Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 28, 1941 · Page 13
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 13

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 28, 1941
Page 13
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STERLING DAILYQ_A_gKTTE t STERLING, ILLWQIg. Eleven Sterling Daily Gazette , Bu', rwnetimes It points i,rt* fun ' the o'her Oailv Kinrp! Sunday __ "STERUNO OM1.1 STANDARD Msn r.f. rr h?corr,' 1 * ,«',irh * h*rd- ;•) (xi *mnrr that h* doesn't df*pis^ hr M--, tliRt don't intrro^t him. UPc June 2* 1916 •tre Co pubMshTs of •, r, ir radio \Vliy ch«n?f station* v':.<"n '!:'", a',': ^o-ind a'Ski* 1 P F Grandon G«i D W Grandon ^ to u<- Prxtoffiod Second Claw Matter ASSOCIATED PRESS s la exc;U*ivff- to the use for rep'ihllcA- tk» of all news disp«tcn«-.« io it or, hot otherwise credited In this paper «nd »:so ths .oca; n«*s R i!; > '3im''n! p^vnT 1 ! ^:)u t hurt u- 'Ilitn iT't>O' ; ' r '!:5" : -' v d by Uist If nnt m*rriwl. the nian-haler »nd wf>m»n-hat«- are th«t way berau«* of flunrfu; Jf they're marrlHI. It'* becan** of what thrr «ot. * By mail In VVhiteside ancl tot counties-PW vesr $5 00 •» montha $2.75. three months sl.aO. on« tnonth 75 cents C«sh nth order By man outside Whif«tde and ad- jotnJnr counties—per rear J.OO *tx months 13.75. three months 8200. n» month 75 cents Cash with order - Per wee* delivered &r cam« *J> either Sterling or Rock FaLs 20 OMlt*. parable ererr Saturday raorn- tosl No P»P"s pent through the poetofflea Ln the city mirier district of_8terllnK or Roc» ra^ls A Thought for Today Six' days thou fhalt work, but on the seventh day thou shalt rest: in earing time and In harvest thou ahalt rest.—Exodus 34:3I. 0 • • Thou art my single day, Ood lends to leaven what were all earth else, with a feel of heaven— Browning. Tomorrow's Birthdays John Ferris, jr.. C. N. Ttmmons. Ralph Miatlce, Charles Sprinkle. Barbara Dawn Thomas, Robert, Whltebread, Mrs. Edith O'.tman. ' Donald Kraft 8*eley, 4. Paul Bar- Olomel, 4. Sterling; Laverne Dietz. jlrs. James FrlcWeton. Rork Falls: Harold Winkler. Deer Grove; L« Verne Wiersema, Yvonne Flsk. Mor- rleon; Lolabelle Hansen, Mrs. Willard Baker, Mary Cher>'l Swanson. k »rophet«town; Mary Jo Baker, 2. tolton. Monday—Oertrude Lambert. Sterling. AI'T disrating *n angry letter. g r t ». night's deep before mailing it. Bv that time ii.wlll wnind too silly TOWS MENU ll*M; arid besfen fst*. Sift dry Mrno G: r>n':ij r a':. IT; Ilk. I •.;;;•• \\ m: i k. fi!*'.« of fis crar.br11 :P.« C:f*rti of of i Half cup butt*r. 1 r.ip .«iifi*r, 2 <"gg-v *en brstrn. 2 v"«k' > flour. 1 !**.5jxx?n .«ods. 1 v ( v>~vri rinrmrrrri. 1-2 ti»«.<ip r!m«>x 1-3 t**'porrj .«•*>:'. 1-2 r.: r»',>:ns. 1-2 tup r horrid Rrsn! r.'J'- i und nut*. Combine. *5»ern*t^'.y «'i»h j cranberry jwuce. to first jr.txture. i In rr.oderste oven (375 detrf*« F.) d I « 30 minute*. Coo! Put to- i * j 8??her and cover with cranberry Ic- | mg. C'ranh*rrr Ifinf On? «nd one-half cup* rranulafed icsr. pinch o? cream r>! t*r»*r, snd juear tint::'1-2 cup If»-minute crsnbrry r,*',irf . 3 ««ff whites. irhirr*c Combine *usar, cream of tartar *.nd eranb»rry aauce j's'f In wui-* P?>n and cook until jyr-.ip form* ^ soft bull in cold wat^r— 23« drRrw F. Pour slowly onto whlpprr! rgj? beating constantly each addition. Add pint rr,;rrr:nR to Kive d'-'Jcsf" tint. Contir.-ie bcat- ms until iclnt, holds '.'.s ^hap* 1 . Rprrisd between «nd on top o! Another swe?! w.fh r.utrtpn's: is 'Serves. 4 6ft 6) Two cups milk, 1 cup rrumb':. 3 Ub'r.sfxxm* ngar, 1-4 rrs.trocn '«-, ! egss. 1-2 tei>..<txv>n vanilla, strawberry or rM.pbe.rry pre- Id milk and »dd brrad crumbs. *rsd ssi!. Cf>o! slightly, sdd i PKS vpiks and vanilla, pour n'-'-rM baking dish. Bake ir. 40 rr..n-.i!' i s or -.intil custnrd \n'\ '.:::r.. Ppread top of pud- r?fh prprcrves and rnver with a meringue mad? from wh-.tes of eggs »mi 1-4 cup sugar. Return to oven and bake is or 2ft rr.inuV"* !or.r,rr. ';nt:' rr.T::';';" dfiicatelv brovm^d. LONG TT.RM J-m r . t: Wilson of !r>^B f' th" record for U. P. rs.binp? t'Tur*. ?*r\ina; a*, .'/rrfiarv of SB: irul'nr^ for IS ",^J:5. uii'iT Wi!::im MrK:nl*y, T '.:<•'<<i'--\ f - n'•>"""•.•«>•:, ar.n W:U;Sm Hi.v.atd THf. 1 . coff?*, STERLING DAILY GAZETTE'S FUN FAMILY ra:r;r. rrrp s R frsod rn'nf 'or the de.wri budget. C'.anberries provide v.ta- nrra'.s, butter and egg*! if.onal share, and the the appe- ii nd m do thrir nut seasoning and spires tite up to ion rrr rent enthusiasm. Cranherrr Splrr Cake HOLD EVERYTHING! Quilltn's Quips By RotttM Qullleo It Isn't trut that many Serbs "bwame rebels." They w«rc that way. But U ao much vtoe U ooncen- tratinf at army camps, why Is there ae apprtctabl* ahortage elsewhere? "The Nails can't hurt ua" InAkaUa that the speaker does- •t aeara easily «r doesn't un- fltntansl aaaUy. Tet th« other war proved that L|una on merchant ships are useless ' VtttiMt crews who can hit some- We u« atowly beoominf smart to lock up all public enemies those who sneeze i*rms at Moet Americana are now so ma- tun they aren't awed by anything stem Butrope unless It has a title. I IWa one eeems to be Armaged- ^ff u Hitler risks aU he has, ~ ' 1 anuat do It, too, or else. ."•ehmrfe of —eiiclrclement" that other people will no the oil to be used in chanted la New aa always. think they as* Ml7 ||M ri k«y • ••a'h You out win notoriety by knock- toff aontthinff, but lasting fame only thoat who are for MiiianHni'i atooflM ahout: "Hun fer wont toaten our will to fight." D ORIES IN STAMPS !(•••••»•»•••«"« Morie ond Pierre Curie Fomtd for Rodium Work ^ BARELY do you flnd such a ** blend of talent in husband and wife as was demonstrated by the famous chemists and physicists, Marie and Pierre Curie. Their discovery of radium and polonium and their investigations into radioactivity and radioactive •vbttaneet. have won them the •dmiratioft of tnt world. Distant Panama honored them •hilatftUcaUy in the 1939 ittmp afceve, the proceeds of which were •etd for the control of cancer. Marie Curie, n*« Marie Sklo- dewsfcji, was born in Warsaw, M»nd, Nov. T, 18«7. Her father was a professor of physics. She •tudied physical sciencat at \Var- MW, continued 'her work «t the •arboone, Paris, where she met Pierre Curie. They married in Pien-e Curie was born in Paris •fay 15, lisa. In 18»S a« became prttle^ef of phyncs at Ecole Mu' nicipale, where he and his wife experimented with the Becquerel fays which resulted in tht discovery of the element* r*dmm and . polonium. With her husband, she "' awarded the Nobel Prize in ift IMi, In 1»H she re- r -^_ a full Nobel award in ' eSemi»tjry, the first woman to be "My jjirl's 'coming lo visit me today, no 1 hnve to wear Ihe awealcr the knitted for incl" SIDE 6LANCES •y OalbraUh "When I get married I'm ring lo have breakfast inbed, a French maid, a butlwr with an EngUth acc«nt-«nd mavbe I'll «ven havt • nervout breakdown! THIS CURIOUS WORLD V^lT DOM Of¥A anANO KM OUT OUR WAY PY J. R. WILLIAMS OUR BOARDING HOUSE with MAJOR HOOPLE TOMORROW SAV THIS TA1LOQ BILL- voo H.. M. SHAW, AIM'T yOO ? WELU, I GOT YOU DOWM HERE. FEQ. *2,50 A HOQ.SE AM 1 BUGOV OX 3 A.M. TH' MORKJIM' TM' SIXTH/ COURT JUSTICE 1 HAVE TO EAT.' OUT D60ROERLV COMOOCT 6ET THS THINi OFF. WIS Cr4EST BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Now What? BY EDGAR MARTIN DECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Caust for Concern BY MERRILL BLOSSER Tbas Me A . -SMEAKtO ALL-STAR PTAMUT BUTTM. SAMOWCM AMD A AND . WALKMe AKXMO IM A DIUAM/ WASH TUBBS End of Hit Ghost BY ROY CRANE [OOM'T ac A SAP. aowNej. p HJU mowV 6iue UftWgltHAMtlg COMB ATTf ft VOU WITH RED RYDER Everybody's Looking for Bill BY FRED HARMAN ALLEY OOT WtllRowthoh! BY V. T. HAMLIN

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