Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 28, 1941 · Page 14
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 14

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 28, 1941
Page 14
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Fourteen" OTERLING DAILY Oldest Continuous Sterling Business House Will Close W. J. Bell Co. Shoe Sfore Operated Here i For the Last 85 Years; Large Contingent of Sterling Selectees Leave for Army Today ••- rv 'rirfr cenera- rf th< - bu.Mnrss was H Bri; ^ ho rame from thr ra«t in V/l-:-. •;-.-- ,-:-•.•- ' '..' \V J Bril ar.ri C^ -Trr •.:. : ••• r. p ar future th«rr T> :;: '.-.*•. r f.:--^:- -'?.r^rt from the me.rc«7r.!;' r -ilf r - - c '"'-i-c probably ,thr oldr>: ,-P:"::.'.::•-: r-^i-rss in the citv. i' !'.:u!v. through P.' '• r ' tior.. 1 - of th.r Bri Thr lour.drr thr Intr .Ta:v.f< tO 11115 MClll'.IV 1854 m.ikii'C 'hr ;r;p b;,- boat and covprrr! <*n.ron Mr Brli was a boot- maker. haMiic Iranird thr trade at Mnnchr?trr. N H . otir of thr famous boot and <-hr* > manufacturing cities of thr t'rutrd State. 1 -. In 1857 Mr. Brll oprnfd hU first boot factory and >torr in R frame building on the south Mdr of East Tliird «,trpft brtwern Eiehth and Ninth avenues. With the coming of the railroad and the change of-the business district. Mr. Bell moved his store to the corner now occupied by the GehrinR jewelry store. Still later Mr. Bell moved the business to a brick bulldinp at 24 East Third street, on a lot which is now cover- ec by the new National Bank of Sterling building. About this time Mr. Bell formed B partnership with his son. the late W. J. Bell. This partnership continued for many years, until the death of Mr. Bell in 1905. During this period F. Russell Bell, a son of W. J. Bell, was added as a partner in the firm In 1910 Herbert E. Bell, younger son of W. J. Bell, was taken into the firm, which was then incorporated under the name of W. J. Bell and Sons company. Tills corporation existed until 1925. upon the retirement from active business of W. J. Bell. At that time Herbert E. Bell and Joseph C. Killen purchased the business, and moved to their present location, t East Third street, where they have since conducted the business under the name of W. J. Bell and Co. Mr. Killen after two years' absence on account of illness is again active in the store. The present store ^staff consists of H. E. Bell. J. C. Killen. Ray Clinite and F. R. Bell. Twenty-two selectees were sent to the Chicago Induction center today by the Sterling selective serrtoe board*. 15 goto* this morning, four being inducted by other boards and three having enlisted In the army, navy and'marine corps. One has appealed. Those who left from here this morning are as follows: Bottom row, left to right. John Smith, C. Curt Smith, John T. Morris, Staffer Frerichs, Klwtn N. Hoeller; middle row, William Paddock, Tommy Spraker. Delbcrt Sands, Clarence Bohms. Donald Shipman; top row, De Vere Tarvin. Robert Putnam, John Robinson, Clarence Relmar, Floyd L. Click. President of I. M. L Soys Jones' Talk, at Meeting Highlight of Session Mayor Frank E. Birch read a let* ter to the council Monday, received from A. D. MacLarty, president of the Illinois Municipal League, expressing, his thanks to the city of Sterling for its contribution to the successful annual meeting held in * Chicago Oct. 15 to 17. Mr. Mac- Larty stated that City Clerk Fred P. Jones' address at the meeting was one of the highlights of the session, adding that the enlightening information he furnished was of greatest service to the representatives of the large number of cities in attendance. Dr. Pettitt Moves to Coordinate Two State Departments Dr. Herbert L. Pettitt of Morrison assistant state director of publl health, was a visitor In Sterling thL morning, going from here to Dixon where he will pay an official visi to the Dlxon colony. Dr. Pettitt to visiting alt state In stltutions In his official capacity foi the purpose of establishing closer relationships between the health and welfare department, in which visits ;he is serving as contact officer for 'Dr. Cross, state director of public health, and Rodney Brandon, director of the welfare department. The work of the two departments is being more closely coordinated and in this way it is hoped to, eliminate any outbreak of disease such as has been known in the past.' Nome 2 New Members For Coliseum Board The resignation of Dana P. Munn as secretary-treasurer of the Sterling municipal coliseum board was accepted by the city council Monday afternoon. Mr. Munn, who holds a state position at Springfield, is out of the city from Monday until Saturday each week, but returns to his home each weekend. Appointment of Fred P. Jones to succeed Mr. Munn was confirmed. William T. Middleton was appointed as a member of the Hoard to succeed John McDonnell who resigned when he was appointed city- eom- bi&sioner. The third member of the board is S. M. Bradley. ' Clear Streets of Debris The city street department la clearing the streets of debris, including the leaves. The city tractor is used to push the leaves into- lufe piles, from which they are loaded into trucks and hauled to the dump. It is estimated that more than Wt trockloads will be taken fnwt tte streets, Motorists Rush to Get Their Cars Winterized Motorists are taking warning from the freew of Monday night to see that their can are winterised. The freeae Monday night and this morn- Ing was hardly severe enough to damage a radiator If the same was protected in any manner, but there is no assurance that the next freeze may not prove harmful. Some dealers have reported shortage of radiator alcohol this year. Several dealers have had alcohol ordered for some time and have been unable to get it as yet Other non-freezing radiator liquids are reported none too easy to secure Ethel Morley Weds Burdette McBride Announcement is made of the marriage of Miss Ether Morley and Burdette McBride at Kahoka, Mo. October 18 by Justice George E. Moore of Kahoka. The couple was attended by Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Umphress. .The bride is the daughter of Mn, Grace Morley of Rock Fall*, and toe groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence McBride of Sterling. The couple are at home in an apartment at 904 Fourth avenue. Sterling •at m^M««^h ffawtk At* are YOUputfit^finmore fuel ? BEFORE YOU wVHATYOUGET IN REFINED AND WASHED PREMIUM ^•P^BWI^^BBl Expect pkotyafricft.yv»hMHniraow<i fiouithi»q>ulity. Chemicml aaiilpw fww it a higi ntftt unit ntting . Expt- riencc ooncnat .it Our rapttt euMoman for Pmnium S-P Wa is ferwonom? too. Evcrythinij about its rWlned, washed and dtt^prooM «tttQff/poiuU to a valo* you va&t to Moses Dillon Company Identity of Woman Who Collapsed on Street Has Been Established The identity of Jane Moore, the young woman who collapsed on First avenue, near Fourth street several weeks ago and has been in a nursing home here, has been established. Her uncle came from De Kalb Sunday, claimed her and took her home with him. Mystery surrounded the-young woman, though a few days after she recovered from her collapse it was realized she suffered mental derangement. She was very secretive when questioned by the police and later by Supervisor John F. Phclps. Various contracted stories about herself were told and she refused to give the names of her. relatives. Mrs. Ruth Nelson came to see the woman at the city hall the night of her collapse and questioned her, and after she was taken to k the nursing home dally visits were made and she was questioned systematically, with the result that Supervisor Phelps and Mrs. Nelson secured a lead to DeJCalb. The name of a man mentioned there resulted in contacting him, and J* was found to be the young woman's uncle. He was informed and came to Sterling for her. It was learned from him the woman had been a patient in the state hospital at East Moline. That she had escaped from some institution was gleamed a few days after she had been here but there was nothing on her to indicate where she was from. Dean Sipple Named Tampico Supervisor Dean fiippel, who resides east of Tampico, was appointed supervisor of Tampico township at a meeting of the board of auditors Monday. He fills the vacancy on the board of supervisors caused by the death of the late Clyde E. McKenxie. Building Permits in City Include Frame Four-Room Residence C. H. Kline will construct a four- room frame house, 28 x 26 feet, at 1503 Fifth avenue, permission for which was granted by the city council Monday afternoon. Other improvement permits include the reshingling of residences of C. M. Frye at 1100 East Third street, of Mrs. A. P. Hanson at U07 Fourth avenue, and of Mrs. Motile Sheets at 111 West Fourth street. Mrs. Martha E. Emmltt proposes to place an asphalt built-up roof on the business property at 308 East Third street. A barn of the J. H. Krcider estate at 501 Fourth avenue will be reshingted. Richard Thomas will add two feet to a garage and build a driveway at property located at 612 Twelfth avenue. The old sidewalk will be removed and replaced with a concrete walk In front of the Edward McCormkk business property at IS West Fourth street. N. B. Ridge has rebuilt the iron fence at 800-11 Avenue C. An electric sign will be installed on the front of the »^**»"lT«n Coffee Shop. Prophets' Sugar Bowl Will Open Wednesday Photus Prophet will open his new "Sugar Bowl." corner of Second avenue and East Third street, Wednesday morning, The store has been completely redecorated throughout and new fixtures and furniture installed, including an up-to-date fountain. In addition to operating a confectionery, Mr. Prophet will also operate a modern luncheonette. Twenty-six per cent of all motor trucks in the United OtatM arc owned by fanners. > Jack Frost Leaves His Calling Card as Mercury Drops to 27 Early Today Whatever thoughts some persons might have had regarding frost this season were quickly dispelled this morning when the mercury dropped as low as 77 at 8 a. m. and Mr. Jack Frost left an unmistakable coat of white over everything. Flowers, which have remained beautiful through two light frosts were unable to withstand this attack and all that were exposed were definitely killed. .From now on these frosts will be frequent as there is a gradual lowering of the temperature. The mercury got only as high as 44 Monday afternoon at 3 and from that time gradually dropped to the low mark of 37. At 10 p. m. Monday it was at the freezing point. There was a thin scum of ice on open water. The sub-freering temperature lasted long enough to not only destroy flowers and delicate vegetation, but it also killed fliea and other insects. Birthday Party for Sam'l. C. Grim Sunday Mr. and Urs. Howard Grim fav« a birthday party Sunday in honor of Mr. Grim's father, Samuel C. Grim. The room was decorated In green and yellow, and a beautifully ornamented birthday cake occupied the center of a table at which aand- wichea and coffee were served, together with ice cream and cake. Mr. Grim senior waf presented with a number or nice glftar Guests present were Mr. and Mn. Samuel Grim, and son David; Mr. and Mrs. Joe Rogers and son David. Mr. and Mn. William Grim and. children. Billy. Kufene and Beverly, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Brawn and children, Shirley, Harry and Audrey and Mr. and Mrs. Howard Orte and children. Hekn and Betty. Tuesday,_ Qctofrnr 28> 1941_ MOttJSM AID WCIHTY MEWS SS; Bishop E. F. Hobcm of Rockford Confirms Class of 23 Monday History of American Music Is Presented . ftf Rot nnrtrr ^rsy m tn* White- cmmiv eonrt Tnwrtay rrswntef f Jnd^c H. «T. T,i7rt**ns. court ronrn w»s fillffl with attorneys ?rho &rr? ir- in the 01 it com? of th« mnfTrfd upon 23 rr. "'d *»t the Mo Mary's Cnthr>!!*~ church rveninjr Th* M'<vt RPV Hotwn. D D . bishop of Mr'- J. A Marshall •**.- h^- 'o '!;f Mirri.«^>n Monday F\T r; i .;h Mondny evpninj? a! «h;rh .Tuna Waliarp hnri rhnrs" o! Father and Daughter Scout Gathering Held irH. F foifmpr fhurrh paMorf. nn>"! r-irl:- borlne priests Bss^tine. A ':«•>• it 2ft priests of thr RocMord ri!nr»-.-p nt- tended the rrrrmonifvs T:.'' mrm- bers of the confirmation c',af. c - v,rrf: Adult. 1 ;. Mrs Ftnnrtw Ol>or,. Mrs Mary Catherine McCiilvrav Mrs Bernicf Ann Gormrv; William Howard Gray. Jahun John Bodkin and • MyrlirT Francis OUon Girl?. Helen Bartz. Grace Bait?. c?iar!nie Broderick. Dolores BrrxiFn-k. Roberta Clark. Jonn Mane Fietchic. Louella Gnffey, Gloria Gfrr.i;nani. June HnlHday and G!acl-.= Mar- »chang Boys, Jamrs Ciark. Robert Clark. Clarence Gorzney. Kenneth Haas, Charles Marychang Robert Clark. Clarence Oorzney. Kenneth Haas. Charles Marsxrhang. Robert Stevrak and Albert Vock. Five Morrison Men Home on Furloughs Ellsworth SHirk. son of Mr. and Mrs. Grover Shirk. Leander Smith. son of Harry Smith. Jones E. Corwin, Jr.. William Williams. Km of Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Williams, all stationed at Camp Forrest, Tenn.. and Edward Bush, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dick E. Bush of the Great Lakes naval training school, are all spending furloughs at the homes of their parents. Nominate Officers The consistory of the Morrison Christian Reformed church met Monday evening to transact routine business and to nominate elders and deacons. The church officers nominated will be presented for election at a meeting to be held in the future. New Arrival Bora, a son. to Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. Btralow. at the Morrison hospital Monday morning. Morrison Briefs Mrs. Ellen Hendrickscn and son Earl of Wakeney, Kan., Anna Johnson of Kansas City, Mo., and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hammer and eon Gail of Mllledgeville were Monday evening dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles FJetchic of Morrison. bv 3 ri •> c Mr< 'j »n 3 n A:-, in ^ari mttsir. Shf 'old of ^rrs snd played fl thry had writtrn mrludirc a n^on composer. Hall Marklin of Mrs. Rertha anri a . t! .r:."r-or in muMc at th^ l."r.r. of Idaho a! Moscow, Idaho. was assisted with the r»ro?ram niimbfr of loral musicians ar. cal selections wrre sune hv Bimry Ritchie. Mrs F. H. Sh and Robert Lasher. Mr? Trrveit played a group of numbers. Evening Circle with Mrs. Lewis Schipper The Evening Cirrle of the Morrison Methodist Woman's society met Monday evening with Mrs. Lewis Schipper with Mrs. W. E. Gould as the assistant hostess. Mr?. L. O. Coleman had charge of the devotions and Mrs. Less Schippcr had cliarge of the program which included a reading by Mrs. Andrew Witt, a monotog by Ardetta Knos with Mrs. Lee Schipper, Mrs. Richard Langley, Dorothy KinR and Mrs. Richard Askew as the actresses. The program was followed by games and a social time. District Meeting At Bethesdo Church The district meeting of the pastors of the Rock Island district was held at Bethesda Lutheran church in Morrison Monday afternoon and evening the program being carried out as scheduled. There was a good attendance for the evening session", which was open to the publie. The ladles^ of th« local church served a dinner at noon for the visiting pastors and their wives. Tax Objections Are Heard This Morning A hearing on objections to White- «ide county taw* made by several i A fafhT and r'aiichtT sir! wmit fThrnne war hr! r l in thr Morri.tin rr.'ininpal huildinc Monday fvpnir.? ~:"h l.V> prrson 1 ; prr?rnt. A pirnic "•-•nrr anri rvrn.'ntr pro-ram Ralph MrKrnrie led thf- ~.'h his ftrrordinn ."<nd the invo- -vion ^a^ pronounrrd hy Dr, H. J. Randall. Mrs. FYfrl Hainrs program r /-.airman. Jnirodsirrfi Mrs C. L. A'i. c tin. Girl Scout commissioner, •*ho told of t!-.e work that is hf-insj none and al?n nf the Girl Scout Slid Boy Scout clrit-e" for fund Tues,::^v. ! Ila Mne Bralfr was mistress of ••'r.r evrnniR cfremonies and introU: iCPd the various Girl Scout troops •siio put on various stunts ap.d ac- :;vities. INHABITED 3V. Jupiter, the largest of the planet*. ! has a satellite moon which Is almost ; as large as thr planet Mars. Some 1 ?ci<rntLsts state that this moon may 1 be inhabited. KUPPENHEEMER SUITS... TOPCOATS $40.00 $42.50 at do. B«» th« throat. VAPOftllB A HaOawc'es) treat U derib-feed-cafce WE SUGGEST! Farter Hwne Balls, A party cake,—Ike T» awke yaw HaUcwe'e* Bvtter Batla. dw. .. S4e HALLOWE'EN Another Shipment Just Arrived! THRIUING NEW 19 News For the Home Dressmaker CHOOSE FASIIOI'S IEWEST FABIICS it Chester's ^^^V WM Ww ^•^^^^•Afcip^^^p itaW* for-Coits,— Suits, Dresses.... QyoHffry ttntocff We've just received another shipment of the sensational new Phiko Radios and Radio- Phoaognphs, Every one btingi you new, exclusive inventions t . . exquisite cabinet beauty ~" 'Value! Come Tweeds in popular colors. Plaids in flannels and twills. Both are popular for skirts, suits, coats and jaunty jackets. jo . , . look tneni over • . • check their features. Hurry... these fut-sdling values won't bcbcrclongi M ia. VB.VETEEI b Rkfc Fd Skita $117.51 New, exclusive Ffcifca fattum! M«sk «• a •vdc tut 19 tt New Pkiko r. Esdt*. Fitch aad Tawpo CaatiaL TOt- JFnwt Walnut ObaMI. wr «75i New Huko Double I. F. Circuit. Softer Aerial System. V4IMH In fall shades, a leading choice for dresses WBBP™» •JHm^i^ wl^^* 3d in. wide, (hades of blue, brown, nut, black. Crepe*, corded crept, crepe twill* and other new w«*ve*. We have for your < -U. S. Def< Operation. Scpwkic BAH and TnUe Coatroi*. Many otfaer T*—J new fcaniia. Beautiful Wabu* nUart, PT-W. ACDCSu- pcrhctcrodyae. 9 total atV*. tii*- Output Speaker. Full-Vision Dial. fbowaplaftkafciacc. MERVYN H. REED IW.TkinlSt. 588

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