Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 28, 1948 · Page 4
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 4

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 28, 1948
Page 4
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^^ 24 e . M«on CTty.fc. Midwest Livestock (MONDAY Albert Lea, Minn. Slcady Trend Good Butchers 140-150 lbs 150-160 lbs 160-170 Jbs ?15.75 170-180 lbs $I6 - 75 180-190 lbs 517.75 190-200 lbs 180-200 lbs 200-220 Jbs $19.50 220-240 lbs * 20 - 50 240-270 lbs $20 - 50 270-300 lbs S19 ' 75 300-330 lbs Sla - 00 330-360 ib«: :::::;: f}«-so r»>it... S18.00 $18.00 S17.25 $16.50 S15.75 S15.23 §15.25 300-330 330-360 360-400 400-450 430-500 500-550 Ibs. Ibs. Ibs. Ibs. Ibs. Ibs. S PRICES) Austin, Minn. Steady to 23c higher S13.15 S15.I5 S1G.15 S18.75 S20.25 $20.75 520.75 S20.75 S20.00 S10.23 SI8.50 $18.00 $18.00 517.75 S17.25 $16.25 S13.75 $15.50 $15.50 Hog Prices Rule Lower Waterloo Steady S13.50 $20.00 $20.50 S20.50 S19.75 S19.00 $18.50 $18.00 $18.25 $18.25 $17.75 $17.25 $16.75 S16.25 $16.25 Cedar Rapids Steady $17.00 $13.50 $19.75 $20.50 $20.50 $19.75 $19.00 $18.50 $18.00 SI 8.00 $18.00 $17.50 $17.00 $16.50 SIB.00 $15.50 prices ruled ' Ce u tS Iower Monday than in Sharply higher ^ade, cattle were unevenly strong a 1 SS'y 1 100 ib m to tow-Koad stoe« cows bulta" n V6 H t0 , 5 ° CCllts Iowcl " cows, Bulls, and vealcrs very scarce •ctive, strong; top $35.50 for short load ££d e 'i 087 , \ b ' fed steers?' wSsTVieh- good and choice steers 530^34; load t - steerNW^n $34 - 25: bulk S°° d Sracle steers $2G.50£i,20: medium to low-nood grades $21.50-326; medium to low^choice Salable sheep 3.500. total 4.500; slauRh- ter lambs 50 cents higher; ewes strong- elTnLr° P <}-°£ lea lambs S2G: choii;e No. 1 clippers $2 3 .2 3 ; ewes $10.75 down. ESTIMATED LIVESTOCK RECEIPTS (Monday's Market) ,»?^'i Ca5 ?V ( ^>-, <u - s - D - A. I -Estimated "^nnJi i, ives i ock reee 'P ts f°>- Tuesday: 15,000 hogs^ 7.000 cattle and 3.000 sheep. SOUTH ST. PAUL LIVESTOCK (Monday's Market) South St. Paul, (U.PJ— (U. S D A ) — Livestock: ' " Cattle 4,500. Shortfcd steers, heifers predominating: rather light Monday run Slaughter steers, heifers generally steady with last week's close. Cows steady to strong, bulls steady. Bulk medium pood •teers, yearlings $23<K2G.50; 3 loads f r ^ nC JJ' 100 lbs ' S28; )oacl Sood to choice 1,280 lb. steers $29. Two loads high*!?i a* 6 $° I ? rime 915 Ib - A »g"s heifers 531.50. Medium, good heifers $21®24 50- common sfeers, heifers $I8?i20. Good cows $195420.50; few high-good $21 and .^ a =» ^21.50. Common-medium $17.50© 18.50; canners-cuttcrs $15.30(317. Good weighty bulls $23. Medium-good S20f<« 32.50. Stockers-feeders rather slow, fully •teady. Medium-good steers S206T24; load 524.75; common stockers Sl7r,i N l9. Calves 2,500. Vealers mostly steady"', although i^"^ U P , 51 ' Bulk good-choice $26«-31; high-choice $32. Common-mediums SHfi) 25; culls S13K1G. Hogs 3,500. Very little done. Few bids good-choice 170 to 240 lb. barrows gilts 521(gi21.50, or steady to 25 to 50 cents lower with some lightweights off more, compared with Friday's best time. Average cost, weight Friday: Barrows, gilts $20 94 246 lbs.; sows 517.30, 456 lbs. For week- Barrows. gilts $20.55, 240 lbs.; sows Sheep: 2,500. Market not established wound 2,000 head in early. Includes 3 loads ewes, 1 load Dakota fed lambs Balance mixed lots. Local Livestock MASON CITY—For Monday Steady. Good light lights 160-170 $16.50 Uood light lights 170-180 S18.50 Oood med. weights 180-200 $20.50 Good med. weights 200-220520.50 Good med. weights 220-240 S20.50 Good med. weights 240-270 S19 SO Good med. weights 270-300 $18.75 Oood med. weights 300-330 $18.25 Good meci. weights 330-3GO $17.75 Good sows 270-300 518.00 Oootl soivs 300-330 §18.00 Good sows 330-360517.50 Good sows 3GO-400 517.00 Good sows 400-450 S1S.50 Good sows 450-500 $16.50 No hogs received alter 5 o. m.—Jacob 8. Decker &.• Sons. CATTLE MASON CITY—For Monday Choice steers and heifers S29.50-32.50 Good to choice steers and heifers ... S26.00-29.00 Good steers and lieifcrs $26.00-29.00 Medium steers and heifers ... 524.00-26.00 Pair steers and heifers SIB.DO-igioo Plain steers and heifers ... $16.00-18.00 Choice cows S17.50-19.00 Good cows $16.50-17.00 Medium cows 516.00-17.00 Fair cows S14.50-16.00 Oood bulls $18.00-22.00 Medium bulls $17.00-20.00 Bologna bulls S17.00-1B.OO Canners and cutters SKt.00-15.00 CALVES MASON CITY—For Monday Choice S28.00 Good 526.00 Common 518.00 Culls S14.00 Good to choice 123.50 SPRING LAMBS EWES Good lo choice s 7.50- 9 50 Medium s 6 . 50 . 7 . 50 Common and Culls 5 5.00- 6.00 NEW YORK PRODUCE (Monday's Market) New York, (IP) —Butter ^42,838. Firm. Wholesale prJ"->s on bulk cartons. Creamery, higher than 92 score and premium marks AA 67c; 92 score A 05'Ac; 90 score B 64c; 89 score C C2 a ,ic. (New tubs usually command ",i cent a pound over the bulk carton price). Cheese 255,163. Steady. Wholesale sales, fresh American cheese (whole milk) Cheddars 40<?<;41c: Cheddars (grass ISMB) 50f/53'ic': Cheddars (grass 1348) shelf cured 56',-a'rj>5Bc: single Daisies 41®43''->c; single Daisies (grass 1348) 50® Sac- single Daisies (grass 1948) shelf cured 5B(Tr) GOc; flats 41f</.43c; flats (grass 1948) 50«F! 55c; flats (grass 1948) shelf cured 57iiij G2c; Midgets (grass !948> 55<ff57c; Midgets (grass 1948) shelf cured 60'M"c62c- processed, r> lbs., 40ff|:42 1 ic; domestic Swiss (single tubs) best 5Gr258c; others 47rri,54c. Eggs 14,925. Steady. New York spot quotations follow: Midwestern: Mixed colors: Fancy heavyweights G2c; extra No. 1 large GOc; extra. No. 2 large Saffj 57c; extra. No. I medium 48« r (4Be: pullets 40(547lie; current receipts 51iij.52c- dirties 49r,i50c; checks 45^i47c. CHICAGO POTATOES (Monday's Market) Chicago, W—(U. S. D. A.)—Potatoes: Arrivals 132, on track 22G; total U S shipments Friday 73G, Saturday 15, and Sunday 3. Supplies moderate; demand light; market unsettled. Colorado Red McClures S4r.X4.05. Idaho Russet Burbanks ?4.25'?74.30. bakers $4.50. Minnesota-North Dakota Red River Valley Pontiacs $3ty>3.40. Advances in Grain Lost Chicago, (#»)—A slight expansion in selling pressure wiped out early advances in grains Monday. Small fractional losses were substituted for the equally small earlier gains. Trading remained quiet. At noon wheat was g lowe>- to i higher, May $2.27g, corn was i-i lower, May $1.48g, oats were J-jj lower, May 78|, and soybeans were \ lower to $• higher, March $2.63. MONDAY GRAIN' CLOSE Chicago, (.'Pi— WHEAT— May July Sept CORN— May July Sept Dec OATS— Mav Jufy Sept. RYE— j May SOYBEANS— Mar. , .. May July .. . LARD— Jan. . .. Mar. .. May . . July Livestock AUCTION Wednesday, Dec. 29 — 1:00 P. M. CATTLE - HOGS • SHEEP HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! FOREST CITY AUCTION CO. MERLE C. HILL, Manager, Phone 461 Sale Barn Phone 488 JUNE IN JANUARY That's just about what your dairy cows will enjoy when you install Jamesway Electric Ventilation. At least, the air will be pure and fresh and much freer from barn odors. A better place to work —for you and your cows. Not only is the cost surprisingly low, but the ease with which this modern ventilating equipment is installed is quite remarkable. See us today about YOUR barn. We'll be glad to give you an accurate estimate on a complete installation that will prove to be one of the best investments you ever made. FERTILE LUMBER CO. FERTILE, IOWA DEALERS'"Jamesway EQUIPMENT High 1.42'ii 1.36',-i .79'i .73':, .70'. 2.6-1'3 2.57»« 17.10 17.17 17.17 Low 52.27U 2.10% 1.48 1.46»B 1.41 1 i 1.341-. .78':. .73'i, 1.71 2.62'i, ^.59'.. 17.00 17.05 17.07 17.07 Close 52.27*^ 1.47-47 *\ 1.41'i 1.34V- . .73 «i, .70?:, 2.G()>-. 2.57 17.10 17.17 17.17 17.17 Mason City Grain At 10 a. m. Monday No. 2 oats, 36 lbs ?5 C No. 2 yellow corn, Dec $1.23 No. 2 yellow corn, Jan $1.25 Soybeans, Dec. . 52.88 CHICAGO CASH GRAIN' (Monday Market) Chicago, i ft— Wlieal: None. Corn- No 4 mixed $1.36'/a; No. 1 yellow SI.48- No ' ?1.4GVi«j»48; No. 3. S1.43 1; -<fi47- No 4' §1.35Vif(.43H; No. 5. $1.2Bi'*fe38 : U; No 3 white $1.45U; No. 4. SI.36. Oats: No 1 heavy mixed 83?:,; No. l heavy white eg'/irijgo; No. 1 extra heavy white 90- No. 1 white 89; sample grade heavy white 80. Barley. nominal; malting Sl.SOTiGfi- feed $1.02320. Field seed per hundredweight nominal: Timothy 317.505-18; sweet clover SlS-frlB. Soybeans, none. Stock Market Prices Mixed New York, (/P)~ A slight sinking spell in the stock market Monday washed out modest gains and rate oE around 1,000,000 shares, left prices mixed. The volume of trading was at the near the average for the past week. There was no particular pressure on the selling side and volume was noticeable for its absence in both periods of rising and falling prices. The biggest losses were about a point and with few exceptions the gains were in the larger fractions. Produce (QpotaUons hj f. G Morse) At 10 a. m. Monday Capons, 7 lbs. up 55c Heavy hens, 5 lbs. and up ... 29c Heavy hens, 4 to 5 ibs 26c Light hens 22c Springs, heavy breeds 30c Springs, Leghorns 23c Old cocks, heavy breeds ... 15c Leghorn cocks I2c Eggs, at retail 49-59c Butter, Corn Country 73c Butter, Iowa State Brand .... 74c CHICAGO PRODUCE (Monday's Market! Chicago, df) —Butter f i r m. Receipts 430,809. Prices unchanged except '.;. cent a pound higher on 03 score at 63c; 92 A 64.5c; 00 B C3.75C; 80 C 63c. Cars- 90 B 64.3C. Eggs steady. Receipts 17,973. Prices unchanged except 2 cents a dozen higher outside on dirties. U. S. extras, 70 per cent and up A 54.5c; 60 to 69.9 per cent A 52<g53c; U. S. standards 47rf750e; current receipts 45®47c; dirties ~40c; and checks 36.5f(i:37c. CHICAGO POULTRY (Monday's M.trkct) Chicago, (IP)— ry. S. D. A.)—Live poultry steady to firm. Receipts !) trucks Prices unchanged. F. O. B.: Fowl 394;41c- Leghorn fowl 31r«32c: roasters 43r,,48c- fryers 37'r/>lo.5c; broilers 34'<i37c;" old roosters 2flifi:2fic. F. O. B. wholesale market: Young heavy ducks 45frj 1 47c; small ducks 35<?(i:i6c: young torn turkeys 4~r,i 55c; young hen turkeys 65fl,66c. Christmas Bonus Checks Go to Buttrey Employes Christmas bonus checks have just been distributed to every em- ploye in the Buttrey stores organization, it was announced by Grover Reip, the local Buttrey manager. This year Buttrey stores set aside an amount equal to 10 per cent of the company's net earnings to be paid to its employes as a Progress and Performance Bonus. Every employe in the organization, other than executives, shares in this bonus plan. The individual payments for 1948 range from a minimum of S5 to over S500. Mr. Reip states that this distribution in no way replaces the amounts annually paid into the employes' benefit fund—it is in addition to those payments. The Buttrey employes benefit fund was started in 1942, and each year the company has contributed a substantial share of its earnings to the fund which is held in trust for the company employes and is now in excess of 3210,000. New Angle Devised Biff Rapids, Mich., <U.R>—Dclbert Yettaw, 21 year old navy veteran attending Ferris Institute, lias a different approach to making side money for hi.s education. Yettaw makes exhibition parachute jumps at county fairs at .$50 a leap. AT CHRISTMAS MASS-Father'"Ambrose Gionnoukos, choir and altar boys are shown above presenting the Christmas eve midnight mass at the Greek Orthodox church. Card of Thanks WE WISH to thank our many kind friends for the words of comfort and for the beautiful flowers. We wish to thank the pastor and Mr. Mc-Aulcy of the funeral home for the kind words ex- Ici-drd to us in the loss of our dear daughter, Helen Ruth Pinla. Mr. and Mrs. Tony Pintn and children. WE WISH to express our sincere thanks to our neighbors and friends for their kindness shown xis during our sorrow. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Rule, 1307 S. Delaware. Mason City, Iowa. Funeral Director MEYEH Funeral Home. A beautiful service need not be costly Ambulance service Phono ISOft PATTERSON JAMES Funeral Home Known for Service Ambulance oxygen equipped 322 N Washington Ph 1140 MAJOR Funeral Home Phone 511 "Majoj Service Meets four Need Auto or Air Ambulance NEWS of RECORD Fire Calls At ":41 p. in., Friday to 7U Adams N. W., home owned by Holy Family church; H. N. McCarron, occupant. Lint and paper in hot air pijic. At :i a. m., Sunday to liUU 'ind X. W., Great Western railroad. No fire. He-quest to fill diescl engine u'Hh water. Births Reported 4 (At Slercy Hospital)—Daughter to Mr. and Airs. Donald Schacfcr, Klcmme, Sunday. ^ San to Mr. :tnd Mrs. Arthur Ilethamci, Clear Lake, Sunday. Daughter to Mr. and Sirs. Donald Widen, Corwilh, Saturday. Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Koy Ouor- goff, WI7 ltd S. U'., Saturday. Sun to Mr. and .Mrs. Marliit Nisscn, Fertile, Friday. Son to Mr. and Mrs. Itoger Selioncinan, Clear Lake, Sunday. Son to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kctchum, •1UK Ilith X. W., Sunday. Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Amundson. Clear Lake, Sunday. (At Park Hospital)—Son to Mr. and .Mrs. John C. Krank, JGli) 1'rcsidciit N. W., Saturday. Son to Mr. and Mrs. Melville W. HuRties, Clear Lake, Saturday. Son to Mr. ami Mrs. James Duanc Lee, Clear Ivako. Saturday. Son to Mr. and Mrs. John 1). Crawford, fill) VroMdcnt H. W., Sunday. Police Court Careicss Driving—Paul Wolil, U09 Dcla- ivarc N. E., forfeited S~i bond. New Car Sales C. C. 1'arks, Rockwell. Fraxcr: Kobert Aastrup, Clear Lake, Chevrolet truck; S. M. Dolan, Kockwcll, Frarcr: C. E. Griffith, -it,; Uth S. E., DodRc; Dorothy Douglas. D'J'i N, Federal, Cadillac: Lucille Bcntz Wilcox, Clear Lake, Ford; Dorothy B. Hailcy, 110! :Jnd S. AV.. Ford; Willis E. Weyrauch, route 1. N'ash. Marriage Licenses Kichard Alan Ilciiry, 2'!, Detroit, Mich., and 1'iri Kalilenbcrj;, ,11, Sarasota, Fla.; Robert E. Cobern, 21. New York City, and Elcn Betty Christcnsen. :!(!, Clear Lake: M. Gordon Nelson, legal, Clear Lake, and Julia DiMareo. legal, Mason City; William G. Carlson, Jr., ^3, La Grange, III., and Betty Carol Jaeobson, U5, Ilrltt; Francis M. Helm, 2.->, and Gcne- vlcvc Rose, Jo, both of Plymouth; Harold Waldemar Ilassel, ;ii. Roosevelt, Minn., and Mavis Ethelyn Gilbcrlson, ',:;(, Joicc; Oliver H. Mocn, 28, Fertile, Minn., und Blanche Erickson, Si), Plymouth; Otis Irving Anderson, 23, Forest City, and Betty Louise Rhodes, 17, Mason City; George Henry Linne, 21, ami Phyllis D. Momycr, 10, both ot Clear Lake. Divorces Granted Mary Belle Baldwin divorced from tra Sidney Baldwin oti grounds of cruelty. She is given custody of a child and he Is tu pay the outstanding family debts. Granted by default. Raymond Oscar Ovcrbcck divorced from Doris Ovcrbeck on grounds of cruelty. Granted by default. Harold J. Ohrt divorced, from Lucille Ohrt on grounds of- cruelty. Property divided by agreement. No alimony. CROP Drive Goes Well in Hancock Co. Garner—The Hancock county CROP drive has been completed and a report released by Hancock County Chairman Hilary Greiman. The report indicates that Hancock county citizens were very generous in their response and contributed a total of $13,221.16 to be spent for food fo?- needy Europeans. The Hancock county drive was well organized on a town, township and school district basis and nearly every person in the county was contacted. A few straggling contributions continue to trickle in from people who were missed when solicitors were around. Following is a breakdown of receipts from various towns and townships. The Crystal Lake report included in the Crystal township report. Woden is in the Bingham report and Corwith is included in the Magor report. Ellington. $569.50: Madison, S385; Crystal. $613.50: Bingham, $684.50; Orthcl. $598.05. Britt, $205.50; Garficld. S523; Concord, S7I8; Ell, SI. 198.50; Liberty, $1,132.25; Erin. $460. Boonc. $322: M a g o r. $501.25; Amsterdam, $1,025; Twin Lake, S800; Avcry, $601. Goodell, S(56; Klcmme, $500.50; Garner, $1,282.37; K a n a w h a, $731.24; Britt, $304. DEALERS WANTED A few choice county dealerships available in North Iowa for RUSCO all metal, scU storing combination screen and storm window sash. Business" can be operated from your own home with very small overhead, assuring you a better income. WRITE, WIRE OR PHONE 841 FOR APPOINTMENT AND COMPLETE INFORMATION. WHITE RUSCO CO. 1715 South Federal — Mason city, Iowa MAIL-POSTAL Tfbu. L-'l FOUR CENT AIRMAIL POSTCARD TO APPEAR— Announcement has been received by the post off ice of a new 4 cent airmail postcard to be issued on Jan. 10 at Washington, D. C., and to go on sale* here soon thereafter. The new card, pictured here, will be the regular postal card size with the new 4 cent stamp arranged horizontally in the upper right corner. The stamps will be printed red on a cream colored card, according to the U. S. posl- office department. Collectors desiring first day cancellations may submit an order to the Postmaster, Washington 13, D. C., for not more than 5 postal cards, plainly indicating the full name and address for each card, it was stated. The new card will not be enclosed unaddressed in outside wrappers. Mrs. M. Davey Rites Tuesday Services to Beat Holy Family Church Requiem high mass will be celebrated for Mrs. Mary E. Davey, 89, at the Holy Family Catholic church at 9 a. m. Tuesday with Msgr. R. P. Murphy, celebrant. Mrs. Davey died Thursday at the home of her sister, Mrs. Catherine Lynch, Grand Forks, N. Dak. She was the mother of the late Leo A. Davey, former mayor of Mason City, who died 2 years ago. Mrs. Davey was born Mary Elizabeth Hagan, daughter of James and Margaret Mullin Hagan, pioneer residents of Berlin, Wis., on March 9, 1859. She was married to Parley Davey in 1884 and they settled on a farm south of Mason City. One son. Leo Arthur Davey, was born to the couple. They moved to Mason City in 1890 where Mr. Davey was "engaged in the implement business. He died in 1896. After her son's marriage in 1910, Mrs. Davey moved back to Berlin and resided there until 1930 when she came to live in Mason City. After Leo Davey's death in 194G, Mrs. Davey moved lo Grand Forks, N. Dak., to live with her sister, Mrs. Catherine Lynch. Surviving arc her sister, Mrs Lynch; daughter - in - law, Mrs. Florence Davey, St. Paul, Minn.; a granddaughter, Mrs. Thomas Whalen, St. Paul; a grandson, Jerome Davey, South Bend, Ind., and G great grandchildren. Mrs. Davey was a member of the Holy Family Catholic church and the Ladies Aid society. The Rosary will be said at 3 p. m. Monday at the Meyer funeral chapel. Interment will be at the St. Joseph's Catholic cemetery. The Meyer funeral home in charge. LEGAL NOTICES NOTICE Of PROBATE OF \V1t.l. STATE OF IOWA. CERRO GORDO COUNTY, ss.—In District Court. N'o. in.v:—October Term. lil-IK TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: You ,ire hereby notified, that an i strument of writing purporlinK to be ti last Will and Testament of C. H. Promt Deceased, dated February 27. 19-!S, h.i ins been this day filed, opened and rea 1, Monday, Ihc 17th day of January, 1D49. is fixed fen 1 bcarinp proof of same at the Court Housr in Mason City. Io\v,i, before the District Court of said County, or the Clerk of said Court: and at "2 o'clock P. M., of the da.\^ above mentioned all persons interested are hereby notified and required to appear, and show cause, if any they have, why said instrument should not he probated and allowed as and for the last Will and Testament of said deceased. Dated at Mason City, Iowa. December l.i, IS-iR. S. II. MacPEAK. Clerk of District Court By EVELYN SLOCK. Deputy. New Manager Hired Cresco—SucceedinR C. J. Ol'l'er- man, Celcst Lukes of New Hampton, has taken over the management of the Barnctt Appliance store, pfferman is continuing the operation of the War Surplus store which iintil now ha?, been opera tins in the same room with the appliance store. The War Surplus stock has been moved to the Cresco Refrigeration store. Calmar—Born lo Mr. and Mrs. Warner Gal'ney, a daughter Dec. 22 at the Dccorah hor.pital. A. Duniavey Rites Held in Local Church Solemn Requiem mass was celebrated for Ambrose Duniavey, 70, at the Holy Family Catholic- church Monday morning with Father Edward Riley, celebrant. Father Ivan Boyd' was deacon, Father William Barragy, sub- deacon, and Father J. B. Murphy, master of ceremonies. Altar boys were Roy Hutson and Tom Sheehy. Mr. Duniavey died at his home, 522 Jefferson N. W., Christmas eve following a lingering illness. He was born Jan. 11, 1878, in Ireland and had been in the wholesale feed and cattle business in Mason City 30 years. Surviving are 2 daughters, Mrs. Evelyn Lowrie Durand, Chicago, and Mrs. Lowren Kreider, Mason City; a grandson, Robert James Lowrie, Evanston, 111.; 2 brothers, Con Duniavey, Mason City, and James Duniavey, Norwalk, Ohio, and 2 sisters, Mrs. Mary Dan ford, Des Moines; Mrs. Frances Hall, Omaha. He was preceded in death by his wife in 1946. Mr. Duniavey was a member of the U. C. T. Pallbearers were Cal Dwan, Fred Cahalan, Harold Keidle, Wilbur Fritz, Bert Murphy and Morgan McEnaney. H. J. Kramer was usher. Burial was at Elmwood cemetery. The Patterson-James funeral home in charge. New York Stocks By ASSOCIATED PRESS Am Tel & Tel 1493 Anaconda Cop 3 3 3 Bendix Aviat 35J Beth Steel 34 j Boeing Airplane 22jJ Chrysler Corp 53 3 Gen Elec 39i Gen Motors 58 g Illinois Central 31 A Int Harvester 26^ Montgom Ward 54 A N Y Central R R 12i Radio Corp 13& Sears Roebuck 3i3J Stand Oil Ind Stand Oil N J Texas Co 525 U S Steel 70* McAULEY & SON Funeral Home A distinguished, dignified funeral service Ambulance. 8 South Adams. Call 651 Personals 5 DHIV1NG NEW CAR lo Los Anecles, Cal. about Jan. 3. Will take -1, share expenses. Rcfs. H. Lenuner, DK1 4th St. S. E. Phone 4336-W. Lost, Found ..OST—Keys in small leather case. Return to Globe-Gazette. LOST—Black leather billfold containing val. papers and wedding ring. Reward. Call 4451-W after G p. in. Help Wtd., Male 20 WANTED—Married mini on farm. Separate house, elec., wuter. Ail power machinery. Glen Robcn, Sheffield. Ph. Rockwell 1U-F104. WANTED—t men with cars. $40 per week guaranteed plus commission while learning. No experlfii'e or investment. This is something different. If you arc not earning 575 to over $100 per wit. it will pay you to Invc&tieatc. Steady. See Mr. Carder. 1 lo 4 p. in., Wednesday only, Hole! Cerro Gordo. WANTED—Pin setters. Good wages. Dick's Bowling Center, 21 2nd S. W. Help Wtd., Female 21 WANTED—Full lime practical nurse. Ph. 421J-W or 5432-R. WANTED—Dishwasher; also waitress. Mary's Cafe, 11 3rd St. N. E. LOST—White female Cocker with brown spots; harness. Child's pet. Reward. Ph. 3810. 304 S. Vermont. LOST—Brown rimmed glasses in brown case on bus or downtown district. Call 2571-W. LOST—Star sapphire earring. Reward. Ph. 4304-J. LOST—Mail's gold Masonic ring. Return to Globe-Gazette business olflce tor reward. LOST—One blue serge suit, size 50. One blade overcoat size 50. near Radio Chapel. Reward. Phone 3053. LOST—Sin. black and white spotted dog. Ans. to Rex. Reward. Ret. to 1G16V:! N. Pe nn. LOST—Vic. Post Office—black wallet. Lyle K. Woscpka, Ph. 2898. Reward. LOST OR STRAYED—Shop, and police dog from 104 Bth S. W. Please return. Money to Loan 8 CASH "LOAN'S" $20, $50. $100, up to $300 To Consolidate Overdue Bills to Pay Seasonal Expenses For Doctor or Dentist Bills For Repairs on House or Car For Any Good Purpose Loans are made on salary, car or furniture without endorsers. Take 0. 12, 15 or more months to repay depending on the purpose of vour loan Household Finance Corporation U7',i N Federal Avc. Phone 54) Over Green Mil) Cafe WANTED — Exp. waitress, morn. Grill Cafe, Clear Lake. jAFTER JAN. 1, 1949 BARON'S STORE will have an opening (or Detail Girl who will relieve cashier. Applications by mail only. Interviews after Jan. 1. Experience helpful but we are willing to train. Applicant must have a knack for figures and the willingness to learn. Age 20 to 35, High school education. Write BARON'S 6 S. Federal Mason City. Iowa WANTED—Girl between 2n and 30. Clerical work. Apply at Ideal American Laundry, 22 1st St. S. W. WANTED—Girl to care for 2 children in my home. Ph. 2454-J. WANTED—Waitress. (i a. in. to 2 p. m. 6 day week. Apply Buehler Cafe, 720 South Federal. Situation Wanted 22 WANTED—Practical nursing or housework. Write A-27, Globc-Gnzclte. Salesmen 25 72 Death Nonces 1 LOANS—S50 to S100, Fidelity Discount Co. 30 1st St. N E. F. H. A. LOANS for house repairs at thf United Home Bank & Trust Co NEED MONEY? Le'. me help you. Loans S2b to See Mrs. Simon. 25 years of reputable deallnc. Fast, friendly- service at Security Loan Co Third floor First National Bank Bldg ANOTHER FARM LOAN ~ BORROWER MADE HAPPY He phoned us on Saturday. We immediately contacted our loan outlet. Farm was examined and security approved on Monday. You can't beat this service. Hugh H Shepard Room 205 Foresters Bldg. Phone 284 McGURK. Mrs. Mary,' 75. of I31B Jersey N. E.. died at a local hospital early Sunday, following n fall down the stairway to her bnseincnt on Christmas night. The Rosary will be xaid at 8 p. m. Monday and Tuesday at the Pat- terson-Jamcs funeral chapel. Funeral services will be held Wednesday at n a. nj. at the Holy Family Catholic church, with Msgr. R. P. Murphy officiating. Interment will he at St. Joseph's Catholic cemetery. The Patterson-James funeral home in charge. ARMSTRONG, Mir.s Jnnn E.. Sfi, died at her home at Plymouth Christmas dav. Funeral services will he held at the First Methodist church at Plymouth Tuesday pt 2::;n p. m., with the Kev. Dale Nicholson officijitinR. Interment will be at Oakwood cemetery at Plymouth. The Patter.son-J a m c s funeral homo in DAVEY. Mrs. Mary E.. S3. died Thursday at Hit- home of her sister. Mrs. Catherine I-.vnch. at Grand Forks. N. Dak. Requiem" Itish Mass will be celebrated at Ihc H o 1 .v Family Catholic church at ft a. m. Tuesday, with Msgr. T5. P. Murphy, celeb) ant. " The Rosary will be said at « p. m. .Monday at the Meyer funernl chapel. Interment will he at the Si. Joseph's Catholic cemetery. The Meyer funeral home in charge. DUNLAVEY. Ambrose. 70, died at hi.< home. \t'2Z Jefferson N. W., Christmas eve, following a lingering illness. Solemn Requiem Mass was celebrated Monday morning at the Hob- Family Catholic church. Duiial was at Elmwood cemetery. Tile Patterson-James funeral home In charge. BROOD, Pfc. Marine J. P., Swaledale. was killed in action on live Jima Feb. 22, 1945. Services will be conducted at the M.ithodist church at Swaledale, Tuesday at 1:30 p. m., with the Rev. Harvey Walker officiating. Members of the American Legion Post 440 of Thornton will conduct the military rites. Interment will be at Pleasant Valley cemetery at Swale- dale. The Major funeral home in charge. MAASS. Pvl. Robert II.. was killed in j acllon in Walfersreuth. Germany. April ! 1"). 194ri. Seivicrs will be held "at the .M.'ijor Memorial chapel at 2 p. m. Wcclnes- ,day. with the Rev. E. A. Bicdcrinann of • St. James Lutheran church officiating. i Interment will he at Memorial Park cemetery with military rile.:. The Major fu- home In charge. -BE PREPARED TO PAY BILLS DUE JAN. 10th The average person accumulates numerous bills this time of year. Don't allow your bills to be delinquent. Protect Your Credit Consolirifite your accounts with a loan from U-N-I-T-E-D Financial Service 15i N. Federal Phone 57 Over Ford Hopkins Drug Store Seeds, Feeds 17 FOR SALE—Baled straw. Write I'. O. box 12 or Ph. 180-R2. Clear Lake. Fort SALE—300 bushels certified Blue Tag Hawkcye .soybeans. Best offer. II" linois' uew wonder Ijcan. Higher yielding, earlier better combining than the famous Lincoln variety. P. O. Box S45, Jolict, Illinois. Business Opportunities 18 Excellent Neighborhood Grocery inu good buslnes.s. Immediate sion. Sale price SIIGOO, including stock and fixtures. WRITE R-27, GLOBE-GAZETTE DISTRICT REPRESENTATIVE We are looking tor a man age 25-45 interested in professional sales work to represent one of America's oldest and largest organization in Mason City and adjacent territory. Guaranteed iucorr.a to su,rt with, excellent training. Commissions and retirement plan. Wiite Box B-17, Globe-Gazette giving age, education, marital status, general background. WANTTO BE INDEPENDENT? Here is your opportunity to become your own boss. We are looking for a reliable, friendly fellow who likes to sell—who is ambitious and is anxious to increase his earnings. This fellow has a car and is preferably between the ages of 35 and 55. Our Company, over 55 years old, is recognized as one of the leaders in the Industry. Our products are sold to all types of business and the sales possibilities are unlimited. This is a permanent position —so write us immediately, giving age, phone number and other details for your chance to be independent! U. O. COLSON COMPANY PARIS, ILLINOIS Services Offered 27 ELECTHOLUX vacuum sales and service. E. S. Aley, :,20 15th N. W. Ph. 1315-W. WALLPAPER hanging is our buslnesi. Phone S441-W. CESSPOOLS, septic tanks, toilets, cistenn cleaned and repaired. Write Jim Eas- Icy. Box 134. Clear Lake, Iowa. OLDSMOBILE Sales and Service ZENORS Authorized Packard Service H & H Motors 12 Seventh St S E. SEWING machine repairing s and rebuilding—oil makes. Parts and supplies Mason City Appliance Store. 211 S. Federal Phone,. I 103 Wanted—Young Ambitious Man j TO LFV.RN AUTO SELLING I Salary anri rornmission pjici j while learning. : If you r ni uualify ;ipply to M C MOTORS See Mr. V ilsor, 10 Fourth fl. E. Authorized Skelgas INSTALLATION AMD SERVICE PHONE 5574 Egeland Skelgas and Appliance IB South Uelawar* WARD'S SERVICE DEPT. Expert, experienced and economical service on all makes of radios, oil heaters, refrigerators. Specialized attention on Ward's washers, and small appliances. Call fl60 Mon fgome ry Wa rd MASON CITY

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