Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on April 15, 1897 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 15, 1897
Page 5
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BY REOULAR CORRESPONDENTS. G-rove. The trftath*st greatly interferes with y the sowing of atrmll grain on the low • 4»ad. Some are done flowing; others feAve not begun yet, There was ft sad accident at the rail- teftd bridge, one-half mile east of the •Grove across Green Blver ditch Sunday morning. At about 6:30 Mr. Shultz, with hie two boys; bad started to Mr, - Westphsrs, about three miles from the <3rove, and be and the oldest boy had gotten accroBs the bridge, when an ex- I ' trs came along from the West and I -caught the smaller boy on the bridge, killing htm instantly, There was no fclame attached to the engineer, as it was so foggy he could see but a short distance. Mrs. H. Heron fell while getting out of a buggy one day last week and broke her leg. At present writing she ia gettifig along nicely, - Born—To Mr.and Mrs* George Smltk * daughter, Friday, April 9,1897. Mr. Stroud has bought an Indiana grader to use In ditching his large .farm, two miles east ot here. Mrs, Wolf, of Walnut, visited with her sister, Mrs, F. Janes, of this place, . over Sunday, The old people met at Casper Huse* I man's last Saturday night to help him • calebrate his birthday. .. Frank Benner has an Austin road Vgrader unloaded at the Station here. -"We understand It Is to be given a trial, ' and if it works 'satisfactorily, it is to • be bought for the township. • Apr11 1 3 - Gardenplain. - Charles Startzman, of Fulton, is .spending a few days with his brother Mrs. J. Burnett, or Stone street, was calling on friends at the Corners recently. •'-.-'"' . Ktnney. Eaton, of North Clinton, <jame over to visit his parents Monday. ' Mrs. T. /Startzman spent Thursday with her mother.Mrs. Ferrls.ln Fulton. • Tb,e reporter for the Lyons Advertiser was in our burg Friday. . • !<, Abbot Is suffering with a severe attack of the measles. , ' ; - OleC. Long and! wife, of Fulton, epent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Marcy. ' T. B. Eaton went to Lyndon on Saturday to make Giles Green and family 8 Visit. "'.••"•'- ' -• • - '• '• ' Messrs. Frank J3ads, Carl Baker and Arthur Brlghtman and .Miss , l Belle Eaton took the final examination at Morrison Saturday. Mrs. Walter Parker is on the sick Rev. McMaken returned 'from bis -home In Indiana Friday evening. Not feeling able to preach, he sent for a friend st the Seminary, who came out .and Hupplled the Newtorjjand Gardenplain Sunday. , Mr, Cattin returned to Chicago Monday mornfng. • A. W. McMaken went to Aledo Monday to attend the Presbytery meet- Ingv which '. is being held there this Miss Susie Benghart came home from Morrison Wednesday, where she has been visiting her sister and friends ' for the past two weeks. Miss .JSmma Sweet is spending a few days in Fulton. ' •' ;«• : : ; • •••;:• Como. ' - ; : , The ladies of the' H. H. Society will sell two quilts and serve a supper at the BchoolBhouse Wednesday evening, ; May J2, for the benefit of the- Sunday School and to get money to repair the 'old Como church, Everyone cordially invited to give a helping band. '" Mrs. Henry PlanJ; and Miss Addie Burr, of Sterling, were the guests of O. S. Fatridge and family last. Fri- Charles Dickey and family, who have been residing in Sterling, moved to tbls place last week. They will pccu« j>y tha old Pollock home. , J. J, Pierce visited in Bock Falls Sfrlday. ' ' .'"•'.'- ' - • -. . I J?r_ank Van Drew, who has lived ' with bis aunt; Mrs. Partridge, for the 1 gajt two years, will reside for tbe f u- iuire in Sterling at the home ot his father, Charles Van Drew. His sister, Hazel, who has been visiting here, returned with him Saturday, On Monday it' rained here all the ^joming.but Cleared up about 1 o'clock with a very high wind. - The ferry boat Js in ruuDing order at $iij8 place, Col, Ahspace and wife were f/he first to cross. They will visit rela tlvea in Hume, . Jeese. Laroont, of Prophetstown, «geat Saturday, aod at _the home of bis parents, D. Lament and file. • '• Mi«a Wianle Kilroy, of Gait, was the gueet of lier sister, Mrs. O'Brien, FrU Her uieca, Kate O'Brien, return- i with her and remained until Barrett will at Gslt this work for summer. Mrs. He who bae been at Xalaad Junction for the last two Oscar Partridge had corn shelters last Thursday. Mrs. John Boyd and son, Hngh, of Bound Grove, spent Saturday and Bunday at the home other sister, Mrs. W. Barrett. Henry Barrett attended a social party in Emerson Friday night. Will Pomeroy is among us again visiting friends, ,'.'••, Mrs. T. D. Sfevene and her children, Paul and Earl, are suffering with dip- theria. They are reported as being a little better at present writing. April 12, East Science Ridge. Farmers have been unable to work in the fields this week, owing to the wet weather. The final examination for the un- graded schools in this part of the county, was held in the Second Ward school building in Sterling on' Saturday, April _ 10, : _Thoae of this school, who took it~were'r'"TT6rB~'LuBf :: aria : Amanda Landis. Many a tiller of the soil, was greatly surprised on Saturday morning, when he awoke to find the ground, covered over with snow, ' . On Monday the Elgin creamery received over 21,000 pounds of milk. The funeral of Miss Anna Hoover occurred at the Science Bldge church on Sunday afternoon, The many friends in this vicinity .extend their' sympathy to the bereaved family for their recent loss. ^ Mrs. James Capp and her [daughter, Mrs. Earl Isherwood, of Sterling, visited with 'Mrs, Fremont Landis last Thursday. • ' • -. . / An Oratorical Contest of the un- graded schools, of Sterling township, chool- Friday evening. ,.,.,„ .The district election for School Director will occur next Saturday evening; It is the duty of every voter in the district to turn out and vote. April 13. Malvorn. « The farmers who have sowed their oats were not pleased with the recent rains. ' • - , Will and May Taylor drove up to" Chadwick last Thursday and remained over night with their uncle and aunt, who have be«n very 111 this winter. They returned Friday and report' the invalids quite well again, but say they have been left deaf—the effects of the Harley Lyons- and Walte Lewis were alters at Scribner's today! . • The pupils of the Sunday School are. very mudhTtnterested^n—the—prepara-- tion of the program for the Easter exercises; Another horse belonging'to Joseph jBoejun died Tuesday night of_lung_ fever~Joe irtKBTinfortunate man—of- the place at present, •'•... Two boys came to the ralll for a boat ride the other day. The water; was very swift and the pleasure seekers went over the dam, getting a good ducking. Dry clothes were soon put on and no damage was done. John Motzer will load his household goods into the car, which Is ready for him, as soon as the weather will permit. Miss Minnie McCune was the guest of Mlss-Detra laaLFriday^ . David Getty expects to leave next Monday for Dakota to finish up some threshing. The candidates for School Director are numerous. Each thinks he can cut down the expences. April 12. West Science JRldge. The snow didn't delay the farmers much as it waa'all gone again by Monday so they could work in tbe field, Chicken thieves were In our neighborhood again. Half way between Al Hartlng's and George Hoover's, IB a sack with four large hens and a man's jacket in it lying on the road. ' Mr, and Mrs. Arthur McQee and two children and Harry Kauffman, of Denrock spent Sunday with Al Harting and family. ' .:' Last week 1 while Otto Strock was working in the field with a disc, one of bin horses stepped back and striking one of the sharp platea, cut quite a large gash in Its foot. Dr. H. G. Hoover was called immediately, Mrs.'Mary Reed is on the sick list, Miss Mary Ebersole spent Sunday with her parents. Mrs, William Schrader Ylqlted_iat Al Harting'a last Wednesday, ; Otto Strpok and Frank; Hoover took a business trip to Ashton Tuesday. Miss Myrtle Brown, pf Sterling, spent &veral days of last week with Miss Mabel Jones^ Miss Mamie Beilueria spending this week at her home in Sterling. Her mother's illness being the cause. Edgar Beeier and Horace Mttzler have left scUoo.t to engage in farm work. ' Christ Miller is having the hedge on tlJg farm 'cut down. It will improve the looks ot the place greatly. tlenry Nrwtoo, the ge,ntl«maa who so Miverely kicked by n colt, is do* Three of the ptip-Hs of onr echool, Msmfe Beisner, Horsca Mctzisr and Edgsr Beeler, took the final essmina- tlon Saturday at the Sterling School, The result ia not yet known. The Contest will take place next Friday evealng at Woodlawn, Everybody invited. . - Blontmorency. Easter . services at • Montraorency church next Sunday. Sunday School will begin at 1:30 p. m. a half hour earlier, ; _,_j ••• • -•- ••-• Bev. ^ Wiiliams expects to preach next Sunday after the Easter exercises are over and every Sunday thereafter until he gets the time made up which he lost on account of bad roads, • ' Election of School Directors next Saturday.. The McWhorte.r school holds theirs. in the forenoon, The Banes from 1 to 3 p. m. The Allpress from 6 to 8 p. m. The Golder from , The Elmendorf from . If you are Interested In youf> school, avail yourself of the privilege of .voting _f &r_.dii recton ', Mrs. David Butler, of Hume, was the guest of Mrs. Theodore Frank one day last week. Mrs. Viola VVickens and daughter, Irene, came up Saturday for an over Sunday visit with the J. M. Heaton's family. . C. M. Hewitt has about completed a commodious coal house on his farm. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Carolus and the latter's mother,.Mrs. Beed,of Emerson, were guests at Lewis Ulna's on Sunday. Grandma Halstead has been quite sick during the past week, but seems to be improving now. Will Heaton closed a successful term of school near Ida Grove, Iowa, about two weeks ago, and is now in Des- Moines, Iowa, attending a Normal morency will be glad to know that he is pushing upward, and wish him success in all his undertakings. • Mrs. Miller and daughter, Ida,. of Sterling, visited with Mrs. S. W. Halsted and other friends in Montmorency last week.' . ' -•. ' Mrs. E. A.'Macomber, of Bock Falls, and Mrs. Sweet, of Gardenplain, came out last Friday for a visit with Mrs. C. M. Hewitt. The ladles are cousins. Douglas Murray sold a car load of cattle and delivered them on Tuesday. Herman Sturtz returned on Tuesday from Iowa, with fifty head of- cattle which he purchased out there. He will pasture them during the summer and feed for market next fall and winter. ' Misses Blanche and Bertha Bipley, of Dixon, spent part of last week at Theodore Frank's, visiting the g"irls. The next W.O. T. U. meeting will be held thelast, Thursday in April at Mrs.C.M. Hewitt's. The following is the program: '-•'•' 3ong ' . Set 1 pture —: 1: •' • • •. Frayors ' "" ' :—. •- — Discussion,•SysteraatloOlvlng.. ,.Uy All Present Leader, President . Song.....'...''. ,. .Mesdames Qolder and Titus Keadlng... Mrs. Lamke Beading.-. ..Mrs; Compton Song....Mrs. Franc Murray, Miss Josle Murray Keadlng , Mrs. John ferrls Let all members make an effort to be present, Lyndon A few of the people here saw, imagined, or drea'mpt they saw the wonderful airship the-otber evening._AtJeast they told a long tale about it next day. It must have been quite a sight to those that saw it.- Charley Shaw, of .Prophetstown, gave an interesting talk to the High School on electricity last Thursday. Ed MHligan was a Sterling caller last Monday. . . Bev. George Wyland took toe train Sunday evening for losva. City, Iowa, for his last week's work in tbe medical college. John Bice, of Denrock, spent Sunday with his parents. ~ An entertainment, consisting of music and epeakihg, was given by the Congregational Sunday school at .the Town Hall last Saturday night, A large crowd was present and all give a verdict of being highly* entertained. The Bock Biver society of Homeopathy doctors met at the hotel last Wednesday, A number of .cases were brought before them. The meeting was interesting and beneficial to all. John Manning was a Sterling visitor last Monday, .: Bert Wheelock, of Tamplco, spent Sunday with friends in Lyndon. Njna Hurlburt, of Morrison, spent Sunday with her, grandmother, Mrs. Hazzard. "• „• . ; Miaa Ella MoKerg, of Morrison, visited her parents over Sunday, Messrs. U|m and Funk are engaged building a barn on tbe Trurable farm. Sid Kilay was a Prophetstown caller last Friday. . Plowing and seeding oats keep the farmers in thia .vicinity busy. • Mrs, Gould, an old citizen of Lyndon, was laid at rest in the Lyndon cemetery last Thursday. 8he was eighty-five years old. '•'. '.'."> Mrs, Delia Emery, who waa a few years qgo the healthy and active Delia Thomas, died at her home in Bock wetjk Moedft? of eouguiap- J' sifftft ^"".iSlfk"-,*. J[p , sn* « ft* nwr^'l in >fnho Kwry Fro-n thi= urne nntil h*»r WM R resident of Hock Mand. She was a yonng lady who wss belored by all who knew her, and she leaves many friends atad schoolmates in Lyndon who rnotirn her loss and %fjBnpathrze with parents, brothers, sisters and husband at their bereavment. Soutli Genes«e. the There was a temptation for sleigh Saturday morning. Misses Elsie Doud and Bertha St.- John were Morrison visitors Saturday and Sundayi Presiding Elder Sweet held communion services at the Hickory Grove church last Sunday afternoon. Mr. Dingman, of Milledgeville, was around delivering pictures of-residences, taken in this neighborhood last week. Misses Ethel and Clara Thorp called on Miss Silvia Taylor last Thursday evening. J. C. Taylor was in Morrison Thursday, on business. Mlfies Emma a od Louise Maberry ; visited their unel^,-John-Giffrow-ahd- family, last Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sternbagen drove to Sterling last Sunday morning to attend the confirmation exerceses held in the German Lutheran church oftfiatcity. It was on the night of the seventh inst. Only the tolling of the school house bell broke the silence of the occasion. He was driving with all the speed possible to reach his destination ere the bell had ceased sounding and the exhibition was on. Suddenly a shrill scream rent the air. The ground seemed to fly up as if by magic. The 'chase" was slightly overturned* and its occupant placed in a predicament that was not at all inviting. "Ob,* yes, Charlie, that.overcoat lj all right" if it tloo8- tl need-flxin7 u -. : — Milledgeville, came down to attend the school exhibition at Liberty S. H. Wednesday evening. Miss Kate Hackett Sundayed at James Brodericks. "What's the matter with.Fraser's orchestra?" "The're all right." The iufant son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Seidels is slowly, improving after a severe illness. Will Lynch is seriously contemplating making a trip to some near by city to consult a specialist, in regard to color blindness. Will believes his becoming quite serious, from the fact that ne decended into the cellar the other day for the purpose of filling a'basket with sweet ripe apples, with which he intended to treat his numerous guests.- Imagine Will's surprise when he was informed, on his return from the cellar, that his basket only contained a few red beets and a lot of potatoes that had never received their'full growth. Will's many friends -hopeJ ota speedyjcure.' Jordan. We were shocked last week at the news of the death of Miss Anna Hoover. She will be greatly missed in the community. James H. Shaw gave an excellent address in the few minutes allotted to him last Sunday morning at East Jordan church. " ' ' Those who heard him. will be glad to hear him again. > There will be Easter services at East Jordan church in the evening.- Miss Ivy Brand, of Polo, and^MIsF Sweet, of Eagle Point, were calling on friends the first of the week. Miss May Worden has had a tube placed in her side and it is hoped she will get better now. Quick consumption is feared. We hope all the Jordan pupils who took the final examination will pass with high rank and that the teachers of the town will arrange for graduating exercises for them shortly after or before the exercises at Morrison. They were not as well treated the evening of their township examination as other classes have been and since then the elements have defeated all plans to make amends. The personal effects of Frank G under pas.-ed through Jordan to Milledgeville the first of the week. Coleta.. • Asa Sherwood, who is enrolled in the Mpirison High School, is spending his two weeks' vacation in Coleta.assistlng in his brother's hardware and implement business. The grocery wagons will be sent out by Ackerman & Garv/lck and J. C, Kingsbury this summer as uaual. The first trip will be made next Monday. George D. Hoffman, wife and daughter, Flossie, are contemplating a trip to Chicago in about one ....week 4 J\s]aere they will spend two weeks visiting at the home of Mra. Hoffman's sister.Mre. Edward Tracy. Milton F. Miller and wife were in Morrison la_st Saturday, Daniel Shank will leave eoon for Tennessee, where he will look after farming interests. He is thinking seriously of investing in r^al estate in that State.- '.- . •'••„'.• '•', The mapy Meads of Mra. Oiie Bobinson, nee, Olie Hoffman, were surprised and sorrowed to he$r of hex Harry .Tonfts hauled * hog to Mil- Jedff evlile last Saturday that w»* the largeit, perhaps, ever seen in this unction of the coantry. It was two and a half years old and tipped the scales st 810 pounds. Let na hear of any that can break this record, Fred Conrtright and wiW, of Bock Falls, visited with I^evi Courtright and family Sunday, Henry Dnrstine and wife drove do wn from Milledgeville last Friday, an'd spent the dayjit the home of Hugh Shannon. ^" ............ _______ Andrew Stanley is one of the tea choosen In Whiteside county to attend the annual convention of the State Sunday School Association that will be held in Belleville, HI., May 11, 12 and 13. Misses Effle and Hattie Bender departed for Mendota, where they will resume their school duties. A grave mistake was made in last week's letter but not too late for rectification. The contest of the pupils of the schools of Geneaee will be -held In Shannon's i Hall, : 'Friday evening, April, 10, instead of Wednesday .evening, April, 14. The hall should be'crowded, Those from Genesee who tried to pass the county examination in Morrison last Saturday are: Messrs. Jacob Garwick, Clarence Linebaugb, Ralph Overholser, Bichard Proctor, Fred Overholser and Charles Morris. Misses Lizzie Garwick, Lucinda Spang, Lizzie Proctor, Jessie Peugh, Mae Brown, Minnie Brown and Clara Bryson. Hugh Shannon sold thirteen horses to Reese and shipped them to Chicago last Thursday. Frank Hoffman returned from Springfield last Monday, where he was sent as a delegate to the General .Conference of the Evangelical church. Quite a number of our young people ^fil^dyrnlaAning dtoiyjamptng -.- pur- ties the coming season. J. C. Eraser has just finished painting ten signs for Sherwood Bros. These signs will be placed in the surrounding country. All are artistically .painted. Great preparations are being made for the Easter services at the Methodist church next Sunday evening. Bev. Henry Baker will have a work of art, before the public that night that will excel anything of its kind ever seen in Coleta. Last Thursday night James H.Shaw, the Secretary of the Christian Cittzen- ship Committee of the State, delivered a most excellent address on Christian Citizenship at the Christian church. More should have heard him. He is an earnest, conscientious speaker and made many friends while In the village. Boy Hurless is now living with his mother and drives to and from his Mrs. Fenton continues to remain" in as bad a state of health as ever. She is at the home of John M. Overholser. The contest and _entertalnment at th"e^lb~eyty~ich"ool~"iia8t;~ Wednesday night was witnessed by a house full of people. Prof. J. H. Shirks, of Milledgeville, Bev. Noah Garwick and James Morris of Malvern, were the "judges, Three pupils under twelve years of age contested. Mies Verba Wick was the fortunate one in this event. Miss Mamie Lechner was the successful one in the contest of the pupils over twelve years of. age. There were many things of interest that constituted the evening's entertainment. Eraser's orchestra- of flve pieces was present.- Charles Fraser delighted the audience with a cornet solo. Jacob Reecher and M. O. Fraser did some .clever negro work. All were satisfied with the results. At the re-organization of the Sunday School at the Liberal U. B. church last Sunday, the following officers were chosen: '• . • Superintendent— W, D. Deets. Assistant 8uperintendeut — R. S. Lawrence. Secretary and Treasurer — Ralph Overholser. Chorister— J. B. Fentbn. ~ . Organist— Miss Minnie Proctor. ! 'Assistant Organist -- Miss ' Myrtle Conaway. Librailins — Ira Procjjar and lav Conaway. , April 14. SPECIAL report from over the St^te in regard to the putlook of the winter wheat crop is, that the crop will be a failure this year. Nearly two millions acres have been winter killed or destroyed by floods, and the remaining acreage,, is in poor condition. The present "outlook shows that but little more than enough for sard will ba raised, while the State will have to depend on other places for its bread .supply—a condition that has not occurred but once before in ^he history- of the State. ••.>'.''•' ON Wednesday the Hpuae passed the judicial apportionment bill with out the emergency clause. The effort to pass the bill with tnls failed for tbe lack of the necessary two-thirds vote. The measure will not go into ef feet until after the judicial election in June. Five Republicans voted against the bill and three Democrats and two Populists voted for it. .Otherwise vote w&s ou party to thut pflTMt. At tlm% hfr««% &T & , rsf»? tbe only dcefe of the pilferer. The Isfa^t Is A oepfi«w of Sap«$i«rtimAent Ompfs, st tha Ksnktkee «8ylt*ra, & yoong n**6 t twenty-one years of age, who indalg* In postage stamps to the exteat of about ?50 per month. THE attempt at Hpriagfield to the civil service law has failed. vote 'in the Committee on Civil Serrlee on the Norak bill, which provides for nine to eleven. Col, C, F. Bryan, Chairman of the. Committee, did valiant service in behalf .of .-civil service. Those who know Mr; Bryan will concede that bis activities In connection with any measure or person that he favors, are next thing to boundlesa*' He is a power for' good legislation. Excursion to Hew TorJc City. "TChe Nickel Plate Boad will eell ei- cu f slow tlckeU ±f ro tBE-CblCBgo - to-New York and return, for all trains leaving Chicago on April 23d to 26th, inclusive, at rate of 824.00 for the round trip, being less than via other lines, Tickets will be valid for return passage from New York to and including May 4th 1897. , For particulars call on or address 3. Y, Calahan, General Agent, 111 Adams Street, Cnicago, 111. STERLING MABKET. OOSBBOTBD •VMf QRAiir--Oorn, No. t, Yellow, V tra Com, No. 2 ....... .... Wboat. No. a ....... M ... ___ ... n»tf,-No. 2 ------- M ------- . OaU, No. 2, White U.JV .............................. „ . Biurlflj ...... ..... ..... ............ LIVB RTOOK— H«g«, V 1*0— .....— -.3 0»ttle ......................... ....2 V ft....... 20®22 78 13 £ 3683 BO 00 PBODWOB— Buttar, V ft Lard ........... :..... -------- .... Eges, Vdos. ............. ......... PoUtoen, 9 bn....i../. ....... ..„ -Illlnoli, « ton. ....... . ....... ...I BloMborx.MorrliBan. ..... .«... AntlirMlte ....... . .......... . ----- HlDM— » roui/rBY— -Spring XJhJclceni. Fowls. ........ ...... Duck*-... ------- .... Turkeys ........... ..... -•—•-j(a r —*-. e » ts , 0091 se ' ^^w TM 75®80 4 « CHICAGO Furnlihed by Chicago Board of Trade; branch ofiice rear First National Bank, Sterling Illinois, ' Harrison, Telephone,"! 6, : __ .. _ '„ Long Distance Bell Telephone.Jga. 48XIOI>1U>. WHKAT. May .... July.... Apr .... Corn. May...;. July Apr .. Ofttlr May .. July.. Apr .. Mesa prk May ... July... Apr ... Lard. May ... July ... Apr ... 67^-67 OPEN. HIGH, 8.25 8.40 4.15 4.25 23% 8. 4.17 4.27 IXJVf. "M 8.20 8.30 4.15 4.25 OLOSSt 8.27 8.40 3.E5 4.17 4.27 4.15 12 O'CLOCK—CASH MARKET. Wheat. No. 2 Bed, 85@88. _"_..8. .". 75@85. ' « r "2 Spring, 07J^@68. " 3 V 63@06. " 2 Hard W., ti7@69. " 8 " " 62@65. " 1 Northern Spring, 69. Corn., No. 2 White, " 2 Yellow, « 3 _— 22@23.' " 3 Yellow, 22@23. Oats. No. 2— 16i£@%. " 2 Wbite, 20@<il.. « 3 —15H@18. " 3 White, 17@19. :'!.- NORTHWESTERN BEOKIPT8. Car lots today—Wheat, 5; corn, 87; oats, 114. Estimated car loads tomorrow- wheat, B; corn, 48; oats, 145; hogs* 24,000. • "~ To-dav Lasfc La * t io-aay Week yg^ Minneapolis ..... 201 158 240 Duluth 92 105 10a Chicago .....—- r-7 <— Total 293 263 319 HOG AND OATTtB BXQKIF78, April 14, '97. UNION STOOK YABPS— Hoga 25,003. Cattle 13,SOQ. Sheep ; 15,000. Hogs left over 1,0%, Kansas City hogs to-day, 13,000, Kansas City cattle to-day; 8,000. Omaha bop to-day, '6,000. Omaha cattleto'-dayrB.SOO. Hogs opened 5c lower. Mixed, 3.90^4,16; goo ©1 15; rough, S.?5$3.85; 4.10.- ' Cattle steady. Sheep steady Hoga closed, 10« lower. Light, f3.85@401; steady. Stewf stwdy,

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