The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 18, 1859 · Page 3
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 3

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 18, 1859
Page 3
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'•- •' • ".'- : , ^S.f S^*^*^"^ 1 **^*^^ i^^.^lsS^Siiit'^ii^/'"'^'"'^ '^^^^^g^msimL BOOKS AND ffP&CTONBRY BUSINESS OOST $£4P^00K PLERZHEIM * 1l * .^iv^-KS-y^isssaf!^ ii£!ffi£'v^!fe . WO. »1 EAST WATER STBJatt. «Si!« A«r» a*T.lII, AND STEAM PIP.E3, mn 1 ••»« tran, o iP«*«»«»aeeteaVRA«inewith afternoon £^5?<a«? fron«ho:a&T. U R N I T U R N. L. OklSWOLU & 0,0., SHOES Anrit MASON S,T S E E T the Walker House. I IP 353 i - AND ' : " ' '' ; •"• A D V B N T tTH :. OF"' - /. ' KIT CARSON, GREAT FOR THE NEXT WE I N B It M N NEK, crADTintcB AXB cuua u SHOES A!VD GAITEHS. 2*. SPRING STBEElt mericim n ou «« Boot *k Shoe store, !VO. 48 EAST WATCll SrilEfeT PHEL.AN, od cu»tom made BooU »nd yj UdlM- and Qsntlemen-* Boots and Sho elste ' t * tsl< <u Of'NewTork. . .... 1NOOBPOBATKD IN 188K iCash Capital and Snrplos.: PHtENIX INSURANCE Of Hartford, Connecticut. Cash Capital and Surplni.7™.V.;?£ LAMAR FIRE INSURANCE CO., Lead Pencil* ' i»su5I NC E COMPANY, Wefltern Of Ke * *°* « ' **• Weflte ' n -GENTBAji East Water Stre • KK, \VI.X« „ BOOKSELLERS ANJD STATIOMEltS, 161 £att Water street, ,...,;..... $308^81 Unbroken 4:00 A. M t - •s Psi iperl- \ JOHjN HIOJE, VLESAX.E BKCGCIST, NO. 88 BAST WATER STEEET Has Just received a full supply o • ' Celebrated Union works Cylinder Glass, fl^°?,O™ Un ™,l'^ "JS) 1 * 1 ™ 1 « the "togtae^'s 0 or'tA ^" glU ' ) A " of • u< * WU1 b « "oond »l A? ° " Pen ° to tbe " urket - "*" api2» I j"^":~ f —~»—--**«*: for the fntnre. wed irithout delay. W. HENRY HOLLAND, Agent -^l?^*'***' 1 - Northwest cor. Metoand t^MAMHAU, Surveyor. Wisconsin tta, Milwaukee. "Te. Wesme to sell at low rates ' I have'pennanent 55 em " toseD thUl ^and of Glass hereafter _ JOHN ' Harper Brothers, (EntalUfked in 18480 HODSS SIGN, SHIP, OAKEIAGE AND OENAMEWrAL Patnten, Glazier* & Paper-Haneer*, IMTTATOBS OP WOOD AND MABBLK, NO. 39 OKEIDA STREET ArXWOOESXASTOF TOJCMAJiim ITOUSK, JONES & WHITKHKAJD General c Land and Insurance Aeents HOTAICIES PtTUI.IC, *€„ comer ofReed ana Oregon «reeta. Meyro-e-. ALLIBONE'S DICTIONARY OF AUTHORS. tur,,. Contain- Thousand Mographia and LUeran Notices; vilit Forty Indeaea q/*Suy«cb. Price t& |NDEBPENSABLr n.ceuar, to all .ho Bead, ail »ho IT 18 A HOF8EHOLD COMPABTON. FCBNISHRD BY . S08FLOS i J. A. Helfenjteta, Moses Kneeland, SamBelHale. H.L. Palmer, colomon Adler. J. A. HIXyKN G. D. DOD8MAS, ...1100,00000 S9.6M 00 t aanderson, .. Edwin A . M .-o<nNNATI SXPHKS8. (8uallv j e««p«ed.) Arrive at lmliana},oll. 4*0 j J 00 '• •—Night t w ilahTOreSVl?*''• "• 6:0e A ' - A.,M.—tlSHTNING BXPEBsa, tSandari «. cepted,) arrlres at Detroit T:00 r. «.• aaiDeasion Brirf<r* n * e~<«_i. ^.A^ . / J>7 ialardays efcepted. ; - •««•* fs»^* »!{..^t^ 0 J^i.^2i:» tXPRfcff. BBHaJo, Niagara Valla via N«. Vo,t vS=T? " u ?~ rlt - ™J j — •"•»•*»•""»«* ««T,im AAtsfi, f MCgpj I C"* *"-"*•'«• AAuruwc, to | 8:00 P. HI.-NJJW y rOUK AND BOSTON BXPBJCS?, »^^N'*lfataT^v1f NeVtorlTo.^^.^'"' I-KATr^n^ A ? Te " Deita ' 1 P*. 4 Er "' (UilrolJ ' '« New Sort andBo^i "<" Iftrf Btt »Pe»slon Srldga or Buffalo Person, joing east willed this route by tar ii s:« 0 r . n^iiSSl^^l^S^SSfS:^^ . S^f^rK^rig ?&?^'-<°° r "-^rot«,^-,°' ed - One Mi. on Sunday'.! *00 ,.«. '" ' " tooe?f ".'"rouu- ' a ? cM «» rt »" 0 '' °* T*." l. W •TI.TF.UINAIIV 0. re.pectroll y ,^ Uie ojliienj of Mil»,uite ta .i h.lTlox lo.:mttd In thli pl»r e b<! lufenda p/acticinir his pr,,-' r«Mlo... AJ| Jl, eajc ,, to th, ll«r»t trcati-J In i mo.t jcl- | totlBc stylo, nud ifriisritJ ,al fsctloD warr».,Tf,|. | n e,. B I nectloD »|, h h ls pra iu> l» »l" Prick , n j Doctt Taili In ' \» Uw mojt approved iryte; and ' Jlfi to imin th <= coofldence of [h, I public, he refer* lo the follow- I ing gentlemen, who have em- DRY GOODS, &C ^ B; n I-*.!<> SPRING AMD SUMMER DRY GOODS! rto , ,h »•»'"» 'hat h:, p, w ,, c . „ ,„„. rV»r to the genernl coo of Veterinary fT.,-T,,,n«.r, , B,. jm ». Murray, Prjer A Co,, Jujge Wilson Bllbop, : . B. 4. AcLloy M. L. ve,,g h », M- L. HewU, 8.0. , S. 8. DAOOtn, Trea.nrer U.L.PAUOB, Attorney. „„,„ lection coint., Making , Ac. 8 BOOK A NTATIOIVKBV JOBBERS, 135 £ast Water ttreet MILWAUKEE. ...................... WJSOOfsur. [Prom Theophla. Par.rn., I, I.. D ., Profe. t or of Law In Harvard Dnlveralty.] M1L.WA1JKKK CITY INSlir In niirbcll Building, michl|mn..«. MnwiriM, Wisoo«i». CHAM11BIU) CAPITAL, - - $200,000 Paid in, $IOO,OOO. SCHJVCECKKL & BKUNOTrO, COMMISSION MKHOHANTS, Real Estate and Money Srokert NOTARIES PrjBUO. MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN. Offi'r 0 "" 1 " 0 ' 4 M " kel 8qUIlre ' °PP°» lte ">e Old Port- ' _____ __^ ____ marS7 E). COHSON, ATTORNEY AT LAW. HAS removed to Office, No. 6, State Bank Bufldlnr conot w atr -6 Beapectfully, Ac., a £>OKAN & LKVY, Attorney and Counsellors t Law, Office— Bmptre Block, 2Z1 Eaa Waitr »t_ ' [m.y221.. ...... WISCONSIN S. Austin [Prom 8. Irensu. Prime, D. D., Editor N. Y. Observer.] Gnrr««n :-«,. « .1™ J°"' **• 3 ,1899. U. L. PALMSB. J. 8. HAJUHB «BA». Ouseuo, H.L.P H. . A. 0. D. DAITS, 8. B. GOSJOVU, J. H. Ooosa] E. TOWN8END, President. 1 General Freight Agent, Flttskargh, Pa Delroil & Mil. Railway. I MlLW.ll. Hilt,. •< NOW r-,.«iv,n k , The Latest INToveJties .' Ice'o?'ih t . h H Detr ?",* MUwanke, Ballw.y Co.!? rilUS ooly reliable and ,u. Rotrr. To TH, SU 3T C™ ce of the time of departure will be riven. This J- »•>•! an.i .h. .»,. r. " "fTi 80 "™ __„ „, „,,. „.„„„ a Milwaukee Ballwav Co. wS!I make'ib". snoSes!"cbe"*" 11 " ""' ** *™" ' mar8 Line ! , and Marine Bisks takes at can-am rau*. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. n i I wau kee~~ ,,1 »„ ..„ iT i«Jirr» TO IHI JJST, SOOTH :°t nn. L*" 31 ' ' ni1 ' he ""'J L ' De mikln -< '<>" *"ler* Check "' Ihroa K' 1 «" prlneipal ] .TIONDAT, Train, lea,. l>, pot , eotuer of and Barclay , as follo.s : . F1KE . P'eparea to Uk. Marine Bisks n° '' ro<Jnce ln "ore. In the North nsurance Co., of Oiwcgo, New York, CAPITALISTS iLL ona at my office a Register, npen to their In " and " Peraons nshiog to obtain Loan, or having Dond. tntor^S?* Sf °^ • ecu " tle " '" »»1^ may find It to their Interest to file tmh me their application, or .tatement. .. C. BOHLET, yu > _ _ OppoBite Walker Home. OtlANCJK. HOUSE AMD JLOX FOH SALE CHEaP. •' HE undersigned will .ell hi. House and Lot. now 0001 " S T * Ttn ttin ng. the B. 4 M. R. B. Depot. The house t> located on the bert bratoeffl place, and the.-.Uou.e a. well a, thealtna- tlon-of theLot.wonidan.wer for any branch of busl- neaa^eapeclally for Wiolraale 8tor«, which branch l» already now projected at that very locality. Thoae who like to make a good bargain, are requested to apply at the undersigned. »J>PV Eaclne. Jannary ga. 1859 Child, A Peterson. Mr DEAB&B:— Wit ' ' readable matter the "Dictionary of Author, and as by ot ^I^p^-iSSS..^ 1 "^ 5 ^ HORATIO HILL, *gw,t, ""^ at office of H. A J. F. Hill. Quaker City InKurai.ce to, OF Pnit.ADEI.PIUA. ADTHOBIZED CAPITAL, *600,coe. PAID 0P CAPfTAL AND A8SBTT8, 277^W. Office, frantUn SuUdiny, No. 408 Waiant itfett, A. M.- at Cni fllHE mbscnber ha. been spjolnterf airmit for' this J. Company )pr Milwaukee and vicinity. Bisk- ik«n on as favoraole lerm. an other resp^nilhle Companies JAWESS. vruiTE, Agent. w ihe • Yours, faithfully Offlci, comer of WaUrr _ Lumber Vessels for Salei Schnoner Fashion, 224 tuns. Schooner D. Newhall, 1»0 tans. Scow Schooner Bngby, 168 tuns. The above vessels will be sold at very low prices for •atlsfactory security. Good tide. TAFLOR * JBWETT, finqulre of B. BjJoits, Mil aukee, Wisconsin. feb25 Aunt Judy's Tales. Parables from Nature. Motes In the Bun Beam. Fanny, the Flower Girl. Uncle Jeck the Fault Killer. For sale by NEW BOOKS — AT— WOOD A\D HAY YARBI, G. H. LAMBKKTON TT AB Jnn opened, for the benefit of all wlio may be- JOL come hte Qanameit, a Slarket for WOOD and HAT, at the K. E. Corner of Wesi Water and Clj-bonrn Streets, (Office with Messrs. Mabbett A Breed.) His Stock of Wood li large, Dry and Hard, (Cut and opiiv or nncni.) TERRY & CLEAVERS, 1«7 JUST WAT-SB STREET. B ln 0eDtria A ' rtc *- ! »«U abridged. on's Travels in Southern Africa 1 Tol oni Sermons, 6th series Higher Christian Life. s T on the N. B — Wood Pedlars, and those who sh'p larire qa-ntlties of H«v will always nod It to their advantaS to bay of tu. We.wlU nell so that dealer, may make a handsome profit by selling on the street. O. H. MMBEfiTON FUHNISH'G Huron streets, op BY STAT£^!JJHORITY7~ WISCONSIN QENEKAL INSURANCE AGENCY CHARTER OAU HR~ E |^ s . C i.., Hartford, Conn. CASH ASSKTB.....^.^ fS41,66o 99 NORTH AITIERICAM riBK IWS. t:o^ Hartford, Cnnn. CASH ASSETS .^_ fSM.SCO M WESTERN HIASS. FIRE |)«s. CO.. Of Plttsflcld, Mass. OAiH A8SSTT8 1206,699 41 CO.\WAY FIRElNStTRArVCE fco., OABHARSC™ 0 ' 000 ™ 7 ' 1111 "- \jA.DU AtsaKTX 8263,451 JT RAfftPDEN riRE INSTJRARCE CO., CASH ASSETS ...'. »425,000 GfHARD FIRE IMS. CO.flPANV, Of Philadelphia. OA8HAS8STB P .. ...-»284.ra9 T8 RAIL KOAO. THi: SHOKTE8T AND .T10ST EXPEOITlOt'K KOI TK! TO Lansing, La trosse, Winona, Read'g Landing, Red Wing, PBEBCOTT, 8T. PAUL AND ST ANTHONY. < B eof Timo. Momlar, April 4, I SAO. TKAIIV 11:00 A. M, Arriving at Jaj>e*ril'e Z.30 P. SI.; Madison a:J5 P. M.; Prairie du'Chien 8.-00 P. M Connecting with th. Prairie rtu Chien and St. Paul Packets, which leave Prairie du Ohlen on the arrival of the 8:00 P. M. Train. 2D TRAIM LEAVES niLWAI KEE n.-Eirasaw PAMoota-ariivtag i eoBnfciloB. «lth eVenlng TraJi sod Soath West, ana with D,« aa.l ilitali.tppi K*dro*<-. at Hadn iUDctlon, for Uelon auj other gtatiuo. on that Lme. Jrelght Train leave. »t s:8U A. u arrlte. ft 00 p PaIl'enUr r Tr^rie.l l e 1 ""^'^ ind " lu » '««•' here at 12^0 r *. B oJ u 15 ,' g " "* "^ * sprt^ JNi.T JlOoUlf, MastesTr. n ,r«,rtatioa, umCK O( THE i Milwaukee, April Ili, Ia6d ' i Hates of Freight Seduced Again by .\€*wT York Ac lipi,. Ka|| roa< j St.MMKR PLEAS! RK s *. , O N anj after Jd May neit, partie, »,ll , the i.ift and vl, ga nt i ij v , I Brand Rapirt. u,.l l>^k »t .-heaj. '-»,-'ur^ t me afforded lo y., tem^t Tul ,, •Ith ,t» eTt<oj.»e '.VPSCM »Kl'< ! 0(f feature*. farM(loclud ne rooms or l,er th.i f.,r ua, Sve—t.. Brand Uav«n •\n.i h^c« Fur part.«a of a,e tu urand itap,,,, . n j b ,, M<-al« can l>e l,ad on board tl 11, t, o-nt. "-14I.I I l)RE>»> \\|. «> r \T P»rtie. can leave tickets made Tali.l t<> Honr« »f 'I I.Mr-: Leave Gr.i,,l HsTn AvrtT. at liran.l Rop( Leare Cirln.l Bj,.uJ, rive -isity. ,n,j f^ v - rn tny Um* within If i.iinlnai of r> , j « r ii i. p . > Oil ». • .« U a H. (i .nfl r It CLOTH • N i I I r-. DEPAKTMBN F Transportulion E X P Ii K S S The the fart.e, c .., U NTII. further nonce it., p,,,.,, Mll»aukee, -•" ' „ a, (olio,, per j,,, N T ., l »•" ^ a neiv and com fur' »a> Uepnt (| G f » n ,| ipplioail'it. apl« CHANGE OF TJME- e Mil- , . Snip lall, irun, p lcr N y ^,, & Jiir • nJ , . fiRAHAM. arpS-dtf 1859. FAVOHITE ROUTE - w DETROIT & MILWAUKEE R. R (Now opened to Lake Michigan.) An> the unde'm.irned, hartng be . . lor the roljectirm and dell»n company, bt,, to Inrbrm L erch.nn office (»o. » Wta«i«,.n, nnn.) o.-Be.i April, .her, nr. lm can ke i,ft, »„', wl n , irff '" Ua ' imhorll<! <l c«>r. -,l, at tie of sMpoer.. luf., rKlM rrsij^it tjan.poitallon nu tins U*e »,, p Icatitto at the o«ce of Mr. A. F..ICU A ; fli!. Railroad. tre,,l,l I.,, u ,. <.,,.. h., ^! • ••' w t'oach and Sa«i«ilery UKOTHEKS . V i • i. "i.i a. "KIK NO-\ OCiL.XR.i, lil <»< FARE BY Tttfi J. W. OYafn, Affe»l. MO.!, MAHTIN BLOCK, OP 8TAIK8, Milwaukee. Wisconsin. MILLINERY GOODS. 9u>yt LjHr-Prtirure flrtt-Clau Steamert ''City of (Heveland," & "Cleveland," (Thoroughly refltted for this route.) O N ABB APTKK MONOAi-, June «th, 1819 ft*. «en(fer Trains will run as fallows: ' OOINO WK8T: NEW YORK & ERIE RAILROAD ! 'I 'KB Pare between Da.Jtlrl sn.l •,», v,, " 0rk * E SADDLEKir- HARDWARE -AND- 0 K T.HIMM I », all .|u«llties, r^e Civeri, P' y !le , mJpnnirs, A lies. lleible Irun, Ac , Bow., Fell., *, *. "I" 110 H. CRAlT»oRD. NOTICE. WEXT DOOR TO A. B. VAN COTT'S. U rj U .S 8 Si 6- VI 8s 03 O 94 M H 0 BIND UP~YOuiT MAGAZINES ! ^^^ CTWOKLAffb A 00. W ^ f e Stereoscopic Views. f , reclTed » On* I"' of Bterescopic Views embracing view, of Interesting localities In --, NUBIA, ITUSS.XT, TRELAJfD, <ta xStrtSXL"™.^*™ ""r.. ' menu. SIXTH H. RUSSELL. FROM ROUNDS A LANG DON, O-eneral Advertising Agents, 155 RANDOLPH STREET., Who are authorised to receive AdvertHemenU for this «» well u all of the matt Influential and largest circa lating papers throagh.ot the entire North-West WISCONSIN HEPORTS 1 "*' STRIOKtAND AOoT 184 East Water stetk TVBFATJLT having beenjnade li JLr certain promlttory nole, be*J 1st., 4. D. 1SST, executed nv W B & Harrls,.and also in the condittnn In-tBe condition of a ™ t i, con °l«on of a certain renel SSiH.Sl.L^S 1 , e >,» ai<! «*««t«a by«U Hlbbard and Harris to secure this payment of said note. Notice is hereby given to all parties interest^ that we«ha» expose for sale and veil an Tueaalvthe Bih H., «» JtTLT, A.D., 18S>, at lOo^ock ta^'/oreno?ntf that «ay, at the Spring street bridge, In the cltv of MII..J kej. the BchSoner WllUam fi!' B.Jpheisf her*^ towiprits, Balls, boat, anchor, cables, ana all other ""S?*!? 1ttereunto apperUlnlng and belonglnTS •atUfy the amoont remaining doe on said note and aortgajre together with the costs and erpenses of sale! MOSES A. JiffSTand : . -,. JOSEPH JAMBS, '-'.'''_'.•' ~ ' . *7W.W.BBOWX,Agmt.' BDXUB, BOTTKJOK 4 Comuu, Attorney*. Bargains in Dry Gnodt THAI IMMEKEK STOCK Of Bap. Brtdfe, depart.. •Detroit, depart. •Oswego" arriv. Bt. Johns, arrive Grand Rapids, arr •trrand Haven, arr... Mall. r. ». I0.-*0 r. «. 3:10 . 6:00 I Ullwaokee, arrive. 2-ji' Mixed. i. ». 4;«0 P. SI. 1:80 7:40 A. H. 2*) 430 Noon. 12:00 Kxpress. a. M. lOtZO t. ». ornon OF BISHOP * co., sioRGAiitR U Pos«s»ia» 0 ni lt . « CWCAO.) k. H., , AprU i, 1»M. , j. , . \ O N I and afler April 9th, 18S9, and ant, I farther no*> D0 P" 50 " '• astthoriied to »ake porch.sw ' ' l > tt^'ro^ «>, ~M,«1. for the Mfl. ttaJ.road without a wnlten order f,o C blc -' ihe underaln- " n , tnatn^ecu to ren.lef 3K» 4^0 [ Noon. , 1WW aprle B. HALL, Oenl 001NO KAST : l—AT—J _ T . c,-., j Milwaukee, depart... IVO. I 87 E.' M Water Strcei, . O r.nd Haven, dep Grand Rapids, arr. MOST BE CLOSED OUT OILVTOIEJ! BY THE ASisIGNliK, j St. Johns, arrive I Owosso, arrive. ... •Detroit, arrive Bus. Bridge, arrive.. Mall i rpr'i r. K. 8:00 A. M. . 8:00 . 4:20 - «:40 . T:5S 11:40 P. «. »:B5 tilled. dep't 6:80 ll.-SO e : a* A. H. 4:00 Night Expr's. Noon. 12:00 r. n. 8:30 10:30 A. •. 1:19 2:20 «««»• 18597 THE i>ORTIlEK\ I TRANSPORTATION COMPANY Will* during the present Season, run their well Known and popular Line of Firsi Clans Screw Steamer*, Regularly, between OODKNSBIJKOH & OSWKOO, »'PPEH LAKES! orts," eonr—'-"^^--- ^ il " u !? e< ' - ^° d lnt *ra«'i«te t ,, . , c f the l»,l Kasl-rn i.iuber OUR JOBBING DEPARTMEWT . >u . ,.,„, ., GOODS AJfD YAJTCEJ2 NOTION^ » I I N QOO < « " .lall Muh,,rai, UARNf? BROTHJU- , H.T. A 1O 130 EAST STREET, - respectfully announce to their ul.l ruatom ers, that they .till conBnne to keep the lariejl ' ? lTCted 8tOC * °' Go0 "' ln *«'' »«"• u, ?„ found In the State, and will condnct their baainera J heretofore, with the Intenlion «,f pvlng wtufacuon lo as many new customers as may feel inclined to .rive us a call we »ooJd say one of oar arm reaides in »., York, and we have facilities tor th. purchase and D an° ' 8 . 80 1 TH WELL,, IK, ---- <» --- ——•*.•« uui. ue «icpneu. we irt» all ttoe. ready to take advanlage of Eastern Marke ^prtT-dtf JOSEPH GARY, Assignee. '" "" " «»• <;..• Stock, and wil ', Carnage Mm- Lvcurgus Edgerton, vs. Wntlirop C. Lord bnd George Lord. Itrlct In the United States Dta' NOTICE THE INSPECTOR OF FISH, A SiS!,? 0 ^ y thB Oo»nion Conncll of the Oltv of ^SSS^N^SfS^.ii^^, 1 ^^ In Eqnltv. a deer. I M *r.i n _<ir.. '"i K-«— K-«icnger. west, but ', K- train win MUI leave on Sundavs. Train* 'care termini dally, Sundays ercepted. ra» TELK8HAPH LINK I. nowopen for Pmuo Bff. CONNE01TON8. AT DWELLING ch .LiT^. S , g ' ^'""P 0 ". Concord, Man- U«d. or wUI ma.e ,c t ,der, an, kind »f (Sa«h Qa tester, Nashua, Lawrence, Lowell. Worc«ster and rt «*«. W«go" or Team Harniv ' 0 " Mton,_and at Oswego with th. Hew O.wego Line of I °»» and Me for vonr-.l^f tniargsd Canal, B ° Ui ° D the tn O-^ego , - OonD « tln « ^ " d ci And Ne w V., " I>«o*lrk with '' ERIK K E M O V A L --Jlowlag described number twi In the Co SIGHT 1 A,N D H E A H IN G ma; 10 JOBS 8MTTH, Inspector. .. Eyan & Jenkins, OOUNSKLLOKS • AT LAW, BAffK BUILDING. . 0 . 0 ,d°B l v he said Blver, ran of ^n .escribed property, to wul «O« lot'™* S° N «" 1L BOAD8, for .11 mwrtantp^ renty oneffij, In the village of W.VpacJi Hor "'«» t '«d <"> MUsi^p^jver, slnd nty of Waopacca and 8t»te of Wisconsin: I Port » °*> Lake Michigan. Wanpacca Elver, at the dam erected-acrosi , In the village of Wanpacca, to proper threi ^ >es lor flouring purpose, at .11 seasonrof thl Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, Hay II, 185» mayl8-law6w M. J. THOMAa, O. 8. Marshal. —- .„. m Arl . „ evuy nauroaa Line between Dunkirk, Milwaukee & Chicago, t. I ta^Tn ft ' 0 K rtr K 0rW * r< " Ml bl thU Un « •*« »• «t>ject avn»e., uttiuAOO, WATBRTOWN and HORI ^ " a * ODe "anshlpmeat. I ,wi.rI'r, 0 ri AD8 '« l l or •" lm p° rtantpo ' nu Wat •B*\f1if'£3?*5?!!?, aaa ^**'2! 1 ' v - co - E X 1 Ires In ft TJ a nn Mi*sris>srf*.«> DL__ -_j t.i «. . I mrKt st^KKk" will n* fns>^Ms> f t*^t r "^rn N»v Vn ir k UNITED STATES IHAKGHAIVS SALE The Farmer. Loan A Trust Com 1 pan|, • 'j TheMllrankee A Superior Ball-1, road Company, ' j nitimr aviia.*;.! • 1 and with Steamers j >r Great Western Railway go o* the Kail«A«» .« n » u » n-. |emT , ng -r>p«VA| rratn over M« JVsur Tart 4 Srit • And promptly forwarded from Dunkirk^ And having made inch addition, lo executing for '«•» VWfUWMJJW, City of Milwaukee, John: Stewart, Johann 0. A. Allerdlnr, Christlaa'Hahm and Gottfried Wobtach. . In the O. 8. DIs- Krict Court for tbe f District of Wisconsin. ' In Equity. . of * dect *« «»»* e •»/ the James A !Swt,in, OP THSLATEnRKOP ' MAGJE & SWAIN * OT1. F. A. C ADWELL, formerly M Toronto, C. W^ now : of Chteavo, !»., the eminent and «kUlfnl operator on Ihe EYE; AHD EAR At Ho, MJUndoIpbi oonier of Dearborn «reet, 1» • • 7 T • . . ery ar oft h of »Uil»M and price*; for *mtoen orMrtdeno n - ™ »/ e e ° Brt o "" Un"ed Slates, for the Irhurlrt nsin, on the nineteenth day.bfMareh^ I in eenUOed cause, I shall lelf at 1 , , of Wisco theaboTeen e, sa le atwio on Tuesday, 2nd day of Angust, 16S», at 8 o the afternoon, from the steps o/tSeC6staoi the City pf Mllwtokee,«llina«lnguj,^™niorB premlsetrmentloned In the bill of complaint toaSd e^e.fnttdeicribedan «AH the foHortn.-7nre.eBt and in future w be acquired, real »^d $»»£ ty andreal estate ol the tairi defendant^Se and Superior Bailroad. Company, t • the tot dl»^ of tbe:«ailroMof i pany 'defendant, frem ;tbe Oltj-of City of OreenBayln.ald State' of n*,a tance'of one hundred and twenty mite, bulndlnc the ««ht of way. and land occupied by aaldjrst division of *•" i-pad,isnbjeqi to tbe right, tlue or claim; which the "M ; defendants! Stewart, Allerdlnp, ttthm^*^ Wooi»ch,6r either of them, may .have had at the time * decree ' to land upon : srtileh.atSsU° JIM located • . Gen'lSsp't. OJ»iB, Ticket Agents, 880 E.,t VTater st . fluBAji, Freight Agent at Oomoany's Dock. D A M B - ^,? ajK> f >GeIler * 1WeItCTnA K ent "• * M - K. Offices, June, 1669 je9 I N E tf O K T K A i T S ! A. to enah e him to say to the public with confldence .> h. i-jiow^prepare<l lo furnish them with every de- nltv, and HOUSES TO RENT. W E hare several Brick and Frame Houses to rent on very reasonable terms. Wehavealso for sale a Tast quantity of real estate, to sistlngof Hoases! Lot-, ImproTed and unlmptored rarms, School Lands! *c, We hare 60 acres near the City, wltt House, Barn 4^., for the tmall rent of »10 and taies. ™ e> "*"> QKBQOBTACO., . «< East Water street. OABS attached. ! s L T Sfl»«? n A,.i, Mr""? 7 B I°! dwm '' "«" Tor k. I th * t he ta now prepare.1 lo furnish them - at any cf the Tort ""• **"" "' T ' Co - 8 c<B n«» «lp> New I "rable style of Picture known to ihe a 8. D. CliDwsji, Agent, Dunkirk, N. r. DaffUerrotTpe* tor OH,««.,n,, c«Awroii>*Oo.,Clevelsad,0 'I J r BO, Agent N. T. Co., 94 State .t.^ Boston l. Agent V, 0. Line, 188 State St. Bosfon 1,1, "Tie, a-d ., -^ -^"- aatlsfactmn :o A. l>f>KI>9< J Hats au d Siraw AT WHOLE.SALK .AND KKTAIL. K A H T \\ MILWACKEK, Ii Cts. 1< **I] SHERIFF'S 8AL£. • • STATB OF WISCONSIN, r Wrenlt Court, Milwaukee County, \ Meyer Sboyer, 1 . "' . I • J —"p-«» Mf, swiu^^ju JiUlo* ' i Colin M. Farmer. .} . : 'VL J S t y of *° d pnnnant •« a judgment: rendered In Jb*ald~ Court, in tbe abore entitled aieUon, dated th. t—,t..^^.« -.- of Mlyi 1BM .,. rtin*'^'™^ ii» . - *— • » lr __* .^^j'yv. aim yip- "•'«« and" B. L R. J De^ol B *' MU «-*«.™", oniee- 5:K-,51^ FOHD '{ rUI.1. SIZE PHOTOGRAPHS for orilj |1,00 the Srst one, and BOo forthe Duplicates ATLANTIC CABLE -A.VD- FALL STILES || % r* . fo Ard In fact every other style of Picture, at corresponding low prices. IMPERIAL routes, giva them SATUK1>AY tap n aarU-dtm-jMtwta , A new and popular style of Picture, Colored In Oil I which far excels In Accuracy, Boldness and Beauty of onish.any other Picture ever offered Co the Pnblie.— \ Th^Asl P1rtn»»»* fiA^Mnnl* trt KA •••« »« K« K,I_I__J tirorkieg miracles la the way of * termi.- iilio, smsJI *»mi» oft •ona, near the ffl^r, for strdeatog jmrpoiei jereral thousands of acres ~of thebStSmSg Wltconiln 115 qnanflUes to mat any deinaSI feb98 '""" '' iri we "' in » Ii y -om-axv *een I»un4/or months and yean, tare bad their slrtt . :..•.••.-•.-.•.-.- Tbelwut prOof*« to how Dr. —~ •^'«-i »«*•• MIAU 4UCUOR to |>e U from,«.d«Tl;cortiorate and bth andpriTUegei of theaald rBaaroad " • -' ..^ «r to cflim^^aai^srtnfi: sTo^d.'Si ; s.,. WlscanilB'8tate Unes nm from' Jlllwaufcee to e o. portant intermediate point*. , e os-ce, In lwaukee, 9 n satardar, fas« lOth of Sepiember, 1859. at the honrof 2 r.ii.,of that day, theifoUawlftg described mortgaged premise*, or »o much thereof M may ; 1>e tiecessaryto , o u ereo M raise the amount of saM Jodgmem, together with the expenses if eal f ,!to wit? E * - • "»Sf •«»**»««»• 1*>J f«« «f lotnnmbernlrie ' • [»], In black number "JHE GENUINE ABTIOI MANDFAOTURiD BT JOHN PHALBN. fllHE only one authorUtd to mannfaetarsj to* abvos 78 EAST WATER STREET. The Phalen Boot tt- one of the most unique and e'e- ° M nd, . 184 Scut Voter Urttl, Mheavtet, Witeoiuf*. marlft-dlni W. F. BATLKT, W. U. L«ar 7 A Co., »nd Al (>( si -AT- 1 O O l e r w » r e «• i B. THnoOP no. 308 1-k 1 rl <fc t 0 . MEKCHANTM •leoll HA'l ,e wankeftandBtateof-WlsfcJn., Dated Sheriff -8 Office, Milwaukee, June i.JSofc *"* John Marquis, Architect, " SJfeam to tbe Principal Towns in $30. , Swelled Jons, ' Bememb«r tfiatthe Soli Agent for these latt inreaM BooU In this City. Is to be found at 73 last VTate?.? : where, aHi.niajrlw found »g«Mr«l awortment of ' BOOTS jk SHOES, GAITERS, AC., For eentleniAD. and Ladles that there fs In thU marUt' anprtnntaetwWsntortte anperrlilon ortt.SSSl. " , , i» pjrepareortoi^nrBlih iaani.foraU kinds of bulldlnirs attheshortest BOHe; .. : • " fit Nlc & Pleasure Excarsions. a ecen shortest notice and moit reasonable : ttrms. A Une of nORK X.\sfuh>.,» store, lor sale. * ••..'r«?w1.«..-.'.. Liymn shortest notce an moi reasonae : ttrms. A Une of OmlboHes will commencsmnning on the lit of Juaefor Forest Home, leaving Ta» Oott's corner «t • . w L .. j utniDunea wui commencsrunning on toe lit Of Juaefor Forest Home, leaving Ya» Colt's corner at f A.M. and ' ome, leaving Ya» Colt's corner The Omnibns for Wauwatoja lea ' • ^Snd W arT.^an1.r to ^. m ^To^l tk. po»^ rron BUanuhip. Teet, Swelled Head, EmmatlsmTGottt, CIrr °' BiLUMORX, ~ CITT OF WASHINSTOr'. • • • i MAN8ASOO, WU1 sail- from Hew folk for Cork direct and thance to Liverpool, TarMYtR7AJ.TXRliA.Tf SATTTSJfA T. *» : The WTTOFMANOaiSUK ana VISO will sail from BfrFAKF acd CO«K to New York enca a Month. Rate of Pasaaje from Hew Tork To Oor¥,U»erp»ol and the psinelpal towns lo IRELAND, tHQLAND an SqOTLAND: Oabln,....t75...... ...............Third Class...180. " ty Passtnjxrs forwardsd foHavre. Antwerp, Bremen and Hamburg for »'5 tn Cabin. $35 Third Class. TOPAJUS(lnS4honn (not Liverpool,) OaWa 186; Tblrl Class, |3g. •-- T - ^ Parsons wishing to (end: for their friends can obtain (HUeatcav.of pejsag* from-COUC .or BILFA8T to [may25] ^on-Explosive ftia» Lamp. T HE public is now favored with the BEST SAPKHT and most ICONOMICAL UUHT 9 v7r ,'„ . . eqnal If n ol superior to the best "oaf » Z 'Tt"?' adapted to Uhorche., Hotels. Stores H»»H i, » ' Prince Dwelling!, Railroad Car,™; ^ ^^, om 'l what is mo«, entirely ,, fe from ™ !»„/., , ' "'" •ion. Apply., JOHN QOODMAVs I,'*""' a ^ Wisconsin .treet, to ^.g - . . "" __ *««nt for tho State of Wl.conaln. Jonathan Craii c |» , UNDEKTAKKK M>Hn»S».,Oppo»ito American Ilouee «BS«)oHaTANTLTon hand a lariB » of M»hogany, Black Walnut and other Wood getherwlthFtak 1 * Metallo Burial Cases. tj The onae of the Forest Home «., foot of Kawa (trek werucarca at passa«w iroo-wui or ni .NEVFTORK for t3», from UVUPOOL $40. • Forpass*«applytaR. J.OortliiCo., ITT Broad' way, M. T., John 6. Dale,lB Broadway, N. T., or to • : . • VTMrVlinT I^ADHWV - ee, sconsn. H. fc— Passengers by this Ltae avoid Ute risk and delay o* caning at HalUkx and St. Johasv siayS A fcOOOai.H per et. tujtlamifaoti 4Ni«W. ^^^P ... .'•,•;•: '-.•''-.':', .;i j, '""'' '• ', ";" .-- •*.'.•",''•''' •''•••"- ; " 1 !"--; 1 '' /y-r^j'i-.'v^v-. -.. ! -'---.' 1 - ;.-->.-:K.„/-;•...'.: ,:-- : .'i^ / .:-'., J >--. ;:.•,.-;.- •['••• :;-",...*.-, •-;.-;"• •.;- 1 '.!.;.!:- -•i.V'..; i --";.;i: '_: r ... ..• ;.>**;. v. 1 .;-.:: ".-- -;;r-j v: ;, ,-4", "*-•;, •• - . -/. "••.- -:..•->.' v^"- •••--„---;-'.':-":"*;.-..-•.:•-'•- ; -" : -.-;". ",,;. •. - '• V • =- : - • • : " ' - • •""."""-"'. ~TT: 1 i " ; " *~'™" mm,^mm*w^* <MsWtjoi TUTT"jr* -""r~^~™ , . ., r TIMOTHT rABSsTT, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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