The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on December 1, 1971 · Page 10
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 10

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 1, 1971
Page 10
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Rtfflil *i fs DISCOUNT PRICE CTV| A I" 8 ^P " B W«w^P HOWARD'S WIG SPRAY ™ r NO RETURN ON ANY WIG AU lAUi FINAL TOUCH OF SWEDE VENICELON FIBER LONG SHAG * WEIGHS 4 '/, OZ. *§" LJNGTH Rttull »19" HOWABO'I PISCOUNT PRICI 12,000 jobs created through VA program* Veteran* Administration co- sponsorship of 0.1. Dill on-lhe- job training (OJT) with private 1 , ilale. federal and numlclpal employers has resulted In 1,000 new program* and U.QW new "job «4oti." P, J. Mlitu, Director of the Houston VA IteftlonaJ Office, reported the Job* were created through emphasis on OJT at part of a nationwide, coordinated effort to reduce unemployment among Vietnam veteran* and lo provide training opportunltie* for them. Although finding )ob* (or vetcrana to not a primary regportiibiliiy of VA <lhat r«t* with Ikpt. ot Labor), (he agency ojubli in ihi» area through numerous admit?* While engaging in the** actlvilics, the agvtwy llxlf u a leader among federal ajfcm-trt in hiring Vietnam veteran* untkr (he Veteran* itrad)u»imenl Appointment Authority VA hired veteran* in >l*y a tow. ant) >,tt.o »«*:«• 1*3 I* J Mtltu aba iMni that VA *pw:l»lk»u in 73 VeWtatw Abidance Onlrr* arc »pci*lun; ««** urn* on co> ployturnt matter* He rrpxlcd (tat in (twral jrar 1971 nearly ilAM *e<er««» (<)<#*! Jt&t Ihratgh (fwnlbrwtrnlrr* About ll,ca) /efo» tut* foumi (ot \npter»ei« vto c< Hw Vcteratw Center* to iXktilKMl !o r ctll{>£«)«-f» lij cnijbliih Job-aulitM nctlvlUe* tnetudt Job rrwrti. job banltt, J<* counwllng, cooperation with the Prt)*l(i0n('« N«(loo«l Commutes on Jobs lor und Job Inlervlew TtteM Job Inlervlew cl««M« are the Ulwl in VA effort! to twlp Vietnam vetftan* obtain Jobf, Ttw agency UK month wl up pilot prolecli in New Yort, aeveJaml, «an Fran- . eifco, Allonia and WajWn«lw, DC lo e«Kh vtHrraiw on how lo make a / favorable impreuion otiJ |>r«»p«vttv« nnjiloym ™ Astronomy courses set ScouU. Camj» o<hrr ytwlKi ini«T»U*J Ui a»tronomy arc in*t(Ml le CcKirtr* »«he«Jute<J »t Ihet tiurk« B*ker f'!an«(4r(um. ia»j Car oliiw, tor Uw i*e*« <•» Saiuf «!»)», tl« 4 and II One fuoiv in tfeaigned Iw #od MM** Wjth tchoot ilerdf^ at » » * m *. it l« UK .S<«ri *i(»«w<nj .S'atljaltutt b)r l<Ka 1 1 n< 4 nd tb« ititaUt j ifl* » frulurt* «< lite litct to t>«*rat»r* »l* wlhrr lo^c< (o* tfcne cU«unt CM! U II pet Mudrtvt to(«mit U* Owe « *«J tXv U KMkrfH |t»JattijtttOT tl<ltrt< t>Ttw>ki "til Ifttt ts* \ »tll tend rrpf«"»<KtldU»n« (a pl4<it» ajsj ijuuyn In help r<npkr>*r» actually •*?>!«• up 4 lrai*ueg jata lo* »T»rra/a A «««*»*« «t!h (so fkycts Umcn H War*) 15 !»5 «i tk< trf t ifirf It »*«1 >} a> «s l)w U fnonUxij (*««» VA •»*;}» the uUf^i <x t% be Kcdt ir^fn EFUC *?ttx * m !o :< , (Urn viuU !JD 4fl ot> u>iuU*r >•» jt.w^rvj » *f 4(lcr MtHractory cv«n •*' o< hii trmuts^! rcuriB Ui (rom tjn IM 1 fob TVjrtooJti . o«Kcr VA J't*<«s < Ixkt'o l! Ihr Troop total down 2,600 MIOOS t,\t't t'X Cixnmanrf !hi»l in So«*l> V(«in»»i ) JJUM ThurtcU) u> tia. the an Ike t>tt > m«n by !o(4f Niton Iw withdraw at or iS.tW) troop* in and January, towering ihc authoritcd irrilmg (o nwn by iiauitca JH*<un>| 4 chrck («< tfturr, (o (he J»p c:»a be THOUGHTS WKH-VKSPAV > !o *' ccuMrr "—Jab* II H * * * The world u now loo d»r> (or anything but thr loo unill (or an* thine bu< bfolhrrtwxxl -A and author NEA SAYS TEACHERS YOUNGER, SHUN PTA WASHINGTON- <AI'» The National K duration AuMiatlon Mid l«Jj> Ihjl wrhcol le4cl>cr» arv jnungcr. better educated, work Ivardcr but are thunnlng lormal like the ITA r» (heir dqfmrs (rwn pubi* Thc»e trend* were un covered in a survey the NKA Uk« every five year* among a triccfcd crow »*ctio« at the ing A fri-itcm quc*tionruiire *«nl lo Ul» jxihiic tchool trachen (Irci* I, M3 rnponw* The median age at ail tcachcn U now JS yc«ri a* compered with 40 9 in 1961, the report Mid, The age of women teachers contribute* moil to the decline. It's dropped from « 5 in 1961 lo 77 In 1971. There ha* been an immttuc improvement In the credcnUaU held by teacher*, the report showed. IAU than thrc« per cent tack a bachelor's degree compared with IS per cent 10 year* earlier Nwrly 71 per cent of the tcAchers have earned muter degree*. In keeping with the educational community's declaration that professional* inusl keep returning to school, 61 per cent of the re»pond)ng teachers said they had earned college credits in the last throe year*The specie on the h«rd- pretfMI private coJU«g«i «n4 Universities tor UudenU it In JJ7I. 7i6 per c«il erf the teachers got ihrtr bachelor and miller defrev* frufn' t»jW»c instltuiiMis. cnmpared wilh 7| prt cml d the Iwcndur ard (6 |KT crrU ol the master degree* in I'*A The survey showed thai teacher* are still "spending 47 hour* weekly on school dutie* " but the report added only "eight hour* arc nan- compensated duties as compared lo II hour* five' year* ago " The teachers reported that they had been busy in *c In iIk* ouUide the cla»*roorn, serirlng on curriculum committee* and participating in school workshop* But, they Indicated they are becoming non-joiner* insofar a* formal organisation* are/ concerned. Over the 10-year period, the survey showed, church or church-related membership dropped from «7 to 7« per cent; youth serving group* from J» LQ 16 per cent; fralernaj or au*ill»ry from 33 to 15; and in the p«st live year* (etcher membership in the PTA slipped from 78 to «, percent.

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