The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah on October 4, 1971 · Page 8
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The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah · Page 8

Ogden, Utah
Issue Date:
Monday, October 4, 1971
Page 8
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DEAR ABBY Smoking Number One Cause oi Fires : .By ABIGAIL VAN BUREN "DEAR READERS: Read the -"next paragraph because it may lOotoe in handy if you're ever on •Jf-trjyri'r-. show ;-^& — When the Chica- wiring (3) Heating and cooking equipment (4) Children playing .„ ..__.!_,__-- /^ wiC — Oct. 9, ^-•But that was ijJO-T'years ago. Sfcall we get raore current? - fL& : s. t year Abby Jfigre than half a million fires Jrjegjirred in the United States, fener 12,500 lives were lost. Even, more tragically, a large percentage of deaths were children, elderly persons and invalids who had been left alone for just a few minutes. The chief causes of fires, in order of the toll taken, were: (1) Smoldng (2) Electrical liquids (7) Suspicion of arson (8) Chimneys and flues. (9) Lightning (10) - Spontaneous ignition. . . • • TOTAL LOSS The total fire loss in .1970 was an estimated $2,800,000,000. (No misprint—that's two billion, eight hundred million dollars.) :Now for some tips that could save-your .life: —Be sure your cigaret is out. Matches 'too. And never leave matches or lighters .-within the electrical outlets with too many appliances. Don't run cords under rugs or over radiators where they may get damaged. And replace a cord if it is frayed. —Never leave small children alone in the house. Not even for reach of children. —Don't overload JACOBY ON BRIDGE NORTH 4.K74. + K963 *A95 V7EST EAST A 96 *J3-2 •/AQ953 VJ10S + J4 4Q1085 •>J742 • *Q103 SOOTH <D) :- AAQ1085 VK4 .1 4-A72 Botk vulnerable West North East Sonth 1N.T. Pass 3N.T. 3?ass Pass Pass f - Opening lead—V 5 Hve-Carc/ Majors and NT By OSWALD, JAMES JACOBY Oswald: "We are frequently asked if we ever open one no- trump when we hold a five-card major. Our answer is that we -cTo any time our hand fulfills all requirements for a no-trump opening." Jim: "Today's hand illustrates why we favor the notrump opening when our hand meets these requirements. After South's opening no-trump, North has a classic raise to game. NORMAL OPENING with matches and sparks (5) (6) a few minutes. —Have your wiring and ,,,„„ electrical installations done by a Flammable professional. —Store oily rangs and paints in a cool place in tightly sealed metal containers. . •— Never ..use flammable liquids for dry cleaning indoors. —Never smoke in bed. —Have a fire drill in your home to be sure everyone knows what to do in case of fire. NOW, in case of fire: —Most fires occur between midnight and 6 a.m. So always sleep with your bedroom door closed. If you suspect fire, feel the top.of the door, If it's hot, don't .open it. Escape thru the window. But first alert the jest of the household. BREAK WINDOW —If you can't open the window, break it with a chair. Cover the rough edges with a blanket and sit on the window ledge with one leg hanging outside and one inside, and wait for help. • . —The phone number of. your fire department 'should be taped on every telephone. If it isn't, don't fumble around trying_ to call -them. Call from a neighbor's house. - . —If you live in an apartment building, use the stairway. Don't take a chance on the elevator. If it fails, you're trapped. ~ ,.-,•, —Once out, stay out. No treasure—not even the family pet, is worth risking a human life.- ' • ' It took only a short time to read the column. Was it worth it? I hope so. God bless.—Abby WhJt's your problem?. You'll feel better if you act it off your ehcst. Write to Abby, Box 49700, los Anodes, Calif. 90069. For • personal reply enclose stamped, addressed envelope. For Abby's new booklet, "What Teen- Agcrs Want to Know," send $1 to Abby, Box 69700, Los Angclis, Calif. 90069, __ 8A Standard-Examiner, Monday, Oct. 4, 1971 MR. AND MRS. SAMUEL LLOYD Family Dinner to Honor Couple Married in 1921 Scaling Fish t Simple With This Trick •PATTERN.". celebration of their 50th nuK.mMi- wr=r«i«»» jn celebration or tneir sum If West makes his normal we dding anniversary, Mr. and nenin? lead of the fourth best Mr* Samuel N_ Llovd. 284 35th, opening lead of the fourth best heart South proceeds to rattle off 10 tricks. If West opens some other suit the play will go more slowly but the end result will be nine or 10 tricks. In other words, three no-trump played by South is a cinch contract." Oswald: happens if spade, respond one Let's South what opens one see Mrs. Samuel N. Lloyd, 284. will be honored by their family at a family dinner Saturday. Mr Lloyd was born in Heber Valley on Aug. 21, 1897, a son of John and Emma Phillips Lloyd. Mrs Lloyd was born in Albion, Idaho, Sept. 21, 1900, a daughter of Thomas and Celia Phippen Harper. •" "— J -- • - - no-trump. South . will study awhile. He may pass or he may raise to two no- trump. If he raises to two no- trump, game WILL North will continue to LEAD JACK East will be on lead and is quite likely to lead the jack of hearts. If he does West will win the first five tricks and no one can make three no-trump that "North may raise Playing in _spades, way.' Jim: South will probably be held to nine tricks. Nine tricks are enough for game in no-trump. They aren't enough in spades. RUMMAGE SALE SET BY GROUP A rummage sale sponsored by the local organization of the National Foundation of Sudden Infant Death will be held Thursday, Friday and Sunday at 1286 27th. Anyone wishing to contribute items to the sale can contact Mrs. Marvin Hasl, 399-1300. The SID is a relatively new organization formed to halt the growing number of so-called crib deaths of infants under a year old. bion until they moved to Ogden in 1923. Mr. Lloyd is active as a high priest and home teacher in the Ogden LDS 32nd Ward. He worked in the car department of the pUR&D for 41 years, retiring in June of 1964. He is a member of the BRC of A and the American Association of Retired Persons. Mrs. Lloyd has been active in the Relief Society as a class leader and visiting teacher. She served on the Riverdale Sunday School Stake Board for five years. TAUGHT SCHOOL She taught school in Idaho before her marriage and in the Weber County School 'District for 22 years. She is a member of the Daughters of Utah Pioneers, and a member of the Weber, Utah and National Retired Teachers Association. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd are parents of three sons and one daughter. They are Forest H. Lloyd, Baldwin Park, Calif.; Garth H. Lloyd, West Covina, Calif.; Veri H. Lloyd, Ogden, and Mrs. Rulon V. Dye of Uintah. They have 16 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren By POLLY CRAMER DEAR POLLY—After a day of fishing my son always has a lot of fish to scale and clean. After complaining about the fish sliding around and wishing for something to hold them flat as he cleaned, he finally came up with the idea of using an old clipboard. He puts a fish tail under the clip and has an easy/way to hold and clean the fish. His name is—Rick DEAR POLLY—I Hope someone can tell me how to remove -melted candle wax from a roughplastered white wall.— Margaret D E A R POLLY—My Pet Peeve is having the telephone ring and then find the party calling has hung up before I can get to the phone to answer it. Five rings make a limit of only half a minute and waiting a few seconds longer would give the! satisfaction of having conveyed! your message. Please wait forj 10 rings which will only take a minute—A.P.K. - DEAR POLLY—I am answering Eleanor whose afghan had come home from the dry , cleaner with uneven edges. I I found that a curtain stretcher !is ideal for correcting this. SHAPE AFGHAN Carefully stretch the afghan on the stretcher to the correct size and spray lightly to dampen. Afghan will be shaped well and then keep its shape.— Evelyn DEAR POLLY—My brother's wrist watch bothered him when he was in the hospital but he did not want to be without it, so a nurse'turned a drinking glass upside down, placed it on the, j bedside table and slipped the I adjustable band on his watch i down over the glass. He could | then see "the watch from a| reclinging position and was not I bothered by having it on his arm.—Sally TO YOUR GOOD HEALTH Most Bock Problems Stem From Strains on Muscles Layer it on, little lady, 'cause I the more is merrier fashion! ! Vest, bias skirt, cuffed shirt are jeasy-sew in washable wool or cotton. Printed Pattern 4659; New Children's Sizes 2, 4, 6, 8. Size 6 blouse 1V4 yards 35-inch; vest %; skirt 1 yard. Seventy-five cents for each pattern—add 25 cents for each pattern for Air Mail and Special Handling. 1 Send to Anne Adams, care of Ogden Standard-Examiner, 396, Pattern Dept, 243 West 17th St., New York, N.Y. 10011. Print name, address with zip, size and style number. Free! Choose one new pattern from 150 styles in new Fall- Winter Pattern Catalog. All sizes! Catalog 50c. Instant sewing book—cut, fit, sew modern way. $1, Instant fashion book—what-to-wear answers. $1. By DR. GEORGE THOSTESON DEAR DR. THOSTESON: Many of my friends and I have trouble with our backs. It can happen suddenly, while using a dust mop or bending over for something, and can be uncomfortable for a week or more. Then perhaps several months later with no warning it .happens again. My trouble always comes in the same place, just below the waist line. ' Why should this be and . what treatment do you recom- mend?—K.E.N. If you ever • studded an anatomical chart of the muscles of the back, that would explain some of it. The muscles are criss-crossed, and at angles, with one set of muscles balanced against another, so that movement, though it seems simple to us, is really a matter of tightening one set of muscles while relaxing another. j MUSCLE STRAIN Back pain usually is the result of muscle strain. While there are many causes of back pain, about 80 per cent ajre muscular. When we're young and lim- iber, and all our muscles are in use quite frequently (you've seen the outlandish, contortions that kids get into!) it takes a.lot of strain on a muscle before it goes into spasm. When we're older, we fall into patterns of movement, and some muscles don't get much use. Put a strain on such a muscle, and it doesn't take much to make it rebel, tighten up and give us a backache. Add' to that the changes that come as we grow older. Some degree of arthritis, or thinning of the discs in the spine, or a curvature or other faulty alignment of the spine can put extra strain on a muscle, or make us habitually "favor" certain muscles until an unusual movement or position causes spasm. Obesity is a very common factor in such back pains. Less' i.Cll,L\J^ All LIUOH Mfc*wifc j»—„. —— • common but worth considering and' often overlooked is a shortening of one leg. A half inch can throw the back out of kilter with certain bending motions. But a heel lift can correct it. A strain while dust-mopping can be because twisting of the back exerts a particular type of strain, just as bending forward and reaching (as when making a bed) is a greater strain than bending. In picking up I movements. things, squatting and using the leg muscles causes less strain than bending at the waist. Tricks like that can prevent a lot of recurrent back troubles. REST IMPORTANT For an acutely stretched muscle, rest is important—I don't mean bed rest, but avoidance of further strain. Some support (girdle or corset) helps. So may a bed board between mattress and spring, to prevent sagging. Heat (hot packs, infra-red lamp, etc.) can help relax a muscle. Sometimes ice packs relieve pain. Aspirin is enough for most strains; in severe ones, muscle relaxants or stronger pain-relievers may be needed. There are many types of exercises for back muscles, because there are so many muscles and so many possible Bee's WAX EYE BROW ARCH $2.00 Perm. Wava r«g.lS.50 $7.95 Includes, Shampoo, S«t Hair cut, perm. wav» PARK VIEW BEAUTY Steve Muchmore Retail Mar. AREA'S FINEST AND LARGEST SELECTION OF GUITARS AND AMPLIFIERS. < J£ Franchisee! Sealer •Conn •Selmer t*t*^vWHi*^v^*s-^^^^^^^**- Progressive Music SUPPLY INC. 3537 Wash, Blvd. 392-3495 Strategy Vital To Pollution Fight NEW YORK (UPI) —Mrs. Howard Cromwell, of Lafayette, Ind., representing the League of Woman Voters, told the annual meeting of the American Home Economics Association about the best antipollution action by individuals. She said it would be to "be aware of community and neighborhood solutions to environmental problems, become the catalyst to do something about them, and then zero in on one specific issue." Bake Sale Utah Lodge 173, Auxiliary to the UTU will hold a bake sale Saturday at the Bon Marche, at the parking lot entrance, beginning at 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Foof Disorders NEW YORK (UPI) -How are your children's feet? Abnormal foot posture, orthopedic disorders of the feet, or both, were found in 37 per cent of nearly 9,000 children given a foot check. In the proportion of abnormal conditions, there was no appreciable difference in boys or girls. . .•; FALL SPECIALS PERM. WAVE ZOTOS or HELENS CURTIS SHAMPOO SET HAIR-CUT $Q95 tot 1 Beauty Salon?! 2345 Ki»J»l Ave. 394-6304 l-Humion »|vdj44«7 S. 700 W.,|ZJ3 Wash. • : Itiv*rdaU .392-4111 393-732S faj!i!iMMI^'MIM; [ PJS 392-5294 . [G| 'lip je. DRAPERIES 5th & WASHINGTON A Complete Decorator Store. DRAPERIES Custom made CARPET New styles 'BUNDS > BEDSPREADS ' WALLPAPER Large selection Do it yourself accessories Your ideas or our ideas Custom made Ready made NEW IDEAS NEW IDEAS NEW I'DEAS NEW I'DEAS NEW IDEAS "Look for the Two Show Homes featuring Donbiyln's Draperies" PHONE 393-6731 tj r , • CUSTOM PRODUCTS-WITH CUSTOM IDEAS CELEBRATING OUR BIG WIN! For 5 Big Days Oct. 5th thru 9th CAROL DAWN BOWEN KIRBY RAMOS KATHY TROTMAN PEGGY CALL State of Utah Championship Students of Painters College of Beauty won the Hair Styling Championship held at The Terrace in Salt Lake City last weekend. Students from all over the State competed. The styles were judged for workmanship, perfection of the latest style and creativeness. 4 places were' awarded. Painters students won 3 of the 4 places including the Gram Trophy. STUDENT ENROLLMENT Save '25 00 this 4 days on tuition. ARTISTRY IN KAIRCOLORING 1. Shampoo ond set 2. You get the finest product 3. Extra <lo« supervision from. $Q° 5 You net all for only ** The College on the Co Open 8 o.m.-7:30 p.m. Good all 5 days FROSTS-Reverse Frosts STREAK |NG AND TIPPING Includes: 1. Bleaching 2. Conditioning 3. Guarantee 4. Manicure S. Free can of conditioner spray net (value $1.50) 6. Special shampoo 7. Record kept. $C°5 Reg. $20.00, ONLY ** Offer good all 4 day* Extra close supervision by Utah's HAIRCOLORING WINNERS SPECIAL—PERMANENT WAVE 1. $20 permanent wave 2. Conditioners 3. Guarantee 4. fttanicure 5. FREE can of conditioner hair spray, value $1.50 6. Special *£) 9S shampoo.. Reg. $20, service only ** Tamis Apparrel OFF all-merchandise) in the store. REFRESHMENTS Free wigs, wigfets, eyelashes Gifts from Tamis' Apparel PAINTER'S COLLEGE of BEAUTY

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