The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 11, 1916 · Page 5
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 5

Chillicothe, Missouri
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Saturday, November 11, 1916
Page 5
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ution. VOLUME XXVIII 4 Pagei No. 305. CHILLICOTHE, MISSOURI, SATURDAY, NOV. 11,1916. * ^ SOCIETY AND CLUBS The social calendar for next w is as follows: DEMOCRATIP SIAJOMTIES LA.RG. EB THAN AT FIRST. Ashby's Majority Over Chapman Was 230 --Brown's Plurality Over Bowen is 34O. The official count of the votes cast at the election Tuesday as made by the county court Friday Increased the majorities of- the democratic cjin.. didates who were victorious in the election. The official vote of the county with the majorities of the successful candidates follows: President--Wilson 2610; Hughes 2 4 2 4 ; Wilson's majority 186. The Prohibition candidate for president received 30 votes, the Socialist candidate 39 and the Socialist.Labor 2 votes. Senator--Reed 2571; Dickey 2463, Reed's majority 108. Governor--Gardner 2488; Lamm 2 4 7 4 ; Gardner's majority 14 Lieut Gbv.--Crossley 2596'; Britton 2441; Crossley's majority 155. Secretary StaOe--Sullivan 2 5 9 8 ; Asfcin 2 4 4 S ; Sullivan's majority ISO. Mon-day ana ruesday, Mrs - Fred Harris is "At Home" to a large In vitation list. The D. A. .R. meet with -Mrs Hal McHolland on Monday. The Study clubs meet next Wed nesday as follows: Sorosis with Mrs" Frank Davis; Culture club with Mrs Jos. Batta; XIX club with Mrs. J. M , Thursday, the Young Matrons with Mrs. Wm. Englehardt. The Colonial club will meet on .Thursday with' Mrs. Edgar Welch. P. E. O.'s meet with Mrs. John Milbanfc Friday. GAME ; SATI TO HE MOBJE PJLENTI. FIJI/ IN COUNTY. Spring Rains- Coming After the Quails Nesting Season J8 Given ^ Reason for .Large Number of Quail. Chillicothe and,Livingston county hunters may now 'forget'the excite- .Th,- Weather.-'. Rain-turning to snow'tonight or ht - north -and Much colder-Sunday: west and Sunday night. (THAT A SPLIT VOTE^IS POSSIBLE IN THAT STATE: . Master Billy Gill friends this afternoon. entertained State auditor Gfcrdon 2554; Haekmann. 2 4 7 2 ; Gordon's majority 82. State treasurer--SJiddelkarnp 2,- 5S6; Thompson 2 4 5 0 ; Middelkamp's majority 136 Attorney General--McAllister 2,508; Mason 2443; McAllister's ma jority 155. Judge Supreme Court, Dlv. 1 -Woodson 2 5 9 0 ; Johnson 2438; Woodson's majority 152. Judge Supreme (Jourt, iv.. 2--. Williams'2607; Higbee 2 4 4 0 ; Wil- Mr. and Mrs. Karl Hirsh will entertain the Fortnightly club on Friday afternoon. ' The Girls Club met this afternoon with Miss Dixie Miller, Mrs Clarence .'Grace and 'Mrs. A. M. Sheiton play- :ing with them. The D. A. R. will meet in regular session Monday, Nov. 13, with Mrs. Hal McHolland. Mrs Ira Hedrick will be the leader. ' · Mrs. Fred Brady entertained the Young Matrons yesterday afternoon and the following friends: Mesdames Sam'l Sheetz, C. E. Lindsey, Cldye Stewart, T. K. Campbell, w. H. Ellett and Misses Knapp and 'Crawford. The club prize, white silk hose, was presented to Mrs. Wm. Englehardt. The guest 'prize, grey silk- hose, to Miss Knapp. The next meet-; ing of the Young- Matrons will be with Mrs. W. G. Englehardt, next Thurs- the quail season opened in Missouri Friday, Nbv 10 The open season extends to the last day of December. Local hunters say that there are more quail this season around Chi'l- licothe than for th» e past six or sev. Oregon Goes "Bone Dry" Portland, Ore., Nov. 11.--Indications last night were that-the "bone dry prohibition amendment, which ·as aimed to stop all importation of liquor into Oregon for beverage..,pur= t*y about 1,500. prohi- s of malt Poses., had liquo . - -- -."e on law- twenty-four quart or two quarts of spirituous "' uous liquor can be"' imported from other states for- private use by one person a month. The new law, it is claimed will prohibit all importations : ' the large number of quail this sea son is that the spring rains came late during the nesting season and after the young birds were able to care for themselves. The quail has a habit of building its nest near the grourid, and when the spring rains and high water came the young are destroyed. This year the rains came after the young were able to care for themselves, and thus the number of quail which reached maturity were greater than usual. Another reason given is that the quail, a migratory- bird, just happened this way a right time, instead of passing us before the opening of the season. SAVAL DECRU1TING STATION HJ2RE DECEMREli 1 AND 2; cently within a short distance of town. One morning-l as£ . week E. S. Hall s dogs gave chase 'to one that bad been skulking around the J F Gill farm and followed -Shoal creek woods. The dogs did not return until night. Plans are, being made for a general wolf hunt to try t o rid the country of them before they commit deprediatlons o sheep Jhat are in n some of the valuable this vicinity. -Breckenridge Bulletin. A Record Beet Sugar Season Washington, Nov. 11.--- This S son's beet sugar production in the United States was the .largest ever recorded. Sugar beet acreage and tonnage of beets harvested 1 mad record. Preliminary returns from Lays HJ S Claims Stronger on » Mistake;in the Count:-Rather Than o n Fraud/. (By United 1're.j..) New York, Nov. 11.--National-Re- ·publlcan chairman Wilcox still "stood, pat'" today on his statement of yesterday yielding nothing t 0 the democrats. "We are getting a uunrber of charges and suggestions of fraud," he added. "These have come in letters and telegrams, mostly anonymous. We have followed the plan of turning these statements over ; to the state chairmen for investigation The National Committee will make no investigation, we will simply wait for the final returns." Wilcox pointed out with particular emphasis the possibility of a mistake in the count, rather than laying stress (By I'nltrd .l're««. Concord, -N1 M., Nov. 11.--Late official returns obtained today with 'all districts in gave Hughes 43,724 and Wilson 43,498. This gives Hughes-.a plurality of 226. No dem- ;ocratic vote was received in the 2nd ward of Dover. DAILY EDITIONy 5* Hoii I'EBHY ARNOLD GIVES DOPE ON WHAT "MIGHT" HAPPEN « By lri-.».) Bismark, N. D , Nov. 11.--With 15 precincts missing, the North Da- "kota vote stands at 1 o'clock today; Wilson 54,279 and Hughes. 53,164-- a'majority for Wilson of 1,115. The 15 missing precincts are small anj will somewhat -increase-Wlson's lead. BT Vnltci] PreNN. Women's Votes to Wilson. Hams' majority 167. Judge K. C. Court of Appeals--I day afternoon. Bland 2588; Landon 2432; Eland's I · majority 156. j The P. E. O's were entertained yes- Congress--Rucker 2667; Pickett j terday by Mr,s. Alvin Cole at the 2355; Rucker's majority 3*12. · home of her mother, Mrs. C. F. Ad- Judge Circuit Court --· Leopard i ams. Mrs. Adams read a most ex- 2093; Davis 2 9 3 2 ; 839. Representative --· Ki'ssick 2458; Smiley 2572; Smiley's majority 114. Judge County Court, Eastern Dist majority I cellent paper on "Good Roads." The j various markers for which ChilWcothe .s conspicuous, was given at the luncheon on the place card's, the different members announcing them. -nearly all operating beet suga ·Ch aary Justice Anderson's court on any fraud charges. He pointed to the fact that four years ago the democrats claimed California's 13 elec. toral votes, and the official count showed that the vote was split ther?. Chairman Wilcox will hold a conference with Hughes this afternoon. The republican nominee took a long automobile ride early this morning. (B-y United Prein.) St.. Louis, ~Nov. 11.--Returns from all but 14 scattering precincts in Missouri show the plurality of G'ard-. New York, Nov. 11.--Analysis of the woman vote shows that most of it went to Wilson. While the President lost in' Illi. nois and Oregon, he carried Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming. Utah, Colorado, Arizona, Kansas, Nevada and California, the other ten states in which women voted. DRY LEAKERS JUBELAXT OVER PROHIBITION RESULT (By Unlte.l I'n-,,,.) . Kansas City, Mo_, Nov. 11.--Mis. sourl dry leaders were jubilant today |:^° U . Sand , votes . have frequently- been when it became apparent, according ·to available returns that Missouri went wet by a majority o f much less than 100,000. In 1910, when prohibition was last voted on in Missouri, the wests won by a much larger majority. "We'll beat them next time, "'dry : A11 or Which is Possible But Highly Improbable--Wilson to Carry- Minnesota. (By Perry Arnold, U. P. Cor.) New York, Nov. 11.--Charles Evan Hughes will let his telegram-of; con- ' gratulations to Woodrow Wilson.,;, await the official count of votes in California, New Mexico, North Da^ ; kota, New Hampshire and possibly- ' one or two other states. I'f the official count confirms Wil. son's victory, apparent now, it;is the republican nominee's wish, and he i the one who is being mainly concern ed, that there be no contest or court action. The reason the republicans won concede defeat is that In flve state which are at present incomplete, a change of 10,000 votes might mean a shift from Wilson to Hughes. Th?\ say that mistakes involving Sevan. ner, democrat, for governor, reduc-1 workers were saying today" The vot ed to 1670. The total vote today on the question as tabulated so far stood Gardner 378,434 and Lamm 376,764. It is expected that the outstanding th room' for for sugar at 6,671,00"0 tons Beet su i district s will about split, with a pos- ine navy recruiting station, which (gar production this year exceeds the sible advantage for Lamm. But the r,! ,,T ^. _ 1S C " y ° n De . C - 1 and 2 - rec ° rd b v 4 4 ' 6 0 0 tons. entire vote outstanding now Is not I sufficient to overturn the present lead Gh»d t 0 Hear Rev. Parvin. ] o£ Gardner. On the other hand, be. Many old friends here were glad ' 'ween 3,000 and 4,000 absentee votes for the purpose of examining and enlisting men for the naval service. Mechanics of all kinds are wanted, ---Alexander 15-11; Beat 1597; Beat's I This, was served in the dining room majority 06. Judge County Court, Western Dts --McCarthy 9 2 5 ; Snodgrass 9 5 5 ; Snodgrass' majority 30. Prosecuting Attorney--Ashby 2,622; Chapman 2392; Ashby's majority 230. Sheriff--Brown 2353; Bowen 2,113; Buckley 559; Brown's plurality 240. Treasurer--MoB^dd 2433; Key- nolds 2C5S3; Reynold's majority 150 Surveyor--Broaddus 258 Axon 2,432; Broaddus' majority 156. Public administrator -- Littrell The guests present were Miss Hurx. "fflal, Mrs. E..Switzer and Mrs. Mayberry. The vice-president, Mrs. A. R. Coburn, presided. The W. F. 'M. S. of the M_ E. church met Friday p. ni. at *he home of Mrs. Chris Boehner with Mrs. Wm. Ford presiding. After the usual business, Mrs. Raymond Russell conducted a very interesting and in- s,tructive lesson on "The Christian Conquest of Eastern Europe." The mystery box contest was con, ducted -by Mrs. Joe Arthaud,-' after 2517; Graham 2 5 0 2 ; Littrell's ma-1 which delicious refieshments were jority, 15. Coroner--Girdner 2502; Girdner's majority, 30. Amendment No. 1--Yes 2454; no 1674; majority 'in favor of amendment 7SO. Amendment Xo. 2--^i'es 2011; No. suoh as machinlsljs, blacksmiths, boiler makers, carpenters, hospital corp men, electricians {wireless and general), also young men with no trades. All young men who wish to learn a trade are given every opportunity to learn one_ The navy maintains 13 trade schools and all young men can. go to one of these schools | and better himself in learning some useful trade. The age limit is from 17 to 3'0 years, and only American citizens of good character are wanted. All young men are invited to visit the recruiting party, when they arrive and find out what the navy has to offer. " today .stood 227,750 wet and 130,141 dry. of the opportunity last Sunday night to hear Rev. W. J Parvin, 'a former pastor of Brunswick-."- Methodist church, now Presiding Elder in the Chillicothe district. Although he has spent many years in -hard work ' ' ' Master's cause, hsris'still in vigor- have not been counted, Gardner claiming the advantage of these. Lamm will have to get these votes almost unanimously if he is to win, which is highly improbable. The Republicans will not concede Lamm's defeat until after the official 2051; majority against amendment 40. . . ' Amendment N . 3--Yes 2854; No, 1754; majority in favor of amend, ment 1100. PLUNGER PREPARES FOR OUTWARD DASH. I By United Prea*. New London, Conn., Nov. 11. -Everything at the state pier today in-- dicated that the German undersea liner Deutschland is preparing to steal out of the harbor tonight on her homeward journey. Millions of dollars in gold will -be candy. The following members were present: Mesdames Ola Thompson ( S. P. Hopper, Florence Beal, Dan served in the dining room and a sil- Bowman, S. Butler Lula Lang Sin- .2532; Russell Jver-offering taken. A number of i n ock, R. Russell, Addie Hopper Th u -·- "" visitors from other churches were j c i ub adjourned to meet November in attendance and much interest 23 w j t n Mrs s p H , oppor . manifested. j wlsh to acknowledge receipts of -^ the amount due me from the Wood- The C. W. B. M. of the Christian' m en-Circle under the certificate held church met Friday afternoon at t h e j b y nl y mother, the late Ninett Jack- home of Mrs. Karl Blanchard, on! B O n and to express my appreciation Cooper street, with Miss Inez Duf- to the order, and especially to Grove field as leader. Topic: "The Coming- N o 86 of chillicothe, M o , for the of Spain to America." Mrs. Howell read a paper on "How Shall I Bestow My Goods/' Mrs Bowman gave, a reading -"Such as I Have." Miss Dnffield read a Poem "Lest We Forget." ous, earnest and forceful in the pro [count'is made, 'sentation of the truths and principles (Sunday. ' which have made his life a succe; 'arge crowd heard him Sunday I By Unllrd Preiw.) night, and enjoyed his oplentd mes-| Albuquerque, N. M., Nov. 11.--At sage.--Brunswick Brunswicker prompt action taken in this matter. Mabel Jackson Wheeler. Kept Wedding Secret. Guy Wells and Dr. Kathryn Gunby stole a march on their friends and were married Aug. 26th in Call: fornia--and succeeded in ~ keeping- the event a secret until Sunday. Mr. Wells went to Long Beach in August for a visit and while there he and Miss Gunby went to Santa Anna, a county seat town near Long Beach where they were quietly married, and in a few days the groom returned to Braymer. Last Sunday morning he took the Limited to Kansas City where he met his bride, and they arrived in Braymer Monday evening. Both are so well known here that The Bee can say nothing in introduc. tion The bride was reared here. and after finishing medical college fin early hour this morning, returns from 591 of .the 638. precincts in the state gave Hughes 28,880 and Wil son 31,161. The election of a democratic senator and representative to succeed two republicans from New Mexico wa.s practically assured by late returns. Jones, democrat, for the senate, leads Hubbell, republican, by over IJ"''' .""."* ner assistan 3,000 plurality. Walton, democrat for representative, is leading Hernandez, republican, by 2300. The race for governor,is still very close with the present count favoring DeBaca, democrat. WHITE SLAVER INDICTED BY JACKSON GRAND JURY (Or United Prcu.1 . Kansas City, 'Mo., Nov. 11.--W. A. I Hamilton, charged with white slavery, was indicted by the grand jury today. The hearing was continued Irom yesterday when Luzon Copenhaver, the girl in the case, completed her tesctmcony aigainrit Hamilton Hamilton met the girl at Turner Kas., last August and brought her to Kansas City. Hamilton's Ifond was filed at $7500 U. S. SUPPLY SHIP HAS BEEN DISABLED BY THE LOSS Op HER PROPELLER (By United Prr«».) Washington, D. C., Nov. 11.- -Thc naval supply ship Culgoa struck an obstruction off Turta, Santa Domingo and lost her propeller, a radio message said today. The naval ship Perry and Potomac have gone to i Hy ICTnlt«il PreM*. r New Mexico for Wilson. Paris, Nov. The Germans sus- The Woman's Missionary Society of 1 ° C , ated * ere a n d " ullt U P a success- the Presbyterian church held an in- * Ul .^ ra * tlce ' but Iast Bpli *B ler 'teresting meeting Friday afternoon health broke under the strain and carried back to Germany by Deutschland, according to a founded report. the at the home of Mrs. R. W. Strehlow after ^covering sufficiently went with An interesting letter from Mrs. The Iadie5 b e j ln _ j her father to Long Beach where he ,, ^ ^ ., ^r--,.,--. e j h as long been a resident. The groom is one of our growing young business men who is a '"native Verna Waugh Garrett of Nanking, China, was read by Mrs. Elmore. Mrs. Garrett is the "Living Link" of vited to meet with Mrs. Strehlow complimentary to*-her mother, Mrs. Julien of Olathe, Kan. In the ab. tained a severe loss when they repulsed an attack by the French in positions south of the Somme in the vicinity of Deniecourt, the war depart announced today. "We maintained all our ground," the statement said. discovered in the count. They hold that these might have been made in the exeitment of tabulating the re suits in one of the closest elections in the history of America. The present, counts show Wilson' lead in California 3,3001 in "New Mexico about 2300; in North Dakota about 1500. In 'Minnesota Hughes has a lead of about 600 with the sol. flier vote still uncounted, while in New Hampshire his present plurality [is less than 100" over Wilson. The electoral votes of these states where I the results are less than 8,000, total '37. Hughes has 243 in the electoral college so far, about which there is little doubt. Republicans figuring In Minnesota bring his total up to 155, Even tha't Is-lj^less than the 266 re-_ If a recount should show New Hamp- quire in the electoral college to elect. shire republican, it would bring his total up t 0 259 and if he should ga»u several of_the California votes by rea. son of a split, which i= aossluie under the California state laws,- he- would arrive at a place where Norm Dakota's 5 or New Mexico's 3 (It they should be found for him on'"* recount) might put him over InsteaJ of Wilson--all of which is possible but improbable. ENGLISH AND FRENCH \VILI; NEVER BE ABLE TO BREAK SOStME FRONT Berlin, Nov. 11.-- (Headquarters Somme Front to Berlin by wireless to Saville)--The English and French armies face an-impossible task on the Soifcme. They expected to break thru but every soldier, every officer and every German general knows that they .can't. j "It is reported that they have cavalry always ready to rush over our lines. But this is technically and the Riverside, Calif., Church. Mr. sence Qf thj ]oader for deyotioual ; the president read the 8th Ps. from and Mrs. G'arrett are now in charge of a school for Chinese women, well I During the social hour the hos- 'tess, Mrs. Blanchard, served refresh. The happy couple are making their the scripture lesson, a Friend We Have n Song "What nome ' temporarily at least, with the in Jesus," prayer bride ' s aunt and uncle - Mr. and Mrs. The gold is being stowed away on the little green boat, along with the crude rubber and nickel and silver which makes up the balance of the cargo- . ; ; - - . With its million dollars' worth of dyestuffs and medicines and its $9,00000 worth of securities, the Deutschland .was a fairly rich prize ments to the society. fQj . tQe and roll call esponse from the members_ The lesson for the afternoon was John Denison ! Their friends, and they are legion, join us in hearty congratulations and COURT TURNS DOWN The Woman's Missionary Society Latln America as the foreign topic. , slncere Sood wishes. -- Braymer Bee. of the Elm St_ Methodist church met Mrs. L E. Fullerton gave an excel- i at the home of Mrs. E. A. Kessler ]ent pa p er on South America in re- Friday afternoon. Mrs. Ramsey led gard to its conditions. the bible study lesson on the sixth Mrs A F Carter, a talk' on ..the chapter of Galatins, also gave an hist()r y o£ -Mexico and the efforts North of the Somme there was "" . ""I ""° '" , , , ! . . I physically impossible, spirited 'artillery duels i n t h e ie-i ,, , . . * . ' Thus spoke the supreme German commender on this front in an inccr- view today. gion of Les .Bauefs_ French aviators brought down five German aero. planes. Two were destroyed by Guynemer, making a total of 21 enemy $25,OOO LAWYER FET2 account of her trip to Norbarne, b y Christians to plant the cross coming-.into .New London, but it Is i w k ere sn e recently went as a-dele- of Christ in the land. believed that it, will be a much rich. I Kate to tne District Missionary-meet- Home topic Mexicans in the Unit-, er packet going .out. _ Ing. ed stateg/ b'y'Mrs. Geo. McCormic.t Mrs. Ramsey, in place of Mrs. and ^ e San Francisco, Cal., Nov. 11 -Judge Coffey, denied the application of Attorneys Canfleld and Star. buck of Santa Barbara for an allow- proud distinction of having made-, a San Francisco, Cal., Nov_ 11. -- Replying to an editorial in the Los Angeles Times blaming him for the de. feat of Hughes for president, Hiram Johnson""t~oday issued the . following statement: "If California has been the decid- inug factor in this election,", he said, "..W H. Crocker, Francis. Kessling, Harrison Gray Otis and a few actuat. j ing in concert with them have the Snow Held Up the Votes. New York, Nov. 11--A stage coacn the toiling horses pushing their war · slowly thru deep snow* that blocked and choked passes on the slopes: of California's Sierataj, a_ca.yu«*.uui rider going at a fox trot pace over he sandy wastes of New Mexico, or a team of bronchoes pulling a spring wagon across the plains in the far corner of North Dakota, carried within the last few hours a ^ story for which a nation, even the' whole world, wailed. Impatiently Kins Speed was balked and only thrii the effective service at the old-fashioned transportation methods, could the United States know who was to be its next President. For in the settlements and vil- Jages tucked away in the remote corners of the Western and Northern states votes had been cast by people who never before In the history of presidential elections had played an important part. So close was the race between 'Mr. Wilson and Mr. Hughes that a single ballot took on. real significance. From the hour it became evident n r United Prens.t Washington, Nov. 11.--The state tbat these states held tQ e balance of department has received a cable from elect ion, California especially, frantic appeals by telephone and wire Mecca purporting -to be an offlcia. announcement of the establishment of nn Independent kingdom of Arabia. MISSOURI FEDERATION OF CLUBS ELECT TODAY. ( B y United Pr«. Sedalia, M o , Nov. 11.--The flna session of the 25th annual meeting of the Missouri Federated. Wom-an* .Hundreds of members of the Or- . der of the -Cons'of Hermann arrived from all over Connecticut to partici- ratein the ceremonies of conferring an honorary membership upon Capt. KoenigT master of the Deutschland, ' W ork of the Presbyterian the estate of the late. Thomas Bell, -- · · I TT . C, 1 " 4 1-tlC i l l l o c u lii !· A 1 t;u(;l O.LCU t r u l l i i t l A of 125,000 'counsel.fees out .of | president of the United States and ^^ Qf ^ ^ district adjourn ea Gale, was the leader of the lesson Mission scnoo , at Albuquerque, N. M.,, wh ° d ' ed ln 1892 '' on- Brazil. by Mrs. Ainspaughi Mrs. Jones read an article called Betore our meeting closed "The City Beautiful/' Handsel favored us with a solo. Mrs. M. L. Gray conducted -the Mrg Hrowni Mrs Stafford, Mrs. first lesson on South America, which Smit]l ' an(1 ' Mrs iiacdbnald were to be studied in connection with regular Missionary lesson. Mrs. Mesropian* gave her name for 'j London, Nov. 11.--British troops I in the foce-of a terrific fire, last night stormed and captured -a portion o t ' membership. the important,Re-gins trench, a por- During the social hour refresh: tion of which' :was .-taken by them on men t s -were served. October 21st;, Gett. Haig reported to | . fcj.'je war offiee'today.- The report said I T he Domestic club of Rich Hill ^i*at '"the British had secured their township met Thursday afternoon new position. 'with Mrs. J. D. .Grant. It being fan- guests... . '· ' During the social hour Mrs. Streh. low served refreshments. All enjoyed, the afternoon. - Canfleld and Starbuck rendered 'services to the estate, they claim, when the estate was financially, unpromising. They delayed making their application for counsel fees until .af; ..ter oil had. been discovered-ono. the land. Woodrow--Wilson owes them a debt of gratitude-that, can never, be re- Ipaid/' . . All that Governor Johnson .named ar.e "regulars" . - I today. They elected officers as follows: · Mrs. John T. Heard, president, Sedalia. . Mrs. Cora Chapin, First V. P., Ap-- :pleton City. SLAUf KANSAN'S BODY FOUND IN HtniNG Salina, Kas., Nov. 11 The boay -' ' ' ; V flB-r "fruited San Francisco, Cal.,.Nov. 11--With all bit 23 California" precincts'henrd from; Wilson leads. Hughes 3,621 on the .face of returns at ..the United Ing Sec'y, Sedalia. Press office at ll:30'a. m. toda'v. 'Miss Edna Reavis, Second V. P.. Lamonte. . ' Mrs. Frank F. Leach, Correspond- were sent forth by committee chairmen at national headquarters urging that the count of the votes be expedited. But fast trai-ns, the wireless, /the tdeplh'one and modern science, all of these, proved futile in bringing results. The things of yesterday had their inning and the world had to wait. The state of New Mexico Is an excellent example of the importance into wjiich things accustomed to play a small part in "world affairs sprang the last few days. In past campaigns New Mexico's three electoral votes have been considered merely as Incident in swelling the majority of the winner, but yesterday they might have elected a president. Begins Inquiry on Alaskan Rnten Use the Constitution Want column g^ussed. The hostess served if you have something to dispose of.. ij o j ous refreshments consisting It getsi'Qulck results. sandwiches, salad; tie. caV?. ?oco Thanksgiving Dinner. The ladies of Centenary church, one and one half miles south of Sturges, will serve dinner and ?if *· ,, r,o .mbioct wa= per at the churcl1 ° n T - naIlfc;f? ' vin ' ed was given by Turner, arre-tefl cy/work meeting, no subject wa.. day Tney w m also have many b~xv in Denyer . ot tiful Pf e o«^of^fancy^-work^for^sa.le. He HUed Bushons In hopeg Qf of R. M. Bushong, murdered by -How-^ | ard Turner, his driver, was f o u n d ' near here last night. Description. of, s6reral P reo ' nct ^ the pl"ce where th» body wa= secret- .The totals were Wilson ' 4 6 5 , 8 8 7 and Hpng-hes 4 6 2 , 3 6 6 , Miscellaneous Supper, Miscellaneous Supper will , This Includes a slight revision in given at the Girdner school house '' Saturday night. is the teacher. Miss Mabie Malory nr Christmas - d2wtd Srldiers Tontrol M'm"'-"t'». ( B y * T *»lt«'4 PrWu.l .St. Paul, Minn., "Nov. 11.--T H. I. Senter. Instruc'or if v i n i ; ^ · information, l?ave your nnme an.-! ada"e a s at the ChilWcothe Musio . ., . winning Mrs. Bushong'g love Upon 3g lncta mi ssing, the Hushe- store andjie wm ma . ke you a , C! ,. n . arrest, he confessed. , e a r t of 543 remained unchanged to- . ' , 6 . 6 Cordova, Alaska, Nov.. -.11:--Tab I first of three hearings the United States Interstate"C6mm«rce Commission will hold in. its investigation in: .: to intra arid inter-Alaskan: rail' and rall-and-water freight and passenger rates; wan' 'opened here, t^day A secorid : 'will- be held -'t-.Tun-nn No^-. . 23 and the third at Sertt'Je Dee. 4. j WANTED--Lady Cashier =st P»rry- I m^n rafe. ' ?-f. "1 S r ^ {NEWSPAPER! {NEWSPAPER!

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