Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 16, 1930 · Page 3
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 3

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 16, 1930
Page 3
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i OECATUR HERALD THURSDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 16, 1930, OECATUR HERALD UNCIL }, P. L Offers New City 'ItO AA VA ^ m » «^. SSStl I""" 1 !****' State GM T w Be Sought B» * * ··.· » iicipalihes MEN TO SPEAK f lUinoi* Commerce Commis- 1 «on Approval Sought For Proposal SIX NEW DIVISIONS . _ ctty _ DT , Lrnday, except for tk. 'ment ana the cltrltU . hall, wh^n Mtyot luncll, city onilB fl e r ^ lull went to SprlriKfl» M be seventeenth Mm)*] the IlllnoU Municipal delegate* from «|tl u tie state are ittendjn* ·« which wilr b« «on- plnco on Pfojtrwni oatnr'B delegation will nt part* In the aewloiw ling. Mayor Smith i a [the teRlilatlvd commit- Icommaridfttlons will be fcost important featurn |n tlon. O'Erlon, Decatur city ' preside over th« tn- lona o( th« meeting, r Tim flty '"f « ' . HI til' 1 nf «ij lii North Main itiusU, nnil the tihlin- J'ylhliili IlniiK! Unf ,iv sfli'li'i". Kolltiw ^l^ l e t i n o u ^ t i HCI-V" i \vrul(i tic rxferuli'd (1 '.tri-ct bv w u v o f ' n v thi- I" 11 " 1 1'tiH" 1 """- " " o u h l tl'-'t '». IH'iU-ty IK'* 1.U). -'»n lif! k«. ClftX CKUWhFdl On Stake, Injuring Abdomen, To Live Fi'ed Ktitifnmn, Jv., (our years old, w»»t i-csHnjj well nnil WUH granted t» r.hnnci of recovery In the opinion ot physlc'inns, Thursday mornlnj; aflcv he hml unilersom 1 nn oiiornllon foe I n j i n l c i i-pfelvnl when he was Ini- ))dli"l on ti wood H l H k p Wednesday tiljriu, The chlltl (ell f i o n i t h p porch of Ihe hnitu f hi* purentH, Mr, nnd Mrs, fiTil K i u i f m n n . 145T nveniH' T "rdneniltty evcn- lnit f ice downwurd, hi* .'ih(inn»ii fitritck 't f l ' t k c In (he flow- , A, A, OFFICERS OPEN ONE DAY MEETING HERE Association Policies Will Be Determined In Conference SMITH IS PRESIDING S£,MV tnn^X' ^"'^^^^^'^^^"Vn'Vt. K with the n"riutliifi or »' l* h o ^ p l l n l miit were ulile to THiiiilr the IMS. revenue I constitution. legtaUtlon fnl distribution of the cent gn«oUn« Ux «o II '-ecelve · proportion, hd the financial Mp*et« ownership of power Bt« were among th» be brought fafort tht sfasloni Connie tod of (officials of the Ie*(u«, reports of A, D. MoL*r- lecrotary, and Hiram T, EI, treasurer, wer* ommltteaa on nomin*. inn a, auditing, and » city for 1981, wtr» ittonttl M«cUn|t* Included Harry K. V*r | sanitary engineer of the ;tment of public hoatth, i "Sanitation and Con- Illlnol* Slrenma and I,. G. William*. Chlcn- nhjeet wfw "Mfithnd* ot thane Coll eotlpn and cetmRii for attorneys, (finance officers, anfi- offlctals. health offl- _,... board officials, w«r« .Kday afternoon. Th-tirM*? delegates will be gttoats at a sessions! will be of the ntnte .. .on. the proposed rev*mi* [ nnd public utility reRttlft- Lf officers will tnttti plawi : ft session Fria«y «ft»r- .JeRftles at that tlms *M I concur in the rflfiommwi- excm* ** fommittv* -.,^,lon of \V"iikeRnn ** rtlie IPIH.'IIP'J ifl'U cin*en- _ f Trade anil Commnrco, il to raise It* fund to $1.* fix months in which to (to tr than usaeaii the m*m- »$10 «t one time to tnAko Im-tnpe, th« mtilwa! w) " nt pulls for ivn ft(t»6t»- br S2 , watch IH kKjit over tht -nefltn and expense by th» I, nccorUlrig to Mr. Lloyfl. nl3 cannot ««»»!'« " 0 '* mally for expenMd ifoni Iff, and Uwlr book» miwt tho enamlner of the «*· . lft from the «»p*nw / t h e benefit account MW [ Is not permitted. dtitunl MWWMlffat'M^ mndo also oft Uw no- ·tit for denth «»W»*BW'»' |tnent doe* not Imvt to make * regular *** ot the booki of tr* cew- , if there are enough com- renson to *»!lp««t HMI is wrong with * rniituw. ien to be sont out to mW" tiori, f the complaint that arlw* hora of the mutual*. Mr. ihs. comeB from pet»on« f n p o n tbom «» ln » ur * n * not realizing *«'*";'* iro behind thorn «a« *«*' · can pny townrtld a P* 1 ' It run be collecwd from "' in good alnndlng «t w* ,, ,. [.iiini serious Injuries with surgery. tlHimlon Htwtirn Uir , Th( , ( . MWi , uhdomen was torn c.))en IIU.P of llv- Mitiwiiy pti(io'Jiil. [by till' slnkr. I l l i MereauiK brought he winnout conilllif-n IP( I' 1 ' 1 'hh |iaitnls ivho rushed Mm In a pil- Inch an- i m r l l n i l n i l y bml V :itc luitomohllc to St. Mnrv's how- I" tilt* fell""" Itw Street Si lorn · {iiiijio i r i i i l i a n i l o u ttte vi enr line nnil subjttl If the Jilt/il j\n per form cil by it Pi goncj' operation wns who rd »ln-»t r n r lino, Bv | i i i i l l i i l l n « hii'if*. si-r (xtctwlcrt t»'yiii«l t h e n routine call In the hos|»ta] Is bulll.[ n n ( i tho child's l i f e wdsi anvcii. "'' l ; ; oCHiiSWOMAN"ARFisTED IN ^'her:i| RUM RAID GIVES BOND rrni t'etmiy n i i | n « l . to St. T(i'i**i ,dio»l «· Wnl-1 i-t-t """i 1 M ' - K l n Icv tivMuir. Thfl i"Uli' would In* ai Mellon Charged With Selling In Information DllOWl, JMUM Bi)l!lnnln({ Jit S m l h Wui-r »trt'l h(lm(1 j Ml MfKlnli-y m c i i i i i - : vu.-l nn M":,,,),^ Klnlry (IM i' 1 " lliiv: ·"''·" '" Xtult'nri' Mellon, nriested when hpi ki 33(1 Kiist Cnnlri'll street WILS u l i q u o r warrant, wax ·mum i" ('|.|,,j|ui'(i frtim c o u n t y Jull Wednesday '"'" " '",1-vcnliiK uiulrr $71)0 bonil. She m ,. x i m i i t "'chillfci-tl will, scllltitf llmiur In «n In- fiKdi. '"! i lo N ' . t U i M i l t , , x i . i i t h l" roi m.iUon Moii in -oiititv court. the TiMi'M- HOII-I-. MI.! on ! . « ' , f t l t ( 1 m,.i|,,,, hct-airto II! a f t e r she Mnln if 1'Vinklln. niu 111 to h"- 1 'm-,,, placed In jnll. nnd li(-r tiotid WFI-. PrrtlH* "* J t i'. IHlion siouih^ tOj^fH^^^.f.^ j n oriJcr t n iIU.w her tn %n fnit "n Hi'-' f 'l n v "«'' f ''H** "H'' 1 '' 1 * TWO oilier itifot mtitlons Rrciwinc tfp Twt' r t\ .i':-(nd *ti-f*,t. j.niill, io ())1 j rl f ]f .,, pn t liquor rnlils were on fnntrell. VVP«I lo S e v p r i i e p r i t h -"ircfl ( j ] p Tlnirf.diiv In founty court. ef bet;lntilnc 1'V t'l.'iy "*!r'-i'l 'itile nnd po^sesHlon of liquor and lJS'Hlur-^loririin Division w i t h ni'ilntjilnlu^' n nul^jince. She At I In- jiu-i-nt lliii". "ilt I'M ( « r BIT-,!, ^ni In j n l l , itmible lo provide n vli-c i.i K l i c n to tht- t i ' i i l l o r y lu tin' ^1.^)0 bund, Akmxu Dowoll ti chtuped with A statewide mcellnK of officers of thf! Illinois Agricultural association, jirosldpnls nnd dirct;tufH of county farm bureaus, f a i m «.lviao^, and muniiK^rx of subsidiaries tf the 1. A, A., wdfl opened ia t h e Motel Orlando tit 1 o'eloi'U, ThlirHtliiy afternoon. Senalon^ will be In progress until Friday afternoon. To Outllmt 1'iillcluK The purpose of the meeting is to discuss policies of the J A, A, anil rltu'lfy lift alnnd on tin* lux nmond- menl to' tfie revenue section of the stdle ronstltullon. Tho iinflociiitlon lt opposing Die iit-escnt amendment, when It ttivored Ihe liisl onu on which n refeit'nditm was taken, John Wutaon, tax expert of the will discuss this amend- In u meeting Thursday nl^ht, bean inurlietlnE and g r a i n also will be tip (or discussion timing the apsslons, Hnilth IK FrwMlnK Karl Sniltti. Delidlt, 111., prcDitlent at the MUnolft A^rleultiiral aseocltt- tlon, ts presiding, Ainonr; others In re A. R, Wrlifht, Vnrna, t; GRort;e Mfitngtir, secretory; Donald Kirk pal rich, attorney, funnel- Utv. Len Small ulso Ix at- Icndltif,' Hit- lucelint' In the official ctipiU'lty of pichideut of the Kunka- kiic county f a r m burenti. tlulwecn JEr.O and 3W) men art pr«s- u n t fur the 1DECATUR MEN IN CHAMPAIGN FOR CARRYING WEAPONS nui tliwl tvi-llon f Ccnili! s*lM'i-l far division. TlieHi* cm iti» It sick SM null 1 luii I and to lit a ptace In which l i q u o r was sold, I'oundinq Communities Go Through Plant ilfpcl u h l i - h H (t)infttl bji o{ Hie \V:irr slUM-t route, Tlie W« !!fcS u TM!"iTb."tTd" t ^'' ltll | RATH BRANCH OPENING thi'i'n H n t c r t l t d i v houmtetl by, Wulcr, f ' c m l l l . .lii'ipcr n t t i l Kliliirndn ., ... T c ,,,,,,,,; i.»ni in- w i i u hi.u, .cMidMvc Many Customers In Sur nnil ittHtiiitoPliii-mK !'l»ti'. J M i n t It t« »i.(rt el t,nti«ioiMtliin Ihrotish Hi" writer ft i i\\ f,t"ii;na ;,lri'Ct l« nlnuml mi'lwnv ^ hftn-ef-n IVnirr j i l i e M nnil .Jn*i»'i jj,, r( , t(mn 1,500 pi.r.tons visfteil the jiifip-ni Ci'iulil jitreel dK'l.ilon nrul p (1 |, lr hiilltllnfi, W*ilni"trtiiy afternoon mitHlltnic hiisn, r i ' - n u i l l n u I h c m ' " i i m d cvnitlni; when I 1 '. O. Nelson, man- Moiytta cttc.-t In o n l i r to serve tlie 1 ,^,,,, t)f t | lt p ] nr) | p lm( ] n. (I. Welgcl, (ctiiicrv jii-il uiciittddcd. ;i-,-'lMttinl uiimuxei, held open liomte. Id'CHtiir Uniiln I'lK'liniitti^l '|'|, ( . c i u n p a n v c.HtfiMlshed its In Hie t l c l J i l l v t,t KJint VViihmt hn.iir'lt ufftt-c licit' in July but only itrM nitil W U t i i i l i-tru-l and id.f'^iH't'Hllv c u n,plitiil InHtiLllutlun of tint n-i f.n HH lilmi'-i'i, n t t e i - l rtu^'rixiuu-.-i. Many o( Ihe t-'Uesta whn ·Mill, H I titr fi-i l.ocusit, Iw a t i ' n l - ' w ,'Ut tluouwh thu liruneh plant W«U- N y t lint h lliuii|;lit l.i nut t i r l n f , ude- tiesilny were duitlct-Ei from mirroilni)- t|u,iti L lv K C I \ p d , Thi* iiihpii^i-{l 101,te i n ,g ^ T j t i i t m i n l t l ^ s amlni-n n l(,i.|i l.y wiv nt .l!i:|H-i Klowciti wi'if g l \ r n aa (avurn to «l(.'fl, ( J i n l u - d i 1 \ i , i i i l l i i i i l r - i i i l l\'.'l ({,,. W (miuti Knil ouffce WUB xvt vutt Hilt Htt.'f^ w l i l r l i will H - 1 Y B Mils |[ 1( . jjut.als. Tlii' pii'-ii-nt l i r i M l u l Mil I'i't tins ill- Vhhitl U'lr(|11iilfi\ f"H«" Mir tt-uitliU lluipiii, Ii n i i l r l i It u p t ' i a l i - s II If llmimbi, ^ ' i i j i ilu, i'xci-]ii Inn pOHsLbly n( n l l l i l i - i t - i i it in 1 , Iti tint vie I n I IV ot' Meat ( ; i \ . - i u r t v im'tiiic ,\ t e r i t n t l v c t e i i c r . H iii iM-ini'.'it i i i r inttydi's lmn':|.i.|t iiii.n i i p i i i u i l i tn! a t n l (h*- f'liiiij^iM' ]UM I'F-i-n mJidi- rorgi-er iin: 111' f i l m , , nf M;I I ' c i a t i i i hii-H 1 , ti'l Writ l i l n ' i v l e w . IV iiinti- wnitlit lie lis (dil IteKlnniiiK nt lii-entur n n d Ilii PtWda :iiiii|\ on Havvni Mi to t'tureit. *Mt li t''iui\ii-tt-. "oitth to Weitl Klv- n*W,i. t i c H t [. iiimili ( I I I I I I ! M . i n i H i i In Wi".| t i p i nt i n . MIL i tn I 'nli 111, noi I h li V. ooil ui^l ID Kotitli iMnlii. Ii iji Ml sf iiu- 'runi-fi 1 ! iii-uxi- m N t i i t h Mnln. lumli i,. Willluni. i-nul to ^OrKin. n i i tti l o ( i i i i t u l II-.CIHII' cii.^i iM'i n n i l It tn t l i u f l i ' l d . i-imt U ' H i l s d l l l h I I I I V M U I l t , W'l'Hl t o .mil i i - n t i t i i n K to ."liullnf; li .Imjicr. i i n t i i l and (tit t|;n,.|,.,| in o,,, ,,i,tuiril t r i p , lur 1 4 f i n i l i l i(i|rale on Ii Ifi- li,.,,ilvvii\ u l t l i -ine tioiir to till 1 TM thr' t m i i n i l i t ; , "I* In t l i i CM-ii *·· uniili) ),. ,, llu ' n l ^ - i i i i n n l f "n tut il ii,..] In, H'lllllivd t(, :i(i ,,cii.-K to H-XC I i;, ( i r l n l - k |i. t'tiur l i i f s i pei m-lii-it'iil,. I' i* I'li.f.d-cd tn ti'-ruiii ^I'lc itii-,i i,, i,,,!,, «,, [ V c Hi.- 'nn- ( ' f H t c u i t u i v tuiw s c r \ i - J liy Can- '* "tifi'i .111,1 i;ii r mj,[ ( hdNi.s nnd l " "MI i, r c , ,,(,,. dnhtdll. 'T 1 ' iinii.i«t i,,1,1,, w ,,ni,i hi « s i c r y Y .RRY HAM f e w Shop INEWSPAPERl M TM B "i Sl-iui. n , , , i h '"·'.if at |,5 l!t Ml ». sti-rly eutl of nn Klri'r:ddi i h e Trnniirer , im |(1 fl ',. |ln K. , I1HL , () i !(nnt |. ,,, School Budget To Be Discussed In Meeting Mi'mneM of I'X'untiir vchnnl boar't wit! tllsctinii !he srho'il j e p i u t and L i u l E ^ f ' I n ft cdtled meetlnft Friday t i t t e r a o n n . i i ul; ht'iiilwuy, with 24 minutes to- the I ii'iintl trip. tldrltlK tits btwe period of ', the dwy. tt lc proponed thai on* additional car Ijc oiiernled «n B. trippor which would make i'i round trl|i» a titty uiul tilve a si'vcn and » half mln- uh- m-ivlce d u t l n ^ the pouk hours bc- I v c c n fl Ifi oVIock and 8:30 In the uioniliiK. n a d 4:00 o'clock and 6;IS in t i n - I'Vi-niiiK. f':lloratli-\tfl iHnln ntvlwlnn It In proposed t h n t the West Mnln jitxl Kldorndo »lrpF( i-jir lines hft com- lilticil ami K l v e service OM one tltvt- itlfm, Trj n l v p (ideqiintf service. It I)) pro- jimed I n u p d a t e flvp curs on a Id m l n u t i - hetidway w i t h SO minuieit ti) t h e rounil l i l p , Fiy eomblnlnft the two divisions Inlo one, (he llmo (of i t h e U l p can bu teduccd. To lroj TWII Cnr» Application lx Hindi; for tho tllscon- l l h u i i i n c e of the Pythian Home Tlalt- v,ny dlxisiltui, Dojiot Sttcet Rnltwity illvViou nnd I-'nlivlcw pink bus ill- llctniiilnK of Inlerurban cars over I lie 1'ylhlnn I fume H u e will rc.iutt In llx atitinilonnienl foi street rsil- H-iiy ntipvnlion, liiipllcallon of aetvlcr liy thp Kli l u i n i l n a t t e s t cars t'Kcept for about iMi (eet Is wtvi'ii us the reuson for i i h a t i d t i n l l l E the depot Mil**. The dl!l- litnei" lietween l*!Ulorii10 street nnd the WntmsiU and Illinois Central »ta- (Innti Is HO short that It Is consldf-wl l l i n l the r'ldnrntln ctreel. cars will sut- flce frr t h u t servlee. 1'HrullrlH 1.1 ne The present. Fnlrvlrw pnrlf bus is opi-railns (hroujih a territory which Iji served within two blocks for more u i n , , *"»iin to t ii,iui of I.t-Klnnlng, lhi« i v|1;1 *' 11 " 11 ' '"' n p p i n t f i l o ''"Ivlalun | 1M ,, «n.i ver h«iiilwnji 'ti to tho ituind trip · r 'Hi't btm itmy tin required foi ··ray jii'ivicx to ojit«iati! Lctwecn ·'Im-k tin! n a n lo.m!nuie '* PfCH'ofiMl Id fipcmlc iwn fun in* pt w w t T(fVtt w ,, i2. m j,n. t i l l * West Mnln street earn nnd within two olockH ou the. other si da for inni'i' t h a n halt Its distance by tha (u'curtit hlonroe bu»c*. If tills lino wus abandoned, must pf the patrons would not havo to walk mori thnn two blocks. It considered that the territory will bis filec|imte1y served hy tho West Main wtrei't riirs find (he new, re-routrd Van Dyke bus !h'l;iinn whwn If Is In- m l l u t c f l . For that renson. It I) rec- )tntnd**t that lh» Falrt'lew bus be abandoned C. Dnvls and A, I, Brown, giving Dec^tiir addresses, were ar- e*l Wednesday In Chtitupaign ehHi-ged w l l h carrying concealed wetitions. The a t r e s l l n g officers claim Iliey found ivich of the prison- ets with tt .38 cdllhcr revolver, and that thoy were near an allege Champaign gamhtin^ Joint It i claimed they w e t c [ircpnrlng to en- U-r a civr bearing M 1^210^111 llcen^t jilntes when Ihvy were uci'esteil, "You have lo carry Hotnu soil of Imitectlon. thesis wild rtays" tine (it the men nald In e?i|ilalnlii^ hla pon- Heaalon of it rnvolver. He said n Champaign ttmn had thrcalencd to kilt him. HOTELS7RESTAURANTS MAKE PREPARATIONS FOR FOOTBALL CROWD A. of C. Nominating Committee Named To Select New Officers Horace W. McDavkl has been named chairman of the committee thr- to nominate candidates (or board of directors of the llon of Commerce, to {ill vacancies that will occur early In November, Serving on tlia commit ten with Mr HcDavld nrc George flint and Hurry Hnines, By-laws o( the AosoclntUm pro. vltl(! tliut directors cunnoL sneoecd themselves. Those who will retire at the end of this year ure. Jay M. Allen, I3r. M, 15, Rose, B. C, Wbil- Hilt, George A. Williams unit W. il. SttRHteller. Mr. Sags teller can lie el-elected because hi; wan appointed to (ill out the unentered term of E. J, Howetls, who moved to Peorln. The election will lie curly In Du- WEATHER MAN GOES OVER HIS SAMPLES OF WINTER WEATHER The weatherman wann't quite iJe- clded Just what a "first Nample" W winter, predicted (or thin section of tho country for Thursday, should be, apparently. Getting off to a Root! start w l l h chill brecw and a cold etirly Thursday morning, he. suddenly had cnmber and the nominations by members of men they would Uko to sue elected, must be tn the hands of the committoo by Nov. 17. A meeting of the committed will be tailed soon to give oppoclunlty for ifa filing of nnmnti. A special committee hao been milhorb.ed. by the board ot directors li rnEtki; plunH for moving the fit- flees of the Annotation Into the new Decntur Club bulldinK. W, C. Flisld, president, has nut mimed the members ot the tiommllten. Approynl of the optloniil rouli-^ pltin of itlghwitys about Dctiiitur, IIIIH Iwen upprovct! by the bonrtt. The dlrcels ami drives committee Jim! the reltill lrm\fn comit'S'lee of Ihf Asaoeliition. hurt previously Bp- 50 Reservations Made For Social Service Banquet beon tt than 50 niufte e:ifty rcHprvallons had Thursday iiflcr- DECATUR WOMAN MADE CHAIRMAN OF HOME BUREAU Mrs. Olan Wine, Member of Oakley Unit, Chosen In Annual Meet DALTON CROUPS WINS Ml'H. Olalt Wlno WHM elected r.hulr* man t( Maoon Cuunly Home Bureau Thurmtiiy mornlrtff. being In "I) tit*- unnufll Man, Crazed By Jealousy, Murders Wife; Shoots Self Operate To Save Frcemont Kincn, Negro, Dy- In Hospital After Kill- 4 f|« b* ] "^ ··· BIVVJFItW nilFWI ·*! Of man Hurt «« M ** In Quarrel /n Car Occident M n H I n White. W3 Kotilh Muff it Hirer), underwent an SEVERAL SEE SHOOTING MadcJerwd by jealouny, Fremont Kinch, negro waiter, nhot anrl fatally wounded bm wife, LJllien, ihortly nftcr 1 1 o'clock Mrs. Wine, who siiceeeclst Mrn, A. C. Slm*»onH, \» ti nM'ntbi'i* of Onlilcy unll, nnd Is one of the. well known memborrt *f llio llonV! Bnrenvi, Her home Id in !i!!IM ISUNt Wnoi! dtrcet. IXiltun ileratlon Thuiflduy morning wh^n tuir((i!on» ul tempted to ttsv* hit) left nrnt r i f f c r it hntl been torn nndit-i , - , , , nuinulni wh-n hU aiit.,inolili- turned Thursdny morninjj nnd then M- «vi«r on lonte 10 «t the I l n n l r i a w n 1p;;ili;() lo commit xuii;iJe, rvrvr, about 6:)ri o'cloch Thiimdiiyl T(, ft womnn di«) M I M S , White Tburitilwy wfternfwn Mr. fMllesrt bill hlrl KOtldttlnn f»wlf an dour nhe h"l \\-nn nol ronaldernd rritit-nl. AeeordlnK to liccnilnlK »f the !)o cident. Mr. Whlip wnn d r l v I n K w4t Dulton Cily unit won the aword "" ')«· h"""' 1 '··» when hi* «uUmo. for 1D.10, for fli* lilnheit numher of jW'^ «UliM«'l on_ piiivprnent wet with [tolntfi on attendance, worl(, "' * ' ' ' taken lo i.h« honplwt with b«l- Klnch )»! wound* in h«r oMomen. WMN In n dying condition, phynle|nn« cslil The n h o n i l n R WCHI . r*tl in Ihr rcooj-i]H, The, awiml OiSa year Is a honk, on cooking nnil imul It wnx noxm fur the nniuitil meeting nf tho a change ot heart find the ak Ing i Korlnl Service How cleared letting a criltl aiiliiinn blui'l c(intliu:ted followinK show through elouclti anchored tn tin 1 nlty. But hy noon, liavtnp tnokntl up t h e hook of rules, he was nl it tijtulli, Pulling cloud.t up Into Uie wltv f or nn overcast wlnlnr duy. Allhouyh the Umptsraluro harl nol dropped noticeably. Indoor prisons looked out w l l h firm conviction i h n l it must be colt) nul.ildc. which will b« tllnner In tin 1 presented lo t h e u n i t hv Mrtt. Arthur Hamilton of llarriHtown. New Of fli:er« Tlifi fompli'tt! list of n SCHOOLSTO TAKE PARTJN CONTEST Winner of Spelling Match Friday NJght To Represent County Seventeen rural schools will be represented Frirfny evening in the nnniutl Hornbrook spelling eonlest In the Murrlatown school The rontcw will open nt 7:3n, nnd Ihe winner w i l l fepresrnl Mttenn coimlv In th^ H l a t c ronleat In December. The contcut- unt« White Hall -Elf/jtlveth S f n l l , Frftn- e«:t Scott. Val let-lit Vssl, Jf'^-tl Mc- Jloteln. ctitcLnrlna nnd wero pieparing TtuirsiJay for the iiriiuial Inr'omln^ nf University ot llll/iulu Monietoiiilitfr )jii'' s f.'' who .Htup In l!i'iitur «vtrnljjht and for food UccuiiHi! (?f cro wiled i:ondlllo^ In Twin t,'lly hot«N am! refill urn nt*. A l l h o t i j j l ) tht oiowJa slo^pln(f In Decatur In recent years luive nut been un Kt'fut us thoai- d u r i n g I h e "Ked" Gransii era of Illinois university fuotbaH, they a l i l l nmi k « notlccctble |tn;re an o over tlje ordinary run of liuvel*!"), ·- ---- + Contributions Still Come To Red Cross Odotrlbiilloni sllH art 1 bcin)[ received by the Ki'd CrfiB.H office in Decntiir fi'uni per.wns (n thT illstrlcL wishing to aid In the rrc.on- Htuictlon nnil relief work in SnnIO Domlngn following thu recent titorm Ihnre, Mtu. tnest Bender, director here said Thursday. The work o! reconatruetlntf the city and of throwing up shelters for the jjr»on» lett hameletK by the storm \« now gcU\ng underway and lai'Re sums of money will be required for this activity alone, Mrs, Bender 9n.kl. Paul l j t'tii · Helen Cloimy. W i l l l u n i Kenneth WHtlumfi and Viola Uolx'rt- Kon, Walnut Giovu-Jcwiil Price, Kluh- nid Alotfts, CllfJuni Spruguc, Cuorgu MI1U, llctt-JHttw-n-'-Erina Brady, Belhel --C'leo Ruth Bnielten, Rural Part- Phyllis Qutrn-y, John Tiirm-r. Mount! -Rowcnn Dash. Thnmns Iilltle. Erma Citehian, Pliylln Orey, -Alori'lfl P^all, Lewis Virginia Trl.ion, Doris ley, Progress --I A vinfi Wltis, Ptnirie Center-- Dean B u t t . Junior Butt, rrma Good, IJoytl Mullin. Parker-- Dorothy McCluire, Cat I Ouley, Elien Oakley, Alice Oakley, Sunnysicfc-- llrnv ifafhls, Leo Hunks, Wilma Mlor, Jc«n (.'initxhlll, Uf,mh College titi, 2 (ieniM K;txh. Monitor --Hubart Lyntan Rut-luin- ati. A l b e i t Biihn. Beery- Kuyinund Vuccli, Hevu WatKoner, Lloyil Miller, Robi;rtu l.itz, 2lon-- Helen T i u t n n i c l . lludiey- -Lui-lltu IfcytioM^, Duiutiiy llouglln, Wra S|;iun1fi. - - - - - + · First Report On Grades Due Next Wednesday The general rlepre'ttlon reported io have offecteil blialnejts prnbably w i l l aouie of (he younger (,,,,,,,,,, ( !(ulf ,. h O f Chtlst nl flo'cloek ielecleil Thiimlay. M »» 'diiy evenlnfr. The meeting will K t n r t nt iilitmt SMS. Members of (lie Soclnl Svrvlc.e,. f ' o m m u n l t y Chrit, nnd Chest uttenoy linnrdH will bo present in the mooting logfthcr with nil intTrnli'rt per- to Bltcnd nml heat- u n d jiltim for the nrinn whn (he iiiiniiti) i-t (·ifnilng ycsir. A special iiniKran) has bi' iuni;ed In .iiUllUon to Ihe i of the o n n u u ) State Patrolmen Renew Warfare On Road Hogs A new war HCiilnsl hiis nnil t r u c k "rood hogs" nntl speetle.TM hn« henn tlcelnred hy state highway patrolmen. Six uricstst in MonlffOiKiery toiinty ni.-irltetl Hie N t n r i of the cnm palltn, ami thu dcfendointD who pletideJ tJiillly w u i e flwd from J31 lo $;"iO mill lusts Bun anil (rut;k drive,TM «vho *lrdd- dlu the black lliiva will bo arrenletl. HH veil us drlveru who triivel tit n dangerous rate of. ^p^ed T Warnintr wnfi lasinsd to dtlver* who will no to ThainpnlKn SttTurday for the Illlnols-Nor-llvwcfllern football team f, lo ce/m)ily with the law In an e f f o r t to avert accldeuta. MiLUKiN "EMPLOYMENT BUREAU NEEDING JOBS Plenty of Applicants, But Few P.osilions Available Chilli man - · Mrs, Olnn Wine, Wfil Wood street, Oakley nnil. Vir.e-c.Viairman -- Mr*. John Prob*t of Dnlton City and Mis, Hoy Kinder of Oicner. Thnno two women will havo ehai'Kfi of roiincy tucmh*r«hlR, Seeretury -- Mrs. Hitntld Cllmnn, Illini unit. Treasurer - - Mm, 11. C, I.ilallen. fiit \Vi-Ht Leoftand, Klwmld« u r t l f . Thrift chalitu.-iu Mta, Julia Kttt-k, Wj-ckten crosin-inK', Sharon u n i t , 4-H club chnirnmn -- Mrs. jam^n Me Kin Icy, OrTM on unit. Font chaIrman--Mrs. Itla BpKler, ML Kion, Momber at lnrK* -- Mil", J. A. Grecr, Hnrrlstown. Mitny AttciKllnc (Cnrly inornlnjr threats of rnln hod little effect upon nllnndnnee at the u n n i i a l mftllnK. whlclt is on" nt thf chkf evenli of th" Home Rureou Kvery nnll was reprepenlel, wonu-n of the rhurt-h rain. Hid utitoinoblie turned on its left Hide nml h" threw hl« litft arni tt|i to firotfct lilinxnlf. Th* ftlTii went ihrough ihe iclni*' an the rar turned iivr ond (In; »i-iit and fdioiilder wol'i* nevi-relv cni hv (·J«sjt. Otw* tx)*i' wan broken. An r.peratton wan necenMry In or)r tn Mive (he hand which won hridrj' lorn. Me Is In St. Miiry'n hospl'"' w-he:e he v,-nf tnken In n J, .1. Mtrn;i Ac Ponn nmbulance, WOMAN JOINS HUSBAND HERE; DIES IN HOTEL Acute Alcoholism Given As Cause of Dealli In Champaign ji to lii. 1 r-ni in which hi? wife wtja clitliiK Itt front of 371) Kofi J r a n t i f l l ciri't, K f n f h ord'T^'J h*r tfl I K"i out fn[ cxplnln why nhi* dMn't "«el h))li)p' Ins-l Iliifllt." He pllnh'd * :,C2 Hiiti)i»',f| ititn tin. mr nn4 ihot hei imi r' In i h e tthdoiticn. Hlunl«) M'imnn Twin* I lie i)niri«l th" door nnd Mtr. ' fueled hy ii,» jrtwi 1 . She took hold *»f i hlo nrm nn-1 wwikM with hint w«»t on Cunrrcll slivi'i, n i t i m | ) l n K io fx- They wnlked ahmit !ft feet In-, then he turn. 1 ') und fired two (tior^ Hhol» into th» woman'* fthdo. me,,, running I n him w i t h both aitfld Hi« woninn jnilliitl Klnch'it h»»d l'iwn to her, 1tlM*d him twice, h»foh tip van ohl* io jiimh her nwuy from hlln, A» her clN»t|i falln], fhfl Into Ihfl Jin 111 In w h i ' h th"y bud died «H|,,K tv ' yenr. nnd who luncheon, had a capacity oiowd. Tlie nieeilng was ex- pectej to he ovi'i- by 1 o'clock nt the Infest, In Kivi- Ihe wonwn o Ity to rt-iifh t h u l r Ixuncs country before n i g h t f a l l , In the Twu The roornlnK program tticl tided routine reports of Home BUIISUJ officers, roll call by units nnd the ad- vlsor'a and unit chairmen's reports, as well as reports of th» Home "Bu- Mr*. Elizulieth Taylur, SB, rMiJi-m of Jlecmur for the piiKl Ihrep mtmtlir, ituddcnly In n hotel In Chmn-i Weilncudtiy n i g h t , An l n ) i i l i y \ tlnfK * on if i i*d hv 'he Chiimpnlirn roun.; M"" 1 '. He roner dnv! i h f IWUH* of h.-i ( ^Jj|* *\ an iicute alcoholism. ' "**""** Mr«, Twyior and her Thoman J. Taylor, « World wsr v-'. "ran from whom Hhe hnd been ccp. nrtiteil, nn*l In liecaiiir TiJMdsy (ind for Dnnvllle, They took rooms In n ChJim|)nl«n hotel and nccordiiitt to Tftylor the womnn be({»n drlnk- inn cnnnt-d h e a f , He ttild police thnt he hail soni* oul ahont o'clock. Wcilne,%d(ty uftcnioitu to net nontn- reau Vond Shop, formerly he e, snd of -U club i h r i f l work, The afternoon program was to Include a talli on "Orprniit/Jttinit" hv Mrs, Heurj- J Melss of Pontlnc. «nrt (ho talk ftn "Foortu Fnds nmJ Fraud*" I h l n w to n nti»«:n*1i When he ri'tmned itbuiil 7 o'clock he found thut Ills W i f e hud dM, Aftpt by ]K»llcc )« WB» i*More P. T. A/S Make tSilli'lde Wujkntl itwny f i r m ) ihe full- woman, went 1 own id t h u l u i i r n n d lie iMlvr cl'l* 1 of K r u n h l f n ll) noi uncni harried, «ft. ihw iirivwinis fit eye w(i. neNjte* vilio nmde n ittfiv" to «top hinv lie wiis la*i. i f f i n i\s. h" ^l.iMp- )U'«ivi| behind a hll) hunrd on th" wexi. Hide of FrsinkHn flircei. It WHK thi-ri* t h n i he wn« found w|t|j a hiillM thiouah hlrt ncmth ond hettd, when 'wo M o i r i n n!iit)ulAn 1 e.K .itTivej to n k i hint an'l h|p wife 10 St M«ty'» hospital. Mm. Kinch died tn St. M.-try'it lioj.|i|i;i) iihout )]:-(' u'i lock. Kill ill U'!tr r l i l l nlK'r HI 1 o'r-ij-k '['luliittlny, hut t i i p l d l y , "JU«t (*)HHl(l»){ "I thought h« WIM HhouiiT,' blunk* 11 hor, 'c«inc fki JUKI k't i(t;ht m walking; nlonj( with him," Wit- l.nin Itedmolld, 151 South J tick son !f l ( l « !hy euest nf honor ind spenker With u luiin liat ul uj)|)lii;atild foi JKtU lllltli WUill, til* M l i l l k i l l lllllVU]. ulty iUidfmi vjupluymi'nt bkiruuu io wlthimi u BliiBk' i n t j u i i y lor titudeuU Altliuu^h, no uttv liui tinea tt?rveii iu Jsu|j unt uf llic unk-uialty t*cau!)u ul ltit,'K Uf UJUpiuyjIH'Jll, tl^fli! iily iiuiuL't'i- in' sHiKkms who ure anxious Lu u u t [ i IIEIII ut tlU'ii aL'huutlni^. una WOllld Lu lllitlul utllu til LlO 4U Wllh thu uld of a pint t i m u jilao,' (Juritij; I of the. day, Miss (Jroce Arnislronf; of the University of llllnol/t exten- alin scrvleo, 23 of Lewis Faction Accused By Fishwick (III/ niHtil I'rni) SPRINGK\EI,D, Out, 10-- Twenly _ n-L"i miners of sub-tllnti let ihico. i« i Vermilion county, ot the llllnolu Mtn- hour, eis' union, are «hnri(«d with t:on- tem))t of cuuit In the allied violation ut an Injunction aceirillntf ! « i petition on flit: lu circuit couit him.' 1 lon next Wednesday. Clrnilus went To Sit Up a Brief Time pDtit Milrhnll. Y. M. C. A. boys work seerelnry, wan ahle to till, up for Ihe first time Wcdncuddy a f t r r on illncas of about two month« rtur- Injr which ht; aitf feted with typhoid fftver. He Is re:overirif; fit a Wisconsin hospital ntlcr huving been in cilUcnl condition for more tfiuti H monlli. Wottl rceplvcd Hfild that be hod lost uboni so i)ru riffs during hi* 111- rrint which puts his welKht below 10) pounds. He In said (o be recovering 1 ns rapidly os could b« expect- etl. However, he )« not expcetert to c.onie buck to Decutur for severnl tcacherji Thursday, u n d report cut-cla will be Isfliieil the inlilillc of next wuek. Six weeks teats hm p ei hien com- plettd and graduti fi-(iin the^i! mysterious documents together with 'Mr madK in recitalkins and quiz wcie nverajred Thursday w l t l i null lie- mat tea I i ret I si on, M n n i l n v flectilur |iiij)llH whose t'oiisclL'ni'i'H Fire nol. en- llrely f.'loiir will M t n r t on N new Kill- weeks period, w l l h a firm resolullnn, fit course, tr tlo belter nest Hmc, Open Harristown Road Contracts On Oct. 27 Hldt for ihe spreading of H hlnnk Ion on the Harristown roarl will he opened Oct. 27 by tlic county highway detxirlmeni. The mncndHin base Is bcfntf cnn- Htructrd by Hi« eounly und will be ready for the top in about two weeks. Probation Violator Returned To Prison Olytie Swift was fined ?2!i and uo^i.i am! sentenced (o the county jnll fnr BO (layn Wednesday -when he WHS nfrntfrned before Juilgp J. H. McCoy In counlv court, charged with violation of probation. He was admitted to probation after pleading guilty to petit larceny, bnl (ailed to nmhe reports to Ihe probation officer, of the Sigma class of St. pmil'n Methodist church will en- tortnln Ihe girls from the Welfare honie w i t h a wiener roost Friday evening from 6 u n l l l 7 o'clock In P n l r v l r w park, The clnsts will fur- rtsh the tnt importation nntl fnort Texas TOFII. tlte W.JBi, enfertfllner, w i l t furnish e n t f r U l n m e n t . Jn ense of rflln, th' n'^ener roitl will b« in St, F«uil Mcthadl?t church. in /rum tiorhera lo hontu raitni "The d i f f i c u l t y wllli moat uursona who Imvo cttlk'd lo Hal wol'U w i t h Ud, Is thnt they do not tahe into cun- nlilurHtlon the luc-t. that tha Nluilvnl munl't;u lo school (ua well aa work," lit charge of the tnii'i'uu, an I "Miwt tr the ali^li'iit willing lo lin: ta wniill be Jo )utu ittt- ernoun, evciiing or tSnturday work, but very lew ut Ilium huvo program B ui runjjcd so that they could work twry murnlng, for lualiitlcc," Mr, Dfuklns saM. "Any oiu; whu lias wurk ubotit the hniiw 01 hiifllnt-'ss i h « L niiglu justify I'm(iloylug a student for part time work, woulil be sttict'rcly limited for cnllliiR UH In tht; university," he con- el ildril. P.-T. \. WIIJ. MKKT The Brush Cotlcfte, P. T, A. will meet, Friday afternoon. Mrw. Cripe u-ill givo n report, of I hi* Ml. JJIon nieelltig, followetl by H demonstration hy Helen CobritlRf and 1'J.ither Hmalley of. the Huuy Chaps ^-H ehih String miislt! will enliven lite jiro- Brnm, The Parent-TMeher n»i»oriBllon o ^ n l n ' t nothlntr to worry nhotu th»ir' (thoutltr hlonltn »t t'llrlch nclino) will meet. Frldny i t ( 1 itnlt. 7 ?,rt p. m., lo h'nr n tnllt on " C h n r - i b e r to rtcot* Jn*r.' J Education" «lveti by Rev. Ismic. Sumiueiji of Third Hnltml IJieilircn church. AM fathers i n t n h e i H of th e dlittiM. and iitlieru who fil-« lBI*n*itto»I, H i ' vited lu iittcnd, Community itl will b« It-d by two KIHUCCH \VultK und Ml«)t lltury. Arit-r thi! iiioifrum ther* will, until I unit k Kudu I ftnJJ \vhen Fthe Ml any In- The pciillon was filed Wednesday by allorneyn fur HIIHT I*, l-'ishwlclt. HARRIS TO WASHINGTON Sxipt. Wllilttiii Hni-l« of th* public soliinil fyHiem will spank Friday a f t - ernoon be/me Hit; P. T. A, of Wn.^l)school. The «xe!i»lvt nii-el Tint' 1 " didn't ililnlt hhe WIIH luirt even iowfi, I Ju»i (houBltt chs wo* p u t t l i V on lo net )»lm *o romrt )j;»i'it io hi')' or wonii'tlilntt- f watcli.'it him witlkln' uWiiv clow, and dlitn't imy much aiti-ution to Ului itfler hit rriir;eil tin 1 utirel, HID r-ll'il ovi-i there, ·Thi flint HUH' he hhot h*r lit * wlttln* tn (he cur, Tli l y walkert iO or SO fwi totj" 1 tt()r'. her talk in' tvll I tn- tim«, unit him lUlcn* ing "ii pititln' in » wold now nnd ing will be nt 1:30 and the pr6K:m president of the District union, und ,,, 3 ,,. «,, Mr. Harris' Wlk will h« accuses Ihe miners with u t t p m n l l u K 1 ,,,, "Karlier Traltn ot Childhood." to force vnrioiiH locnls in Vermilion M l ! l i j, A. Tmobloot) will report county to ilescrt Flshwlck. who hilled with the ·'reorKiinl^d Mine Workers o( America, nnd nc- cftpt a iirovlidonol dlsttrk-l gtiv*rn- lucnt. set up by Pre». -lohn TJ. le*lB of the "reifulur" U, M. W. of A. STKAt TIRKS FHOM CAR V. P, Annan, 1flfi5 l*J»i'th Jlviwiilway. ri-iiiirii'il lo litilii't' th:il two i l i . - w ami out 1 run WIT.' i-iolt-n T l i i i i M l n y n f ^ l i t frtin lil-t enl w l l l k il wan (ituUI-ii 111 a drivtH'tiy ntritr hi* honn-, noouv r. T, A. SUPI'KK Uoody sellooi Pareiit-Teac-her nn- soi'latlon will aen-e dinner nnd Rive it uroRt'-im Satinttny fwnltif! )n the Hchool. The servlnn will slttrt at B o'clock In the basemcnl. A pl;iy. "Di. Kakum's Saittttorium" will be presenter! nt R o'clock. Abe Martin Says-- "Then all of a mxUkn h» tiullc ih* j;uu up and dbootit her iwlcc more. Th» nun imii'Li been i l n h i nRnln't her utomaeh Unit (tine, She tri»;i ti hoht on to htm hu* h* )wii»ln** her jtwnv inJ wnlkd (iff. lie w««'t hurrletl. Brt«i. J t i r i ·'iilke.l off," Fli'inc* Mellon, urtd Waller TomM iaw th« nhootlniif *rom »h* M*i*on nn .,^» i.iu iiiTVf'ni . h«w», m-TOHn lh« c'rt'ft from th« ROACH HAS uuwn nitotin* hoti^. Roach p. T. A, will hBV« til m*m- | )TUW , (·,, j| wur hern of the. hoiird of »duc«tlon «» "Mr*, MitJHiiix, Mi". Jitni 1 *!, (t roiin tiuusiH in !(« iiujftln*.' at 7:30 Frltfuy l|nii ,,,,,,((,,,,. K t r i w # t n nlttli-« in tftn venlnt;, «'rv1 \\'ellcp|i will Rlv* !in| r((r wn ,,,, jt| )K h prttim n|\ the meeting In Mt, Won, who hnvc coffet key* bring them in. All Mked South America a Market To Be Cultivated Closely By U.S. Soulli IK a nmrkcl lo be iMillivatetl by manufacturers of the Unifed StatRK. Albert K. Ellin. St, tould, commercial Hgetil ol the u. S. Deportment of Commerce, swtd in nn Interview ThurBdny, Mr. Ellis cnrne tt DTiIur to nd- tliess the Ocloher meeting of the Transport a tlon Dlnb of Deenhtr Jn the /-lotel Orlando, Between 80 and 100 roncrviitlfins wore mndo for the dinner ached uled for 6: IS o'clock Thursday night. Thursday morning WUH spent by Mr. Ellis, In company w l l h I) on ton Bur well, manager oE tho trnnsijorta- tloti department of the AssaclntSon of Commerce, In calling on Dscntur manufacl urcrs dolnj! au export business. R« [i rest" ntn lives; of eantrrnx exporting products /UNO lunched w i t h hini »t noon and (jnmtlnnn rrtntjvf to export riFoblPins w c i c naked of Mr. Elllc. H» culled on tht Mueller Co,, Lumber Co., Menu* Co., nnd ijttaley company In the morning. Tn the afternoon lie, returned to the Muellor Co., Ill-Flier Manufacturing Co., Fnrlett Manufacturing Co,, Lender Iron Works, De- cjitnr Pump Co., and O'ftoad * Sfns. The United Status jthould concen- tr;itt on South Ame.rlen an a for ) t f goods to Ibc exolusltin of , Mr. Ellis thinks, Trouble In Bifii^ll at (he present time, he think*, will nol Inst long, nnd will hnvt j no effect on business with this cfimtry citrept in unsettling orcilttn foi the lime bflnjf. American tiller- nsU will not he disturbed, Tlyrc is a friendly feeling for thin r.ounti.v uuiong thf tjinlti Ame.rlcims. Mr Ellis says They orctislnnnllv s«y Home shnrp things nbout (h" L'nKftrt Slotf-", but nmntie hit·!!«"(" ni''n (lict-e i.fl f i Icndltncp? nnrl a will- infrrisf |o buy United Stfltr-i pro- aV /J. ' SpeukhV o' blrdlei- . . . . n Tnwney Apple mude a holler (OK an two cul- vorls In one whll« (iluyin' infantile tjolf niftfii, A ntrnneer with n Falld forelc.clt. »n' wfiirln Tlu-re will In* niaaic by the S'iy!'- bialli'-iT'. All fnlher* ttre In- vlt'-d to attend IhlK me.'ilng, which will ht do a I'll with t hour In the dining room. BKl'SlI COLLBtJK NO. t Thf Parint-T*i»cher iiKKOriutlon nf finish College at-hool No. £ will nf Krldiiy ^I'cntnfir nt ":JS a'tloclf, Helen Bow*rs' pupllit will Klve f!t \l, "Knlch .-if It.-. Will* INM. l l l - wif* WlU Klvn n t»lk on "Thn Trend ot the Hume." A prlfco will l« Riven to the room having Ihe hireent nt- Tendance. In thlii moeiinir, Pien. c u f fee, nnd candy will be noM full.iw- FHF.NCII M I'ftSTFONBI) Mitry W. Kr«nch school hn» ))owt* ponetl lt» meotln? from thl» Ki'ttliiy (O ^Vidl^)' of neKl w»rk, Del, 2-(, hi 1 * cmifie of the rfulonal meeting or th* KiHl Croud, There will he « tll^etin. sion of n.m.uHinieni*i In the. 1 o'clock next weifk. couldn't (tet hoill«'. Me (fl.'d tier Low much money flv hint, nul ihe »«H she hnd only lift i-entu, J1* her anil told her tn uet mil «f cnr. AB «h* wtm u e t t i n n ^ flre ( | ih» flrcl Miol,. "Irfi-s. Hirtitini* tiirtri^ the «ir nnd diove rwny. Klncli nnl his wtfe *tarii'd wnlkiuji lowurd FranhllH sired, Mnd be united her neatn why ah* biidn't been home; tb*n he drew 111* Kim ik)}tili, mi dfli-ed twlcii. Rh* thi-»w her nntiH Hi-ound htm nnfl klnneJ him, but he iiunliM |i»r away nn.l sho fell, )|e wHlkiil !o h'ritnklln ·dwi, wi'itt M lilrtck notOi and then tnwKi-d ibu rallrouit, "Mm. IllKDin* nnd bi oth»n h Di* car ctttn* VwicU beftri th* pollc» LOCAL NOTICES Woavtr Tlr* C* ftrMUn* Tire*, Dootora Otlii O. StJ'Bl*!, 1 und Dean F Stanley with to announce their office locution at MA CitJtcn* BtsllJ 1 in if, Ootaber 12, 1*30. FURNACES, repnlrlnR, Roy }\. WIlBon. Mm, G. R. »l, PI«T*t 3fl» South S«vt'nt«i'nlh ntied wan well itieftiW with th« rcKiilin xhi hud from h«r nntn1 nd in Th* Clnimlfled A thren time ml. jweurrd « for her vnciint Injtm Summer la*id, Orlando H noft (thirl op*n »t th* neck, 16 bdn 1 *. Hole), Fiitlny by Uowry Clerk »n he.H here let quit. hit Rainbow, il tcftliM, tl,TA, t k t i Th* nwit In 1he enr, dconllng W ivotke wnn All* 1 ! 1 ! Wiillm 1 *, MS South Wntcr Btroer. KMfic Plniiwon, SW FA»t CHtttrnll Mrne(, dtsfl Wfli In tlW rur, , ~, ~* -.^ » i Automobile* Collide; Thr« Persons Hurt TUSCOLA, Ocu IB-John d. Cook, A former of n*4t Oalton, nuffered * fractured elbow; Mr*. Cook, Never* shock, and Mr*. )Car) )taa)» of o*ar W«»t RIJ)f\ t MprnhiMl unhtu when Cook'* ·titiiniobll* eollliloil wttl, an- flther mikchiite ttrlv«n by Kntl (.V s nl« n*ar Oie inlcriwcltcn «f stiitn » -,'v niimbur l^t wnl 115 li»ri ;' "i Injnrle* of lha trit) were 'route.I nt 11m offlec of llr, W. C. Muilc -ti(t All rntiirned tn thi'lr i'i*|n ; - / · while »h* ·utoinAhfl'* ttw:i*Hl Vv ri!i c«r h« I'funtrfd, It wag Uvirntd. NEWSPAPER!

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