihe. coinpNiiv 17 years," I. R. Abbott, De- entur smu-rlnteodent nt the Illinois Power U|jhl Corp., nold Wednew- day. "tllher here or in Cilnlon. JIls wii'rk tuisi always* been acceptable and we dlMllkc to lone him. While wo (·egret sisulntj him leuve, we are glad to sea him fc'tt nn opportunity which hu believes will Improve his position," Mr. HHh, r rs plnnu lo move hi« lnm~ lly to tHcsitur In the near future. He has a daughter In the senior cliws In tlie University o( llllnolii and ii son In the senior class o( the Ur- bunn High school. more gold than nny other country tn the world. France has BO many more Jobs Ihsn workmen to /111 them that she has imported labor from Italy and Belgium, Gcrmnny, Mr. Slaley found, IK more energello in tmalneas and nioi-e up-to-date lit methods than Bngland, There Is more of the American way of hustling than in the other countries visited. Russian* Aftar Money The point of view of the ffinsllnh ixvai-ds tlie Russian selling of wheat. Is Interesting its Mr. SUtey found It. The HKlHnij was not done. In the opinion of tho KnffllHliroen to whom Mi'. Stfttey talked, to croiUe dissen- uton with thlng,H as they are In Ihe world, btil because the Russians want money to spend (or machinery and toola for Industrial purposes. Tile Russian* huve miide fiieiit progress in developing some Industries, but have not tho supplemental Industries To ret these, they have lo hiivc money to buy IhlnRs In the world ninrkelH. and to set the money they hail lo sell whut they could, and wheat waa the easiest thing lo dispose of. It won predicted by a man hiffh In the English Kralo. li-ado lhat Russia would be buying wheat by spring, for the reason Hint It wns felt lhal Russia liatl already sold more than her exportable sucpliiii and she would need to buy some back lo keep her from starving. n /n Del Lrimpu dud HI* iwhodtra will present a ftwP of popular itetrc lions us tha Friendly Five Fool nottiii iroKrnm, to be broadcast from the WBC ClilcaRO studios this ·venlnj; at 0:43 o'clock, One ol the fuit.ure number* on thtsi ptOKtum will he "Down tho tllvoi' of Golde.n Dream*." A ci'iiilc upeclftlly by Bradford Brown nnd Al Llewelyn, radio cnmetllitni, forms on-- of the high lights of a Widely varied halt hour'* cntertiilnment to he prewonttd Aw Ing tlie Wind Tip Toj) cluh neheit ulcd tm \VABC »"(! th* Columbtn tietwndt flt 0:30 o'clock, Ineltitled 11 thlJi iii'oitvnm will be "What's tin MM r.f Uvlns Without I.Xve" am '"VVuKl Inn My Lovo on You." "3ln B SunH'tiifns ^tinjil"" w i l l tin tho f'itliire of tho lirnttnitn to t t rf »· 1 1 ( ed »y th n K nnjt -D» n in p i Radio Dealers' Daily Directory A (/dUeraidWe guide ty yfuch to bay Radio an and CLARION RADIO 8p*«lw for luiu." EM/ P»r mofiM. Sold o.vultiNtvety «t H. S, Gcbhart Co, DECATUR'S MUSIC CENTER Bin-. .WfCk.l^MI « tttfll* « n.n.1 rut**, «CA flHiIiiii DECATUR MUSIC SHOP »" f hu* M»1 chostra over an NBC network tbU at 8 o'clock. Other numbers be offered by the orchestra will "Maybe It's Love" and ·Another Kins," A [ rtp M ram of dcllt-'litriil Hungni-l- : m tiii'linUiM win tti! jiliiycd by Kmoiy Duutacli nnd his string ensemble for thu audiences of WABC u nil the Columbia Broadctvstlng not- work ut 7:15 o'clock this evening, "Garden, in the Rum" will be sung t n tenor solor by Pitul Lar«uuy d u r i n g the Maxwell House program to be heard over an NBC network thle evening at 3:30 o'clock. A m«l« quartet anct an orchestra will 0.1 »o be heard in this program. Former Decatur Man With Cleveland Radio Station Martin C, Promwjen, formnrly with Iho Conservatory of Music of Mllll- kin unlverslly. more recently announcer for the Natlonnl Broadcast- Ing aystem, tfl now announcer for station WTAM, Clcvelimd, 0. Mr. Provensen, besides belnjt announcer for the station, stagos a program of h u l f an hour or nn hour's length, Ho also )» doing concert work about Cleveland. Til health mused him to IP five the sliulloH of the Natlotinl lirnndcasling cotjiorailon In New York, His hours wera Irregular, much of hla time on duty being at night and with u lot of work to do, he suffered fi'ni the all). After r KG o vet Ing from an Illness, ha went to Clevuland, bul expeclH to return lo New York when he Is lully recovered. Attending Convention Mr. and Mrs. Robin-L Muc.ltor, Mr. nnd Mrs. Frank H. Mueller. Mi% Philip Mue.llcr, Mi's, Vcre Brown- bftck, O. L. Hawkins and W. L, Jntt of the Mueller organization are In Atlantic City attending the annual meeting of the American Oa» wso- elation, The «lesion B arc being held In tlte Municipal auditorium ot tho boardwalk. The Mueller Co. made ft hantt- tn Your Home For DEMONSTRATION A \Von/«rM N«w LOWBOV with Radio'i Ntw«t Mir*cl« Philco Tont-Control Th)» t» · 7-tub« Se««n Grid mtmloui dht»net, PLAN DANCE ON HALLOWEEN AS PARADE CLIMAX South Main Street from Wood to Macon to Be Illuminated Ballroom INVITE FACTORY GROUP South Muln alt-net Croin Wood to Macon will be n britlinnlly lighted bttllrpom Friday evening, the ai«t, following the ut;rjfent munlelpnl Halloween pariule In Decutur's hlHtoty, A free dunce w f t l i bond muffki under rlwlrlc fetit«on,i wan definitely de- clttcd upon hy llic cdiibrntloft committee Wodneudiiy evonlnpr. The parade will have evorytllnK thnt past parade:) have had including fraternity and sorority groups, nnd Rroupa from out of town: There will be inO prizes, The fat and nllm turn nnd women, the btwt representiit.ton of a popular nioviu stur, tho bent aep- pcttn and airplane, the bent klddio car, bicycle, unhmi! and hlvtl will draw a mcrcl)undine t'rlfic, n« will tiocond nnd third In finch entry. The lists will be announced shortly. To mKln nt 7;lft Mdi'slinl Lulx Ki-lgfmKiu plaira tt/ have Iho pnrndi' get off pi'omplly at 7:1f, forming in South Wnlei- street and side strccta teadinfi off, imd pass- InR down Wilier to Eldorndo, Ihrough Eldorndo to Mnln, up Main and around Ihf trnnsfer houne to South Mnln anil past Ihn Judges' stand, which will be located somewhere south of Wood street. Chief E. P. Wills of the police department will [JOfmit miiHkfng be- twees fl and n p, m. After Ins pnrndfl. the dance will slm-l inniiei)nl.l,v. t l Is hoped to have (wo b a n d s plnylng alternately. Tnvlto Factory Kiii|iluyeH Plans nro beiiiB made to extend Invitations to Ihc factory managements to encoiii-aga their employes to enter Iho parade oml add to Or? merry making, A ltirK« number of judges renmltis 10 Iw twlecteii. Commissioner Ir'ui-l Smith jiromlse^ btltllfint illumltui'tnn sjulh of Wood *treel, ami the denied KPHCB which II be kept free of vehicular traffic will furnish plenty of spues for dancing 1 . Juan Wylle, general r h n l r m n n . hos delegated R, V. Huston to do I h e preliminary ni-ftaiil/.ntion work. Mr. Wylle will make suggestions and assist any committee that needs him, Tho plan this year is lo ask merchants to glv« as prizes goods lo the value of a certain amount, rather than some particular article. some display of their line of gas goods The convention ends Friday. ASKS COUNCIL FOR 15-M1NUTE PARKING IN MERCHANT STREET A petition for 15-mlnulo parking tn Merchant street has been circulated by F. W. Kaiser ot the Baat- *rn Packing Co., and will b« pro- Denied In the next meeting of the city council", which will be Monday Ten o«t of 13 merchants on Iht- street signed the po tit Ion, The 15-mlnule parking re»nlallMi on Monshnnt Hlrect would mean trebled business lo merchants along the street., Mr, Knlncr Hays. Merchant* who were at flrnt opponed to the regulation when It. wn* put. tn ptnctlBc In Lincoln square now urn much In favor of It. Ronl estiito (igcnli who h«vn offices UpstiiirM on the went »ldc of Merchant Htraf.i. monopolise (he parking KJHKO, Mv. KoJiter ways, With the 15-mlnuW regulation In (ore*. Mr. KalHfti- believes, eimto- it'.crn could get in nnd out in 10 minutes lime. The merchants on the Ktret't pay high renUi and should have the'consideration ol the council, ho stays. Car Stalled Here, Family Takes Train to California "We started for California and if WP can't (;o In th« auto, we can go on the train," declared ft Mr, Brown o( Chicago Wednesday evening tit the Wabfish ticket office when h* asked for five tickets to San Diego, Co),, for hlmneif and wife and their Ihreo children. He explained that after driving from Chicago to Decalur In hit) motor cor the machine suddenly went wrong. Guniijc experts said that to get the neeesnaiy parts and inslul them would require throe weeks' time, "All right, fix H," he declared. "I'll go on 'to California and probably have some out in Chicago eonie down ami got Hie i:ar when the work has been done." He stipulated to tho ticket seller Mini all of t h r sldo trlpH available ntong the Simla P't route should be included In His transportation arrangements nnd while Mrs. Margaret Brown perleil a shower of travelers' cheeks oft of n large roll, Father Brown and Ihe three children vJBited Ihe news stand to buy everything In sight Ihni the threr younijHtors could ihlnk of. Sanatorium to Hear Orchestra Thursday Patients ot Ihe tuberculosis Loihim w i l l be rnlcrlained by the Metropolltiin danrt orchestra Thura- day evening, The program will be* t'in at 7 o'clock, tiud be played from Iho hanil stand In tronl of the bullet- r. The weekly entertainment M Thursday this week, instead of on Tuesday. · VISITS UNCLE HERi: Edwdi-d P. McKcown of Chicago nfler a visit In Decatur with the family ot his unele, .T, F. McKeown, iVSS West Prairie avcnuo today will J. W. FRITZ, RETIRED GRAIN DEALER/DIES Resident Here 40 Years Succumbs to Heart Attack Near La Place W. Frit/, OM North Frnnli- lln street, u i-isld!»t. 'if IJecntur 40 died uneNpeelMlty of hum! WadnMday ·dflinoon in IM- Place. Accomjmnlcd by MJK. Vi-ttx. ttn Itto been in Marlinitvillc to ult.end the ttincrtl of A friend. Thuy nttd rcuch- ed IjaPlace on their way home whw one of the Ore*! of their unto minded Httention and Mr. BYlu got out of the car 10 look after It. While he WAH ihuit engaged, he Huddanly col und died, ulmortt TO GIVE FIRST UNION LABEL SHOW FRIDAY A iiMiKrurit for the flrirt. Union Label show of (he Decaiair Trades and I.*bor Mimmbly, In th Mljh Kchool mitlitoi Mm Friday evening In belntf pin In nhn|H: by an assembly committee, The pi-Durum Is lo ln unpounoei] Thiirfldny or Friday, II. »ft I'lwloB, pr«Bldeiii of the inmembly. miM, How OU Art You? night the body wan brought to Decalur and taken to the undertaking roornn of L. A. Monwon. probably the funerul »erirt*e will be Friday nftornoon, but that nan not been definitely determined. Jnjnc» W. frill! wnn born O«, \i'l, ISflB in Shelby county; he came to Dccatur In ]MD and soon after ihut entered the employe of the Standard Oil company M an accountunl. Lttcr he was In thn office of the tthellaharger Mill and Iilleveator company and continued with Its HUCCCK- aor, American Hominy Co. When that company discontinued Its Dec* tur office, Mr. KHU eng»K«d In wholesaling mill product! under the firm name of J. W. FYltr k Co. After nnveral, ycore ha dldcont lnu*d fli*t buHtncsB and retired from tctlv* pur- Bulls, His bUHincHti life hud afforded him opportunities to form an extended acquaintance not only In Decatur, hut In the trade territory tributary to Decotur and not a few of hla hunt' n(!d« ncqunlntanceg been me hln ww frlontin. Not a member of the organ liatlon, he wax a constant attendant at lh« Church of God, always lntcre»lel and active In lh« church .work. HJ wan a member of Ionic lodge 312, A. F. A A. M, Me l«*v«* his wlf« who wan Mien Lottie Sure to whom he wan mnr- rled In Decsliir. Oct. 2S, 18*6: Hlno he leaven hin ilitier. Mr it. EltMbeth EvM-nor* of fiun Antonio, Tex,; hi* brothers, Krtwanl Frlli of Wenler. vrtt; Samuel FrHjt of Huntinyton, Ind,, and Churlen Frit?, of I.lltl* Ark, Arh,; aloo hln niece, Mrs. G. J, ScliR- hln nitphpwn. lAwrenee. Earl and Hurry Frlt^. all of Dccatur. I'm Fat No More--I'm 44 FINE 14 ROOM NIK FOR SALE OR RENT No, 1324 W. 2 Bath* 2 Sleeping Pwchn Large Gartge Apply l« Any R H ltor Millikin Trtirt My Birthday Today--No Pr«. ent* Pleatte--I Lotl My Fat With Speed and E*M Wliy will people be lot - In It .,,.u«t ihty jirvcr hrjard (,f Salts·· tidri the KriMrhcn way vi lllf( (:iL HII'J Hi, lll; mime 11Illi. In activity - ··ini!i i f|]r nrnblllon keeinnwx tit nilini'f Lv\ mi; Ifll you how I did it t llm.'i; miTilii n iluy - · tint ones -I «i« out Kun)y. t/untty, Ice wiitii · very Mult; ]»)ln l]cmy or vrgvinbhw nnd f r u i t But wist Iinpir1.unl of nil I I H |O H - (»1ll unit »l! SPECIAL 'RICES feed I'cr Corn Wayne Buttermilk gt to inaUon In this for to tuke th« *»n- to pr»cli»» law HARD ROUGH HANDS lW erndc and bleed, failed qukk- IT by (be KwthiEE nedlMtkin ot LResinoL ')')( in n nli"W of lt«t. water before breakfast every morning -·· illdn't Nothing hard alioisl Ihul -In i h u r r ? and he«t of nil tt'n limpcncivc foi a )ottle of KruKchen fjnltx thtit )«»tH 4 wechfi. tit Wedt'N Lincoln S)ii»r'i DniK ,S(tirc or sny druK etorft In t h " World. Not nnitri) to pny for fjt-i-- doni fi'mi !nt jflnvery nnd to w m h c yournelf fed y(?«r» yoimit*r, Thc«« hnjipy women from vni Inns Stnte* tnll bow rnnny poundu t l i n v lout with K much on, Monlann-ju poutidn In 4 wn\t* North CflroHnm · · T ponniU in 3 monihd: IC^ntnoky, 24 fwundtt tn 3! d«yn; Wlnrnniiln, 11 poundu in i wwkn: Ohio, 10 pound*, no tlm? BtMed; New York, 14 pcundu w i t h 1 on* bolt)*. I $1.30 US 200 , -jold M*d»l EBK M«h. 2.7s Sucrene Eftif M«iK . . . . 2,10 W i y M l 6 % Dairy Feed l.te W.yno 24^ Dairy F«e«J2.ft Wayne 32% DiryF«c(l24l W.ytw OiW Mc.l ..... 4,^ W«ync Pigeon Feed , . 3,tJo Tip Top Ser«ch Feed.. 2,2i T«nkift«60% Protein. 3,40 Oil Meal 34'; Protein ,245 Cyrter Shfll ......... «Q Salt, 50-lb, block ..... 40 2 tor ............. ft Palace Hord Wheat Flour, 48 Ifn ....... 1.3$ Pallet Hard Wh»t Flour, 24 tbs ...... .70 Call, per bu ......... M Stock Salt, 100 Ib. b«| .M Chas. Clark Feed Co, Ml B. OfUNA OlAr, Mtll , be.uti»ul ·w offend «lli« P«« of lt»tub*i. fU)* CALL TODAY AND MAKE ARRANGEMENTS Philco Electric . Headquarters * rhone 147 E, Fralrle 6 6 6 Rollev*» * HfMtcliMibe or Neunt*j/t« tn ttl mlnuttw, tiheokd · Cold the ttnt day, »nd chettko Malaria Iff three day*. 666 il«o in T.bleti QUALITY FURNITURE-ECONOMICALLY PRICEDI Comfort Fine Craftsmanship Your living room has A new welcoming role this win- ler. It must have an air of cheerfulness and coyness to offer its invitation to the host of fireside engage- m«nts you've plnnned this autumn. Our contribution to the charm and comfort of your home is this lu.wimts 2 piece group done in ashes of roses mohair. Coxwell Chair and Stool Here is an interesting Coxwell Chair antt Stool, one that will be the delight of those who love their own home?. Its smart, luxuriously comfortable, and priced to fit the most modest budget. Even one new lump in good taste will do much to brighten your living room or sun room and five it new charm. Radio Bench $ 3,95 Padded top is coverfd with a deep pile, red jac{uard while the metal base has Queen Ann style legs finished in black and lacquer. Save on These 61st Anniversary Specials-" Bed Room Suite Formerly $129. W a l n u t , three pieccj--what a value--see it--priced special Cabinet Heaters Winter U just around the corner-They will cut your coftl bills. Priced e -$39 Dinins Suits Walnut, 8 pieces. 60 in, buffet, ....$98 quality throughout, priced Open Any Evening By Appointment LINN-SCRUGGS Furniture Department Use Our Club Plan at LINN'S Style Leadership Since [869 $40,000 in Handmade Linens On Display for the balance of this week Your chance to no* and jiurctiii*.' frot» thin unuowl ntock IB tut opportunity of a JifeUms, Tliiit n«l«;(lon compvlMft 140,000 worth ot jfnncy hnndmtit!^ lfn«n«, imporiwl from Spain,, Iortugttl «nd China by Birdwll BroB,. ih« world'n lamed Intpotterd «nd mtnufiAUMrti of fin* lln*n*. In order to mak* 11 within the meniin of overy hoiiiewlfr to own th» dreamed of bcmitlful llnciw, thin collection H« very cpoefRlly pi-Jced. Pieces dt Popular Prices Include) tti* »»n- qucl clothit «'lt h !iit work, fl!«t, w Venellnn ! » « dinner luneli, and nllque - »" Italian Lace Banquet Cloth will alt want to see An itntian lt«* htnquct cloib with tnedtJllot* that »re coplet fn newllework of pftlntlnt* la U» mtiMum* «: lio'y, coining IXKW It on exhlBIl «t Unn'i "n«n mt. ThU Burano clctb WM flv* ye»r» In tlw «nd each of the II medallion* e( th« Cltttn a different ic*ne, Second HEW YORK ^ JOB! (»roini«nnt E Eroploym Comr .11,, ,,.! B W VORK. for »t. 1!«*' M wHi * - The lh- b* nt f tHttr.m "" -- I ^ ,. will be W »· ' Yhlc m»Jor ni* (he city'" unem , decided on h OW»n Vmtnir. h»tiwt W. l*m Co.. and oth* *n »nd «xi"!UH . dt^lrman ol Bunker* Tru«t en f th» 0(CHt)V« One niethod '· B j"h« in 3(X m on In the ^Hv flu! comniltl'e Ifn ni»mhfr(thfp rnimedliH-'ly an lng 'he mone GANGSTER ON VAGR f % l'« CHICAGO, O^ t. McGooHhy 01 eagnV orjtan erlm, planned " for four y-m '. He «MTn!«it" hl) H. Lyl", hsrf ord cOooriy'r etl rs» "Red" 1 wort tinto: Me^rH. who rfnoo At f«i it on vug ret n he wnx art t mm wan found diirt be for* . the Ritn carrylni «t*r a n h f d for J McGoortv rfpl jt hnpp^ned t h a t Jfltl f \ nl! ilm-e pl«l»d n sontpnc lnvf)!(f(t«((nn di« b»*n parotd by i * chuns* w«a mi purol* hourd, H not b*en repres h*nrln)t. Th« JudRe I touch with the : lion wan *Urt« return fo prison Ins four years Old Shawneet Wing town wt HI Inn In. 64 A Tht ALL withdMD (Wet mot drivikg. GRIP on to Mdddi utdatopp mount « NOW. Til

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