Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 21, 1966 · Page 15
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 21, 1966
Page 15
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'•*****•*•*••• •***a*••««• YICCCK! The build-up is in Ames college .—•- ': *,* . ' I • V f WMley — Philip G. Sedberg rec^vied'a B.S.'degree iti agri* cultural business at Ames Satiir- i,^-(. day. . ,. , . . ...-.-. ing, the, graduation , were the Dwight Seabergs, Met- rill Zwiefels and Eugene; Gep. Seabergs, Robert Boleniises, Joe Skows, Reuben and Bessie, Da vid SeabergS atld Ski, Burling F"*fH s held by the Missionary Guild for jkne, Mrs. Melyin Ktibly., at her n'e.w hptne in LuVerne. Mrs. \tyi!|ma BaskerviUe, cousin, a guest fcmma Krause^ p denti of the Guild, presented Mr,s, Ku.bly with a picture of the ^Praying Hands." pot-l^ck re- yits were s§rye,d.' •i^T (TT^Vp • •• '*-i ••• •• * i • •• trT . • . The Earl Legl«i;», Ruth Ann and Bobby, of Knoxville, were we ekeHd guests of f his brotheiTj ton. Philip has received an ex-;theW.'Raymond Leglers.Lu- 'f-arml mahagehient proj Verne, and his parenits, the Wil • -^ t w T ,' j J %. lect.assistantship at the Uniyer- son Lsglers, Foil Dodge. Mrs. progress for the wedding of L.u-! s it y of \yisconsin starting Aug- Barl Legler was enrouta from. d, »nd what a whingding it will U st 1 a^Madison, Wis. He is a.loWa City where she had a be, In fact even now there arej 1952 graduate of ^Titonka high ' check at the University hospital ' ' TOSsapw v3i*i& : Mai i;r;t»pW^mtc£tev.£i;//- ( .12.75 service" 1 aii-^ii—-•* A;., IIM? visit the Mrs. David~t^6L.''M*Si. ; .,'.l^ft!home"itt Kinseth and Mis. Viola" tWlirt^jr the !Wtel Johlls^ns, Liftdft —,,,.., twer reoa r™. - sofi attended ' the Nel^^;$ii^.s^ clinic atJVM iN|dil *,irtg iti fiodts; "ifcr JoliflSbtt, fof^K^^^^^^pM &.,, *,.-;<,•. -••v-'.-^W'^^ - •• • ••- i'iaiJiavdiUj j» *^L., quirtfnents.pt Oliver . heafcl oft the Chi&tiah Woman *&$$* A • *• 'J*A J !.'-•' . *-* '.'*'--;. ' LA £. A« i-Lr ' " T the fort Dodge statidrJUlrzf at 11:35 a.m. : ••-'••;• ::''£%$ Mrs. Syneva Dale is a surgteju patient at Lutheran ' Fort Dodge. • '" . . t ...... The Arnold Larsons visitfid Friday at their daughter Dick OpheimsV Dotosi, *"* heilii has his 8th"" day. Jeff and Pit their a •'•'• aTOWjffl^jo^*^-^-" ^-gcieste '^i^nis?^ i •: ' ' : ^Afl)rS«hft .-of "the" heW <3i the. city wheri this, ^reject - AQ3 is dealcaflbn "of/fhj from *he Mdsofr&ty M5f < to otfend, the tfirboH terminal. L'lS^^'^^a T^-«J3ybf-'of,SR** daj^s lowd, the ove'd and seconded Finn .fbf tilei rumblings of discontent among school. the sob sisters. Seems the Worn,%n's Wear "D^ily sneaking a look at the bridesmaid's dresses had ' Ruth Ahn'went to Cedar Falls fbir orientation, where she has no i4 Larson^ S tended the Ventura SUMMON SPMNI0N A Simpson reunion was held to visit the W. Raymond Sunday at Stanley Simpson's rur-i with cousins Denny Ray, -John al home. Attending were the and Charles: •• _• • • •. — >••_•'•_• -^ • • - . • i . • , . •. . ^ helm's mers. The OJat Olsons visited at Gordon O^son's^ J?fferspii, Sat« urday and Sunday. , - . . L GENERAL' Finn. Sblafy . .."--Smith, Salary •----•-1..,..-.. COUNOIL MINUTES .,_,, v . ( , -< ._ __ (;> i t. S J;.-. -.-•. '• .i-^'-V v-.r. •! visitedf to Miday where -• n is' a gradil< •- --*^ The Clarence Satherns return- (framings of them made and' pub- tished. The explosion was greater' ihan the 'missile threat! |Art Larspns, Buffalo Center; | - Canasta 8 met with Mrs. Frankly descriptions of wedding } James "Larsons, Jfenkato; Lloyd Jergensen July' li; with all mem-|' aj , tni vlBliil/1 „,„. a wton . „,„„.„„. dresses a^e a bore. So they • GerbeTS and "pick Crails, Al- berS present. At play Mrs. Jess g; a tih erT1 ' s uncles. Hazel and Di- r visiting a week with s Mr. COUNCIL MlNUTfS The city council met 'ori July 13, 1966,. ,. with Moyor Finn ond the following named ' '- haVe;a pooey dephooey draped ^Kenneth Dpnoyans, Dan-iLindebak low and Mrs. John 0. from the bustle and an imported ny Donovans and Bpb Brown- Cox high. "illusion" veil! The "illusion" is ings/ Spirit Lake; Bob '•Lewer-l The James Dodges, Geneseo, wgll' named and the only part kes, Briitt; Duane Larson, Tony III, visited her grandmother, tnie Old Goat can understand. 1 Pearsons, Larry :"£earsons, Rich- Mrs. Martha Hanselman, Thiirs- Tlie whole durned thing could ard and Lp,u' Simpsons, Wesley; 'day to Sunday. be" an" illusion. But the women i Mrs. Chloie : Simpson,' Britt, and| The Melvin Kublys attended se,t a great store by this. There's Judy . Gerber,' Minneapolis. a' suspicion in the newspaper , - business' that the bride, and her LEARN TO CANOE . i i « M t _ ___ i! ___ '_ 1_ '. __ -l. — A. • ** V _. * »•_ _«• _ • ««» " —.'A. 11 1 ane Enger, nieces of Mr. SaiUi- accompanied! council members 'present: Muckey, 'An* dreosen, Cook, Miller'and ^Pelrce. * Absent: Elbert.' • ' ' ' ' -'-:> - V ' " .-• ' • ••'• AAlnutes of last meeting Were approved. J. Strdub, Attorrtey'-at-Tawy representing John Forbes, Visited with'the council a* bout exlstlhg conditions In" the 'admnisi trotion of the ! local • airport. After some Discussion the council agreed, to meet witH Airport Commission. 'li Mr. Mold 8. Mr. McMahon, officers of the Iowa State 'Bank, came before the council to request additional hooded meters. It was agreed to install two si* minute meters on the east side of th« 'bank.' •'• " ., ' ' : .• Class C 135.00 224.98 120.39 224.28 186.90 60.60 la. State Bk., Wholdlng - , 60.60 State C6mM.; Whdlding 6.61 ., Life,Inv. Ins;, Insurance .. Advance .Pub).,' Publ. Advanced Sys., Tftermotax -x- Arwell, Rat Control ... ' Clerk;- Adv. Cash ihaiKv^.Olf^^i^i.-i'ii.' Hlltofi's/ ^.^t^j^mwm mw.Mtsg^*?*3ffi BoekSlmdri, •'Scildry -•••* i.-ii - j ^ *.- ».,ii*f*'^ s Ciiiimt' . . 'y , •- v ..: Bulte-h^* Sblfify HuUHISBrt/i'Soldry/.....-^^-.^.^-^^ Voigt, Sdlofy _——<._ ... Social Seturlty, Soc. Sec. ...._ la. State Bk, Wholdlna Stbte C6mm., Wnoldlng Trust 8. Agency. Pewlan -.-..'- Ltref Bradley Inv. Ins., Insurance —i. Equl0., Ti ' •g! Parts TiCes •'.-. * Tom's TV, Batteries i. Trupke, Ei'dfe t Firs Dept., Service's L. e. Repairs i. ^--A Eledf., Service 37.18 Arnod Motors, Parts — ---^ . 49^.25 Coasf'to-Coast, Supplies ..... 28.25 Frederick Hdwe Hilton's, c -- 1 ' 3.13 104.00 3.40 9.3.62 178.52 fxnODDB| sauMciy^i*?!^ v\ >-.j /-vwwi \ K6th, v Supplies -•••.-!. — --Upper; DM, Supp. ( & Publ. Burris, Salary _Burtis, Salary Frarrtbach; Salary J — 415-5^ HelmefS,' -Salary ;,.,- •-— ) J8.23 Lashbrook, Salary - ~fo S Pergande, Salary fl? - 5i Wibben, .Salary, . - 1.64.41 '<t«*f»r' Solofv ; l_i 143 19 mother don't always know what the gown is until the designer writes it out for them. That makes it possible to charge more in/^hese high-faluting weddings. T^ike to the hills men — the deluge,of what the bride wore, her bridesmaids, the mother, grand- n^other, great aunt, etc., is about to break the dam! *• >•> « THE BEATLES got shoved around in the Philippines and it's about time. Seems the long-haired bleaters goofed and ignored an invitation from one of the big-time women to a luncheon. That didn't set so good, and as a result the 'people (probably' all music lovers too) took after them and roughed them up until they had to be rescued by the police. Maybe it's indicative of the calibre of these folks when one said: "I didn't even know they had a president. If we ever go back it will be with an H-bomb!" Now that's pretty good public relations if you like a poke in the teeth. Anyway— hurrah for the Philippine music lovers. .» « !» MOST revolting was a number on the Rowan & ,Martin Mr§. Julia Vfest, life guard at hjg city swimming pool, and her ssistawt, Becky Lickteig, took young folks" to Clear Lake 'uesday where, they were given iarioelhg instructions and where hey had a picnic. The young oiks were; Janet Studer, Sandy md Sue Ackerson, Lynn and Wayne Klein, Kathy Dornbier, Barbara Haver ly, and Gail Kol- the 25th anniversary of her class of 1341 of Gilmore City July 9. A dinner was held at Treloars. There were 39 in the class and only eight were present. Three meriibers of the'class have died. Bode FAREWELL PARTY "The *EarT Robinsons were given a farewell party Friday by a group .of neigbhors. They have nov^d into a farm house south west of Sexton. Earl is employed at Weidenhoffs. His parents, the Clare* Robinsons, are moving from Des Moines back into their house vacated by Earl and family. , ATTEND FUNERAL The Bernard Kunkels attend ed the funeral of her father Henry Zeimet, 71, Tuesday at 9:30 in .St. John's Catholic church at Bancroft. Mr. Zeime died suddenly at his home in Bancroft Saturday. Other Wes leyans also attended the funeral Judy Hilbert, employed by By Mrs. Roland M. Olson Mrs. Martin Brandhorst, dau ghters Jiidy and Vicki, Lake wood, Calif., and. Mrs 1 . Tina )ale accompanied Mrs. Viola Thompson to Rowan recently to ern, hem' to Minesota. The Art Hansons, Terry, Dence, Marjorie and Douglas, Kansas City, visited Wednesday to Sunday at the parental' Art .hristianson's and •' the ' Elmer Larson's'in Huniboldt.!Mrs..-'Ken- neth Vought, Humboldt, sister of Mr. Larson accolmpainied them, to Kansas City for a weefc Morton Christiansen is recovering from appendicitis surger> Friday at a Fort Dodge hospital. The Frank Fenns, suburban Niagara Falls, visited recently with Mrs. Pearl Harbor. The Fenns were neighbors of the Elmo Barbors in Lake Crystal a number of years ago. The Bqb Barbers; LuVeme visited the Pearl Barbors Fri day. Sunday visitors were the Wm. Meyers Jr, Whittemore. Mai Bratland, employed in Special meeting to study the 1967 H Siferf;' Salary ; .-i Boldridge Jr., .Labor Nltchals. Labor > N. Smith,'Labor;'. " -'-Social -Security,- Soc. Sec. -J-.J I. P. E.'R. S., IPERS la. State Bk., Wholdlng State Cbm'rh':,- Wh6h.ding Life Inv. Ins., Insurance Arnfald'Motors, Supplies ._>.— Cook's Welders, Acetylene -Towels' ' 66.21 87.84 65.27 704.63 536.34 122.80 16.04 95.52 9.30 8.50 Supplies .--- Code, SANITATION Salary _„ ------ ..»., — , _„ ------ ..»., — Boldridge, Spraying --------- Sofiial security, Soc. Set. ---- city- Nd. Pratt . P. E. R. S., IPERS . ia. State 'Bk., Wholding Armco 'Metal, Supplies j Reding, Services —...»* BowrflOrt, Rephlrs — \ E>-Hauensteln, Labor, ... City-Clerk, Adv. Cash •'• Certtral, Gas,'..: . Elec./ Repairs . Arnold ' Mot6rs, Repairs Bradley Eq"'P- ( * Repairs Brayton, Repairs Fleet Tractor, Belt Greenberg, Repairs —.i. •SEWER RENTAL Gronbach, Salary .. . Lemkee, Salary •Social Security, Soc. Sec; VP-.E. R. S., IPERS ,...i •. la State Bk., Wholdlng, 3.50 State Comm., Whbldtr^g' George G. Griffith Estate FARM SALE Improved 309 Acre tap will be sold on premises WEDNESDAY, JULY 27 1966 - at 2:00 o'clock p.m. LOCATION — From Armstrong, Iowa, 1 and % miles west on 9:00 iM. JULY 2 Everything goes to the bare walls at the Kelley Lumber site near the Milwaukee traces ii Northeast Algona; Come and buy at your own price. j PAIHT Highway No. 9. show the other night that had Forrest Oil Co.," Denver, Colo., a dame doing some yelping came Sunday for two weeks va- while a quartet of muscle men stood around making like star tues clad only in the lower portion of a bikini. The promoters calle of this should have their heads day. examined. They're,off in the noodle, and not a nice off either. Back in the Old Goat's youth such characters were called sissies and you threw rocks at them. And the dame singing was about as sexy as a dirty sock with holes in the heel and the toe. What do these nutty producers think of people anyway? cation at the parental Norbert filbert's. The David Hilbents and the Bill Duffys, Algona, called at the parental home Sun- James B. Ricke, son of the Roman Rickes, Bancroft, and Helen Jane'Johnson, daughter of Mrs. Leona Johnson, also of Bancroft, \yill be married in St. John's Catholic church, Aug. 6. Mrs. Pauline Pfeffer is planning ori driving to Iowa City Sunday for several days with her ru^nwci.y rvu. CT. . 'iiiif uin' '- J '"' '•"•-«• _<—.. .... DESCRIPTION — East' One-Half (E%) (Except highway and rail' '"' road right-of-way) of Section Seventeen (17), Township Ninety-nine (99), North of Range Thirty-one (31), West of the Fifth P.M., Emmet County, Iowa, consisting of 309 acres more or less. TYPE OF FARM — This farm is a too quality farm, well tiled, deep black soil, leveljand, all tillable, Webster and Clarion soil and above average production record. IMPROVEMENTS: HOUSE — 8-room modern house in the very best of repair, with 1000-gallon bottle gas barrel. BARN — 30 x 60 hip roof barn with a 20-ft. x 48-ft. and 72-ft. x 16-ft. cement feeding floor. CORN CRIBS — 26 x 42, 3800 bu. crib; 20 x 48, 5000 bu. crib. Gallons of different paints and colors and painting equipment HEY NOW! The woman's page in the Demon Register gives the gals who wear them instructions to use a plumber friend for a stand to put the wig block on. It took some figuring — but evidently the block is what they put the wig on when they take it off. And the plumber's friend has • handle that fits in the hole in fhe bottom of the block. Now it didn't say anything about the hole in the head of the woman who wears one just for the heck of it. Those that need them the Old Goat can understand. But those who wear them to change their hair color like they change their shoes is a different matter entirely. The Old Goat would like to pull one off one of these society dames— and then run like erasy— bwt fasti Bet she'd look a mess! n< * * IT'S ABOUT TIME for the sports writers to puff the prospects of Iowa City and Ames in the football department. Almost every year about this time Iowa wins the Big Ten and Ames the Big Eight. The only problem seems to be the other teams didn't know about it Even Play- hoy Magazine got into the act last year and had Iowa as No. I. The magazine may know a loj; about feminine pictures but not too much about footbalJ. Of course at times it seemed the Iowa players thought they were son Paul who is attending sum mer school there. Mrs. Tillie Matz went to Spencer Saturday for several days with Rpsemarie, Charlotte and Kim Matz. Relatives report that Clarence Donovan of Washington State recently 'had an orange-size tumor removed from his head and is recuperating satisfactorily. He HOG HOUSE — 18 x 24. GRANARY — 12 x 16. CHICKEN HOUSE — 14 x 32. MACHINE SHED — 20 x 44. CATTLE SHED — 16 x 32. GARAGE — 12 x 24. had brain surgery at Rochester eleven years ago. The Martin Hamiltons, Nancy and Jim, went to Minneapolis Sunday on business for several days,' They also visited relatives The Tom Smalls, Stuart', were Sunday guests of her grandpar ehts, the George Vitzthums. Mrs, Albert Lickteig, Dennis and Don Potthoff, and Jane Becker spent the weekend in Minneapolis, with Mrs. Lickteig's daughters, Carlene and Delores Potthoff. /The young folks attended the Aquaetennial. Ruth ahd Margaret Lickteig attended the Smith reunion at a park in Waterloo Sunday. PTaMe Neighbors Club met with Mrs. Qpial Nygaard Tues- d®y for a social hour. Mrs. Emma Wise was assistant hostess. At 500 BpJdred Arndorfer, Josie LiVkteig, IVJinnie Frimml and Ella Hanig were prize winners Theyf> will be'no meeting in August. The Ben Edens an<J Harold Bodes ^pent the weekend in Minneapolis, where they attended the Aqu^etenniaL Ardis tJden was -the Princess for the Pressure system and well house. Several small buildings, all in good repair. 560 underground gas tank and electric pump. TERMS — Down payment 10% on date of sale. Balance on March 1, 1967 at which time merchantable title will be conveyed to buyer. Purchaser and co-executors will sign written contract on day of sale. Sale>subiect to approval of Emmet County District Court. The 1966 taxes oavable in 1967 will be paids by the estate. POSSESSION MARCH 1. 1967 For Further Information Seo The Undersigned AUCTIONEERS: Clair Clark, Cevlon, Minn.; LJoyd Clark, Armstrong, Iowa. CO-EXECUTORS: The Emmet County State Bank Estherville, Iowa; A. J. Loftis, Armstrong, Iowa. ATTORNEYS Rosendahl and Forsyth, Attorneys at law, Estherville, Iowa. HARDWARE tackling soiaie Bunnies. would maytae explain the Playboy opinion of Iowa players:. Bjut the OJd Goat djdn't know they practice^ in the Playboy College aiA't what it used to Standard Qjl Co. for vyhom she Need PriuJiflf? AT THE ADVANCi Mm is home from Mer cy hospital, Maspfli Gj^ty, where he had, surgery. Hojiy Mame Society of St. Jo met in the parish July 20. i.0,4 Jo usen week a Ghristena Christian Estate FARM LAND SALE 160 ACRE FARM THURSDAY, JULY 28, 1966 at 2:00 o'clock p.m. on the premises LOCATION — This farm is located 4 miles south of Gruver, Iowa on countv black top road, then 2 J /2 miles east, then J /4 mile south of building site. DESCRIPTION — Northeast Quarter (NE J /4) of Section Six (6), ' Township Ninety-eight (98), Range 32, Emmet County, Iowa, containing 160 acres more or less. MPROVgMUNTS — The improvements include adequate corn crib and grain storage facilities. POSSESSION — On full payment, on or before September 1, 1966, subject to a lease to Ronald Olson expiring March 1, 1967. TAXES — All 1965 taxes payable in 1966 will be paid by the estate. 1966 CROP — Estate's share of 1966 crop will be sold to buyer "with farm. TERMS — 10% down on, day of sale and the balance due September 1, 1966 when estate will convey merchantable title and assign present lease. Sale subject to approval of Emmet County District Court- Purchaser and executor will sign written contract on day of sale. For Further Information $*« The Unfersigned Auctioneers — Ben Burns, Estherville, Iowa; Clair Clark, Ceylon, Minnesota; Lloyd Clark, Armstrong, Iowa. C. E. Miller, Esthfiryiite, 1<W3. Bolt bins Noil bins Assorted carrage and machine bolts A quantity of different size nails » *•, Ti *.- "-.•**- •.•• . _ / ; ' ' • ' •. •All kinds of hardware and builders hardware, lots of hinges, some tools, wrenches etc._ A good SUPPLY °f galvanized eve troughs, down spouts, elbows!, etc., to be sold as a unit. LADDERS AND GATES 28 ft. extension ladder, new 18 ft. extension ladder, new 8 single ladders, 8 ft. to 20 ft., all new Many good used ladders and step ladders 3 - 16 ft. 5 panel steel gates 1 - 14 ft. 5 panel steel gate 1 - 12ft. wire steel gate 3-14 ft. "Can't sag" wood gates 2 T 10 ft, "Can't sag" wood gates 20.56 126.96 28.41 jmmft jWhWding /iia*. >,< IrtsbWrte* t'J-i*ji.%. Bensoh'T Wefd*., RgpatrX. -i'. . Honsbroch, Supplies —-*... v ThcttTKJgos, Go* 1 li.i— — j*i Coastito-Cosst, Suppliei *iii» HlittSell'i/ Stffaplies' .r.^.^— '- '*"•*""* .•'..- ___ -' Algona GreennbUses, Plants Algona, Imp., Parts j-j.iii-^ — ^.-^..-j ----- , ---- , Alcjfthd Hour £ fe&a. Sutsplies J City Clerk, Adv. Cash ' L'iAIIl es *_^i^SERVICE • la. DM Natl., Interest j>.~— -PARKING METER, Groen, Salary ^-—i—:.i-i-j_ ]|arv -* i-»u Nouholz, Salary Social Security, P. E. R. S., IPERS j.-i. ---la. State Bk., Wholding -----State Comm., Whcldirtg '..i.-ii. Trust & Agency, Pension" ---- Lif^lriV.,-" insUr Sherwin-Williarrls , Paint .. ---TRUS^T &' B. Egll, Pervilon .jr....!-. -I«j ' - Published irt'the Alaetr County Advance, July 21, 1966. LUMBER Some odd lots of lumber, plywood, sheet rock and masonite Many sheets of peg bpard, some e*trq heavy Several wooden kitchen cabinets, both top and base units Large new picture window with Thermo glass (with other windows) A good Supply of ceiling tile Barn sashs and wood frame windows Combination aluminum windows and doors of various sizes • •••';( ' " -V •"•,'• • . • ' Some roofing, building stone, block, tiler ', CtC. ; -.'•:' ; "'.> • ' .\ TRUCKS AND EQUI 1958 - 2!/2 ton I.H.G. truck 1946 - 2 ton Ford truck ;. . -" -' " '• S' '" • * 8-ton under body truck hoist Whiting trowling machine with motor Delta 12 in. Radial saw and stand 12 in. Sears band saw with motor 18 in. Jig sow Delta drill P'css ' Cement mixer with motor 2 wheel borrows Knipco portable heater 8 x 12 ft. wood building Truck size scales (with trucks, etc.) OFFICE SUPPLIES Olivette calculator posting machine with stand 35,000 and 50,000 B.T.U. Universal gas furnace Steel and woo^ filing cabinets Desks, typewriters, swivel chairs^ 4M a y island/ wall shelving, storage bins, and miscellaneous office equipment. AUCTIONEER'S NOTE; This is good merchandise, and there <ire many, man * items too numerous to mention. 1 BecoHse Qf *He hundreds of items to be sold, at 9 o'clock sharp. We will MSQ the nurnh»* 'v S fejn for this sale, S,Q be here and HfcVfi VW nwmbfl o'clock. We will try to sf II pretty much in the ajder this, merchamjjse is listed on TIRMS: CASH or nyik e Arrangements with your banker before, tilt l°Ji removed until settled for,. Npt >f sponsible for Occidents, should any occur f wilt t* Attorney* — Roseadshi and Forsytii, Ksfcherville, I. W, Kilchalj, ajjignee lor benefil «( cr«4ihwj CllRK - R«d Mod«tn of |«it AUCTION!!**: Quiim and U*

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