Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on April 2, 1898 · Page 3
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 3

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 2, 1898
Page 3
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SATURDAY MORNING, APRIL 2, 1898. Itenjs of /Sevs f rorp ft" Parts of Couijty Solicited Urxler this ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF MAILS. MAILS ci.osi-;. 6.27 A. M.--Vin I). C. K. R., for Points North. «.«7 A. !.--Via O. A. R. R., for 1'oitlts West. !).:JO A. M.--Via O. A. K. R , for Points Knit. 11.45 A. M.--Vi.i Sli-anur, lor River 1'oinls. 1.IIO P. M --Via stati'-'. lor Pnstoti. IMS P. M --Via U. Js C. K. R., for Points Nortli. ·t.-tO P. M --Via Q A. R. K., for Points Vest. 0.40 P. M.--Via y. A. R. R., tor Points 1-ast. MAILS A R R I V K . 7.87 A. M --Via Q A. K R., from Points liast. 1O.OII A. V --Vii Q. A. K R., from Point!. Vcsl. ll.OO A. M.--Vn Stage, trom Preston. 11.3O A. M --Vn steamer, trom River Points. la.OO-- M.--Via D.ftO.K.R./lrosii Points North. 5.1O P. M --Vn O A. K U., from Points Hast. 7.IB P. SI.--Vn (j A. R R.. from Points West. S.OO P. M -- Vi i U ft C.R.R. from Point-- Xortli. PUBLIC BUSINESS CALENDAR. CIRCUIT COURT WILL MEET APRIL 4. ORPHANS' COURT WILL JFEET APR. 5. LEVY COURT WILL MEET APRIL 5. SCHOOL BOARD WILL MEET APRIL 5. THE LOCAL DEPARTMENT, DASHES HERE AND THERE. H. B. Mason will p a i n t the grain elevator at Q u e e u s t o w n . On our first page to-day will be f o u n d tbe Conference proceedings. Mr. J. A. Tra/.zare lias recently painted bis dwelling ou Lowe street. Mr. Harry A. Roe will begin the m a n u f a c t u r e of cans about the first of May. Our local dealer ia d a i l y newspapers has eujoyed a booming business lately. Mr. Charles Rhodes' new store at Queen Anne's is rapidly nearing corupletiou. We understand a regular freight train will age-tin soon bo placed ou the Queen Anne's road. Mr. H. L. Cooper w i l l soon begin the construction of n. handsome dwelling on the corner of Main and Sixth streets. Wheat is worth f r o m 03 to 99 cents in the Baltimore market, and corn brings from 33 to 35 conts. Oats are worth the same as corn, and rye is quoted at 55 cents. The fur product of Dorchester reaches remarkable proportions. One man recently sold 27,000 rauskrat hides, and the skins of 50 coons and 100 minks. He received $0,645 for the lot. Secretary Wesley Webb, of the PeninsulaHorticultnral Society,says there is a uniform prospect of f u l l crops of fruits and vegetables in all parts of the Peninsula. He f u r t h e r says, however, that f r u i t buds are ten days or two wesks in advance of the season, and hence in danger of injury by frosts. Richard E. Smith, colored, while cutting wood a short distance from Deuton on Monday last cut a deep gash in his left foot. He managed to reach town, despite a heavy loss of blood, but fainted w h e n he reached George Redden's drug store. Drs. George and Fisher rendered the necessary medical assistance. The display of millinery at Miss Ida J. Mcllvaine's store on Tuesday and Wednesday last was the finest ever made in Denton. Many ladies of the ladies of the town and vicinity made a visit to Miss Mcllvaine's, and many were the expressions of admiration at the beautiful display, and her artistic taste was highly complimented. Governor Lowntles has set April 15th as Arbor Day. It would be well to observe this a n n u a l festival more faithfully, and carry out its ·purpose more effectually. The planting of pretty trees by ,the wayside, especially in towns and villages, is a praise-worthy custom, and one tending to b e a u t i f y and make pleasant the thoroughfares and the homes adjacent thereto. S. R. Downes, Esq., residing in Queen Anne's c o u n t y , has two lambs ·whose mothers died soon a f t e r birth. For a. time Mr. Downes was perplexed to know what to do with them, but finally discovered he had a cow that had become attached to these orphans, and was willing to act as a mother towards them. The lambs are now of good size, and seem to be very proud of their adopted mother. The Rev. Aloysius Green will deliver a highly entertaining lecture, entitled "Choosing a C o m p a n i o n , or the Highway and By-Ways of Mat rirnony," .at Mozart Hall, Greens- borough, April llth. Mr. Green is a talented and eloquent speaker, and those who enjoy a literary treat should take advantage of this opportunity to hear him. The lecture will be given under the auspices of Greensborough Council, No. 191, Jr. 0. U. A. M. According to the wish of the Methodist Episcopal Conference then _in session at Lewes, General Manager Trosel on Saturday issued notices announcing that an excursion advertised for the following day would not be r u n . In an interview President Bosley explained that the excursion was asked for by members of the Conference who had t h o u g h t that many people would thus be afforded an opportunity to attend the Sunday services. The store of Messrs. A. R. Wrighl and J. E. Butler, near the railroad depot, narrowly escaped destruction on Thursday m o r n i n g last- The fire started about five otsloek under one of tho counters, and had gaincc great headway before discovered 'Then the neighbors gathered u n i fought it bard, soon e x t i n g u i s h i n g it, but not before sevetal hundret · dollars damage had been done bj the flames. A good deal of the wood-work was wrecked and goods ·rendered almost worthless. There ·was no insurance on the stock. CHARGED WITH A TERRIBLE CRIME, O Coiist:illi- Ji. W l l l l n n i W r l R l i t Is Locked Ui in ,T;iil-- I'nrtieiilnrs. Madison William W r i g h t , of this place, was arrested on Monday u i g l i t last and locked up in jail by Sheriff Rice, charged w i t h a felonious ass a u l t upon Miss Mary Ella Stuck, the sixteen-year-old sister of his w i f e . Justice James E. Higuutt issued tho w a r r a n t for Wright's arrest, and the prisoner waived, a hearing-. Miss Stack made the affidavit, charging Wright with the crime, iu the presence of State's Attorney Deweese. 'The arrest caused a great deal of e x c i t e m e n t iu D e u t o u , and the deplorable affair has been widely talked of- Miss Stack, who is the d a u g h t e r of Mrs. Mary Stack, a highly-respected lady of Preslou, Las been a student at the High School here since last full, and stood well in her class, being well advanced in her studies. Sho was graduated last May from the Preston Academy w i t h the highest honors. She was a model scholar, and very popular. She came hero to pursue tho studies of the tenth grade, and has boarded at Mr. J. W. Kcvr's, near t o w n , most of t h e time. She soon became a favorite with the young folks, and had many friends, her gentle and refined manners and vivacious disposition a t t r a c t i n g m a n y to her. A s t a t e m e n t of tho case, made ou Monday night by one in a position to g a t h e r the facts, is to t h e effect t h a t Miss Stack was at Wright's on Thursday uiglit of last week, her sistor, who went to Baltimore t h a t day, having requested her to stay and care for the f o u r l i t t l e c h i l d r e n . There were several boarders there, i n c l u d i n g two young ladies who worked in the shirt factory. Miss Mary was depended u p o n to attend to the household, and w h e n breakfast was over Friday m o r n i n g , and all ex.cept the children had left the place'Vnd when the young girl was in t^', jmt r o o m -- t h e parlor--alona, Wright r e t u r n e d from his shop. He m a d e i n s u l t i u g proposals to her, was repulsed, but c o n t i n u e d his advauces and seized her, and despite her struggles committed the terrible deed. So prostrated w i t h fright was she that she was soon helpless in his b r u t a l hands. Before leaving, Wright, it was stated, warned his victim that if she told what had happened he would proclaim that she was a bad character, and otherwise threatened her. Mrs. Wright came h o m e on the morning train, reaching the house shortly after ton o'clock. Sho discovered that s o m e t h i n g had gone wrong, the nervous condition of Mary being manifest. She was informed of what had taken place, and Wright, it is said, sought to justify himself in the presence of the girl, who was so frenzied with anger at his accusations that she tried to strike him. Since t h a t time she has been in the care of kind friends. The matter was kept from the public for three days, but a few of Mary's close rieuds were told of it. She adiuit- ed that she had tried to destroy icrself by taking l a u d a n u m . It was \lso said by the j'oung man w h o works iu Wright's barbor shop t h a t he tried to borrow a pistol, but was not successful. Subsequently he earned t h a t she hart intended to c o m m i t suicide w i t h it. At the t i m e ·£ her a t t e m p t to secure a weapon te did not know w h a t had happened j u t suspicioned that s o m e t h i n g was vrong. A f t e r her efforts to kill herself had become k n o w n she was watched. She was greatly disturb;d and said she could not sleep. When arrested Wright had little o say. He is a sou of Curtis Wright, a retired aud well-to-do farmer who resides in Harmony. He has m a n y relatives in Southern Caroline. Oue of his brothers is a minister of the ospel. Several years ago he had a barber shop in Eastern, and was a member of a military company there. About three years ago he 'moved to Denton and opened a barber shop. He was an active worker for his party, and was a short time ago appointed a constable,'but he continued to conduct the business of barber, occupying a shop in the Stewart building. Wright will doubtless be speedily tried. Court will be convened next Monday, and his case will early claim the attention of .'the grand jury. Since bis incarceration the prisoner has realized his situation, and has at times wept bitterly. Ou Thursday morning Sheriff Rice, having reason to t h i n k Wright had a weapon concealed upon his person, went in the cell to search him. He stoutly denied the possession of any such thing, but tho sheriff fouud secreted in his stocking a revolver, fully charged. It is not k n o w n , of course, w h a t use he 'proposed to make of this weapon. The Caroline Treasurer Hill Killed. Mr. Redden in tho House of Dele gates.on Thursday reported the unanimous report of the conference committee on tho bill providing foi the salary and duties of the treasurer of Caroline county. After it Lac been read, Mr. Redden moved to lay the report on the table. He ex plained that the sole object of the bill Was to decrease the salary of the Democratic treasurer from $1,SO( to $1,200 per a n n u m ; that he hat been elected for four years, and as serted that the bill was presented in the interest of the derated Republi can candidate for the office. Mr Todd asserted that while the bill de creases the salary of the treasurer i gives him a clerk at $30,0, for w h i c l he must at present at present p a j himself. The yeas and nays wer demanded and the vote resulted 51 to 18 in favor of postponing indefi nitely f u r t h e r consideration. A "«·«· :iiid S w i f t Steamer Secured. T h o " P a v o r i t e , " a f i n c , s w i f t steamer has been secured by tho Queen Anne's Railroad Company. She is o be put on the route as a successor to the B. S. Ford. The latter boat is owned by tho Chester River ompaiiy, and has been u n d e r lease to the Queon Anne's Railroad dnr- ug the past year. That lease has about expired. The contract for the B. S. Ford was not renewed. The business of the railroad company las prospered so largely iu excess of calculations t h a t it has been f o u n d necessary to secure the service of a m u c h more commodious boat. It was for t h a t reason t h a t lie existing relationship between he Queen Anne's Railroad aud the Chester River Company; has been o m p l e t e l y severed and entirely new irraugemeuts made for the c o m i n g ear. The contemplated change will be ut in operation on April S. At hat time the new steamer will be tarted on the route, and the runs vill bo made from P i e r O ^ instead of No. 7i. The railroad company tas leased t h a t for its headquarters n Baltimore. The Favorite is a win-screw propeller, elegantly fit- ed up, aud thoroughly comfortable u every detail. She can easily ac- otninodate one thousand passengers. -Icr speed is a m p l e to enable her to over the several daily trips w i t h i n chedulc time. Sho has been used i short t i m e for excursion purposes. The boat is comparatively new. She vas constructed ou plans designed y some moneyed men of Now York, nd for a w h i l e plied between the ig motropolisand Manhattau'Beach. t was her natural advantages as an xcursion boat w h i c h induced the Queen Anne's Railroad to secure er for its service. The company u t i c i p a t e s an immense excursion raffle from Baltimore to Queens- own, Rehoboth aud Citpe May; for t reason a boat of stifficientcapac- ty was obtained in the beginning of lie season. It is probable also that u additional boat w i l l be leased to ssistiu the t r a n s p o r t a t i o n of f r e i g h t s well as excursion traffic. Tho boat is 129 feet, 9 inches long, 9 feet, 7 inches beam aud 9* feet epth of hole. She registers 241 ons net, and 422 tons gross, aud ns b u i l t at Tompkius Cove, N. Y., 1894, for the Favorite Transpor- atiou C o m p a n y . The vessel is a ast r u u u e r . 1'reston. The last m e e t i n g of tho Preston jiterary aud Musical Club was enter- ained on Thursday evening of last week by Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Noble and ,aughter, Miss Bertie, when the ollowiug interesting literary pro- gramme was rendered: Select rcad- ng, Miss Bessie Phillips. Recita- ion, "Adrift ot» tho Sea," Miss Sortie .Noble. Select reading, Miss \ r elma Hollis. Review, Longfellow's Evangeline," Miss Julia Kelley. Select reading, Kiss Lula Fletcher. Recitation, "Love and its A t t r i - nites," Miss Bessie Phillips. Select eading, MissMattieDouglass. Recitation, "Old Age,'^ Miss Veltna -lollis. Select reading, Prof I. E. Williamson. With the exception of ongfellow's b e a u t i f u l epic, "Evun- geliue," upou whicha paper was pro- ared by Miss Julia Kelley, theabove jxercises, interspersed w i t h sweet nusic, were entirely voluntary. The iiost of the other members on duty or the evening wore absent ou ac- o n n t of sickness. Among the lady isitors present were Mrs. James H. )ouglass, Mrs. Smith and Miss Grace )ixou. The next andjast meeting of the club, for the season, w i t h a program ou the latter half of the 'Victorian Age," will be held at the ·esidonce of Mr. and Mrs. William I. Hollis. The club contemplates lolding a series of summer moon- ight picnics, iu the following order: At tho "Friends Grove" in June, "at he residence of Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Douglass iu July, and at the resi- lence of 'Mr, and Mrs. William T. licy iu August, w i t h perhaps one or two others at the river d u r i n g the warm weather. A n u m b e r of Prestonians attend- d the c h i n a wedding of Mr. and Mrs. John Dillon, at C h o p t a n k , last Saturday evening, among them Caplain and Mrs. C. S. Carmine, Miss Bertie Williams. Dr. L. D. Kelley, and Messrs. J. S. Kelley, Vede Led- nuin and Claude Lcdnuui. IIillKborou{rli. The public school m e e t i n g which jas been called by the School Board will be held iu the Academy, Friday afternoon, A p r i l 15th. The Examiner, the trustees and patrons of the school are expected to attend the meeting. Mrs. E. L. Thompson has returned from Philadelphia with the Easter styles. Miss A n u i e Collins has gone to Ocean City, N. J., where she will remaiu for a season. Mrs. Geerge F. Beavcn is visiting friends in Dover. Rev. F. F. Carpenter and family have returned, and wo extend a cordial welcome to t h e m . llickniuii. A l i t t l e son of A. D. Lewis fell ofl a bicycle a few days ago aud fractured one of his arms. Mr. W. R. Peters is getting lumber in place for a n o t h e r new dwelling, which he \yill soon erect. Section Foreman Charles Morg, of the railroad service, w i l l occupy the house. Miss Lillian T. Greene, teacher o our school, has been on the sick list but is now belter. Messrs. H. T. N u t t l o Bro. wil have a m i l l i n e r y o p e n i n g to-day Miss Clara Sewell will have charge MORE ROAD SUPERVISORS NAMED. o l'roi-p«'liiiK«ir t h e l.cvy Court lit U* Sl "'- sinil l.«sl Tiii'Mlny. The C o u n t y Commissioners ou Tuesday last appointed tho following supervisors of roads: M. L. Weaver--Road from Greensboro, via b u r n t m i l l , to Ridgely. Alex. Diilin--Road from Lowe's school house to Greensborough ;tnd Burrsvillo road, thence to Whitoleys-' burg lane. F. II. Chambers--Road f r o m L. B. W i l l i a m s ' gate, through Poplar Nock, to C h o p t a n k ; from Willis Wright's gate to Preston and Choptank road at Waldron's, and from Poplar Nock road to Hog Island and B e t h l e h e m road. W. H. Chcczum--From Smoot's crossing to Cedar Lane; from M. K C h u r c h at Preston to Bethlehem: from the Sisk f a r m to Smoot's corner; from Coats' corner to Grove road, aud from Taylor's farm to Bethlehem. James McManus--Now road from Mason's Branch to Bradleysburg road. James Pippin--Road f r o m Denton Bridge to New Bridge; from Harris' Chapel to m o u t h of Tuckahoe river. Joseph G. Griflin --From Harris' Chapel to Hillsboro, and from Griffin to Coward's Point. Matthew McDauiel--From Willow pond, corner of W. D. Taylor's aud P. W. Downes' lands, to corner of K i u u a m o u and S p u r r y f a r m ; from corner of the Jewell and Clark f a r m s to Salisbury's school house,and from corner of the Smith i'arm to Henry C. Fisher's. Ira Galloway--From Spnrry's corner to Knott's Mill road; from Thaw- ey's Church to Griffin, and from tho rickory at the south gate of the George W. Taylor farm to William p . Richardson's. Fred W. Towns--From D e u t o n Bridge to Hillsboro. Johu Long's school house to road lending from Spurry's corner to Knotts' Mill; road ending from Knotts' Mill road ;ind Hillsboro road, via Jarrell f a r m , to ong's school house. William H. Garey--From Piney C h u r c h , via Capt. M a t t h e w Garey's 'arm, to the Garey's Mill road. Clarence Stanton--From Charles Howard's to Toy Drijsrgins', and from James W. Salisbury's to Willistou aud Concord road. Francis S. Todd--From H a r m o n y to Hog Creek b r a n c h aud back to Janey's road. Roger Covey--From A. L. Hntch- nson's cross roa'ls to Green's cross roads, and from T i l g h m n n E.Kelley's ·ate to.American Corners. B. N. Chambers--From Cliipman's jane to Faulkner's bridge. C. W. Edgell--From American Corners to H y u s o n , and from Three Bridges to Laigniel's bridge. Joseph F. Smith--Green's cross oads to Federalsbttrg; the J. T. Mowbray road out to the Forbes f a r m , and from Nichols' Church to corner of Bayarct Nichols' f a r m . I. J. Chambers--From W m . Stevens' cross roads to American Cornors; from Opossum Hill to Foder- \lsburg road, and from Chambers' to Beach amp's branch. Johu Chaffinch, of W m . -- F r o m Wm. Steveus' cross roads lo Smilh- ville road, and from J o h n Wright's o Patrick Carey's. M. L. S u l l i v a n -- F r o m Thomas Andrew's to Feder.alsburg. Daniel A. Williams--From Old Blooraery to Thomas Andrew's; from ond of Chipman's Lane to Houston's Branch: from American Corner lo Liiuguiel's, and from Lehman's to . Griffith's. F i a u k P. Covey--From Chip man's Lino to Charles Williamson's road. R. H. Dean--From Levin W. Wiliams' corner to tho corner of Dr. J. J. Clark's farm, and from the widow Hubbard's to Joseph Smith's. M. E. Noble--From Noble's gate to Federalsburg; from Stowoll's store to Charles Noble's gate, aud from the Beals farm to Nichols' store. J- W. Johnson--From Concord to Hubbard's cross roads aud thence to John Wright's. D. J. Bowdle--From C. R. Nenl's to John Wright's, and from Bowdlo's to Hubbard's cross roads. Johu Satlorfield--.From W. W. Dukes' to M. L. Sullivan's and to Fishell's, ;ind Hignutt's to Bloomery. A. B. Todd--From W i l l i s t o n road to Harmony and poiut road, and from George II. Williamson's lo point road. John Howard--From American Corners to Dean's Mill and t h e n c e back, via J. H. Ross' to the Charles Howard road. Walter Howard--From Jones' Cor- uer to Bureau, thence to H u t c h i n - sou's cross roads. (Jim ri The Baltimore Conference of the M. E. Church South closed last M o n day. Following are some of the app o i n t m e n t s : Easton and Caroline, II. T. W i r u m a i i ; Hillsborough, H. M. Roaue ; Queen Anne's C. L. Kennard ; Stephen City, J. C. T h r a s h e r ; Leesburg, E. V. Register; Middleburg, C. S. S t a n t o n ; Fauquier, J. C. S e d w i c k ; Middlotowu, J. R. And r e w ; Greenville a n d tPoterstown, W. L. S m i t h ; Mt. Crawford, C. D. Harris ; Patuxent, T. J. L a m b e r t ; Kent, J. Edgar W i l s o n ; Church Hill, S. V. H i l d e b r a n d ; Trappe, G. R. Mays ; Royal Oak, L. G. M a r t i n . No service was held in the M. E. C h u r c h here on S u n d a y last on account of the sad affliction which lias befallen the pastor's f a m i l y . Tbe t h i r t y - f i f t h a n n u a l session of the Delaware (colored) c o n f e r e n c e closed at Orange, New Jersey,, on Monday. Rev. E. H. Dashield filled the p u l pit of the M, E. C h u r c h S o u t h , 1 Hillsboro, ou Sunday last. D w i l l i of an Ktl!iii:illc Wonmn. I^'ol iii m a n y a year has t h e r e occurred in D e n t o n a d e a t h w h i c h occasioned inure widespread sorrow t h a n t h a t of S a t u r d a y last, w h e n Mrs. H l i z a l j p l h E. Webster passed away. The sail e v e n t was unexpected, and her hu-sbanil, Rev. Z. H. Webster, pastor of the M e t h o d i s t Episcopal C h u r c h , w a s u n t i l t w o days b e f o r e a t t e n d i n g Conference, t h e n in session al Lewes. She grow rapidly worse, a n d , r e a l i z i n g t h o a p - proach of d e a t h , spoke to her l o v i n g f r i e n d s , who were always about her, and told t h e m of her readiness to oboj the Mahler's c u l l . Amid her s u f f e r i n g her ^onlk' s p i r i t n e v e r lal (prcil, :iiid a l l h e r c o n v e r s a t i o n do q u e n l i y bespoke t h o i r a n q u i l l i r y o f h e r b e a u t i f u l C h r i s t i a n d i a m e t e r . T h u s i t v.,-ts u n t i l the end camt.'. s l i o t t l y 1'ol'oro n o o n , w h e n ;ill t h e 'ighboi hood was o v e r s h a d o w e d by t h e df'i-pust gloom a t ( h e i m p e n d i n g s:- of ,i intiuh loved one. W i t h f:il t c r i n y word-*, i n t h e closing m o - m e n t s of h e r c n r l h l y l i f e , she said, d o u b t l e s s \ v i t h t h e c o m i n g l i g h t ol t h e y l o n o n s b e y o n d , ' ' D e a t h -- H e a v en !" The a n n o u n c e m e n t ol' her d e a t h w a s received w i t h t h o l;oenest Uriel'. I n her c h u r c h work she had gained a w i d e inlliieiice, and tho in s t r n c t i o n she gave i n t h e S u n d a y School and in t l i e E p w o i t j i League p c l i u g s a n i l her most, p l e a s i n g soc i a l a c c o m p l i s h m e n t s h a d a t t r a c t e d hosts of devoted f u n n e l s . The f u n - eral services were held on M o n d a y n! lemooti in tho c h u r c h , which was filled. Revs. .Robert W. Todd, John D. C. I l a n n a anil George L. Hariles- ty, representing the Conference, conducted the last sad rites. Rev. Mr. Todd read a S c r i p t u r a l lesson, and the c h o i r sang "Asleep in Jusus." Rev. Mr. H a n n a offered a prayer toucliiiigly b e a u t i f u l , and this was f o l l o w e d by t h e singing of "Beckon ing Hands." R e v . Mr. Hardosty read a p p r o p r i a t e verses from the Bible, and t h e n Mr. H a n n a , . w h o was the pastor of Mr. and Mrs. Webster before the former's e n t r y i n t o the m i n i s t r y , addressed the congregation, p a y i n g the deceased a tender and f e e l i n g t r i b u t e , and there were few r.uinoistcned eyes in the great assembly. Mr. Hardesty spoke very e l o q u e n t l y on the i m m o r t a l i t y of a C h r i s t i a n l i f e , and Mr. Todd also spoke very f e e l i n g l y . The r e m a i n s were t a k e n to the cemetery, and in the presence of h u n d r e d s i n t e r m e n t was m a d e . Six y o u n g men, mem bors of Mrs. Webster's S u n d a y School class, were the pall-bearers. Ainong lliose who are bereaved are five small c h i l d r e n . Mrs. Webster was a daughter of Mr. Henry Brewington, of Salisbury, and a sister of Rev. J. A. B r o w i n g t o n , of Lincoln, Del. TKIBUTKS TO A XOHLE C H A R A C T E R . At a m e e t i n g of the Oflicial Board of tlic M. K. Church, held ou Wednesday, the H0th of March, 1898, the f o l l o w i n g paper was u n a n i m o u s l y adopted : The invincible L'ncniy of fallen Immunity, death, lias ngain invaded our town. Eiiul wrenched from Iheconliumiity. Ironi our church, .iml troin her home and lovcil ones, niir i!cnr Sister Webster, u i t e a f o n r lteto\ed pastor, Rev. Zack It Web- hter. thus p u t t i n g to rest the form, and quieting the hand*, so ottiMi t-een cmknvoriiiK to allev late anil in.ike tolerable the sorrows anil infirmities of others,, but the rich mi-Hownei-s of her voice as he supplicated the Throne of Divine Grnce, ap- pcnled lo the unconverted lo (lee the wr.ith to come, cr tol] ol IUT abiding laith and hope in Coil in the public service btill lingers, m our cars, never to be t'or^oltcn : the community, the i-hnrch, her family, have irreparable loss, and our prayer to the Great llenler of all sorrow is that the seed sown by our lamented sister may yieUl to the church she loved atid to the Kingdom of our God a splendid harvest of immortal souls ; \\e commend onrbeloved pastor and his children in this their bereavement lo Jinn Whom he knows so uell ntul to Whom lus so ofleii pointed others in thedays of their sore trouble, assuring htm of the heartfelt sym- palhy and prayers of Ills ehurch that his work and fife and the lives ot his bereaved children may prosper in the hands of the Lord, t i l l t h e day \vhcn thev and v,c .mil .ill the redeemed of the I.ord shall join our sister in the kingdom of endless bliss in Heaven. The f o l l o w i n g preamble and reso- l u t i o n s were passed by the Methodist Protestant F o u r t h Quarterly Conference on Monday. \Vlll.RHAS, Dentil has entered tin: lionie of our hrotliLr-and lellow-taborcr in the Gospel, Rev. '/,. II. Webblcr, :uul borne a\\a a Christian wife and mother: and, ·\Vin.ltl..\h, Hie Quarterly Coiile-rencc of Caroline ehariio, Methodist I'rotestant Church, is mnuliiil ot the worth to Cltnstiatiity of tins now samUcl voman; therefore Resolved, Thai ly the death of Bister Webster the c o m m u n i t y has "sustained an irreparable loss and till, cause ot Christ is berefl ot one of its most f.uthlul and ycaluus advocates. Resolvetl, That as representative of a neighbor church v^e eliensh Hie memory of her cousecrat t_d h i t , thai we commend our grief-btrickeii brother and Ins motherless children to Him who Inith s:nd, ''I ivill not leave you comfortless," ami extend them our most trnteinal IIM e aud sjmpa thy in tins thtir sore bereavement. k'noJrvt/, That a co|y ol these resolutions be sent our brother ami also to the local press. C a r o l i n e Council., No. 175, Jr. 0. U. A. M., by its committee, has adopted the f o l l o w i n g : \VIII-HI-.\S, It pleased the ( Councilor ol the imivtri-e in Ills minute uisclom to tend the \nt:el ol Death into the home of our brother, Rev. / H. '.VebsL-.r, uhich has borne .uwiy, as itb victim, Ihe u ife and molher of tile hom'e from her a.uun^ the li\ 1115 to the realms of eler- n,il il'.y. be it therefore Kesolveil, That ui. the members of Caroliiu- Council, No. 175, Junior Order United American Mechanics, sarlly dejilore tin-* icreat loss, to our brother, and extend to him and Ins family our profomulesi sympathy in this their time of mouriiiiiR. ficsol\ cfl further, That .1 copy of these resolutions Ue sent to our brother, that they be spread upon the minutes of the Council, aud that we cause them to be published in the papers ol the tiu n. Clmngc of I'oKtul Clerks. Mr. William T. Corkran, formerly of t h i s place, who has beeu in the r a i l w a y postal service for some t i m e , being r e c e n t l y engaged ou the Queen Anne's road, w e n t to New York on Wednesday last to work ou tho r o u t e between t h a t c i t y and Washington. Mr. Corkran's salary will b e i n c r e a s ed, and his o p p o r t u n i t i e s for promo- t i o n are b e t t e r . In his place, on the Queen A n n e ' s road, Mr. T h o m a s C. Enos tool; charge of the service on Wednesday m o r n i n g . Mr. Enos w i l l reside at Lowes, to which p o i n t the mail service on tho new Hue will bo extended on Monday next. Tit Ihc ("rli/i'iis r Dcillon. We t a k e t h i s m e t h o d to express our g r a t i t u d e a n d t h a n k s t o t h o c i t i ·/ens and f r i e n d s of D e i i l o n and vi- c i n i t y for their p r o m p t response and persistent efforts i n e x t i n g u i s h i n g t h e recent rite and s a v i n g the properly and goods of y o u r g r a t e f u l stib- sunbers. A. R. WRIGHT, J. E. BUTLER. SUDDEN DEATH OFSYLVESTER SMITH. Strlrhcn A V i i l i I'.ir.iljsis While at Work in H i s Y i i r i l -- O l l i o r Ocutlis. Sylvester S m i t h , who since 1S.)2 has resided in t h i s c o u n t y , and who was one ol! our most h i g h l y esteemed citizens, died very s u d d e n l y at his h o m e in Htdgely on Monday morning- !;iht, a b o u t eight o'clock. lie bad not been in good h e a l t h for several m o n t h s , but had not been i l l , and a l t h o u g h f e e l i n g feeble had not been confined to his room- He was out in tho yard w h e n ho was seized with paralysis, fell and was. carried into the houi-'e in an unconscious condition. Ho lived only a few m i n - utes, d y i n g w i t h o u t regaining cou- ciousness. The deceased was born n Delaware F e b r u a r y 2'2d, IS'22. Ho was doceiided from an English family who settled in Delaware before the r e v o l u t i o n a r y war. When ibout t h i r t y years of age Mr. Smith removed to Caroline c o u n t y , purchasing a large tract of land near Ridgely. He was an excellent farmer and his property rapidly i n creased in v a l u e and has been for m a n y years very p r o d u c t i v e . He was largely engaged in f r u i t growing. Several years ago he b u i l t a handsome residence in Kitlgcly and retired from business. Mr. S m i t h was twice married. His first, w i f e was Bliss Mary G u l l e t t , of Delaware. Three c h i l d r e n were born of t h i s u n i o n , T h o o p l i i l u s W. Smith, a well-known druggist, Albert (j. Smith, the machinist, aud ex-Senator Thomas A. S m i t h , who was tho Democratic nominee for C o m p t r o l l e r last fall. His widow was Miss Mary W i l l i a m s , of Delaware, and the sons, James H. S m i t h , of the mercantile firm of Smith Brother, Charles F. S m i t h , a general agent for a N e w York fertilizer m a n u f a c t u r e r , and Robert E. Smith, tho j u n i o r member of the firm of Smith Bro., and Mrs. Laura Sigler, wife of Orphans' Court Judge John A. Sigler, alsosurvive. M r . S m i t h had,deservedly,not o n l y the respect b u t the esteem of all his acquaintances, who kuow of his integrity and u p r i g h t n e s s of character. His life was most exemplary. In politics he was a s t a u n c h Democrat, but he n a t u r a l l y avoided p r o m i n e n c e in party matters. However, ho was t w i c e elected to the office of C o u n t y Commissioner, aud he f u l f i l l e d his d u t i e s strictly and unostentatiously. He was public- spirited, and he and his sons have c o n t r i b u t e d very largely to the growth of Kidgely, now oae of the county's i m p o r t a n t towns. The f u n e r a l was held on Wednesday a f t e r n o o n last. A f t e r a short service at the late homo of tho deceased the remains were taken to the M. E. Church. Rev. F. F. Carp e n t e r spoke f r o m the text: "I have fought the good fight." Interment took place at Denton cemetery. The pall-bearers were Johu F. Dawson, llisden Pluramer, Henry C. Fisher, Johu C. Jarrell, Alfred A. Sigler and W i l l i a m N. Cannon. Mr. Charles A. DeFord, a promi- n e n t c i t i z e n of tho Sixth Election District, of Queen Anne's county died at his residence, near Damson- town school house, last Monday m o r n i n g , a f t e r a lingering illness e x t e n d i n g over a period of several years. Mr. DeFord was a n a t i v e of Queen Anne's and was born uear R u t h s b u r g , July 31st, 1824, being in the seventy-fourth year of his age. In earl}· life he mastered the trade c a r p e n t e r i n g and was considered one of the most s k i l l f u l mechanics in t h a t county. He a f t e w a r d s engaged in f a r m i n g and pursued that occupation w i t h success. He was a m e m b e r of c h u r c h for a period of over forty years aud was active iu the work of the church. He was married twice, his last w i f e , who was a Miss Richardson, s u r v i v i n g him. Four sons and one daughter, the result of the iirst marriage also s u r v i v e , as follows: Mrs. Martha L., wife of Lemuel Lynch, Messrs. Wm. F., C. Thomas, J. E. aud Harry P. DoFord. Funeral services were held at the Hillsborough M. E. C h u r c h , South, Wednesday m o r n i n g at LO o'clock aud the r e m a i n s were laid to rest iu the Hillsborough cemetery. Rev. C. P. N o w l i n , pastor of Ruthsburg M. P. C h u r c h , conducted the services, aud the following gentlemen were selected as pall bearers: James H. Dodd, Samuel Roe, Thos. II. Dodd, P. T. Poits, John Dodd aud William Holland. Mr. Geo. L. Buckmastor, an aged and highly respected citizen of Greensboro, di.ed at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. G. A. Caso, at li o'clock Wednesday night of last week, aged eighty-two years- Mr. Buckmaster was boru in K e n t county, Del., where he spent the greater part of his l i f e . Ho removed to t h i s county iu 1877, where he had since resided. He leaves seven daughters, all grown. Mr. Samuel Dean, who lived n e a r FoduralsburgjOii the Dorchester side, died on Thursday of last week, from the r u p t u r e of ;i blood vessel. He had beeu suffering trom a stomach trouble and overstrained himself in s p l i t t i n g wood. Deceased was about t w e n t y - f o u r years old and loaves a wife, to whom he had. been m a r r i e d but l i t t l e over a year, and an i n f a n t child. Ilis parents five in Federalsburg. Mr. Horace Redden, aged'2(5, sou of John W. Redden, E^q., of Q u e e n Anne's, who for m a n y y e a r s resided ' in TtiukalioeNeck, died of c o u . s u i n p I lion on Saturday lust. The f u n e r a l , was held on Monday, and i n t e r m e n t 1 took place in D e n t o n cemetery. Mr. Beniah K i u n a u i o n i n f o r m s the p u b l i c t h a t a nrst-chtss l u n c h may bo had u t his place d u r i n g court. .llurtJi Ui-nl ]·;(,itr Trunsfcr.s, The f o l l o w i n g t r a n s f e r s of real cs- lalc were recorded iu Clerk Ilobbs' ollu-e d u r i n g the m o u t h of March: Edward T. Mooro, trustee, to J. B. Fletcher, Preston property, $320. Maria W. C u r t i s to Henry T. C u r - tis, KMijoly property, nominal eons i d c r a t i u n . J. Allen Moore and others, trustees, to George II. Moore, Second district property, 410 acres, $C,107. J. Allen Moore aud others, trustees, lo George II. Moore, 116 acres in Second district. J. Allen Moore and others, trustees, to A n n a M. Moore, Greensboro property, $'2oO. Alexander Russell to Parren E. R u s s e l l , 40 acres in Second district, .$000. Robt J. J u m p and others, trustees, to John E. Wilson, 78 acres in Sixth district, !r27G3.S2. Alex. Russell to George H. Russell, Second district property, 70 acres, $2400. F. P. Herr and wife to Laura Shnncr, Ridgely property, $100. Catherine A. Kiunamou and hus- baivl to Alexander Ross, 5 acres in First district, $5G. Harry W. Temple and others, trustees, to T. C. Stay toe, 137 acres in First district, $045. A n n i e E. Roe aud husband to Walter S p a r k l i n and Wm. H. Deweeso, deed of trust of Ridgely property, and property iu Quccu Anne's county, also. P r u d e n t i a l Land C o m p a n y of Baltimore City to Rentjo H. Rykens,- 97 acres iu Fourth district, $1600. M. Frank Stack and w i f e to Rhoda A. E l l i o t t and others, 117 acres in Fifth district, $1000. R o x a n u a Cooper aud husbaud to Robert M. Messick, 14i acres in Fourth district, $500. Fred R. Owens to Thomas L. Day, Ridgely t o w n property, $3700. Burton W. Parker, trustee, to Robert Patton, 9 acres iu Eighth district, $1(37. Robert P a t t o u to Burton W. Parker, 9 acres in Eighth district, $167. John Sattcrfield to Margaret A. Butler, property partly' located in Delaware, 16 acres, $650. James M. A n d r e w s aud wife to Edward E. Goslin, Federalsburg property, $100'. Samuel T. Jones and wife lo Etta Rash, Goldsboro property, $75, Isaac S. Joslin and wife to Wtu. H. Bedwell 14 acres in First district, $70. Wm. H. Bedwell and wife Estelle Bedwell, 14 acres in First district, $75. James N. Todd, trustee, to Wm. S. Johusou, Greensboro property, $225. F. Eunice Edgell and husband to Charles W. Towers, 82i acres, $1200. James Jester and Mary E. Jester Maggie L. Jester, 65 acres in Fourth district, $300. Joseph II. Bernard and w i f e to Thomas E. Jarrnll, 9000 square feet at Greensboro Station, $1000. Thomas L. Day and wife to James N. R i c k a i d s , Ridgely property,$300. Wm. R. Howard and others, administrators, to Thomas L. Day, Ridgely property, $43.62. Clara E. Giulford aud husband to Thomas W. Jones, Ridgely property, $1100. Samuel H. Horsey to Nathaniel Horsey of S. H., deed of trust for 265 acres iu Second district. Laura Shauer to Sylvester M. Imler, Ridgely property, $110. Martha E. George and husbaud to Susan R. Carroll, 123* acres in Sixth district, $400. A n n i e V. Emory and husband to Mary Carroll, same property, $400. I'ci-Komil JLeiitloii. Mr. C. Mitchell Greene, who has been engaged as an assistant at the Ridgely railroad depot for the past six years, left ou Thursday f o r C h a m - bcrsbug, Pa., where he has a position in the passeuger office ot the Cumberland Valley road. He is succeeded at Ridgoly by Mr. Robert Loveday, of Eastou. Mr. James N. Todd has beeu critically ill this week. Last night Dr. Finney, a Baltimore specialist of national r e p u t a t i o n , came to see him. Miss M. Ellen Longfellow, of Whiteleysburg, has been visiting Miss A u i t a Downes, uear Bridgetown. Prof. F. A. Waugh, of the Verm o n t E x p e r i m e n t Station, has been in Don-ton for several days. Rev. E. E. Dixou has been visit- i n g at Mr. T. F. Garey's. Mr. Robert M. Todd, of New York, was iu t o w n t h i s week. Mis. H. A. Roe has been visiting B a l t i m o r e friends. Mr. J. H. Van Gesol was iu Milford on Saturday. Miss Nellie Fisher is visiting Eas- tou friends. I S o l l i Ciooil IH'iiioernts. From f/ie Knston Ledger. Some years ago Mr. John Satter- fiekl of Kastou wroto to the Rev. Lawrence Bates, D. D., who had inquired for him, "I am still a Methodist P r o t e s t a n t and ii Democrat."-two distinctions Mr. Satterfield con- t i n u e s to hold in a halo old age which his n u m e r o u s friends of three generations h o p e may yet be prolonged many years. This incident was brought to mitid just row by reading that on tho tomb to bo erected at the grave o£ the Rev. J. Wesley Webb, D. D . , o £ H u n t i n g t o u , AY. Va., w i l l be, by Dr. Webb's direct i o n , t h i s e p i t a p h : "Here lies tbe body of J. Wesley Webb, a f i r m b e l i f v c r in the Lord Josus Christ, Jefferson Democracy, and tho Methodist Church." Mr. W. R. Breeding, Williston, has an a d v e r t i s e m e n t iu this issue. It contains i n t e r e s t i n g reading to prospective purtrhabcrs. CIRCUIT COURT WILI^MEETiMONDAY. Thrro Arc Srvrr;il 'riniin:i! discs--Tiro Rc- nuMotl from Cc-ciJ. The session of t h e circuit court w h i c h will be convened on Monday next will likely be ;tu unusually long one, there being a n u m b e r ot criminal cases. There ivill be two murder trials, removed here from Cecil county ; Iwo men will be tried as accessories to the murder committed at Ridgely last July, and there will bo two cases of rape to bo heard. The dockets show twenty-seven appearances, thirty-seven trials, seventeen appeals, six c r i m i n a l c o n t i n - gencies, twelve criminal appearances, and seventeen c r i m i n a l appeals. A f u l l bench is expected. Tho cases removed from Cecil c o u n t y , t r a n s c r i p t s of whiuh were received several days ago by Clerk Hobbs, are against Charles Voasoy aud Eugene Jefferson, both colored, the former having been indicted for the murder, and the latter as accessory to the murder of Michael Donovan, Both the accused arc quite young. The c r i m e was committed at the Feu ton House, Elkton, oil March 17th last, and quite a large number of witnesses have beeu s u m - moned. Messrs. A. Constable, Jr., and Hiester Heff will defend tlte prisoners, and State's Attorney William II. Doweeso, of Caroline ; State's Attorney William S. Evans, of Cecil, and Mr. Fred. Haines will prosecute. W i l l i a m PuruelliuidAddisonNew- m a n , are charged w i t h being accessory to the murder of Wesley Gibbs, which occurred in Ridgoly on the n i g h t of July 3, 1897, "by feloniously and maliciously' moving, aiding and commanding William Bennett to do and commit the murder, .contrary to law." It will be remembered that Bennotl was convicted and senl to tho penitentiary, for the crime, and the trial of Purnell and N e w m a n , who were, it is said, with B e n n e t t on the uiglit of the murder, had to bo postponed because they . could not be apprehended. They have since beeu arrested, aud their trial will come up at this court. Counsel will be assigned them. The case of tho State against M. W. Wright, who is charged with felonious assault, will likely come up and occupy considerable time. Attorney Towers, who was engaged in this case, has withdrawn. The (rial of tho suit of Mr. James M. Leonard, of Trappe, Md., against William Taylor, of Middletown, Del., was removed to this county and will come up at the April term of Court. Mr. Taylor, nearly two years ago, purchased the timber on a piece of laud iu Island Creek Neck, belonging to Mr. Leonard, and placed a saw mill there. It is claimed by Mr. Leonard I hat Mr. Taylor cut a q u a n t i t y of t i m b e r not iucltid- ed iu the sale, and ho asks $1,500 damages. The following gentlemen will compose Ihe jury panels: FIRST DISTRICT. W. H. Goodwin, Roberl Jarrell, Robert R. Shull, W. C. Wharton, J. L. Faulkner, Johu T. Clark. SECOND DISTRICT. J. A. Billing, J. T. Carter, Sr., W. H. Greeulee, James 31. Kuotts, C. B. Jar man, Wm. H. Garey. THIRD DIST RICT. J. P. Anthony, ]J. Boon Dukes, T. L. Clittffiuch, 0. M. H i g u u t t , Wm. B. Nuttlc, Robt. H. Wyatt. FOURTH DISTRICT. Jesse T. Dennis, Alex. Noble, Wm. F. Reick. J. F. Burkett, James S. Cos, S. E. Douglass, FIFTH DISTRICT. Harry W. Davis,]W. A. Mowbray, Oliver Keys, ,Silas Sparklin, H. B. Messeuger.iD. B. Hubbard. SIXTH DISTRICT. Hugh Duffey, H. M. Thompson, J. D. Fleming, James W. Holt, B. F. Rickards, S. W. Slaughter. SEVKXTH DISTRICT. Thos. Carmine, Thos. L. Day, G. W. Holland, W. H.B.Kaufman N. P. Kern, I. T. Saulsbury. EIGHTH DISTRICT. T. H. Eyerugam,[J. H. Thawley, Walter T. Lowe, H. R. Merrikcu, Johu L. Nichols, C. W. Edgell of R. liusini'ss .llattor.-. Messrs. Sapp Raughley will sell at public sale, at Queeu Anne Station, on Monday, April 4th, beginning at 1 o'clock, p. m., TWENTYSIX HEAD OF WORK 3IULES, fl'OUl four to six years old, and weighing from 900 to 1100 pounds each. This lot of mules was selected as especially suitable for this section, and will be sold regardless of price or weather. Liberal terms or discount for cash. The public will find a first-class restaurant at William B. Stantou's, corner of Third aud Main streets, d u r i n g court- Meals, 20 and 30 cents. Oysters iu all styles. Lunch at all hours. Mr. W. E. Brown, intending to discontinue the m i l l i n e r y business, offers his entire stock of hats, ribbons, trimmings, etc., at cost. Read his advertisement in this paper. Mabel Young, who has a reputation as an excellent cook, desires to say t h a t she will servo meals at all* hours during court week, at her restaurant, on Third street. * Royal makes the lood pure, wholesome and delicious. POWDER Absolutely Pure ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO., MEW YORK. NEWSPAPER! NEWSPAPER!

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