Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 24, 1959 · Page 7
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 7

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 24, 1959
Page 7
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TheyTl Do It Every Time By Jimmy YOUfc HOME T0WN ? WM4T BIES,)? ,4N ORYOUB mfcst 61st Veaf Illinois Governor Hit For Allowing Serving Of Liquor SPRtNaFlELb. !!!. (UPI) — Tigner then said that 0. J. Kel- pass "as acceptable to our stand- 'fiie Temperance League of Illi- ler Sr., chairman of the dinner,lards of morality." nois has taken a sla.p at Gov. told him he did not know state I In the press release with the • |* O8 wf Ar SOfFS William O. Stratlon /of- permit- jlaw banned the serving of liquor letter, Tigner said the letter was ' '. u ji_» ^.^...I^M. .i «u.kM*..*. M ... i«'i~ A*.*!.. u..rt*4i«.*»i tiotrttr -marta nnhtlr "tint hprfltlsi* /MimlSSI THE PAMPA MlLtf NEWS TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 195d JL **.».»»* » »«»*>.»****** ** On The Itreard !.«****.*» ! HfoHLANf) OfcNfcRAL being made public "not because Admissions Mrs. Nanette Pratt. Panhandle cause "I dare not" let the incident;place in government." ling Uln oei VJUg wi uiin.jiij7ngi ic in in ntem; i/uiiuiii^fa* «^». . o ... r — -.--•-- .. - - — . - the state armory here during the But Tigner said, "Tn the execu- liquor was served at the Lincoln Mrs. iNaneue t-rau. rannanaie Abraham Lincoln birthday dinner tive offices of the state, however.; sesquicentennia! celebration but! Mrs. Gaylene Skaggs, 919 E. last week. ,T am sure no such Ignorance ex-jbecause the governor of our state; Francis The league released copies ofiMed. The presumption must have and his administration seemed to) Mrs. Charlene Alexander, a letter sent to" Stratton by its been 'we are above the law.'",believe that there is no law forjN. Ora y executive director, Luther J. Tig- Tigner said he was writing _be-, the man who has reached a high ner, tn which he criticized Stratton for placing himself "above the law" which bans alcoholic liquor/* in state buildings. Along with the letter was ft press release which said that such alleged winking at the law "is the sort of thing that finally bore fruit in the Orville Hodge case." TELEVISION PROGRAMS j TUESDAY KQNC-TV Channel * 6:30 Continental Classroom T:0» Today 9:00 Dough-Re-Ml »:30 Treasure Hunt 10:00 The Price U Right 10 :30 Concentration il:00 Tic Tao Dough 11:30 It Could Be You 12 :00 News 12:10 Weather 12:20 House of Carpets 12:25 New Ideas ' 12 :35 Wonders of The World 1:00 Truth or Consequence* 1:30 Haggis Baggts 2:00 Young Dr. Malone • 2:30 From These Roots 3:00 Queen For A Day 3:30 County Fair 4 :00 Susie 4:30 Rose of Cimarron 5:45 NBC News 6:00 News 6:15 Sports 8 :20 Weather 6:30 Dragnet 7:00 George Gobel 8:00 George Bumi 8:30 Bob Cummings 9:00 The Californians 9:30 Flight 10:00 News 10:10 Weather lo:30 Jack Parr Show 12:00 Sign Off KFOA-TV Channel 10 fl:30 Sunrise Classroom 7:00 It Happened Last Night 8:00 Captain Kangaroo 8:45 CBS News 9:00 Morning Playhouse 9:30 Arthur Godfrey 10:00 I Love Lucy 10:30 Top Dollar 11:00 Love of Life 11:30 Search for Tomorrow 11:45 Guiding Light 12 :00 Theatre Ten 12:30 As The World Turna 1:00 Jimmy DCan Show , 1:30 House Party * 2:00 Big Payoff 2:30 Verdict is Toun 3:00 Brighter Day - 3:15 Secret Storm 3 :80 The Edge of Night 4:00 My Little Margie 4 ;30 Popeye 5:48 Doug Edwaran 6.00 News, Ralph Wayne 6:15 World of Snorts 6:25 Weather Today 6:30 Marry a Millionaire 7:00 This is Alice 7:30 To Tell The Truth 8:00 Arthur Godfrey 8 :30 Hamlet 10:00 News, Ralph Wayne 10:10 Weather 10:20 Blonde Inspiration KVU-TV Channel 1 « 7:55 Good Morning 8 :00 Funz-A-Poppin' 9:00 Shopper Show 11:00 Coffee Break , il:30 Peter Lind Hayei 12:30 Play Your Hunch l -.00 Liberace 1 :30 The Shield 2:00 Your Day In Court 3:00 Beat The Clock 3:30 Who Do You Trust 4:00 American Bandstand 5:30 Adventure Time 6:00 All Aboard For Fun 6:30 Cheyenne 7:30 Wyatt Barp 8:00 Rifleman 8:30 26 Men 9:00 Alcoa Theatre 9:30 Badge 714 10:00 Night Court . 10 :30 Allegtleny Uprising 12:00 Nightcap News WEDNESDAY KFPVTV g:« 9:00 y:30 10:00 10:30 1 1 :00 il:30 11:45 12:00 12:30 1:00 6:30 Sunrise Classroom 7:00 It Happened Last Night «:00 Captain Kangaroo CBS News Morning Playhouse Arthur Godfrey I Love lAJcy Top Dollar Love of Lifa Search for Tomorrow Guiding Light Theatre Ten AS Tn* World Turn* Jimmy De*n Show Party 2:00 Big Payoff 2:30 Verdict Is Youra 3:00 Brighter Day 3:15 Secret Storm 3:30 The Edge of Night 4:00 My Little Margie 4:30 Popeye 6:15 Doug Edwards 6:00 News, Ralph Wayne «:15 World of Sports 6:25 Weather Today 6:30 Jeff's Collie 7:00 Keep Talking 7:30 Trackdown 8:00 The Millionaire 8:30 I've Got A Secret 0:00 U.S. Steel Hour 10:00 News, Ralph Wayne 10:10 Weather 10:20 Conquest 11:30 Sign Off KONG-TV Channel i 6:30 Continental Classroom 7:00 Today 9:00 Dough-Re-Mi 9:30 Treasure Hunt 10:00 The Price Is Right 10:30 Concentration 11:00 Tic Tac Dough 11:30 It Could Be You 12:00 News 12:10 Weather 12:20 House of Carpets 12:25 New Ideas 12:35 Curtain Time 1:00 Truth Or Consequence! 1:30 Haggis Baggis 2:00 Young Dr. Malone 2:30 From These Root* 3:00 Queen For A Day 3:30 County Fair 4:00 Su.iie 4:30 News Made at Midnight 5:45 NBC News 6:00 Local News 6:15 SporU 6:20 Weather 6:30 Wagon Train 7:30 Price Is Right 8:00 Milton Berle 8:30 Bat Maslerson 9:00 This Is Your Life 10:00 News 10:20 Weather 10:30 Jack Parr 12:00 Sign Off KVn-TV Channel l 7:35 Good Morning 8:00 Funz-A-Poppin' 9:00 Shopper Show 11:00 Coffee Break 11:30 Peter Llnd Hayes 12 .30 Play Your Hun^h 1:00 Liberace 1:30 The Shield 2:00 Your Day In Court 2:30 Music Bingo 3:00 Beat The Clock 3:30 Who Do You Trust? 4:00 American Bandstand 5:30 Mickey Mouse 6:00 All Aboard For Fun 6:30 Plymouth Welk Show 7:30 Ozzie t Harriet 8:00 Donna Reed 8:30 Frontier d-.00 Wednesday Kighti 9:50 John Daly News 10:00 Night Court i 10:30 Hitler's Children 12:00 Nightcap News TRY A CLASSIFIED AD? Heavy Winter Cattle Feeding May Be Over areas near oast are too boggy for cattle razing, said director John E. iutchison. High wind and blowing dust In e plains and West Texas caused -nuch small grain, already in poor ondition, even more damage. Much progress was made dur- ng the week in land preparation, xcept within generally 100 miles f the Gulf Coast. Chiseling and lowing has begun in the Panhan- le, cotton farmers in the El 'aso area are about finished with heir plowing and some plowing i,'as done in northeast and South growth is reported best, cate- ^^ .. 1>m not at all intereated » n men hope to be able to cut down ,, rm ^ ^ • undftr . acUng _ tnat ., lhe only thlnff m feeding in a few days. B tand," Debbie said. "I have' sure about. I've, never had any Fruit trees began p<>PP in g wlth j many' friends who come to dinner. I dramatic training, and no desire •looms after unusually high tern- : An(J once or twice a week I go tor it. For that matter, I don't leratures early in the week, but| out In the time of the Celts there were singeri and poets who wandered from place to place with their instruments. They were called bards, and were tound in W*les, Scotland. Ire- i land and Epgland. There were three kind* o| bards: those who sang in proise of religion and war. those who san$ of the law »nd those who $ang of national snd family b«0#*. 'Mickey Mouse' Star T , _,,, Is Shooting Up Now was sent to Stratlon Feb. 16, but „.,.,.. not released until today to give HOLLYWOOD (UPI) - Every-.been kissed-on the screen. Stratton time to reply. i thing happens faster in TV than! "i S ure am looking forward to The only reply, he said, was' 11 .? 0 ." In ^ e movics ' . >£ eltin * mv " Mt screen klss '" ;he 706 Mrs. Mable Penninglon, Pampa Mrs. Sharon Weathers, Borger .To Ann McQaughy, 63T N. Sum- I ner Gary McOaughy, 637 N. Sumner B arn »' 3 ven Mrs. Mary Wftftter, 1512 N. sell Mrs. fiuift Glenn, McLean S. C. Jensen, SOI N. Ward V. L. Hoff, Skellytowft Mrs. Rosa Lee ConttHrt, L. M. Evinger, Phillips Mrs. Georgia Hayes, 404 Hughfti Mrs. Faye Cook, 1118 E, Browfl- Mrs. Trella Smith, 1620 S. Well* Mrs, Dorothy DumaS, 1224 I. j Mrs. Ezerta Pmitt. 218'i W. Cra! Quotes In The News T!nlled Press International MOSCOW Soviet Premier Nik- does in he movies. i* eltl , n * m . v flMt screen , k ' M ',. T h(S 'lta Khrushchev, on his talks with Before vide.o put its magic eye rx-Moimketeer giggled. "I've „ , p . ' Mini , ter Harold <u- _-.!„.,•- „„>!„«„ o,,^ion/..,-, j _ i.-.ii, ., »!,.;.._ «^ tsruisn i^nme Minister naioiu "an evasive letter from his as-! , • . ..Ji.«„",.' ,-."., "" .. • tsruisn rr slstant," Miss Marion Keevers. '" , lh . e nation ., parlors, audience ; cven done a M , e practicing on 1 watched kid stars grow by leaps my OW n. But I'll probably never. About 1,400 persons attended the• ri boiinda anr , .hgn dlsaooear - • •• • - - •-- "-- '--' wp ihl and bounds and then disappear - ^o-^ ul a,,./*, J-.««..., «w^ ^ - an(j Bounds and men disappear dinner in the armory which was ;sometlmes foreveri occasionally to addressed by West Berlin Mayor _ Mnrn na „,,„,, , tnr ,._ by Willy Brandt. return as adult stars. Televiewers within the short ^ Aeievieweis WILIIIII LUC nnw; L Tigner's letter to Stratlon said jS p an 0 ( f our years have seen p. "I was deeply disappointed" in the, dimpled little girl of 12 blossom Lincoln dinner. into a well-rounded actress of 1C mv <J\VII. DUl 1 II U1TM.KXI.MV Jl^vi;, I .... .. . , ., »*,, be kissed for the cameras'as lo-g! "We think our conversations Ellen as I'm under contract to Mr. pis-?have been use u! We think you J. L. Crawford, Duma* Mrs. Antonia. Kempa, S08'i Fr6«t H. G. Furgason, 309 W. Tuke Mrs. Edna Taylor, !71fi Dogwooa Mrs. Thelma Walker, Ingtewood, California T. D. Phillips. 325 N. Sumnef Sharon Babb, Borger Mrs. Geneva Schroeder, 716 & Locust aMrs. Jean Carroll, 828 E. Beryl C. E. Harrington, Pampa. Mrs. Francis Ogden, 2133 Mary .. jwant agreement. If all cannot be Mrs. Margaret Terry, 141$ W. *' , . . J.•solved at onre, we think never-; Browning Annettp, a hJrjh school junior n" ; h f frankness and! Terry Will! the Disney Studio School, is HI- "Perhaps as the executive di- who promises to become a g' ain- beau, rector of the Temperance League our girl. . j .,1 should protest the serving ofj She's Annette Funicello (pro-j tne uisney stuaio scnooi. w HI- understandlng/ lowed to date three or four times j ; a m,onlh. But she has no steady! ... . .. . " he ex plained " ' GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- Former Defense Secretary Charles E. Wil- going :Son, calling for a realistic ap-, to disarmament proposals: worth Mrs. Maxine Dunham, 2125 Dun- Terry Williams, Miami Ray Stephenson, Pampa Carol Dirlckson, 327 Miami St, Lytle Robinson, 1713 Coffe* H. M. Frazier Jr., Gruver Baby Mary Winegeart, Farms- A .1..U...U protest the serving ofj She's Annette Funicello (pro alcoholic beverages on the basis nounced fun-i-sello), star of Walt, . . that Mr. Lincoln was a total ab-; Disney's "Mickey Mouse Club"! "Between school work and early, - &wnd disarmament agreement stainer and refused to serve liquor'series. j calls for Tv and movie a PP ear ' would not only reduce the military can in his home even on the greatest) In the past year the fetching lit, ances I don't have much time to burdens of both the East and | Mrs. Lorene Justiss. Claude COLLEGE STATION, Tex. | occaslon of hls || fe , w hen news tie brunette has graduated to myself." ;and improve the standards of liv-j Mrs. Mayre Menefee. wn UPI)— Cattlemen in East Texas; wag brought of his nomination for j movies (The Shaggy Dog), a regu-i Unspoiled youngster ' in? of all nations affected, but Deer ee an end to heavy winter feed- the pres i dency) " Tigner wrote. lar roie on the "Danny Thomas| Annette, who is of Italian de- even more importantly, it would Mrs. Lorene Spence.Borger ng but in the dry western two- rf ovcr Show," and a part in "Zorro," [scent, is an unspoiled younger.; be pointed toward world peace." Mrs Melba west wnite ue hirds of the state, ranchers dig But -* yn d " h e m i K h t not be 1 x '" D """-~ u "'""° ' Rh ' ° lo " H " " fant ° 1 ' nrtl " ntrl - Francis eeper into their feed bins, the j ls n * erioo No Screen Kisses iShe stands 5 feet 2 inches a>,ci i 'exas Agricultural ervice reports. A few days of mild weather, ided by ample moisture, was the Like most youngsters, the en-i weighs 103 pounds. She watrncsj HOLLYWOOD -Actress Arlene , : able tO Speak for all tnei Ume musi .vuuns.iiein, ute tn- \-,CI^H.-) juo |/v>un<.ia. one won,n..i: ,,^,*—*. .. -^ Extension h u r c h e , rcpl . e8enled in the gaging little actress is in a hurry her spaghetti intake to insure she Dahl, on announcing plans to »_ „„„... ,,r. Hnown't rpfain her hnh\- fat i tain a divorce from actor . Deer Jim Silcott. 1301 E. Francis W M. Dittberner, 1321 N. Stark- league. However, Tigner said, "I know that I speak for every member to grow up. , doesn't regain her baby fat. ,taiij a divorce from actor For"I dont want to be a glamour! Her father mns a gasoline rta-'nando Lamas: I0T 1 M I; * nd ^"v.^L .£ girl like Javne Mansfield," she, lion near the family home in thei "t don't know where he is. I m Panhandle, on the birth of a son B .. . , . ..,.«.. », . __ J «^.,.._ rr^ ^ 1 n.nj»M. *« «AA «« of*r.fnOlf " 'fit fl'37 fl.. HI. WeiB'nine'6 IDS. 3 */2 OH. oost small grains and winter J 0( our 'board and every church:said, her dark eyes snapping with San Fernando Valley. Though her going to see an attorney, lovers needed to make growth.;, n our federation when 1 say that : humor. "My ideal is Elziabcth! income is high in the five-figure| j«,,^,,.i- .0^0 nr« 0 . n«oi- thei democratic system depends)Taylor. She's the most beautiful bracket, Annette spends many «n< LOS ... ._». .._ i » ' i..i i^ 11. _ . ..™n1 *4 *' Di'«« In rt- KoKvr Bttft»io« ti'ttK V^o** f A »,r.E.rc-o T .. tr r^hn ! aiQ LOS ANGELES - Lee F. John. 919 9:37 a.m. weighing 6 Ibs. 3Vi oz. To Mr. and Mrs. Bob SkaggS, on the birth of lts , lfe on obedience to law girl in the world." by both the high and the low." Annette is sweet 18 anJ never j younger brothers. oracKei Anneue spends many ?.n • uu-i ^ii^.j.>iju **^~. , • -• — —• • evening babv sitting with her two son. of Denver, former executive son at 9:58 a.m. weighing 7 IbS. 0 * ° . .. . .. j i ^* *i~- XT™ t: „-,« i 1K1,' f\f Future Of Power Widow Uncertain INATJOUK-\TK ,IFT SERVICE vice president of the National :15'<i oz. Housing Conference, calling for; construction of a minimum of two.THK GLASS DESTROYER million new homes a year: j FAYETTKVILLE, N.C. (4jri>— NEW YORK (UPI)—Pan Amer-j "Good housing for all Americans ] Soldier Erble Glass was fined $15 Scan World Airways plans to in- is not the cure for all of our do- j Monday for mixing the salt and ausurate jet service between the ™<^ ic ™ Hal ills - Tt <| OM - ho . w :|* u » ar " in a ™" t8 """!j; , tfnv , nm n J ever mnrk an excellent point He was charged with destroying United States and Latin America from whi( . h lo stan T ,, e cancer private property. thai would cut flying time be- of H | UtI i.s is growing in almost " Buenos every American city today, al-i Bv VERNON SCOTT IT! Hollywood Correspondent HOLLYWOOD ;lhe future. tween New York and Aires in half. The airline an- though the disease wan diagnosed ^ ,....,, , u.^- in the mid-HO's as one requiring "My whole life centers around nounced Monday it hopes to begin nati(in()1 acljon the baby now. He realizes at an 'he service late in April. Tyrone ea ,.|y as , e wno j g boss of the vas aone in noruieasi ana owuiii | n^"^«-. •• ^~^ .«-., -j- — eany a?e wno is uo.-ts ui uie Central Texas where fields were; Power's widow, Debbie, said to- nous ' e He js •• S i 1e 9 mji e d. "1 hope RKPORT (,'ASl'ALTIKS L iflairMV) »*«« mnntha n f t f*r thfl tic.* *_ i.. i. _ L;._. ._.:*!_ *_ * u., _«..* i. : ry enough. [day (three months after the ac- to take ninl ' w ith me to the south 1 rally good condition and feeding^ 0 with AI GIERS (UPH- | PAPEETE, Tahiti-Actor Staling Hayden, on plans to sail his Rebel losses schooner down to Tahiti from the Now Many Wear FALSE TEETH With Little Worry Eat. talk, laugh or sn*fz* without ho f d , pU , M nrm( , r Rn d more com- killed or captured, the French children in defiance of a court or, „. ~ -,"-"-". , , "I have to pick up the threads ai . my le(1 today . Military der: s general across the state. Ho\v-| The dark-haired beauty is sure |O f my life. One must. 1 have al-' am ,,: ce ., sa ia French losses includ- "My motivation? An ounce of ver, in the boggy coastal pas-j°f one thing, however. She has no,ways managed to roll with thc, ed 30 killedi freedom is worth a ton of gold." t i_ ^ j_ ««^« intAnMrm nf heromlnc' an actress. nnnrh*« onH Up*»n tvt\r fppt on the; _ ' . — — gummy, gooey. p»sty taste or ._- „. Doesn't, enlist nauset. It.'* nlkalln* (non-acid). Check* "pl»t« odor" (denture breath). Get FASTEETH tf 1 ; counter. ures aome herds hape. are in poor There's much ranch activity In intention of becoming an actress. Living on a $1500 monthly income from Powers' estate, Deb- , . ,, ea JD i punches and keep my feet on the ( ^_ ground. Sort of like a cat. Everything Seems Vague "But everything seems somewhat vague, even though I'm pull ddition to feeding herds as calv-|bie resides in a modest, three- ng and lambing is moving north! bedroom bungalow in Benedict. -„ • - ,. - . - . cross the state, sheep are being!Canyon on the outskirts of Sever-;lng myself together. I need rest, a^tred and goats are being ly Hills. She and her month-old : This whole tragedy has left me son, Tyrone William, spend much'exhausted." heared for mohair. In deep East Texas where plant , , of their tim« alone in the com- Debbie was adamant about p East Texas where pant housekeeper.! avoiding an acting career. is reported best, cattle- P "> ^^ * .. 1>m not at all intere e to be able to cut down ,, • . _ . e n thl want any kind of a career. rchard owners are skeptical asj ^ lls we(>k she hftd dinner at a "My work is cut out for me a late freeze would injure their' • -— —'-•-- - -— » reeg and lower fruit possibilities. Tomato seed are going into hotbeds as far north as counties swanky restaurant with film star for many years. raiMng a son. I Rock 'Hudson, but Debbie dis- don't know how people can be lims any romance. 'both a mother and a career girl „,„., .~, .-. — 'Rock and Ty were close at the same time." along lhe Red River, and water- friends," she explained. "We had Debbie plans to visit Powers' melon land as far north as Waller ( the same kind of boats. Rock sister, Mrs. Anne Hardenhergh, prepared. i spent so much time sailing with and the actor's mother in Boston A few pine seedlings are still'Ty he decided to buy a yacht en route to Europe. Upon her re- being planted as planting season jtoo." H"m she will settle down in New. lears its end. ~" Debbie said she Is uncertain of j York or Hollywood. HERE'S THE ONE FOR CAREFREE FUN BYSTUDEBAKER MARATHON MILEAGE AT COMMON SENSE COST ^"Come on and get acquainted with the only penny pincher in the world with a charming personality all its own. Here's a miser you'll love because U'» so stylish, so chic, so individual-nothing like it on wheels. ^^ Three feet shorter outside, room for »ix imide, delivers miles and miles on a hatful of regular, low<ost gas. ^ Has rich, luxurious styling, » complete, neat and replete, it's approved by Harper's Bazaar. ^J^And, what a joy to drive-turns, parts, corners, scoots like no other car you've ever sat behind the wheel of. ^ U'» worth a try-a Fun Drive Demonstration. Conic in for a trial today -ai >our Mudebaker Dealer'*, Or, better yet, call for an appointment. $2295 Browniield, Tex., Man Reports 3 2 fun drive the i.4KK io4ay at GIBSON MOTOR CO. L. H. (Howard) Wheeler, prominent Texas farmer, says: "I farm 1.840 acres. NVilh that much land I have to maintain high yields, year after year. Phillips 66 Ammonia helped me 10 do thai. This past year we watched our cotton carefully, then v.hen conditions looked right, we went in and side dressed it v.ith Phillips 66 Ammonia. The cotton came right on along, setting a high count of squares— and of course that meant a good y leU, averaging 2 V< hales per acre. J use Phillips 66 Ammonia with excellent results on my maize, too." Other successful Southwestern farmers have disco\ered that ihcy make more profit per acre, using Phillips 66 Ammonia. They get more couon that classes higher at the gin.,, sielo's of sorghum grain and ensilage are increased ... profit? on wheat and small graim are increased through higher grain yields and improved forage . . . more marketable vegetables are harvested. Phillips 66 Ammonia can be applied pre- plant or as a side dressing. It can be easily applied eiiher by you or your distributor. Sec us todjv about your supply of Phillip* 66 Agricultural Ammonia ... U gives you more nitrogen per dollar than any other form of fmiliicr-a full 82' r ^. 'Phillips Qftfer Yw Supply of PUfffpi Agricultural Ammonia facto y! VI. C, R. HOOVER OIL COMPANY **°

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