Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on April 15, 1897 · Page 6
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 6

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 15, 1897
Page 6
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THIS AND THAT. Wowra, FsMrtu 'and F»n<-lw> In h Sow «rmes these strange, uncertain times, When It U hard to s»y tt one shun guther wtM flowers, . Or ps r!<!inf in & »l«!gft. W* are BOW ready for spring poetry. FloWers and bowers, robin and Dobbin, Pity that peace of EnrOpe depends «p two or tnre&yooog men, born to a €rbwn, Moody is preaching In St. Louis 'for lift time In twenty years, 1878. A N. Y. society woman says a drees Is old when worn 5 times. Our wives are not In it. Sterling is a trifle slow. Train loads of celery are coming f rota Florida to compete with Michigan. Six other ambassadors will rank our John Hay in London. Uncle Sam is not BO big in Europe. , 300,000 people, but they are enough for two million that do not go. Alas! Oliver Optic left only 840,000. Spent most; of his money in travel. Dr. Henry M. Field, editor of N. Y. Evangelist, 75, is as wide awake as twenty years ago. Brother of late Cyrua W. Field, Atlantic Telegraph. . On a tomb in Lucknow, India: Here lie» Henry Lawrence, who tried to do his duty. May God have mercy on his souJL ~ Strawberris shipped one evening from Mississippi in refrigerator car, ««ch Chicago the next, 1,000 miles. Miranda: Do not hurry housecleaning and make men folks miserable. One room at a time. Best two days a week. All the same 50 years hence. May or oHSfr-York has; appointment Of 23,000 office holders.' • Nansen, North Pole explorer, is popular In London, as he Is'genial and speaks goed English. JBeautif ul Hills, Sankey's last hymn, appears in Ladies' Home Journal. Gen. Harrison, ex-presdt. lives as he pleases at bis old home in Indianapolis, and walks several miles a day. Kittredge, N. Hampshire, now claimed to be author' of "Tenting on Old Camp Ground." , * If any danger of a doctor's whiskers carrying disease, they should be boiled. Glasgow owns her street railways, and workmen can ride for a half penny or bur cent. Glasgow should have some Imitators in America. . : , Never wear a shoe that will not allow -great too to lie in a straight line.- in good form, John Buskin: If yon w»at knowledge, yoa rnnst toll for it; food, you jnnst toil'for it. Work Is the rule. Mass, poliee judge decides that playing whist for prizes is gambling. Does this hit anybody? Too bad. An old army officer in in Penn., after passing thro 63 battles, was killed by a cowardly wheel, Oliver Optic wrote 125 books, visiting every country in Europe, and cross, ing^ the ocean dozetr times. ~ ^ Dr. Cuyler; Three moat important needs for a young map: a Savior for his soul, a good wife for his home, a right occupation for life. I'm glad to know the o!d complaints Are glrlng ns the slip; For now. spring fever, bless the saints, Is catalogued as grip. Dr. Naneen used no strong drink In his north pole expedition. JNew York city will spend this year W^TBcaoolE^Btteai^nd" ~ buildings, 812,500,000. .' •, • Happy is the man who finds what his work is, and does it. Dr. Norman Macleod of Scotland. Orang outang in Boston Zoo, tried to smoke but It made him sick, and the sensible fellow quit. Moral. Some of the convicts In Sing Sing prison wish to learn French and Spanish so as to start a new life In S: America. Satan as a Fisherman was subject of a Kansas City minister's sermon. You can get the complete works of John Ruskin In.13 volumes for 819.60. For nose bleed, bathe face and neck with cold water, and put wad of white paper against gum. Minister's widow near Cincinnati ia Abner: If your blood is out of order, take no pills, but buy a garden and a spade, and roll up your sleeves. Washington has 300,000 people, and wlih~herlmal38lve Buildings"alfd^beau^ tifnl homes, parks and statues, the queen of all capitals. Buskin spends much time in his garden. It sooths his mind. Have a garden young man, better' than a club. The poet's ardor never flags, He sweetly sings of bloom, While maldB with pails and rags, Pursue him round from rcoin to room. John Hay, our minister to England, paya $17,500 rent for his house in London, takes alj his salary. When- suspenders slip -from- your shoulders, sign you are getting old. Bingllng show beats Barnum & Bailey. Ob, boys, you ought to be in Chicago, Can't we get up excursion ? See Harsh or Thome. . Empress Elizabeth of Austria is proud of her pastry. A good pie goes to the spot. Flaky and well done.plenty inside. No wonder so many floods since idiotfl are catting away the forests that ought to hold back the rain fall. All Queen Victoria's daughters have bobbies: Beatrice likes lace and Louise old silver. . Hingling show has 21 elephants, and takes 60 cars to carry everything. Boys, ?<m ought not to miss it. Ice cream is good for hiccoughs. The giitla. will remember this elrjQpleremedy &ext summer, Show to the beaux, Carter Harrison, mayor elect of Chi- eago, and wife, have traveled in Europe trading off his old sermons to a ( rag pedler. To what base uses do we come at last. Trip and Trixy is a charming child- life story by John. Habberton, author of Helen's Babies. A genuine Havana cigar is one part H, and 99 parts something else. Princeton has elected Grover Cleveland member of Nassau, her leading club. . Folks in Kansas and Nebraska who see those air ships must drink something stronger than Prairie milk. Blondin, the famous-athlete, who walked across Niagara river on a rope, recently died in London. Pleasant to be a bishop to travel around world, and visit churches. Lyman Abbott writes very gracefully of his first charge in Youth's Companions ~— :. " It was his good coffee that put him into W. House, said a soldier of Me Kinley. He always saw that the men bad-good rations, ';:::„ ----- r*f*y f)i' mfnrft! fn a bird on * wom»n'« hat, and WP hop" the cruel and barbarousfasbJoa wiildlssp- pe?ir. Samuel C. Griggs, the old "Chicago publisher, was a Baptist, and belonged to Dr. Hesson's church. Before an English girl enters aociety she must buy a gorgeous gown and be presented at court. A tedious and awkward affair, Why will our young people turn a deaf ear to history? Justin McCarthy's History of Our Own Times is fascinating as a novel Fifth volume to appear.- Put smoking tobacco and powdered alum, my good woman, under your ear- pet, and the festive moth will emigrate to Texas. . ' All hall, Michigan! Fair land of peaches and celery! The state has prohibited manufacture and use of cigarettes. - f American Lands and Letters by Donald G. Mitchell, Is a genial talk on several of our popular authors. ~ "Bryan inhis travels "wears""a black 'cutaway coat, wide standing collar.and string tie. Leroy of N. Y. owns Monticello, Jefferson's old home in Va., and Its beautiful park of 740 acres. Would you honestly run across* tBe street to'see the bruiser -Fitzimmons? Ministers say he's worse than a Heathen Chinee. "• " . ' Do you know that University of Chicago publishes five magazines devoted to various subjects of research ? Moody and Ingeraoll each in St.Louis at same time, and each had his crowd, but Ingeraoll's don't give much 'to the poor and suffering. Mercy on us!' Word from Berlin that the women are wearing stuffed mice on the'lr head gear. Fashion, fashion. Margaret Saugster: We women in, tooalaesB ask no favor on account of sex, simply a fair field, fair, play. Only three of 56 elgneria of Declaration of Independence had middle name: Bobert Treat Paine, Blcbard Henrr I*e, and Francis Ligbtfoot Lee, A Chicago girl fell off a bicycle, and was treated by a young doctor. Cards me out. Moral. ' Have you two pains of shoea. Change is better for shoes fend for you. Telk of erecting a monument in N«w Ori«aoa to Audubon, who was born $W tliat city, •. ' ' ' ' ' TLe Methodist, after all, are a good ; of people, liaising ship loads of r for starving India. Central IJyU- Washington set the example of wearing at the inauguration goods of American manufacture. John Adams wore a light drab suit of domestic wool , African savages pay most for clocks that tick the loudest. Which was first, egg or chicken ? Beferred to Woodlawn. Too heavy a subject for spring. Gladstone: Dr. Chalmers and Dr. Gnthrle were two noblest specimens of Presbyterians that I ever had happiness to meet. "-'• : —Lingard, ten volumes, is the Boman Catholic history of England. i Soon as Howard Gould's yacht is completed in 1898, he and some friends will sail around world. Jay's money circulates. . Lyman Abtott prepares no regular sermon, but devotes week to general study, and on Sunday, speaks from fullness of his heart. Thomas Jefferson was six feet two, had freckled face, gray hair, blue coat, green breeches with pearl buttons.yarn stockings, and played fiddle, • - •' * I think of your every movement, Your (ace lor^ver I see; ,, 01 tell me, ana ease my longing, - • Do you sometimes thlnlc of me? Why do we always sneeze three times? Ask your doctor. ' You can ride in boat thro 7 Paris sewers, 18 ft. wide, 10 ft. high. Thackeray's house in London where he wrote Vanity Fair, is to be torn down for a new store. France ia spending 40 millions on her navy. War, war. Let us have schools and asylums. Defeat did not kill Bryan, for he draws like a mustard plaster. In Senator Banna's mail, 500 Jetterj a day from office seekers. Adams family in ,Maas., and Lee in Va., most illustrious in our history, A Bhode Island chap who ships 130,000 dozen egga a year, feeda hens a maeh in morning, and whole com at night. Dr. Cuyler: One line of work not oyerdone; good preaching; preach gospel BO that people will come to hear it. , Spain has more sunshine than any other country ia Europe. This Is cot Spain. Wtoippiag poet revived ia Missouri «ft*r t oaf years of calling it Kissam street. ' Fastest run in Great Britian on Caledonian B. Bo, 32 miles in 32 min. An Ohio man claims to have oldest violin, 1414. St. Louis has 115,000 volumes in public library, but no building, rented rooms. lit eighteen hundred! wenty-two, On one fair April room, . In far away Ohio State Ulyssos Grant was born. Lon Angeles, California', is bragging 4 of an old man, 117 years, Lincoln liked old Scotch ballads, Annie Laurie, Auld Bobin Gray. Praise children, everybody, when they do things well, We scold too much. Oil is better than vinegar. Phila. is to have a new mint of gran- lots, In thp 75 fpRrs of Its existence, Aiaer. Sunday School Union has founded 200,000 S. Schools, Quebec !« agitating a bridge across Ht, Lawrence.- A small steamer sails from Dead Sea up to Jordan to Sea'of Galilee, five hours. Shades of John Baptist. My good lady, high collars to n«ck and ears this summer. How can you stand it? Bible and pusio'have moved world more than any/ other_two_ things. Moody. ' -.-....-..-,._-.-- EdwafdB,Cope,-one of the groat naturalists of the day, is dead in Phila. Cats and dogg are sold for fdod to poor classes in Berlin. But no cat stew or dog pie for us. Live on rice first. John Baptist best preacher world ever saw, and yet never called D. D. (Moody.) ,„' Five days on Chesapeake Bay did McKfnley much good. Do us alJ good. Oysters, canvas backsjiahd sea air^ Armour's right hand man is gone, overwork. Let us all be careful, and take It easy, Whittle store box. If Easter should be rainy—think of trie wasted hate and ribbons and posies —dreadful—let us draw the veil; , Who is our typical American ? Theodore Roosevelt. Rich, brainy, aristocratic, he shuns ease, and gives himself to the duties of a good citizen. Aramintii asks if this Is spring. The almanac says so, but there is some mistake. P.'S. We wrote this yesterday. Take all back. ' Moody declare* he takes no interest in Ingersoll, but T. Herald thinks M ought to, Ingersoll is worth saving. When a crowd was too noisy to hear, Wendell JPhllllpB talked to reporter^ Ladies agree that for » DressQoods Gen, Phil Sheridan's son, 17, appointed to West -Point. Use growing plants at Easter for decorating churches. church, will meet at Winona, Ind,, May 20. Ex-Pres. Harrison may be chairman. An old lady once called Lincoln, Abraham the second. Average annual temperature in Minnesota is 36, Florence in Italy, 76. Sweetness and Light is found 1 in Swift's Battle of the Books. Oards are out for the various city offices next week, We hope no , one is Blighted. . on the pIatformT'Tnrd T TEe8e pencils, I speak to forty millions of people. In a late performance, a bull fighter wa& gored, and may die'. Let him take .his medicine. The poor horse generally suffers. " Penna. intends to Increase her tobacco-acreage. We are sorry the old state is going to the worms. Edward Bellamy's new book, Equality, first he has published since Looking Backward. Mariette: Give your guests salted pop corn instead almonds, it is a new wrinkle.. " Nine tenths-of the whisk brooms used in U. S. made from broom .corn grown in Kansas. ' .". Mark Twain is in London writing an account of his recent .lecturing tour in India and Australia in the style of In- THE CHAFING DISH ERA. Since death of Matthew A: nold and Froude, Goldwln Smith corjaidered greatest master of English prose. Has the e,ast wind any friends? Eaiseyour hands. A poor showing. New buildings of Columbia University, 135 feet above Hudson, have a noble situation. ' This is Passion week, and remember Good Friday. , Literary Landmarks of Florence in- crude Dante, Savonarola, George Eliot and the Brownings. A French doctor lived to i03 because he never took any of his own medicines. 0. Leader, At Bryu Maur College an annual prize of 8500 to best student for study abroad, ' You can get a three page letter ojC Walter Scott, 1829, relating to tree planting at Abbotsford, for only $$0. "Miss Kingsley'a Travels" 'in West Africa excites much enthusiasm. Professors in German universities think women not mind enough to study history. Old f ogles 1' They don't know how bright Amer. girls are. King of Siam talks of visiting us. Hope he will wait till houseoleanipg Is over. A St. Petersburg chap baa 100 -volumes of stamps valued at 8750,000. Best in world. ~'St, Patrick's cathedral, N, Y. will have on Easter the most costly holy water font ever placed }n a church. Made in Carrara, Italy, 810,000. An ofllco seeking for u mau Can seldom go astray, TUa enterpri$|Dg clti/ea WJUKuueUyuU hail way. ' Dr. Bice thinks spelling is hard for youngsters. So it is, but k eep them at it, W« had to go thro'the m,ill. Me&rly 400,000 people bftv from high'w&t?r 4own South .-??**?* Supper'^.apd_th«j_ Buffet Style of Serving Are Out of Date. This season, even at the moat elaborate balls, the chafing .dishes play an important part, for out of all fashion has fallen the custom of giving what was called a 'fseated supper." That meant the dining table pulled out to its utmost limits and arrangements made for placing every one before a "square meal" in courses. Along with this awkward method has also disappeared the orthodox buffet style of serving. ar- When.the hour for supper rives the dining-room is found converted into a species of high art restaurant, and a capable corps of men and maidservants do away with thp mad rush and pillage by too hungry or too gallant young men guests. The discreet caterer, who has an eye to artistic effects as well as convenience, the four corners of the room' or across one end a group of giant double bowl chafing dishes; These glittering furnaces are presided over by chefs In white who respectively prepare oysters, 'lob- stefi curried fowl and terrapin by the steaming quart or talf gallon. Plates, f orks.-etc., are heaped on a center table, at the head of which urns of bouillon, coffee and chocolate keep hot over alcohol lamps,and the butler or a capable hired head waiter maintains perfect order, «_..•••• . . -Oar SSew Tariff. The American Protective Tariff League issued an official print of the new Dingley Tariff within a few houra of the time it was passed by the House of Kepresentatlyes at, Washington, on March 31st. This broad, comprehensive interpretation of the Republican platform should be studied by every voter. Any of our readers can obtain a copy, without charge, by-sending a postal card request as follows: "Send me a copy of Number 370." Address, W. F. Wakeman, General Secretary, 135 West 23d Street, New York*- Land* In The North-Western Line (C, St. P, M. & Q. ll'y) has over 400,000 acres of land for sale in Northern Wisconsin at yery low prices and OB eaay terms. Land seekers' excursion ticketa on sale April 20, May .4 and 18, at very low rates. For particulars inquire of 'nearest ticket agent, and for maps, descriptive of lands, etc., address o, W. BfH, r, Hudson, Is Headquarters. • ' ' - . • / Elegant, Stylish, a la Mode. Largest stock of Novelties in the city. - = SILKS = = • f - . - . • . t A superb line. EVERYTHING LADIES NEED FOR Dresses, Waists, Trimming, s o JL s Easter Qlpve Sale, We are exclusive agents for the Celebrated Ping's & Pinner Qusseted Fingered Kid Glove's. It's just as easy to get stylish, nicely fitting glbves as it is to-get the flimsy, wrinkly, , unsatisfactory kind. Don't judge all stores by those which have served you unsatisfactorily. A fit Bhould,.be_well made, of soft, .durable leather. Our gloves are very flexible, which enables them to shapo themselves smoothly to the plump hand of thematron or the slender fingers of the .maid. •„ . - t - • The Chaumont— • = ~; _ Gusseted fingers, French Kid, heavy em- d»i| A i\ . broidered backs, two clasps, or hooked, in Jll llll all the new shades, only..........»..-..........V"«vV The Fontaine== '*".•" • - * • • ' ."'..' , Finest Kid, in black and colors, cluap or d»| ffA ""okPiwlth the new backs—our.price i^ I *&•• Fully worth02.00. ' t? ";«PuWv _ N. B.— We have a few of the Foster Kid Gloves left, not all sizes, If we can fit you you c^an'have your choice for •6pc, The Standard Fashions for May now in. A.L.HECKMAN. 5POT CASH A Success, The Caen buyer sees the point. They, do not have to pay the bad debt accounts, neither do they have to pay the interest,on the money that the credit merchant loses on long etandtng back accounts. Selling goods for strictly cash makes the money worth all that « merchant can make out of it. Selling for SPOT CASH enables the merchant to discount all the goods be buys, which is one per cent In ten days, making a saving of seventeen per cent a year, and in some instances more; then figure the* 1 ' 06 8 on bad debts on a credit fystem, which }B fl ye per cent or more; eay nothing of book keeping and collecting, it la therefore readily eeen that the CASH merchant can undersell his competitors that sell on time, by at least 15 to 23 cents on the dollar, You can positively save the above bv trading at the SPOT CASH GKOQEBY. Will you his convinced? ~ , Produce taken same fta cash. No money paid for produce. R. L, Kimbro, Room formerly occupied by Coe Bros. First Avenue,

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